dpmgood morning all06:38
nigelbAlanBell: no?07:25
AlanBellno I am not still arround07:31
nigelbAlanBell: Yeah, I can see that :P07:31
dholbachgood morning07:34
pleia2morning, dholbach!07:35
dholbachhey pleia207:35
nigelbHello dholbach07:36
nigelbHey pleia2!07:36
dholbachhey nigelb07:36
pleia2hey nigelb!07:36
nigelbdholbach: Any idea why the db on loco.ubuntu.com is very unhappy?07:52
* nigelb has had plenty of emails07:52
dholbachnigelb, no idea at all07:57
dholbachwas there a new release?07:57
dholbachI'd suggest asking in #canonical-sysadmin07:57
nigelbdholbach: I was planning on doing that after talking to mhall119 first. Till then my inbox gets decimated :)07:58
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czajkowskiGood morning09:51
czajkowskiturns out new pain killer knocks me out within 10 mins of taking it and I slept for over 14 hrs09:52
dakerLoL http://www.apple.com/macosx/whats-new/features.html#launchpad10:03
dakeralso i think the logo is inspired from GC10:04
vishdaker: GC ?12:21
AlanBelldoctormo's ground control12:22
vishanyone seen https://help.launchpad.net/logo/submissions  ? ;)12:24
paultagUgh, crud!12:41
paultagCan anyone take my spot today with community week?12:42
paultagI'm having a crazy day at work and I don't know if I can be there 100%12:42
paultagso I need to find a backup if I can't show up12:42
macodaker: finding apps on osx without spotlight is one of the things i always hated. and then i learned about spotlight. but srsly Go -> Applications -> *scroll forever* -> click13:05
mhall119nigelb: ping13:34
czajkowskijcastro: interesting topic you raised on the mL13:37
jcastrohey, can you all see this url? http://www.google.com/latitude/apps/badge/api?user=-1500431013509492386&type=iframe&maptype=roadmap15:13
dholbachjcastro, are you at Albert Ave with a beer in your hand?15:14
vishdholbach: hehe!15:15
vishpaultag: gangsta ipsum for you » http://www.lorizzle.nl/15:17
jcastrodholbach: I certainly am!15:19
czajkowskijcastro: with regards to endorcement on a candidates wiki page, I try adn go through pages the day before and if I notice a really good wiki page lacking some I do tend to poke people to get a few extra ones. one example last month was a canonical employee and while I know he has done a lot of work he only had 2 endorecements.15:20
czajkowskijcastro: granted 1 from mdz and second was from ara  so I know both were good, but given the team he was on there should have been more.15:20
=== jcastro changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-community.html || Things to work on (in order): Blueprints and Work Items|| dholbach's channel: http://goo.gl/9xNTd || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5" || Jorge's Roadtrip: http://goo.gl/jA0Y8
jcastronow you can all keep tabs on me!15:22
jussiI love open source stuff, especially when it works so well out of the box :D15:24
mhall119jussi: +115:25
jussimhall119: Im suprised, Ive never seen a CMS+store have so good defaults :D15:25
mhall119jussi: what project?15:26
jussimhall119: joomla+virtuemart15:26
jonodpm, ready to hang?15:32
dpmjono, all set!15:32
jonodpm, invite sent15:34
dholbachalright my friends15:46
dholbachI call it a day15:46
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!15:47
nigelbwenzel: paultag you're not goign to make it?15:51
nigelbpaultag: ^^15:51
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paultagAny hotshot Java programmers want to become immortal?17:15
paultagI'm totally 100% stummped by something. Here's a chance to outwit me :)17:16
mhall119paultag: shoot17:19
paultagmhall119: System.out.println("2 == " + (Math.pow(51, 13) % (77)));17:19
paultagmhall119: according to my math, and my algorithm, it should be 217:19
paultagbut it returns 2 == 70.017:20
paultagoh yeah and WolframAlpha agrees with my math17:20
mhall119so that (51^13) % 77, correct?17:21
paultagmhall119: fifty-one to the power of 13, modulo 7717:21
nhandlerStrange, http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=%2851^13%29+mod+77 gives 217:21
paultagnigelb: that's right. My math is right, and it should be 217:22
paultagsorry nhandler *17:22
nhandlerpaultag: I'd try breaking it up. Get rid of the Math.pow and replace it with its actual value. Maybe also try removing the () around the 77. I don't have java installed to test things though17:23
paultagnhandler: tried the paren issue, no luck17:24
paultagthe real number it's self is huge, I can't paste it in17:24
mhall119yeah, do: double superBigNumber = Math.pow(51, 13);17:24
mhall119print that out17:24
paultagand DOUBLE_MAX is (2-2^52)*2^102317:24
paultagmhall119: it17:24
paultagmhall119: it's not an overflow, and the Math.pow works as expected17:24
mhall119then double notSoBigBumber = superBigNumber % 7717:24
mhall119paultag: then % isn't?17:25
paultagThat's what I'm thinking17:25
paultagbut I can't imagine there's that much of an issue with a core operator17:25
paultagmhall119: this algorithm works for smaller values, so I think it has to be an overflow, but it can't be because it's not that big17:25
pleia2anyone wanna play mhall119 and ask some loco council questions in -classroom for czajkowski to answer to suppliment her talk?17:26
paultagLet me try a BigInteger17:26
pleia2err -classroom-chat17:26
mhall119paultag: try casting everything as a double before using it17:26
paultagmhall119: already tried, and changed types to double17:27
paultagmhall119: fail17:27
paultagI'm getting ticked off17:27
czajkowskipaultag: so yer crankytabby then ;)17:27
paultagOK, I'm going to rewrite with BigInteger17:27
paultagczajkowski: ♥17:27
paultagyeah I am17:27
mhall119paultag: can I ask *why* you're doing this?17:27
paultagmhall119: org.anized.rsa :)17:27
paultagmhall119: doing some super-huge prime number work17:27
paultagmhall119: it works for low primes, but barfs when I start amping it up17:28
mhall119paultag: which JVM?17:29
paultagmhall119: winblows up-to-date17:29
mhall119you mean Sun/Oracle's JVM?17:30
mhall119or the Microsoft one?17:30
paultagmhall119: the Sun/Oracle one on Microshaft17:30
paultagmhall119: stackoverflow solved it. Perscision loss because of a big value. Going with BigInteger is the right solution :)17:40
mhall119IEEE floating point representation?17:41
paultagmhall119: no, I was using doubles (two of the IEEE floating points mooshed together)17:41
paultagmhall119: BigInt will just use more memory as values get bigger17:42
paultagfloat won't cut it atm17:42
paultagNow I have to rewrite that using BigInteger, which has the added bonus os leaving out decimals17:42
paultagwhich rulez17:42
nigelbmy launchpad patch works after 2 to 3 days of trying to get it to work.17:50
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mhall119why are you hacking on Launchpad instead of summit?18:20
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JanChttp://epfsug.eu/blog-entry/unity-hit-parade --> if anybody needs a presentation about Unity, (ubuntu-be's) Wouter's Inkscape/Sozi-based presentation got some real attention ☺19:16
JanCthe presentation itself: http://techprojectmasters.com/EPFSUG/unity.svg19:17
nigelbmhall119: I'm hacking on bits that are relevant for UDS.19:58
nigelbmhall119: Just got the subscribers to a blueprint sorted alphabetically19:58
mhall119nigelb: can you add the ability to call the API using only the identity URL?19:58
mhall119that would be great19:58
nigelbmhall119: I didn't understand what you meant, which probably means I don't know enough to do that.19:59
nigelbMost of my fixes have  been one line fixes followed by 20 to 30 liens of test cases19:59
mhall119nigelb: a way to access LP data about a user given their SSO ID only, not their LP profile username20:00
nigelbmhall119: I wouldn't dare touch that bit.20:03
nigelbIts painful.20:03
nigelbThere's probably stakeholder stuff there.20:03
pleia2popey: thanks :)20:11
popeysorry for messing things about20:11
popeyfigured it was best20:11
czajkowskiis it a case of #blamepopey :)20:13
popeyusually is20:14
pleia2no, he saved us <320:14
czajkowskioh jolly good20:16
* popey falls over20:27
* popey burns20:32
* popey fizzes20:36
mhall119I'm not sure how to respond to that one20:39
nigelb#+qpopey :P20:39
nigelbk. bed. later.20:40
mhall119late night eh nigelb?20:41
czajkowskijcastro: that is some long winded thread you've started sir!20:51
dakeroops :/21:09
AlanBellseems Glee did a version of the twisted sister song21:16

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