nhainespleia2: how'd it go?02:59
pleia2nhaines: went well I think! I managed to drag people in so it didn't feel like I was talking to a ghost town ;)04:36
MarkDudeSry I was not able to participate. I am on CLS and OSCON now-. I was wondering what I have done wrong with the CA ML04:47
MarkDudeI sent to Ubuntus Oregon and Washington04:47
MarkDudeand CA, and only their lists got it04:47
MarkDuderww helped me on this before, I thought mark @gk was accepted04:48
pleia2your mail came through fine, larry replied04:48
pleia2see, it's in the archives :)04:48
MarkDudeWhy yes it is04:49
* MarkDude checked earlier and it was not04:49
pleia2I don't know how they update their list archives, might be a cron job or something that's only run at certain times04:49
MarkDudePay no attention to the guy getting hectic for a 36 hour countdown04:49
jyopleia2: Mt. View Ubuntu Hour on for tomorrow?04:50
pleia2jyo: as far as I know, yes, but you can confirm with jtatum04:51
jyoAh. Thanks!04:51
jtatumrumors of tomorrow's mountain view ubuntu hour are true! email forthcoming06:00
philipballewroseville ubuntu hour as well!06:03
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philipballewwho runs the twitter page. I need to have the roseville ubuntu hour tweet sent out?19:15
rwwpleia2 has access to it, I think.19:19
pleia2a bunch of people do, iheartubuntu usually handles the hour announcements19:19
pleia2I can do it though19:19
philipballewi can text dave easily19:20
philipballewif that needs to be19:20
philipballewor if i was given access do it to? unless thats bad. haha19:20
pleia2I've got it19:20
pleia26pm tonight?19:22
philipballewI think thats when i set it for yeah19:22
pleia2just confirming the loco directory is correct :) thanks19:22
philipballewlol. I know your busy, but if anyone in the bay wants to come up, feel free to!19:23
philipballewhaha, take a weekend trip to tahoe and stop on your way up19:23
* pleia2 sends out one for mt view too19:24
philipballewI see to many people from the bay stopping in this town every weekend to spend the weekend in tahoe. haha. nice place though19:24
pleia2boo, posterous is acting up19:26
akkTahoe is a bit cooler than the central valley in midsummer ... no offense. :)19:28
philipballewhaha, akk if anyone wants to ever go, i have a cabin i rent out. where in the C.V. are you?19:29
akkI'm not in the central valley, except when I drive through it ...19:30
akk(and then I"m not on IRC, 'cause I"m not cool and modern like some people)19:30
philipballewoh, haha. I drove from here to so cal last weekend. TO HOT! i also lack the smart phones and cell phone internet, :)19:31
akkRoseville is in the CV, no? I was explaining why people might rather go to Tahoe than Roseville in July.19:31
akkyeah, we got our car's AC "fixed" the day before we drove SJ-LA, and of course the "fix" didn't quite work.19:31
akkWhat is it about AC that it always breaks when you're driving on trips up/down I5? Happened on the way to OSCON once too.19:32
philipballewfor sure. there is an in in out here in auburn. its the last in in out before reno. I go there on weekends and always see people who well. just look like they dont belong if you will19:33
akkAnd then again the "fix" by the useless mechanic in Portland didn't fix anything, so we had no AC on the way back.19:33
pleia2there is goes, tweets are out :)19:33
pleia2(and identica, and facebook)19:33
philipballewyou goin to oscon this time? akk19:33
akkno, can't, schedule problems19:33
philipballewme to akk, there are not really any other conventions besides that and scale around19:34
philipballewthanks pleia2 !19:34
akkphilipballew: No big linux confs. But there are small ones happening fairly often, and sometimes it's hard to find out about them.19:35
* philipballew has retweetd as well19:35
philipballewthe bay area has a few correct?19:35
akkphilipballew: back in -- May, I think it was? -- there were nonstop conferences in the bay area (most of them free!) for about 6 weeks.19:35
akkThen ... nothing for months.19:35
akkbut some more coming up, codecamp and some google coding thing that's already filled up and I forget what else19:36
philipballewin sd there is a linux bassed network security confrence i will go to. torcon in ortober, and that is all19:36
philipballewgoogle coding sounds fun19:36
akkPeople keep trying to start websites that track tech confs,19:36
akkwith the result that now it's just as hard to keep up with all the partial tech conf websites as it was to keep up with the tech confs. :)19:37
akk(it's even harder if you're trying to hear about them early so you can make a proposal)19:37
philipballewwhat would you like to do a proposal on?19:38
akkDepends on the conf, obviously -- a talk for a javascript conf would be different from a python one would be different from privacy camp etc.19:39
philipballewhaha, its true, so you are a programmer i see19:40
akkyeah, though I don't always talk about programming19:40
akkthough I've been doing that more, partly because confs prefer advanced geeky talks and partly to show that yes, there are women developers giving talks.19:41
akkBeginner talks are actually more fun -- it's easier to be entertaining and lively talking about concepts than when explaining a page of code.19:43
philipballewi agree. i went to a talk on python once and though i understood it, i wasnt as excited about that as just a simple talk on vim, vs emac. witch made me laugh19:45
akkIt's possible to be funny on advanced geeky subjects -- the best OSCON preso I went to year before last was on the SMTP (email sending) protocol.19:46
akkIt was hilarious (and still educational), believe it or not.19:46
philipballewit takes more then just knowing the subject but also good communation skills i gueess19:46
akkYes, it's really hard to make a techy subject funny and still communicate good info.19:47
philipballewI was offered a while back to give a talk on ubuntu, i still need to talk to the lug and set that up.19:48
akkI try -- I know I'm not as good as some of my speaking idols but I think I'm making progress.19:48
philipballewread up on good communication or public speaking. :)19:48
akkI've been in Toastmasters for 7+ years -- trust me, I do a lot of reading and practicing.19:49
philipballewnice, ive thought about going to one of those. worth it?19:49
akkoh yes, very much so!19:49
akkIt made a huge difference in my speaking.19:49
akkIn a few weeks I have a 1-day class in javascript for high school girls, and I'm trying to figure out how to do interactive sessions19:50
akklike "program a person to do something" to illustrate how programming works19:50
akkwhich lots of people talk about in theory but nobody seems to write about how you really do that19:51
philipballewsocial coding?19:51
akkI don't know what that is.19:52
philipballewits like hacking someones mind to do something19:53
akkThat sounds a lot more subtle than what you'd do with a roomful of high school first-time programmers.19:54
philipballewhaha, i understand. my hs tought basic as a first language19:55
philipballewdo you still give talks on gimp?19:56
philipballewbasic is okay, but I would never use it seriously for much19:58
akkLast year I gave a lot of gimp scripting talks. Haven't given any basic gimp user talks in a while.20:01
akkI've been thinking maybe it's been long enough that I can start proposing them again.20:02
akk(confs don't seem to want a topic they've already had in the last few years)20:02
philipballewi have had a lot of people ask me about it. well. would you wait till 2.8?20:02
akkI might, for conference talks (where I can't give one again for N years afterward)20:05
akkthough not for local talks -- I'm happy to give local gimp talks any time.20:05
philipballewhaha, you live in a nice area for that. it seems gimp would be non-geekey enough to get a good audience then20:08
raginkestrelakk: I have just started using Gimp for a website that I am designing.  What is the best way to learn more about the program?20:09
philipballewraginkestrel, there are good books on gimp i have seen?20:10
akkLike miiiiine! :)20:10
raginkestrelAwesome. I will check out the site now.20:11
akkIf you don't want to buy a book, there are lots of links on my site to online tutorials.20:11
seidosphilipballew: the ppl in #gimp are helpful too20:11
akkI'd say, do tutorials for a while, and if you find yourself wanting to understand things better, a book will probably help.20:11
akkAt least, that's the way I went. And yes, #gimp (on irc.gimp.org) is helpful. I don't know anything about the one here on freenode.20:12
raginkestrelI like having a book as well.  It tends to explain more than tutorials.20:12
akkI started with "Grokking the GIMP" (gimp-savvy.com)20:13
akkwhich is a great book, but the UI is way out of date (it's based on gimp 1.x).20:13
raginkestrelIf you give a local talk will you publish on the mailing list?20:14
akkOn ubuntu-california? That might be sort of off-topic.20:15
akkHave to go, back in an hour or two ...20:15
raginkestrelThanks for your help everyone.  I have got a few good leads here!20:16
philipballewraginkestrel, sweet!20:17
raginkestrelOne more question.  Is this channel open for all topics or just topics strictly related to loco events?20:19
seidosraginkestrel:  not really sure.  i am hesitant to bring up all kinds of weird stuff, but mostly because i imagine people in the channel giving me funny looks and slowly wandering away from me20:34
nhainesraginkestrel: it's focused on LoCo stuff (not just events) but general chatter's fine too.  Just remember that this channel is logged and publically archived.20:35
raginkestrelseidos: lol, I was worried about that too.20:35
raginkestrelnhaines: Is this basically where California members hang out, or more official?20:36
nhainesraginkestrel: It's officially the California Local Community Team IRC Channel, but no one here bites and anyone is welcome anyway.20:38
raginkestrelI caught Jono Bacon's presentation this morning and he recommended joining.  However, the loco website recommends getting in touch before joining.  Who do I get in touch with?20:38
pleia2sometimes we talk about our cats (or turtles)20:39
pleia2being here is "getting in touch" :)20:39
raginkestrelHello!  I will now go to Launchpad and join.20:40
jonoI like turtles :-)20:40
raginkestreljono, I have a pond and need a couple of turtles to keep fish under control.20:40
raginkestrelAll right, it appears that I am now a member.  Now what?20:44
seidossaw turtles @ the exploratorium on tuesday20:44
seidossuckers are deceptively fast when they want to be20:44
nhainespleia2: I just downloaded Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS and threw the ISOs on my NAS drive here at work.20:47
nhaines5.75GB is an easier download at work!  :)20:48
raginkestrelI have been personally advocating Ubuntu.  How do I learn more about troubleshooting and the command line.  I am a little worried that I will have a configuring issue on someone elses computer and not know how to deal with it?20:48
nhainesAnd it looks like a coworker just got Ubuntu 11.04 installed on his Macbook.20:49
seidosraginkestrel: best way is probably to get your hands on someone's "cheat sheet", but there is also a program i heard about called "cli companion" written in python20:50
raginkestrelseidos, where can I get a "cheat sheet" or do I just need to get to know people here better?20:52
seidosraginkestrel: i'd give you mine, but it's on a hdd that i don't have access to right now20:52
seidosi want to post it on my site, along with two other "projects"20:53
raginkestrelseidos: No worries.  I have learned a lot in the last three months between the forums and irc.20:53
seidosno worries no worries \o/20:54
* philipballew waves to seidos 20:54
* seidos waves back20:55
seidosttyl all20:56
pleia2http://blog.grossmeier.net/2011/07/21/moving-to-sf-working-with-cc/ \o/22:34
pleia2we steal more ubuntu people!22:34
pleia2(sorry michigan)22:34
quicksilver_"Oracle today announced it's completed the acquisition of K-Splice, dropping support for Redhat, CentOS, and SUSE, and closing doors to new customers. Unless of course you want to become a Oracle Linux Premier Support subscriber — then it comes as standard."22:50
pleia2remember the days when oracle wasn't completely evil? those were the days23:00
quicksilver_Good placement of the word "completely"23:01
pleia2yeah, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a time when they weren't at least a little evil23:02
pleia2but you know, back in the day, biggest database player in the world supports their product on linux, cool cool23:03
broderuh, i know hte ksplice guys personally23:04
broderi don't think i've seen any evidence that they were dropping support for non-oracle products23:04
broderi assume people are getting worked up over "The combination of Ksplice technology and Oracle Linux Premier Support is expected to be the only enterprise Linux provider that can offer zero downtime updates"23:04
broderbut ksplice can continue to sell RHEL, etc. updates without contradicting that statement23:05
brodersince the updates wouldn't be coming from the EL provider23:05
broder(also, seirously, for crying out loud, you link to the wikipedia article but mis-capitalize and mis-hyphenate "Ksplice"?)23:06
pleia2yeah, it would be sad if the aquisition meant that ksplice itself stopped being developed outside of oracle (which would kinda be hard to prevent)23:07
broderanyway, i can't back this up with facts, because my friends at ksplice don't seem to be on any form of im at the moment23:07
broderbut they're certainly not evil, even if oracle is23:08
pleia2I don't think anyone said they were, it's all oracle23:08
pleia2oracle has been making a mess of open source all year23:08
broderactually, looks like lwn got a quote from an e-mail jeff sent out: http://lwn.net/Articles/452498/23:08
akkIt's strange -- oracle had done some good pro-linux things prior to buying sun, then suddenly they turn around and start acting goofy.23:09
akkAdmittedly sun always acted goofy and inconsistent about open source, so maybe the sun goofiness combined with the oracle huge-corporationness.23:10
pleia2that's been my assumption23:10
jyobut guys, they donated OOo to Apache so we're all cool now. :P23:10
pleia2jyo: it only took a major fork and loss of all their contributors!23:10
pleia2"well this is useless now, here apache"23:11
jyogo go license incompatibility23:11

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