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apwRAOF, did anything occur with that 'diagonal black' bug ?  any progress on the patch making it into an acceptable form?13:53
ricotzbjsnider, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-275.21-driver.html ;)22:10
mdeslaurhmm...I think I have a regression with -intel in natty-proposed22:16
brycehmdeslaur, do tell22:21
brycehmdeslaur, and link me the bug#22:21
mdeslauryeah, I'm filling out the bug now, one sec22:21
mdeslaurbryceh: bug 81432522:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 814325 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "fuzzy and corrupted display with update in -proposed (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81432522:24
mdeslaurit's a weird problem I've never seen before22:24
mdeslaurwhen I come out of the screensaver (blank screen), the whole screen is fuzzy, and unreadable, and is flickery22:27
brycehmdeslaur, have you checked if the issue goes away if you revert back to the 7.1 driver and restart X?22:30
mdeslaurbryceh: I'll try and ssh in and give that a try next time...even the console screen becomes like that when it happens22:31
mdeslauroh, hrm22:31
brycehmdeslaur, the deb may still be in your /var/cache/apt/archives/22:31
mdeslaurI'll download it right away for next time22:32
mdeslaurbut, since the virtual consoles are like that too, I don't know22:33
brycehmdeslaur, I would also like you to test booting an oneiric livecd on this machine at some point too, since we are including that patch in oneiric already.  If it's bugged too, we'll need to get going on that bug else you'll be unhappy when you upgrade22:33
brycehmdeslaur, the patch in question is a major "Give up on optimizing UXA" patch which seems to fix a wide array of corruption bugs a lot of people have reported (with some minor performance drop)22:35
mdeslaurI can't reproduce it at will, unfortunately22:35
brycehmdeslaur, I'll be disappointed if it is indeed the cause of your problem, but am glad you tested it so we know before it got into the wild22:35
mdeslaurI know the changes don't appear to have anything to do with the problem I'm having, but I've only had it since I installed the package in -proposed22:36
mdeslaurunless it's a kernel issue22:36
brycehmdeslaur, how many times have you reproduced it (after reboots)?22:38
mdeslaurit's happened 3 times in the last day22:38
mdeslaurand each time, I've rebooted, as I haven't figured out what else to do22:38
mdeslaurThe screensaver probably has activated 30 times in the last day22:38
brycehmdeslaur, could you also post your current /var/log/dpkg.log to the bug?22:39
mdeslaursure, one sec22:39
mdeslaurhmm...there was a kernel update two days ago also22:41
brycehmdeslaur, yeah kernel could be a suspect as well22:48
brycehesp. if you didn't reboot into it until yesterday22:48
mdeslaurbryceh: yeah...hmm...which one would you recommend I revert first to see if it goes away?22:56
brycehmdeslaur, 6 to half dozen...  -intel I guess.  Would be nice to prove patch guilty or innocent so we can kick it from -proposed if needed22:58
RAOFapw: My prod seems to have got the “diagonal black” bug a Reviewed-By from ickle, but no actual upstream committage.23:02
mdeslauryeah, I'll revert -intel so I can quickly comment on the -proposed bug23:02
mdeslaurbryceh: thanks23:02
* mdeslaur -> rebootr23:02
brycehRAOF, does your new SRU approval hat include MIR approval?  if so, perhaps you can bump #810217 forward?23:09
RAOFbryceh: No, sadly :)23:10
brycehah well23:10
* bryceh reshuffles wayland down a bit more in todo list23:10
RAOFI should probably back out the wayland re-enablement and upload mesa rc2.  Or rc3, if that's really coming out Monday :)23:22
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