itnet7maxolasersquad_h: did you receive my reply?01:13
maxolasersquad_hitnet7: yes01:53
RoAkSoAxitnet7 dude where are u hidding03:26
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dantalizingMichelleQ: dont think we're gonna stop by after all this weekend ... turns out we have a party back here in gainesville at night, and we're not heading down until saturday morning15:24
dantalizingso we're squeezed at both ends15:24
dantalizingmhall119: ^^15:25
dantalizingoh wait, wut15:25
mhall119acknowledging your msg15:26
dantalizingi got it15:26
dantalizingi learned about the tcps last week15:26
mhall119how's the family?15:29
dantalizingdid yall decide on a date for the november thing?15:30
mhall119I know the feeling15:30
mhall119dantalizing: tentatively, yes15:30
mhall119let me find the link15:30
dantalizingwhy is it tenative?15:31
mhall119because we just decided on it a couple days ago15:32
dantalizingso you're not looking for more input?15:33
mhall119depends on the input15:33
dantalizingi'm dancing around the issue.... i vote for the 20th if bids are still open15:33
mhall119of november?15:33
dantalizingalthough the 5th works15:33
mhall119were you going to come down and stay in Orlando for UDS?15:34
mhall119staying friday night too?15:34
mhall119our thinking was that people would still be in Orlando on saturday, so it' wouldn't me as much of a drive for them15:34
dantalizingof course15:35
dantalizinghas anyone talked about doing a loco night again at uds?15:36
mhall119not yet15:36
mhall119you thinking of a loco meetup, or like the pizza party we did last year?15:37
dantalizingthe pizza thing15:37
mhall119no discussion yet, no15:37
pak33mmmm, pizza16:00
chayniewhen is UDS again?16:00
chaynieAlso, hey guys. ;)16:00
pak33mhey who's coming to orlando16:00
pak33mmissed it16:00
pak33mi know, sutfl16:01
mhall119chaynie: first week of Nov.16:06
chaynieas in, 10/31-11/4?16:06
chaynieI think I can do that.16:07
MichelleQdantalizing: no worries16:09
MichelleQalso, I'd be game for organizing some sort of loco night again.16:10
chaynieProbably won't be able to do the evening stuff though, grad school doesn't care about UDS. :(16:11
MichelleQchaynie: boo.  You could at least come to the loco event on that Saturday, right?16:11
chaynieMichelleQ: That should be fine. It's just weekdays that are the inflexible ones.16:12
mhall119chaynie: grad school doesn't care about discussions about the design and development of the most popular consumer linux distro on the planet?16:12
chaynieonly insofar as I can relate it to extentialism and humanistic psychology..16:13
chaynieOf course, we think, therefore Ubuntu is.... so it might work.16:14
MichelleQwhat, 'zactly, are you studying?16:14
chaynieMichelleQ: Getting my Master's of Liberal Studies.16:14
MichelleQah, ok16:14
chaynieThought I'd so something completely different.16:14
chaynieerr do,16:14
MichelleQwell, that certainly fits the bill16:15
mhall119chaynie: you're doing grad work in psychology?16:15
mhall119I thought you were in CS16:15
mhall119actually, I sociological study of the Ubuntu community and how Canonical interacts with it as a company would be a very interesting study16:16
chayniemhall119: Among other things. For the interested: http://rollins.edu/holt/graduate/mls.html16:16
chayniemhall119: I got my BA in CS.16:16
mhall119I need to get off my butt and register for classes16:16
MichelleQyes, yes you do16:18
MichelleQ /nagging off16:18
MichelleQwho wants a doughnut?16:18
dantalizingdoughnuts are evil16:39
dantalizingi'll take 316:39
MichelleQhomemade today16:40
MichelleQplain cake, and cherry cake16:40
pak33mmmm, red velvet cake16:44
dantalizingblue velvet ftw16:48
jimmahdantalizing: "don't you f look at me"16:50
dantalizingjimmah: thats national velvet16:51
MichelleQcoca-cola cake, ftw16:52
jimmahstoo, I haven't made it to lunch yet16:53
itnet7mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake....18:08

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