greg-gwhich calendar?00:38
greg-gah, right, suck, saw that tweet from rick_h_ :/00:41
snap-lYeah, it's sorted now. :)00:44
snap-lgood morning11:44
greg-gmorning morning11:48
brouschmorning morning morning11:49
greg-ganother hot ass day, and this time, I don't get to work in the AC'd office. The chiller system that cools 5 buildings on campus broke yesterday. The undergrad library has been closed from 6pm last night and won't open until 10am saturday.11:49
rick_h_greg-g: time to work from a local 7-11. Slurpees and frige units for all!11:52
WolfgerI could really go for a Slurpee right about now11:53
rick_h_greg-g: any thoughts/experience on roof rail vs trailer hitch for bike carrier?11:53
snap-lrick_h_: HIGHLY recommend not using the roof rack11:54
snap-lunless your car has one built-in11:54
rick_h_I do have a roof rack already11:54
rick_h_just would be adding the rail systems to the rack for the bikes11:54
snap-lDo you have a trailer hitch already?11:54
rick_h_the sled or whatever you want to call it11:54
rick_h_yea, have a hitch as well11:54
snap-lGo with the hitch, for one reason and one reason only:11:55
rick_h_I like the idea of the roof sleds, but I already have a top cargo box, so can't use both11:55
snap-l"I wonder if I can clear that..." is generally a recpie for disaster.11:55
rick_h_but like the idea of trailer + bikes up top11:55
rick_h_lol, good point, hadn't thought of that one11:55
greg-grick_h_: I liked the roof idea at first but after crashing my bike into a parking ramp structure I decided I didn't like it anymore11:58
greg-grick_h_: since my receiver is a 1 1/4" and I have a 2" bike carrier, the added length of the converter makes it so I can open up the back hatch without moving the bike carrier11:58
brouschyou can get bike hitches that also let you have a trailer11:59
Wolfgerany idea how the spare-tire-mount works? (i.e. "great" or "horrible", no smartass comments about the physics of it :-p )12:01
rick_h_greg-g: ok cool, thanks. I just needed to be talked out of the roof and I think that seems to be the general idea12:01
rick_h_greg-g: just don't like the ones with 1 1/4 hitch?12:01
greg-grick_h_: my parents gave me their old one which was a 2"12:01
rick_h_ah, ok12:01
rick_h_Wolfger: what spare tire mount?12:02
greg-gso, no, would probably have rather had compatible one, but, this is a nice side-effect of the converter12:02
rick_h_the bike, car, trailer?12:02
greg-gWolfger: I've seen them used a lot, so I would imagine for 1-2 bikes they'd be fine12:02
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I had seen one that had a pivot pin I was going to hceck out12:02
greg-gyeah, those are nice12:02
rick_h_Wolfger: ah, I get nervous with those things12:03
rick_h_I guess they work, but I like things that bolt vs strap12:03
greg-gthey're are straps that you tie it down with, no?12:03
greg-gmetal ftw12:03
WolfgerOh, sweet. More expensive, but promising: http://www.quadratec.com/products/92034_20_07.htm?sgsc=QSHOPGBASE&utm_medium=compshop&utm_source=googlemerchant12:05
Wolfgerbolted spare tire mount12:05
snap-lI have a strappy tire rack that's still in the box12:05
snap-ler, bike rack, rather12:06
greg-gbtw, re the Aaron Swartz/JSTOR/DOJ story: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/655433112:09
snap-lI had fun yesterday explaining this story to my dad12:10
snap-lHe was under the impression that Aaron was going to sell the data12:10
greg-goh I bet12:10
greg-gbtw: that torrent is not aaron's doing12:10
greg-gjust for the record12:11
snap-lHad a great discussion about intellectual property afterwards12:11
snap-lWhat's interesting is how many people don't understand the journaled paper system and why it's a racket12:12
snap-lfreely delivered papers get locked up in paywalls12:12
snap-lMakes no damn sense.12:12
greg-gyeah, the whole fact that universities pay twice, sometimes thrice, for the same article because of a middle-man12:13
Wolfger"The universe is full of middlemen, and they don't take kindly to being cut out."12:13
snap-lJust another way that education gets abused.12:13
snap-lWolfger: ++12:14
snap-lJoDee and I have this idea kicking around about doing a documentary on the abuses in the education system12:14
WolfgerLeave it to Firefly to give me an obscure quote for just about any occasion. :-)12:14
snap-lmostly from an adjunct faculty perspective, but could include things like bookstores, papers, etc.12:14
snap-lWolfger: Funny thing is I read that as "University"12:15
Wolfgeroh god.... book stores are the worst12:15
snap-lWolfger: Oh yeah12:15
snap-lSaw one charging full price for Redhat 7.3 Unleashed at a time when Microcenter couldn't give them away.12:15
snap-lMy favorite trick at OU is that you have to have your schedule when purchasing books, and you can't browse the books. Someone brings them to you.12:18
snap-lbecause those little ISBN numbers could mean the difference between them making a sale or not.12:18
greg-gsnap-l: welcome back to the days of closed library stacks12:23
brouschThis seems like greg-g's wet dream http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2011/07/doorganics_produce_service_bri.html12:31
greg-gbrousch: looks ok. basically a CSA with delivery, right?13:02
brouschwhat's a CSA?13:04
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, I know. We can't be trusted to find books without getting our grubby hands all over everything13:04
greg-gbrousch: Community Supported Ag: aka, a farm that has members and gives it's produce out every week to those members. The members pay a fee each year13:08
brouschI think this is just an organic farm, and delivery is by a startup company13:09
brouschpay by the week13:09
* greg-g nods13:10
brouschi signed up13:13
brouschhopefully the ants won't eat my veg before i get home13:14
rick_h_QOTD: https://twitter.com/#!/sdw/status/9377932347506688013:39
snap-lrick_h_: JoDee saw a job yesterday that was looking for rock stars13:40
brouschhey, my son and i were flying around the house just last night13:40
snap-lsome clerical job or something.13:40
rick_h_brousch: nothing wrong with flying around like air planes13:42
rick_h_especially if nerf guns are involved in the dog fights13:42
brouschusually foam swords13:42
rick_h_but yea, the ninja/rock star "I'm a geek behind a desk and thus need a cool remake" has gone far enough13:42
rick_h_ooh, up close and personal, looking into the eyes of your enemy, I like it!13:43
snap-lI don't know about you, but some days I feel like I've been ambushed by several men in a dark alley.13:46
gamerchick02happy birthday to me.13:46
gamerchick02and it's too darn hot13:46
snap-lWere it not for my debugging shuriken, I'd never have survived.13:46
WolfgerHappy birthday! \o/13:46
gamerchick02thank you.13:46
snap-lgamerchick02: I got you some heat for your birthday.13:46
gamerchick02our AC isn't working right. :(13:46
gamerchick02gee thanks, snap-l13:47
snap-lsince you said you wanted some in winter13:47
snap-l<- Thoughtful13:47
gamerchick02i did?13:47
_stink_snap-l: i could get on board with that (the documentary idea)13:48
greg-gheya gamerchick02 ! have you had a chance to go through the email list archive and look for announcements of events and add them to the Team Reports (or at least a list)?13:48
snap-lI think just about anyone that has done adjunt teaching could. ;)13:49
greg-goh hey, happy birthday, gamerchick02 ! :)13:49
snap-l_stink_: ^13:49
gamerchick02i've had a chance to look through. i've been dealing with a bunch of stuff for Nile.13:49
gamerchick02thanks for checking up on my greg-g13:49
_stink_snap-l: yeah, said interest could have been assumed. :)13:49
greg-ggamerchick02: :) no worries, let me know if you need help or want to pass it off13:49
gamerchick02i'll get a list together today or tomorrow. is that ok?13:49
gamerchick02and thanks for the b-day wishes13:50
greg-gyeah, today/tomorrow is totally good13:51
snap-lWe decided on 12-5p didn't we?13:51
greg-gsnap-l: I think so, sure13:52
Wolfgerthe week before OLF13:53
Wolfgersounds good13:54
Wolfgeranybody doing OLF this year?13:54
brouschEvent contact: Craig Maloney (not greg-g) :'(13:55
snap-lYeah, not sure who to put there. :(13:56
brouschyou're good, just no greg is sad13:56
brouschthat's my wedding anniversary weekend, so i cannot commit at this time13:59
snap-lAnything else we need to cover?14:00
brouschdeparture of jcastro?14:04
gamerchick02the meeting is monday aug 8th?14:06
gamerchick02i can do that.14:06
brouschthat's the monthly meeting14:07
brouschwhere we sit in irc and talk about stuff14:08
snap-lthat's actually on Sunday14:11
snap-lbecause it's UTC, it shows up as Monday.14:11
snap-ljcastro's departure is only for a year14:12
snap-lalso bringing up greg-g's departure because it affects the loco14:12
snap-lAlso, just sent in a sponsorship request for UDS. Hoping I can make the cut and head down to help make 12.04 awesome.14:14
snap-lMan, it's over Halloween, though14:15
brouschi'm so lame i've dropped back to 10.04 on my laptop14:15
_stink_heh, i have this machine on hardy, work machine and laptop on 10.0414:16
_stink_i don't even try anymore.14:16
brouschit's nice to have second monitor working again, and consistent movement of windows between them. i do miss a few shortcuts from unity though14:17
Wolfgergood luck, snap-l. Where is UDS 12.04 being held?14:18
snap-lwhich is part of the reason I'm hot on getting to this one.14:19
snap-lie: It's in the USA, and I can drive there14:19
snap-lor take a train or ...14:19
greg-gflight would probably be cheapest, really14:19
snap-lUnderstood, but I'm not much of a fan of flying14:20
* greg-g nods14:20
brouschairtran flies direct from GRR to orlando14:22
rick_h_nice drive down 7514:23
WolfgerUgh. Massive fail. Microsoft Excel will open a .ods file, but all the formulas are gone, replaced by the values they derived.14:27
Wolfgeranybody know a way around that? (other than "install Libre Office on your work laptop")14:28
brouschso, open it in libreoffice, save as xls, open it in excel :P14:28
brouschgoogle docs maybe?14:28
Wolfgerblocked by work firewall for some indecipherable reason14:29
Wolfgeroh well. nothing critical. I can convert it to .xls when I get home... or just work on it in Libre Office at home.14:29
greg-gWolfger: send it to me and I'll send you back an .xls14:30
brouschemail it to someone to convert?14:30
brouschi am just a few seconds too slow today14:30
* greg-g grumbles about last minute event cancelations when I make an effort to get there in 90 degree heat when my office is closed because the AC is broken and I even confirmed that we were still on for today yesterday at 3pm14:35
_stink_just a grumble?14:36
_stink_i would be muttering14:36
gamerchick02sorry to hear about that greg-g14:37
snap-lGo the bedroom AC unit running with the door open in the hopes that it can keep the house cooled.14:37
snap-lAlready the fight is being lost, I can tell14:38
rick_h_greg-g: https://twitter.com/#!/mpirnat/status/9405358182878412814:39
rick_h_seems to be a theme14:39
Wolfgerthanks, greg-g14:40
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/pF73syU6qmmaKEkGZKZF/ *sigh* sums up my day so far14:41
Wolfgerrick_h_: wtf?14:45
greg-gsnap-l: we did that (the one window AC unit in the bedroom working really hard to cool the rest of the place) and yeah, didn't work :)14:48
brouschour house is quad level, with each level being about 440sqft. a window AC worked to cool the upstairs level14:49
brouschwe hung a heavy curtain in front of the stairs to help keep the cool up there14:49
greg-gyeah, we were thinking of doing that to separate the kitchen from the rest, too keep the heat in the kitchen14:52
snap-lrick_h_: Niiice.15:00
snap-l"How critizism can help us all"15:08
brouschlast night i discovered that i can watch streaming netflix on my nook color15:10
brouschbest tablet evar15:11
snap-lAnyone want a kobo, cheep?15:11
jrwrenebook thingY/15:36
Wolfgeris that the Border's ebook?15:41
snap-lYeah, that's the Borders  eBook reader partner15:49
Wolfgeryeah, thanks, I'll pass. :-)15:50
snap-lIt's still supported.15:50
rick_h_hah, love this:16:39
rick_h_access_log = sa.Table("access_log", meta.metadata,16:39
rick_h_ oops16:39
rick_h_and live within the unfortunate 16 terabyte volume limitation of ext416:39
rick_h_sorry, just getting around to reading about the updated storage pods http://blog.backblaze.com/2011/07/20/petabytes-on-a-budget-v2-0revealing-more-secrets/16:39
rick_h_wow, detroit in the tech news: http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/21/earvin-magic-johnson-joins-detroit-vc-firm-to-invest-in-tech-startups/16:41
jrwrenthose backblaze storage pods are cool, but my understanding is that the scalable informatics products are priced similar and far far faster.16:46
rick_h_just seeing them with 72TB in a 4U16:49
rick_h_5U goes up to 144TB on their site16:49
brouschhah, i like how it takes a sports star to get something that in the news16:49
Wolfgerlike I was saying a day or two ago... Michael Vick might be the best thing that ever happened to pit bulls in America16:51
Wolfgerbecause now anti-animal-fighting legislation is getting national headlines on a fairly regular basis16:51
WolfgerAnd every one of those headlines has "Vick" as either the first or second word16:52
snap-lToo bad he's pairing up with a bag of assholes16:54
snap-l(Magic Johnson)16:54
rick_h_I feel so bad16:57
rick_h_I can't help but read these things http://blog.launchpad.net/bug-tracking/automatic-confirmation16:57
rick_h_as "we've finally gotten around to trying to un-f@#$#@ launchpad after these years"16:57
snap-lYeah, I never understood why confirmation was a separate event16:58
snap-lSince confirmation is like a milestone event16:58
brouschbag of assholes?17:01
rick_h_they're coming in bags now, got too bruised when shipped in boxes17:01
brouschsounds like a good name for a band17:05
gamerchick02bag of assholes?17:05
snap-lI'm flattered that I'm the person to bring the colorful language to IRC.17:08
gamerchick02LOL, brousch17:08
snap-l13:03 <@Steempy> Q. How did the hipster burn his mouth?17:12
snap-l13:03 <@Steempy> A. He ate the pizza before it was cool.17:12
rick_h_my dentist just told me I burned my mouth from pizza the other day17:12
rick_h_I must be hipster!17:12
snap-lrick_h_: hipster17:12
rick_h_so if I'm hipster, does that put me in with greg-g?17:13
snap-lNo, greg-g is a hippie17:13
snap-lIt means you need to trade that Thinkpad in for a Mac.17:13
rick_h_oooh, hippie, my mistake. Crap17:13
* rick_h_ pats his thinkpad protectively17:13
* rick_h_ murmurs "they won't hurt you baby, they can never split us apart"17:13
snap-lrick_h_: ^^17:14
snap-lIt's the branding. built like a tank.17:15
rick_h_I spilled earl grey with honey on her and she's still cranking for me17:17
_stink_probably drank it up with an air of sophistication.17:17
rick_h_bah, 45min until town hall meeting, lost all motivation17:18
brouschtown hall meeting?17:18
rick_h_yea, we have quarterly "get everyone in a big room and talk about how much $$ we are/aren't making"17:19
brouschah, we call that our quarterly meeting17:20
snap-lYeah, we're going to have one of those soon17:20
rick_h_right, but you're supposed to ask good questions of the big boss figureheads and all that. So they go "town hall" with it17:20
snap-lrick_h_: So you get one emplyee with brass ones asking tough questions, and all of the leaders saying "let me get back to you on that"17:21
brouschi see. ours is basically a one way flow of info17:21
snap-lbrousch: The outhouse if information?17:21
_stink_brass ones or ambitions of middle management.17:21
brouschyes, they dump it on us17:22
snap-lSuddenly the skies grow dark. The people gather in amazement. "What could it be?" they clamour.17:22
snap-lA groan... a sigh...17:23
brouschtransformers 3?17:25
greg-gugh, heat headache18:24
_stink_hope it's not worse than that18:25
greg-gI'm a wuss this year. I'm usually not debilitated by heat like this. Yeah, I sweat and such but it doesn't normally give me headaches18:25
brouschit is mother nature warning you about the global warming18:26
brouschshe knows you care18:26
_stink_i think that warning the guy who is part of a co-op farm is a waste of her effort18:27
greg-gbrousch: you're probably right :)18:29
brouschi think greg-g is one of the Planeteers18:29
greg-gwe *were* just talking about the planeteers yesterday at work :)18:30
_stink_Wind! Fire! Headache!18:30
brouschgreg-g is earth. his headache means an earthquake is imminent18:32
snap-l   Temperature: 99.0 F (37.2 C)18:37
brouschThere was one in alaska at 2:01 our time. when did the headache start?18:38
greg-gbrousch: you know, around then, actually :)19:28
jjessegreg-g maybe hanging out w/ this guy:http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_looym0Ny7l1qck4tco1_500.jpg can help you with your heat headache19:29
greg-gjjesse: oh, my, lord. That guy looks so freaking happy. I do want to join him!19:31
jjessesimple joys in life19:31
jrwrenjust got asked to look at a pthon app... its using springpython.  w.t.f.19:37
jrwreni thought greg-g was the heart planeteer of #ubuntu-us-mi19:38
brouschi've heard of springpython, but didn't know anyone actually used it19:44
snap-lProof that just because you can doesn't mean you should (mix Spring and Python)20:01
gamerchick02new phone activated.20:05
gamerchick02eff yeah technology20:06
Blazeixgamerchick02: cool, what phone?20:11
gamerchick02LG Optimus V20:11
gamerchick02on Virgin Mobile20:11
gamerchick02i'm going from a flip LG to an android20:11
jjessemy wfie made the same jump20:12
gamerchick02it's crazy20:13
gamerchick02i just connected my gmail account but now i'm trying to delete all the people i don't, uhm, have numbers for.20:14
brouschyou gmail contacts and android contacts are intertwined20:26
brouschjust leave them20:26
greg-gok, seeing how the optimus v can't tether, how can I make sure that the phone I get does (whether or not my service provider likes it)20:30
greg-ggamerchick02: I'm looking for a new phone, my first smart phone, right now as well, so I'm going crazy with all the research20:30
greg-gI think I want tethering given I'll be driving out west for a few weeks when I also need to do work, and when I get to SF I'll be commuting for a bit on a train20:31
gamerchick02i did that too20:31
gamerchick02i'm not sure if the LG from virgin mobile will allow tethering20:33
snap-lgreg-g: You might just want to get a separate MyFi20:34
brouschsnap-l ++20:34
brouschproviders are cracking down on "illegal" tethering20:34
snap-lOr MiFi20:34
brouschunauthorized is a better word20:34
snap-lbrousch: Better word would be "service degrading without proper renumeration"20:35
gamerchick02just set up mustard20:36
gamerchick02twitdroyd no way.20:37
brouschhootsuite ftw20:39
gamerchick02mustard ftw. works with my status.net account20:40
brouschwith whowhat?20:47
brouschyour friendster account?20:47
greg-gblog announcement that I'm moving: http://blog.grossmeier.net/2011/07/21/moving-to-sf-working-with-cc/20:52
gamerchick02status.net. like identica20:56
brouschsorry, i get my dead social sites mixed up sometimes21:02
gamerchick02identica isn't dead. i'd say it's quite alive21:03
gamerchick02i get far less spam there than i do on twitter21:03
jrwrenspringpython looks interesting.21:08
jrwrenit will inject instances of objects that are deserialized. makes it very nice for configing default states of types21:09
snap-lgreg-g: you're also part of the Americas Membership Board?21:42
snap-lWhat aren't you doing now?21:42
greg-gsnap-l: well, I guess I'll be no longer the de-facto leader of -us-mi :)23:04
brouschi nominate snap-l as your successor23:08
_stink_quick, elect him while he's not around23:21
widoxhey, congrats snap-l! :p23:30
snap-lthanks? :)23:33
brouschwhere's the crown?23:43
Blazeixbrousch: did you not get the memo? we're showing up at snap-l's house with the crown at 8pm.23:54
brouschcrap, webcast it for me23:57

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