micahganyone having network connectivity issues w/the new natty proposed kernel?05:53
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Davieymvo: How is the auto upgrade testing -> jenkins doing?12:49
DavieyAs in, when can i start seeing lots of success?12:49
* Daviey doesn't want failure atm.12:50
mvoDaviey: some progress12:53
jibelDaviey, Profile 'profile/server' FAILED ;-P12:53
jibelmvo, BTW is the previous system still active ? There is a strange error "PortInUseException: the port is already in use (another upgrade tester is running?)"12:56
mvojibel: indeed, I'm working on that currently12:56
mvojibel: yeah, but it seems to be in a funky state12:56
jibelok thanks12:57
Davieyjibel: Ahhhhhhhhhhh12:59
mvojibel: I restarted the auto-uprade-tester, should have new results in a couple of hours13:35
skaetjibel, any of the unprioritized new bugs in the last 24 hours a cause for concern, beyond release noting?13:41
jibelskaet, nothing new. Main issue remaining unexplained is bug 81383713:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 813837 in ltsp (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "ltsp client not able to load boot file: ltsp/amd64.tmp/pxelinux.0 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81383713:43
jibelthere's a workaround, and it is reproduced in 10.04.2 so release noting is good enough.13:43
skaetthanks jibel.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/10.04.3 has some preliminary words on it,  could you add the workaround to them?13:44
jibelI'm trying to figure if it didn't break because of something else pushed to -updates13:44
jibelok updating now13:44
skaetjibel,  let me know know what you find re -updates,  am interested in figuring out if there's some process adjustments needed.13:47
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skaethggdh, jibel - kernel to fix 588861 for 10.04.3 is now in proposed.   Would like to get it promoted to -updates as soon as possible.   Can the server mandatory tests be rerun with it,  and the spot tests for the desktop images to just make sure no glitches have occured with this updated kernel.14:50
jibelskaet, ok. Just to confirm there will be no new image with this kernel only a publication to -proposed ?14:54
hggdhskaet: I will re-run the UEC tests.14:55
skaetjibel,  confirmed.  We will not be respinning images, but want to get this new kernel into -updates as soon as we can get it tested.14:55
skaetSince it is a new kernel though,  we do need to make sure we're following the SRU kernel update processes at least.14:56
hggdhskaet: so are we talking about a full SRU cycle?15:02
hggdh(HC, regression, etc)?15:03
skaethggdh, probably good for us to talk this through with jibel and do some risk analysis as to what's actually going to be prudent.15:07
PaoloRotoloHi all :)15:09
hggdhskaet: jibel and sconklin/bjf, you and (me as a listener), I would guess15:09
skaethggdh, yes,  that seems like the right stakeholders.15:14
skaetbrendand, hggdh, jibel,  can you join in on a call in 10 minutes (info mailed in google calendar) to discuss appropriate level of testing for lucid kernel?16:32
brendandhave to find a phone, bear with me16:36
skaetthanks brendand16:40
skaetwe'll wait16:40
skaetbrendand,  hggdh  - US tollfree number is 1 866 352 270916:41
hggdhskaet: in the call16:43
jibelskaet, dialing16:43
PaoloRotoloSorry, in Ubuntu Oneiric daily the mouse is black...16:53
PaoloRotoloI have installed Ubuntu Daily (20110721)16:53
PaoloRotoloThe pointer is black...16:53
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skaet 10.04.3 images have now been released, and I'd like to give a big "Thank you" to Alessio Grosso Sgarrillo, AntonioAllegretti, brendand, chadadavis, charlie-tca, Claudinux, Fo5150, FrancescoRuvolo, freefly, hggdh, jamespage, jibel, kidsodateless, Lance, Letozaf_, MarcoBuono, marius78, NightSilente, njin, PaoloRotolo, PatrickDK, patrickmw, primes2h, RRRRube, Salvy, smb, starslights, thearkenin, totopalma and xdatap120:13
skaet for testing the ISOs.20:13
skaetThe images would not have been able to go out today without your efforts!20:13
skaetGrazie mille a la Italiana LoCo!20:13
hggdhpresto! ;-)20:14
xdatap1skaet, Happy to help :) Thanks to you Kate, you're doing great :)20:15
charlie-tcaGreat job, skaet. Glad to be of help. Without your coordination, we wouldn't make it, too!20:53
Claudinuxskaet, very happy to help!!! :-)20:57
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