rmg51morning JonathanD09:00
JonathanDHowdy rmg5109:01
jedijfJonathanD: what time are you getting to BK tomorrow?10:29
JonathanDround 810:29
JonathanDoh, tomrrow10:29
JonathanDnot around 810:29
JonathanDwe have to pick up stuff in the suburbs all morning :P10:29
JonathanDso maybe 2 or 3. I hope10:30
andrewBK.... my mind keeps saying "Burker King"11:54
JonathanDBurger king burger king...11:55
jedijfmine too bk - and specificallt the one right aroind the corner from BK12:07
JonathanDtheres a bk near bk?12:08
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andrewJonathanD: It's like starbucks, right across the street from each other12:43
JonathanDrmg51: do you recall how many smaller classrooms there are at giant?13:39
JonathanDthey're like 40ish people, right?13:40
JonathanDoh, fairly small...13:40
JonathanD204 total then.13:40
rmg51prolly to small for your needs13:40
JonathanDif we setup video feeds to the smaller rooms, it might work.13:40
JonathanDBut you'd still only get 28 to a track.13:40
JonathanDrmg51: yeah, I think it's too small.13:41
JonathanDas you said, they probably can't flex much on it, either... I assume fire code and such.13:42
rmg51wasn't set up form groups like yours13:42
JonathanDCould work if we did 2 days.13:42
JonathanDand ran talks twice.13:43
JonathanDmaybe, anyway.13:43
rmg51price would be right13:43
JonathanDI'll think on it.13:43
JonathanDWe'd have to get (most) speakers to commit twice.13:43
JonathanDBut lots of small talks wouldn't be all bad, I'd think.13:44
JonathanDI'd love to find a floorplan.13:44
JonathanDPenn might be an option, too. Or Temple.13:44
rmg51which might not be easy13:44
JonathanDthe floorplan?13:44
PennBotTitle: PACS - Meeting Room Layout (at pacsnet.org)13:45
rmg51JonathanD:  speskers13:46
JonathanDoh, right.13:46
JonathanDwe could require reservations for space at a talk.13:46
JonathanDit might be easier just to get one of the schools, though.13:46
JonathanDThey should have space for this sort of thing.13:47
rmg51 have to find a better place for this laptop13:47
JonathanDnot even saturday yet and trying to find a next year venue. Win?13:47
rmg51I can't see the keys13:47
rmg51never to early to think about next year13:48
rmg51JonathanD: something to think about14:00
rmg51you may need to book a year in advance to get the whole floor14:00
JonathanDtrue enough.14:07
JonathanDsomeone go get me these: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/zip/2505863507.html18:05
PennBotTitle: Podiums (at philadelphia.craigslist.org)18:06
JonathanDFor saturday.18:06
pleia2that's a lectern, not a podium :)18:07
pleia2people are so confused18:07
pleia2podium is the thing you stand on!18:07
JonathanDNo, thats a soap box.18:08
rmg51@fight pleia2 JonathanD19:03
rmg51PennBot: is broken19:03
PennBotBugger all, I dunno!19:03
JonathanD4 seats to go.19:20
JonathanDwe're actually past our orig limit, so I think pleia2 can reasonably claim she keynoted for a sold out event.19:20
pleia2can you turn the temperature down before I come in tomorrow?23:14
rmg51can we just turn the air conditioner up?23:18
pleia2^ one of the reasons I moved to san francisco :)23:19
rmg51HEAT INDEX VALUES UP TO 110.23:20
pleia2that's just not right23:20
rmg51we just don't have a big bay to help cool things down23:21
pleia2Saturday Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the lower 60s to mid 70s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph.23:22
pleia2ah, nice23:22
waltmanAll that nice weather makes you soft. You NEED this trip to the heat and humidity to toughen you up!23:23
rmg51sorry, you don't get to stay home :-/23:23
pleia2I like being soft!23:23
waltmanOK, just think how much MORE you'll appreciate SF when you get back!23:24
pleia2yes, clearly my siamese still controls the weather in philly and she did this so I'd come home23:24

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