nevnevubuntulo1:  Saluton.00:42
didrocksgood morning05:11
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MacSlowsalut tout le monde07:20
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MacSlowTrevinho, hey there11:12
MacSlowone small hint regarding use of the bug-status in LP... when you submitted a branch with a patch ... just leave (or set) the status to "In Progress". "Fix Committed" is for the moment when the branch actually makes it to trunk... and "Fix Released" when that then made it's way to the repository. I was just a bit confused while looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/secondary-activate-support/+merge/68394 and seeing the related bugs marke11:14
MacSlowd as "Fix Committed" although I've not reviewed the branch yet.11:14
agent00taihi everyone, I have a question about notify OSD and it's implementation in programs or the library, If I listen to the DBus calls as specified in the FDO Specification I don't get any notifications at all, is that because sending them out requires notify-OSD to be running or is this simply not used anymore?11:35
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TrevinhoMacSlow|lunch: Here I am :P12:25
TrevinhoMacSlow|lunch:  I've read... Ok, fine12:26
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jonodidrocks, is there going to be a Unity upload today?16:54
didrocksjono: it's done already16:54
didrocks10 minutes ago :)16:54
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didrocksjono: there is a light-themes upload I made this morning which should workaround your perf issue16:55
jonodidrocks, ahh perfect!16:55
andyrockgord, around?17:02
andyrockJohnLea, should be good anyway :)17:05
gordandyrock, hey, whats up?17:07
jonodidrocks, btw, when I start Unity now, the panel and launcher doesn't load17:08
jonoI am filing a bug right now17:08
andyrockgord, about this bughttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/81031517:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 810315 in unity "scale pluging doesn't work as desired when "Click Desktop To Show Desktop" is true" [Undecided,Won't fix]17:08
andyrocki don't understand... it is not a design problem IMHO17:08
didrocksjono: yes please, with the unity traces17:09
gordandyrock, so the way you want things to work is that when you are in scale view for a launcher, if you press another launcher that has multiple windows open, it goes in to the scale view for that launcher, but thats not what design want, they want you to come out of the scale view and have a window focused from the launcher you clicked17:10
jonodidrocks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/649299/17:10
didrocksjono: ok, unity is starting but not showing then. It's better to ping the unity team directly about it17:11
didrocksthere is a known case of the interface being loaded but not visible17:11
jonodidrocks, ahhh17:11
andyrockgord, but if the ccsm option "Click Desktop to Show Dekstop" is true, then during the spread view, clicking on the launcher will show desktop17:12
andyrockso i don't want any changing in behavior, but i want that it should work also if the ccsm option etc. etc. is checked :)17:14
jononjpatel, are you familiar with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/814189 ?17:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 814189 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity won't start on login" [Undecided,New]17:15
gordandyrock, ah okay, i get it17:15
andyrockgord, maybe it is a bit weird  as solution... but is just a workaround for now17:16
andyrockgodbyk, maybe scale plugin should change how it works17:16
gordandyrock, okay i'll take another look a little later, about to have dinner :) but i'v reset the status of the bug and merge for now, thanks for getting in touch :)17:16
njpateljono, nope, we've just done a nux/unity release which shoudl be finding it's way to you soon17:17
njpateljono, iirc that has some fixes for startup detection17:17
andyrockgord, i have seen...  thx you to spend so much time with me17:17
jononjpatel, ahhh great17:17
jonothanks, I will test that17:17
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andyrocknjpatel, about my branch on device launcher icon, what i have to do?17:20
njpatelandyrock, I was going to merge it in today but it conflicts with trunk!17:22
njpatelandyrock, i tried looking for you but couldn't find you, sorry man :(17:22
njpatelandyrock, if you can fix it, I'll merge it first thing tomorrow morning, it works perfectly :)17:22
andyrocknjpatel, ok... i imagined it, maybe the "problem" is the DBO branch on icons rendering17:24
njpatelandyrock, it's the branch that added notify-osd support17:24
njpatelandyrock, I tried to fix it but ran out of time dude, sorry17:24
* njpatel feels really bad about it17:24
andyrocknjpatel, dude it is summer here :) and i love sea...17:24
andyrocknjpatel, don't worry! you have too much work to do... i will do it as soon as is possible17:25
andyrockthx anyway17:25
njpatelandyrock, thanks man :)17:25
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APIlamalex, you here?17:51
lamalexAPI, hey yes17:51
APIjust mention that today I made a merge of "that branch"17:51
APIand I solved17:51
APIsome merge problems17:52
APIit is ok if I update the branch?17:52
APIlamalex,  ^18:00
lamalexyes of course18:01
APIlamalex, ok18:01
cplankenHi I posted a solution to a memory leak bug on launchpad but was advised in the report to post it on irc - is that ok I can post a link to that report here?18:24
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