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jbichamaco: you aren't running oneiric yet, right?23:20
macoim about to boot an oneiric *vm* as soon as this iso download finishes...23:20
macomostly lately ive been running stable at work (because ya know...i cant have that breaking. also needs to work with vmware) and osx at home23:21
jbichaok, I just reported bug 81434623:21
lubotu1Launchpad bug 814346 in xorg (Ubuntu) "xorg-common depends on xdiagnose which pulls in all of gtk3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81434623:21
macobecause im spending all my awake time at the boyfriend's and he's an osx person and my laptop's at home and cant suspend so moving it sucks23:21
macoim home right now though :)23:21
jbicharight, did you guys upgrade to Lion yet?23:21
macothe laptop of his i mostly use is 2 releases behind, and he says he'll upgrade to what-was-stable-a-week-ago but until then im not putting bzr on, since the python version is different23:24
macohe keeps the machines in line with what his office uses, so i doubt the switch to lion will be very immediate23:24
macoi know it scrolls touchscreen way instead of scrollbar way23:24
jbichaoh ok, it makes sense that it's a lot easier to provide support for the system you're always using23:25
macothat was pretty much the argument used in switching my family to ubuntu23:26

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