]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRlol :P00:00
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyeah he wanted me to go onto slackware00:00
BarkingFishTVM, Malta00:00
SIR_Tacoyofel: well yes... but it's not general Linux fire.. but Gentoo lava....00:00
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRor gentoo cause that wat he was on00:00
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRwell least i knew a bit when i installed ubuntu00:01
yofelwell, setting something up you're familiar with is easy, so that was his reason probably00:01
yofelbut we're getting offtopic here -> #kubuntu-offtopic00:01
BarkingFishI also need it to watch my birth country's parliament when it's in session.00:01
KaleidoscopeJudging by the sudden silence, There's nothing ontopic to talk about00:03
snooffyguys, i know this was asked and answered many times, but from your experience, will i gain a huge power if i install 64 bit kubuntu on my intel e6600 with 4GB RAM? Is there still lots of apps not supporting 64bit systems based on Linux?00:03
=== ironfroggy_ is now known as Guest31283
Kaleidoscopesnooffy, I'm runnin 64bit And I've never had a problem yet00:04
yofelthere's some chance of running into issues with flash, other than that 64bit will work fine00:04
KaleidoscopePerformance wise, It's nothing major, there's slight performance gain, but not that noteworthy00:04
Kaleidoscopeyofel, there is?00:04
KaleidoscopeAs far as I can tell, Flash is runnin beautifully00:05
snooffyyofel: read about the flash, but thats probably an obsolete worry right?00:05
yofelthere are people with problems, I run the native 64bit pre-release of flash here so no issues here.00:05
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyeah flash runs fine on 64bit00:05
OerHekssame here00:05
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRlatest firefox watching youtubes00:05
KaleidoscopeIt's worth a shot snooffy00:05
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRwatched movie last night on native VLC00:05
KaleidoscopeTime for you to join us in the future that is 64bit00:06
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRim using amarok for audio and stuff so i had to download the amarok forbidden extras or wat ever and that got all the audio/video/flash stuff working00:06
KaleidoscopeI use VLC for Audio and video =D00:06
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRi use foobar2000 on windows :p00:07
KaleidoscopeDid need the restricted extras also though00:07
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRused winamp for ages00:07
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbut yeah just using amarok for now00:07
BarkingFishanyway dudes, it's gone 1am here, and I'm tired, so I'm gonna pack up and switch off for the night.00:07
KaleidoscopeMy god, I couldn't stand winamp, always had trouble with it. I've used Zune for ages now on Windows00:07
BarkingFishTake care all, see you in about 18 hours :)00:07
KaleidoscopeLaters BarkingFish00:07
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRfoobar2000 is great00:07
BarkingFishnight Kaleidoscope00:08
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRopen source00:08
snooffyok thats fine,. probably give it a shot during the weekend00:08
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRu can emulate some winamp stuff aswell on it00:08
KaleidoscopeI tried foobar2000 once, it seemed to empty00:08
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRits a light player00:08
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRits alot better now then wat it use to be00:08
yofelflash 11 beta has a settings KCM00:08
KaleidoscopeWhat's that?00:09
yofelkde control module, plugin for system settings00:09
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRcan someone help me get ventrillo or wrangler installed :D ?00:09
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRi cant find a package and the sudo apt install isnt working00:10
snooffylast time when i was installing 11.04 had a few problems, had to burn 5cd before i managed to install it, and had to use alternate CD00:10
KaleidoscopeUsing kpackagekit?00:10
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyeah its not on there00:10
snooffygonna give the 64bit a shot then00:10
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRi found teamspeak 2 on there installed that00:10
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRi want TS3 thow00:10
yofelI see a mangler package for oneiric here, but not for natty00:10
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRand ventrillo or wrangler that can connect to vent servers00:10
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRaww :(00:11
Kaleidoscopesnooffy, I wish ya the best of luck, Hopefully you get onto the 64bit platform with no trouble00:11
yofel!info mangler oneiric00:11
ubottumangler (source: mangler): Ventrilo compatible client for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-1 (oneiric), package size 704 kB, installed size 2044 kB00:11
snooffybtw can i play CS source on Kubuntu? :D00:11
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyea u can snoffy00:11
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRi did it ages ago00:11
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRon my old amd00:11
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbut not a proper native install00:11
snooffyi heard about steam on linux, but never get a proper info...00:11
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRthrough wubi duel boot inside windows00:11
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRstill wasnt bad ey for a pentium 4 kind of amd system :P00:12
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eR2400xp TBRED00:12
snooffythats pretty sh1t right?00:12
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eR2.5 gig of ram and 256 760000:12
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRwell that hardware is like wat 10+years old00:12
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRcould still run the css engine :P00:12
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRim running a phenom 2 amd quad core now00:13
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRnforce 900:13
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eR4 gig00:13
SIR_Tacoit's close to what runs my hockey pool website00:13
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRnforce amd builds run like solid rocks00:13
snooffythats the only reason I'm still keeping my w7 partition - bloody games... why these mega gaming companies like EA doesn't make their software for linux as well as for win? the amount of potentional customers its pretty high now and i guess still more and more people switch to a nice distros based on linux00:14
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyeah if they would make native linux games i wouldnt use windows really00:14
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRprob only for sound egineering00:14
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRand could do most of that on linux00:14
Kaleidoscopelol, I barely play games anymore, So I'm probably gonna make a full switch to linux soon00:14
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRor duel boot osx on a pc00:14
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRwas thinking bout doing that getting osx running on a pc00:15
snooffyi have dual boot right now.... w7 and kubuntu, but the w7 takes so much disk space for what it can do00:15
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbut meh00:15
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyeah same im duel booting aswell with wubi inside windows install00:15
KaleidoscopeWhy would ya want osx?00:15
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRfor sound egineering00:16
* OerHeks runs AMD Athlon II x2 - 4 gb ddr2 - GT430 fresh with Kubuntu00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRmost of the programs u can get on windows anyway00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRor wine them00:16
snooffybtw i was wandering how wubi works exactly?00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRinstalls linux inside a windows file00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRno partition needed00:16
snooffyit runs ubuntu like a program on w00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRslight loss of disk performance00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbut u hardly notice it00:16
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRmust be like 5 percent not even00:17
FloodBotK1]-[uNTeR^Ki||eR: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
KaleidoscopeI noticed00:17
KaleidoscopeWhen I switched from Wubi to Partition, It was quite the gain00:17
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRif i was gonna properly use kubuntu and for gaming and stuff i would get a seprate drive and native install00:17
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbut its only really for normal use00:18
snooffyi guess for test it is quite convenient but when you want to use the system full time or at least 50/50 with win it is must be much faster to have proper partitions for linux00:18
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRi use to stuff around with partitions alot with my old systems i cant be stuffed doing that with my new rig00:18
KaleidoscopeWhy not?00:19
KaleidoscopeIt's perfectly safe00:19
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRyeah just dont want 2 :P00:19
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRim more of a windows user00:19
Kaleidoscopeahh :P00:19
KaleidoscopeI was mainly a win user also, I got win7 atm, But I'm just having so many problems that It's driving me insane00:20
snooffywell partitioning in linux is a completely different story than win00:20
Kaleidoscopesnooffy, it is?00:20
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRhmmm win7 is great for me :D00:20
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbest win os for sure00:20
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbesides XP00:20
snooffyKaleidoscope: is it not :)00:20
snooffygparted is just great..00:21
Kaleidoscopesnooffy, Nah, I mess with partitions all the time with no trouble really00:21
KaleidoscopeDifferent Interface for it maybe00:21
KaleidoscopeThough I'm not gonna mess with my partitions much more, Cause one of these times I'm gonna end up just messing up my Win7 install, And then it's gone for good00:22
snooffyfor win I'm using EASUS partition master which is a free sw and makes partitioning almost as easy as in kde ;D00:23
KaleidoscopeI Totally tried that one once00:23
KaleidoscopeWas alright00:23
KaleidoscopeI loaded up a japanese MP3 in VLC, It went insane00:24
KaleidoscopeIt couldn't figure out the duration of the song00:24
snooffybtw cannot get my audigy 4 running 7.1 on kubuntu and I'm bit confused from how is the sound managed in kubuntu... what is the basic layer? Alsa? and what about pulse, how that cooperates together (i have terrible sound distorsion in skype which is going through pulse)00:25
snooffyKaleidoscope: hehe00:26
KaleidoscopeAlsa is the main layer for sound00:26
KaleidoscopePulse is like an extra layer00:26
snooffylike phonon right?00:27
KaleidoscopeYou can mess around with the settings of both though, You might can find a good spot00:27
snooffythey work beside are are not depend on each other right?00:27
KaleidoscopeI don't believe so, Infact I think when I installed Kubuntu, Pulse didn't even install00:28
snooffythere is plenty settings, probably will have to spend one of the english rainy afternoons with it to have it playing right...00:28
snooffyKaleidoscope: i dont know about pulse and kubuntu install, but when i installed the latest skype beta there is only pulse in its audio setting00:28
KaleidoscopeOh really?00:28
KaleidoscopeI don't use skype, So I'm not to sure bout it's setup, so ye00:29
Kaleidoscopethere might be a way to make it go through Alsa, Though I'm not too sure bout it00:29
KaleidoscopeIs skype the only audio problems you have, or are other things messy as well?00:30
snooffyno only skype is distorted big time . Well and my 7.1 sound card can play 2.1 properly only00:30
KaleidoscopeCan or can't?00:30
snooffybut i'm sure it just needs bit of digging and googling00:31
snooffyit can play 2.1 but i cannot get the satelite speakers working at all00:31
KaleidoscopeYea, just whip open Pulse Audio control, You should be able to get it goin smoothly00:31
snooffyin the sound setup there is a lots of options for 5.1, 7.1 but none of them work, only one which works is stereo digital00:32
KaleidoscopeYou usin a laptop or desktop?00:32
snooffynone of the analog 7.1 or 5.1 work for me... also there is 1 weird thing i have sb audigy 4 and in output devices there is audigy 2 only (audigy 4 is all over input devices)... I have a desktop00:32
snooffywas searching for a different driver but crerative website supports i believe win only :\00:33
snooffyi would not mind to install a propriate driver if there will be one ..........00:33
KaleidoscopeWell, there is an extra thing you can add on to the Alsabse.conf file, if it has an option for your particular sound driver00:34
snooffywhich is?00:34
Kaleidoscopeone sec00:34
snooffyshame i cannot check on it right now... i'm at work for gs00:34
Kaleidoscopecat /proc/asound/card0/codec* | grep Codec             <<Run that in the terminal and see what Codec it lists00:36
snooffygood sake ;DDDD00:36
snooffygod sake#00:36
snooffywull do that in the morning when i get home...00:36
snooffyin my email box already...00:37
snooffythx Kaleidoscope00:37
KaleidoscopeWell here, bookmark this link, It might help you out   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto00:37
KaleidoscopeAnd no problem00:37
snooffyKaleidoscope: it will be fun to set it up prperly, i love it as always when i came to problems i learn a lots new thing around as well which is very good :D00:39
snooffygot to do some work now, users r complaining, it will be a disconnected mouse/keyboard or pwr cable from monitor again for sure LOL00:40
KaleidoscopeYea, that's one of the best things bout Linux, Forces ya to learn00:40
Kaleidoscopelol, Then get to work, Ya bum :P00:41
pepeehi. I recently had this problem: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=920088#p92008800:55
pepeekded4, konqueror and knotify4 were all eating 100% of CPU00:56
pepeethis happened after a recent update00:57
KaleidoscopeAnd you're not using a pentium 1?00:57
pepeevery funny00:58
KaleidoscopeYou try the ntrack downgrade?00:58
KaleidoscopeWhy not?00:58
pepeebecause this happened a couple minutes ago00:59
KaleidoscopeTry it then01:00
KaleidoscopeOr you could try removing and re-installing it01:01
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRbe back later ;)01:02
KaleidoscopeLaters Hunter01:02
pepeedo I have to reboot or something?01:02
KaleidoscopeYou shouldn't01:02
pepeeok, done01:02
pepeegonna test it01:02
KaleidoscopeIf it didn't fix it, You may have to reboot01:03
pepeewell, nothing happened, so I suppose it worked01:03
KaleidoscopeAny other problems you need help with?01:05
pepeeno, thank you01:05
snooffyKaleidoscope: ho often you hang around here m8?02:20
KaleidoscopeKinda new, But I'm gonna try to hang out as much as I can so I can help if I can, and learn new stuff also02:20
snooffyI would try to sort the sound card prob I told you about earlier in the afternoon and might need an extra hand :D but pbbly will formated 1st and install 64bit....02:21
snooffyhow long are you using a linux based system?02:23
OerHekssnooffy, maybe this page is any help > https://wiki.kubuntu.org/DebuggingSoundProblems02:30
KaleidoscopeI've used linux off an on for nearly a year now02:36
KaleidoscopeOerHeks, I got him that to bookmark earlier this afternoon, So we're good02:36
OerHeks!cn | yanwen_02:37
ubottuyanwen_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk02:37
KaleidoscopeYou sent him to another channel, and conidering you can barely find people online here, He's gonna get like no help :(02:42
KaleidoscopeWhoever owns this channel needs to add a new bot, One that kicks those that have been idle for like more than 6 hours, That way we can remove some of the clutter in the online list02:46
KaleidoscopeCourse then the online users list would only have like 15-20 people on it =P02:47
OerHeks i told him in chinese, we speak english only, and helped him to a chinese, free taiwanese or hongkong support channel.02:49
KaleidoscopeYea, I know, Which was cool02:50
KaleidoscopeI'm kinda just ranting on all the dead people here02:50
OerHekssome chinese do speak better grammar than i do.02:50
KaleidoscopeI imagine your Chinese is minimal, So would make sense02:51
KaleidoscopeBut don't you agree we should clear out the dead from here?02:52
KaleidoscopeGives off a false sense of hope02:52
OerHeks04:53 now, sun is almost comming up.02:53
KaleidoscopeBeen up all night, or early riser?02:53
OerHeksbeen up, couldn't rest before things got done.02:54
KaleidoscopeAhh ok02:54
razeranyone around?03:02
KaleidoscopeWhatcha need?03:02
razeri upgraded to the bleeding edge stuff and now compositing isnt working03:03
razernot much turns up on google03:03
KaleidoscopeWhich program you using?03:04
razertrying to get kwin to composite03:04
razersystem settings?03:05
KaleidoscopeNot likely, But you can look around there03:05
Kaleidoscopetry to disable the functionality checks. You find it via alt+f3 in any opened window -> settings -> desktop effects -> advanced03:06
KaleidoscopeTry that\03:06
KaleidoscopeHunter =)03:06
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRey :)03:07
razerwonn't let me, just sayxs failed to activate03:08
Kaleidoscopetry this03:09
KaleidoscopeTry checking "Enable direct rendering" in Desktop Effects>advanced. Then if the compositing is still disabled force it on with Alt+Shift+F1203:09
razertried compiz and it wouldnt even turn on :\03:10
Kaleidoscopechange "Texture Filter:" to "Bilinear" in the Advanced section of Desktop Effects,03:11
KaleidoscopeIf that don't work, You might have to re install your video card driver, sometimes new updates can corrupt it03:11
snooffyKaleidoscope: for the dead people, cant you get op here?03:11
KaleidoscopeFar as I know, There's no OP's, Atleast, I've never seen any03:12
snooffyFloodBotK1 is an op03:12
KaleidoscopeHe don't count03:12
KaleidoscopeBecause he can't help here03:12
snooffyof cours he does;D03:12
snooffyhe can give you op:D03:12
razerKaleidoscope: sorry i dont have txtures filter option, but i'll try reinstalling03:12
Kaleidoscope@FloodbotK1, OP meh ^^03:13
KaleidoscopeAlright, Lemme know if it works03:13
Unit193There are ops here, they just only op when there is a reason to03:15
KaleidoscopeWell there's reason too03:15
KaleidoscopeWe have a massive pile of dead people, A lil over 200 of em03:15
KaleidoscopeAs I said, They could atleast add it to FloodBot's abilities, have him check Idles, And if it's over so many hours, Kick03:16
KaleidoscopeLike see, Debg just joined, And appearantly joined for no reason whatsoever03:17
Unit193Kaleidoscope: People sleep, go on vacation, get sick, etc. There is no need to kick them for that03:18
KaleidoscopeAny luck, Razer?03:18
KaleidoscopeUnit193, Well even then, There's no reason for them to be here03:18
razerKaleidoscope: works wihtout the nvidia drivers03:18
razerKaleidoscope: going to try reinstalling next :d03:19
KaleidoscopeOk cool03:19
KaleidoscopeCause I mean Seriously, If you go on Vacation, Why bother leaving the IRC connected, Not like you need to save a spot or anything03:19
debgKaleidoscope: I am so sorry , I joined, I will disconnect since you are having an issue with dead people ..03:20
KaleidoscopeSee, He needed nothing, Now we have one less falsie in here03:21
KaleidoscopeI think he took it wrong though >.>03:21
snooffyso what? shall he need something he can always join, he hasn't got a ban :D03:25
snooffyKaleidoscope: but why would you care about the people hanging here anyway?03:26
snooffyit doesn't do anything wrong or does it?03:26
KaleidoscopeIt's just because when I first got Linux and needed help, I joined IRC, and was like Wow 200 people, I should get help pretty quick, But it took me FOUR HOURS to get a response from someone03:26
KaleidoscopeI just feel if you're not in need of help, Or not here to offer help, You shouldn't be here03:27
Unit193Remember, just because it's a handy time for you, doesn't mean it's not the middle of the night for others03:27
KaleidoscopeAgain, If it's the middle of the night, And they'r sleeping or something, They need not be here03:28
snooffythey might be storing logs for their top secret conspiracy work03:28
KaleidoscopeI got a general rule of thumb, If I'm gonna be afk for more than 30 minutes, I'll exit out of IRC03:28
Unit193This may be better for offtopic03:29
snooffyUnit193: u right03:29
KaleidoscopeThat place is deader than here, If possible03:29
razerT_T now i can't start X with nvidia03:35
KaleidoscopeRoll back your nvidia driver?03:35
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eRanyome using pidgim IM03:35
KaleidoscopeNope, I use Kopete03:35
razeri tried to install nvidia-174 but I'd have to uninstall kubuntu-desktop03:36
KaleidoscopeOk well, What if you just don't use an Nvidia driver, then you got Composite working atleast03:36
szalrazer: how do you install the Nvidia driver?  and for what card?03:37
razerszal: added the x-wat ppa, nvidia 275.19 on a 9500 gt03:38
szalnever heard of that PPA03:38
* szal uses Roberto Ferramosca's LffL PPA03:39
szalanyhoo -> 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot03:39
KaleidoscopeAny luck, Razer?03:45
razerKaleidoscope: nope03:45
razerKaleidoscope: i think my driver must be blacklisted03:45
razerKaleidoscope: cant get opengl compositing to work with nvidia03:46
* szal shakes head at some ppl's problems w/ nVidia driver03:50
szal2 machines w/ nVidia card here & not a single problem03:50
razerwhat's your driver?03:51
szalii  nvidia-current                       275.09.07-1~lffl~natty~ppa                 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library03:52
razerwhat ppa did you get it from?03:52
razerare you running twinview?03:55
KaleidoscopeHello Abacaxi03:58
abacaxihello boys and girls03:59
KaleidoscopeLast I checked I was only one of those03:59
abacaxiI have a question03:59
KaleidoscopeAsk away03:59
abacaxihow to install the nvidia proprietary driver in kubuntu 11.04?04:00
szal[05:39:29] <szal> 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot04:00
abacaxithe last driver04:00
abacaximore and the noveau?04:01
szalwhile this depends on the gfx card, of course04:01
szalthe install procedure should do that automatically04:01
KaleidoscopeYou could also click the KDE Button then look for Additional Drivers, That installs propietory drivers for you04:01
abacaxijust not the most current driver04:02
szaldefine 'most current'04:02
abacaxiappears a message: most active driver is not in use04:03
szalthat's a bug in this graphical thingy04:03
abacaxicry :*(04:04
abacaxislackware does not happen with this04:04
szaland you still haven't answered 2 questions -> (1) your understanding of 'most current', (2) your gfx card04:04
Kaleidoscopeszal, Most current of course means which driver allows the most voltage through04:04
abacaximy card is nvidia 8400 gs04:05
abacaxifor notebook04:05
szal[x] driver applies04:06
abacaxiis active most current on additional drives04:06
KaleidoscopeApplications>System>Additional Drivers04:06
KaleidoscopeTry that?04:06
abacaxiis active04:06
abacaxionly it is giving this message04:07
abacaxinot in use04:07
abacaxiappears more active04:07
abacaxido I have to edit xorg?04:08
abacaxifor driver "nvidia-current"04:08
szalabacaxi: 'lspci -k' -> paste the section w/ your gfx card04:09
szal!paste | abacaxi04:09
ubottuabacaxi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:09
abacaxiVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G86 [GeForce 8400M GS] (rev a1)04:10
abacaxi        Subsystem: Dell Device 026f04:10
abacaxi        Kernel driver in use: nouveau04:10
abacaxi        Kernel modules: nvidia-current, nouveau, nvidiafb04:10
FloodBotK1abacaxi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
abacaxisorry man04:10
KaleidoscopeIgnore him Abacaxi04:10
abacaxiok :D04:11
abacaxity man04:11
szalabacaxi: clean your glasses, I didn't point you to the pastebin for nothing04:11
* Daskreech yawns04:11
DaskreechWhat's up everyone?04:11
KaleidoscopeNot much, You Daskreech?04:11
szalabacaxi: did you reboot or at least restart X after installing the driver?04:11
DaskreechNothing much04:11
Daskreech anyone needed helping?04:11
KaleidoscopeAbacaxi is tryin to get a video driver to work or somethin04:12
KaleidoscopeThat's it for the moment04:12
abacaxiwhen I run modprobe -r noveau says that the drive is in use04:12
szalabacaxi: I thought you wanted to use the nVidia driver?04:13
szalabacaxi: other than that -> [06:10:28] <abacaxi>         Kernel driver in use: nouveau04:13
abacaxiwant to take04:14
Daskreechabacaxi: nvidia ?What version of KDE are you running?04:14
abacaxio noveau e put proprietary04:14
abacaxikde 4.6.504:14
abacaxikubuntu 11.0404:15
abacaxikernel 2.6.38-1004:15
Daskreechworked before?04:15
abacaxii dont know, I want to change now04:16
szal[06:11:48] <szal> abacaxi: did you reboot or at least restart X after installing the driver?04:16
Daskreechabacaxi: what are you trying to accomplish?04:17
abacaxiyes i restart04:17
abacaxiinstall the driver proprietary on nvidia04:18
abacaxiand remove noveau04:18
DaskreechSo you are ok then04:19
Daskreechok Great :)04:19
abacaxiand you?04:19
DaskreechUmm Would be nice if I had Kmail2 doing some filtering04:21
=== ]-[uNTeR^Ki||eR is now known as ]-[K
abacaxithe driver proprietary at my system is installed just not working04:21
Daskreechbut other  than that I'm fine04:21
abacaxiis not active04:21
DaskreechActivate it then?04:22
Daskreechwhat's lsmod say?04:22
Daskreech pastebin it04:22
abacaxiI'm thinking I have to edit xorg04:22
abacaxifor session driver "nvidia-current"04:23
Daskreechyou can run nvidia-xconfig04:23
abacaxiI'm thinking I have to edit xorg04:23
abacaxiThis command does not appear04:23
abacaxiem my konsole04:23
abacaxion konsole*04:24
abacaxiI think I need a cigarette auhsuhsa04:25
abacaxito relax04:25
abacaxiput on the blacklist nouveau only that it is active04:26
abacaxiwhat can be?04:26
abacaxithe command modprobe -r noveau no works04:27
abacaxiany ideas?04:28
KaleidoscopeGive your Laptop a Smoke, Tell it to be chill with ya04:30
KaleidoscopeThat's not english...04:31
abacaxigood idea04:31
Daskreechabacaxi: pastebin lsmod04:32
abacaxii am brazilian, i'm turning here04:33
Daskreechmodprobe -r will not work if you are not using the nouveau driver04:33
Daskreech !br04:33
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:33
abacaxihow do i disable?04:34
KaleidoscopeUnloadin him to someone else, Daskreech? :P04:34
abacaxithe noveau driver04:34
Daskreechabacaxi: pastebin the output of lsmod04:34
DaskreechOh you mean on boot? You said you blacklisted it04:35
abacaxialready on the blacklist04:36
abacaxithe driver04:36
abacaxiyet he seems to start04:36
]-[Kgot xfire logins working with ubuntu/pidgin :D04:40
Daskreechwell it's still there. What's the error for the modprobe -r04:42
abacaxiFATAL: Module nouveau is in use.04:43
KaleidoscopeMaybe he didn't blacklist it properly?04:44
]-[Kis there someway to check if a program has a newer version :D ?04:44
]-[Kcompitable with your distro04:44
abacaxican be04:44
KaleidoscopeGo to the website?04:45
KaleidoscopeIf it has a newer version, You can try manually adding it if it's not in the repository04:45
]-[Kyeah i have but it doesnt tell u if the latest version is ubuntu :P04:45
KaleidoscopeIf it has a linux version, It should run fine04:45
abacaxiI edited / etc / modprob.d / blacklist.conf04:45
]-[Klatest release is like 2.904:45
]-[Kkpackagekit got 2.7 :(04:45
KaleidoscopeYea, you should be able to run it fine04:46
KaleidoscopeSo long as you know how to properly install it yourself04:46
]-[Kshould i uninstall this old version or use an sudo update command or ?04:46
abacaxiwell put blacklist nouveau04:46
KaleidoscopeUninstall the old04:46
]-[Ki dunno how to use the file its giving me :D04:47
KaleidoscopeWhat file type is it?04:47
]-[Kppa package04:47
KaleidoscopeGoogle it, I've no idea04:48
]-[Kit says gdebi package installer can do it04:48
KaleidoscopeRun it with that then04:48
]-[Kgetting latest version now using sudo apt-get :D04:59
Daskreech]-[K: You want to install a ppa?05:01
]-[Kyeah im all good05:01
]-[Ki did it with console sudo apt-get05:01
]-[Know to add some plugins to it :D05:02
]-[Kxfire and steam network05:02
abacaxiguys is now working05:07
abacaxithe driver proprietary on nvidia05:07
abacaxiresolved with this command05:08
abacaxiecho options nouveau modeset=0 | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau-kms.conf05:08
abacaxisudo update-initramfs -u05:08
abacaxithanks for the help05:09
abacaxihus _O_05:09
]-[Kis xmms a good music player ?05:22
bazhang]-[K, its not xmms, if that is your question; xmms was replaced with audacious05:24
]-[Kah i see05:24
]-[Kim using amarok atm05:24
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:24
bazhangaudacious is *very* minimal05:24
KaleidoscopeI Recommend VLC05:25
]-[Kyeah i got vlc installed05:25
]-[Ki mainly use it for video thow05:25
]-[Kcause i use foobar2000 on windows05:25
]-[Kand used winamp for ages :p05:25
]-[Kgonna see if i can install the latest vlc05:26
* Daskreech uses kaffeine for music05:29
]-[Kany of u guys used telepathy befor ?05:42
KaleidoscopeNever got it to work, Could almost, but guess my psychic skillz are weak05:43
]-[Ki mean the stuff for linux05:44
Kaleidoscopeyea, I know05:44
KaleidoscopeNah, I've never used it :P05:44
]-[Kseems like a good apporach to get music status messages working05:44
]-[Kon vlc and that05:44
]-[Kvideo status05:44
]-[Kive got amarok submitting songs to lastfm05:45
KaleidoscopeEither way I'm off to bed, Night all05:45
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
Daskreech ]-[K: It's not really actually usable05:49
]-[Kaww :(05:49
]-[Kthere still working on it :P ?05:50
DaskreechWell yeah :)05:50
Daskreechbut more on the we are building it side than the oooooooooooh you know what would be a good thing to add05:50
]-[Ku got vlc on kubuntu ?05:51
DaskreechMe ? no it's there though05:51
]-[Kso your a dev of telepathy ?05:51
DaskreechNot directly :)05:51
]-[Ki always wanted to learn programming05:52
]-[Kwouldnt know wat language to start with :P05:52
DaskreechProgram brains05:52
Daskreechstart with 4chan they are easy to manipulate05:52
* szal seconds the suggestion of English06:05
Jane1is there a featurefull too to fix all types of disk and table errors of ext4 or ntfs ?06:31
ct529hi! What is the best way to show RSS rolling on the screen , so that when you see one of them it is taken off the list?06:33
DaskreechJane1: fsck ?06:40
Daskreechct529: Akregator?06:40
Jane1Daskreech no use06:40
DaskreechJane1: well not for ntfs obviously06:41
DaskreechYou need windows for that06:41
Jane1ya but its not working for ext4 either06:43
Jane1where are the mountpoints written and seved in linux. its not booting coz i mounted ntfs. i want to unmount it by a live cd06:43
ct529Daskreech: Akgregator does not offer the rolling feture i am afriad06:44
Daskreechct529: What's that?06:47
DaskreechJane1: /etc/fstab06:48
Jane1how to mount something one home?06:48
ct529Daskreech: It was in my original question. I need a tool or a widget that shows RSS feeds rolling on the screen, and that makes one item disappear once you have clicked read it.06:57
Daskreechct529: I've never tried it but I heard there is a akregator plasmoid06:57
DaskreechI know there is a RSS data engine so there are probably 3 or 4 plasmoids that do RSS06:57
DaskreechJane1: you mean on home?06:58
ct529Did not find it06:58
Daskreechct529: I guess you looked on kde-look and kde-apps ?06:58
ct529I used the get new widget .... isn't that linked with kde-look and kde-apps?07:00
DaskreechWell KDe look07:00
Daskreechnot apps as far as I know07:00
ct529nothing there07:01
Daskreechhmm :-/07:04
DaskreechJane1: What are you trying to do?07:05
Jane1Daskreech on /home07:07
Daskreechmount  /path/to/file/system /home07:07
Jane1whats path to file sys07:08
ct529Daskreech: I looked in kde-apps.org now, but nothing on akgregator07:11
DaskreechJane1: I don't know. What are you mounting there?07:12
Daskreechct529: just look up rss07:12
Daskreechif akregator is there it will pop up if not you will catch the other RSS stuff07:12
ct529Daskreech: of course I am doing that .... :-D .... I meant there is no widget for akgregator07:13
DaskreechJane1: You can mount any Formatted file system to any directory. Just depends on where you are keeping the filesystem07:13
Daskreechct529: Ah shame. look to see if any others have a rolling interface07:13
DaskreechI personally wouldn't be able to stand that but I normally have somewhere around 7,000 to 15,000 unread in the RSS07:14
Jane1how to unmount sda607:16
DaskreechJane1: Where is it mounted to?07:17
homeHello, I would like to put one more language for the keyboard, how do I do that?07:22
Daskreechhome: alt+f2 -> language07:25
DaskreechJane1: if it's mounted to / or /home then you will need a live CD07:25
Daskreechif you want something else mounted over those though you can simply mount it without unmounting sda607:25
homeI just want to add one more language to my keyboard. Why is it difficult to do in kubuntu ?07:27
homeI pressed Shift +Control and + to make the web page bigger. Now how to I go back to the custom size?07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
Daskreechhome: ctrl+007:42
homeI like kubuntu so far for desktop use07:43
kristoffhi !07:56
Daskreechkristoff: Hi07:57
kristoffsomeone knows how to regroup all apps in one window automatically (like in move window to group)07:57
DaskreechMake a rule in advanced options for Kwin07:58
DaskreechSpecial application settings07:59
ct529flah plugin on the last kubuntu release is a pain in the butt08:04
ct529anyone else with the same experience08:06
Tm_Tct529: not really, but then again we cannot affect how adobe flash plugin acts very much08:07
ct529Tm_T: I am using 64 bit, and I tell you .... it is probably leaking .... anyway, xorg and kwin resource usage goes through the roof, it often freezes (both with firefox and chrome)08:09
ct529your have sometime to restart the browser if you watch long videos, and it seems to interact with some applications .... possibly at memory level, because it is leaking08:10
Tm_Tunfortunately as it's closed source app, only Adobe can help with it I think08:10
valoriect529: FlashAid addon helps08:11
valoriea lot08:11
valorieI have to use it every few days08:11
valoriethey keep messing with flash08:11
ct529Tm_T: I was wondering if it was possible to "Roojail" and hard limit the resource usage08:12
ct529valorie: I have it installed as well08:12
valorieit's only failed me once08:16
valorieand flash worked the next day08:17
szalct529: what Flash version?08:17
ct529valorie:sorry, I thought you meant flash block !08:19
szalprolly w/ ndiswrapper..  *shudder*08:19
valoriecan't do without that either08:19
ct529szal: prolly? :-)08:20
szalct529: lazy man's slang for 'probably'08:20
ct529valorie I am trying it now08:20
ct529szal: that's great, will use it more08:20
* szal uses the native 64bit 11.0 beta Flash plugin, and used the native 64bit 10.2 beta before that08:22
ct529szal: can you point me to it?08:22
ct529szal: valorie: that is what flashaid is downloading now!08:22
szalct529: https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash08:22
valorieit makes it simple08:22
ct529calorie: szal: Tm_T: thanks a lot, it seems to use much less kwin and xorg08:26
ct529valorie: szal: Tm_T: still a lot, but much less08:27
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gwibberProblem mit Auflösungseinstellungen: Ich habe ein Notebook, an das ich im stationären Betrieb einen Monitor anschließe. Wenn der Monitor angeschlossen ist, will ich dass das Bild nur auf dem Monitor in nativer Auflösung angezeigt wird. Wenn nicht, dann auf dem Notebookbildschirm in nativer Auflösung. Wie kann ich das einstellen?09:13
gwibberMomentan ist es so: ist der Monitor angeschlossen, und das Notebook aufgeklappt, zeigen beide Monitore das Bild in nativer Auflösung des Notebooks an. Klappe ich das Notebook zu, zeigt nur der externe Monitor das Bild _in der Auflösung des Notebooks_ an09:14
gwibberWenn ich in den Einstellungen den externen Monitor als einzigen Standardmonitor festlege (nötig, um die native Auflösung zu bekommen) , zeigt KDE auf dem Notebookdisplay auch dann nichts an, wenn ich den externen Monitor trenne09:15
gwibberDas Problem ist leider extrem nervig, da es um den Unterschied 1920x1080 zu 1280x800 geht. Die native Auflösung für den externen Monitor wird auch nur bis zum nächsten neustart gespeichert09:17
bazhang!de | gwibber09:19
ubottugwibber: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!09:19
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millunhi, can i ask an ADSL router + Router thing?09:31
milluni bought a Dlink router to connect with an existing ADSL router09:32
millun..for internet sharing. but it won't share. ADSL is DHCP and there is one ETH cable connected to Dlink router. i even tried MAC cloning so everything should work as before but it won't connect.09:33
millunthe other option (but i do NOT know if correct, but advised somewhere) is to set Dlink as PPPoE09:34
millundo you think it might be that? because normal DHCP won't work on Dlink.... if i set it to PPPoE, the internet icon blinks green a few times... i am kind of confused09:35
moetunesmillun:  turn off dhcp in the second router09:35
millunso i should set my clients on Dlink as statically-assigned?09:38
faLUCEhi. Is there a good program with GUI that allows me to perform actions on certain conditions?   something like a GUI where I enter " when date is "12-12-2013" execute script1, execute script2" Briefly, something like an editor for scripts, but user friendly09:44
millunby second router you meant - disable DHCP on ADSL router OR disable DHCP on Dlink router? sorry for confusion09:48
James147faLUCE: kcron is a gui frontend to the systems schedular... and kate is a gui frontend to writing scripts in any language :D09:48
moetunesmillun:  use the router that connects to the net for dhcp not the second one09:49
moetunesonly one router should do dhcp09:49
millunoic, thanks a lot moetunes09:50
moetunesnp :)09:51
milluni appreciate it, don't know much about networking..09:51
faLUCEJames147: thanks09:56
millunbut if i do it that way - will i be able to connect to the second router with notebooks, mobile phones etc? (with DHCP off)09:59
millunmaybe i could turn off DHCP on the first router, then?10:00
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m_tadeuhi there...when I wake up my kubuntu after putting it in sleep mode, xorg takes me 100% cpu. is this normal?11:01
Tm_Twouldn't call it normal, no11:01
m_tadeuhow can I check what xorg is doing?11:06
dirty-greenbonjour ??11:32
gulzarwhat is the alternative of 'disk-utility' in KDE?12:15
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steliosashello, I have webcam lifecam cinema and I am using kubuntu 11.0412:29
steliosasI was wondering if someone has the same camera and how they managed to work with skype. Video is fine but I have no microphone funtion and the camera has a built in microphone which works in windows 7.12:29
steliosasand with kubuntu how do I update any updates that I might have for my system ?12:32
James147steliosas: kpackagekit can update your system, or via a terminal run: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"12:35
steliosasJames147: thanks12:36
steliosasany good messenger to bring my hotmail messages to my kubuntu desktop ?12:37
James147steliosas: kopete?12:39
steliosasok thanks James14712:41
steliosascan someone tell me where to download the latest drivers for UVC linx ?12:47
James147steliosas: as far as I know its included in the kernel12:48
steliosasok , the thing is that everyone brags about the fact that lifecam cinema works in linux but it won't work in my 11.04 kubuntu. Just the video works.12:50
steliosasno microphone. Am I missing something ?12:50
KdubyHello guys i would like some help with KDE12:51
James147steliosas: then its more likly a problem with alsa then uvc... run "alsamixer" in a terminal and make sure teh capture channels arnt muted or turned down12:51
James147!help | Kduby12:51
ubottuKduby: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:51
KdubyOk... Well i am running normal ubuntu and i would like to install KDE so here it comes..12:52
KdubyCan i install KDE with the features i wan12:52
bazhangkubuntu-desktop package Kduby12:52
James147Kduby: kubuntu-desktop will install kde with all the default programs that come with kubuntu... or you can install the indivdual packages for the parts you want12:53
steliosasJames147:  is there any chance that you tell me how to do that? I don't know how to run alsamixer though the teriminal12:53
KdubyIs there any way to download the Desktop Layouts and install them separetely?12:54
James147steliosas: open konsole -> type "alsamixer" in ther window that appears -> press enter -> press  F4 to switch to capture devices, use the arrow keys to move back and forth and change teh volume and "m" to toggle mute12:54
James147Kduby: you mean "folder view", "desktop", "Search and launch" etc?12:55
Kdubysearch and launch only12:56
KdubyIt is the only extra i want12:56
James147Kduby: possibally... not sure how they are packaged though... but dose it matter if you have an extra one installed?12:56
Kdubywell no if it 1 to 1012:57
Kdubybut not like before about 50+ apps12:57
James147Kduby: well, if you install the minimal needed kde packages see what it contains then install anything else you need12:58
KdubyOK thanx for your time :)13:00
=== xeros_ is now known as xeros
James147Kduby: kdebase-workspace is probally a good one to start with13:00
steliosasJames147: this is what I see here, this is a screenshot http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/830/snapshot2nw.jpg/13:02
James147steliosas: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166639613:06
=== hacked_ is now known as vinces
steliosaskmix does not load.13:20
James147steliosas: what happens when you try to run it in a terminal?13:21
steliosasI will try it now13:21
James147!pastebin | steliosas13:21
ubottusteliosas: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:21
steliosasJames147:  there is nothing to pastebin. Through the terminal I get nothing.13:22
James147steliosas: is it already running?13:22
BluesKajhey folks13:22
steliosasI can't access it James14713:22
steliosasoh I am so sorry. it's running James14713:23
steliosasJames147:  I am going to restart to check if there will be any effect on all these changes13:25
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armin_hi guys.. does anyone have an idea what might cause me not being able to share any directories as user? when going in dolphin directory->share->configure file sharing does not seem to work13:59
armin_I first had to sudo to root, but then nothing appears.. and now.. later the button just greys out for a second and does nothing13:59
BluesKajarmin_, whats the option when you click on share?14:05
armin_nevermind I was missing kdenetwork-filesharing..14:09
jimmy51_BluesKaj: heatwave here in the midwest US.  When I woke up it was already 28.5 C and muggy out, expected to rise to 38 - 40 C.  this makes me glad i'm in a lab in front of a linux machines and not installing roofing.14:19
jimmy51_oh wow.  sorry.. i hadn't scrolled.  you wrote that to me yesterday :/14:20
BluesKajjimmy51_, no kidding , even here in Northern Ontario it's 28C/84F here already , going up to 32C/91F ...we're used to the cold here , but not the heat and humidity14:22
BluesKajwe do have an A/C, since the summers here have become so much warmer in the last 10 yrs or so14:23
BluesKajso jimmy51_ , you got your boot prob fixed ok ?14:26
jimmy51_BluesKaj: yeah.  it was caused by either lilo, virtuabox, or something else.  the 11.04 upgrade failed on initramfs, the system wasn't bootable.14:30
jimmy51_i booted to the livecd, chrooted in, and yofel walked me through getting my packages back in line.14:31
jimmy51_i removed vbox 3.0, lilo, ubox, and some other things i don't even remember intsalling.14:31
jimmy51_yofel thinks it was lilo that caused it.  i had installed it to mess with bootloaders on flash media a while back and didn't need it anymore.14:32
jimmy51_then i reinstalled grub2 in the chroot'd environment.14:32
jimmy51_now i've got 11.04 it all of its goodness running.14:32
BluesKajyofel, is a good person , he has knowledge and patiencs and he uses kde , as opposed to those "others" :)14:33
BluesKajer patience14:33
BluesKaj ran into a doozie character this morning over at #ubuntu... making blanket statements and being rude to ppl , just another geekoid showing off his linux chops , lacking in any social graces14:36
BluesKajthank goodness they're becoming fewer these days14:37
jimmy51_BluesKaj: ug.  i remember hitting those guys when i started dabbling in it.  the "LOL! M$ idiot" blah blah dudes.14:42
jimmy51_BluesKaj: not quite as bad are the google/man pages suggestors.  as if you haven't already looked!14:43
OerHeksit did not help me at all, anti-ms-attitude.14:45
=== AnGel is now known as Guest4402
BluesKajyeah,, I recall going into a debian chat aroun 6-7 yrs ago , the fav respons to questions in the so called support chat was "RTFM NOOB"14:46
ohgahow do I correct the situation where a newly created user, with an always valid password, none the less have to enter a new password when logging in through ssh or nomachine?14:46
BluesKajhoppyite_, do you mean you want password-less access in ssh ?14:48
BluesKajoops ohga^14:48
BluesKajsoryy hoppyite_ ...wrong nick14:48
ohgano, I am setting up a password in the KDE user management, but I have to pick a new password according to the shell login..14:48
ohgaI should mention I'm doing this through a nomachine (NX) session, but I'm typing my sudo password so it should be in order...14:49
ohgathe testing of the new account I'm doing through a ssh client14:50
BluesKajnomachine (NX) session is not familiar to me , ohga ..sorry..but ssh is and afaik unless you setup pw=less access in ssh for a particular user or group , the default will always be a pw query14:52
=== alex____ is now known as gnome71
ohgayes yes, I want the password there, but it's the requirement to change it that's spooky..14:53
ohgain KDE I pick a password and have it set to "valid, always", but it seems it's not so..14:54
ohgawhen I log in with that user I'm asked to change the password....14:54
ohgaI'm a bit perplexed over what I could have changed to make this happen. I have my ordinary sudo user and one other user created before which behaves normaly14:56
BluesKajdid you change to enabled in modify user acct and not enter a pw , perhaps ?14:57
OerHeksis it a first-time-pass you setup, wich have to be changed the first time a user logs in ?14:58
ohgaI have entered a password both when creating and modifying, nothing seem to work. and I've been sure that the validity is set to always, no requirement to change is set14:59
Daskreechjimmy51_: Most people don't look at man pages15:05
BluesKajohga, perhaps a reboot ?15:07
Daskreechohga: You can set the password to be changed in certain time periods. I think15:07
ohgaI find it strange if that's required.. but I'll give it a try15:07
ohgaDaskreech: yes, but I don't want it to change..15:08
BluesKajyeah, agreed, but sometimes when it comes identities and passwords ....15:08
ohgaBluesKaj: right, how inconvenient..15:09
jimmy51_Daskreech: hehe, most likely.  they're pretty hard to read.15:09
Daskreechohga: What happens if you change it then reconnect does it require a change again?15:09
ohgaeasy now, the system is geting back up now..15:09
ohgastill asking for password change after I rebooted15:10
ohgaok, so you want me to try a dummy password and then reconnect.. I'm on it15:10
ohgaok.. I changed it, got disconnected (I guess that's by the protocol..). logging in again with new password worked..15:13
ohgabut..... why does it work this way?15:13
Daskreechsome policy is set somewhere15:13
=== dnivra_ is now known as dnivra
ohgahm.. where could this "somewhere" be then...15:14
ohgabeginners question perhaps, but a "Real Name" is not required, is it?15:16
James147ohga: shouldn't be15:19
ohgahm... I'll try to create the user through the shell instead..15:20
ohgamissed the default shell.. how do I set it after I created the user?15:26
James147ohga: sudo chsh -s /bin/bash user   ^^ though normally /bin/bash is the default one for new users if you dont tell it one15:27
James147(that is when you create a new user it should default to /bin/bash)15:27
ohgahm.. defaults to sh on my comp..15:28
ohgaanyway, using the shell to create the users is working much better..15:30
* James147 finds the shell better for allot of things :D15:32
ohgayou're not the first one to mention that..15:33
ohgathe fact I'm interacting with KDE remotely through NX only adds to it I guess15:33
ohgaok so, thanks for the help with helping myself :-P15:42
digitigNewbie having trouble setting up print sharing on network. I've found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu but it seems that refers to a different  version of CUPS so I can't follow the instructions. Where can I find instructions that work for CUPS 1.4.4?16:20
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
James147digitig: dont see why it would ahve changed that much since 10.04... what problems are you ahving when following it?16:22
digitigJames147: Well, "Select Server in the menu bar, and then Settings." -- there is no "Server" in the menu bar. "Right click on the printer you want to share and select properties" -- I right click on the printer and there's no entry "properties" in the popup menu I get...16:26
James147digitig: ^^ its describing ubuntu not kubuntu... though http://localhost:631/ should be the same on both16:28
digitigjames147: I used http://localhost:631 to open the window I'm using, but it doesn't match those instructions. I don't see how it can -- right clicks are intercepted by the browser so right clicking /can't/ give me a CUPS menu.16:30
BluesKajJames147, what about an install --reinstall of cups , would that bring it up to date including the version and config files ?16:33
James147BluesKaj: why would that be needed? he needs to configure it to do what he wants16:33
BluesKajwell, if the version wrong or out of date ...16:34
James147BluesKaj: the link describes howto do it for gnome... so it wont really matter what version of cups he has16:35
James147digitig: on http://localhost:631/ go to administration > add printers and mess aroudn with that... I cant really test it as I dont ahve a printer attached to this computer16:36
BluesKajJames147, IC...I misunderstood16:37
digitigOk, I think I've got it. The problem is that http://localhost:631 takes me to a completely different interface to the one described. K |  Computer |  System Settings | Printers takes me to the interface described.16:37
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ashkanjust say hi!17:05
mauri_how  can  I know which are the packages do not update with apt-get?17:23
OerHeksall packages will update, unless you installed the deb manually17:26
yofelmauri_: please don't crosspost :/17:28
mauri_yofel: please may you tell me the irc for kubuntu italian17:30
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:30
=== leon is now known as Guest18569
LogicallyDashingI would like a way to reposition the cursor in the terminal using the mouse, similar to Terminal.app in OSX: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=200203102347307118:01
BluesKajLogicallyDashing, I've often wished for that capability as well, but I havent found out how in the terminal...yet..maybe the ppl at #ubuntu may know , the terminal works the same for all desktops afaik18:17
DaskreechLogicallyDashing: Emacs shortcutkeys work18:20
LogicallyDashingDaskreech: yeah, I figured that out. That's not the feature I'm looking for.18:21
DaskreechI generally find it faster than the mouse most of the time18:21
=== paolo_ is now known as faLUCE
LogicallyDashingBluesKaj: I eventually solved the problem by changing my shell. Not my terminal emulator--my shell. I'm using zsh and this thing: http://stchaz.free.fr/mouse.zsh18:53
ashwinhow can i change text color inside lancelot?18:59
interestedindiviQuick question if I may... I've just been trying to copy a 14gb directory full of video files from my kubuntu machine to an external hard drive connected to a mac via samba. I use this drive all the time with no issues. The only problem is that my kubuntu machine goes to sleep during the copy. Of course I can change my power settings but surely things like playing mp3s or copying files should stop sleep from happening? Can anyone19:04
interestedindivi suggest why this might not be the case for me?19:04
interestedindivianyone got a clue?19:06
well_laid_lawnit will probably be based on user activity not running processes19:08
well_laid_lawnI don't do sleep/hibernate tho - just guessing19:08
interestedindiviI feel sure that certain processes should stop sleep from happening ordinarily19:09
well_laid_lawnthe amount of variables then could possibly be endless19:10
well_laid_lawnwho wants what and when19:11
interestedindiviI see what you are saying. I know that my mac doesn't sleep in these situations. I've never noticed this on my linux machine before but I haven't copied this much stuff and walked away before. Does seem strange.19:11
well_laid_lawnI think having a computer left on but doing nothing is strange19:12
well_laid_lawndepends on your point of view19:13
well_laid_lawnI'm off to work19:13
interestedindiviI see it's just I'm not doing nothing I'm copying 14gb of videos to a samba server... Thanks for your ideas19:13
interestedindiviwonder if anyone else has an idea?19:14
=== tester is now known as bobweaver
faLUCEHi, I'm searching for a text editor (or something similar) which allows me to compose sentences by defined rules. For example: it allows only words "one" "two" "three" and if I type "one" then I must type "two". it has to be simpler than emacs... any idea?19:51
DaskreechfaLUCE: umm19:59
Daskreechsomethign that can be scripted. (which would make it about as complex as a Emacs since it's just using scripts)19:59
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almigia hoy hoy22:36
Linkmasteralmigi: ?22:39
almigiLinkmaster: hello :)22:42
almigiLinkmaster: what's up?22:43
LinkmasterJust hanging around22:43
lcbhanging where?22:44
Linkmasterlcb: in your tty422:48
lcboops, forgot closing it22:49
Linkmaster"*connection closed by host*" darn it!22:49
lcbouch, your finger stayed on this side. nailed it!22:50
* Linkmaster sneaks to lcb 's tty222:51
lcbhaha forget it, no ttys available now.22:51
Linkmasterdarn darn22:52
LinkmasterSo close too22:52
* lcb sticks a $1 bill into the only open whole in the machine, the cd tray, and sends it to Linkmaster to buy a tty to test his skills. ***** Burning....22:55
lcboops, offtopic. lets go back to TTYs22:56
LinkmasterUhm...uhm....tty's are good for system restoration!22:56
lcbindeed, 7 ttys22:56
Linkmaster7 times the power! One for the GUI, the other 6 for fixing whatever you did to mess up the GUI xD22:57
lcbWho's the GUI?22:57
lcbah. HIM: Human In Machine22:57
LinkmasterCaps lock failed me on that one22:58
Linkmasterwhoops, offtopic, back to the amazingness of tty's22:58
lcbunlock it/HIM22:58
lcbCops Lack Caps Lock?22:59
lcboops, day changed here and still half day of work before bed23:00
LinkmasterYou're going to be up real late :/23:02
lcbor early (in the morning)23:02
lcbLinkmaster: where's your inspiration? You didn't answer that one.23:06
lcbLinkmaster; Why Cops Lack Caps Lock?  Answer: because capital sentences are not used in lower cases23:08
lcbfor example...23:08
lcbback to work23:08
* Linkmaster is stressed due to lots of external pressures, hence his lack of enthusiasm23:08
lcbLinkmaster: exercise: 1 day at a time, 1 hr every 60 minutes and take advantage of each second as if it were the first.23:10
lcb*if it is*23:10
Linkmastereven doing that I'm getting a little stressed :P but if I had forgetton about that...I don't want to know actually xD23:11
lcbi have to compile this deep spasms and get some mone from it23:11
lcbmoney, either23:11
lcbfor some unknown  reason i lost Games > from menus23:20
lcbdon't use it too often so i have no clue when/why happened23:21
lcbLinkmaster: any of the LibreOffice apps edits PDFs?23:24
Linkmasterlcb: Okular might...I'm not sure though, I don't usually use LibreOffice[just now getting used to it], and if you uninstalled any games, and it was the only one, that'd be why23:25
lcbi need to fill some fields with info. i'm an PDF editor but i wonder if that is possible23:25
lcb*i'm using a PDF ediror*23:25
lcbgrrr editor23:25
lcbLinkmaster: about the games, in fact no, didn't install - the other way, i installed a couple last week, but didn't use it yet23:26
lcbinteresting thing though. installing one or more should go to the menu, but doesn't23:27
lcbso.... no playing games while driving Internet23:28
lcbthese menus needs some work, btw. some probs when customizing it.23:29
LinkmasterI don't use kmenu :P23:30
lcbfor example i had one submenu with GIRLS. i decided to move it for CLASSIFIED. then, I lost all GIRLS and every time i want to create a new place for them/it, i got ghost folders whi a number in front. I gave up when I got GIRLS6823:32
lcbi didn't want to go so far as 6923:33
lcbnow i wonder if kmenu don't like GIRLS23:33
* Linkmaster tries not to laugh23:33
lcbI mean, moving GIRLS23:34
lcbi mean, folders/meaning sub-menus23:34
lcbtry try23:34
lcbLinkmaster: what are you using for it?23:35
lcbyooopiii LibreOff  Draw edits PDFs very easily23:40
Linkmasterlcb: I use lancelot, its a little interesting at first, but its amazing after a bit23:40
lcbahh ok. i have some menus with it too23:40
LinkmasterYou ever use lancelot?23:41
lcbLinkmaster: yes, i have several virtual desks and i use it on two23:42
lcbsmal menus though, specifically for those desktops themes/purposes23:42
lcbsmall too23:42
LinkmasterAh, seperate widgets for all?23:42
LinkmasterI wish I could do the same on my computer, but with only 1gig of RAM, and running full desktop effects + indexing, I'm a little worried about system allocation[though its performed beautifully the whole time, so no complaints]23:43
lcbfor instance, i have one for all Internet apps, other for virtual machines, other for work, other for System (playing/tweaking/infos/etc)23:44
lcbone for work23:44
lcboops, only one for work, not two. i can't buy another job23:44
LinkmasterHaha xD23:45
lcbLinkmaster: don't you have computer repair shops near by?23:45
Snooffylcb what's GIRLS?23:45
lcbSnooffy: playing with words. the situation i mentioned is referred in launchpad as bug. but i didn't have time yet to check what's going on with the creation of ghost folders when moving some sub-menus23:47
lcbnot with GIRLS though :p23:47
lcbLinkmaster: i asked that because i miss the times in the states when/where i could get spare parts for computers for less than money and build machines23:48
lcbhey... Snooffy, you are using  http://webchat . i forgot that exists. i used it a very long time ago23:50
lcband i mean, probably 10 or 15 yrs ago, don't know23:50
Snooffyhehe lcb is the only client which i can use with our stupid proxy at work23:51
lcbSnooffy: yes, that's one of the advantages of it. it's cool23:51
Snooffyit is quite cool, simple and working, nothing complicated...23:52
lcbi'm using Internet since / before being officially named Internet, the times of BBS (bulletin system systems) - i think that's the designation- when we chat and play over  analog telephone lines with 28 bps modems23:53
lcbbulletin board systems, i guess23:54
Snooffywhen i started i've used 56modems... jeez the phone bills were amazing, my mom wanted to kill me :P23:54
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
lcbi'm getting old.... geeez. i just discovered a white hair under my right arm23:56
=== jenkins is now known as Guest28958
lcbLinkmaster makes me older, with his tricks on my TTYs23:56
lcbhi Guest28958. be our guest.23:57
Guest28958Is anyone knowledgble about creating gnome icon packages ?23:57
lcbGuest28958: this is #Kubuntu :o23:57
Guest28958different engine23:57
erikdeckerhi guys im having a problem trying to use the "hold" command in Kubuntu 11.0423:57
Guest28958damn i see23:57
Guest28958I run ubuntu23:57
erikdeckeri know it works in that but in K it doesnt23:58
lcb#ubuntu , GuestTwoEightNineFiveEight23:58
lcbor #gnome ...23:58
erikdeckerdo any know it says invalid operation23:59
Guest28958Doesn't Ubuntu utilise Gnome ?23:59
lcberikdecker: 'hold' where?23:59
lcbGuest28958: it could23:59
erikdeckerthis is the exact line:23:59
erikdeckersudo apt-get hold libmtp8 libmtp-dev libusb-dev libusb-0.1-423:59
Guest28958lcb , what is the default gui engine for ubuntu ( im a bit confused ) " newbie "23:59

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