number9So there are a couple of programs that I can't get to stop launching on startup aninstall has been acting wonky lately and instead of trying to go through and fix it, I've decided I'd just re-install. Rip and repave, if you will.00:34
number9ugh ignore that post sorry about that. What I meant to ask was this:So there are a couple of programs that I can't get to stop launching on startup and I was wondering where these might be configured, it isn't in the session and start up config menu00:36
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snaxI need athk5 (atheros wifi drivers), which packet in apt is that ?01:32
snaxerr ath5k01:32
snaxis that hostapd? never heard of that in the form of a daemon.01:32
orngjce223Try that?01:34
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snaxE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) // Does that mean apt didn't install my packages ?02:27
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gneralhi all09:11
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:13
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FourTensIs there any way to hide the arrow that shows hidden items in the notification tray / systray on the XFCE panel?14:10
GridCubehide? or disable?14:10
FourTens@GridCube: Either, I just don't want to see the arrow because the only things I have hidden are volume icons which are made redundant by the volume icon in the indicator panel.14:15
FourTensIt is a very minor issue, but if there is a way to disable it I'd be interested.14:16
GridCubeare you using 11.04?14:16
FourTensYes I am.14:16
GridCubego to the panel, rigth clic and at the bottom there is a secundary "options" menu, (i dont know how its called on english), there you have "Propierties" and when you open the panel propierties the third tab is "items" there you should find the update manager14:19
FourTensUpdate manager?14:21
ochosiFourTens: i think i understand your problem. there is (to my knowledge) no way of hiding that arrow. and tbh it would also be a bit against the intended design14:21
FourTensThe applets I'm using are Notification Area, Indicator Plugin, Clock, Session Menu.14:21
ochosiFourTens: what volume icons are you talking about specifically?14:21
FourTens@Ochosi: Thank you for the reply.14:21
FourTensThat is what I suspected.14:22
FourTensI'm talking about the "output volume" and "mic volume" controller.14:22
ochosia-ha, what programme puts them there?14:22
ochosii mean maybe there's a way of getting rid of the systray-icons on the programme-side (which would be the sensible way to do it imo)14:22
FourTens"Sound Preferences"?14:22
ochosioh, you mean the sound-indicator?14:23
ochosior the mixer?14:23
ochosiwhat specifically?14:23
FourTensHere, I can take a screenshot.14:23
ochosigood idea :)14:23
FourTensDo you know if Ubuntu One allows you to publically link files like Dropbox?14:23
ochosisry, no clue, never used either of the two (maybe someone else here knows)14:24
GridCubeoh as you said the arrow i though you meant the update manager :/14:24
FourTensOkay ochosi14:29
ochosiFourTens: hm, what on earth are those icons? i've never seen them before in a standard xubuntu setup14:30
FourTensThe red icons are the ones I want to remove. My solution was to "hide" them, but then there is an arrow.14:30
ochosiyeah sure14:30
ochosii get that14:30
FourTensWhich icons are you refering to?14:30
ochosii mean: where do they come from? (the two red ones)14:30
charlie-tcaUbuntu One does not actually well with Xubuntu14:30
FourTensWell I'm not using Ubuntu One at the moment, I was just wondering about it because I was thinking about using it to upload the image since it would be convenient.14:31
FourTens@ochosi: They come from "sound preferences"14:32
FourTensThat's what they link to anyway when you right click on them.14:32
GridCubebut when they appeared for the first time? after installing what?14:32
ochosiFourTens: that must've been installed with some additional package. as long as i don't know what that is (pavucontrol? gnome-sound-preferences?) it's difficult to go any further14:33
FourTensI'll check if gnome-sound-preferences is installed.14:33
ochosinot sure that package is called like that, was mostly guessing :)14:34
FourTensI think I found the culprit.14:34
XubuntuKriswill UNetbootin do what I think it does? Will it write a bootable OS to my usb drive?14:42
ochosiFourTens: so what was the source of problem/trayicons?14:48
FourTensThank you for the assistants ochosi.14:50
FourTensI was able to remove the icons.14:50
ochosihow where you able? (out of curiosity)14:51
FourTensThere was a package installed called "indicator-applet"14:52
FourTensThat is meant for Gnome.14:52
ochosiso which of the sound indicators is gone now? the two red ones or the green one?14:53
FourTensThe red ones, like I wanted.14:53
ochosiinteresting, never saw those two icons anywhere14:53
FourTensThe green one has both mic and output control along with Banshee media player control as well.14:53
FourTensThat is why I only wanted that one.14:53
ochosiyeah, that's the package "indicator-sound"14:53
ochosithat one i know ;)14:53
FourTensDoes anyone know if it is possible to use Emerald with XFWM instead of Compiz?15:08
GridCube:D ochosi this one is for you15:09
orngjce223Well, it's possible. If you're asking for implementation, the best I can do is punt you to someone else.15:10
ochosiFourTens: yes, i just added an emerald theme to greybird, but you have to download it first, one sec i'll post the link15:12
FourTens@Ochosi: Is greybird the name of the decorator XFWM has built in?15:13
ochosiFourTens: no, the name of the default theme in xubuntu 11.0415:13
ochosiFourTens: if you want a matching emerald theme, i now have one :)15:14
ochosibut obviously you can use *any* emerald theme15:14
FourTensHow do you do that?15:14
ochosiyou need to add a ppa to get emerald to work15:14
FourTensI have emerald working.15:14
FourTensI already added the PPA.15:14
FourTensI'm wondering how to use Emerald with XFWM instead of Compiz.15:15
FourTensIf it is possible.15:15
ochosithat doesn't work15:15
charlie-tcaDon't you need compiz instead of xfwm4?15:15
FourTensI don't know, that's why I'm asking.15:15
ochosiemerald is a window-decorator, xfwm4 is a window-manager (which means it also decorates the windows)15:15
ochosiso: compiz + emerald = window-manager15:15
ochosiand: xfwm4 = window-manager15:16
GridCubexfwm4+compiz = ?15:16
FourTensAnd there is no way to replace the XFWM decorator with Emerald?15:16
GridCubetried > emeral -r ¿?15:17
ochosiFourTens: sure there is15:17
ochosiGridCube: no, xfwm4 doesn't work with compiz, because it's a window *manager*, not just a decorator. compiz also manages windows (e.g. resizing, placement etc.)15:17
FourTens@GridCube: emerald --replace only seems to work if Compiz is also running.15:18
ochosiFourTens: you can add "emerald" in compizconfig-settings-manager to the "window-decoration" settings15:18
FourTensI guess I'll just use Compiz then.15:20
FourTensNo reason to be picky really.15:20
ochosiif you want the fancy effects, use compiz15:20
ochosiyou can also use metacity as a window-decorator instead of emerald15:20
FourTensI don't want any fancy effects, just fancy borders.15:21
FourTensThat is why I was content with XFWM, but wanted Emerald.15:21
FourTensBut I can just disable most of the fancy stuff in Compiz, it seems pretty malleable.15:21
a7i3nAnyone out there?15:38
a7i3nanyonne at all....15:39
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:39
* charlie-tca thinks there is no one here called "anyone", either15:39
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charlie-tcabetter is15:43
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:43
charlie-tcaof course, to just talk to people, there is15:43
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ushillshi, does anyone know how to autohide the dock at the bottom of the screen with 11,0415:53
Sysiright click on it → panel settings15:54
Sysiset autohide15:54
Sysiif it's set but fails, log out and back in15:54
ushillsCheers thanks15:54
ushillsDoes, anyone know why I keep getting the attached locale issues16:01
ushillssudo apt-get upgrade16:01
ushillsReading package lists... Done16:01
ushillsBuilding dependency tree16:01
ushillsReading state information... Done16:01
ushillsThe following packages will be upgraded:16:01
ushills  gstreamer0.10-tools libgstreamer0.10-016:01
ushills2 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:01
ushillsNeed to get 0 B/786 kB of archives.16:01
ushillsAfter this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.16:01
ushillsDo you want to continue [Y/n]?16:01
ushillsperl: warning: Setting locale failed.16:01
ushillsperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:16:01
ushillsLANGUAGE = "en_GB:en",16:01
ushillsLC_ALL = (unset),16:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:01
ushillsSorry, keep getting the above and cannot resolve.16:02
ushillsHi, how can I get to switch user with xubuntu 11.04, can only logout.16:32
likemindeadWhen you log out, you can switch users.16:33
likemindeadXfce is different than GNOME, Unity, etc.16:34
charlie-tcaYou can add the "xfswitch-plugin" in Synaptic Package Manager, then add it to the panel16:34
charlie-tcaIt will allow user switching without logging out16:34
ushillsunfortunately that just logs me out, as i discovered:)16:35
charlie-tcaFile a bug then, it should not be doing that16:38
charlie-tcaYou can file it using        ubuntu-bug xfswitch-plugin16:38
ushillsOkay, just wondered if anyone else had it, will drop onto launchpad16:38
charlie-tcaI don't use it often, myself.16:38
ushillsDo you I log it on launchpad16:39
charlie-tcaYes, please16:39
charlie-tcaIf you open a terminal and type       ubuntu-bug xfswitch-plugin      and hit enter, it will file the bug in launchpad, by opening firefox16:41
charlie-tcaThat gets all the information with the bug, except what happended16:41
ushillsCheers done it16:47
charlie-tcaThank you, ushills16:47
ushillsCan anyone tell me how to get to the settings for keyboard layout switching shortcuts16:54
charlie-tcanot sure, maybe Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, layout tab16:55
charlie-tcabut that may not even be close to what you need16:55
charlie-tca!behelpful | charlie-tca16:55
ubottucharlie-tca, please see my private message16:55
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ushillsHi, is there a way to manage the applications menu list in xubutu similar to gnome in ubuntu19:52
ushillsI have some old items on there that no longer exist.19:52
Sysialacarte works19:52
ushillsdo i enter that in a terminal, its not currently installed19:53
ushillsPS i'm using xfce19:54
beardygnomeyou will need to install it first19:56
beardygnomeare you comfortable with installing software in xubuntu (i don't want to appear patronising)?19:57
ushillsyep, been using ubuntu since 2004 and CLI.  It want to install loads of gnome dependancies, do I need these or can I use --without-recommends19:58
beardygnomerecommended packages shouldn't be needed in order to run the application, so i would say that you can ignore them19:59
beardygnome(or you could just install the lot then remove it one you are done)19:59
ushillsthanks --no-install-recommends worked.20:01
ushillsNext question, I have loads of old applications under other that no longer exist, is there a conf file I can delete and have xfce rebuild the menu.20:02
charlie-tcalook in ~/.local/applications20:03
charlie-tcaif they are in there, delete them20:03
ushillsAlso, my screensaver defaults to xscreensaver following a try of lubuntu, what is the default I should install.20:03
beardygnomei prefer gnome-screensaver myself20:05
beardygnomebut there isn't one that you *should* install - you're free to use any (or none) that you like :-)20:05
ushillsso xscreensaver is the default?20:06
beardygnomeyes (i think - i switched it for gnome-screensaver ages ago and haven't done a full reinstall since)20:08
ushillsregarding the menu, with gnome if you delete the folder .gconf it resets your desktops is there a similar method with xfce20:09
beardygnome~/.config/xfce4/ contains a lot of settings20:11
beardygnomeyou could delete all of that, or just bits20:11
beardygnomee.g deleting ~/.config/xfce4/panel/ should reset your panel#20:12
ushillsOkay, i'll rename it first.20:13
beardygnomethat was my next comment :-)20:13
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ushillsCheers guys deleting .config/xfce4 changed a few things:-D20:20

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