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koolhead17hello all09:17
koolhead17who from canonical side working on openstack development?09:18
flaccidgood question09:24
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koolhead17flaccid, what do you mean?09:55
flaccidit is a good question09:55
koolhead17i need some help Ubuntu related on OS so i asked09:55
koolhead17flaccid, if you can help me be great.09:56
flaccidsorry i don't know09:56
flaccidthus why i said it was a good question09:57
koolhead17seems like kim0 is still on vacation. flaccid soren is one of the developers AFAIK10:01
flaccidi guess you answered your own question then10:02
Dori922have a problem with apt-get upgrade where it gets to "eucalyptus start/runnin, process 1111" and then just stays like that and doesnt give me back command prompt.. and if i force a restart various commands dont work so i need to reinstall the UEC..11:27
Dori922its forced me to reinstall the front end 2 times and the node once.. 3 days work and i cant figure out whats wrong :(11:34
Dori922has anyone ehad trouble upgrading eucalyptus?12:05
Dori922more info on my UEC problem here :P incase anyones interested: http://open.eucalyptus.com/node/add/forum/3912:39
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koolhead17flaccid, you rock!! i solved the issue!! :)14:00
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