Unit193pleia2: You just want the pre-upgrade images? (Like what we have +1?)04:08
pleia2oh yes04:09
Unit193No need to get the upgrade? That really cuts down on the time!04:09
pleia2doing mav to natty, or..?04:09
pleia2so yeah, just duplicates of everything on /getubuntu04:10
Unit193I thought I would have to actually DO the upgrade! \o/  (After doing install)04:12
pleia2also I just realized that page is called getubuntu ...ubuntu? huh.04:12
Unit193That's what the one guy pointed out04:13
pleia2going through beardygnome's website review post now to file some more bugs04:13
Unit193Anything else I can help with? (About to post them to the bugreport)04:14
Unit193BTW, when I first installed, it already knew about the upgrade so I couldn't get http://xubuntu.org/sites/default/files/update-manager-updates_0.png04:15
pleia2since you're on the upgrade screens can you sanity-check the portion of beardygnome's email about upgrades? it's at the bottom of the mail (I can link to it if you don't have the email to -devel handy)04:15
Unit193He is correct, it's in the Update Manager program04:19
Unit193And I know it's Xubuntu Session04:20
pleia2ok cool, thanks04:23
Unit193unit193.imgur.com/xubuntu_update Good? I still have it if you need more04:25
Unit193pleia2: One last idiot question: Do I make more than one bug comment? I only see one upload space04:33
pleia2hm, is that the default theme?04:33
pleia2you should probably just leave a comment and email me the images: lyz@ubuntu.com04:33
pleia2ok cool, these are probably fine, I'm going to finish bg's email and I'll let you know if I have any questions when I get to that section04:34
pleia2bad gmail, Unit193 not spam!04:47
pleia2bad Unit193, spaces in filenames!04:48
Unit193pleia2: I know, most of the time I don't (And maybe I AM spam! ;) )04:51
pleia2Unit193: updated with better text and your screenshots, look good? http://xubuntu.org/getubuntu04:57
Unit193Update Manager is a program, not a menu. Does that come across?04:59
pleia2I think so, the text previously was similar05:00
Unit193Mk. Doesn't fully work on 1024x768, but I'm not sure you need it to. It's all good!05:02
pleia2the site?05:04
pleia2oh I see, the images fall off the edge05:04
Unit193Yep. No other need for my VM?05:04
pleia2nope, we're set05:04
pleia2thank you!05:04
Unit193Sure! Let me know if I can do anything else!05:05
pleia2will do :)05:05
Unit193Ah, you going to mark the bug as fixed?05:16
pleia2have done05:17
Unit193Oh, I thought it would email me, I fail05:19
pleia2it may eventually, launchpad emails take a long time lately (like 20 minutes sometimes!)05:19
pleia2just updated a few minutesago05:19
mr_pouitmicahg: the xubuntu-exclude-blabla... patch is now upstream09:09
jarnosI installed by a two days old iso, but oneiric does not let me log in. 11:53
jarnosAny chance it is fixed in today's iso?11:56
astraljavajarnos: Did you install from the desktop image, or the alternate?11:56
astraljavajarnos: Well, at least there is a new desktop image today, whee!11:57
astraljavajarnos: If you can wait a while, I'll let you know.11:57
astraljavaBig changes, almost 25% difference.11:58
jarnosastraljava, I got it from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/current/ There is only alternate installs available there.12:01
astraljavajarnos: Ahh... alright. So, how did it fail to log you in? How did you try?12:09
astraljavajarnos: For me, it only worked if you clicked on Other..., then presented your username, chose the Xubuntu session, and then typed in the passwd.12:09
jarnosastraljava, i clicked on my name in the login screen. Then only background image was visible anymore.12:12
jarnosastraljava, I'll try by the Other way.12:13
charlie-tcaGood morning13:50
GridCubegood and cold13:50
charlie-tcaabout 15C / 59F here13:51
charlie-tcaGoing to be another really hot day, since it is only 7:51 AM13:51
charlie-tcaI think the images should be working today13:51
charlie-tcaNo tests recorded yesterday13:52
GridCubeand its noon13:52
charlie-tcaThat's cold13:52
GridCubewill try to do two today, alternate and desktop13:53
charlie-tcaThat would be great!13:54
charlie-tcalook for live sessions to start working soon, too13:54
ochosiGridCube: do you use compiz btw?14:25
GridCubei used it once or twice14:26
ochosik, nvm14:26
GridCubei can use it if you need testing14:26
ochosiif you know someone who could test greybird's emerald theme for me, let me know :)14:26
ochosiwell only if it's not too much hassle for you or if you have the spare time14:27
ochosii mean there must be xubuntu compiz users somewhere out there14:27
GridCubesure thing, but when im home, not at work where im stuck whit XP14:27
GridCubeooooo wait... i have a spare computer here... :D i can bring my xubuntu-tesiting hd!14:28
* charlie-tca won't even attempt testing anything "compiz". It just doesn't work for me14:31
ochosiyeah, no worries, i mean i *know* the metacity theme is ok14:32
ochosibut someone complained about the emerald theme not working14:32
ochosibut since it works for me i wanted to confirm it14:32
charlie-tcaIt has been broken for about two or more releases, since they stopped updating it for Ubuntu.14:34
ochosiyeah, i know. but there's a ppa somewhere14:35
charlie-tcaAnd there are users that want to have compiz and emerald using Xubuntu14:37
ochosiyes, unfortunately...14:38
ochosii mean i understand that emerald is more flexible/configurable than metacity, but it's just *so* unstable14:38
ochosianyway, now at least they can't complain about lack of support on our side anymore ;)14:38
GridCubegods im freezing14:41
GridCubetea time!14:41
charlie-tcapeople across the USA complaining about the heat, and you are freezing?14:47
* charlie-tca notes the temperature here is rising about 1C every hour14:48
charlie-tcaso, GridCube, anyway to trade some of my heat here for the cooler temps there?15:03
GridCubeyou do some global warming and we are done (?)15:06
micahgmr_pouit: great, thanks!15:15
GridCubesent the mail to the dev list regarding gimp  :D16:52
charlie-tcaThank you, GridCube 16:54
micahgGridCube: you might have missed the backlash when Ubuntu removed GIMP from the default install back in Lucid16:57
GridCubeO_o it did?16:57
charlie-tcaThat's why I suggested the ML, instead of just saying "No way, are you nuts?"16:57
ochosiGridCube: well at least now you know what charlie thinks about it ;D16:58
GridCubeI have never found gimp any usabilty what so ever, maybe really rarely, but if i need to edit an image i just use other stuff, gimp is just to much16:59
ochosihm, dunno, actually i've always been pretty happy with gimp16:59
charlie-tcaMust be a new gimp user, huh?16:59
GridCubewouldn't it be cool to have "choose your apps" when installing?16:59
ochosibut i'm not sure i'm representative, because i tend to do a lot of graphical stuff17:00
charlie-tcaI have used gimp a lot, since I switched to Ubuntu back in 200517:00
micahgGridCube: you'd need a DVD install to do something like that17:00
charlie-tcabut I would go with the majority on it, I guess17:00
GridCubenot whit a netinstall17:00
ochosiGridCube: iirc edubuntu tried that in their natty, maybe it's worth asking them about it17:00
GridCubei see17:00
charlie-tcaGridCube: what do you with those with expensive connections, doing netinstalls?17:01
GridCubewell not for everyone 17:01
GridCubei mean debian has 46 cds bro17:01
charlie-tcaWe try hard to give everyone the same experience, whether installing by cd or net17:01
GridCubei see17:01
charlie-tcayup, and we have one17:01
GridCubewell my idea is pretty simple, i think that gimp, on xubuntu, is too much17:02
ochosihm, actually i'm not sure that choosing your software when installing is a wise approach. you can choose your software *after* installing anyway and it's nice to deliver good defaults.17:02
charlie-tcaWe give a usable installation on one cd, which makes it pretty good for all users. Download 700MB and use the computer17:02
GridCubewell yes17:02
GridCubeyou are correct17:02
* GridCube still doesn't like gimp17:03
* ochosi is not sure that that's sufficient to drop gimp17:03
GridCubei've given my reasons on the mail17:05
charlie-tcaThat gives others a chance to add a yes or no and reasons for their choice.17:08
charlie-tcagimp is a bit controversial to discuss17:08
charlie-tcasee above short discussion :)17:13
GridCubedon't people change firefox for chromium or midori? aint that even more controversial?17:13
charlie-tcasure, users do17:13
charlie-tcachromium has been brought up every UDS and release17:14
charlie-tcamidori keeps coming up for us, but it ain't happened yet, has it?17:14
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
Unit193Temperature: 94.5 °F | Feels Like 119 °F || I always use FF unless the computer can't handle it. I should be able to test something today18:15
charlie-tcalooks warm there, though18:21
charlie-tca"only" 84 F here now18:22
micahgmythbuntu went for chromium18:55
GridCubei dont know franheits :(18:55
micahg91F here18:55
micahg33C for GridCube's benefit18:56
GridCubeXD thats what my conversor says18:57
GridCube8.8C at 15:51hs18:57
GridCubeokay! leaving work now!18:59
GridCube:D see you in a couple of hours18:59
charlie-tcabeardygnome: thank you very much for doing that review19:04
charlie-tcaIt did start a bit of discussion, even.19:04
beardygnomeno problem charlie19:04
beardygnomei hope to get to the team specific parts before the next meeting19:05
GridCubemmm im doing the desktop test for today's image22:45
GridCubeand it fails22:45
charlie-tcalive session?22:47
charlie-tcaor an install?22:47
Unit193Live failed for me22:47
charlie-tcaI don't think we have live working yet22:47
GridCubelive went all black22:47
charlie-tcabut, I am hoping for this week, maybe?22:47
Unit193GridCube: What type? I'll do autoresize if you are doing normal22:47
charlie-tcaGridCube: been doing that since we started using lightdm22:47
GridCubebut install gives me this; http://imagebin.org/16387322:48
charlie-tcaYou can run the install xubuntu from the menu, though22:48
charlie-tcacancel, abort the installation, and try again22:48
GridCubei used the same disk i've been using to test alternate, so it was partitioned whit swap and /22:48
GridCubedid that22:48
GridCubeor you maen reboot?22:49
charlie-tcaIf you get the two times, file a bug against ubiquity and attach the image22:49
charlie-tcayup, after you abort, you have to reboot before it will install right22:49
GridCubethe pymouth text says 11.0422:50
Unit193GridCube: Are you doing entire disk?22:51
charlie-tcaThat's a bug too, if you didn't accidently get the image22:53
Unit193It's always been 11.04, hasn't updated for this round22:54
charlie-tcaWell, that's still a bug22:55
charlie-tcaThat's the kind of bug that we need, too, since it is easy to forget to do that.22:56
Unit193I'll file once I get installed22:56
Unit193Since it's not exactly a Plymouth bug, would that go agenst xubuntu-default-settings?22:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 813221 in xfce4-screenshooter (Ubuntu) "xfce4-screenshot fails to "open whit" " [Undecided,New]22:58
charlie-tcaThat's a plymouth bug if it is telling us the wrong release, IIRC22:59
charlie-tcabut, yes, I think it is against xubuntu-default-settings23:00
charlie-tcano it isn't23:00
* charlie-tca slaps head23:00
charlie-tcaUnit193: it should be against xubuntu-artwork23:01
GridCube:D I helped !23:02
GridCubeD: It keeps telling me "that name already exist on the network" when editing th computer name23:04
Unit193Go to the next text box and it's fixed23:07
Unit193I noted that one before, but no bug files23:07
GridCubeit is something that might get people really confused23:08
* GridCube points at himself23:08
Unit193Yes it is23:08
GridCubeoh nice advertising like windows have :P23:09
Unit193Yes, but you can ACTUALLY click on the support button :P23:09
charlie-tcawell, doesn the name already exist that you are using?23:12
charlie-tcaThen that is another bug.23:12
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug ubiquity23:12
charlie-tcasince it is the desktop installer. I thought it was always right, since the names do exist here23:13
Unit193I made some crazy names for it to pick23:13
GridCubewell i changed it to a lot of names, and it always said it23:13
charlie-tcaI always use one of the 99 names I have defined23:13
charlie-tcaone can file the bug, one can confirm it23:14
GridCube:P okay23:14
charlie-tcaand one should add it the bug tracker for Xubuntu.23:15
GridCubein the spañish welcomer/installer/advertising there is a few misspellings23:15
charlie-tcaWhen I tell someone, we had ?? bugs in that release, they always wonder how I know ;)23:15
charlie-tcaThose are translation bugs23:16
GridCubei agree23:16
charlie-tcaYou file them against xubuntu-artwork, and tell them exactly what they say and we send it to translations to get fixed23:16
Unit193GridCube: I would assume you are going to file and I'll confirm?  I can add it to the bug tracker if you don't want to23:16
GridCubeits the same Unit193 :P i have to finish the installation first anyway23:17
Unit193bug tracker is a wiki page, not the same23:17
GridCubecharlie-tca, next time i will pay more attention23:17
GridCubeUnit193, oh, yes, i don't know how to do that23:18
charlie-tcabut it does let me have a pretty accurate count of bugs in the release23:18
charlie-tcaIt's easy, especially if you have a launchpad login23:18
Unit193I can edit the wiki23:19
GridCubenow its taking its time on a black screen since like5 minutes ago23:25
Unit193Hah! Killthebirdsinthefireplace isn't on the network :P23:29
GridCube... still black23:30
charlie-tcaGridCube: time to upgrade; the screenshot open with bug is fixed in Oneiric 23:38
GridCubeoh... :( but i don't want to reconfigure stuff23:39
charlie-tcaand there are a lot of changes already, too23:39
GridCubemy screen still black23:40
charlie-tcaon the install or the live session?23:43
GridCubeon the install23:44
GridCube25 minutes already23:44
GridCubeon a tty top says its working23:45
GridCubeon something23:45
charlie-tcawhich one? i386 full disk desktop?23:45
charlie-tcatrying to reproduce that 23:48
charlie-tcaWhen should I see that?23:50
GridCubeafter the installer/advertising ends23:50
GridCubeit just hanged 23:50
charlie-tcadid you hit a key to restart?23:51
charlie-tcaor is the screensaver freezing the screen?23:51
GridCubeit never asked for it23:51
charlie-tcatry hitting enter on it anyway23:51
GridCubei get the "I'm working" pointer23:52
GridCubeyou know the circle that has a circling dot?23:52
charlie-tcaokay, hardware or vbox?23:52
GridCubetop says its working on somethng called "http"23:53
charlie-tcause the vbox control key + F2 to get to a tty, and then try to reset it by selecting Machine -> Ctrl-Alt-Del23:53
charlie-tcaYeah, ubiquity is still running23:55
charlie-tcainstalling now23:56
GridCubenow i got to a welcome screen23:57
GridCubebut no tty's23:57
GridCubeand if i choose my name it fails23:57
GridCube:/ i cant see grub either23:58

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