ubottutwb called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()03:16
bazhang<Noah> Will ubuntu assist me in receiving a labotomy?  trolling multiple channels05:23
rwwYeah, I've been keeping an eye out for more from them. Seems quiet thusfar, though.05:24
bazhangyep. just gave an @mark in case there is some doubt as to his/her intent05:25
bazhangDawid, /join #ubuntu-pl05:29
rwwThey're ban-forwarded here from #ubuntu because they apparently think #ubuntu's topic is "attack random people with cusswords".05:31
elkyI can understand that confusion. It's a common typo.05:32
elkythey also appear to be using mobileternets.05:33
rwwhence the banforward being on their ident and ISP05:33
bazhangrww, seems we had dual bans on that one, I had already removed mine05:33
dobeFEguyI have friends that were helping me out with some pretty serious customization to get my company working towards some linux products (I work with adobe)06:45
Tm_TdobeFEguy: yes?06:45
dobeFEguymy friends (tech leads from HP and Google) most of them were banned apparently over ego issues of moderators here not liking being corrected06:46
rwwdobeFEguy: Do you happen to have nicknames handy so I can look up the relevant logs?06:46
dobeFEguyHP switched to Mint already, and he wants me to go the same route, and it sounds like google is talking about the same thing06:46
dobeFEguyI cant get that approved, how can I get them on here to help me out06:46
dobeFEguyIm not sure06:47
rwwI can't really discuss bans if I don't know what situation you're talking about, after all :)06:47
dobeFEguylet me ping the guy I was talking to tonight and see what his nick was06:47
rwwalright. Hostname works too, though you might prefer to PM that.06:47
Tm_TdobeFEguy: and just to comment what you have provided thus far: it's very irrelevant for who people work at (:06:48
dobeFEguyi dont understand06:48
dobeFEguyoh, sorry, I wasn't trying to brag that I work at adobe, I'm just excited that we are putting effort into linux finally so I like to let people know06:49
rwwdobeFEguy: I think Tm_T's saying that we only consider peoples' behavior in #ubuntu when removing them, not their employer ;)06:49
Tm_Tthat ^06:50
Tm_Tanyway, there's nothing we can do until we have enough details, as rww stated (:06:50
dobeFEguyoh, I'm just saying that I think there are definitely people you don't want to drive away, especially when they were banned for no good reason, and both for the same thing, just seeing a pattern thats all and I was concerned06:51
dobeFEguywhen you have the support of certain companies it is good for all06:52
Tm_TdobeFEguy: we don't know yet if they were banned for no good reason, or banned at all (:06:52
Tm_Tah, him06:52
dobeFEguythats the guy I asked to help me tonight and he said he was still banned06:52
dobeFEguyi suppose we could communicate via other routes, but I'd like the thoughts of everyone here through the process06:53
Tm_TdobeFEguy: what really needs to happen is, if I recall correctly the situation with him, is that he comes here and discuss the situation with us06:54
dobeFEguyok well i dont really know what to do06:55
dobeFEguycan you tell him that06:55
Tm_Tunfortunately there's not much you can do (:06:55
Tm_TdobeFEguy: been told06:55
rwwdobeFEguy: For what it's worth, the original discussion that got him forwarded here was between him and another non-operator, in which he insisted something rather obviously incorrect. There was no "moderator" involved in the discussion, so it's not a matter of "not liking being corrected".06:57
Tm_TdobeFEguy: I undestand if some people find our channel moderation a bit harsh at times, especially for bystanders who don't have all the details06:58
rwwor, in other words, the person he was disagreeing with and the op that actioned him are different people.06:58
dobeFEguyi dont get it06:59
dobeFEguythey got banned for debating?06:59
rwwNo, they got banned for giving incorrect support in a support channel.06:59
Tm_Twell, and continuing non-support debate in a support channel after being asked to discuss it elsewhere, I believe07:00
dobeFEguythat doesnt sound right, these guys I'm talking about are pretty brilliant, sounds like miscommunication to me07:00
dobeFEguyhes not answering me07:01
dobeFEguyIf i can get him, who should I urge him to talk to?07:01
Tm_Tto join this channel07:01
Tm_Tso the discussion is publicly logged and be judged by others (:07:01
dobeFEguyok thanks, maybe ill be back I guess07:03
Tm_TdobeFEguy: I also would like to notify that when we will be discussing with him about this, we will not allow bystanders to be in this channel07:04
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/07:04
Tm_TdobeFEguy: ^07:04
dobeFEguysorry, Ill go07:05
Tm_TdobeFEguy: if you have further questions about our policies, feel free to PM me or ask in this channel (:07:05
noisewaterphdsomebody wants to talk to me?07:17
Tm_Thi, depending on what you are looking for07:18
noisewaterphdI was asked for some help, a person I guess we both know said you wanted to talk to me07:19
Tm_Tmay I ask where you were asked for help?07:19
Tm_Tok, was just wondering07:20
noisewaterphdhe wanted me to join him on irc, I made an attempt but I am banned07:20
noisewaterphdI assume that is what this is all about07:21
Tm_Twell, I doubt you did an attempt to join #ubuntu07:21
noisewaterphdi did07:21
noisewaterphdit dumped me here and told me i was still banned07:21
Tm_Twhen did you try join the channel?07:21
noisewaterphdnot sure, maybe 30mins ago07:22
Tm_Tah, I see now, my bad07:22
Tm_Tas you did try join #ubuntu, are you interested on trying to discuss the matter why you are directed to here?07:24
noisewaterphdsure thing07:25
Tm_Tdo you remember what it was about?07:25
noisewaterphdnot exactly, I believe I was arguing about ssh with someone, and then hastily banned in my opinion07:26
noisewaterphdi was arguing that ssh is a valid encryption mechanism for vpn07:28
Tm_Tnoisewaterphd: if I recall things correctly, and if I can gather enough from logs, that was one part of the discussion yes (:07:29
jussiTm_T: and his crazy backwards smileys...07:29
noisewaterphdI was then provided a link as proof that i was wrong, however the link provided specifically listed ssh as a valid encryption mechanism for vpn07:29
noisewaterphdthen i was banned with no notice07:29
Tm_Tnoisewaterphd: one moment07:30
noisewaterphdya, i was just browsing the log as well07:30
noisewaterphdbut again, i was not trying to attack the guy in anyway, but I can see how he could feel that way07:30
jussinoisewaterphd: I havent seen the log, but I'd say #ubuntu isnt really the place for arguing whats right and wrong, its a support channel. If you have a problem with what an op says, its best to join here and talk about it, get it cleared up and then go and support again in #ubuntu.07:31
jussinoisewaterphd: #ubuntu is too busy as it is.07:31
Tm_Twhat jussi says (:07:31
noisewaterphdmy intention was not to cause a problem07:32
Tm_Tif that doesn't happen voluntarily, sometimes banforward is used, like in this case07:32
Tm_Tit might be a bit harsh, I admit that07:32
jussiI think thats probably the reason for the banforward to here, so ... yeah what Tm_T said :)07:32
jussinoisewaterphd: so do you think you could keep strictly to support in #ubuntu, and problems to PM/here?07:33
noisewaterphdI never had a problem in several years07:33
noisewaterphdand in the case where i was banned, I was really just trying to help07:34
noisewaterphdi think i just inadvertantly came off as combative07:34
jussinoisewaterphd: yeah, I hear you, just a matter of trying to keep things sane in there, its crazy enough as it is07:34
noisewaterphdso to directly answer your question: yes07:35
jussinoisewaterphd: no probs, Tm_T will get the ban removed for you then :)07:36
jussithanks for understanding07:36
noisewaterphdnp, thanks guys07:36
Tm_Tnoisewaterphd: ban is removed, you're free to join the support channel. Feel free to join this channel on any issue. (:07:37
noisewaterphdif there is anything else I'll lurk for a moment, otherwise have a good night gentlemen07:37
noisewaterphdthanks Tm_T07:37
Tm_Tno need to lurk, you're free to part07:38
noisewaterphdof course now the guy asking me to come here is nowhere to be found :)07:38
noisewaterphdgoodnight guys07:38
=== ldunn__ is now known as ldunn
bazhangits not a pinguy question :(12:58
MyrttiDawid: trying to access #ubuntu?16:36
h00kDawid: What is your goal?16:48
Pici*!~dawid@*cdma.centertel.pl$#ubuntu-ops in #ubuntu16:48
h00kI saw that, yeah.16:49
Dawid#soulseek polska16:49
ikoniaDawid: do you speak English ?16:50
DawidIcon-NoT. I know how Polish, and now with gogol korzytam interpreter16:51
IdleOnewhy not forward them to -pl instead of here17:27
rwwbecause they're banned for cussing out users in #ubuntu, not for trying to access #ubuntu-pl17:28
Picih00k: What was in that video?17:42
h00kPici: It was Rebecca Black's new video :|17:42
PiciI'm not clicking it.17:43
h00kDon't :(17:43
PiciI haven't seen or heard her other one...17:43
h00kYou have skillz.17:43
h00kI applaud you.17:43
PiciI willfully avoided it.17:43
h00kalthough, I think it's an experience everyone should have once.17:43
PiciI've seen many other horrible internet things, I think I've had enough.17:44
jussiI saw about 10 seconds... was enough for me18:01
popeyreal men watch revbecca black all the way through18:30
popeythen nyan cat18:30
jpdspopey: s/black/brooke/18:30
PiciThen Tunak Tunak Tun?18:30
h00kI forgot about that song.18:32
h00kTunak Tunak Tun18:32
h00kDA DA DA!18:32
knomerebecca black? who is that altogether??18:32
Jordan_UGrr, autobleh failed me again.18:41
oCeanmy +q did not work?18:42
PicioCean: you can't +q people who have a +e.18:44
PiciWhich webchat people get.18:44
oCeanoh right, I forgot18:45
oCeanagain :(18:45
PiciI wonder if that fellow connected using irc.ubuntu.com and thinks that #ubuntu is where they should be.18:45
* h00k takes notes18:45
Jordan_UPici: To get close to the same effect with webchat users does it make sense to ban then (without removing them)?18:46
PiciJordan_U: no, the +e affects +b as well.18:46
PiciThe bot takes care of it if you just kick.18:47
oCeana kick is sufficient to remove the exempt18:47
Jordan_UIn that situation it would have been really nice to be able to quiet then talk in PM though :(18:47
oCeanyes, that's what I intended18:47
PiciWell, they can still join #ubuntu with the current system, but the bots wont went an excempt for them.18:48
PiciMaybe I should just re-explain how webchat users are treated.. would that be helpful?18:49
PiciThere is one somewhere.18:49
knomelink that to a factoid, THAT would be helpful :)18:49
Jordan_UI understand it, I just find it unfortunate.18:50
h00kI should revisit these floodbots wikis18:51
h00kjust to remember18:52
PiciI added it to the topic in -ops-monitor18:52
h00kwrong channel. I'm going to take a break for a while.18:53
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:45
Corey#ubuntu.pl is invite only.  #ubuntu-pl is likely where you want to go.19:46
oCeanDawid: do you understand that you have been forwarded here for your bahaviour in #ubuntu?19:49
oCeanDawid: please respond19:51
DawidOcean- No19:52
oCeanDawid: your bahaviour and language in #ubuntu are unacceptable19:53
DawidoCean- Okay, sorry19:53
oCeanDawid: because of that you are banned from that channel, do you understand?19:54
DawidoCean- I understand19:55
oCeanDawid: the channel is English only. So you cannot start speaking in Polish.19:55
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:56
oCeanDawid: please read those carefully ^19:56
DawidoCean- And you know any Polish, but not # ubuntu.pl19:56
oCeanDawid: the channel is #ubuntu-pl19:56
oCeannot .pl19:57
PicioCean: it forwards to #ubuntu-pl19:57
oCeanPici: oh, Corey pointed out it's invite only19:57
DawidoCean- OK, but something else, because there are not people to be nice. If bad writing, I apologize, but kozytam with google translator.19:58
CoreyThere may be a forward on that, I didn't check. :-)19:58
oCeanDawid: ok, I understand. But you really have to try not to get upset.19:59
DawidoCean- I did not want to offend anyone19:59
oCeanDawid: but you did, obviously.20:00
oCeanI don't have to repeat those words, right?20:00
DawidoCean- And you know some Polish IRC is just not what podawałeś before?20:01
oCeansorry? Can you rephrase that?20:01
DawidoCean- Do you know any Polish IRC, but not this, then what You gave20:02
oCeanoh, sorry - no I don't know any other polish channel.20:02
oCean#ubuntu-pl cannot help you?20:03
DawidoCena- On that channel is not too interesting: /20:03
oCeanOk, sorry, but I cannot help you with that.20:04
DawidoCean- It's a shame something can look for in google20:05
oCeanSo, if you think you can control yourself and like to use the #ubuntu channel again, I really need you to read those guidelines20:06
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:06
DawidI do not understand too much20:07
oCeanOk, the English might be difficult to grasp. What you do have to understand that we need you to respect the others in the channel20:08
oCeanAnd that, when others point out some of the rules of the channel. you listen to them20:08
DawidNo longer can I behave normally, ie not to experience, etc.20:09
oCeanSorry, but I don't fully understand your last sentence20:09
DawidI will not live and no one will be controlled20:10
oCeanYou don't want to follow the guidelines?20:10
oCeanYou don't want people to tell you how to behave?20:11
DawidI'll have to behave well, apparently badly translated google20:12
oCeanah ok, then. I understood that as "I don't want to be controlled"20:12
DawidAnd you're the administrator here?20:12
oCeanOperator, yes20:13
oCeanI can remove your ban, so you can enter the #ubuntu channel again20:13
DawidThat I'm sorry for everything20:13
DawidAll right. thank you20:14
oCeanthat's a good start :)20:14
oCeanBut please remember that, when you get banned again, a second ban is much harder to get removed20:14
oCeanDawid: can you please try to join #ubuntu channel?20:15
DawidWell, I remember. I'm new here, I have some Linux 2-3 days20:15
oCeanSure, we all started once...20:16
DawidI can join the ubuntu channel?20:16
oCeanplease try20:17
DawidAnd how do I get there?20:17
oCean/join #ubunt20:17
oCean/join #ubuntu20:17
oCeanDawid: it seems you joined!20:18
DawidWell, I went. Once again thanks for everything and sorry20:18
oCeanSure, glad we worked it out.20:18
oCeanDawid: if there is nothing more we can do for you, can you leave this channel?20:19
DawidAnd as I always turn on the IRC this channel I turn on ubuntu, how can I set myself to my two should join?20:19
DawidWell, no problem. See you20:20
h00kI believe I still had a ban20:24
oCeanyes, BT 3714520:25
h00kSo, that'd be ban evading, yes?20:26
h00ktaken care of.20:27
h00kOh, I had one in #ubuntu-offtopic20:27
h00kMyrtti: good eye, thank you20:29
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (msmist appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)22:14

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