Juzzyya wrst03:09
Juzzyyanno, I'm a 14 yr linux"user"03:10
Juzzyand I -hate- ubuntu desktops03:10
JuzzyI've yet to get one to be reliable03:10
JuzzyI have a myth box, ubuntu based, and it doesnt read my tv correctly03:10
JuzzyI've ran it on this laptop, and it's flakey03:11
Juzzyplugging in usb wifi device will sometimes hard-lock it03:11
Juzzynot to mention every ubuntu version fixes some issues and breaks new ones03:11
JuzzyI went from 6.10 to 10.10 and everyone something new broke, and the tv work correctly one of those, but the keyboard didnt03:12
orangeninjaJuzzy: I my laptop's keyboard and touchpad locks up if i press the lock touchpad button. That is the bug that make me the most disapoint...04:12
orangeninjabut I realize I am just scratching the surface with linux.04:13
wrstJuzzy: seems to me that the more "generic" distros like arch, or even fedora that don't polish things up as well may work better in some situations if you knwo what you are doing , but ubuntu is great for those of us who aren't there yet :)11:50
Juzzyyea, i have no problem with arch11:56
Juzzyproblem with it, it's a lot of work to setup11:57
Juzzyand you have to either doa  bunch of walkthroughs11:57
Juzzyor understand how * works heh11:57
cyberangermy only issue with arch is I'm a debian fanboy12:30
cyberanger(or maybe that's arch's issue with me, hard to say)12:30
cyberangerwrst: "us who aren't there yet" I thought you favored arch12:31
wrstcyberanger: I do use arch exclusively now but I'm way behind the curve :)12:32
wrstand Juzzy arch isn't bad... if I can do it... :)12:32
cyberanger...try Gentoo or Slackware, cause this is too easy?12:33
wrstha ha no thanks cyberanger compiling everything from source is not my cup o' tea12:35
wrstbut cyberanger I have thought about gentoo in a VM12:36
cyberangerI've used slackware in a VM13:09
* cyberanger waives goodbye for a few hours13:16
Xpistoserr ah, bye cyberanger13:16
wrstwell i might try slackware cyberanger you can be tech support :) have a good day13:41
wrsthowdy Xpistos13:41
Xpistosslackware? Oh you want to compile everything I got it.13:41
wrstXpistos: i'm curious13:43
XpistosI heard all this great stuff about slackware tried it out and I didn't like it13:44
Xpistoslol of course I havent' really found anything I "Like" I install ubuntu and rip mosr of the apps out and install enlightenment ...13:45
wrstXpistos: I prefer installing what I want to uninstalling what I don't want :)13:50
wrstbut as long as you get what you want its all good :)13:50
XpistosI say an interesting derivative yesterday called Bodhi Linux - ubuntu with e17 and not much else preinstalled. http://bodhilinux.com/13:52
wrstyes I've seent hat looks interesting but I must say I like my good ol GNOME desktop13:52
Xpistosold gnome desktop yes, unity .. HELL NO13:57
cyberangerwrst: small difference to gentoo, honestly14:13
wrstcyberanger: may give it a try14:13
wrstXpistos: i'm not talking unity i'm talking GNOME 3/ shell unity is NOT gnome :)14:13
XpistosI haven't trie that yet14:14
cyberangerecho Unity is GNOME | sed s/GNOME/JUNK\!\!\!/14:16
wrstits no good on ubuntu but good other places14:16
wrstunity is another shell for gnome...14:16
wrstand a crummy one at that14:16
cyberangerwrst: run that in a bash shell14:16
cyberangeryou'll learn some CLI and have a laugh ;-)14:16
wrstyeah yeah :P14:17
* cyberanger wonders if he actually did, or at least got the jist14:18
wrstgot the jist14:20
cyberangerand it's worse in other languages than english, esp any right to left languages14:26
cyberangerArabic is one critical example of many14:27
cyberangerHebrew, Persian, Urdu, that's a large part of the world (and some with a deeper penetration rate than the US & UK)14:30
cyberangerand I only gave the highlights14:30
pace_t_zulucyberanger: ping16:08
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: pong16:21
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i got an email from Russ Crawford about getting natty cd's for the NLUG ... how do I go about getting natty cds? do you know?16:23
cyberangerSee PM16:58
Xpistosstupid vncconfig17:07
cyberangersmart ssh?17:07
Xpistosvncconfig is pinned to the top ritgh corner of my window and it won't go away17:09
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
XpistosWow,  Ubuntu  10.04.319:48
wrstcool... ubuntu service pack 3 :P Xpistos20:56
wrstUnit193: this is an interesting device: http://www.itproportal.com/2011/07/21/fujitsu-announces-smart-phone-running-full-version-windows-7/21:29
Unit193wrst: Wow. That is a really interesting device! Sadly, isn't Linux not as good with battery life? "My phone has a virus again!!" :D21:33
wrstyeah Unit193 but where windows is, linux can be there better22:55
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
Unit193wrst: I was thinking that, that's why my battery comment :D23:01
wrst:) Unit19323:01

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