cjohnstonI'm trying to pull the summary from a spec, but it doesn't seem to be working. I am using elem.get just like I did for all the other info I am getting, but this one isn't working.00:20
cjohnstonAny ideas?00:20
wgrantcjohnston: Isn't working?00:20
wgrantAnd which library are you using? That doesn't look like launchpadlib.00:20
wgrantIt's there.00:22
cjohnstonwgrant: http://pad.ubuntu.com/dYgqgL4JaA00:23
wgrantcjohnston: It's in the JSON that LP sends, but I don't know how you are getting the JSON.00:24
cjohnstonwgrant: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~summit-hackers/summit/1.x/view/head:/summit/schedule/models/meetingmodel.py#L18800:24
cjohnstonDoes that give you any more info wgrant ?00:29
wgrantcjohnston: Not really. Launchpad is sending the correct JSON, so you'll need to check the JSON you have.00:29
jelmerwgrant: hi00:29
wgrantjelmer: Hi.00:30
jelmerwgrant: You tried to land lp:~jelmer/launchpad/publisher-use-debian-2  earlier but it failed for some reason, do you know what it was?00:30
wgrantHmm, I recall I ran it through ec2, but cannot find an email about it..00:31
jelmerwgrant: no worries, I'll have another look at it00:31
jelmerwgrant: thanks00:31
jelmerwgrant: Don't be :) I appreciate you trying to land it, when I didn't have time to.00:33
* jelmer gets some sleep00:34
lifelessdoes anything still use BranchSparkView ?02:06
StevenKlifeless: A bunch of tests?02:08
lifelessnuke from orbit time02:09
wgrantIt was disabled during 3.0, to be fixed and revived within a month.02:09
StevenKAnd IBranch:+spark02:09
StevenKlifeless: Are you nuking it?02:09
lifelessStevenK: not right now, I have managerial thingies to do02:10
lifelessthen some folk from .au are dropping by before they head home02:10
lifelessif you are interested in nuking it, please do.02:10
lifeless[red button]02:10
* lifeless pushes the red button02:10
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StevenKwgrant: Can haz review? https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/destroy-branchsparkview/+merge/6862702:38
wgrantStevenK: What about the JS?02:38
StevenKThere's JS?02:38
wgrantThat view provides JSON to the JS.02:38
* StevenK looks for the JS02:40
StevenKwgrant: Three more methods found and destroyed, but the JS is proving harder to locate.02:42
wgrantAlready removed in r968002:43
StevenKAh, so the JS is long-dead02:45
StevenKwgrant: No review, then? :-)02:50
wgrantIt is reviewed.02:51
wgrantWas just checking you'd got all of it.02:51
StevenKI got all of it after I killed the other 3 methods?02:51
StevenKExcellent, thanks02:51
lifelessrighto, time to write up docs04:35
lifelessStevenK_: thanks for fixing that timeout!04:35
StevenK_lifeless: Is there a bug about it?04:35
lifelessnone filed yet04:37
lifelessit was 1/0 in todays timeout report04:37
StevenK_lifeless: Fair enough. My branch is currently ec2ing04:38
lifelessno-qa is fine IMO04:38
lifelessI'm just happy  :)04:38
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wgrantAn excuse to kill IUpstreamBugTask and co.04:40
wgrantDo you know of it?04:40
wgrantIUpstreamBugTask, IProductSeriesBugTask, IDistroSeriesBugTask, IDistroBugTask are marker interfaces.04:41
wgrantWhich need to change when the target of a task changes.04:41
wgrantWhich means that retargetting bugs between target types needs to change them.04:41
wgrantBut that makes lazr.lifecycle sad.04:41
wgrantSo, I may finally kill them.04:42
StevenKMore code deletion? :-)04:42
wgrantSince there's just about no good reason to have them.04:42
wgrantThere are only a couple of places that care, and they can just check the interfaces of the target directly.04:42
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!04:48
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #739: FIXED in 5 hr 38 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/739/04:48
StevenKwgrant: Do you know if dogfood has query logging on?05:13
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wgrantStevenK: It doesn't seem to.05:13
StevenKI am disappoint.05:14
wgrantOTOH the disk space would probably be sort of bad.05:14
StevenKMeh, mawson has 150GiB free :-P05:14
wgrantNow :)05:14
* StevenK peers at database/schema/launchpad.html05:19
StevenKHmmm. 450 results for '%ubuntu%' in PillarName05:31
StevenKAt least one of them is the distribution itself.05:32
* wgrant headdesks.06:02
wgrant-        else:06:02
wgrant-            assert (06:02
wgrant-                "Expected IDistroSeriesBugTask or IProductSeriesBugTask. "06:02
wgrant-                "Got: %r" % bugtask)06:02
wgrantThere should really be a warning for that.06:03
adeuringgood morning07:25
jtvhi adeuring07:38
jtvoh, and hi rvba!07:38
adeuringhi jtv07:39
jtvwgrant: I take it the cocoplum rollout succeeded then?07:39
wgrantjtv: Soyuz only had unrelated OOPSes this morning, so yup, seems like it all went OK.07:39
rvbahi jtv!07:40
rvbaGood morning all.07:40
jtvwgrant: for my next trick, I sort of re-did the distro-publisher code.07:40
wgrantSo I saw!07:40
wgrantI saw the "diff too big" warning in the email.07:41
wgrantI've not seen the change itself.07:41
wgrantSimilar to what you did to process-accepted?07:41
jtv"Diff too big"?  I hadn't seen that.07:41
jtvShould be "only" 1200 lines or so.07:41
jtvI suppose.07:41
jtvI didn't feel I could just go on adding to the problem.07:42
wgrantSo much evil to destroy :(07:42
jtvThe question right now is: how do I Q/A publish-distro?07:43
jtv(Have a look at it — it wasn't nearly as hairy as it seemed)07:43
wgrantThat is a lot of tests.07:44
jtvYes, it really helps to know that the components work.07:44
jtvFound one or two cases of "this couldn't have worked."07:45
jtvhi bigjools07:52
stubAnyone want to review https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpad/staging/+merge/68529 for me? Boring meat and potatoes staging/production rollout code.08:10
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StevenKwgrant: You remove a XXX from 2006 that references bug 5508908:27
_mup_Bug #55089: IUpstreamBugTask should be renamed to IProjectBugTask <lp-bugs> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by wgrant> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/55089 >08:27
StevenKAh, which is already linked. Nice.08:28
stub1.1 billion branchrevision rows now... going up by about 50 million/month.08:49
mwhudson_stub: is the disk space reduced at all by not having id as a primary key?09:00
stubIt is now that the nodes have all been rebuilt.09:01
mwhudson_ah right09:01
mwhudson_i guess it's a substantial fraction of the node rebuild time though...09:01
jtvstub: I'm still amazed by the lack of alarms and sirens for that change.09:06
stubmwhudson: the id column plus various indexes came to a few 10s of GB09:08
daniloswhoops, wrong keyboard layout and I insist on retyping it :)09:08
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jmlreally really starting to wish Launchpad has some kind of push notification10:09
wgrantjml: Only once you lost your ability to direct? :)10:10
jmlwgrant: now I can afford to be selfish.10:10
wgrantSelfishness is what Launchpad has needed for a number of years now...10:10
wgrantStakeholder direction only gets us so far in the sensible directions.10:11
wgrantWe've been making it work, rather than making it not suck.10:11
jmlwgrant: You tell me this only once I've lost my ability to direct? :P10:13
nigelbheh, so hire someone who's as selfish as you  :D10:13
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wgrantdanilos: Thanks for organising that deployment!10:41
nigelbjml: communicating internally in the open is not a bad thing. I like reading the list even though I may not be able to do anything for a few items.10:47
daniloswgrant, hey, you are welcome :)10:54
daniloswgrant, and it should be more of a norm for the rest of us to do it10:54
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stuballenap: https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpad/staging/+merge/68529 :-)11:29
allenapstub: I'm already looking at it :)11:30
allenapstub: Out of interest, why did you go for using /etc/init.d/pgbouncer instead of using PAUSE/SUSPEND/RESUME via the pgbouncer virtual database?11:30
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stuballenap: We need to shutdown pgbouncer because suspend/resume just blocks inbound connections, not reject them.11:32
stuballenap: There is an option to tell it to reject connections that can't connect after x seconds, but it doesn't work in suspend mode (either bug or design, don't know)11:33
stuballenap: in the lightning talk I gave, I sketched out a situation where connections block but after further discussions with lifeless we are just going to drop them and require the clients to cope and/or present nice errors to the users.11:34
allenapstub: Okay. The init script does cause a pause then shutdown, but with only 1 second delay. Is that okay.11:34
stuballenap: That is fine.11:36
allenapstub: r=me11:36
stubAnd I could shut it down by other means (psql -d pgbouncer -c shutdown, or kill(1)) if it becomes a problem.11:36
danilosjtv1, rvba: hi, there are a few revisions of your needing QA, it'd be nice if you can get to that today11:39
jtv1danilos: I know, thanks11:39
rvbadanilos: will do.11:39
rvbadanilos: done.11:45
danilosrvba, thanks11:45
jtv1allenap: free for a review?  https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/get_derived_distros/+merge/6867512:46
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deryckMorning, all13:02
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jcsackettallenap: can i request a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/launchpad/a-private-place-to-live/+merge/68687?13:27
allenapjcsackett: Sure. I think jtv's first then you.13:30
jtvallenap: I've been producing them faster than you can review them.  :)13:30
jcsackettallenap: works for me. i can always do jtv's if you haven't already started. just can't review my own branch. :-P13:30
jtvjcsackett: I have a few more ready now.13:31
jtvSo there's enough for both of you!13:31
jcsackettjtv: erm, eh, fantastic? :-p13:31
allenapjcsackett: Okay, you start with jtv, I'll do yours, then move back onto jtv's new ones.13:31
jcsackettallenap: righto.13:31
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jcsackettjtv: r=me on the first one.13:40
* jcsackett likes short diffs.13:40
jcsackettjtv: you have a preferred next branch for me to look at? i see three in the queue.13:41
jtvYes: the bug-788078 one, thanks.13:41
jtvThat's bigger, but I carved out pieces for a separate branch — which you just reviewed.  :)13:42
jcsackettjtv: ok. looking at that one momentarily.13:42
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sinzuiallenap, jcsackett: are either of you looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/picker-wiring-812255/+merge/6862914:19
jcsackettsinzui: it's in the queue. :-)14:19
allenapsinzui: What Jon said :)14:20
nigelboh, 2 reviewers today! perfect day to get my branch out.14:22
bacallenap: could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-799901/+merge/68590 at your leisure?14:32
allenapbac: Sure :)14:33
jcsackettjtv: correct me if this is wrong, but it looks like this adding a fair bit of new iteration to the process; is this script not one we worry about time to complete on?14:35
nigelbugh, I need some help with a branch. Does anyone have a few minutes to help figure out why I'm getting http://dpaste.com/573320/ for https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/launchpad/spec-sub-sort/+merge/6331514:35
jtvjcsackett: only for Ubuntu, in which case the list it iterates over is of length 1.14:36
allenapnigelb: I'll take a look.14:36
nigelballenap: Thanks a bunch!14:36
jtvjcsackett: the idea is we can do the work for all _other_ distros we do it for much more quickly.14:36
jcsackettjtv: so if we're doing all-derived we're well aware it could take a bit and that's just fine?14:36
jcsackettjtv: ok.14:36
jtvYes.  If it's not, we can easily extend this to more fine-grained load-balancing, such as "publish a thru f on this server."14:36
jcsackettjtv: ah, yes, you mentioned granularity in the cover letter.14:37
jtvThought so.  :)14:37
jcsackettok, jtv, r=me. just wanted to make sure i wasn't approving a performance bomb. :-)14:37
jtvGood job.  Thanks!14:37
bigjoolscody-somerville, timrc: do you have time to talk about OEM's ongoing requirements with regard to our derived distros feature?14:38
timrcbigjools, if I could keep natty from crashing, yes :)14:38
cody-somervillebigjools, When?14:38
bigjoolscan you do it in the next hour or so?14:39
timrcnext week would probably be better as cody-somerville will be back in North America14:39
bigjoolsor now? :)14:39
jcsackettallenap: thanks for your comments, i'll address those changes. how much longer are you on review for?14:39
bigjoolsnext week is ok if that's better14:39
cody-somervillebigjools, I'm at DebCamp this week. Next week would be much better for me.14:39
allenapjcsackett: Another couple of hours, then I'll be back later this evening.14:40
jcsackettallenap: ok. thanks.14:40
bigjoolscody-somerville, timrc: ok that's fine.  I want to see how attached you are to using those crazy custom suites :)14:40
allenapjcsackett: I think you only *need* to address point 3.14:40
timrcbigjools, we're more crazy about deriving distros from multiple sources I think :) can we do that yet?14:40
bigjoolstimrc: yes14:41
jcsackettallenap: right, but if i can i'll address the others. no reason to delay good fixes if it's not out of scope.14:41
bigjoolsit's not quite released yet but we got it working finally, today14:41
timrcbigjools, neat!14:42
cjwatsonwhat's the best way to submit a set of proposed changes for the Launchpad PPA?14:43
cjwatsonI guess I need to do them for all of lucid, maverick, natty :-/14:43
bigjoolscjwatson: if you have packages in a different PPA we can review and copy14:43
cjwatsonI do (well, mvo does), but only for lucid at the moment14:44
bigjoolswell it's your fault, you keep releasing new series every 6 months :)14:44
cjwatsongosh, I never knew I had a choice. :-)14:44
cjwatsonok, I'll see if I can put together a staging PPA with everything14:45
nigelbhrm, is subscribing to a blueprint broken on trunk?14:53
nigelbI just realized I can't subscribe to a blueprint on my dev env.14:54
allenapnigelb: It should read user=subscribed_by not user=user.14:57
allenapLine 567 of specification.py.14:57
nigelbI think I didn't notice it when "fixed" the merge conflict when I merged from devel the last time14:59
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allenapnigelb: On the one hand sort_for_display() is generic - it can sort by any attribute - on the other it calls .lower() on the value it finds. I think you'd be better off without it; just fix the bug in specification.py and don't worry about the general case. As jtv notes in his review, it's a much bigger problem. What we really need is an agreed way to derive a collation key, but that's out of scope for this fix.15:08
jtvIsn't sort_for_display exactly what should hide that problem from us, so we can fix it once?15:09
nigelballenap: The inital bug was there was no lower() cuasing the sorting to be messed up.15:09
nigelbwhat jtv just said.15:09
jtvI am so sorry for opening this whole can of worms...  :)15:10
allenapjtv: Not really, because it conflates sorting with getting a collation key.15:10
jtvUnfortunately, yes.  But at least it will mark places where we tried to work around this!15:12
nigelbugh, bigger traceback. http://dpaste.com/573346/15:12
nigelbIf you could help me figure out how to start lookig at zope traceback, I'd be very grateful.15:12
bigjoolsnigelb: line 156 is the clue15:14
nigelbhm, so I look at that template?15:17
bigjoolsnigelb: it's telling you where the traversal failed15:20
bigjoolsin view/sorted_subscriptions15:20
nigelbso I look at browser/specificationsubscription.py where sorted_subscriptions is seems to be defined15:21
allenapjtv, nigelb: There is already an agreed upon collation key function for people: lp.registry.model.person.person_sort_key15:21
nigelballenap: Oh.15:28
* nigelb headdesks and rewrites.15:28
allenapnigelb: Hehe, don't worry, it's well hidden :)15:29
allenapnigelb: Fwiw, here's a diff of the changes I would make: http://paste.ubuntu.com/649234/15:33
nigelballenap: thanks!15:34
allenapjcsackett: By the way, would you have time to review a branch of mine? https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/localpackagediffs-filter-by-package-set-bug-809786-overlay/+merge/6864715:35
jcsackettallenap: as it happens, i would. :-)15:36
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allenapjcsackett: Thanks :)15:36
nigelballenap: I can't import person_sort_key.15:47
nigelb"ImportError: cannot import name person_sort_key"15:47
allenapnigelb: Yeah, there appears to be a circular import problem. In my diff I import it near where it's used and that works.15:48
nigelballenap: ah, but I also need to use it in 225-ish15:48
allenapnigelb: Yeah. See my diff :)15:49
nigelbah, right. Sorry.15:49
nigelbI should learn to read :P15:49
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* nigelb grrs.15:59
nigelbNo traceback. But no worky either.15:59
allenapnigelb: Push your branch and I'll take another look.15:59
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #741: FAILURE in 5 hr 40 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/741/16:08
nigelballenap: pushed :)16:09
jcsackettallenap: are you planning on filing bugs for all these xxx's with "bug=???" ?16:11
allenapjcsackett: I suppose so... the sneaky part of my mind had tried to forget about that :)16:12
jcsackettallenap: if you'll file those bugs and update the XXX, r=me. i can go ahead and approve it now with that understanding. :-)16:12
allenapjcsackett: Thanks, that's awesome.16:13
jcsackettallenap: that's a nice trick with the auto re-aligning of the overlay, btw. i wonder why that's not default behavior.16:13
allenapjcsackett: I'll do the same with your review.16:13
jcsackettoh, thanks.16:14
allenapnigelb: Right, so is it not ordering correctly in the UI?16:27
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nigelballenap: no.16:28
allenapnigelb: SpecificationPortletSubcribersContents.sorted_subscriptions returns the subscriptions that can be unsubscribed by the user before those that the user cannot. Could that explain what you're seeing?16:31
allenapnigelb: I have to go very soon, but I'll be back later (at ~1900 UTC). I've subscribed to your branch so just update the mp with your notes and I'll take a look.16:35
nigelballenap: I'll do that :)16:35
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nigelballenap: You were right. That's what I was seeing.17:15
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bacthanks for the review allenap -- nice suggestions17:40
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timrcI have a user asking what the contents of  /etc/pkgbinarymangler/striptranslations.conf looks like for one of our P3A's -- can anyone assist with that, here?18:35
allenapbac: Cool, np.19:02
allenapnigelb: That's cool. I reckon your branch is nearly ready to land. If you incorporate the minor changes to the test I put in the diff I reckon it will be ready.19:03
LPCIBotProject devel build #908: FAILURE in 5 hr 39 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/908/19:20
nigelballenap: yeah, doign that now.19:22
nigelballenap: pushed :)19:30
lifelesscjwatson: stuff for the lp ppa? we only realy care about about lucid, natty and oneiric atm19:43
allenapnigelb: I'll land it for you.19:43
nigelballenap: thanks! Also thanks for hand-holding through this :)19:45
allenapnigelb: No worries, thanks for taking the time to do this. It's making Launchpad better.19:47
nigelballenap: Yeah, talking to jml at UDS helped a huge deal in getting off my mental block about patching launchpad :)19:47
allenapnigelb: jml's UDS seems to have been a big success. It's hard getting started on Launchpad, but I think it's rewarding; we should be able to release your fix tomorrow or Monday.19:49
nigelbyay :)19:50
nigelbNow I need to find out a way to have wallyworld's working hours and my awake hours and my free hours all to fall into the same slot.19:50
* cody-somerville recommends a time machine.19:51
allenapcody-somerville: OEM's working on one of those, right?19:51
cody-somervilleI'm not at liberty to say, sorry.19:51
lifelesssure you, just remember to go back in time and stop him asking about it19:54
allenapnigelb: Your branch should land in a few hours once the full test suite has run. I'll check on it in the morning. I'm off now, cheerio.20:01
nigelballenap: laters! thanks again!20:03
cjwatsonlifeless: no maverick?  ok, that simplifies things a bit20:54
cjwatsonthough actually a bit late since I already did those backports :-)20:55
cjwatsonoh well, will post things from debconf20:55
lifelesscjwatson: its nice to have, but no dev uses it and we don't deploy on it20:59
lifelessthings that go on biuldds obviously need to support all the flavours buildds do21:04
lifelessbut IIRC this isn't one of those21:04
cjwatsonindeed not21:04
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wgrantlifeless: Yeah, this is just getting rid of the interfaces, as it was big enough.21:33
wgrantlifeless: I plan to extract most of the target-specific stuff from lp.bugs.21:34
wgrantBecause it is pretty revolting.21:34
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!21:43
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #742: FIXED in 5 hr 35 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/742/21:43
wgrantsinzui: But won't a productseries milestone vocab only show milestones within that series, which is what we want here?21:49
sinzuiwgrant, I think that is what I am trying to understand. a  productseries should only target to a milestone that belongs to a series. a product bug could be targeted to any milestone for any series22:06
sinzuiwgrant, there is not thing wrong with what you did. I just want to know WTF Lp thinks it is doing22:07
sinzuiIt will all be moot when we simplify bugtasks to series. This vocab will be forced to have similar rules22:09
wgrantsinzui: Right.22:09
wgrantI feel that we should probably preserve existing behaviour for now.22:10
wgrantThis pipeline will already extend into 5 or 6 branches.22:10
sinzuiabsolutely keep it the way it is. I just wanted to know if we know about this bug. Maybe it needs to be reported22:10
wgrantAh, you've approved it now. Thanks!22:16
wgrantwallyworld: Should bug #806785 be closed?22:26
_mup_Bug #806785: Person picker displays duplicate info when selecting recipe owner <disclosure> <picker> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by wallyworld> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/806785 >22:26
wallyworldwgrant: yes,. i believe so. i'll check. perhaps i didn't link to to the branch22:27
wgrantIt's linked, but maybe wasn't until too late.22:27
wallyworldi would have linked it before i did the mp22:27
wgrantjtv: https://lpbuildbot.canonical.com/builders/lucid_db_lp/builds/1171/steps/shell_6/logs/summary <- I think your ArchiveCruftChecker refactoring might have made it spew crufty to stderr?22:27
wgrantSeries tasks.23:22
lifelessthey will all be at some point23:23
wgrantYeah, but the current implementation is a bit unfortunate.23:23
wgrantIn particular, you can presently change the sourcepackagename of a series sourcepackage task through the web UI.23:23
wgrantProbably want to forbid that.23:24
wgrant(I'm working on pushing all target changes through transitionToTarget, which doesn't let you change to/from a series target, because that's what nominations are for)23:25
wgrantHmm, retargetting them breaks the UI a bit.23:26
wgrantIf there's no corresponding DSP task, the name is not shown at all.23:26
wgrantlifeless: Any opinions?23:26
sinzuiStevenK, lp:~sinzui/launchpad/dsp-picker-fields23:28
lifelessso big picture23:28
lifelesswe want users that have sufficient privilege to just move stuff around willy nilly23:29
lifelesse.g. same-series different-sourcepackagename is a no-brainer change to permit everyone23:29
wgrantThe current model makes that hard, but when everything is a series task it will be easier.23:29
wgrantSP tasks are not meant to exist without a corresponding DSP task.23:30
wgrantThe UI breaks.23:30
lifelesswe want users that have insufficient privilege to have to go through a handshake - the nomination process - for changes they are not permitted23:30
lifelesswgrant: SP being DSSP really ?23:31
wgrantlifeless: Right.23:31
lifelessthis sound slike a conjoined masterish thing23:31
lifelessI have no particular opinion; I'd like that we move towards the big picture23:32
lifelessI'd prefer we don't let broken things happen23:32
lifelessif we permit something that breaks the model today, I have no objection to restricting it23:33
lifelessI'd question restricting something that isn't restricted today.23:33
lifeless(and doesn't cause breakage)23:34
wgrantI haven't seen any breakage around (except for really old bugs like bug #43150), so I presume it's not done much or at all.23:34
_mup_Bug #43150: [SRU] maxima frontends fail to connect <wxmaxima (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <gcl (Ubuntu Dapper):Fix Released by wgrant> <maxima (Ubuntu Dapper):Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/43150 >23:34
sinzuiwallyworld, http://www.jslint.com/lint.html23:35
wgrantlifeless: It is tempting to forbid it, and if someone complains then chastise them and potentially hack transitionToTarget to permit changing to another SP in the same DS.23:39
lifelessdoes it break things no matter what ?23:43
lifelessor does it break things under some circumstances only ?23:43
wgrantUnless you change all of them at once.23:43
wgrantMeh, for now I will special-case permit it.23:45

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