* nlsthzn waves06:07
* superfly sleeps06:11
nlsthznThis is a bit of a sticky wicket... there is another person that is also trying to set up a loco in the UAE it seems... however it would seem he doesn't want to share the spot light... and he registered a number of the resources already a while back even though nothing happened for a long time... and now that we have gotten the ball rolling he seems to be starting to act... but indepndantly and without us :/ 06:49
superflynlsthzn: have you (as in, the team) approached him?06:53
nlsthznsuperfly: we have on a few occations tried to contact and once or twice he did respond and it seemed like we would join... seems he joined our meetup group, was made admin it seems and now he has gone and booked his own meeting independantly... not sure what he is playing at to be honest :/ I have let our leaders know... and suggested that as many of us as possible should attend this meeting... maybe speak to him face to face06:57
superflynlsthzn: yeah, rather presume innocence, try to meet him half-way or something, and see how it pans out... if he does turn out to want to do his own thing, leave him and get on with your LoCo - if it has enough momentum, it'll eclipse his06:58
nlsthznsuperfly: good advice, thanks... I would also rather hope it is miss-communication or some other issue... The only PITA if he is out on his own mission is the fact that he holds the correct name, ubuntu-ae... and that will make our efforts to become official harder, or delay it at least (which I guess isn't the end of the world, we can still do everything needed even if nor official...) :)07:08
superflynlsthzn: what do you mean by "holds the correct name"?07:13
nuvolari_nlsthzn: does he trade in oil?07:20
nlsthznubuntu-ae is the correct name for the loco... if you want to go official and all... so he has the launchpad account, and others with that name... when we started the founder named it emirates loco... which is incorrect... and when we tried to change it we found it had been taken...07:22
nuvolari_ha. who needs biometric laptop access when you use dvorak? :P08:07
nuvolari_that *is* the biometric, in some way08:08
=== nuvolari_ is now known as nuvolari
Kilosmorning superfly nuvolari and all others08:15
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:15
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:15
Kilosaw the pirate had his P cut off08:18
superflymorning Kilos08:19
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:19
KilosMaaz, ty08:20
MaazEnjoy Kilos08:20
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa08:22
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.08:22
KilosMaaz, huh08:22
MaazKilos: Huh?08:22
inetpromorning Kilos, and everyone else08:26
Kiloshiya inetpro 08:26
nuvolarimorning oom Kilos :D08:26
nuvolarilol Kilos, what's that about the pirate?08:27
Kiloslo nuvolari lyk my jy sukkel ne08:27
Kiloslol look at Stevethe1irate 08:27
* nlsthzn waves at uncle Kilos 08:28
* Kilos waves back at nlsthzn 08:29
* scar[w] wishes gnome and kde would be better friends in wayland08:32
Kiloswassup scar[w] 08:33
scar[w]morning Kilos :)08:33
Kilosi had some kde stuff installed on gnome before but it adds lots of dependancies08:34
* nlsthzn is a purist... can't stand mixing08:34
Kiloslol @ nlsthzn 08:35
Kilosmethinks if they in synaptic then they work together as one08:37
Kilosi see they looking for another Linus . dunno who gets the mail from the linux foundation08:45
Kiloswill forward it to our lists for anyone interested08:46
Kilosthere be a quiz on fb to try your luck08:46
Kiloscocooncrash, do you know why maaz gave up doing weather in pretoria south africa09:43
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa09:43
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.09:43
drubinKilos: they changed their website and Maaz hasn't been fixed yet09:43
Kilosoh ty drubin morning to you09:44
drubinmorning oom Kilos 09:44
maiatodaydoes anyone know which device is connected to the pc speakers e.g. /dev/dsp10:18
scar[w]Kilos dependancies take up extra network bandwidth and disk space, but at lest it doesn't effect the user experience. I hope they would intergrate a little better, mostly in the backend, but also in things like a shared clipboard/open-save-load dialogs10:19
Kilosthats why i havent tried quassel yet scar[w]  was many megs download10:19
Kiloshiya maiatoday 10:20
maiatodayhi Kilos 10:20
scar[w]afaik natty-kubuntu uses gstreamer as their audio backend, so imho it's a step in the right direction10:20
scar[w]I liked xine mostly because of the name :-p (also because I'm a kde fanboy), I didn't like arts thought even though it was a kde app.10:24
maiatodayI mean I know I should probably be going through pulse but I have this python thing that wants to access the device directly but I don't know where it is10:25
scar[w]ps I think quassel builds just on qt libs, so it should even be a larger download for something like konversation10:25
Kiloseish maiatoday  no one listening to you10:26
maiatodayno problem Kilos, maybe sometime someone will read the track back10:26
Kiloscant you modprobe them10:26
=== Stevethe1irate is now known as stevethepirate
maiatodayI am also googling in the background10:26
scar[w]maiatoday: "fuser -fv /dev/snd/* /dev/dsp* 2>/dev/null"10:32
scar[w]seems to be working for me, only shows pids though10:33
maiatodaythanks scar[w] that already helps10:34
maiatodayI have no /dev/dsp10:34
maiatodaythe example I am using uses /dev/dsp and says you must specify another device if /ev/dev/dsp doesn't work10:35
maiatodaybut I do have /dev/snd/* ")10:35
maiatodayand I can list devices with aplay -l10:36
scar[w]maiatoday: do you think it is because of problems with your sound card driver?10:38
Kilosmaiatoday, was your sound working before10:39
maiatodayno problems with sound10:39
maiatodaysound working fine but I have this little python script I want to run that sends a file to thea device10:40
maiatodaythe python script is quite primitive in that it wants to talk directly to the device10:40
scar[w]do you have any snd kernel modules?10:44
scar[w]lsmod | grep snd10:44
scar[w]the following file shows my alsa cards "/proc/asound/cards" and oss-emu cards "/proc/asound/oss/sndstat"10:55
scar[w]just for extra info10:55
maiatodayyeah scar[w] it looks like I do10:58
superflymaiatoday: you have to fight with pulseaudio10:58
maiatodaysuperfly: can't pulseaudio just look like a device?10:59
maiatodayor isn't there a default device mapped in the file system somewhere10:59
superflymaiatoday: I don't know, I always uninstall it before doing anything else after an upgrade10:59
maiatodayat this point I don't really mind where the sound comes out just that it comes out11:00
maiatodayurk it looks like I will have to learn how this all fits in to get this thing to work11:02
nlsthznpulseaudio... the reason for more suicides in the FOSS world than X-mas...11:14
Kilosi see there are even peeps that lurk in the lists11:23
Kilosyou at home nlsthzn ?11:24
nlsthznNope... chilling here at work currently11:26
Kilosoh you just dropped the -work11:28
maiatodayaha the utility knows about pulse :D I just have to tell it to which pulseaudio sink to go to11:30
maiatodayand that is to be seen by typing pacmd list-sinks11:31
maiatoday(just incase anyone wanted to know)11:31
nlsthznKilos: I got tired adding the -work, because I am almost always @work... :p11:31
Kiloscellphones are worse than pcs11:37
nlsthznI always found cellphones better at making phone calls than my PC...11:38
Kilosgot thisw nokia 93200i and did the jedirc bit and it goes to #ubuntu-za but only me there11:38
nlsthznare you sure you are on freenode?11:41
superflyKilos: are you sure you have the correct channel too?11:41
Kilosyeah chat.freenode.net and #ubuntu-za11:42
nlsthzncheck for any spaces maybe... maybe after the -za bit (but I doubt that is the problem)11:43
Kilosi get11:44
Kilos*calvino.freenode.net sets mode +ns #ubuntu-za11:45
Kilosthen nicks in channel @kilosm11:45
Kilosi go check profiles again11:45
nlsthznI am not sure why the mode is +ns11:46
nlsthznit should be +i I think... 11:46
nlsthznwhere are all the IRC gurus when you need them :p11:46
Kilosno nlsthzn the prob must be that it going to wrong #ubuntu-za cause i am the only one there11:47
nlsthznwell... there is only one #ubuntu-za on freenode... and that is this one :)11:47
nlsthzn+ns seems to make the channel invisible11:48
Kilosah i have it11:49
nlsthznall a bit confusing to me... when I connect I get a +i11:49
Kilosneeded to put 2 pairs of glasses on11:49
Kilos#ubuntu~za wont work hey11:49
nlsthznoh lol...11:50
nlsthznNow uncle Kilos will be online even when he is on the loo :p11:51
nlsthznwelcome :)11:52
Kilosthe m is for mobile in case you wondering11:52
nlsthzncould make the nick milos... ;)11:52
kilosm even got 2 profiles and no option to delete onei11:55
Kilosstupid fone11:55
Kiloshi morgs 12:02
Kilosgood evening17:33
Kiloswen jy nuvolari 17:33
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:34
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:34
KilosMaaz, hot17:34
MaazCome on Kilos How many peeps do you know that make coffee with cold water twit!17:34
Kiloscheeky bot17:34
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:38
KilosMaaz, ty17:38
MaazEnjoy Kilos17:38
kbmonkeynaand oom Kilos 17:38
Kilosnaand kbmonkey jou LPI trek aandag op die epos ne17:38
kbmonkeyja ek is bly daaroor :)17:39
Kiloshet jy die laaste een van rth342@gmail.com17:39
kbmonkeyek sal lees as ek by die PC uitkom17:41
kbmonkeyis op die netbook nou17:41
Kiloso en daar is n ander ou wat al 1 en 2 gedoen het17:41
Kiloso is n netboek nie n pc nie17:41
kbmonkeyhe he17:42
kbmonkeyal die email gaan na die desktop17:43
Kilosapartheid ne17:43
kbmonkeydie een is net vir show, ek run my experimental linuxes op die een17:43
Kilosek terg man17:43
kbmonkeyMaaz, fortune17:44
Maazkbmonkey: Q: What lies on the bottom of the ocean and twitches? A: A nervous wreck.17:44
kbmonkeyha ha ha!17:45
superflyhiya kbmonkey17:50
superflyoom Kilos, are you winning with jedirc?17:50
kbmonkeyo/ superfly 17:50
superflyhighvoltage: no, the answer to life, the universe and everything is *42*, not 3217:51
Kilosyip ty superfly 17:51
Kilosstill a way to17:53
Kiloslo queery 18:08
queeryhi oom18:08
Kilossee yas later via jedirc18:28
kilosmsee superfly18:38
superflycool beans, kilosm18:39
kbmonkeynice one kilosm 18:40
kilosmjust gotta work out the tab complete function18:40
kilosmhard work this tiny qwerty keypad18:41
kilosmty guys18:42
kilosmone advantage i can be in bed with a hot water bottle. hehe. eks sleg ne18:45
kilosmand one workspace and no bloep when someone vloeks me. grrr18:56
kilosmmaaz coffee on19:08
* Maaz flips the salt-timer19:08
MaazCoffee's ready for kilosm!19:12
kilosmmaaz ty19:15
MaazEnjoy kilosm19:15
kilosmnight all. i go check settings19:16
nuvolarikeep on missing the oom19:33
nuvolariMaaz: tell kilos ja oom! ek wen. besig om ubuntu te install :D19:34
Maaznuvolari: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:34
kbmonkeygood to hear you winning :)19:35
nuvolariwell, partially20:43
nuvolariat my 4th attempt20:43
nuvolarithink I need te get xubuntu20:44
nuvolarior something similar20:44
nuvolaribah. fail again20:51
nuvolariI think the laptop is toast20:51

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