helloicanseeuhi, how to setup dpms using 'xset' for secondary monitor in dual monitors02:04
nexusCan anyone please help me out installing .net framework 2 or 4 with wine on ubuntu. I am stuck with it. Everything appears to be fine with installation but it is not installed successfully05:39
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benonsoftwareQuestion: How do I make a C# program in Ubuntu?09:09
coalwateri think there's mono...09:09
benonsoftwarecoalwater: Ahhh. Mono doesn't work for me09:10
coalwaterwell, i never used it, i just read about it09:10
coalwateri dont know if there's a package for ubuntu09:11
kristian-aalborghi all13:55
kristian-aalborgI want to run a few X desktops... one with a terminal, one with ncmpc and one with vlc... what's the proper approach?13:56
holsteinkristian-aalborg: what are you doing?14:00
holsteinseems like you might not need x depending on what you need vlc for14:01
holsteintheres a commandline vlc - cvlc... you could just run what you want in screen, and connect back to it whenever14:01
kristian-aalborgholstein, media center... my greatest hack so far, I hope14:04
kristian-aalborgI need X for the movies... I also think I can get a slightly less aliased term/ncmpc14:05
kristian-aalborgbut the green Terminus will look killer on the TV :)14:05
holsteinscreen is the trick though... you set up ssh there, and connect in from whatever machine you want14:06
holsteinget whatever playing in ncmpc inside screen, and ssh to the box from anywhere and reconnect14:06
kristian-aalborgscreen is awesome14:09
kristian-aalborgand yes, the functionality I want can be done by screen14:09
kristian-aalborg... but the "X" is the problem so far14:09
holsteinif it has to be in the GUI, i would just use the workspaces14:09
kristian-aalborgof what WM?14:09
kristian-aalborgalso, I don't want to use mouse14:09
kristian-aalborgsounds like a new WM, is it coded by hipsters? :P14:10
holsteinits going to be challenging to use any of the major WM's without a mouse14:10
kristian-aalborgmatchbox is cool14:10
holsteini use synergy with my netbook14:11
kristian-aalborgopenbox will do what I want15:21
samsulHello everybody uot there....15:51
samsulis there anyone here?15:51
IAmNotThatGuy!ask | samsul15:53
ubot2samsul: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:53
samsulokay, here is the question.. is Ubuntu can be bootabel from extend partition?16:00
IAmNotThatGuysamsul, extended partition?16:03
IAmNotThatGuycan you elaborate it? sorry for being late16:03
samsulyeah, the primary partition was full (4 partition)16:07
Abhijitsamsul, yes it is.16:07
IAmNotThatGuysamsul, you can install an operating system in the primary partition of a hard disk. if you have another HDD, you can do in its primary partition. but not in logical partitions I believe16:08
samsulor, i should install Ubuntu without swap partition?16:08
IAmNotThatGuyswap is like a virtual RAM samsul16:09
samsulDo you mean i can not install an operating system in logical partition...16:11
IAmNotThatGuysamsul, all your primary partitions are used by other OS?16:11
samsuland we can not run Linux system without swap?16:11
IAmNotThatGuyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/forum/installation/Partitioning according to that you can16:12
IAmNotThatGuysamsul, please take a look and say whether  it clarifies your query16:13
samsulokay, i'll check it. Thanks IAmNotThatGuy..16:14
coalwaterwho said linux needed swap16:16
coalwateras long as u have enough ram its fin16:16
coalwaterIAmNotThatGuy, you could try swapoff on terminal :D lol16:17
coalwateranyway, im going home :D see u guys later16:17
IAmNotThatGuycoalwater, I never mentioned that he needs a swap16:17
coalwatero ok :D16:17
coalwateranyway :D im free :D16:18
IAmNotThatGuycoalwater, dont sleep :P16:18
samsuli said16:18
samsuli was asking...16:18
coalwaterwhy not IAmNotThatGuy16:18
IAmNotThatGuysamsul, /ignore coalwater :D16:19
yulerAfter a delay, my system is setup to screen lock, then power off the monitor.  Upon reactivating, sometimes the screen is readable for a few seconds, then the screen lock dialogue box activates.  How do I fix it?17:33
samsulyuler : may be you sould deactive lock screen..18:15
IAmNotThatGuyyuler, whats your OS version?18:16
holsteinyuler: i disable screen lock18:24
yulerUbuntu 10.10 (with updates).  I'd like to keep both screen lock and monitor power off.18:26
holsteinyuler: so, the problem is the little splash of the screen when you return?18:30
holsteini would probably stick with the LTS for things like that... but i have to say, im not sure if 10.04 does that or not18:31
holsteini suppose you should try to isolate the graphics driver18:32
holsteinmaybe see if you see the same behavior using the VESA driver18:33
yulerI'm using the latest proprietary Nvidia driver for the 6200 vidcard18:38
holsteinyuler: have you witnessed the behavior with the vesa driver?18:51
yulerNo, because I don't know how to make VESA drivers active in Ubuntu.18:53
holsteinyuler: i would probably use a live CD, and use safe graphics mode18:53
yulerThat sounds easy enough.18:54
yulerI'll check back when I've tested that.18:55
holsteinotherwise, you'll be dealing with a proprietary driver bug18:55
holsteinthat'll be challenging to deal with...18:55
yulerThanks.  Will do.18:56
testerhi there I delete ubiquity because it skiped the username and password part18:57
testeris there a way to re-install18:57
holsteintester: however you feel comfortable dealing with packages should be fine... synaptic or the software center or sudo apt-get install ubiquity18:58
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bobweaverit still keeps on not letting me change username and password19:52
philipballewis kde or gnome more powerful?19:52
bobweaverok it still wont let me enter username and password19:53
AndrewMCphilipballew: KDE will use more resources then GNOME will, I personally prefer GNOME19:58
philipballewAndrewMC, haha, my comp has 1 gig of ram. i might try xfce, or something19:59
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