* nlsthzn waves06:07
HadenHey nlsthzn06:09
nlsthznMr. Haden, how are you :)06:13
HadenI'm good ... nlsthzn .. Looking for a way to get the ubuntu-ae mailing list06:15
HadenI guess that's the only thing that's stopping us from becoming official06:15
nlsthznOh, there are a number of things keeping us from being official... we have a mailing list... doesn't need to be the one that Canonical would let us have for free...06:16
Hadennlsthzn , I think you need a launchpad mailing list right ?06:17
nlsthznHaden: Launchpad I am not sure off... But AFAIK if we do we have... I know there are two lists... we are re-directing the one to the other (or should be)06:19
Hadennlsthzn , check out team naming standards06:20
nlsthznYup... everything should be ubuntu-ae06:21
HadenOur mailing list should be Ubuntu-ae , our current mailing list is Emirateslocoteam06:21
nlsthznthere are two launchpad accounts if I am not mistaked, the correctly named one and one that is wrong... problem is we dont' have control over the correct one...06:22
HadenYup.. That's what I was figuring out...06:22
HadenThe current owner isn't ready to give control or join us06:23
nlsthzn... and that is a problem ...06:23
HadenWe have contacted him several times06:23
nlsthznYup... once we have tried enough times we might have a case to present to the loco council to get power taken from him... for now we have to be patient06:26
nlsthznI also mailed him... no response06:26
HadenYup.. I too sent him an email .. We can ask Omar to send him an email as well...06:28
HadenCheck out the wiki page he created ..06:28
nlsthznLink to wiki page06:29
nlsthznalso, I see they are having a meeting - http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ae/1050/detail/06:30
nlsthznI think "we" should be there in force...06:30
nlsthznwith "we" I mean all of the emirates loco which are in Dubai currently :)06:30
HadenGood idea ..06:31
HadenI don't like the idea of competing when it come to communities06:32
HadenNot sure why this guy is not ready to join us ..06:32
nlsthznMaybe he wants to be the top dog, or he has other motivations... either way, it would be good to be there and see what he is all about... and maybe have some flyers ready with our contact info too :p06:35
Hadennlsthzn , how do you send out an email to our mailing list members ?06:36
nlsthznYou need the e-mail address... you can find it on meet-up... I have sent Omar a mail with the link to the planned meeting...06:38
Hadennlsthzn , Emirateslocoteam mailing list ..06:38
HadenNot the meetup one .. That guy Zulfiqar is an admin for our meetup group06:39
nlsthznHaden: He is?! When did that happen? Even if you send to the launchpad mailing list it is linked to the meetup one and it will also send out on the meetup list...06:41
HadenHe had set up the last meeting .. The one which was accidentally set to December ..06:43
HadenAnyway , I'll speak to Toki and see if I can get everyone's personal email address .. We need to discuss this offline06:45
HadenI was really hoping to get the Ubuntu ae loco established ..06:45
nlsthznWe will... :)06:45
nlsthznI have sent Toki a mail too...06:46
Hadengotta go .. Catch you later nlsthzn .. Have a great day ...06:46
nlsthznHaden: bai :)06:47

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