dpmgood morning all06:38
yurchorgood morning06:39
dpmhey yurchor :)06:54
yurchorhey dpm! What is Ubuntu policy about using Git branches with no upstream translation?06:56
dpmyurchor, I'm not sure I understand what you mean with git branches with no upstream translation. Could you give me an example?06:57
yurchorlibknetwork translation template is extracted not from master but from "nm09" branch06:58
yurchorUpstream uses "master" for translation: http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/trunk-kde4/po/libknetworkmanager.po/07:01
dpmyurchor, so just to make sure I understand: you're saying that in Ubuntu we're using the template from the 'nm09' branch, while at upstream the translation focus is 'master'?07:06
yurchorYes, exactly.07:06
dpmyurchor, ok, gotcha. Again, just to understand it: so do you see any particular issue in that? (it's common that in Ubuntu we ship older versions than upstream)07:13
yurchorCalligra developers banned Mageia for using developer branch (Alpha 1) in the release. Is the usage of devs branch in the release discussed with KNetworkManager developers?07:15
dpmyurchor, I think it must have been, but in any case, if that is the actual question, the translation part is secondary: if I understand it correctly, what you're asking is if the usage of that branch in Ubuntu has been blessed by the upstream developers. I cannot answer that, as I don't know, but I'd recommend asking on #kubuntu-devel (perhaps you can ping apachelogger), where some Kubuntu and KDE devs hang out07:22
dpmthey should be able to tell you in detail07:22
yurchorOk, thanks.07:22
dpmno worries :)07:22
head_victimAny experienced enGB translators around?12:27
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