dOxxxpoolie: I think maybe a -2 build00:16
pooliethat could be good00:18
pooliethe next 2.3 release is probably about a month away, so it'd be good to get it out there00:18
jelmermaxb: hi00:27
jelmermaxb: unfortunately that's blocking on a bug: bug 80335300:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 803353 in subvertpy "segfault during iconv close from ra cleanup" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80335300:28
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RenatoSilvaverterok: hi verterok01:38
RenatoSilvaverterok: are you there?01:38
dcranehi, when I try to make do bzr branch on another hard drive, all of the file permissions are changed, so it shows up as every file being modified, with bzr diff showing "(properties changed: -x to +x)" for every file. Is there a way around this?01:53
bob2is this because you copied it to/from a fat32 filesystem?01:56
dcraneerm, yes01:57
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pooliespiv, hi, your inline diff branch landed04:48
pooliewell, i guess you saw04:48
spivpoolie: oh good, thanks!04:54
pooliebut it's not on qas yet04:54
spivUnfortunately I've been spending most of the day lying down with a nasty headache :/04:55
pooliesorry for the false alarm04:55
poolienice weather for it04:55
poolieif it deploys i will have poke at it for you04:55
spivThanks!  The main thing for QA I think is to see that without the feature flag it doesn't break the branch merge proposal page (I'm sure it'll be fine),04:56
pooliethere's a separate bug saying it would be nice if devs could edit them directly on qas04:56
spivand then if the feature flag is set (maybe just for canonifolk or beta-testers?) that the expanders exist and work on that page.04:57
spivYeah, that would be nice04:57
pooliehi vila05:22
vilapoolie: :)05:24
vilanot there yet, coffee time05:24
fullermdHmmwhut?  Coffee?05:24
* fullermd perks up.05:24
vilapoolie: dunno what happened with rypple, I still had the lp URL I pasted in the comment in my clipboard...05:26
poolievila, rms asks that you mention bzr is a gnu package in every release announcement05:53
poolieyou should probably mention Canonical too05:53
poolieand use your real name, unless there's some compelling reason not to05:53
vilareal name ?05:55
poolieFrom: vila <v.ladeuil+lp@free.fr>05:55
* vila nods at GNU & Canonical, it's so obvious to me I forget to mention them05:55
pooliei know05:55
poolieand this is just a minor update05:55
poolieperhaps put it at the bottom05:55
pooliethat is to say, after the text about the purpose of the release, before your sig and the mail05:56
fullermdvila: Don't worry, we all already know about your shameful past anyway.  The assumed name isn't fooling anybody   :p05:59
vilafullermd: hehe, quite the contrary in fact, it's a well known fact from companies and political parties that changing names works, people have a bad memory06:01
fullermdHah, I bet those 17 nuns and 23 schoolchildren remember all too well!06:04
vilafullermd: what's the previous name of Accenture ?06:12
lifelessenron ? :P06:13
fullermdOh, you were responsible for THAT, too?  No wonder you changed your name...06:14
vilano, seriously, how many people still remember the old name ?06:16
fullermdNobody even remembers the current name.  That's what google is for.  Memory is SO 20th century.06:16
poolievila, rm, how would you feel about having just one set of release notes per whole of 2.507:06
poolierather than splitting per beta07:06
pooliemy sense is that it's really the main releases that matter now07:06
poolieperhaps not enough people look at them for it to be worth changing07:07
vilapoolie: I'd rather stick with one per release if only to stay in sync with lp and make it easier to diagnose07:08
vilabugs or other feedback from beta testers07:08
poolieoh because they're split out on lp07:08
pooliefair enough07:08
pooliei should read your RM tweaks07:08
vilathat would be good07:09
vilaI'm not sure reading the diff only makes sense though,07:09
vilabut as I said, I've read this doc far too much07:09
pooliemaybe you could build it and put up the html?07:09
pooliei think that helps for doc changes07:11
pooliealso helps catch markup errors07:11
vilaI did check locally with 'make docs' and 'make docs-sphinx' and firefox, will put a sphinx version online, justasec07:12
viladone at http://people.canonical.com/~vila/07:15
vila-doc is the regular one, -sphinx is the.. sphinx one07:16
viladoesn't match doc.bazaar.canonical.com though, missing dependencies probably07:16
vilaI think generating them locally is easiest :)07:17
pooliediff --using meld helps too07:19
vilaoooh, using the remote branch you mean ? Or with the reviewed branch already pulled locally ?07:24
poolieok done07:29
pooliethanks for doing all that work07:29
pooliei pulled it, but i guess i could have done it remotely07:29
poolieboy i'm tired07:29
vilameh, given 2.3.4-0ubuntu1 and 2.3.4-0~bazaar1~natty1 available, shouldn't the former be considered more recent than the later ?07:36
vilaoh, priorities between their archives07:37
vilahere we go, dandling /etc/apt/preferences :)07:39
Riddellgood morning bazaar08:10
jammorning all08:17
vilajam: good morning !08:17
* jelmer waves08:27
jelmervila: I've updated the special-chars doc a bit: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/648943/09:28
jelmervila: comments welcome - does this address your concerns?09:28
vilajelmer: excellently :)09:30
vilajelmer: thanks a lot for your patience !09:30
jelmervila: thanks for the reviews :)09:33
jelmernext, I'll have a look at updating the colocated support branch09:34
bialixjam: hi10:02
jamhi bialix10:02
bialixjam: today I've made releases of QBzr and Explorer for bzr 2.4. I've updated windows-installer metadata, I hope this branch can be landed before bzr 2.4 final: https://code.launchpad.net/~bialix/bzr-windows-installers/qbzr-explorer-for-2.4/+merge/6864910:03
bialixjam: due to my mistake with ~bzr membership I'm not able to push directly to windows-installer branch, so I have to create MPs instead10:05
jamno problem, I'm landing that one know10:05
bialixI don't know what must I do now10:05
bialixjam: ok, thank10:06
maxbbialix: jam could put you into ~bzr ?10:07
bialixmaxb: I think so10:07
jambialix: I'll check10:07
jambialix: you're added10:08
bialixthank you jam10:08
jamI think it is still reasonable to make mps, just to track the changes, but it isn't critical10:08
maxbOh, jelmer is no longer away. I should pick up the discussion on merging ~bzr-core into ~bzr10:10
jelmermaxb: hey, what's up?10:16
maxbI'd been looking at what it would talk to get rid of all of ~bzr's structural subscriptions such that there would no longer be a reason to split ~bzr-core10:16
maxbMost of them seemed fairly reasonable, except that ~bzr includes ~bzr-git, and ~bzr-git has some structural subscriptions for bzr-git10:17
jelmerI'm happy with changing the subscriptions for ~bzr-git10:18
jelmerto match what we do for other plugins10:18
maxbor at least, I thought that was what the problem was, but my old email is contradicting me10:18
maxbOh, whoops10:19
maxbWhen I said ~bzr-git, I meant ~bzr-gtk in this case10:19
jelmerah, ok10:19
jelmerI have the same opinion for bzr-gtk, though we'd probably have to check with some other people too10:19
maxbThe other teams that contribute structural subscriptions to ~bzr are ~bzr-upload-devs (vila) and ~qbzr-bugs (garyvdm)10:20
bialixwhat's about ~bzr-bugs?10:21
bialixwhat's about ~qbzr-bugs?10:21
maxbPer my email of June 14th, there does not appear to be any consistent pattern to which plugins do or do not get included in ~bzr's subscriptions10:21
bialixdo you need just remove it?10:21
maxbbialix: ~qbzr-bugs has ~bzr as a member to give ~bzr members bug supervisor rights over qbzr, but it also has a structural subscription to qbzr's bugs10:22
maxbThe issue is that I don't think ~bzr membership should imply defaulting sending people much, if any, email10:22
bialixmaxb: right now only ~bzr-qa is member of ~bzr-bugs10:22
bialixmaxb: yep10:23
maxb~bzr is a member of ~bzr-qa10:23
bialixmaybe at the past it sounded reasonable to have more bug mails for qa/bug supervisor teams10:24
maxbBasically it comes down to it really never making sense  to use the same grouping of people for access control as for sending email10:24
bialixI don't see any value in ~qbzr-bugs team today10:24
bialix~qbzr-bugs group only can triage bugs, IIRC10:25
maxbSo, in short, my plan is to attempt to get agreement in removing all subscriptions from ~bzr-gtk, ~bzr-upload-devs and ~qbzr-bugs, then proceed to removing bug subscriptions from ~bzr, and then proceed to a final proposal to merge ~bzr-core into ~bzr, ending the confusion10:25
jelmermaxb: +110:26
bialixI'll be happy to remove ~qbzr-bugs team as well10:26
jelmervila: ^10:26
maxbbialix: Remove the team?  Or just remove its bug subscription?10:26
maxbI assume the team exists to manage bug supervisor permissions on qbzr10:27
bialixmaxb: main QBzr developers team is ~qbzr-dev10:27
bialixmaxb: I think so10:27
maxbRight - so ~qbzr-bugs exists to allow you to permit non-developers to have bug triage access10:27
bialixmaxb: right, but I think nobody but ~bzr-dev and poolie has done that10:28
bialixsorry, I meant ~qbzr-dev10:28
vilajelmer: +0, I don't have issues (almost) with lp mail, so I don't feel qualified to comment there. It may change the day I *miss* mails, but that doesn't seem to be the case with the proposal10:30
bialixif removing subscription means mute bug mails -- I'm ok10:32
jelmervila: you can always personally subscribe to those projects10:33
bialixtoday the number of bzr mails I got is way too much.10:33
jelmervila: thanks to the new bug subscription work by the lp team10:33
jelmer(I think that's what prompted maxb's proposal?)10:33
vilayeah, I'm unclear about why all these teams changes are still required...10:34
vilaI'm all for *reducing* the number of teams anyway10:34
maxbvila: The work done by the LP team means it's possible to opt out of inherited subscriptions. It doesn't make it easy or convenient11:06
maxbAlso, I don't think defaulting to sending ~bzr bugmail about stuff actually makes sense11:06
jamvila: as the current PP, care to look at: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.5-verbosity-knob-812928/+merge/6855911:16
jamI know Barry thought the changes were good, I'd like at least someone else's opinion.11:17
jamjelmer: a question about bzr-svn and tags12:22
jamI just poked at lp:gcc-linaro, and it has 2626 tags that are not in the repository.12:22
jamIs this because svn creates a new commit when creating a tag12:22
jamand bzr-svn then imports that as a separate commit.12:22
jamSo *most* bzr-svn converted repositories are going to have 90%+ of their tags not in the main trunk history?12:23
maxbbzr-svn does the right thing if the tag is a "simple copy" made via a url-to-url copy, or a copy from a svn wc that is at a single revision12:25
jammaxb: what is slightly worse is that because bzr-2.4 is going to start copying those tags by default, anyone using a shared repository locally that has those revs, is going to start pushing them up to all of their stacked branches.12:25
jammaxb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/649052/12:26
maxbHowever, if the svn tag was made by copying from a svn working copy that was at mixed revisions, bzr-svn attempts to represent this as an off-trunk revision12:26
jammaxb: so if you just "tag" your local checkout, it re-creates the layout as a tagged rev?12:27
maxbIn practice, this isn't really what most people would want, and I have an idea that bzr-svn ought to do more checking of the nature of the tagged tree, and possibly intelligently pretend the tag is on trunk, if that won't affect the tree content12:27
maxbjam: exactly12:28
jammaxb: well, the cat-is-mostly-out-of-the-bag since changing the scheme creates a different set of revs, right?12:28
maxbI think we could just pretend otherwise in this case12:28
maxbWe'd only be changing the logic that says what revid a tag points to, not the data in any revision itself12:29
jelmerjam: sorry, just got back from lunch12:29
jamjelmer: np12:29
jamI was hoping the new fetch behavior would make bug #388269 less problematic, because we would be seeding lots of search points.12:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 388269 in Bazaar "many get_parent_map calls during walk to common revisions when branching into empty repository" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38826912:29
jambut... they are all ghosts...12:29
jelmerjam: svn tags are basically copy operations, and bzr-svn only tags them on the mainline if they don't have any additional changes12:29
jelmerjam: some people will create tags for e.g. a release that make a trivial additional change, like the equivalent of setting 'final' in the version string in bzr12:30
maxbYes - though there's a class of additional change which are essentially no-ops, which I think bzr-svn ought to ignore12:30
jelmermaxb: what sort of changes?12:31
maxbIf the tag is made from a mixed revision svn working copy, svn will record all the mixed revisions. But, if in fact the working copy could have been "svn update"d to the newest revision involved in the tag without actually causing any tree changes, it would be nice if bzr-svn could recognize that as a simple tag12:31
jelmermaxb: can you give an example of ta tag where that has happened?12:32
jamjelmer: well, out of 2690 tags in lp:gcc-linaro, only about 64 are actually present in the repository12:32
maxbPretty much any tag made by the maven-release-plugin, so I should be able to find an example in the apache repo12:32
jamso whatever trick is "common" apparently happened there a lot12:33
vilajam: sorry, just got back from lunch12:35
maxbjam: Wait, are these ancient tags dating back to cvs days?12:35
jammaxb: not sure, I see svn ones when I poke at it briefly12:36
maxbjelmer: So, in my paste, you can see a tag constructed via a copy from 701933, and a subtree replace of 701941. But, by checking the history of the copy source, we can see that the resultant tree is exactly the same as a direct copy from 701941.12:37
jamvila: long lunch :) no problem12:37
maxbRepresenting the tag as a direct copy from 701941 is clearer and closer to the user's intent, and avoids the extra revision12:38
jelmermaxb: the file changed in between, in 70193412:38
maxbjelmer: Yes, but the tag incorporates this change12:38
vilajam: yeah, had some shopping to do, it's amazing how it always took longer with girls...12:38
maxb   R /maven/plugins/tags/maven-antrun-plugin-1.3/pom.xml (from /maven/plugins/trunk/maven-antrun-plugin/pom.xml:701941)12:38
maxbThat particular file is promoted to a revision after the change, in the tag12:38
jelmermaxb: I'd consider that a svn bug12:39
jelmermaxb: analysing history to figure out that sort of thing can become really complicated12:39
maxbWell, less of a bug, and more a complete failure to design for what users actually want.12:40
maxbAnd yes, producing a nicer conversion by history analysis is definitely complicated12:40
maxbIt would, however, lead to nicer user experience of bzr and bzr-svn, and a more faithful representation of the original intent in bzr12:41
jelmermaxb: this can get really complex (and time consuming) on some tags if a lot of history is involved12:41
maxbYes, this might turn out to be too complicated to be actually worth doing in bzr-svn12:42
jelmermaxb: I don't think this is worth considering until bzr supports versioned tags12:42
maxbHowever, it's definitely worth doing if bzr-svn ever grew support for doing extra work in a one-time conversion mode12:43
jelmervila, Riddell: if you are still patchpiloting, did you see https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-loom/fix-record-entry-contents/+merge/68426 ?13:05
vilajelmer: approved, which a question :)13:08
jelmervila: dankuwelmerci13:10
vilawith a question (that my browser didn't want to send for unkown reasons 8-/)13:13
vilajelmer: In what context was the test failing and why not sooner ?13:13
vilajelmer: location-commas also approved13:15
jelmervila: I'm not entirely sure why it didn't fai earlier; perhaps we didn't use the parent inventories in record_entry_contents before in some cases?13:15
jelmervila: posted the backtraces13:15
vilajelmer: LeYSME ? Isn't tmpfile funny sometimes :)13:16
jelmervila: I had nothing to do with that, promise :)13:17
jelmervila: thanks for the location-commas review13:17
jelmervila: I'll also wait for John, as he is one of the heavy users of comma's in names13:18
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bdestefanisanyone else having trouble opening bazaar explorer?15:53
bdestefanisi'm getting a key error '\x00'15:54
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bdestefanisin commands.pyo and most recent call is in pickle.pyo15:54
bdestefanismore details here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/81415115:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 814151 in Bazaar "bazaar explorer no longer opens" [Undecided,New]15:55
bdestefanisdoes bazaar use windows domain certificates for anything?15:57
mgzbdestefanis: delete $BZR_CONFIG/explorer/history.dat16:08
mgzbzr version will tell you where the config dir is16:08
mgzon windows it's probably %APPDATA%\bazaar\2.0\explorer\history.dat16:09
bdestefanisi think i may have caused this problem.16:20
bdestefanisby trying to unversion a directory.16:20
bdestefanisnow the main branch has a lot of unresolved conflicts16:21
mgzbut it's a bug in explorer whatever16:21
bdestefanisthat i can't seem to revert16:21
bdestefanislet me try what you suggested16:21
mgzif you could find the file, and upload it to the bug, that might make things clearer16:21
mgzyou may want to check it for personal info first (it's a binary format though)16:21
bdestefaniswow. deleting the history.dat file fixed it.16:22
bdestefanisthanks! :)16:22
bdestefanisthis new version of bazaar seems to be a bit faster too :)16:24
mgzbdestefanis: if it's still in your recycle bin, uploading it to the bug might help us work out what caused the problem in the first place16:28
bdestefanisi renamed it to history.backup16:29
bdestefanisi will attach it to the bug16:29
bdestefanison other thing you guys are probably already aware of16:33
bdestefanisfor whatever reason....anytime i perform an operation in bazaar explorer ...it takes about 60 seconds or more to become responsive after the operation is completed.16:34
bdestefanisthe window goes into the "Not Responding" state16:34
bdestefanisand if you wait long enough you can use Bazaar Explorer again16:34
bdestefanisthis is on Windows 7 64-bit16:35
mgzthat doesn't sound typical, would be good to find out what it's doing during that minute16:36
bdestefanisyeah, i'm using a path like \\ip.address.goes.here\c$\www\bzrversioneddir16:36
bdestefanisbut it doesn't seem to make a difference if i use http16:37
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bdestefanisi have wireshark i suppose i could see if anything is happening on the wire16:39
bdestefanisi have no idea what my boss did to the repository ...but now i have all this garbage and i can't revert it. i think i'm going to killl myself.16:39
bdestefanisfrom wireshark16:42
bdestefanisit looks like it is using SMB to iterate over all of the paths in the bzr versioned directory16:42
bdestefanisthese are requests from the server to my machine16:43
bdestefanisi'm sorry16:43
bdestefanisreverse that16:43
bdestefanisthey are requests from my machine to the server16:43
awilkinsI wonder if his boss did a checkout on the server16:52
awilkinsThat causes things to REALLY slow down16:52
awilkinsBut it looks like it was a checkout anyway16:52
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DonDiegobzr rebase moved a few of my commits into limbo (after stumbling over a merge i think)17:15
DonDiegois there something like "git reflog" in bzr that i can recover them with?17:15
DonDiegogoogling hasn't provided answers...17:15
jelmerDonDiego: there isn't anything like reflog, but you can use "bzr heads --dead" to find bzr revisions that exist but do not have anything pointing at them17:17
* jelmer runs off to dinner17:17
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DonDiegojelmer: thanks, that helped17:28
jo-erlendIn 11.04, I installed bzr-gtk. Didn't that use to come with a gui for bazaar where you could see files, diffs, etc?17:52
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lxsameerhi, my connection lost in middle of a cloning , how can i resume cloning? ( .bzr dir exists )18:21
LeoNerdhttp://www.pastie.org/2250474  <== wtf did that just do.. and how do I undo it?20:44
LeoNerdI think I've branched history somehow.. do not want.20:45
maxbLeoNerd: you bzr upped in a bound brach with commits ahead of the bound location20:52
LeoNerdIt used to fail-and-die when I did that. I want that behaviour back20:53
maxbaccordingly bzr fetched the new commits, and moved the local commits to a pending merge20:53
LeoNerdYeah.. I reeeally dislike that behaviour20:54
maxbso, just committing the pending merge should be fine20:54
LeoNerdI don't want it to appear as a merge, though20:55
maxbwhy not?20:55
LeoNerdBecause I dislike the unneatness that'll appear in the history20:55
maxbit *is* a merge, stop trying to pretend otherwise :-)20:56
LeoNerdIt should'nt be20:56
LeoNerdIt should appear as a strict new revision20:56
maxbdelph wants to know if you're still at work :-)20:56
maxbhe's leaving the pilot now20:57
LeoNerdHrm.. remind me again how I update back to a dead head... It's complaining it doesn't exist.. :/20:58
LeoNerdOh.. bah. I wanted pull20:59
LeoNerdThere we are. bzr heads --dead-only.. find revid. bzr pull -r revid:...; bzr push20:59
LeoNerdAnd now my history is linear again :)20:59
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RenatoSilvaverterok: hi21:24
verterokRenatoSilva: hey21:24
RenatoSilvaverterok: did you see the new proposal? the conflicts were simple to solve...21:28
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, will review it asap. thanks!21:28
RenatoSilvaverterok: thanks too21:28
verterokRenatoSilva: fyi, I'll be moving the project to tycho (maven 3)21:29
verterokRenatoSilva: that way anyone can build the thing easily21:29
verterokRenatoSilva: and execute the tests without configuring everything in eclipse21:30
RenatoSilvaverterok: I've heard of it on some merge and thought it was just a plugin, not the codename to maven 321:31
verterokRenatoSilva: it's a plugin, but it requires maven 321:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: ah ok21:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: how about those old encoding problems in bzr-xmloutput heh... no volunteer to fix them :(21:32
verterokRenatoSilva: are still there :(21:33
RenatoSilvaverterok: (required to cut some edges in bzr-eclipse)21:33
verterokRenatoSilva: I thinking in moving it out of the command based approach21:33
RenatoSilvasomeone please bzr-eclipse needs help! (and hence bzr-java-lib/bzr-xmloutput)21:33
verterokRenatoSilva: to use a real rpc21:33
verterokRenatoSilva: basically stop using commands, it's a lot of work and not even started with it :/21:34
RenatoSilvaverterok: I somewhat remember one of our discussions on calling bzrlib directly, but it would require some other project to evolute enough or something... can't recall21:35
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, jython21:36
verterokRenatoSilva: jython isn't there yet21:36
RenatoSilvaverterok: is it by any chance the lack of C-implemented python modules?21:38
RenatoSilvaverterok: which is required by bzrlib?21:38
verterokRenatoSilva: ctypes21:38
* RenatoSilva thinks is required21:38
RenatoSilvaverterok: so jython hasn't implemented ctypes yet? bah21:41
verterokRenatoSilva: only a small part21:41
RenatoSilvadoes bzrlib use stuff which requires native code or is it made by native code too?21:41
verterokRenatoSilva: it requires some platform specific stuff21:44
RenatoSilvaverterok: do you remember the other option of porting bzrlib to Java? Not sure if it's insane and which one would be harder (this or completing ctype)22:01
verterokRenatoSilva: that's a lot of work (the porting of bzrlib)22:01
RenatoSilvaand the syncing22:02
vilafinally: http://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/job/selftest-chroot-natty-proposed/32/testReport/22:11
vila2.3.4-0ubuntu1 installed in a natty chroot22:13
pooliehi vila, jelmer23:16
jelmerhi poolie23:19
pooliespiv: alive?23:26
spivpoolie: yes, and apparently over a degree cooler than yesterday.23:26
poolieyou are?23:27
pooliehm i guess that's good23:27
pooliethe bmp stuff should now be live on qastaging, so i was going to see which one of us should test it23:27
spivAh, cool, I'll poke at it.23:27
pooliein some ways having someone else test might be better?23:28
spivWell you can too :)23:28
poolieif you're ready now we can ask the losas to turn it on23:28
jelmerg'morning spiv23:28
jelmerspiv: I added some feedback to bug 718944, sorry for not noticing it earlier23:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 718944 in bzr-builddeb "bzr-builddeb merge sorts the changelog by version order, rather than preserving existing ordering" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71894423:29
spivjelmer: ooh, thanks for the links to the other bugs!23:30
spivI guess I'll merge that today then, the feedback on the list was (cautiously) positive too.23:31
jelmercool, that'll make quite a few ubuntu devs happy(ier)23:33
jelmerhave a good day23:33
* jelmer gets some sleep23:33
pooliesleep tight23:38
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