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head_victimsagaci: I've been lurking in the classroom channel for the whole event, it's all going to be pretty relevant - the communiuty week thing03:51
head_victimpleia's was pretty good, confirmed a few things about LUGs, etc. I'm trying to hassle HUMBUG into organising something for SFD so I can join up a UAU event with it03:54
gorillahead_victim: I'm trying to find out if LUV is doing anything for SFD... but I won't be volunteering to help out with it.. feel jaded after the last event.03:56
head_victimgorilla: ah really? Thats a bummer, the Melbourne team got made mention on the SFD mailing list as one of the top 3 events last year.03:56
head_victimTo my knowledge Brisbane has never done anything for SFD though :/03:57
head_victimIf people start getting anything concrete in the planning stage I'm willing to submit a request for some schwag to help out. I just need plenty of notice as the wheels of support turn slowly.03:57
gorillahead_victim: Don't get me wrong.. It was a great event just took a lot out of me.. one of the first to arrive at the beginning of the day, last to leave and was stuck out the front talking to the public and handing out flyers.. got away for about 10 minutes for lunch.03:58
head_victimgorilla: ah sounds like a busy day. I found at the lca table it was good to make sure there was enough people that no one had to do more than a couple of hours each, obviously more if they wanted.03:59
gorillaI agree with that :-)04:02
head_victimEasier to organise too many people than not enough04:04
gorillaand better off doing so as there will be a few that can't make it or don't turn up.04:05
head_victimYep :)04:05
sagacigorilla, keeps you busy04:07
gorillasagaci: sorry.. what does?04:07
sagacigorilla, SFD activities04:08
gorillasagaci: True. As long as you get something out of it at a personal level or professionally then it's all good, if not.. I have better things to do with my time.04:09
hot_wheelzhead_victim Are you here?09:57
hot_wheelzguess not10:00
head_victimYeah just walked back in the door10:02
hot_wheelzhead_victim,  oh hi10:09
head_victimHow goes hot_wheelz 10:09
hot_wheelzhave you noticed a change in colour\theme10:10
hot_wheelzto silver10:10
hot_wheelzmy  terminal is now white10:12
hot_wheelzI have not changed a thing i thought it may have been caused by an update10:13
hot_wheelzno change for you?10:13
head_victimI don't have a current version of Ubuntu anywhere sorry, this computer runs Lubuntu and my main PC is running 10.0410:14
hot_wheelzit only seems recent10:18
hot_wheelzok thanks10:19
head_victimSorry I couldn't help more10:21
sagacihead_victim, hi, when you've got time can you have a look around at https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-en-au, just updated info to comply with https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/LaunchpadTranslators#StartingTeam so should be ready to go. Using the #ubuntu-au channel as a support option, not so sure if that's right since it's a launchpad translations team..?12:25
head_victimsagaci & jaddi27 glad you're both here12:25
jaddi27yep, here now12:26
head_victimQuick translation catch up, play list, playlist or play-list? Plug in, plugin or plug-in. Etc?12:26
jaddi27as long as my computer does not crash again12:26
head_victimsagaci: checking now12:26
jaddi27i think playlist, plugin12:26
sagaci^ same12:26
jaddi27because that is what people would be used to now12:26
head_victimsagaci: using here as support is fine in my opinion12:26
head_victimYeah that's what I was thinking but the enGB wiki seemed to suggest the hyphen.12:27
sagacisubjective though, I'd prefer a gnome login screen to say Log in:, whereas on the terminal, i'd prefer login :/12:28
head_victimsagaci: on the launchpad page maybe a link to the enGB wiki that we also use a fair bit?12:28
jaddi27the enGB wiki suggests a few things that I don't entirely agree with12:28
head_victimYeah hence why I was gauging opinions. I was about to go and do amarok but stumbled across playlist12:28
sagacibut then again, my preferences aren't translationable-changers :)12:29
jaddi27head_victim, are you doing oneiric translations?12:29
head_victimjaddi27: I flail between oneiric and natty :/12:29
head_victimWe should be in oneiric12:29
jaddi27I just remember finishing amarok, so was wondering which one you were doing12:29
sagacioneiric is default, so I just do whatever is the focus12:30
jaddi27sagaci said natty is focus, so I have been doing it12:30
sagaciit changed like, not long ago12:30
jaddi27yes, i see now12:30
jaddi27I will change then as well12:30
jaddi27natty was looking good - only 105000 to go12:31
head_victimI actually had a good session the other day after work and got through just over 1k12:31
jaddi27oneiric looks a bit worse after that12:31
head_victimYeah unfortunately there will be some string changes but that's to be expected12:31
sagaciI did subversion in about an hour, 1700 strings or so12:31
sagacitwo big packages in oneiric gcc-4.5 and gcc-4.6, going to ask somewhere which one, if either will be used, since both have 7000-8000 strings, don't want to duplicate/waste effort doing either12:33
head_victimsagaci: the launchpad team looks good, fire away the email I'd say12:33
head_victimI'd ask in Ubuntu+1 or -dev12:33
jaddi27sagaci, I am happy to do one of the gcc packages12:34
sagacii'll try in ubuntu+112:34
jaddi27head_victim, congratulations on entering the Translations top contributor list https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors12:34
head_victimHAH so it is12:35
head_victimWe will run out of strings at this rate ;)12:35
head_victimAll 3 of us in the top 2012:36
jaddi27yes, looks like enAU should be done soon12:36
head_victimI was tempted to suggest a move to the suggest/approve option just so we can have 2 eyes for quality control.12:37
head_victimBut figured that could wait until we're a LOT closer 12:38
jaddi27yes, that is probably a good idea12:38
jaddi27it would take a while to re-check 8000 strings 12:39
sagaciI think with all kinds of software, there will be minor bugs and as with translations - especially with the amount of strings out there, we will have minor mistakes too12:39
head_victimYeah hence why I"m hesitant to suggest it until we're "caught up"12:39
head_victimBecause once we're caught up we can still maintain the effort but imrpove the quality.12:40
head_victimIt won't change the workload much really.12:40
sagaciI'm not saying it's an excuse but I think we should wait until the bulk of it is done, download base packs, scan for the top strings, change, etc... and then have a suggest/approve policy when the strings are on a "we do them as they're created" basis12:40
head_victimOh yeah, definitely wait until we're caught up and then change focus to more quality over quantity.12:41
head_victimNot to say it's not quality now but you can always improve.12:41
sagaciyep, I had to redo a few strings that I marked as color, etc.. but anyway. most of it will be fixed after we manually fix the strings that should've been changed12:43
head_victimYep, we should also encourage bug reports about the strings amongst the loco. But again, I was holding off until we're "closer"12:43
sagacibug reports on the translated strings, or the originals12:44
head_victimBoth, if users are using the AU locale it will be on the strings but we also find them on the original strings12:46
sagacinot sure if we're on the right track but original strings, yes.. but translated strings, wouldn't you just email/ask in IRC about the specific string?12:48
head_victimYes and no, if no one is around and people don't know how to translate themselves filing a bug is pretty easy. But then again fixing it is probably just as easy.12:49
jaddi27a quick check, that I think I might have done before: email or e-mail?12:50
jaddi27I think email12:50
head_victimANyone up for some wiki work? Maybe we should start to maintain a list on the AU Translation wiki 12:51
head_victimI just know I spend ages grepping logs to try and remember these sorts of things ;)12:52
sagacijaddi27, g-mail?12:53
jaddi27so is it gmail or g-mail?12:53
sagacisorry, was being kinda sarcastic with g-mail12:54
jaddi27head_victim, Maybe we could copy the enGB list and modify it to suit us12:54
jaddi27sagaci, yes, I realise that12:54
head_victimjaddi27: that sounds perfect12:54
head_victimDefinitely worth shooting the translation team members an email as well so we can utilise the minds of those who have translatated for much longer than ourselves12:54
jaddi27have either of you seen the greasemonkey script for enGB translations?12:54
sagacihead_victim, did your xchat translation get imported/approved?12:54
head_victimsagaci: no response, moving on to the team leader of translations now though12:55
jaddi27the script basically uses that wiki list to detect matches in the strings to suggest translations12:55
sagaciactually, yes I have12:55
jaddi27it is quite useful to help you not miss things12:55
sagaciI use chrome12:56
jaddi27i could modify it to suit enAU12:56
head_victimI use firefox and switch on the dictionary for single line input boxes12:56
head_victimSo anything suspect comes up with a red squiggly line under it ;)12:56
jaddi27yes, I use a combination of the dictionary and the script12:56
jaddi27because the script gives reminders for things such as Trash12:57
jaddi27which it suggests should be Deleted Items12:57
jaddi27though we are using Rubbish Bin, I think12:57
head_victimRubbish Bin is the enGB preferred12:57
jaddi27ok, I guess that needs to be changed in the script12:58
sagacienAU should be Tip12:58
sagacichuck it in the Tip12:58
jaddi27that would raise a few eyebrows12:58
sagacistay classy, ubuntu12:58
sagacihead_victim, does it look like lubuntu will be official deriv for 11.10?13:04
head_victimIt already is, just awating hardware upgrades on Canonical to host it13:05
sagaciah nice13:05
sagacinice of them to do that13:06
head_victimYeah there are some people doing some really hard work to make that happen. There's only really 2 main devs for the whole project and one of them has only joined in the last 6 months.13:08
sagacialso, unless anyone else wants to get it going, I'd like to send the email out for the ubuntu global jam in early August, since it isn't until early September13:15
head_victimsagaci: sounds good, if you had the time to organise one that would be great. I'd just reinvent the UGJ page on the wiki project page for it and create the event on loco.u.c and you're done13:16
head_victimIf I'm not working I'll definitely be around.13:16
sagaciit's either friday, sat, or sun, so I'm guessing saturday afternoon like last time or gauge interest on the mailing list?13:17
head_victimWould be nice to convince someone else to set up another UGJ as well so it's a bit more varied as well. I think there's a lot of interest in bugs but no one able to lead that.13:17
head_victimsagaci: basically, if you're going to run it do it whenever suits you best. If you are available for multiple time slots and want to try and maximise attendence then set up a doodle vote for it is the way we've done it in the past.13:18
sagacieven though I didn't initially really flow with it, a documentation jam wouldn't be too bad, looking at software, creating fixes for documentation, writing documentation for software with lack of docs, more of a define packages and then come together to hone in on them13:20
head_victimYeah if you've pre organised what you're going to work on that would work well13:20
sagacior an ubuntu-au artwork/brochure/poster jam13:20
head_victimYep, or install jam13:21
head_victimThere's heaps to choose from13:21
head_victimInstall jam is generally an in person thing though but can still work online.13:21
jaddi27I will be off now. Let me know if I can help out with any of the UGJ organisation or running at all13:21
head_victimjaddi27: good night mate, keep up the good work.13:21
sagacirun a translations jam where you have to set yourself as suggestion mode, then time it for a few hours and collate string scores at end of day/launchpad-update-time, remove 30 strings per error13:23
sagaciaka Creating Unnessary Work Jam13:24

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