BobJonkman...at Ubuntu Hour with dscassel and txwikinger01:11
BobJonkmanBoth of whom are computerless01:11
ultimoorehello everyone03:32
BobJonkmanHi ultimoore03:42
ultimooreoh hey03:44
ultimoorei didnt think anyone was online03:45
BluesKajhey folks13:22
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj :)14:04
BluesKajhey dscassel , how's the heat ? :)14:05
dscasselNot intolerable yet, but that's coming, I'm sure. :)14:23
BluesKaj28 here already14:24
dscasselJust passed 30 here. :) http://ubuntuone.com/p/15eR/14:37
kenjyhi guys16:40
dscasselHi kenjy :)16:40
kenjydscassel: hi dude  :)16:40
kenjyI would like to study a master degree in Canada but I dream with something related to Linux and OpenSource hehehe16:41
kenjyany idea?16:41
dscasselWhat field?  CS? Engineering? Law? Sociology?16:42
dscasselWhat's your undergrad?16:42
kenjydscassel: Iam a Computer Networking Engineer16:43
kenjydscassel: so information technology or computer science should be the field or the area16:44
dscasselI'm only a little bit familiar with grad programs, and then only really the University of Waterloo...16:45
dscasselThe Engineering grad programs there would probably be a better fit.  The CS programs are very theoretical and math-focused.16:46
kenjydscassel: but I have an issue here, months ago I applyed for a Permanent Resident Card, it should be here in January16:46
dscasselAh, and immigration is something I have almost zero exposure too. :)16:46
kenjydscassel: and I don't if I should apply as a PR or International Student16:46
kenjyand I don't know* if ...16:46
dscasselIf you can apply as a resident, that would amost certainly be a lot cheaper..16:47
kenjyEngineering grad programs should be the better option16:47
kenjydscassel: the University of Waterloo requires an English test? I mean for Canadian or residents?16:48
kenjyyou know ... I don't have the best english here and obviously Im not a native speaker ...16:49
dscasselkenjy: Both. I had to take the ELPE. :P16:50
kenjydscassel: hahaha okay16:50
dscasselWhat's your native language?16:50
kenjydscassel: spanish :)16:50
dscasselCool. Where you from?16:53
kenjydscassel: Mexico16:53
kenjyI have been here for a while but more than a listener hehehe16:54
kenjyI mean in the channel16:54
dscasselWell, everybody's welcome.  Sorry we're kind of boring. :)16:55
dscasselWhere are you planning on settling, or have you figured that out yet?16:55
kenjydscassel: I applied to immigrate to Canada last year and now I'm close to finish the process however I am interested in a master degree and well here you usually speak about free software and linux meetings at universities, I would like to study a masters in technology area in a university where  I could find a good and strong free and open source software community as a plus17:02
dscasselkenjy: Awesome.17:06
dscasselIf you're here in October, FSOSS/Toronto Linux Fest is looking for speakers.  First round deadline is this weekend. http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2011/PresentationProposal17:07
dscasselThe Free Software community seems to be a bit diverse and spread out.  We're pretty active here in Waterloo, and I hear there's interesting stuff in Vancouver and Montreal...17:09
dscasselNot a lot of people working to bring it all together.  I'm trying, but I'm just one guy. :)17:10
kenjydscassel: tnks for the invitation :D17:10
kenjydscassel: when you say Vancouver you mean at the Vancouver university?17:12
dscasselVancouver the city.17:13
dscasselThey've got a couple universities.  University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser, I think.17:14
BluesKajuniversity of victoria or uvic , is on vancouver island , small city but very nice17:18
BluesKajson studied there , dunno how techie that school is tho...might worth checking17:19
kenjyBluesKaj: okay17:19
dscasselBluesKaj: Yeah, I've been to Victoria. Nice place. Haven't been to UVic, tho.17:20
kenjytnks for all your information guys17:21
dscasselnp. :)17:21
BluesKajbut I guess waterloo is the ultratech/computer engineering school in Canada17:21
dscasselIt's definitely up there, yeah.17:22
dscasselOther universities (Toronto, Queen's in Kingston, probably others outside Ontario that I'm less familiar with) also have good engineering programs...17:22
BluesKajI 2worked wth some guys that graduated from waterloo in the 70s ...already had a decent engineering school and reputation by that time17:23
kenjywhat about the weather? I come from a tropical weather country and I only have been on Vancouver in summer 6 years ago and past january (1month), is the weather really hard in Waterloo?17:24
dscasselIt's current 34 degrees celcius. :P17:25
dscasselThe winters can get nasty, but the've been reasonbly mild the last few years.17:25
dscasselStill, prepare for snow and really cold (-20 or below) days come January or February.17:26
dscasselVancouver's much milder.  Also much wetter.17:27
kenjydscassel: hoooooooooooooooooooooo my ... -20? wooooooooooooooW17:27
kenjyfrightening but terrific as a challenge :P17:28
BluesKajkenjy, I live 300km north of dscassel , an we seldom have -20 anymore Jan/feb , even at night17:29
kenjyBluesKaj: ain't you from Waterloo? :O17:30
dscasselWell, yeah, it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.17:31
BluesKajno ..never attended university ..except for some Ryerson courses on gas chromatography17:32
kenjyis the life in Waterloo expensive for an student?17:32
dscasselBluesKaj: There are lots of people in Waterloo who haven't been to university. :)17:32
dscasselkenjy: I was never the drinking and partying type, so I can't give you that perspective.17:33
BluesKajwent out to work after high school, no student loans in those days ...siter was the smaert one so parents helped her financially17:33
kenjydscassel: I am not the drinking and parying type either17:33
dscasselBut it's good, I think.  Now even moreso than when I was a student.  If you're not too busy with school, there are plenty of things to get involved in.17:33
dscasselWaterloo isn't a big city.  About 500,000 for the whole region (Waterloo proper is only 100,000).17:35
dscasselSo it may be a bit disappointing for people expecting big city amenities.17:35
dscasselBut I grew up in a town of 35,000, so it seemed pretty exciting to me. :)17:35
* BluesKaj lives in a town of 5000 ppl17:36
BluesKajgrew up in a city of 50,000 ...it's 100k now17:36
dscasselBluesKaj: where's that?17:36
kenjydscassel: I sadly live in one of the biggest countries in the world17:37
BluesKajI'm 40 mins outside of Sudbury ... 30 mins from manitoulin island..tourrist trap17:39
dscasselWaterloo might seem downright rural (I'm looking out at cornfields from my office window. :)17:40
dscasselBluesKaj: Nice, though.  Save for the mosquitos. :)17:40
BluesKajno real mosquito porblem nowadays ...the odd time , but not a constant thing like previous yrs17:41
BluesKajthis heat will wipe them out for a while17:42
BluesKajkenjy, Toronto is just an hour away from Waterloo, if you need to get to the big city occasionally.17:45
kenjyBluesKaj: Iam taking all this information into consideration because my first goal was vancouver but waterloo sounds like a good destiny too17:45
BluesKajnot like Mexico city , but large enough17:46
kenjyBluesKaj: the size of Mexico city its horrible17:46
dscasselkenjy: I certainly think so. :)17:47
BluesKajyes , I've seen some documentaries , but I'm sure it has some nice areas17:47
dscassel(the part about Waterloo, not Mexico. :)17:47
kenjyBluesKaj: for sure17:47
BluesKajnever visited there , unfortunately17:48
dscasselBack to weather for a minute, this was last winter: http://uwweatherstation.blogspot.com/2011/03/winter-20102011-summary.html17:48
kenjyBluesKaj: if yo do one day and I am still here just write me17:48
kenjywell guys tnks for all, I will go back later to share whats going on about this17:53
dscasselGlad we could help.  See you, kenjy :)17:55

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