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skrappjaw-DX2What is up peeps?05:29
paultaghey all12:43
paultagCheri703: jacob: poke12:43
paultag(really anyone)12:43
Cheri703paultag: around now13:12
paultagCheri703: howdy friendo, howareya? :)13:13
Cheri703doing ok13:13
paultagCheri703: that's good to hear13:13
paultagCheri703: hey, I'm having a crazy day @ work, is there any chance you can back me @ 12:00 EST for my community session if I end up getting caught up here?13:14
paultagCheri703: it's about growing a loco community13:14
Cheri703hmm...uhm, maaaaybe13:14
paultagCheri703: I'll fedex you cookies or something13:14
paultagif I end up no-showing13:14
Cheri703what all would be involved in doing so? do you have stuff written up already?13:14
paultagCheri703: no, but I can sketch out what I have up in the noodle13:14
paultagCheri703: it's all very simple :)13:15
Cheri703that would help, if you can jot some stuff down13:15
paultagkk, sec13:15
Cheri703(as much as possible ;) )13:15
paultagyarh :)13:15
paultagCheri703: http://me.pault.ag/talk.txt13:31
paultagCheri703: I'll add to that when I have a few more minutes13:31
paultagCheri703: I have to run and so some things, but that's a rough idea. All of those points can be at least 2 - 3 minutes long (just go off and give examples and stuff)13:32
Cheri703ok, please try to be there! I will do what I can. don't want to disappoint people who are coming to see you :)13:32
paultagCheri703: I'll try to be there, for sure!13:32
paultagCheri703: it'll be good to have a backup, though, just in case13:32
Cheri703yup :)13:32
Cheri703paultag: when you have a chance, definitely give the folks in u-classroom-backstage a heads up that I might be filling in13:58
Cheri703bah, frustrating computers! and weird bus timing :( I have so much stuff piled up today15:05
Cheri703paultag: how's it looking?15:48
Unit193thafreak: Howdy18:06
paultagCheri703: do you have a public photo anywhere?18:40
Cheri703uhm, not a recent one18:40
paultagCheri703: do you have one you'd not mind being public?18:40
paultagI'd not want to take a FB one without asking or anything like that18:41
Cheri703can I ask what it'd be for?18:41
paultagCheri703: I want to write a thank-you post on my blog, and I figured it'd be fun to have a photo with it18:42
Cheri703oh, ok, uhm, you can use my fb profile pic, it's old and I'm chubbier, but it gets the point across :)18:43
paultagCheri703: righto :)18:43
* skrappjaw-DX2 lurks.18:59
Cheri703hey skrappjaw-DX219:00
Cheri703how have you been?19:00
skrappjaw-DX2Pretty good. You19:01
Cheri703doing alright :)19:01
skrappjaw-DX2I'm laid off. I can make Ubuntu hour meetings again. Lol19:01
skrappjaw-DX2Any news?19:02
Cheri703nothing too crazy19:03
Cheri703husband started a job on tuesday19:04
Cheri703so that's exciting19:05
Cheri703paultag: I like your iwaslameiknow tag on your blog post...19:09
paultagCheri703: :)19:10
paultagCheri703: I try to put funny tags on all my posts, no one ever notices :)19:10
Cheri703ooo, queen of ridiculous tags (at least for a while, not sure if it continued) hyperbole and a half19:10
paultagshe rules19:11
paultagsuch a funny site19:11
Cheri703some of hers are insane19:11
Cheri703when I read them in my feed I don't think it shows the tags, but I popped over to your actual site19:11
* skrappjaw-DX2 is using the hackers keyboard on his droidx219:11
Cheri703obtrusive cat is being obtrusive >.<19:11
paultagCheri703: :)19:11
Cheri703he's rolling around and squishing his head and upper body on my hands as I type and purring at me all the while19:12
skrappjaw-DX2Lol. Sounds like Six-Toes19:13
skrappjaw-DX2My moms cat.19:13
Cheri703brb, going to feed this dog I'm watching19:15
Cheri703so I'm pondering leaving this house within the next 10 minutes and then sitting on the bus for an extra 30 minutes, OR sitting in the house for an additional 30 minutes and then catching the bus...either way, I will have a 30 minute wait before I can get the bus that will take me home19:24
Unit193Why would you go early? Does the house have AC?19:31
Cheri703it does have ac, but I guess I'm antsy. at this point I'll just wait19:38
Cheri703won't get home til a bit after 519:39
Unit193Lucky ducky...19:39
Cheri703eh, the bus has ac too :)19:39
Unit193Your home?19:40
Cheri703my house has two window air conditioners that are in rooms-that-aren't-the-living-room, so the living room is hot...but the windows are dumb so we can't put one out there19:40
Unit193It's about 90 in ours... And I keep thinking that I want coffee -_-19:42
Unit193And I'm the one that likes 60F19:43
Unit193Ick, 98.1 °F Feels Like: 124 °F  (And not much better inside)19:58
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