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dnivraLaney: highvoltage: are you around?04:32
dnivraLaney: highvoltage: I've uploaded the initial packaging(for debian). You can view it here: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openteacher/. Do review it and let me know if I can make more improvements.04:38
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dnivra(^^ In reference to the conversation we had about packaging openteacher: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/682852)04:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 682852 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] OpenTeacher" [Wishlist,In progress]04:40
dnivraAnyone else who can pitch in some comments/reviews too. Would appreciate it a lot :).04:40
dholbachgood morning07:35
oierhi, I was wondering if a motu dev with uploads right could review my package "indicator-bug" at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=9151 I already have one advocate, just need a second one07:50
oierI would be very grateful07:50
iulianMorning dholbach.07:51
dholbachhey iulian07:51
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QuintasanGood morning.09:03
oierHi, I would be very grateful if a motu-dev could review my package "indicator-bug" at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=9151 I already have one advocate so I just need one more10:16
dupondjeis pkg-config needed as build-dep ?10:27
dupondjeor is that always included ?10:27
geserdupondje: yes, you need to add it to B-D10:51
dupondjeCould somebody give his opinion about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gearmand/+bug/68268012:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 682680 in gearmand (Ubuntu) "New upstream release, gearmand 0.17" [Wishlist,Confirmed]12:24
dupondjeadded a patch to newest upstream version12:25
geserdupondje: urgs, can you attach a diff of the debian directory? no one is going to review all those upstream changes, we are only interesting in changes to the packaging12:28
geserin those cases usually only the diff.gz (or now the .debian.tar.gz) is attached and the sponsor downloads the .orig.tar.gz himself12:29
dupondjeadded the file12:31
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geserdupondje: have you tried to contact Monty Taylor to update the package in Debian so it can be synced?12:35
dupondjenot yet12:36
dupondjethere is a non updated bug since begin this year to ask for an upgrade in debian also12:36
geserdupondje: I see you added some files to debian/docs: does COPYING include the license text or something else?12:39
gesergot the documentation reworked that you don't need to "make docs" anymore? and also no libgearman-docs.doc-base.* files?12:40
dupondjeCOPYING does containt license shizzle yes12:40
dupondjeand docs got rewritten completely in 0.2012:40
geserwhat license is it? there is no need to ship COPYING in the binary package if it contains one of the common licenses (which are in /usr/share/common-licenses)12:43
geseras I'm not an expert in this field, I guess it's ok to include it in debian/docs12:46
geserotherwise the diff looks sane12:48
dupondjethanks for looking12:49
dupondjegtg now12:49
Laneyfind /usr/share/doc -name COPYING doesn't show much12:49
dnivraLaney: Hello. Could you review the packaging I've done? It can be found at http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openteacher/12:51
Laneydnivra: hello, maybe later if I get some time12:51
dnivraLaney: sure. No problem :).12:51
dnivraShall I drop in the mail to -distribution about this now?12:51
geserLaney: packages.ubuntu.com lists over 100 hits for COPYING in oneiric12:52
dnivrahighvoltage: Could you review the packaging I've done too if you can? It can be found at http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openteacher/12:53
Laneygeser: are a large number of those for tex packages?12:53
dnivrahighvoltage: if you're around that is :)12:53
Laneygeser: anyway, that's low enough to say that it's not common :-)12:54
Laneydnivra: your build depends aren't complete12:55
dnivraLaney: Thought I'd already added them. I'll check it out :).12:57
highvoltagednivra: thanks, got it13:01
dnivrahighvoltage: it's not completed. I think I've not run dupload yet. must've slipped my mind.13:02
highvoltagednivra: ok, np13:02
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jtaylordoes someone have a working armel chroot?13:11
dnivrahighvoltage: just uploaded it :). I'd indeed missed it out-it failed due to some network connectivity issue earlier.13:12
highvoltagednivra: great, I'm at work and have a busy day, I can look at it after lunchtime (around 4 hours from now)13:13
dnivrahighvoltage: no problem :). Could you drop in a mail then? I'd be busy sleeping then. I'll take a look at it tomorrow.13:14
highvoltagednivra: sure, pm me your e-mail address13:14
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stlsaint   /exit13:47
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nhandlerHmm...I just saw http://blog.launchpad.net/?p=2747 . We might want to make sure we update our documentation. I have a feel we might get some process bugs that non-developers are interested in, they hit 'this affects me too' to show their interest, and the status changes to confirmed (which has a slightly different meaning for these types of bugs)17:08
micahgmaybe we should stop using status for process?17:10
Laneywhat else? tags?17:21
Laneywe could just use triaged as non-bug-control can't set that17:21
micahgLaney: indeed, maybe ACKd becomes triaged17:22
Laneyuh huh17:23
Laneylet's wait and see if this becomes a real problem though17:23
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RainCTAny idea why dpkg-buildpackage may be creating a debian-changes-* patch reverting the changes of all other patches? (3.0 quilt, dh7, compat 8)23:30
RAOFRainCT: Because you've had those patches applied, then reverted them on your build tree?L23:31
RainCTUhm, "mv debian ..; rm -r <src>; tar -xf *orig*; mv debian <src>;" fixed it.23:35
RainCTBut the patches weren't applied23:35
RainCTah, "had"23:36
RainCTRAOF: What's the problem with that?23:36
RAOFRainCT: If quilt thinks those patches are applied then dpkg-bulidpackage will add a patch to ensure that the final build tree looks like what you've got.23:37
RAOFSo, it's possible you've confused quilt.23:38
RainCTAh, I see.23:38
RainCTIt'd rather say, quilt confuses me :P23:38
RainCTThanks RAOF23:38
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