dragoon_jashi everybody08:13
dragoon_jashow to join sa ubuntu phil. society?08:14
dragoon_jastaga manila me08:14
zakamehi hi08:18
Terminushmmm... to get or to not get os x lion...08:24
epalto replace with ubuntu! xD08:35
epalsamhain? the great pythonista? :D08:35
SamhainXIIICan any of you guys recommend a good web hosting provider. Preferably local, yung puwedeng tawagan at kulitin IRL.08:36
SamhainXIIIPythonista? Hahaha! Poser, is more like it.08:36
TerminusSamhainXIII: bakit kailangan talaga pwedeng kulitin? =)08:38
SamhainXIIIWala lang. Bad experiences with online-only providers eh.08:38
Terminusfor django stuff, i'm just putting it on appengine para free. hehe08:38
Terminusi remember there was this guy asking about BGP on the PLUG mailing list and he was with solid hosting.08:40
Terminusso there's one local option.08:40
SamhainXIIII remember somebody advertising in UF din, but I don't remember who s/he is.08:41
TerminusSamhainXIII: UF = user friendly?08:41
SamhainXIII=P UbuntuForums08:41
Terminusoh. hehehe08:42
TerminusSamhainXIII: how quick a response time are you looking for? the cheap hosting plans don't really come with good support, no matter where you go.08:43
Terminusin any case, mediatemple.net has been able to fix my issues within 24-hours.08:44
SamhainXIIIAh, well I'm not that demanding. Hehehe! Actually, the web host I'm using now is pretty decent. Cebu-based. But if I can get a Manila-based provider, it's better.08:44
Terminusi see... well, solidhosting.ph seems to be in QC. =)08:45
SamhainXIIIThanks, will check them out.08:45
SamhainXIIINot bad at all...08:47
Terminushahaha. solid hosting says they have colocation facilities in at vitro and ETPI. ETPI is just an elevator ride away from me. XD08:48
SamhainXIIIHahaha! Yeah, that's one think I'm liking right now. And they seem to have good shared hosting packages. Medyo mahal lang ang VPS.08:49
Terminusyeah, 2K for the vps.08:50
Terminuswhois for solidhosting points at an address in bel-air.08:52
SamhainXIII24K/year... need to host at least 2 clients para malibre ang site ko. Hehehe!08:52
SamhainXIIII'll keep these guys in mind. Hehehe! Thanks, Terminus.08:53
zakamethere's solidhosting and web.com.ph09:57

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