hadsOuch "BLUEBOX-292 Fixed a bug in MediaLib libraries that was deleting all files on the disk."00:23
chrismsnzhey hads, are you using bluebox?00:23
hadsNot really, I play with it occasionally to see what they are up to.00:24
hadsWas just checking if there had been much activity lately.00:24
chrismsnzWe're looking at replacing our office PABX with a VOIP solution and I gave bluebox a go00:25
chrismsnza few weeks ago00:25
chrismsnzI was impressed - i definitely like freeswitch better than asterisk and bluebox is a great frontend00:26
chrismsnzstill some ways to go before they get to PBXIAF-level of out-of-the-box usefulness00:26
hadsYup, been using FreeSWITCH here since pre-1.0 and much prefer it to Asterisk.00:27
chrismsnzwhat's your application?00:28
chrismsnzground-up custom stuff?00:29
hadsJust configuring FreeSWITCH by hand rather than using a GUI, no real reason except when I started non existed.00:31
hadsSame with Asterisk00:31
hadsI would switch them to use a GUI but it's too invasive for a running system.00:32
chrismsnzAhh... you run nice/nicegear, eh?00:32
chrismsnzcool :) I've looked around nicegear quite a bit - well put together site00:35
hadsThanks :)00:37
chrismsnzdo you consult about voip/putting together PABX systems? We're (Mighty Ape) looking around at the moment for some solutions00:37
* ajmitch should probably sign up on twitter for stalking^Winformational purposes00:38
hadschilts: I have in the past but unfortunately don't have the resources to take on any more work myself and don't have anyone else with the knowledge.00:39
hadserm, chrismsnz00:39
chrismsnzno problems :)00:39
hadsajmitch: https://twitter.com/#!/ajmitch/status/146561437700:39
hadsYou've been working for ages.00:40
ajmitchif only that were me00:40
chrismsnzwe got a 25k quote from hitech for a trixbox based system and figured maybe it'd be better to work on something ourselves00:40
hadsYeah, I would ignore Trixbox thesee days myself.00:41
hadsIf you need hardware or basic advice though feel free to drop me a line, happy to help there.00:43
chrismsnzhad much experience with FreePBX? I heard they were going to release a version that works with both asterisk and freeswitch00:43
chrismsnzhads: great, thanks for that :)00:43
hadsFreePBX v3 which is probably what you are talking about turned into blue.box00:44
hadsIt was a complete rewrite and decided it was too confusing having the same name00:45
chrismsnzthat explains that, then00:45
hadsA guy name darren started a project called TCAPI which turned into FreePBX v3 which turned into blue.box00:45
ajmitchforks upon forks?00:46
hadsFusionPBX is the other main FreeSWITCH GUI which started out life as a pfSense plugin00:47
hadsNot so much forks, just renames, same devs all the way pretty much00:47
ajmitchconfusing :)00:47
hads1TB of data for < $200!08:16
hadsAt 100Mbs08:16
* hads lives in hope08:16
ajmitchhads: don't get too hopeful, that's still not .nz :)09:27
ajmitchthough callplus mentioned that they wanted to bring in a plan with a 1TB cap for UFB09:27
* thumper wants fibre to the door09:28
thumperI'd probably pay $200 / month for really good data rates09:28
ajmitchthumper: yeah, I think it's dependant on that happening09:28
ajmitchit'll still take years09:29
ajmitchthough with where your house is located, you may get it slightly sooner if you're lucky09:29
thumperwho knows09:30
hadsajmitch: Yeah, I was living in hope that something similar comes to nz. 50/20 Mbs with 200G would be lovely.10:04
snailmorning all20:27
chiltsmorning :)20:39
ajmitchnetwork mangler living up to its nickname again20:40
chiltsyeah, I don't use that anymore ... wicd is a winner! :)20:40
ajmitchtook me a few minutes to realise that I had no ipv4 address on the laptop :)20:40
chiltsbut then, I don't use Gnome so not using Network Mangler makes sense20:41
ajmitchsince NM didn't control the ipv6 address, I could ssh into it, use x2x, etc20:41
chiltsinteresting, I've never heard of x2x before :)20:43
ajmitchI use it to share mouse & keyboard between computers, synergy does the same sort of thing20:43
mwhudsonsynergy is x-platform, but i think x2x is a bit better if it's all, duh, x20:45
ajmitchI do it slightly oddly & use x2x along with ssh X forwarding20:45
chiltsI'd seen people use synergy for mac<->linux, but yeah, x2x sounds more my cup of tea :)21:15

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