ScottK/tmp/buildd/kde-style-bespin-0.1~svn100126/config/config.cpp: In function 'void ensureIcons()':00:01
ScottK/tmp/buildd/kde-style-bespin-0.1~svn100126/config/config.cpp:1297:64: error: taking address of temporary [-fpermissive]00:01
ScottKAny suggestions?00:01
ScottKkde-style-bespin is anyone wants to take a whack at it.00:01
apacheloggerisnt bespin like way dead?00:54
valoriehttp://www.afktavern.com - ubuntu hour is scheduled, and I hope to be there in Kub. gear01:14
ScottKapachelogger: Probably.  It should get fixed or remove.  I don't care much which.01:37
yurchorHi!. It seems that 11.10 uses "nm09" branch for KNetworkManager (translation templates are build from this branch). Is this the developers decision? What about upstream uses "master" for translations?07:47
debfxyurchor: it's not exactly a choice of ours since gnome 3 requires nm 0.9 so Ubuntu switched to it07:52
yurchordebfx: A-ha... Thanks. Maybe it is worth to ask developers to splir translation of "master" (to stable) and "nm09" (to trunk)? I can ask about this in kde-i18n-doc.07:55
debfxyurchor: where are the networkmanagement translations?08:01
debfxhaving translations for both branches would certainly be a good thing08:02
yurchordebfx: Now they are in extragear-base/trunk. Ex.: http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/trunk-kde4/po/libknetworkmanager.po/08:02
bambeeIs it possible for a non kde core developer to get his blog on planetkde.org ?08:03
valoriebambee, sure08:12
valoriemine is08:12
valorieI'm about as far from core devel as you can get08:13
bambeeok :)08:13
bambeeI need to ask sysadmins , I guess ?08:13
valorieyes, you file a bug08:13
valorieif you often write about something other than KDE, you'll want to make a /KDE feed request08:14
valorieI just changed mine08:16
valoriethe sysadmins rocks08:16
bambeeohh everything is explained on planetkde.org :)08:17
Tm_Tconsidering my blog is there too...08:18
bambeeRHAAAAA!!!!!! fu**$*@ pbuilder ! it has broken my basetgz for the THIRD time o_O08:20
bambeemy poor oneiric-ninjas.tgz :'(08:21
debfxdpm: do source packages that have the same templates not share translations?08:32
debfxdpm: plasma-widget-networkmanagement has been renamed to networkmanagement, which of them is going to be exported to language packs?08:36
dpmdebfx, the sharing happens between templates with the same name, in the same source package and in different releases. So kdebase-workspace/kaccess (srcpkg/template) in Natty will share translations with kdebase-workspace/kaccess Maverick. Unfortunately, the source package in this particular case has changed in Oneiric (to kde-workspace/kaccess), so the Oneiric template will no longer share translations with the previous templates08:36
dpmdebfx, in that case, we'll just rename the template manually. I don't remember having done that one, bu I can do it now. From which source package is that template?08:37
debfxdpm: those are source packages08:38
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dpmdebfx, ah, right, in that case we just change the source package field in the template08:38
debfxthe templates are knetworkmanager, libknetworkmanager and plasma-applet-networkmanagement08:38
dpmwhich is what we did in the example above (change from kdebase-workspace to kde-workspace)08:39
dpmdebfx, so just to confirm (I'll do the change now): I should change the 'plasma-widget-networkmanagement' source package in the knetworkmanager, libknetworkmanager and plasma-applet-networkmanagement templates to 'networkmanagement'08:40
debfxdpm: yep08:41
debfxhow can I check to which source package a template is linked?08:41
dpmby the url, for example08:41
debfxyes, but how do I know which template is exported?08:43
debfxin this case libknetworkmanager exists for both plasma-widget-networkmangement and networkmanagement08:43
dpmdebfx, both will be exported, as it seems we approved both instead of renaming the source package (probably as a mistake). In that case, I'll just disable the plasma-widget-... one08:47
dpmdebfx, done. There should now only be templates for the networkmanagement source package08:49
dpmdoes anyone know the debconf-kde developers? They include translations in a non-standard way (neither for Ubuntu nor for KDE), so we cannot import them: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/debconf-kde/+imports the po files should be named po/ll.po instead of po/ll/libdebconf-kde.po08:52
debfxdpm: that seems to be a packaging issue08:57
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QuintasanGood morning.09:04
Quintasanshadeslayer: is Gwenview fixed?09:05
Quintasanapachelogger: What are we doing with mobipocket? I agree that the name is very generic, can we do something about that?09:05
Quintasanshadeslayer: same with svgpart09:06
debfxgood morning09:08
QuintasanHello debfx09:08
debfxQuintasan: you are a bit late. all kde 4.7 packages are in the archive09:08
QuintasanGood sine I got into 4.6.95 mode09:08
Quintasanshadeslayer: fix the wiki then09:09
shadeslayerQuintasan: i'm at a intel event right now, will have a look when i get home09:09
QuintasanOh I see.09:09
QuintasanI'll do it later then09:09
QuintasanHave fun09:09
Quintasandebfx: Could you tell me how does exactly ${sameVersionDep:kdelibs5-dev:libokularcore1} work?09:11
debfxQuintasan: have you read man:/dh_sameversiondep?09:13
Quintasanoh, so it has a manpage :/09:14
debfxyes, one of the few things in pkg-kde-tools that is well documented ;)09:15
* Quintasan never undestood that magic completely and thinks it's time to chage that09:16
shadeslayerbtw has anyone here ever booted kubuntu on a macbook pro? plz2leave me a ping09:17
* bambee blames pbuilder09:17
Quintasanbambee: What's wrong?09:20
bambeeQuintasan: it has crashed and it has broken my basetgz tarball and my packages rules (debian.tar.gz)09:20
bambeeI cannot rebuild a new basetgz since pbuilder --create is broken too09:21
QuintasanHow did you break pbuilder --create? :O09:21
bambeepbuilder is useful but sometimes it irritates me! (like today)09:22
Quintasanbambee: You can always do it like Riddell09:23
Quintasandebootstrap, chroot and dpkg-buildpackage :P09:23
debfxdpm: I think I'll just import the debconf-kde upstream translations through kde-l10n-XX. do you want me to drop those libdebconf-kde.po files or can we just leave them unimported?09:23
* Quintasan needs to try cowdancer some times09:23
Riddellchroots are much under rated, pbuilder is way overrated, it shouldn't be use for anything other than a final test09:24
Quintasanor whatever was this thing called that used lvm09:24
Quintasansbuild was it?09:24
QuintasanRiddell: How much space does one pbuilder take?09:25
RiddellI've no idea09:25
Riddell-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 81M 2011-06-02 10:17 /var/cache/pbuilder/base.tgz09:25
dpmdebfx, yeah, that sounds good. We can leave them unimported.09:26
debfxapachelogger: why do we have desktop_* stuff in desktop-template-list from pkg-kde-tools? the upstream .desktop files already contain the translations, right?09:33
bambeeQuintasan: I can also take an old base.tgz and upgrade it by hand :D09:36
bambee(using --login and --save-after-login)09:36
bambeebut it's boring :\09:36
* Quintasan forgot to setup and LVM09:36
Quintasansbuild + LVM is not worth the effort09:39
Quintasanyofel: okular 4.6.95 done and uploaded to 09:41
_StefanS_is the daily somewhat stable ?09:57
_StefanS_kde wise09:58
_StefanS_judging from kubuntu ninjas in the topic, only kdepim is missing -- which i dont intend to use anyway09:58
bambeeRiddell: Hi!  are you the only person in charge of Planet KDE ? I probably can also CC the sysadmins team... (the field "Assign To" contains only your email on the bugzilla)10:00
Riddellbambee: me and sysadmins, what's up?10:00
Quintasan_StefanS_: Daily what?10:00
Quintasan_StefanS_: 4.7 RC1 landed in oneiric10:00
bambeeohh ok10:00
Quintasan_StefanS_: oneiric is not considered stable for daily use10:01
_StefanS_Quintasan: I know its not stable, but a week ago kde was broken, hence my question10:03
debfxdidrocks: I think it's best to just disable the qmldesigner plugin on ARM10:03
Quintasan_StefanS_: AFAIK all KDE 4.7 packages have landed in oneiric and it should work now10:03
_StefanS_Quintasan: ah sweet, I usually pick up each new relase after alpha2, and that has almost always been quite stable to me10:03
_StefanS_Quintasan: thanks for the info :)10:04
didrocksdebfx: hum, can work as well. I see little reason to use qtcreator on arm TBH :)10:04
_StefanS_Quintasan: is there a better method rather than dist-upgrade ?10:04
_StefanS_Quintasan: update-manager -d or something10:04
Quintasanno idea, I do :%s/natty/oneiric on my sources.list and upgrade ^_^10:05
_StefanS_Quintasan: alright then :D10:06
_StefanS_have a nice day ,and keep up the good work - Riddell all others ;)10:06
debfxdidrocks: yeah, I've opened a upstream bug report anyway. it would be good to have a build system check that disables the plugin when it's not supported10:07
didrocksdebfx: let me try this, and add qmlpuppet then10:08
cdbsThe KDE 4.7 RC1 transition is over? Is the kdesudo issue known?10:36
debfxcdbs: yes, I'm not sure what the kdesudo issue is10:58
cdbsdebfx: When I run kdesudo, I get a weird error, http://paste.kde.org/99409/11:02
cdbsAlright, I'll report that as a bug11:24
apacheloggerdebfx: the upstream desktop_ files are collections of all desktop file strings in a module11:26
apacheloggerso you have desktop_baseapps or something like that11:26
apacheloggerso I reckon it is simpler to just fetch translations from upstream and provide them for launchpad rather than anything else11:27
apacheloggeror something or nothing11:27
* apachelogger just now got up11:27
debfxapachelogger: so we just throw away the translations from desktop files?11:57
apacheloggerdebfx: yes, that is how the masters of ubuntu l10n envisioned it to work11:57
debfxok, so we don't have any desktop file upstream translations for non-KDE SC packages where we don't set KUBUNTU_DESKTOP_POT12:00
apacheloggerI think(tm)12:01
apacheloggerin main at least12:01
apacheloggeruniverse isn't stipped12:01
cdbsSeems like kdesudo doesn't work when KDE is started through lightm12:03
davmor2cdbs: I think there is a similar issue for gnome too12:07
cdbsdavmor2: probably yes12:07
cdbsit works only with kdm12:07
cdbsthat's all12:07
debfxso we need to move that source package -> desktop file template mapping inside pkg-kde-tools12:12
debfxwho is going to implement that?12:12
* debfx looks at apachelogger12:12
yofelshadeslayer: something's still not right with kate, with katepart at least kile works again, but kdevelop still errors out unless you install 'kate'12:30
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apacheloggerdebfx: more likely kde-l10n-common IMHO13:09
apacheloggerkde-l10n-common fetches the templates as per mapping, which can go wrong if pkg-kde-tools on the excution rootsys is not the most recent one13:10
apacheloggerso, since I do not remember the details I thought that moving it to the l10n branch instead made more sense13:10
ScottKcdbs: Don't run muon with kdesudo.  It uses policykit.13:22
debfxapachelogger: kde-l10n isn't involved in building packages though, we need the information when writing the template name into the desktop files13:23
apacheloggerdebfx: perhaps l10n should branch pkg-kde-tools then13:26
apacheloggerand take the list of templates to fetch from bzr rather than the installed package13:27
ScottKLooks like kubuntu-desktop is installable and purely
ScottK(I had to rebuild ktorrent last night)13:27
ScottKWe don't build libqtwebkit4-declarative anymore, but plasma-mobile depends on it.  What's the plan for that?13:33
debfxScottK: s/libqtwebkit4-declarative/libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin/13:34
ScottKdebfx: Thanks.13:35
ScottKDo you want to fix it or should I?13:35
shadeslayeryofel: herp derp13:36
shadeslayerwill look13:36
shadeslayeri couldn't boot the oneiric daily anyways13:37
debfxScottK: I'd appreciate if you could fix it13:38
ScottKJust fixed kdegraphics package names so it should be installable again.13:49
ScottKplasma-mobile fixed.13:56
ScottKdebfx: Thanks again for the fix.13:56
ScottKNow that kubuntu-desktop is installable with 4.7, it's time to look at CD size.  I'm open to suggestions.14:00
yofel724M ouch (and 745 or powerpc)14:02
debfxScottK: is python 2.6 going to be removed this cycle?14:04
ScottKNot sure yet.14:04
yofeldo we have something that tracks what got added/dropped between the iso builds?14:04
ScottKWe should get it off the CD though.14:05
ScottKI'm currently looking at that.14:05
yofeltrue, we have 3 python versions on the disk14:05
debfxyofel: I have a natty->oneiric diff: https://felix.fobos.de/kubuntu/kubuntu-oneiric-cd-amd64-diff.htm14:05
ScottKdebfx: It gets pulled in by python-kde4 depends libpython2.6 (>= 2.6), libpython2.7 (>= 2.7)14:05
yofeldebfx: ah, nice14:06
debfxScottK: can we just drop the python 2.6 modules?14:06
debfxwe didn't have those in natty14:06
debfxthe non-default themes need to be moved from kde-workspace-data and kdm into another package14:07
ScottKIt's a packaging bug in pykde4.14:08
yofelit depends on python-all-dev which pulls in python-2.6-dev14:08
ScottKIt should be libpython2.6 (>= 2.6) | libpython2.7 (>= 2.7) or something like that.14:08
ScottKIt build-depens on -all-dev, not depends14:09
yofeler, right14:09
ScottKBuilding for all versions is correct.14:09
ScottKDepending on both libpython versions is not.14:09
debfxScottK: I think the python debhelper needs to be improved to handle that14:09
yofelright, that's probably added by python:Depends14:10
debfxyofel: no, they link against libpython14:11
ScottKdebfx: pykde4-4.6.80/debian//patches/01_python_modules_dont_link_against_libpython.diff14:12
ScottKThat's in Debian.14:12
ScottKI think that's the solution.14:13
debfxit doesn't work though14:14
debfxpython-kde4 in Debian depends on both libpython14:14
debfxeven if we drop the python2.6 dependency we waste some space by having two versions of the bindings14:15
ScottKOh, true.14:15
ScottKThat's unavoidable until python2.6 is no longer supported.14:16
debfxwe didn't have python2.6 bindings in natty so it wouldn't be a regression to just drop them again14:16
ScottKTrue, but it was a bug.14:17
ScottKI'd say let's get python2.6 itself off the CD and then see where we are.14:17
debfxwith positive side effects :)14:17
ScottKLooks like dropping the libpython dependency could be done in debian/rules, but would take more thinking than I've got time for at the moment.14:37
shadeslayeryofel: looks like they're still undecided on kate15:43
ScottKRiddell: If you have a moment, could you please do Bug #814148?15:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 814148 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu) "Please remove kdebase-workspace source only" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81414815:50
ScottKkubuntu-full is installable again.15:50
Riddelllet me see if I can remember how15:50
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CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/pykde4] Philip Muškovac * 5 * debian/ (changelog control) Merge branch lp:~bambi/kubuntu-packaging/pykde416:36
ScottKyofel: What did that fix?16:58
yofelnothing, he had a merge for 4.6.95 pending16:59
ScottKNeed to convince it not to link to libpython.17:00
* yofel has no clue how to do that17:00
* ScottK has some clues, but hopes Debian will fix it.17:01
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shadeslayerHas anyone upgraded from natty to oneirc recently?17:52
shadeslayeris anything broken>17:52
yofelupgraded no, but I'm running O here, works fine17:53
bambeeshadeslayer: if you've keyboard and mouse broken on X, look at the #ubuntu+1 topic , there is a bug for that17:53
bambeebut it should be fixed now17:53
yofelat least if you're using ninjas. Haven't tried plain O in a while17:53
bambeeexcept this bug, everything rocks and works fine here :)17:53
yofelbambee: that's long fixed17:53
shadeslayeractually i'm thinking of upgrading17:53
shadeslayeri had fun installing kubuntu on my new macbook pro17:54
shadeslayerit seems that the CD falls back to a usb live system if it fails to boot17:54
shadeslayerah wth, i'll upgrade17:55
bambeeshadeslayer: you're not booting with a iusb-key .... :P17:56
shadeslayerwith a what17:56
bambeea iusb key, it's just a usb key with the apple logo :P17:56
shadeslayeri wrapped my naked usb key in a iCloth, that makes it a iUsb key17:56
shadeslayerbambee: the best thing is, i've tethered my phone to my laptop so that i can connect to the wifi network xD17:57
* yofel would've preferred not learning what that wifi workaround was...17:59
shadeslayerndiswrapper makes everything crap out17:59
shadeslayerso that was my only other choice17:59
bambeeto connect my ac100 on my home network, I need to plug my phone to my smartbook too, because the internal wifi card does not work well :(18:00
shadeslayeryeah, one of the reasons i'm upgrading18:01
shadeslayernew kernel brings in new hope ;)18:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hope18:02
jussibah, no hope factoid? I think that needs fixing..18:02
ScottKNo hope sounds about right.18:09
apacheloggersheytan: ping18:36
sheytanapachelogger pong18:40
apacheloggersheytan: do you have time to mock up more interaction scenarios for a video player?18:41
apacheloggerlike how to open a file? is there file browsing at all or a collection? ...18:41
apacheloggerI reckon that is the fullscreen mode?18:43
apacheloggerwhat should the non-fullscreen version look like?18:43
sheytanapachelogger i have some ideas, but can't mock them up today 18:46
sheytanmayne tomorrow :)18:46
apacheloggergood enough for me :)18:46
* yofel wonders if dirk forgot to tag 4.7.0 or if they'll postpone the release.18:50
yofeloh, and we still have kdevelop packages that need to be tested18:51
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | 4.6.95 Packaging: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging | Merges: https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html | TODO: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-kubuntu.html
yofel4.6.5 is long out..18:51
ScottKIsn't 4.6.5 in the PPA?19:03
yofelit is, but it's not on the packaging page anymore, so the topic was wrong19:04
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ScottKKubuntu packageset updated again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/649464/20:55
ScottKdebfx: Can you review the set/exceptions and see if we need to do any manual tweaking?20:55
debfxScottK: svgpart is missing, gwenview probably doesn't recommend it yet20:59
ScottKIt's seeded in kdegraphics though.21:00
ScottKerrr part of kdegraphics which is seeded21:00
debfxah true, then I don't know why it's missing21:01
ScottKLet me know if you find anything else and I'll send cjwatson a mail.21:03
ScottKQuintasan: ^^^ you too.21:03
debfxScottK: pykde421:05
apacheloggersheytan: I can watch videos rather well with the player :D21:06
sheytanapachelogger cool. It would be cool, to transfer it someday to kubuntu :)21:08
sheytanas default21:08
apacheloggermore like KDE21:09
bambeeafiestas: your comment is so.... beautiful :D21:21
afiestasbambee: comment?21:22
bambeeafiestas: on my blog21:22
afiestasit is a good summary  of what I wanted to say xD21:24
ScottKLink please?21:24
bambeeScottK: http://blog.romainperier.org/?p=5321:32
bambeemhh ovh is slow this evening :\21:32
bambeebtw , please applaud sheytan for his great work!  it has created a kubuntu wordpress theme :D21:32
bambeeafiestas: you're just frustrated about the subtitles feature in pgst :P21:39
bambeeor about my english...21:39
bambeeor both21:39
afiestasactually it was intented to cheer you up21:44
afiestaskinda "Go subtitles go!" xd21:44
bambeeI was kidding :)21:45
* apachelogger hugs bambee21:56
apacheloggerkubotu: order cookies for bambee21:56
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to bambee.21:56
bambeeapachelogger: what did I do ? :)22:00
bambeeapachelogger: is it for my theme ? :p22:00
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Quintasanbambee: https://launchpad.net/~project-neon22:03
apacheloggerbambee: setCurrentSubtitle(QUrl)22:03
QuintasanPlease link to https://launchpad.net/~neon instead22:03
apacheloggerbambee: or perhaps QString22:03
bambeeQuintasan: ok22:08
bambeeapachelogger: did you test it?22:08
apacheloggerbambee: what, subtitles?22:08
Quintasanbambee: Thanks, since the other link yields: Project Neon does not seem to be using Launchpad :D22:08
apacheloggerbambee: no, it doesnt work with my new player :P22:08
bambeeapachelogger: tsss :p22:08
bambeeby the way it's setCurrentSubtitle(SubtitleDescription &)  :D22:09
apacheloggeryeah, BUT22:09
apacheloggerdoing files that is the uber suck22:09
apacheloggertotally java that is22:09
apacheloggerso we need a new interface that is easy to use, just throw a file path at it and it takes care of the rest22:10
bambeeapachelogger: what did you smoke ? you like java... using java you will be bald :'(22:14
apacheloggeroh right, java <322:15
apacheloggerjava \o/22:15
apacheloggerbambee: what I meant to say is "totally pyth0rn that is"22:15
bambeeapachelogger: joke of the day http://ftp.romainperier.org/screen1.png  :D22:26
QuintasanThat's a nice memleak there22:27
apacheloggerbambee: I think you and tdfischer are memleaking22:27
bambeeapachelogger:  tdfischer has the same problem?22:28
apacheloggerFWIW I am leaking textures, but nothing too serious :P22:28
apacheloggerbambee: no, I just suppose it must have to do with playbin222:28
apacheloggercause I am not getting that on master or qml22:28
bambeeI will try to fix it tomorrow (after some kde 4.6.95 packaging)22:30
macoapachelogger: how do i get to oem config mode in the kubuntu cd?23:32
macoor Riddell?23:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 438221 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "user setup page has warning symbols at start" [High,Incomplete]23:33
macoim going to try to reproduce, but there seems to be a lack of reproduction steps23:33
macoalso, when i tried to boot the live cd, kwin crashed23:33
apacheloggermaco: suppose there is a ubiquity cmdline option? the preinstalled image goes you there in any case23:33
macopreinstalled image?23:33
apacheloggeroh, we only ahve those for omap23:34
* maco retries booting the live cd, in hopes of getting more than a black screen and an X cursor23:34
apacheloggerI guess that also needs some testing with new KDE :S23:35
macoapachelogger: are you running oneiric?23:52
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