nit-witaa555, the bootscript will give us a what is where use the live cd to run it.00:00
goodtimei just dont like that theres no nice way of addons in xchat00:00
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goodtimei guess it doesnt realy matter thoe00:01
aa555nit-wit: "gawk" could not be found, using "busybox awk" instead. This may lead to unreliable results.  [: 326: busybox awk: unexpected operator boot_info_script.sh: 353: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "fi")00:01
erika_hi, i'm using the ubuntu minimal cd to install ubuntu. When it reachess grub setup, it crash. Anyone has any suggestion on how i could fix or get around this?00:01
nit-witaa555, not sure what your doing?00:02
aa555nit-wit: should i install gawk?00:02
phluxgoodtime: plugins work exactly the same for XChat/irssi/weechat. Fail.00:03
nit-witaa555, hold on I will give you a command that will download it and run it.00:03
goodtimei found a good script for mirc00:03
aa555got it figured out00:04
goodtimeits a kde but runs well in gnome00:04
aa555nit-wit: http://pastebin.com/64KZTXzL00:04
qingoodtime: You for real? Where is support question?00:04
nit-witaa555, cool hold on00:05
nit-witaa555, you have grub -legacy and grub2 installed not a problem. I can help you fix that, from the live cd, you have a 10.10 correct00:07
aa555nit-wit: yep00:08
nit-witaa555, make sure the partitkons are not mounted it should be just like when you booted the cd.00:08
nit-wityagoo, this is more then a fix please00:08
aa555nit-wit: i rebooted and didnt mount anything yet so we should be good?00:09
nit-witaa555, okay hold on00:09
nit-witaa555, open the terminal and run sudo apt-get purge grub grup-pc grub-common   leave the terminal open for the reinstall00:13
yagoonit-wit, aa555, try the boot-repair too :)00:14
nit-witaa555, grub-pc   misspell00:14
yagooit's gui based and looks very easy00:14
aa555nit-wit: done00:14
nit-wittheb run sudo apt-get install grub-pc grub-common     you saw my mispelling correct00:15
nit-witaa555, when asked where you want grub only in sda use the space bar to tick it00:15
yagooerika_, it crashes on grub? very unlikely..00:16
aa555configuring grub-pc " following line extracted from  /etc/default/grub or KOPT parameter please verify it is correct and modify if necessary nit-wit00:16
aa555what do i put?00:16
nit-witaa555, leve it blank00:16
nit-witaa555, next prompt grub to sda use the shift to tick it00:17
nit-witsaa55 sorry not shift space00:17
aa555nit-wit: failed, said it wasnted mounted00:18
nit-witaa555, lets try this again run sudo apt-get purge grub grub-pc grub-common    copy paste these commands00:19
yagoo"<nit-wit> aa555, open the terminal and run sudo apt-get purge grub grup-pc grub-common"00:19
yagoo^ that is wrong.00:19
yagooyou use "update-grub"00:19
yagoono need to purge and re-install grub-pc00:19
aikInsaanaikInsaan, just testing00:19
nit-wityagoo, he has grub-legacy and grub2 mixed now go away00:19
yagooupdate-grub is for grub2.00:19
yagoodoesnt matter if both are installed.00:20
DeviceZer0hello all. I install vlc from a ppa...then i used ppa-purge to remove it....it removed something else too...now no videos will play in any video player00:20
yagooit's what's injected into /dev/sda00:20
nit-wityagoo take a look here oplease00:20
yagoogrub-pc is grub2.00:20
aa555E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:20
aa555nitwit ^00:20
aa555no i dont have synaptic running00:20
yagooaa555, type "jobs"00:20
yagoou probably did ctl-z00:21
aa555jobs doesnt do anything00:22
aa555still locked00:22
yagooaa555, does it list any jobs?00:23
aa555lists nothing00:23
yagooaa555, ps aux00:23
yagooaa555, ps aux|grep dpkg00:23
aa555root      6189  0.0  0.1  22512  9160 pts/2    Ss+  00:16   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 17 --configure grub-common grub-pc root      6216  0.1  0.3  71568 25360 pts/2    S+   00:16   0:00 /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub-pc.postinst configure  root      6224  0.0  0.0  14632  1724 pts/2    S+   00:16   0:00 /bin/bash /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub-pc.postinst configure  ubuntu    7387  0.0  0.0  11332   00:23
yagooaa555, type "mount"00:24
yagooaa555, what are ur mountpoints?00:24
erika_yagoo, yea it did. I got to install by removing the flash drive. At what point after loading the ubuntu minimal cd can you remove the flash media? After i got everything to install it gave me a black screen at boot00:24
NoobuntuHow can I install ubuntu-desktop package without SOME dependencies? (for ex.: alacarte)?00:25
aa555yagoo: http://pastebin.com/8vks4V5d00:25
yagooerika_, well i guess right when you go to the next boot menu.. (i would only unplug a usb when there's no activity.. don't unplug it while booting up-- eg: bios boot menu)00:25
PsydollI have just downloaded VLC from the repositories and installed the restricted extras for VLC but it cant even open a .mp3 file i get the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/648669/ and yes i have synaptic closed and i have rebooted same problem, i also tried killing the pid.00:26
yagooaa555, "aufs" .. are you on a rescue shell from a ubuntu cd?00:26
aa555im on an ubuntu live cd yagoo00:26
erika_yagoo, ok. i'm gonna try doing the installation again. this time i wont try setting up an encrypted lvm00:26
zykotick9Psydoll, have you tried rebooting?  If you have there is a method to remove the lock, if not, try rebooting (or closing any apt based programs)00:27
yagooaa555, if you want to type "dpkg" it defaults to /var/lib/dpkg "/" is not your HDrive..00:27
Psydollzykotick9: yes ive tried rebooting00:27
yagooaa555, everything you did was useless unfortuntely from bad advice00:27
aa555im lost, and now i cant load ubuntu or win 700:27
aa555whatever you and nit-wit drama just fucked my PC00:28
Noobuntufix mbr00:28
yagooaa555, it damaged nothing..00:28
zykotick9!aptlock | Psydoll00:28
ubottuPsydoll: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:28
aa555im stuck yagoo00:28
yagooaa555, just try that boot-rescue cd i mentioned.. it's supposed to be easy to use..00:28
yagooaa555, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair00:28
h00k!language | aa55500:28
ubottuaa555: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:28
aa555yagoo: do you understand what i have done already? i restareted withoutt he live cd and was greeted with a grub screen00:29
yagooaa555, well i don't know if stage1/2 is on your harddrive..00:29
yagooaa555, if it works then that's fine.. but it was only because grub primary code was inject into the mbr..00:29
Blueleafi have a usb problem with ubuntu 10.10 but only with my blackberry, anyone want to take a crack at it?00:29
yagooaa555, but all the other apt-get commands was pretty much useless..00:30
aa555nothing works i cant get to my operating systems00:30
yagooaa555, are you able to see the boot-repair urls? (Yes or No)00:30
yagooaa555, so try that..00:30
yagooaa555, let me know..00:30
iceroothow is ubuntu using an encrypted /home? what is the key and where is it store?00:30
aa555yagoo ok...00:30
afeijois it possible to replace my HD to a new one, same size, moving my ubuntu with no loss?00:31
icerootafeijo: yes00:31
rschnckWhat command opens disk-utility? gnome-disk-utility doesn't work00:31
afeijoiceroot, how?00:31
icerootafeijo: i would use dd for that sudo dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdX   replace X e.g. with sda and sdb (danger that command can kill a lot if using wrong)00:32
PsydollI got the following error after typing what the ubottu told me for the vlc problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/648674/00:32
FoxxTesttube1: I am back00:32
Blueleafafter reboot my system will see my blackberry as an external media but if i unplug it and plug it back in it will no longer see it.00:32
icerootafeijo: if = inout-file, of=output-file00:33
zykotick9rschnck, is it installed?  "apt-cache policy gnome-disk-utility" if you aren't sure.00:33
yugiohfan2011Earlier I asked if there was a driver for my Dell V105 printer that Ubuntu could use, only to discover there was no such driver for my specific printer. If I were to install a generic printer driver, what driver would you recommend I use if I wanted to print text and graphics?00:33
afeijoiceroot, do I need to do it thru a livecd?00:34
icerootafeijo: no00:34
icerootafeijo: but your new drive has to be unmounted00:34
afeijoit is00:35
icerootafeijo: but you have to be sure to set the correct drives (see  sudo fdisk -l)00:35
icerootafeijo: i would guess its if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb00:35
icerootafeijo: also its a good idea to run that in a screen session00:36
FoxxTerry: do you remember that line you had me run that got my system to recognize the card?00:36
rschnckzykotick9: I'm dead sure it's installed. It just bricked my damn SD card :(00:37
zykotick9rschnck, then i'm not sure what the executable path is then.  Best of luck.00:38
[vali]iceroot: does it work nowadays with the "new" fstab ? (using UUID)00:38
boson12Hi everyone!00:39
Psydolli think tomorrow im going to go to ubuntu 11.04 or whatever it is natty been avoiding it for so long.00:39
iceroot[vali]: hm good point00:39
boson12I am failing to connect to an external monitor via VGA00:39
* zykotick9 thinks LABELs are much easier then UUIDs in fstab00:39
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rschnckzykotick9: On a different note, when I try to format it with DU I get: "Error reating partition table: helper exited with exit code: 1 Error calling fysnc(2) on /dev/mmcblk0: Input/output error"00:40
rschnckzykotick9: Any clue?00:40
boson12does anyone know how to fix my issue with connecting my ubuntu screen to an external monitor via VGA00:40
Psydollboson12: did you go system --> pref --> monitors?00:40
icerootafeijo: maybe you have to edit the uuid in /etc/fstab on the new drive. you can get the new uuid with "sudo blkid /dev/sdb"00:40
rschnckI wanted to know the executable path for DU to try running it with gksu to see if that fixed it...00:40
zykotick9rschnck, mmcblk0 is this some sort of raid?00:40
[vali]I did that in the past (and then using cp -a, wich is WAY faster), but now you will need to redo fstab IIRC00:40
icerootrschnck: which du00:40
boson12Psydoll, let me try it00:40
rschnckiceroot: gnome-disk-utility00:40
rschnckzykotick9: No, it's an SDHC 4GB card..00:40
rschnckI bought it like 2 seconds ago.00:41
iceroot[vali]: cp is not copying the mbr and the partion-layout00:41
Ehrmanhi everyone, how can I disable the CTL + Alt shortcut that automatically maximizes every window.  The shortcut is disabled in keyboard shortcuts, I don't know how it got activated.00:41
zykotick9rschnck, sorry i have no idea.  best of luck.00:41
icerootrschnck: that is the command00:41
icerootrschnck: "which du"00:41
rschnckiceroot: I don't know what you're asking then00:41
adam_Ehrman, just pressing Ctrl+Alt ??00:41
icerootrschnck: you asked about the path of the program du00:41
zykotick9iceroot, rschnck is looking for (Gnome) Disk Utility00:41
[vali]iceroot: just create partitions beforehand (then HDD size dont even matter), copy, chroot and grub-install00:42
rschnckzykotick9: I can open it via the application manager...I just wanted to try running it with gksu to see if running it as root fixes the problem.00:42
iceroot[vali]: i think dd is easier :)00:42
[vali]but lots of thing changed since last time I did something like that00:42
adam_Ehrman, do you try to assign another shortcut to the command maximize window ?00:42
[vali]and slower XD00:42
zykotick9rschnck, so Preferences / Main Menu - and see what path GDU is using.00:43
iceroot[vali]: not if setting uo the blocksize correctly00:43
iceroot[vali]: but with the default, yes its slower00:43
EhrmanI know that's not the official shortcut for maximizing windows, but suddenly I can't use any other shortcuts that use CTL + Alt because it maximizes the window in addition to executing the command, the maximize window shortcut already has another command assigned to it00:43
somsipEhrman: is this set in CCSM - sometimes setting in there override keyboard shortcuts00:43
Ehrmanwhat is ccsm?00:43
adam_Ehrman, compiz00:43
Kereltis_Quick question: I'm planing on building a budget pc, the mobo I'm looking at has a VIA audio codec, do VIA chipsets work with Ubuntu 11.04?00:43
somsipEhrman: Compiz Something Settings Manager00:43
adam_Ehrman, compiz broke my box once :(00:44
boson12Psydoll: I had tried to fix my issue in "monitors" but failed00:44
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz00:44
EhrmanI didn't download anything called compiz00:44
boson12Psydoll: Both sides of the VGA cable have 15 pins00:44
EhrmanI did install orca00:45
Psydollboson12: check that you have the latest drivers installed00:45
boson12Psydoll: Also, I have successfully connected to Windows 7 but cannot do it in Ubuntu00:45
adam_Ehrman, sure ? have a look in system or applications i think compiz is the only thing who could overload your shortcuts I think00:45
Psydollboson12: at the top of your screen next to the speaker and date and time, do you see a little green icon there?00:45
somsipEhrman: ok - it was worth a try. I had a similar thing before and CCSM was overriding shortcuts set elsewhere00:45
EhrmanI did I search in the unity search bar for compiz, nothing came up00:45
Psydollboson12: do you have that icon?00:46
boson12Psydoll: No, I don't  see it; but I see a monitor icon in there00:46
Ehrmanthanks somsip, I should reboot00:46
adam_Ehrman, which version of ubuntu ?00:46
boson12Psydoll: Is that the one I have to download/update?00:46
adam_Ehrman, somsip seems to know your issue better than me00:46
Psydollboson12: not sure what that one is open it and see what it says00:46
Psydollboson12: do this open a terminal: and type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" without the comas00:47
EhrmanI'm going to reboot and see if that fixes it00:47
boson12Psydoll: I have found a bug00:47
Psydollboson12: which one?00:48
boson12Psydoll: That bug did not let me download updates00:48
MedjaiIf you know a good graphics designer who knows how to use illustrator PM me [amsg]00:48
Psydollboson12: are you able to download the updates now?00:48
boson12Psydoll: Could not initialize the package information00:49
boson12An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.00:49
boson12Please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:00:49
boson12'E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_binary-amd64_Packages, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.'00:49
FloodBot1boson12: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
Psydollboson12: close synpatic if its open00:49
Psydollboson12: open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" without the comas00:50
afeijoiceroot, my new caviar black HD got sda :) the main hd is now sdb00:50
afeijodd is running00:50
afeijoiceroot, I'm running per partition, I do not want to copy all of them00:50
LewocoWhat do I need to do to make nautilus automatically start when I pop in a USB stick?00:51
boson12Psydoll: Awesome, it's working (downloading)!00:51
Psydollboson12: your welcome00:51
adam_afeijo, open the computer and switch the connectors no ?00:51
adam_it is the first time i come here without an issue with my ubuntu ! please tell me your problems !00:52
boson12Psydoll: I've forgotten the command to show you a snapshot of my terminal. What is it?00:52
KM0201adam_: tis a monumental day for you then.. :)00:53
adam_KM0201, yeah !00:53
icerootafeijo: you also have to copy the mbr and the partiton-layout00:53
Psydollboson12: just go applications -> accessories -> snapshot00:53
tensorpuddingboson12: you can take a screenshot using the Take Screenshot tool00:53
afeijoadam_, why bother? it didn't affect my system. And it is sata, I could swap thru the BIOS00:53
tensorpuddingboson12: you can configure it to take a screenshot of a single window00:53
afeijoiceroot, oops, indeed...00:53
KM0201boson12: if you want to show your terminal to us, it's easier to use a pastebin00:53
KM0201!pastebin | boson1200:53
ubottuboson12: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:53
adam_afeijo, indeed :) that's an option too lol00:54
Psydollboson12: http://paste.ubuntu.com use that00:54
afeijoiceroot, the first partition I'm copying is my root, it hasn't the mbr and partition-layout?00:54
icerootafeijo: but this should fix it "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda1 bs=512 count=1" when sda is the new drive. then you have the partion-layout + mbr there00:54
icerootafeijo: you need the first 512 byte from the old drive00:54
adam_KM0201, why do you mock me ? you are an ubuntu master ? :)00:54
icerootafeijo: thats what bs=512 is doing00:55
KM0201adam_: wasn't mocking you at all, it's a good thing the first time you come here to try and help, rather than be helped... i didn't mean that in a mocking manner at all.00:55
icerootafeijo: after that you can copy single partitions00:55
afeijoiceroot, got it!! thanks a lot. I run it after I finish copying with dd?00:55
afeijoonly afte rthat? oops00:55
icerootafeijo: i would do it first00:56
adam_KM0201, yes i know i was joking too once i talked with a guy who used linux since 1998 i wondered if it was you00:56
afeijoso I need to cancel the current dd, ok00:56
Mandrewcan i make my installed desktop into a live cd?00:56
icerootafeijo: if you copy complete sdb to sda you also get the mbr + partionlayout00:56
adam_Mandrew, yes !! it is possible but it quite complex00:56
afeijoiceroot, one of my partitions is NTFS with over 500gb, no need to copy that00:57
KM0201adam_: ... i've been using it about that long.. but i don't recall ever chatting w/ you.. but im glad you've got everything going.00:57
icerootafeijo: ok00:57
Mandrewok with what software can i do that adam_ ?00:57
afeijoiceroot, the 512 byte should direct to my first linux partition, the root one right? so it is sdb200:57
zonylHi All. I am not able to add icons to the panel.  I check Gconf "locked down" setting and that is not enable either.  Anyone else have an idea?00:58
icerootafeijo: i would do the following , copy the first 512byte, then copy all partions you want, then delete the partions on the new drive you dont need and realocate the space (gparted)00:58
icerootafeijo: no00:58
itaylor57KM0201, i only have 26 yrs unix/linux experience00:58
icerootafeijo: the first 512byte of the drive, so sdb instead of sdb200:58
KM0201itaylor57: lol freakin newbs.00:58
icerootafeijo: not the first 512byte of a partition00:58
adam_Mandrew, not with a single software but a nightmare of multiple commands. A google search to a tutorial is appropriated in this case00:58
afeijoI mean, of=/dev/sda200:59
icerootafeijo: no00:59
adam_Mandrew, the fact is that your system is completely loaded in the memory if you use a live cd00:59
icerootafeijo: sdb is the drive, sda2 is a partition00:59
thephasedwhy isn't there a grub.cfg file in /boot/grub on my usb ubuntu00:59
afeijoyes, my root will be at sda2, not sda100:59
thephasedis there any other way i can add noacpi to grub other than that grub.cfg file?01:00
adam_Mandrew, be sure you have enough to host your installation it would be a live dvd i think01:00
icerootafeijo: is there a reason that it must be 2 and not 1 on the new drive?01:00
godtrunkscan anyone tell me what's the command for ubuntu to check disk?01:00
ibm_Mandrew,  acually there is a program called .......remastersys....that will work on Debian based systems01:00
Mandrewso adam_  the start up disk creator wont cut it then?01:00
aikInsaanhow do i add an application to startup in natty?01:00
afeijoiceroot, I partitioned the new drive to the first partition to be 500gb NTFS, so I can install win7 if needed01:00
adam_KM0201, so you come and help people here everyday ? do you know some people managing the ubuntuforums ?01:01
KM0201!startup | afeijo01:01
ubottuafeijo: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:01
somsip!fsck | godtrunks01:01
ubottugodtrunks: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot01:01
zonylgodtrunks: fsck /dev/sdx01:01
Mandrewibm_, the start up disk creator wont cut it then?01:01
icerootafeijo: hm01:01
KM0201adam_: i'm here almost every day, yes, i don't hang out on the forums to often, so no.. i dont know anyone who manages the forums01:01
godtrunksit's working on debian aswell??01:01
afeijoiceroot, shall I change it to host ntfs last?01:01
ibm_Mandrew,   more likley end  up being a live DVD though01:01
icerootafeijo: i dont think dd is the best way then if you change partition layout01:01
brewsterwhat's the hg update command?01:01
adam_KM0201, i ask that to you because now to see the forum you absolutelity have to login !! it is a real nightmare01:02
afeijoiceroot, my old HD is set like that, ntfs as first part.01:02
icerootafeijo: ah ok01:02
ibm_Mandrew,  could not say never tried01:02
adam_KM0201, maybe you know somebody who know somebody you see ?01:02
afeijoiceroot, but the partition sizes are not the same01:02
icerootafeijo: so you dont change anything you just dont want to copy the old 500gb01:02
zonylAnyone have an idea why gnome wont let me add icons to the panel?  Just started happening out of the blue.01:02
aikInsaanbrewster, it updates your mercurial repository files to the latest rev01:02
Mandrewibm_, ill be running it from a usb-stick 16 gb01:02
KM0201adam_: i have a forum account, but.. i don't post there to often... (i prefer helping "live" here in the channel) i probably have less 100 posts there01:02
afeijoiceroot, something like that01:02
icerootafeijo: if they are not the same, dd is the wrong way01:02
adam_KM0201, you mean the direct functionality in ubuntu to create a startup cd ?01:02
brewsteraikInsaan: what is the actual command?01:03
brewsteri can't remember what it was01:03
aikInsaanbrewster, actual command to...?01:03
icerootafeijo: easily spoken, dd is cling your drive/partitions with the exact same size01:03
KM0201adam_: ?..y ou went from asking me about the forums, to direct functionality oof ubuntu to create a startup cd... you lost me01:03
icerootafeijo: cloning01:03
brewsterupdate something you already have01:03
adam_KM0201, sorry :( nickname mistake01:03
KM0201adam_: well thats a relief, i was lost01:04
adam_Mandrew,  you mean the direct functionality in ubuntu to create a startup cd ?01:04
aikInsaanbrewster, that's exactly the command        'hg update'01:04
aikInsaanbrewster, unless you are trying to achieve something different01:04
brewsterok ty01:04
ibm_Mandrew,  have a look at Remastersys.............it will create the ISO on your HD    then you can Burn a CD/DVD  or use what ever program you wish to place it on a USB stick01:04
KM0201!remaster | Mandrew01:04
ubottuMandrew: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility01:04
adam_KM0201, ok i said i was looking for the people managing the ubuntuforums to ask them why now you have to login to see posts01:04
aikInsaanbrewster, np...give #mercurial a shout if stuck01:04
Mandrewadam_, yea that one too, i wonder it that software will be able to do the job too01:04
KM0201adam_: dunno, i'm sure they have their reasons though..01:05
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boson12how may I connect to an external monitor/tv using a vga cable01:06
zonylah.. Killed gnome, reloaded and all is better now. Odd bug01:06
adam_Mandrew, i think it is only a startup disk in case grub is lost a sort of backup01:06
boson12the tv does not detect my computer01:06
funnyfingersthe netboot for ubuntu 11.04 doesn't detect the NIC of a domU.  Works fine with the debian installer though.01:06
adam_KM0201, i suppose they have their reason so never mind i'll try to post directly on the forum to know more01:07
boson12how can I connect to an external monitor01:07
Mandrewok tnx for the help adam_ , ibm_  and KM020101:08
adam_Mandrew, I was not really helpful but you are welcome01:09
Mandrewbut you were adam_01:09
NeoncamouflageIf I'm still running the Python 2.6.6 that came with Ubuntu 10.10 and I want to upgrade to 2.7, how would I do so? Just download 2.7 or what?01:09
Mandrewi have learned something ;)01:10
icerootNeoncamouflage: have a look at the backports01:10
iceroot!backports | Neoncamouflage01:10
ubottuNeoncamouflage: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging01:10
NeoncamouflageThank you01:10
Mandrewif i do a backup on / ill get the /home as well, right?01:11
icerootMandrew: depending how you do the backup and if /home is an extra partiton01:11
Mandrewiceroot, i made a swap, / and a /home when i installed the distro and they are all on the same disk01:12
lawlhey, why isn't pypy in the repos anymore?01:12
icerootMandrew: but different partitions01:12
Mandrewiceroot, sure01:13
icerootMandrew: so its depending how to do the backup01:13
Mandrewso i just do a backup on the / and one on the /home and ill be sett right?01:13
icerootMandrew: 1. why need a backup of / 2. what tool you use for the backup?01:14
Mandrewiceroot, i use  back in time01:15
icerootMandrew: sorry dont know that tool01:15
=== derp is now known as Cream
Mandrewiceroot, im going to fiddle with BURG to modify the grub01:15
Mandrewiceroot, so if the shit hits the fan i want to be safe01:16
h00k!language | Mandrew01:16
ubottuMandrew: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:16
Mandrewh00k, its a saying01:16
Guest79433can anyone tell me a command for n900 to check disk?01:16
obeyanceOk, Im back and needing some guidance here.01:17
Mandrewh00k, its not swearing its a way of using the language01:17
Corey!seen cain01:17
ubottuI have no seen command01:17
Corey!seen maco01:17
h00kMandrew: its not welcome here :)01:17
Guest79433a comand for debian01:17
Guest79433fsck is not working01:18
yagooGuest10315, xyz1020345601:18
obeyanceUnity seems to be not working, my graphics driver says its activated but not currently in use and i can only work in the normal gnome enviroment.01:18
NeoncamouflageI added the backport repository for 10.10, did apt-get update and upgrade, but it didn't update python. Are there further steps that I need to take?01:18
h00kGuest79433: Are you using Debian?01:19
yagooGuest10315, wtf is a n900?01:19
obeyanceMy issue started when i updated from 10.10 to 11.04 and tried to turn on Desktop Cube.01:19
Guest79433the phone yes01:19
yagooGuest79433, ^01:19
Disguisedanyone use dwm that can answer a few questions01:19
h00kGuest79433: you should check in #debian for debian support, this is the channel for ubuntu support01:19
dr_willis!info dwm01:20
ubottudwm (source: dwm): dynamic window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.8.2-3 (natty), package size 36 kB, installed size 180 kB01:20
dr_willisa huge 180kB :)01:20
* inFernet is away: I'm busy01:20
Disguisedto change settings you change a c header file and recompile01:20
Pici!away > inFernet01:21
ubottuinFernet, please see my private message01:21
yagoodwm sux01:21
obeyanceI await patiently for someone to respond*01:22
yagoo(says http://dwm.suckless.org/ is a suckful site :)01:22
Disguisedlol you got me01:22
afeijoiceroot, do you know other cmd that could do what I need?01:22
* inFernet is back (gone 00:01:56)01:22
Disguisedi havent used it in over a year and am trying to force myself to remember how to get it how i like01:23
Disguisedbut gnome is too much for this x40 without a trackpad01:23
=== eoss is now known as aa555
Disguiseddwm fits it perfectly01:23
aa555who was helping me earlier?01:24
aa555i forget his username01:25
yagooaa555, so it worked?01:25
aa555yagoo: it worked.01:25
obeyanceI updated from 10.10 to 11.04 this morning. I tried to turn back on Desktop Cube and Rotate Desktop in compiz while in the newly updated unity environment. I screwed something up because evidently Unity and Cube dont work well together. I now can not use Unity, nor do i see a login option for unity. The graphics drivers i have installed for my Nvidia card (7900GS KO) are set to "Activated but not currently in use".01:26
aa555windows 7 showed up as well, didnt try to load it though01:26
yagooaa555, register ur name so i can memoserv in case i go offline01:26
yagooaa555, /msg nickserv help register01:26
=== aa555 is now known as eoss
eossyahoo, im registered under this name01:26
obeyanceSomeone, anyone, wanna help tackle this problem?01:28
Ademanis there a utility that gives more useful information than 'file' does when using it on block devices? (I'd live for $AWESOMEUTIL /dev/sda1 to output ext3 )01:28
Random832Ademan: file - < /dev/sda101:29
obeyanceIs there another help channel?01:29
Random832/dev/stdin: Linux rev 1.0 ext2 filesystem data (mounted or unclean), UUID=1cb35a8e-52bc-4f40-9ed4-ce7f8cf6271001:30
smp4488how can i see what driver is loaded for my touchscreen?01:30
dr_willisobeyance:  the activated but not in use is a bug. run the nvidia-0settings tool and see if it says they are in use...01:30
Random832Ademan: also blkid01:30
obeyancerun that in terminal?01:30
dr_willisobeyance:  reset unity and compiz -> http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-reset-unity-launcher-icons-or.html01:31
dr_willisfrom my delicious.com/dr_willis links   :)01:31
obeyanceI did the Gnome/Compiz one.01:31
obeyanceDidnt do anything.01:31
thephasedcan anyone explain why I have no grub.cfg in ubuntu. Is it because I'm using a live usb? I'm trying to figure out how to add noacpi or acpi=off parameters to booting the kernel? I've gone through Ubuntu support docs and still can't figure out why grub.cfg isn't there. do i simply need to make one?01:32
dr_willisobeyance:  make a new user - see if they have a similer issue01:32
obeyanceMade the screen flash but didnt make anything work.01:32
obeyanceIDK how to make a new user.01:32
dr_willisobeyance:  'adduser billgates'01:32
obeyancein terminal?01:32
dr_williserr.. where else ? :)01:32
pepeehi. can someone update the gkrellm package? PLEASE01:32
NorthernenNatty boots into black screen. I can boot if I change "quiet splash" with "nomodeset", but then I'll only be able to use classic Gnome. Is there another way around ths01:32
* dr_willis has never figured where else when people ask that... :)01:32
dr_willisNorthernen:  once i install the actual nvidia drivers. i no longer need the nomodeset option01:33
dr_willisNorthernen:  and unity works.01:33
dr_willisbut that dosent do a lot of good on a live cd. :)01:33
Northernenthephased, you set those paramaters in /etc/default/grub.01:33
dr_willisobeyance:  so you used the command --> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-101:33
dr_willisthen    unity --reset01:34
thephasedoh ok. i was looking in /boot/grub01:34
thephasedill check there thanks.01:34
obeyancenot unity but compiz and gnome01:34
obeyanceSec, im in gnome classic right now.01:34
Northernendr_willis, I'm using ATI. I have installed the drivers. It sometimes boots correctly, and others times not.01:34
dr_willisNorthernen:  I dont even look at machines with ati any more. :) so cant help..01:35
cereal_having an issue mounting a external hdd in fat 32 format. when i mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt/usb it gives a error "cant read superblock" ... any ideas?01:35
dr_willistotal Unity/compiz reset -> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-101:35
Northernendr_willis, it came with my Acer laptop.01:36
dr_willistotal Unity/compiz reset -> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1 && unity --reset && unity --reset-icons01:36
obeyancedr_willis, I dont know how to log in with the new gnome/unity as i did on first restart.01:36
dr_williswe should get that in a factoid and a link to -> http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-reset-unity-launcher-icons-or.html01:36
obeyanceAll the options look like the previous versions (ie. 10.10, 10.04, 9.10)01:36
dr_willisobeyance:  at gdm login, you enter the name, and select ubuntu from the menu.01:36
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".01:36
obeyanceRight, but... All of them look the same.01:37
obeyanceClassic, Ubuntu, IceWM, all the same.01:37
obeyanceUnless im missing something.01:38
dr_willisicewm gives you the same desktop?01:38
dr_willisYou got somthing very wrong  then.01:38
obeyanceIve been telling you guys lol.01:38
dr_willismake a new user.. see if it works for them....01:38
obeyanceI can run any pretty things either.01:39
obeyanceI was going to check and see my FPS, but i cant get benchmark to work.01:39
dr_willisif new user has the same issues - that points to a system problem.. if a new user works.. then its a user config issue01:39
obeyanceThere is no option for extra effects either.01:39
dr_willisyou are worrying about effects.. when you could have deeper problems.. :)01:40
dr_willisselecting icewm at the gdm login screen should give you a radically differnt 'desktop' :)01:41
pepeeso, how/who do I request package updates?01:41
dr_willispepee:  cant say ive ever seen one requested. :)01:41
dr_willismost people track down a PPA.01:42
hwq001creal_: You'll have to install the XFS utilities first - it should be 'apt-get install xfs_repair'01:42
=== jtannen1 is now known as jtannenbaum
pepeedr_willis, no ppa for this one01:43
cereal_wouldnt fsck.vfat work?01:43
dr_williscereal_:  try it.. but it may not work.. may make it worse..01:44
pepeedr_willis, sometimes, there could be01:44
cereal_=/ all i want is to format the hdd and make it mountable again. even if it means losing the data stored on it01:45
pepee... some major differences between versions01:45
dr_williscereal_:  format it and get rid of all the data?  that makes it easier then...01:45
dr_williscereal_: use fdisk, delete the partitons, remake them, reformat..01:45
cereal_ok il try that01:45
NorthernenIs it possible to read extX partitions in Windows?01:45
dr_williscereal_:  but IF the  mbr/first blocks are bad.. it may not be reformatable.. You could 'try' to fix it via zeroing the drive out with dd.01:46
ubottuext3 is the default filesystem on older versions of Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org01:46
dr_willisNorthernen:  in some cases - yes. :)01:46
s_d_s_d_s#ubuntu has 1000+ ppl01:47
dr_williss_d_s_d_s:  its a slow day/night01:47
dr_williscome in on release day - to see 3000+01:48
Guest51695Dr-Willis, This is obeyance. The issue is purely a user setting it seems because i am on the 11.04 desktop environment now with "billgates" =p01:48
Northernendr_willis, 'some'?01:48
neonflxcan i change unity defaults, just don't like it want to go back to the old interface01:48
dr_willisGuest51695:  well you could nuke all your problem users settings then. :)  or to be safer. move all the varios .gnome* and .config* dirs to some Subdir.01:48
dr_willis!classic | neonflx01:49
ubottuneonflx: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".01:49
dr_willisGuest51695:  you may need to use a file manager and root, to get to the problem users files..01:49
neonflxunity is not for me01:50
Guest51695Which is the easiest?01:50
EmpoyLayawHi folks! Are there any good alternatives to Audacity to date?01:50
dr_willisGuest51695:  depends on what you want to do..01:50
Guest51695Well, as long as it doesnt effect any driver updates or minor software installs... I would like to go back to defaults.01:50
dr_willisGuest51695:  you could just cd into the problem /home/username  and do a sudo mkdir BACKUPS    then sudo mv .* BACKUPS01:50
dr_willisGuest51695:  users home dirs files should never affect those things...01:51
dr_willissystem stuff .. vs  .. user stuff. :)01:51
Guest51695k so nuking would be easy and fast?01:51
Guest51695Or would moving the files as backups be quicker?01:51
dr_willisGuest51695:  i do recall that (unsupported) ubuntu-tweak tool having some boxbuttons to reset gnome back to defaults.01:51
dr_willisMoveing them, then logging in.. would reset back to defaults01:51
EmpoyLayawHi folks! Are there any good alternatives to Audacity to date? Audacity got removed when I upgraded to Ubuntu 1101:52
dr_willisthen if you ever need them. they would be in 'BACKUPS'01:52
bkerensaPlease Help: My Update manager is borked it says I haven't checked for updates in 7 days and now a red exclaimation mark is on my gnome panel... I check daily and have all current updates!01:52
dr_willis!info audacity01:52
ubottuaudacity (source: audacity): fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.13-3ubuntu1 (natty), package size 2421 kB, installed size 6364 kB01:52
dr_willisits still in natty...01:52
stevezauHi, I need to upgrade01:52
Guest51695Idk, i may be right there with neo on this one.'01:52
Guest51695Unity may not be for me.01:52
aikInsaanhow do i change auto login in lubuntu?01:53
dr_willisUnity will hopefully kill off that silly cube...01:53
Guest51695It seems a bit like Google Chromium, a little to simple. I like lots of options =p.01:53
cyphaany shortcut to change the command I entered last?01:53
stevezauHi, I need to upgrade GnuTLS in natty 11.04 to a higher version as the current version has a bug.. any idea where i can get a .deb for this?01:53
cyphaso it doesn't replace the filename that follows?01:53
Guest51695Well dr_willis  it did. Cause it screws up your system if you try to enable it =p01:53
jaithcan anyone tell me how to determine which packages that I have installed are *main* and which are *universe*01:53
dr_williscypha:  you mean in a bash terminal?01:53
cyphadr_willis, yes01:53
dr_williscypha:  bash has a very full featured 'history'  functions..01:54
Guest51695Where do i find my filesystem on here?01:54
dr_willisive barely used 1/20th of the features of the bash history stuff01:54
EmpoyLayawdr_willis it is still in natty? when I use software center it says there are dependent libraries that need to be installed01:54
dr_willisie: !! -> redo last command,, then it gets more complex from there.01:54
cyphadr_willis, cool, I'll look into it, thanks01:54
dr_willisEmpoyLayaw:  try a apt-get update, then upgradem and try reinstalling it..01:54
dr_willishttp://www.talug.org/events/20030709/cmdline_history.html     Using Bash History01:55
EmpoyLayawok... i'll have to learn that command line thing, thanks for the tip01:55
dr_willisthats just a few things to do with bash hiustory01:55
dr_willisThere we go. :) that should covery most of bash history01:57
Guest51695dr_willis, Do you have a bookmark for backing up user files?01:58
helloicanseeuhi, how to set dpms for secondary monitor in dual monitor setup?01:59
helloicanseeuhi, how to set dpms for secondary monitor in dual monitor setup?02:00
Guest51695it says someone is using my nickname? Obeyance?02:00
Guest51695Im pretty much the only person in the world that uses that name.02:00
rwwGuest51695: ask #freenode02:00
dunbardo you have it registered?02:00
Guest51695No, but i was just in here with it 5 min ago.02:01
helloicanseeuhi, how to set dpms for secondary monitor in dual monitor setup?02:01
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html02:03
b0nghitteri have VLC playing my logitec quick cam, but the video is all weird. it's using v4l2, what can i use to change the contrast etc? using lucid, thanks02:04
no-name-anybody else having trouble with kega fusion? I open it and i just get a window with blank(black) screen02:04
Guest51695CD /home/username says no such dir.02:04
Guest51695Now im stuck in desktop cause i can .. or ls or cd out of it.02:04
th0rb0nghitter: vlc has all those settings02:05
xanguaGuest51695: is your username......username¿02:05
b0nghitterth0r im streaming to my desktop, so i cant change them in real time inside vlc02:05
Guest51695and i didnt put username i put my username02:05
b0nghitteri dont think?02:05
xanguaGuest51695: then do it02:05
dr_willisGuest51695:  just copy them somewhere..02:05
dr_willisGuest51695:  you use your acutal username.. not 'username'02:05
Guest51695i know02:05
Guest51695i did02:06
thephasedIf I install Ubuntu 10.04 and choose to install updates, will any of those updates include a kernel update?02:06
dr_willisuse tab completion and double check whats in home..02:06
Guest51695Thats what i said ^^02:06
Guest51695<Guest51695> and i didnt put username i put my username02:06
dr_willisNow is when knowing some bash basics would come in handy. :)02:06
xanguathephased: if you mean a major version release, no02:06
thephasedI'm having problems with the kernel in 11.0402:06
thephasedso I want to try 10.0402:06
dr_willisgood night all.. bed time for the Dr.02:06
Guest5169510.04 is cool.02:06
th0rb0nghitter: are you using vlc on the desktop?02:06
KM0201thephased: why do you think using10.04 will resolve the problem?02:07
Guest5169511.04 has given me 12 hours of problems so far.02:07
KM0201Guest51695: most problems w/ 11.04, are unity related, not kernel related...02:07
nocilishey, I don't suppose anyone would happen to know how to pipe output from stdout to espeak in such a way that the output will still be displayed but espeak will read it02:07
Guest51695I know02:07
Guest51695Thast what im having problems with02:07
b0nghitterth0r: vlc on both the ubuntu lucid server, and my xp desktop02:07
KM0201Guest51695: so your problem is pretty irrelevant to his.02:07
Guest51695Need to reset my user settings because its screwed up bad on my SU02:07
thephasedKM0201: I'm getting "net: registered protocol family 1"02:08
thephasedevery time i boot02:08
th0rb0nghitter: Tools-Effects and Filters the Video Effects tab02:08
Guest51695Er, all i saw was him saying "I want to try 10.04 now"02:08
KM0201Guest51695: why were you using su anyway?02:08
Guest51695so i made a comment.02:08
b0nghitterth0r: cool ty i'll try02:08
KM0201Guest51695: then you should have read his whole comment.. he wants to try 10.04, becuase 11.04 is having kernel issues,  so i asked, why does he think 10.04 will fix the prob.02:08
Guest51695I guess its SU, i dunno... It was the only user i could log in under.02:08
Guest51695Is that not the same as "Admin" on winblows?02:08
thephasedKM0201: doesn't 10.04 have an earlier kernel version?02:09
KM0201Guest51695: not really.02:09
dsnydersncolis, there is a tee command that pipes an input stream to two output streams02:09
KM0201thephased: yes, but.. i'm trying to understand why you think you won't have this problem in an earlier kernel, thats all.. i'm not saying you won't, just trying to figure out your reasoning02:09
nocilisdsnyders looking into that, thanks02:09
thephasedIt doesn't hurt to try. Process of elimination02:10
sgo11hi, do anyone know how to remove a group in empathy (msn protocol). I tried many ways, it's still present in Edit Contact button after removal. thanks.02:10
thephasedI've searched all around the web for what "net: registered protocol family 1"02:10
thephasedactually means02:10
thephasedeveryone says to just boot acpi=off or maxcpus=102:10
Guest51695Ok, but plz KM0201 dont brake the so far unblemished sanctity of this room for me... Most linux distro people i have met over the years are always uppity, rude and have a god complex. This one has been very nice and helpful. Dont be a dick and ruin it plz =(02:10
KM0201thephased: ok, thinking about this logically, since kernels to to "progress" rather than "regress"... why would you think it would work better in an earlier kernel, than a current one?... if anything, you would want to go to a newer one.02:11
yagoodsnyders, ls -la | tee logging.txt .. and ls -la still displays02:11
yagoonocilis, ls -la | tee logging.txt .. and ls -la still displays02:11
U236WillyWhy can I go to my applications and select 'gtkpod' and it starts right up, However, neither Synaptic, dpkg, or apt-get remove see it as installed.  2nd quest.... how do i get rid of it.. I'd like to 'think' about compiling a new version.02:11
KM0201Guest51695: if you think i was being a dick, then that just shows your misunderstanding of what i said.02:11
NorthernenHow can one view .vmw and similar files in Linux?02:11
nocilisyagoo any way to redirect to two pipes?02:11
DanaG"registered protocol family" is an insignificant message.02:11
Guest51695You can be a dick without knowing your a dick. Just sayin =p02:11
thephasedKM0201: Yeah kernels progress. Someone recommended me to try an earlier version02:11
DanaGthephased: what's the actual problem?02:11
nocilisor pipe the output but don't block it from showing yagoo02:12
KM0201Guest51695: guess the same thing applies to being clueless, huh?02:12
DanaGIs it booting to there and then hanging?02:12
KM0201DanaG: thats what i've been trying to get out of him.02:12
Guest51695Oh im clueless... I have been using ubuntu for a whole maybe 2 weeks.02:12
thephasedyeah DanaG, just hangs02:12
thephasedcan i make it bypass the hang?02:12
thephasedif i hit a key it will still boot02:12
thephasedperformance wise there isn't a problem with 11.04 for me02:12
DanaGtry booting with "ignore_loglevel debug" instead of "quiet splash"?02:12
kondorescan someone msg me in private window? just for test02:12
KM0201thephased: so if you hit a key, it bypasses the error, and continues booting?02:12
thephasedyes at least for amd6402:12
NorthernenHow can one view .vmw and similar files in Linux?02:12
thephasedill try that DanaG: thanks02:13
KM0201Guest51695: that simply proves my point02:13
kondorestnx KM0201 :)02:13
almoxarifeNorthernen: what kind of file is it?02:13
KM0201kondores: np.. :)02:13
xanguaNorthernen: install restricted-extras or VLC02:13
thephasedDanaG, if i boot without queit splash will that get rid of the splash screen all together?02:13
nociliskk i'll try to figure it out later02:14
=== tum is now known as Guest27540
DanaGAnd "ignore_loglevel debug" makes sure it'll show all messages.02:14
dsnydersnocilis, I came in mid-thread.  what are you trying to acomplish02:14
Northernenxangua, VLC doesn't work.02:14
Northernenalmoxarife, .mss202:14
thephasedoh so it won't make it stop hanging then DanaG?02:14
xanguaNorthernen: sorry , i though  windowsmediavideo :S02:15
sam555hello all!02:15
sam555how does one delete a read only file02:15
sam555i tried sudo rm <name of file>02:15
sam555and it wouldn't delete02:15
xanguaNorthernen: google says is a vmware file02:15
DanaGthephased: who knows... it might help the hang, but even if it doesn't, it'll let you see what it's doing before the hang.02:15
dsnyderssam555, mark it as writeable, then delete it.02:15
thephasedoh alright02:15
churlyhey guys, I'm curious what characters are possible when setting my local machines hostname.  letters of course, numbers I'm sure, but what else in the way of symbols?02:15
sam555thephased: gotcha!! thanks!02:15
Northernenxangua, what is a VMware file?02:16
thephasedwrong guy i think sam55502:16
KM0201churly: pretty sure numbers, letters, and -02:16
sam555i mean thanks dsnyders!02:16
churlyKM0201: just the dash huh?  great to know, thanks02:16
U236WillyHow do i remove a program that dpkg, and Synaptic says is not installed?02:16
KM0201churly: not saying "just the dash" i just know it *accepts* a dahs.02:16
th0rU236Willy: how did you install it?02:16
dsnyderssam555, you may need to look into the chmod command to adjust the file.02:16
NorthernenU236Willy, installed from source?02:16
churlyKM0201: ok, thanks for clarifying.02:16
KM0201churly: in otherwords, it may very well accept other characters, i'm just not really sure.02:16
U236Willyi'm not sure02:16
sam555dsnyders: gotcha02:17
Guest51695But i pick up quick and my CST knowledge helps out a bit*02:17
Guest51695Forgot to hit enter before i walked out of the room =p02:17
Northernensam555, chmod +w nameoffile. Then rm it.02:17
U236Willyi upgraded to 11.04 and I'm not sure how i added it in a previous vers.02:17
xanguaNorthernen: ok my google-fu sucks at the moment :S ignore all i said02:17
sam555dsnyders: and Northernen i renamed it to something simple, did chmod and the rm and it worked!02:17
sam555thanks again!02:17
Northernensam555, no need to rename it. Linux have tab completion!02:18
U236WillyThe program shows up in 'Applications' and loads but synaptic, dpkg and apt-get remove can't remove what they say doesn't exist.02:18
sam555Northernen: i know, but it wasn't working and I think that was part of why I was having issues with the deletion in the first place02:18
obeyanceOh haha02:19
Northernenxangua, back to plan Z then. Install Win7 through VMware and watch the movies there.02:19
sgo11Is there a channel for empathy? thanks.02:19
obeyanceI didnt know it did this!02:19
cereal_dr_willis: just making sure i don't mess this up. so fdisk brings up this warning http://pastebin.com/FVN8dMxB should i continue?02:19
obeyanceif you switch users on this OS it keeps you signed on to the Internet. Cool02:20
sgo11empathy is just stupid. unbelievable stupid. it can add groups, but can not remove groups....02:20
shino__hi, can i ask about hardware here?02:20
dsnydersshino__, probably.02:21
dsnydersshino__, you may be directed to a more appropriate chat group though.02:21
adurodeashino__: what about hardware02:22
shino__ok... i got a ddr3 motherboard02:22
ministerdudesudo wtf to get the latest FF?02:23
=== bruno is now known as Guest16879
xangua /join hardware shino__02:23
xangua!fx5 | ministerdude02:23
ubottuministerdude: Firefox 5 is available in Natty/11.04 as an automatic update. If you would like to install it in an earlier release, you will need to use the following unofficial and unsupported !PPA: http://pad.lv/ppa/mozillateam/firefox-stable/02:23
shino__thanks xangua02:23
xangua#hardare *02:23
obeyancesgoll: Im not a tech, but i understand where your coming from. I wish i could remove users or block them... or something. But im fairly certain that Empathy just pulls packet info from the IM services server and they wont allow it to make changes to anything. That or the program itself is a very simple one.02:23
ministerdudeis 11.5 still beta?02:23
xanguagrr my hands sucks ths night :S02:23
Gracenoteshey, quick question. is there a way to add an apt deb archive, i.e. use both /var/cache/apt/archive and some other location on the filesystem?02:23
Gracenotesfailing that, I can just copy things over and symlink02:24
xxoxxhi is there a way to find out which package a particular binary belongs to?02:25
Gracenotestry apt-file02:25
Gracenotesor googling :)02:25
sgo11obeyance, Empathy should be able to make changes. eg: I can add groups in empathy. I am just trying to remove the group which is added by empathy. failed.02:25
cereal_anyone else have any input on how i should format the drive?02:25
jaithcan anyone tell me how to determine which packages that I have installed are *main* and which are *universe*02:25
Northernenjaith, Synaptic is probably your best bet.02:25
jaithactually, can anyone even see what I'm writing here?02:25
sgo11maybe I should switch back to pidgin.02:25
jaithi don't have any gui for this particular machine, it' s running on amazon ec202:26
jaithNorthernen: is that available via command line?02:26
Northernenjaith, Synaptic? I doubt it.02:26
Gracenotesjaith: try dpkg -l02:26
obeyanceCan someone help me out and explain where the user files i need to set as backups and move from the home/user folder to reset my UI?02:26
jaithGracenotes: i have tried dpkg -l but this doesn't indicate universe or main02:27
Gracenotes..or -s is probably friendlier? dunno >.>02:27
obeyanceDr willis said it to me... but its since gone past the text buffer.02:27
Gracenoteshm no, doesn't work02:27
adurodeaobeyance: probably the .<yourguihere> files02:27
=== davros__ is now known as davros
Gracenotesjaith: I've found that info *somewhere* in the past. hmmmm02:27
obeyanceI dont see anything like that.02:27
jaithGracenotes:  would love to a) assess my installed packages and b) determine whether pkgs to-be-installed are in universe or main02:28
jaithGracenotes:  i'm trying to harden a server.  it came with universe enabled in sources.list (instantiated in EC2 from an image)02:29
liz-90can anybody help me?02:29
jaithliz-90: just pop the question02:29
Gracenotesjaith: hm. apt-cache shows the unique filename02:29
Gracenotesof a package02:29
GracenotesFilename: pool/multiverse/f/flashplugin-nonfree/flashplugin-installer_10.3.181.34ubuntu0.11.04.1_amd64.deb02:30
GracenotesFilename: pool/main/s/sudo/sudo_1.7.4p4-5ubuntu7.1_amd64.deb02:30
GracenotesFilename: pool/partner/s/sun-java6/sun-java6-jdk_6.26-1natty1_amd64.deb02:30
Gracenotesdunno if that can be harvested consistently02:30
jaithGracenotes: hmmmmm....perhaps in combination with dpkg -l......02:31
Gracenoteswhat I remember using before was more low-level, but, I do these things on a need-to-know basis :)02:31
jaithwhat is the term for main/restricted/universe/multiverse ?02:32
Gracenotesso apt-cache dump shows *everything*02:32
jaithGracenotes: yeah wow holey moley02:32
U236Willyyou can harvest them all with apt-cache dump02:32
Gracenotesexcept, that is, install status, but you can get all installed packages through some command which.. is easy to google.02:32
jaithdpkg -l is the command02:33
Gracenotesaah. forgot you can use that without an argument :)02:33
U236WillyWhat do you do if dpkg doesn't list a package via -l but loads from your application menu?02:34
jaithdpkg --get-selections also interesting02:35
th0rU236Willy: if you can't tell us how you installed the software we will not be able to tell you how to remove it02:35
Gracenotesuggh. I'm getting this error with apt-get02:35
jribU236Willy: be more specific02:35
LonelyDreamergood evening. I'm having problems w/Ubuntu system maintenance. I know how to access FSlint, but it does not tell me what to do with the information I get.02:36
U236Willyth0r: I'd assume since it's gtkpod 1.0.0 which is in the repositories for Ubuntu... I'd say i must have used either synaptic or apt-get install02:36
GracenotesSetting up python-gmenu (2.30.5-0ubuntu3) ...02:36
Gracenoteseval: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")02:36
adubzdoes apache2 on ubuntu have module support out of box02:36
GracenotesI assume it tried to do some hacky parsing and didn't get the format it was anticipating02:36
th0rU236Willy: then reinstall it, which will put it in synpatic. After that you can remove it via synaptic02:36
U236WillyI did that02:37
U236Willydidn't work02:37
obeyance(<unknown>:4722): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_bus_watch_name: assertion `g_dbus_is_name (name)' failed02:37
obeyance(<unknown>:4722): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_connection_register_object: assertion `object_path != NULL && g_variant_is_object_path (object_path)' failed02:37
smwjaith, you want #ubuntu-server02:37
obeyanceIs this bad?02:37
obeyanceI reset unity via Unity --reset02:37
obeyanceAnd thats what it stopped at.02:37
Gracenotesdbus is so painful :/02:37
Gracenotesand fragile :\02:38
Gracenotesit's nice that it works at all :/02:38
LonelyDreamerFSlint/system maintenance assistance02:38
jaithsmw: thanks02:38
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
U236Willyhmmm... i suppose i could pipe apt-cache dump through grep with 'pod' and see what shows up..02:40
Gracenotesoh lol02:42
GracenotesI figured out the problem02:42
GracenotesI have the terrible crime of -H in my GREP_OPTIONS02:42
LonelyDreamerAnyone able to help with FSlint system maintenance? If i've gotten a reply, I haven't seen it.02:43
Gracenotesif you're gonna be relying on grep for parsing stuff, for god's sakes, get the options right02:43
Gracenoteswoo. fixed.02:43
pietro10Hi. I'm trying to browse this Mac HDD I have here, but I'm getting "Permission denied" in my home directories's subdirectories. Mount reports: "/dev/sdc2 on /media/Macintosh HD type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)" What's going on and how do I fix it? THanks02:43
xiaqpietro10: How did you mount that Mac HDD?02:44
pietro10I put it in an enclosure and plugged it in; Ubuntu moutned automatically02:44
LonelyDreamerThank you very much02:44
Gracenotes:/ not sure what fslint is02:45
xiaqGracenotes: LonelyDreamer has left...02:45
Gracenotesyeah. he came and left.02:45
Gracenotesthere is a world, or at least an irc channel, where people know about fslint02:46
xiaqpietro10: You're getting "Permission denied" in your home directory?02:46
pietro10on directories like Documents, Music02:46
pietro10I can get to the files that are immediately in the home directory02:46
pietro10and in subdirectories I made02:47
xiaqpietro10: But... shouldn't home directory be at /home02:47
Gracenotespietro10: if you ls -ld Documents, what permissions do you see?02:47
pietro10drwx------ 1 501 501 174 2011-06-07 10:46 Documents/02:47
pietro10huh; that's odd02:47
=== bk_ is now known as Guest77943
xiaqpietro10: Something's gone wrong with the uid02:47
Gracenotes501 has some meaning on whatever machine you made that directory one :)02:47
pietro10wouldn't another OS just ignore the first OS's user permissions?02:48
Gracenoteshere, it doesn't. so you can chroot, or browse as root02:48
Gracenoteschroot is probably a bad idea if it's a mac, so nevermind02:48
xiaqpietro10: No, uid and gid remains02:48
Gracenotespietro10: and furthermore, if you make stuff under linux, it will have your local uid attached02:48
xiaqpietro10: I know... you mean the home at your Mac not Ubuntu02:48
pietro10Gracenotes: yeah; but I was only interested in getting stuff out02:49
xiaqpietro10: Run sudo nautilus02:49
pietro10when I can get a system on my Mac's new HDD I should make a disk image of this one02:49
Guest77943i just installed ubuntu 11.04.  i seem to have lost the ability to buffer YouTube videos into /tmp.02:49
pietro10xiaq: yes; that's what I was thinking; but I'm going to use sudo sh because I want to run grep to find something02:49
pietro10but thanks02:49
Guest77943does anyone know how to get it back or where they're going now?02:50
xiaqpietro10: My preferred solution is to make the uid's on multiple machines match each other and do `chown -R /your/home/directory`02:50
Gracenotespietro10: rsync has special options for preserving.. most file metadata02:50
tameabledoes Ubuntu have remote boot recovery ?02:50
LonelyDreamerCan anyone see this?02:51
xiaqLonelyDreamer: Haha guy you come again02:51
lstarnesLonelyDreamer: hello02:51
Gracenotespietro10: perhaps you can remount with the options uid=501,gid=50102:51
lstarnesLonelyDreamer: yes, I can see it02:51
LonelyDreamerAll right, so you could see me and I was being ignored. TY. Have a good night02:51
xiaqGracenotes: Looks fancy!02:51
pietro10Gracenotes: later then; I'm only looking for one particular file that willl be copied to a flash drive anyway02:51
pietro10something's wrong with his connection, I presume02:51
xiaqPoor LonelyDreamer...02:51
Gracenoteslooks something like mount /media/Macintosh -t hfsplus -o remount,rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks,uid=501,gid=50102:52
Gracenotes...something like that. might need tweaking.02:52
Gracenotesand it'll probably only help with writing, not reading02:53
xiaqpete_: Hello02:53
pete_how are you02:54
pete_this is the first time ive used true irc chat02:54
Gracenoteswe are swell. only swell people are allowed in this channel.02:54
pete_im unsure how it just kind of put me in this room by default, but ok! haha02:54
pete_cool beans grace.02:54
pete_this laptop was not mine originally, it was inherited02:56
GracenotesI see you are using smuxi02:56
GracenotesI have not heard of it >.>02:56
pete_so i reghosted with ubuntu linux maverick meerkat02:56
pete_lol me either, but it works02:56
GracenotesI went with chatzilla for a long time, but now I'm using irssi over screen and it has not been disappoint.02:57
Gracenotesanywho. there are nice channels on freenode. try to find them all :o02:57
pete_chatzilla thats been around a while i reckon02:57
JoAnneThraxThere're a boatload of Linux IRC clients.02:57
* JoAnneThrax has just been sticking to XChat.02:58
Gracenotesheck, I wrote one once02:58
pete_yeah, i am quite a irc newbie02:58
pete_so bear with me02:58
xiaqpete_: Me too ;)02:58
JoAnneThraxI used IRCII from about 1991 to 200102:58
pete_but i have used irc styled java chats extensively02:58
pete_paintball ones mainly02:58
pete_anyone have an idea how i ended up here by default?02:59
pete_could it be the previous owner of this laptop set it?03:00
pete_because his name is prominently displayed, an apparent channel name i presume03:00
xiaqpete_: Quite likely...03:00
=== chris__ is now known as LubuntuPowered
pete_cuz his name was nick and the header says nickserv03:01
obeyanceWhat is zeitgeist for?03:01
SnacknapHello everyone03:01
xiaqobeyance: A desktop search engine03:01
xanguaand history too03:01
=== Cream is now known as derp|gone
m0nindexing service isn't it?03:02
xiaqm0n: Yes03:02
xiaqm0n: I think I meant indexing when I said search ;)03:02
pete_that handle sounds oddly familiar...03:02
xiaqpete_: Try tab completion for other's nicks03:02
pete_there we go03:03
FloodBot1pete_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:03
pete_is to change nickname, not a reference to his name.03:03
pete_haha IM LEARNING. w00t03:03
xiaqpete_: Just enter "xi" and hit Tab you'll see my name plus a ":" or ","03:04
pete_ah ok03:04
pete_now its all beginning to make sense03:04
m0nso i've been having issues with my bluetooth on my Toshiba NB550D. I've found a "fix" for it, but the fix doesn't seem to stay. The issue is the toshiba folk have decided to change the id on the bluetooth module. So rather than be presented with an AR3011, it's being presented as a toshiba_bluetooth device.03:05
pete_back in some semi familiar territory now03:05
* pete_ is a happy camper now. ^_^03:05
m0nAny way of actually making the change permanent so that the bluetooth module loads the ath3k drivers all the time?03:05
xiaqm0n: How do you change it temporarily?03:05
smp4488is there a way to start chromium fullscreen from the cli?03:07
jaithGracenotes:  i think I'm getting close03:07
jaithGracenotes: dpkg --get-selections | grep -oE '^[a-z\-]*\s'03:08
jaithneed to pipe out put of that list of packages into "apt-cache policy"03:08
m0nkill all bluetooth processes, rmmod btusb, rmmod ath3k. echo "device id" > /sys/drivers/ath3k/new_id, then modprobe ath3k03:09
m0nonce i restart it picks up the bluetooth module, happily works. But as soon as i restart it does it again03:09
xiaqm0n: A dirty quick fix is to put the commands in /etc/rc.local03:09
m0ni don't like dirty :P03:10
xiaqm0n: But it will work ;)03:10
m0ncan't you blacklist the device id from the toshiba_bluetooth module?03:11
xiaqm0n: man modprobe.conf03:11
xiaqm0n: haven't looked it up myself, not sure if that can be done03:12
Gracenotesjaith: cool :o03:14
pete_i have returned03:14
Gracenotesjaith: though, some packages have numbers, [^\s] is possibly safer03:15
obeyanceah crapes03:15
m0nthanks xiaq i'll have a look03:15
obeyanceMy computers doing that Fullscreen bug again.03:15
adurodeabastidrazor: hi03:16
xiaqm0n: A little cleaner solution is to blacklist ath3k from automatic loading and load it manually in /etc/rc.local03:16
jen_can someone by chance help me install my wacom disk?03:16
m0nhmmmmmmmmmmm it's just that the toshiba_bluetooth module is taking precedence over the ath3k module.03:16
obeyanceHow do i fix it again? I remember turnning off the hardware acceleration from a youtube video then turning off and back on another setting then reenabling the hardware acceleration from the yt video again and accepting.03:17
m0nas soon as the ath3k module is loaded it's detecting the card as per normal.03:17
yagoojen_, wacom disk? thought they only make digitizer03:17
obeyanceBut i dont remember exactly.03:17
jen_digitizer? sorry dont know03:17
m0nso if i blacklist the toshiba_bluetooth module and force the ath3k module to load at start it SHOULD fix it right?03:17
KM0201jen_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom03:17
jen_ok :D03:17
KM0201doesn't look horribly difficult.03:17
jen_heh you never know with me ^_^"03:18
obeyanceKM0201,  Do you know the issue and remedy i speak of?03:18
KM0201obeyance: i've not really been following this chat to much, was helping someone in another channel, lemme scroll up a bit.03:18
xiaqm0n: Try it ;) I'm not having lots of kernel module problems so I'm in fact a newbie about that.03:18
obeyanceIts just right up there maybe a page up.03:18
jen_will it matter what version of ubuntu I use?03:19
jaithGracenotes: dpkg --get-selections | grep -oE '^[\.a-z0-9\-]+\s' | wc -l03:19
xiaqm0n: I guess it should.03:19
jaithoops...drop the wc-l03:19
KM0201obeyance: can't say i've ever dealt w/ that version before.03:19
jaithGracenotes: dpkg --get-selections | grep -oE '^[\.a-z0-9\-]+\s'03:19
KM0201jen_: i would use "10.10 and newer".. since you're using something newer than 10.10.. :)03:19
obeyanceThat version?03:20
obeyanceDo you know a different fix for the fullscreen video bug?03:20
obeyanceI googled this and forum lurked for a while before i finally came to this and asked a few days ago.03:21
obeyanceSo im just for asking, maybe you coudl point me to an information point that i coudl search better though.03:22
jen_ok well I have something better...who thinks Gimp is better than wacom? Ifins anyone in here has a wacom tablet03:22
=== hoshi is now known as hoshi411
EberGuys, is it possible to check which packages have upgrades but not install any of them with apt-get?03:26
hoshi411anyone know how to remove text from a string of filenames?03:26
pete_do i know you?03:26
hoshi411all my pics have the prefix thmb_ on the front03:26
jen_anyone have a wacom tablet in here?03:26
hoshi411I want to remove that prefix03:26
hoshi411for example03:27
hoshi411mv thmb_* .03:27
hoshi411or something like that03:27
hoshi411mv thmb_* ./03:27
xiaqhoshi411: rename03:27
hoshi411just want to remove the thmb_ prefix in their file names03:27
xiaqhoshi411: rename 's/^thmb_//' *03:28
hoshi411xiaq: wow that is really complicated....03:28
hoshi411xiaq: there's no simpler way to do it with mv03:28
xiaqhoshi411: Just regex...03:28
hoshi411xiaq: regex is tricky03:29
robin0800Eber, you can do sudo aptitude update and then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade but answer no to install03:29
xiaqhoshi411: I know in DOS you can ren thmb_* *03:29
hoshi411xiaq: exactly. that's so simple03:30
hoshi411xiaq: I can't mv thmb_* *03:30
=== CapTech is now known as Charybdis
xiaqhoshi411: That's because mv cannot rename multiple files...03:31
xiaqhoshi411: Also in *nix the wildcard expands in the shell03:31
xiaqhoshi411: Say you have "thmb_a foo" in you PWD03:32
xiaq`mv thmb_* *` would expand to `mv thmb_a foo thmb_a`03:32
xiaqhoshi411: That's incorrect of course03:32
xiaqhoshi411: Behavior of wildcards is up to the shell03:32
xiaqhoshi411: However in the DOS case the `ren` commands gives the wildcard a new meaning03:33
em./w 303:33
xiaqhoshi411: One could implement a DOS-like ren command in Linux03:33
hoshi411xiaq: thank you I think I understand now03:34
xiaqhoshi411: But then you'll have to type `ren 'thmb_*' '*'` to prevent the shell from expanding the *03:34
xiaqhoshi411: You're welcome ;)03:34
hoshi411xiaq: looks like I need some kind of rename app or script if I wanna do this myself in the future03:34
xiaqhoshi411: rename is just fine though the regex looks bad03:34
smp4488how do i configure x to launch a custom session i have in /usr/share/xsessions?03:34
hoshi411im pretty good with the terminal but not good with regex. I have always struggled with it03:35
hoshi411xiaq: by the way . your regex command did not work for some reason O_o03:35
hoshi411it executed in the terminal without any errors but my files have not been renamed O_003:35
xiaqhoshi411: Hmm... let me see03:35
hoshi411xiaq: dont worry about it.  I will search for a renaming utility03:36
hoshi411I have to be able to do this myself in the future03:36
hoshi411I am just doing this for learning purpose mostly03:36
hoshi411but I do actually need to rename these files03:36
xiaqhoshi411: Alright but I guess you'll end up with rename :)03:36
dlihoshi411, you want to rename thmb_* to * ?03:36
obeyanceI fixxed it XM.03:36
hoshi411dli: yes03:36
themonkeymixeranybody having probs with banshee and 20k + media  library03:36
dlihoshi411, try perl-rename 'thmb_' '' *03:37
hoshi411dli: I want to get rid of the suffix on my files03:37
Jordan_Uhoshi411: You mean prefix?03:37
=== jso is now known as Guest21148
hoshi411jordan: yes prefix03:38
dlihoshi411, or, for f in *;do mv "${f}" "$(echo $f|sed 's/^thmb_//')"03:38
hoshi411I want to get rid of a prefix03:38
xiaqdli: I remember rename is perl-rename in Ubuntu right?03:38
lucas49how i remove aditional language from natty?03:38
lucas49i only use pt_BR03:38
hoshi411dli xiax thanks03:38
dlixiaq, yes, perl-rename is handy with regex03:38
kn100-nosoundI'm running ubuntu 10.10 (elementary os) and for some reason my sound doesn't work. It worked fine a few hours ago, and it's been known to stop working in ubuntu a few times before but a reboot generally fixed it, now it's not working at all03:39
xiaqlucas49: aptitude search "~i language-"03:39
kn100-nosoundcan anyone suggest anything03:39
=== Reikoku is now known as Rei`ZzZz
dlilucas49, try localepurge, sudo apt-get install localepurge03:39
lucas49ok, i'll try03:39
dlihoshi411, also, some GUI file manager can do batch rename03:39
Rei`ZzZzkn100-nosound: Can only suggest replacing pulseaudio with esound03:39
Rei`ZzZzpulseaudio has ALWAYS been a nightmare for me03:40
dlikn100-nosound, my wild guess, pulseaudio trouble03:40
Gracenotesrename is perl-rename?03:40
th0rhoshi411: thunar, the xfce file manager, has a bulk rename that I think is a standalone app03:40
GracenotesI've always used it at rename :P03:40
hoshi411dli: yes I've opted to install pyrenamer03:40
xiaqth0r: yes03:40
kn100-nosounddli, Rei`ZzZz heh, this is why everyone rides on pulseaudio...03:40
mynoteswhich wkhtmltopdf03:40
mynotes/home/dennis/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-head@rails1.9.2/bin/wkhtmltopdf .how to uninstall wkhtml?03:40
Gracenotesnow, the one irritating thing is ack being at ack-grep, so, alias'd that one away03:40
kn100-nosoundI would upgrade to natty but I love elementary too much03:40
Rei`ZzZzI havent used Linux for ages03:41
Rei`ZzZzSpend most of my time on OpenBSD and NetBSD these days03:41
Rei`ZzZzo/ anyway, must sleep03:41
Rei`ZzZzRecommend upgrading though03:41
joesephSo, If I set my ubuntu server to a static IP address, can I still access it by server name?03:41
PythonPupjoeseph, That depend on whether your dns or hosts has the static IP and the hostname.03:43
dlijoeseph, another less graceful manor would be /etc/hosts03:44
joesephSo, do routers generally work as local DNS servers?03:45
PythonPupjoeseph, yes, generally03:45
joesephPythonPup: Hmm.  Okay.  Some protocols are letting me use the server name and others aren't… Guess I'll look at some router configuration stuff...03:47
hoshi411all the rename utilities I found only rename visible files O_o03:47
bullgard4[Natty] The DEB program package »wodim« is installed. Why does '~$ which wodim' produce no output?03:48
thephasedcan i safely rename the "ubuntu" live session account to something else?03:48
NorthernenI'm trying to run a dual-monitor setup, with my laptop monitor being one of them. However, even though the external monitor supports up to 1900x1200, I can only choose up to 1024x768 resolution. How do I fix this?03:49
PythonPupjoeseph, go to a command prompt and type    nslookup name     That will tell you if your basic name resolution understands name, where name is the name of the machine with a static IP.03:49
PythonPupbullgard4, The package name does not need to be the same as the executable inside it.03:50
deven_startup take 5-7min to start ubuntu 11.04 any solution to solve this?03:50
PythonPupUse synaptic, and look at the installed files in the wodim package, bullgard403:51
Jordan_Uthephased: What are you trying to accomplish?03:51
deven_plz help me03:51
bullgard4PythonPup: I know that. Before I posted here, I already looked into synaptic and found that there is installed a file /usr/bin/wodim.03:52
=== SirShmoopy is now known as yshi
bullgard4PythonPup: So please answer my question.03:52
dlideven_, can you check timestamp in syslog?03:52
deven_dli how to check that03:53
PythonPupbullgard4, Perhaps /usr/bin is not on your path, or it is not marked as executable.03:53
dlideven_, have a look at your syslog first03:54
bullgard4thephased: I do not know a prcise answer. But I can recommend a workaround: Create a new user account.03:54
yshii'm using a 32" 1080p lcd tv as my display for a new computer i just build, can anyone help me get the display recognized as 32" instead of 37" so i can use full resolution?03:54
deven_ok dli03:54
lucas49i have executed localepurge, and removed some locales, but:http://i.imgur.com/48Nha.png03:54
lucas49how i remove this chinese?03:54
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:54
jaithGracenotes: dpkg --get-selections | grep -oE '^[+\.a-z0-9\-]+\s' | xargs apt-cache policy03:55
dlideven_, maybe, /var/log/boot03:55
bullgard4PythonPup: '~$ echo $PATH' includes /usr/bin/ .03:55
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:56
thephaseddid that. thanks bullgard403:56
dlilucas49, select your language environment to other03:56
yshiusing onboard video on ASUS P8Z68-V mobo03:57
lucas49dli: how?03:57
dlilucas49, if you use gdm etc, you can select language before login03:58
bullgard4PythonPup: '~$ ls -al /usr/bin/wodim; -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 406016  2010-12-03 10:05 /ustr/bin/wodim'03:59
bullgard4PythonPup: '~$ ls -al /usr/bin/wodim; -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 406016  2010-12-03 10:05 /usr/bin/wodim'04:00
wifiwoescan someone help me with q04:00
PythonPupbullgard4, So, does it work if you run it by typing    /usr/bin/wodim04:01
wifiwoesit wont connect to open q04:01
wifiwoesopen wifi04:01
dliwifiwoes, more details?04:02
danie655is there a list of computer that ubuntu 11.04 has been tested on and work perfect off the bat04:03
bullgard4PythonPup: '~$ /usr/bin/wodim; /usr/bin/wodim: No trace/wodim: No tracks specified. Need at least one. Usage: /usr/bin/wodim [options] track1...trackn; ...'04:04
PythonPupbullgard4, and please do a   which -a wodim04:04
wifiwoesdli,  low signal open wifi. itsees it and tries to connect but wont04:04
bullgard4PythonPup: '~$ which -a wodim; /usr/bin/wodim.'04:05
dliwifiwoes, after that, can you check messages in dmesg ?04:05
wifiwoesthink its Ubuntu with the issue cuz I'm on it with the phone right now04:05
wifiwoeshow do I open DS04:06
wifiwoeshow do I open dsmsg?04:06
PythonPupbullgard4, So which -a wodim shows it and which wodim does not.  I can't explain that.04:07
szalwhat's that?04:07
mynoteshow do you check if wkhtmltopdf  working04:07
PythonPupwifiwoes, just type dmesg at a terminal prompt04:07
dliwifiwoes, open a terminal, type the command dmesg04:07
ooxihi, i have a server with two ip addresses ( and and i want to configure iptables to reject/drop all packages to port 1234 which do not address ip
ooxihow can i configure that?04:07
bullgard4PythonPup: Thank you for your judgement.04:07
dliooxi, iptables -I INPUT -d ! -d 1234 -p all -j DROP04:09
dliooxi, iptables -I INPUT -d ! -dport 1234 -p all -j DROP04:09
=== D3 is now known as ObrienDave
ooxidli, thanks :-)04:10
thephasedquick question, i've been using a ubuntu live-usb. if i want to install ubuntu to my hd using my usb stick inside ubuntu itself, will it be a default OS install or will it include the changes I've made to the live-usb through persistence such as added drivers and user settings?04:10
danie655is there a list of computer that ubuntu 11.04 has been tested on and work perfect off the bat04:10
bullgard4PythonPup: Surprise! I did again '~$ which wodim'. Now it returns '/usr/bin/wodim'.04:11
PythonPupdanie655, Almost every computer I own would be on such a list.04:11
danie655PythonPup, well on my dell vostro 1000 it wifi didnt work off the bat04:12
PythonPupdanie655, There is a list at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecommendedHardware.  wifi is  sometimes a weak spot, because some wifi vendors don't release enough information for drivers to be written.  It is generally easy to fix, though.04:13
PythonPupdanie655, Is wireless N important to you, or would wireless G suffice?04:15
dlidanie655, I will need kernel-3.0 to get my wifi card supported by kernel04:15
danie655PythonPup, idk04:15
jen_hey does anyone know how to get tinychat to work from ubuntu?04:18
PythonPupdanie655, There seems to be a binary, non-open driver for the Dell 1395 card which I believe you have.  If you can connect to the internet with a wired connection, you should be able to install and activate it.  Personally, I would get another NIC, since I only want hardware that uses open drivers, but that is my choice and you can make your own.04:19
PythonPupdanie655, connect with a wired ethernet connection, go to System/Administration/Hardware drivers and the rest should be obvious and it should work fine.04:21
jen_anyone know how to fix this bug?04:22
jen_not very important but I sure would like to fix it04:22
ObrienDavesorry jen, don't know enough about linux to help04:23
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
PythonPupjen_, you have not mentioned a bug that I can see a reference to.04:23
jen_its ok ^_^ just wondered if anyone knew how to get rid of this dumb thing >:(04:23
jen_reference? try getting on tinychat/roxas04:23
Product_Anyone able to help me please ?04:23
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest83856
jen_err tinychat.com/roxas   I mean04:23
jen_it will only let me have my mic but not my webcam, and my cam works just fine04:24
glebihanProduct_, just ask your question04:25
emdoes anyone else notice that when you write something in openoffice.org and then export as pdf, when you print the pdf it's all very small?04:25
PythonPupjen_ tinychat seems to be an obnoxious site that expects you to be slow enough to install Adobe Flash.  So, I guess the bug is their poor design.  I suggest wring them a note.04:25
Product_Ok, I want to ask something that isn't ubuntu04:25
jen_ok I shall! thats a good idea X_X why didnt I think of that??04:26
Product_It's about CentOS, I even couldn't get help in CentOS section.04:26
glebihanProduct_, in that case you're probably in the wrong place...04:26
Product_Yes, but in CentOS I couldn't get the good help :(04:26
Product_They said something about -uname something like that, and dumped me.04:26
Product_Onli akio helped me but now he is afk.04:27
Product_It's very simple what I need :)04:27
Jordan_UProduct_: This channel only supports Ubuntu. Try ##linux.04:27
ArmageddonWhen a friend of mine boots the livecd to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu, she only gets a black screen04:27
Product_:( Thanks04:27
nkh1Hello, I have patch and googled how to using them, I can't figure out when should I use patch -p1 or -p0 etc. what is this number and depends on what!? :-/04:27
PythonPupArmageddon, She may have a video card not compatible with the live CD.04:27
dliArmageddon, try to boot with safe graphics option, F4?04:28
ObrienDavei'm running live CD of Xubuntu04:28
Product_Every channel I go to sends me to onother channel.04:28
ArmageddonI know that04:28
Product_Thanks guys.04:28
Armageddondli, how do you get the menu bar ?04:28
PythonPupArmageddon, Is her goal to install Ubuntu, or is she trying to demo it?04:28
ArmageddonI know all that, but she can't seem to be able to get the menu where she should enable that04:28
ArmageddonPythonPup, install it04:28
Armageddonshe used wubi for a long time and she wants to fix it on the hard drive properly now04:28
mcurranIs there a way to ignore source packages for linux-image without removing deb src repos from sources.list?04:28
dliArmageddon, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions04:29
mcurranI have a script that does all my updates and was going to replace dist-upgrade or aptitude upgrade with "safe-upgrade" but wasn't sure if I'll get everything else except just linux-image.04:29
PythonPupArmageddon, I suggest you have her download the alternate install CD.  I have used it on a variety of maches where the Live CD had problems.  You get the same OS, and the real Ubuntu is much more likely to support her video than the Live CD.04:29
nkh1I have patch and googled how to using them, I can't figure out when should I use patch -p1 or -p0 etc. what is this number and depends on what!?04:29
ArmageddonPythonPup, alright04:30
m0nProduct_, i'm happy to help if i know anything about it... drop me a pm04:30
Product_Thanks !!!04:30
Product_Thanks very much !04:31
ArmageddonPythonPup, I'll check it out...04:31
m0ndon't thank me yet.... i might not be able to help... lol04:31
ubottuPatches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.04:33
vivekimsitHii folks :)04:34
Product_m0n I sent you a PM04:34
vivekimsitCan i recover the data in ubuntu.?if yes then how?04:34
glebihannkh1, have you lokked at "man patch"04:34
dlivivekimsit, elaborate04:34
vivekimsitdli:actually i did shift+del accidently and want my data back now..is this possible?04:35
PythonPupvivekimsit, What program were you running.  You need to tell us more.04:36
nkh1glebihan: yes but not figured out yet :-"04:37
soulis77-SEI got the following attempt in my access.log file: [20/Jul/2011:22:48:44 +0200] "GET //phpmyadmin/ HTTP/1.1" 200 3672 "-" "Made by ZmEu @ WhiteHat Team - www.whitehat.ro"04:37
vivekimsitPythonPup:it was not program, it was just a simple directory..04:38
dlivivekimsit, if not found in trashbin, no easy way to undelete04:38
soulis77-SEIn total 12 attempts. Should I care?04:38
somsipsoulis77-SE: If there is no file there, don't worry about it. They're just fishing for open files04:38
vivekimsitdli: that is waht i want to know..can i do it?04:38
glebihannkh1, the role of the "-p" option" is explained in there : it is used to modify the names of the files in the patch, by removing a certain number of leading slashes04:39
PythonPupvivekimsit, It was a program.  Maybe it was Nautilus.  Are you running Gnome or Unity?04:39
somsipsoulis77-SE: But that's a 200, so your phpMyAdmin is open. Consider .htpasswd in a sub dir off root04:39
dlivivekimsit, remember unix doesn't rely on magic 'undelete', but the unix 101: backup04:39
nkh1glebihan: Ow and that problem with repos fixed, the problem was with apt or dpkg itself , I had a new installation without formatting previous drive and the new installation recognized repos like file:/media/deb.... , ignoring but installing , the previous installation did not install any thing from there.04:39
glebihannkh1, -p0 keeps the full path, -p1 removes 1 leading slash, -p2 removes 2...04:39
nkh1glebihan: Owwww Thanks !04:40
glebihannkh1, great04:40
vivekimsitPythonPup: actually i am using ubuntu and it works on nautilus04:40
nkh1glebihan: Seems I'm getting tired I catn't think much :|04:40
soulis77-SEsomsip: all other attempts are a 404. Is that good?04:40
nkh1glebihan: should take a rest :-<04:40
nkh1glebihan: Thanks again :)04:41
glebihannkh1, have a nice sleep then !04:41
glebihannkh1, you're welcome04:41
nkh1glebihan: ;)04:41
PythonPupOK, so you selected a file in nautilus and presses shift-Del to permanently delete it and then said yes.  Is that all what you did?04:41
PythonPupvivekimsit, OK, so you selected a file in nautilus and presses shift-Del to permanently delete it and then said yes.  Is that all what you did?04:41
somsipsoulis77-SE: it's safer :) Aparently some people just fish for xposed files. So don't expose any04:41
vivekimsitPythonPup: yes :(04:42
babuwhat's the diff bn updating ubuntu 10.04 and upgrading to newer version04:42
soulis77-SEsomsip: yeah I got hacked with like 200 attempts one week ago. Not I tried making it safer but I'll add the .ht...   Thanks for the help.04:43
PythonPupThe simple answer is that you can't recover it at this point.  The real answer is that the data is likely on the hard drive and if it is valuable enough, it can be recovered.04:43
vivekimsitPythonPup: yaa, i need to recover it somehow04:43
babuwhen i updating , it updates all packages n when i 'm upgrading it installs newer pkg...tite?04:44
PythonPupbabu, un update just gets you the fixes for 10.04.  An upgrade takes you to 10.10, which is a newer version.04:44
somsipsoulis77-SE: I used to chmod 700 /var/www/tools and keep things  like phpMyAdmin in there, and only chomd 770 when I needed access. But I get the idea htpasswd is secure04:44
PythonPupvivekimsit, Is your hard drive encrypted?  Mine are, so it is certainly possible.04:44
babuPythonPup, i don't get you..... you mean there will be the diff in system env04:44
PythonPupbabu, After an update, your version will still be 10.04.  Maybe it will be 10.04.2,, but it is still basically 10.04.  The kernel will still be 2.6.32. something.04:46
soulis77-SEsomsip: thanks, I'll consider that too. Will not be using the phpMyadmin when the site is finished so then I could chmod or "remove the virtual link".04:46
PythonPupvivekimsit, If the data is really important.  power off the computer at once.  Don't shut down.  Power it off.  Then use a disk scanner which you run from a boot CD or boot USB disk and search the disk for the data.04:47
madhuI have doubt on grub04:48
vivekimsitPythonPup: but that is possible only for the open files , i think ?04:53
PythonPupYour question does not scan, vivekimsit04:53
lumoshi if i have this line in a file and want to add multiple arguments how would i $fontPath = "";04:54
vivekimsitPythonPup: probably there is not any sol. i think04:55
PythonPuplumos, There is no answer for all programs.04:55
lumosPythonPup, how would i find the answer depending on the program04:55
PythonPupvivekimsit, It is not easy to recover deleted data.  I have done it.  If it is on the disk and worth the trouble, it can be retrieved.04:55
lumosPythonPup, i want to add these 4 paths $fontPath = "";04:56
lumos/usr/share/fonts/X11/misc/ ,04:56
lumos ,/usr/share/fonts/X11/75dpi/,04:56
lumos /usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi/04:56
FloodBot1lumos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:56
PythonPupvivekimsit, But, it is a fair amount of work and something you need to research before proceeding.  But, if you truly think you might do it, it is imperitive that the mache be powered off.  The longer it runs, the more likely the data will be overwritten.  That space is marked as free now, and the OS may use it.04:57
vivekimsitPythonPup: is there not any other way round because i have not the live CD04:58
lumosPythonPup, plz help04:58
PythonPuplumos, the issue is not the set of fonts.  It is what programs config file you are looking at.  You will need to research that program to see what it expects.04:58
lumosPythonPup, thats fine, i just need to know the syntax04:59
lumosi cant program04:59
PythonPupvivekimsit, There is no simple way that I know of to accomplish what you want.  In the old DOS days with smaller drives, there was a way.  But, not today.04:59
lumosvivekimsit, what are you trying to do05:00
lumosi am curious05:00
vivekimsitPythonPup: thknx for ur concern and support05:00
lumoscmon PythonPup05:01
lumosi heard you are really smart05:01
vivekimsitPythonPup: i hv decided to do it now..can u tell me the detailed procedure?05:02
PythonPupvivekimsit, No.  It would take more time than I have.  I hope I gave you enough info to start your research, though.05:04
lumosPythonPup, what did he want to do05:04
PythonPupHe wants to recover deleted data from his hard drive.  Truly deleted, not just in the trash.05:05
PythonPupHave a good night.05:05
andantinodoes anyone ever have problems with ubuntu concerning headphones and speakers....sometimes when i pull my headphones out the speakers have no sound, other times my speakers will output while i have my headphones plugged in05:05
andantinoand once in a while it works like it should05:05
zoskyhi yall05:05
dliandantino, I think it's probably hardware05:06
=== speedrunnerG55 is now known as link
andantinoor hardware support more likely05:07
andantinono problem on windows05:07
andantinothe odd thing is that it the problems are not consistent05:07
=== link is now known as speedrunnerG55
somsipvivekimsit: I had success with this http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/05:07
zoskywe have an  8TB ubuntu 10.04 server w/ 10x1TB drives in mdadm (softWare) raid5. all that and we need more. some help please...the sweat spot ($/GB) is no longer 1TB drives. we would like to have 1 giant pool rather array1 for 1TB drives and array2 for 2TB drives... any suggestions, please ???05:08
TrentonAdamsI'm unable to change my language in System -> Administration -> Language support.  No matter how many times I drag the language to the drop, it never sticks.  Ideas?05:09
andantinoyou might have to change it as admin05:09
andantinoas root i mean05:10
NoahWill ubuntu assist me in receiving a labotomy?05:10
dlizosky, suggestion for what?05:11
TrentonAdamsandantino: How do I do that?05:11
andantinogksudo i think05:11
andantinoone sec05:11
vivekimsitsomsip:thknx so, hv u sed it?05:11
TrentonAdamsandantino: sure, gksudo, but what command?05:12
vivekimsithv u used it?05:12
andantinogksudo language support?05:12
andantinoit will open language support05:12
somsipvivekimsit: yeah - I rm -rf * in a directory by accident. Made the mistake of not turning computer off straight away, but did it quite quikly. Used spare PC to find this software. Booted to live CD, downloaded and compiled it, and ran it. Got most of the files back05:13
andantinoso you can do it in there. not at terminal05:13
andantinoyou just have to type gksudo language support05:13
andantinoand then make the change05:13
andantinoand hopefully it sticks for ya05:13
TrentonAdamsandantino: "language support" is not a valid command05:14
andantinogksudo language support05:14
andantinoworks for me05:14
TrentonAdamsandantino: it says "starting administration" and then quits05:15
andantinodid it prompt you for your password05:16
TrentonAdamsandantino: no, and '--debug' shows that no password prompt found.05:16
andantinohmmm works for me05:16
TrentonAdamsandantino: can you "set | grep -i pass" for me?  Maybe you have an environment set?05:16
TrentonAdamsandantino: I'm using ubuntu classic, not the new one.05:17
andantinoi use classic05:17
andantinowell i use 11.04 with classic desktop05:17
andantinoim a noob trenton so05:18
andantinoim prolly not the best person to ask05:18
TrentonAdamsandantino: no problem, thanks for attempting. :D05:19
TrentonAdamsandantino: I'm re-installing french, we'll see if that work.s05:19
TrentonAdamsandantino: I did get gksudo /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector going05:19
robinbahadurandantino:why don't you try locale and Lang through terminal and restart the system05:28
andantinothats trenton05:28
thephaseddoes anyone know how to install nvidia xconfig alone?05:29
wookienzguys, i need some help with fglrx. I have tried to remove all the ati dirvers and revert to default open source dirvers. Is fglrx apart of this? in the logs it says it cant ifnd the gflrx driver. what am i missing?05:29
thephasedi did it before in ubuntu, i just forgot the apt-get line05:29
thephasedi tried apt-get install nvidia-xconfig05:29
thephaseddidn't work05:29
vivekimsitthephased: the correct syntax is : sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig not i tried05:31
slack-m#pugbot NEEDS 3 TO START NOW! Also check out the newly re-designed website: http://pugbot.com/05:31
thephasedyeah i used sudo05:31
zykotick9thephased, nvidia-xconfig is a separate package on Debian, but I believe on Ubuntu it's always been bundled with the main driver or glx package (probably the latter)05:31
thephasedok. yeah would i have to do sudo apt-get install nvidia-current05:32
thephasedi don't need the driver. i already installed the driver05:32
thephasedill just try nvidia-current05:33
thephasedhopefully it doesn't mess things up05:33
zykotick9thephased, if you've manually installed the driver from nvidia.com, see if they have a download for nvidia-xconfig.  Mixing ubuntu & nvidia.com is probably not wise.05:33
thephasedhm shit05:33
USMarineCould anyone here find kindness in their heart to help out a complete and total noob?05:33
USMarineI will love you forever.05:33
bazhangUSMarine, ask the channel05:33
bazhangthephased, no cursing05:34
thephaseddarn =)05:34
thephasedzykotick9: xconfig works now05:35
zeroedoutusmarine ask away05:35
zykotick9thephased, how did you install it?05:35
veehello,  everytime i try to boot  from  complete shutdown,  or hard boot  I get hung  in verticle  white/black screen,  I tried the  terminal cmd  sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic-pae that did not work so I tried  cmd  sudo tune2fs -c 1 /dev/sda105:35
thephasedjust did sudo apt-get install nvidia-current05:35
thephasedthen sudo nvidia-xconfig05:36
ActionParsnipVee: which video chip do you use?05:36
USMarineWell I installed Ubuntu for the first time ever. I was like "oh wow! This is awesome! I feel like a real geek now!" And then I pulled up Firefox and was like "Wtf man?" It took like 10 minutes to load a page. Except Google search results, which were instant. Then everytime Linux tried to update 189 packages it would freeze and I would have to restart the computer. Now the network will not connect ever. No matter what.05:37
nexusCan anyone please help me installing .net framework on ubuntu 11.0405:37
veeit is  gigabyte  series 96505:37
USMarineSorry for the long thing guys.05:37
nexusI am stuck with installation of .net framework 4. Everything appears to be fine with wine but the framework is not installed.05:38
veei mean  gigabyte mother board  chipset  series  96505:38
=== Noah is now known as Spunkmaster
zykotick9nexus, i'm pretty sure .net framework is in the winetricks program.  You might want to try #winehq for specific help however.05:39
newbnewbHi, does anyone have time to help me resolve somewhat of an emergency?05:39
SwedeMike!ask | newbnewb05:40
ubottunewbnewb: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:40
ActionParsnipVee: ok i'll assume its some onboard Intel thing. Try using the bootoption: nomodeset05:40
newbnewboh, sorry. well, I have this Acer Aspire ONE that I had connected to an external hp monitor05:40
newbnewbI was working on some financial stuff that I need to save05:41
newbnewbI was moving the laptop to a different location, and I changed the monitor settings to "turn off external, and turn on laptop screen"05:41
ActionParsnipNexus: did you check the appdb for compatibility?05:41
newbnewbI hit 'apply', but both screens went blank, and it didn't return to the previous setting after I waited a while05:41
veeyes  right,  so use  bootoption  nomodeset.    ok  do you feel  that perhaps  if  we flash the bios05:42
jefelexhello all05:42
SwedeMikenewbnewb: what application do you need to save the data from?05:42
newbnewbnow I can't get any screen at all. I tried going to a different console "ctrl-alt-f1" but nothing05:42
newbnewbSwedeMike: an online financial thing from the company05:42
newbnewbso until I hit 'send', it won't go through05:43
newbnewband there's a lot of work there :(05:43
SwedeMikenewbnewb: so this is in the browser?05:43
jefelexanyone have any experience with hdmi on 11.04 - specifically, does the hdmi output turn off when using the battery on the laptop?05:43
newbnewbI tried plugging in a different monitor, but still no luck05:43
newbnewbSwedeMike: yeah, browser05:43
ActionParsnipVee: keeping bios up to date may help, check what issues the new version solves and be VERY sure you are doing it right and using the correct image05:43
SwedeMikenewbnewb: does your laptop have like fn-f4 which changes screen output settings? have you tried it?05:44
veeActionParsnip,  we have changed the boot order in advanced to the proper drive  is this what you are referring to05:44
nexusI am stuck with installation of .net framework 4. Everything appears to be fine with wine but the framework is not installed.05:44
newbnewbSwedeMike: I've tried that, but it doesn't seem to do anything05:44
nexusCan anyone please help me out with .net framework 405:45
bazhangnexus, /join #winehq for help with that05:45
nexusthanks bazhang05:45
ActionParsnipUSMarine: how are you connecting to the web? Wired? Wireless? 3G? Do you use a proxy? Does the system have a make and model?05:45
newbnewbSwedeMike: I've tried closing the lid, and opening it, in case there was some 'close lid' thing that might happen.. no luck there either05:45
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | vee05:46
ubottuvee: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:46
veeok,  to flash the bios  can only be done from  floppy disc   I have external one  to  flash bios05:46
SwedeMikenewbnewb: oki, I'm out of ideas. I don't know if there is a way to connect to your X session somehow, I'm not aware of a way.05:46
ActionParsnipNexus: you didn't answer me?05:46
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
newbnewbSwedeMike: if I hit ctrl-alt-f1 and go to a console, I can probably log in and type anything if you have any ideas of what I could type at a terminal05:46
intlkleinbluehow do i delete my account on ubuntuforums.org05:47
rwwintlkleinblue: ask #ubuntuforums05:47
bazhangintlkleinblue, try #ubuntuforums05:47
intlkleinblueok th05:47
veeok  I will check  on  the  nvidia  graphic card  and go there,  I thank you kindly for your help  ActionParsnip05:47
ActionParsnipVee: woah, nvidia?05:48
SwedeMikenewbnewb: well, you need to press the send button in your browser, I don't know how to do that from outside the X session.05:48
=== Rotham__ is now known as Rotham
ActionParsnipVee: different boot option dude, use:  nouveau.blacklist=105:48
newbnewbSwedeMike: hrm... oh well thanks for the attempt :) I appreciate it!05:49
veeohh  awsome  cool  thanks05:49
ActionParsnipVee: that's why I asked about the video chip? Why didn't you say it was an nvidia??05:49
USMarineSo does anyone have any advice for me for that question I asked a while ago? :)05:49
veegood grief   LOL05:49
veeI thought you meant   chipset05:49
veeI thought you were asking about  MB  chipset05:50
ActionParsnipUSMarine: i asked a series of questions earlier...05:50
ActionParsnipVee: i thought the question was clear05:50
veeyou were clear,  i've been confused05:50
veebeen  trying to fix  for some time05:51
jefelexgotta  go05:52
ActionParsnipVee: no problem. Use that and get updates and install the nvidia driver. Remember to disable any onboard video adapters if your motherboard has one05:52
USMarineActionParsnip: Sorry, those slipped right on past me. I am connecting via wireless. Don't know what a proxy is. It's an Asus g72gx.05:52
veeok  thank you so  much  i will get it done,  :)05:53
ActionParsnipUSMarine: ok if you run:  lspci | grep -i network     what is the wireless network hardware you are using??05:54
bullgard4[Natty] The DEB program package »wodim« is installed. Why does '~$ which wodim' produce no output? After 15 mins repeated, it produces the output '/usr/bin/wodim'. In the mean time I did '~$which -a wodim' and got '/usr/bin/wodim'.05:55
USMarineActionParsnip I can't run the command because I'm on Windows right now. I have no internet access on Ubuntu so I had to switch. The wireless network hardware would be the router right? It's a Belkin.05:57
asher^hi all05:59
asher^this is probably the wrong place to ask, but where can i find help with configuring sendmail?06:01
icerootasher^: #sendmail06:01
dotnettedHey all - I have 2 hard drives (2TB each) set up in a Raid-0 array - Currently I have to open "Disk Utility" and "Start Array" and then "mount /dev/md0 /foo" to mount it - I can mount the started array easily in fstab - how would I "start" the array on boot before the mount? Thanks.06:02
asher^i got no response in there, ill try again06:02
dotnetted(or what might be a good Google search term?)06:03
textwisterJust reinstalled a laptop from Ubu 9.04 to 11.04.  Wireless was working, now doesn't.  BCM5755M wireless.  The Add'l drivers app offered the Broadcom STA wireless and I installed it, but my chipset is not listed and it didn't work.  lspci shows the device, Network Manager doesn't.  I enabled the wireless in system setup and disabled the HW switch to remove that from consideration.06:03
ZiRiuraid 0 ubuntu auto mount06:03
danie655does anyone know if i will have problems with a dell mini 10v/1011 and how do i find out if it is a 32 bit computer or 64 bit if i wont load through the windows logo06:03
wildbat!raid| dotnetted06:04
ubottudotnetted: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:04
rwwdanie655: I have a Dell Mini 10v. Excepting the wifi and bluetooth, everything works out of the box. Wifi requires "wl"/BroadcomSTA, bluetooth I can't get to work at all. It's 32-bit.06:04
txi'm getting a weird problem.... today i've turned my computer on, and now there is no support for mouse and keyboard ( USB )... any ideas what could be a reason? ( i see in dmesg that they are detected )06:04
textwisterdanie655: all works on my Dell Mini1006:04
danie655rww, so would i need to use the fwcutter thing ?06:04
danie655textwister, are u using 11.0406:05
rwwdanie655: There are two "drivers" for that Broadcom chip. One is b43 and uses fwcutter, the other is wl/sta and doesn't. I could only get the second to work.06:05
rww!bcm43xx | danie65506:05
ubottudanie655: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:05
txplease help :(06:05
rwwdanie655: (I since broke the wifi antenna during hardware tinkering, so I may be a few months out of date. Iono.)06:06
ActionParsnipTx: wassup?06:06
textwisterdanie655 yes -- you need the STA driver.  Install with a wired connection, reboot, and run the add'l drivers applet.  Yes, I'm on 11.0406:06
danie655rww, so if i use the wl/sta i will at least have wifi working because i dont need the bluetooth06:06
txActionParsnip: my mouse and keyboard ( usb ) just stop working after i've turned my computer on today06:06
rwwdanie655: correct06:06
danie655rww, ok thanks adn ur using 11.04 right ?06:06
txActionParsnip: and they are detected in dmesg06:06
USMarineActionParsnip: I can't run the command because I'm on Windows right now. I have no internet access on Ubuntu so I had to switch. The wireless network hardware would be the router right? It's a Belkin.06:06
ActionParsnipTx: if you press ctrl+alt+f1   can you logon there ok?06:07
rwwdanie655: I've used 10.10 with wifi and 11.04 without (because of aforementioned tinkering fail).06:07
txActionParsnip: no... it seems that they are powerless ( i'm right now under ctrl+shift+f1 to be able to get help here - on PS/2 keyboar :/ )_06:08
ActionParsnipUSMarine: the router is moot. We need to know the wireless device in the system06:08
amit_Dear friends06:09
amit_I have convinced some1 to install Ubuntu when he got fed up with WIndows.. My problem is the power regressions in new Linux kernels..  wud it significantly decrease his Laptop battery capacity? shud i go with windiows?06:09
txActionParsnip: and ... weird thing... usb stick led is ON... only keyboard and mouse doesn't seems to work06:09
USMarineActionParsnip: What is moot? So if I run that command it will tell you the wireless device in the system? I'll restart into linux and runn that command. Is there anything else I should do while I have Linux up?06:09
ActionParsnipTx: ok hold shift at boot, select recovery mode, select root, then run : lsb_release -d    what is output?06:10
amit_I have convinced some1 to install Ubuntu when he got fed up with WIndows.. My problem is the power regressions in new Linux kernels..  wud it significantly decrease his Laptop battery capacity?06:10
ActionParsnipUSMarine: moot = irrelevant06:10
rewatihi there in my system I installed freebsd now i am trying to install ubuntu but it say (initramfs) unable to find medium containing a live file system. My cd is good as i tried running it on other system and it installed succesfully06:10
syclopsecan anybody tell me how can i rotate yuv raw image.?06:10
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
txActionParsnip: ubuntu 11.0406:10
ActionParsnipUSMarine: i gave the command earlier06:10
textwisterJust reinstalled a laptop from Ubu 9.04 to 11.04. Wireless was working, now doesn't. BCM5755M wireless. The Add'l drivers app offered the Broadcom STA wireless and I installed it, but my chipset is not listed and it didn't work. lspci shows the device, Network Manager doesn't. I enabled the wireless in system setup and disabled the HW switch to remove that from consideration.06:11
ActionParsnipTx: you sure its no 11.10?06:11
amit_I have convinced some1 to install Ubuntu when he got fed up with WIndows.. My problem is the power regressions in new Linux kernels..  wud it significantly decrease his Laptop battery capacity?06:11
USMarineActionParsnip: Ah. I know the command. But is that all you want me to do while I have Linux up? Cause I will have to reboot into Ubuntu, run the command, then boot back into Windows and relay the info to you, so I was just hoping to save a trip or two.06:11
ActionParsnipTx: in #ubuntu+1 there is a known issue with udev showing exactly what you described as well as a fix06:12
txActionParsnip: yes i'm sure... and it was working fine from few nice weeks :/06:12
syclopse can anybody tell me how can i rotate yuv raw image.?06:12
rewati<ActionParsnip>   (initramfs) unable to find medium containing a live file system. My cd is good as i tried running it on other system and it installed succesfully06:12
awkisopenIs Ubuntu 10.04.3 out yet?06:12
awkisopenIf not, about what time should it be out?06:13
rewati<ActionParsnip>    hi there in my system I installed freebsd now i am trying to install ubuntu but it say (initramfs) unable to find medium containing a live file system. My cd is good as i tried running it on other system and it installed succesfully06:13
ActionParsniprewati: test memory and ensure cd is set to 1st boot device06:13
rwwawkisopen: It's not out yet. There is no set time, and the dates on the release schedule are not guarantees.06:13
Stevethe1irateHi, I have a Hauppauge video capture card. At the moment it's getting picked up PVR, and is accessible via (for example) vlc pvr:///dev/video0 ... I'd like to force it to use V4L drivers tho, any ideas?06:13
Stevethe1irateActionParsnip: Good morrow.06:13
sorinanwhat's the equivalent to "~/.bashrc" on the "sh" shell?06:14
awkisopenrww: aww :(06:14
txActionParsnip: what kind of fix? i can't use lynx to google :/06:14
txit hates me :<06:14
Jordan_Usorinan: .profile is similar, though only sourced at login.06:14
rewati<ActionParsnip>    its trying to boot from cd so i thing boot from cd is first plus how do u want me to test for memory06:14
thephasedwould the nvidia-current driver have any problems running at 1080p?06:14
ActionParsnipUSMarine: yes. We need the wireless chip. Could also run: lsb_release -d    what is output from both please06:14
sorinanJordan_U, I think that's enough, thank you!06:15
Jordan_Usorinan: You're welcome.06:15
rewati<ActionParsnip>    is it related to freebsd file system on disk??06:15
ActionParsnipTx: the guide should fix you up. You should be able to fix from root recovery. I used liveCD (i use oneiric myself)06:16
USMarineActionParnsip: O.k. I'll be back with that info.06:16
textwisterJust reinstalled a laptop from Ubu 9.04 to 11.04. Wireless was working, now doesn't. BCM5755M wireless. The Add'l drivers app offered the Broadcom STA wireless and I installed it, but my chipset is not listed and it didn't work. lspci shows the device, Network Manager doesn't. I enabled the wireless in system setup and disabled the HW switch to remove that from consideration.06:17
textwisterAny ideas?06:17
ActionParsniprewati: i don't think so really. The liveCd should run regardless of installed OS as it runs in RAM06:18
rewati<ActionParsnip>    but dosnt it need disk for virtual memory when ram is less06:18
rewati<ActionParsnip>   I have 2 gb ram though06:19
bullgard4amit_: It depends on the actual hardware. My experience is that Ubuntu in general does drain more  battery current than Wincows XP but not so "very much". You can reduce Ubuntu battery current drain to values comparable with Windows XP by considerable individual tinkering though.06:19
ActionParsniptextwister: if you run: rfkill list    is the device blocked? You can try: sudo rfkill unblock all     to unblock. May help06:20
zykotick9awkisopen, FYI my Lucid install is already reporting 10.04.3 from "lsb_realease -a" so in some ways, yes it's out ;)06:20
textwisterTY ActionParsnip, trying now...06:20
ActionParsniprewati: you can run liveCD in 512mb. Test your RAM is a good start06:20
thephasedshould i run apt-get update before i run apt-get nvidia-current ?06:21
thephasedim on 10.0406:21
st47you should actually run apt-get install nvidia-current06:21
st47and yeah06:21
Jane1is there a featurefull too to fix all types of disk and table errors of ext4 or ntfs ?06:21
thephasedright. install06:21
ParkerRHey. Building zbar 0.10 I get "rebuild your kernel to include video4linux support" after I run ./configure. How would I go about doing that?06:21
rewati<ActionParsnip>   thanks. I already started it. But what if it fails do I need to replace memory because freebsd loaded on my system is booting properly without error06:22
st47Jane1: fsck?06:22
ActionParsnipthephased: yes. If your nvidia chip is super nee, you may06:22
thephasedgtx 46006:22
thephasedabout a year old06:22
thephasedi can't get 1080p (native) res in 10.0406:22
ActionParsnipthephased: need a ppa to get the 270 or 275 driver06:22
dogburptextwister, lspci ≠ lsmod; try lsmod |grep wrapper see to what extend the subsystem is all there06:22
ParkerRActionParsnip, have any ideas?06:22
thephasedwhat is a good ppa? ActionParsnip06:23
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-current lucid06:23
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.04 (lucid), package size 22757 kB, installed size 70860 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)06:23
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-current natty06:23
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 270.41.06-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 27828 kB, installed size 81488 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)06:23
thephasedoh alright i see.06:23
ActionParsnipthephased: see what i mean. Why did you not install Natty?06:24
thephasedso if i want the 270 driver and i don't want to use the one from nvidia.com06:24
thephasedI get a kernel hang in natty06:24
ofhiehai hai....06:25
bullgard4'~$ aptitude why wodim; i brasero-cdrkit depends on wodim.' What program depends Banshee on for burining a CD?06:25
thephaseddo i use apt-get install ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates06:25
ofhiei'm new in here.. can help me..06:25
ActionParsnipthephased: there is the xorg edgers updates ppa. There are guides all over on how to get the 270 driver into lucid.06:25
thephasedwould that be better?06:26
GereHow can ass windows computer remotely with ubuntu06:26
ActionParsnipthephased: replace: apt-get install     with: add-apt-repository06:26
* st47 is very confused at Gere 06:26
ActionParsnipGere: how do you "ass" something?06:27
m0nbackup to it? :P06:27
GereI am working with ubuntu 10.04 ,How can i acess windows computer rometly?06:27
ActionParsnipGere: access for what goal?06:28
m0nuse the remotedesktop viewer app06:28
GereLike romet desktop on windows06:28
ActionParsnipGere: access  tells us nothing06:28
thephasedok ill try it. thanks ActionParsnip06:28
thephaseddo i need to be out of x?06:28
thephasedlike when installing the nvidia.com driver?06:29
ActionParsnipGere: then say THAT rather than access06:29
USMarineActionparsnip: It said: network controller: atheros communications inc. AR928x wireless adapter (pci express) (rev 01) and ubuntu 11.04. Was that the right info?06:29
GereI mean how can login remote for windows06:29
m0nGere: use the remote desktop viewer app.06:29
carcinogen75Gere: VNC06:29
ActionParsnipGere:  use rdesktop06:29
m0nthephased: you shouldn't need to be out of x to add the x-org-edgers ppa and update the video drivers06:30
m0nthephased, when i was using xorg-edgers ppa to update my ati drivers i did not need to be out of x... but may be different with nvidia not 100% sure06:30
Jane1st47 no use06:30
thephasedalright cool.06:30
thephasedshould i do an apt-get update first? im on a fresh install of 10.0406:31
Jane1is there a featurefull too to fix all types of disk and table errors of ext4 or ntfs ?06:31
dobeFEguyquestion: so I've got some friends that work at google and HP that used to help me out a lot on here among other venues, but they have been very silent lately. SO I talked to one guy tonight, and he said (his words not mine) that the moderators here aren't keen on being corrected and they ban folks that question them. One of the guys at HP got pretty mad and switched his entire division to Mint, and the google guys having similar experienc06:31
dobeFEguyes are thinking of following suit and customizing their own Mint distro. So my question is, with big players like this jumping out should we be looking at Mint (and isn't Mint part of Ubuntu?), and what is up with the moderators, are they really that bad? I've witnessed some hasty ego banning, but not that often it didn't seem like. Sorry if that is a dumb question, Im pretty new to linux and the community06:31
rwwdobeFEguy: Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, no.06:31
rwwdobeFEguy: If you or your friends have questions about operator actions on #ubuntu, please use #ubuntu-ops.06:31
Gerehow can i use rdesktop?06:32
textwisterdogburp: lsmod shows nothing with "wrapper" -- but I have the STA driver loaded, not the one that uses fwcutter, so should I see "wrapper"? ActionParsnip: rfkill shows the interface and shows it unblocked.06:32
m0nthephased, add the ppa repository for xorg-edgers ppa06:32
m0nthen just do a simple apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:32
zilch_which ati radeon driver should i use for Ubuntu 10.10   - the Maverick Meerkat - released in October 201006:33
zilch_for opengl graphic support06:33
thephasedis xorg-edgers ppa better than x-swat ppa?06:33
thephasedim using an nvidia card06:33
zykotick9zilch, FYI ubuntu versions numbers are the release date, so 10.10 is October 201006:33
thephasedi just want the latest stable nvidia release06:34
thephasedno beta stuff06:34
m0nthephased, can't help you there sorry man. don't ahve any nvidia hardware :(06:34
zilch_zykotick9, I want to support dual monitor for ATI radion card 960006:34
thephasedoh alright no worries06:34
thephasedthanks m0n06:34
newmorning to yaall06:35
m0nzilch, install proprietary drivers. i've had better success with fglrx in regards to opengl support and performance06:35
zykotick9zilch, sorry I can't help with you ATI issue, just wanted you to know the "...released in October 2010" wasn't required, we can see from the version when something is released.06:35
dobeFEguyrww: i dont think I have any ops questions, my situation is that my company is about to invest a lot of work into linux, and we had decided on ubuntu, but now with the guys who were my biggest help gone, and 2 huge companies switching to Mint because of the modrators here, do I stick with ubuntu, or follow them to mint?06:36
m0nzilch, there's 2 methods of install fglrx if you are interested in using that. if not, add the xorg-edgers ppa for the open-source drivers, which is fully supported, but does not grant as much performance as the proprietary drivers06:36
zilch_m0n, zykotick9  thanks a lot ... doing fglrx06:38
dobeFEguyrww: my buddy just pinged me and said he just tried to logon to meet me here and is still banned06:38
rwwdobeFEguy: Again, if they have questions about that, they should join #ubuntu-ops.06:38
YankDownUnderdobeFEguy, ...as well, some of the ops hang in #ubuntu-offtopic fwiw06:39
dobeFEguyit sounds to me like they've done that and aren't even interested in ubuntu anymore06:39
rwwYankDownUnder: #ubuntu-offtopic isn't a venue for ban resolution.06:39
textwisterJust reinstalled a laptop from Ubu 9.04 to 11.04. Wireless was working, now doesn't. lspci shows BCM5755M wireless. The Add'l drivers app offered the Broadcom STA wireless and I installed it, but my chipset is not listed and it didn't work. lspci shows the device, Network Manager doesn't. I enabled the wireless in system setup and disabled the HW switch to remove that from consideration. rfkill shows the device and shows it unblock06:39
textwistered.  Any suggestions are appreciated.06:39
m0nif that's the case, please take caution. i have had some issues with fglrx tanking my X server, and causing endless loops. follow the directions on this page carefully - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI06:39
dobeFEguybut banning tech leads from HP and Google seems like bad practice to me06:39
YankDownUnderrww, Sometimes the distance between point A and point B require you to step into a pub.06:40
=== darky83_ is now known as darky83
YankDownUndertextwister, Have you looked through the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf to see if the driver is blacklisted?06:41
textwisterYankDownUnder: will try06:42
Jane1where are the mountpoints written and seved in linux. its not booting coz i mounted ntfs. i want to unmount it by a live cd06:42
rewati<ActionParsnip>   memory test pass 1 no error should i let it go for pass2 ???06:43
textwisteralso, just realized I'd been looking (in lspci output) at the number for the wired NIC, not wireless.  It is the BCM4311.06:43
=== new is now known as Nww
=== Nww is now known as XubuntuDilemma
m0nJane1 mount points are saved in the /etc/fstab file06:44
YankDownUndertextwister, Something you can try - in order to further troubleshoot this, is to UNblacklist the BCM driver in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, then restart the machine, then let it try to find the driver again...(been there before)06:44
XubuntuDilemmadoes any1 reconize this problem with the edges of the program screens and the fact that there should be 3 workspaces not 106:45
XubuntuDilemmaand if I have something on my desktop, the upper bar will slightly cover it06:46
m0nYankDownUnder, sorry to direct this at you, but you seem like you sort of know what i'm talking about here. How do i blacklist a certain device ID from picking a certain driver and force it to load a different one?06:46
XubuntuDilemmathis happens after some use of the user, like a week or so06:46
Jane1m0n how to mount sda606:46
XubuntuDilemmathan I make a new user and there is no problem06:46
XubuntuDilemmabut I have created like three of them now06:46
YankDownUnderm0n, Explain a bit better please mate, eh? ;)06:46
rewati<ActionParsnip>   memory test pass 1 no error should i let it go for pass2 ???06:47
rewati<ActionParsnip>   r u dere???06:48
thephasedm0m when you apt-get your ppa packages do you have to enter a special name to get the package to install?06:48
m0nYankDownUnder, LOL ok. It's a bluetooth issue. Ubuntu is loading the toshiba_bluetooth driver and assigning that to the bluetooth card. Problem is this doesn't allow it to work. I've used the ath3k driver (it's an ATH3011) and this works, but i only managed to get it to work with one restart then it reloads the toshiba driver again06:48
thephasedi added the ppa repository and im having trouble doing sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers06:48
thephasedit says there's no package06:48
thephasedyet when i do sudo apt-get update it shows the x-swat repository in there06:49
thephasedand it definitely added the key06:49
m0nlemme find the howto guide06:49
thephasedyeah i used the one on launchpad06:49
HackNewtonhi all i want to know is there GNOME 3 avaible for ubuntu ?06:49
HackNewtonppa ?06:49
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.06:49
textwisterYankDownUnder: In blacklist.conf I have bcm43xx.  But in blacklist-bcm43.conf I also have bcm43xx, as well as b43 and b43legacy. Which of these do I comment out?  And do I uninstall the STA driver first?06:49
YankDownUnderm0n, Blacklist the toshiba driver (you should be able to ID it through doing an "lsmod") and then add that to the blacklist.conf => reboot, see what happens. As well, you can force the Atheros driver to load.06:49
YankDownUndertextwister, Unblacklist them from each, then restart, try "jockey-gtk" to see if it will recognise the proper driver at that point my friend.06:50
zykotick9HackNewton, if you really want Gnome 3 i'd check out Fedora06:51
=== play4_ is now known as play4
andantinohave you tried gnome 3 hack?06:52
bullgard4'~$ aptitude why wodim; i brasero-cdrkit depends on wodim.' What program depends Banshee on for burining a CD?06:52
m0nYankDownUnder, thanks mate, i'll try that06:52
YankDownUnderm0n, Roger that.06:52
rewati    hi there in my system I installed freebsd now i am trying to install ubuntu but it say (initramfs) unable to find medium containing a live file system. My cd is good as i tried running it on other system and it installed succesfully06:53
HackNewtonzykotick9, i just moved from Fedora Ubuntu06:53
* andantino no like gnome306:54
zykotick9HackNewton, if you want Gnome3, poor choice in timing I believe06:54
HackNewtonzykotick9, i tested Gnome3 on fedora am not only for Gnome3 just thought i will be great to be in ubuntu06:55
textwisterYankDownUnder: Still no joy...  NetManager has an "Enable Networking" entry but no "Enable Wireless Networking", No wireless device shows up in its configuration panels. But lspci shows the device, as does rfkill.  Not sure what to look for in lsmod output07:02
YankDownUndertextwister, Right oh. You're trying to load the atheros driver, right?07:03
textwisterYankDownUnder: jockey-gtk calls it the Broadcom STA wireless driver.  Is that atheros?07:04
m0nYankDownUnder, so the toshiba_bluetooth module is not loading now. Great! :D How do i ensure that the ath3k driver is associated with a certain device id?07:04
YankDownUndertextwister, Is it already activated, or is it asking you if you want to activate it?07:04
csdserveri'm noticing something quirky with x windows and not sure if it's due to ubuntu or not.  for example, if i have multiple confirmation boxes open or nested submenus then a control code to x windows isn't sent to it first ( ctrl alt t for terminal and others).  where would i even go to adjust that?07:05
textwisterIt's already activated -- but having no effect07:05
YankDownUnderm0n, In the /etc/modules file, put the module name in there and it will load on each boot.07:05
YankDownUndertextwister, then de-activate it, open a term, and we'll try something right now, eh?07:06
textwisterYankDownUnder: "Remove" same as deactivate?  No deactivate option here.07:06
YankDownUndertextwister, Just close jocky, open a term...we'll try something, eh?07:07
=== GNUdog is now known as ieexpress
asher^hi all. how do i terminate a process thats running?07:07
textwisterYankDownUnder: sure.  I'm ready07:07
YankDownUndertextwister, In the open terminal, type: sudo lsmod => paste the output to pastebin07:08
csdserverasher^,  ps ; kill pid07:08
zykotick9asher^, if you know the process name and want to kill all the process with that name you can use "killall processname"07:09
Stevethe1irateHi, I have an older 10.04 PC here, but when I boot it picks up an error on /dev/sdb, one of my drives. It tries to clean it, but hangs at like ~30%. Is there any way to bypass this (perhaps with a grub directive) other than removing the harddrive?07:09
asher^thanks. ps lists all running processes, right?07:10
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, You could always just boot with a liveCd and do a proper fsck on the drive/partition to make sure it's all right...07:10
csdserverasher^,  sorry no, use top instead of ps07:10
danubhey all07:10
Stevethe1irateYankDownUnder: I don't have a livecd, nor a CD writer (except on the PC giving issues) [this is a netbook]07:11
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, Open a term, use sudo to unmount the drive/partition, then do a "sudo fsck.blah" on it from there, then reboot...???07:11
danubi want to port my home x display to my work laptop. how do i go about doing that? they are both using linux07:11
YankDownUnderdanub, ssh -X works wonders.07:12
Stevethe1irateYankDownUnder: the PC is off atm, when I turn it on, it hangs on disk check.07:12
danubi used to use nomachine on windows, but now i have a linux laptop so yeah... first time trying this one07:12
danub-X huh07:12
carcinogen75danub: VNC07:13
danubconnection refused07:13
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, Um...have you considered creating a bootable USB stick?07:13
danuboh duh, wrong box lol07:13
asher^ok, in top, i press k, enter the pid, and it comes up with Kill PID 3237 with signal [15]: what do i type there?07:13
jennaHey all, I am getting prompted for update thru "update-manager" , one of the package to be updated is openssh-server. But the weird thing is before begining to install it places "ssh .. stuff" in "un-authenticated section" of package to be update. Isn't that risky. Shouldn't one be concerned. I have officail repos configured.07:13
thephaseddoes anyone here have experience using ppa repositories? specifically x-swat07:13
danub-X just gives me a shell, same as ssh07:13
Stevethe1irateYankDownUnder: I don't have one at the moment. SURELY there is a way to bypass disk check?07:14
YankDownUnderdanub, Right. Now you can run any X program through that...or even type "startx" to start a real xsession...07:14
danubin the terminal i will get an x session?07:14
csdserverasher^,  hit escape and press enter07:14
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, On the boot, were you asked anything about entering the root password to perform system maintenance?07:14
Stevethe1irateBoots of hd(1,1), ext307:15
YankDownUnderdanub, No...if you just run a program, you will have X forwarding - thererfore, you are running the program FROM the other machine ON this machine07:15
Stevethe1irate-> GUI [ Your disk drivers are being checked for errors, this may take some time. Checking disk 1 of 2 (14% complete) ...07:15
Stevethe1irate-> Hangs07:15
sam__salut les gens07:16
textwisterYankDownUnder: http://pastebin.com/GnG0aWn307:16
asher^csdserver it doesnt seem to be killing the process07:16
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, So it doesn't offer you the chance to skip? Like does it say "Press C to cancel disk checking" ?07:16
YankDownUndertextwister, Looking now...07:16
Stevethe1irateYankDownUnder: Nope.07:16
Jane1 how to unmount sda6?07:16
oberttsk i cannot get the correct date time everytime i reboot07:17
csdserverasher^, sorry, it must be asking Yes or No then.  type Yes.07:17
Stevethe1irate"Errors were found while checking the disk driver for /"07:17
danubYankDownUnder: ok. so if i load up firefox to check my personal email, it will run it on the home server, but i wont be able to see it?07:17
obertis there something that i dunno about save os date time?07:18
almoxarifeJane1: see it on your desktop?07:18
M7amadhow can i partition a flash disk and change one of the partition to cdfs07:18
carcinogen75I heard thats now in linux can use windows drivers for devices. is it true? whats name of this technology07:18
YankDownUndertextwister, It's not loading anything mate...SO, open a term, and type: sudo modprobe bc43xx => then type: sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart => then check in your Network Manager if the wireless is working, eh?07:19
textwistercarcinogen75: not all drivers -- just select network drivers.  You're looking for "ndiswrapper" I think.07:20
YankDownUnderdanub, It will run on THIS machine - FROM your home machine... ;)07:20
carcinogen75textwister: thx07:20
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, I'd honestly recommend you to create a USB startup for this issue - when I have clients that have the same issue, the fastest route to resolution is by using a bootable USB disk...(works great on desktops, too)07:21
danubYankDownUnder: i just did ssh -X -p PORT HOST_ADDR, got logged in, typed firefox, but it said error, no display07:21
oberthey.answer my question! what did i pay you for??07:21
textwisterYankDownUnder: That may have been w/ the STA driver removed...07:21
danubdoes that mean because im in X on this screen i cant? if i go to the f1 screen i can?07:21
YankDownUnderdanub, I'd not be worrying about any ports...just use "ssh -X XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, enter username/password, and try again.07:21
=== vlt___ is now known as vlt
m0nso YankDownUnder, blacklisting the toshiba driver renders the card inaccessible. What i need to do to get the card working, is just merely running modprobe ath3k. Then running the following command echo "0930 0215" | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/ath3k/new_id. (0930 0215 being the device id of the toshiba driver assigns to the bt card)07:22
danubYankDownUnder: have to set the port because im running it off a different port (my ISP sucks)07:22
YankDownUnderm0n, Load the driver in the /etc/modules file, then in the /etc/rc.local script, add the other bits - that should resolve that07:22
Stevethe1irateYankDownUnder: Yeah, that's definitely a last resort.07:22
danubi can only run 1 x server per system?07:23
danubthis is turning into a real pain in the ass lol07:23
YankDownUnderdanub, I'd read up on ssh with X forwarding - there's a great set of pages on the Ubuntu wiki, mate...otherwise, you might use "Remote Desktop"07:23
=== ||ll||ll|| is now known as Tibi77
YankDownUnderStevethe1irate, I don't see why that would be a last resort...if you're wanting a fast resolution to a relatively simple problem...07:24
obeyanceCould someone point me to an understandable walk through of how to install windows onto a machine with a full install of Ubuntu?07:24
danubYankDownUnder: yeah, i think i will just do the remote desktop for now while i figure out the X forwarding07:24
obeyanceI want to be able to duel boot so i can play some of my games, but i dont know how to do it on linux.07:24
ct529hi! What is the best way to show RSS rolling on the screen , so that when you see one of them it is taken off the list?07:24
obeyanceI know how to do it vise versa, at least i think i do. But linux is different.07:25
YankDownUnderdanub, I'll say this, but. I love using the "ssh" option as I don't have clutter. I have (when I'm out and about) my single applications running directly from my office desktop on my netbook (even with the same GTK decos) and I can control things easier with that much less clutter...but hey, that's just me.07:25
obertvery weird beauvier.not sure if it is related to my virtual machine07:26
almoxarifeobeyance: what os boots now?07:28
obeyanceUbuntu 11.0407:28
obeyanceIll be installing Win7 from a USB Flash drive07:29
almoxarifeobeyance: thought about running win7 in virtual?07:30
wols_ fatal: qmgr_move: update active/221A91303668 time stamps: Stale NFS file handle07:30
almoxarifeobeyance: virtualbox? its free07:30
obeyanceIts like Alcohol 120% for windows?07:31
obeyanceJust a virtual drive.07:31
rwwno, it's like VMWare or VirtualBox for Windows.07:31
obeyanceOh heh.07:31
wols_obeyance: make some space unpartitioned. while installing windows, create a partition there and install it. reinstall your grub2 bootloader /msg ubottu fixmbr07:31
obeyanceI dont have any experience with those.07:31
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs07:31
almoxarifeobeyance: I have win7 in virtualbox, been problem free07:31
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p07:31
wols_almoxarife: it won't work for obeyance07:31
obertobeyance: it is easy. you just install a VM and then you can build n different guest OS in it07:32
almoxarifewols_: no?07:32
wols_almoxarife: no. he cannot play games.07:32
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p07:32
oberta separate server machine would be faster anyway07:32
obertyou need a lot of ram if you get some OSes07:33
wols_obeyance: I told you above how to install windows after ubuntu. what's unclear about it?07:33
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p07:33
trijntje!repeat | quick-07:34
ubottuquick-: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:34
obeyanceI didnt see sorry.07:34
gabdantasgood morning!07:34
pratz_hey guys any one using scribus, i am trying to create a pdf but the text is visible as boxes , i guess this is utf-8 issue , not quite sure, if any one knows how to fix the problem please let me know, thank you07:34
pratz_i have asked on #scribus but no reply07:34
obeyanceOh, its a lot of work eh?07:34
textwisterYankDownUnder: Switching from the STA driver to the 'firmware-b43-installer' and the 'b43-fwcutter' apparently fixed my problem.  Followed this page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1745437.  Thanks for your assistance.07:34
obeyanceWith chances of things going wrong? I LOVE IT!07:35
obertobeyance: it is easy to setup a vm07:35
YankDownUndertextwister, Roger that, have fun07:35
obeyanceThe other guy said i couldnt play games on it though. Right?07:35
wols_obert: how does a VM help playing games?07:35
almoxarifeobeyance: how much ram you have?07:35
textwisterpratz_: it MAY be UTF, but it could be a font issue.  Have you tested other fonts?07:35
obertplayin games? no idea.i dont play07:36
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
wols_obeyance: if you want to play games 5 years and older it can work. for current games it does not07:36
almoxarifeobeyance: what games?07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
obeyanceThats the only reason i want windows. There are games that WONT play on linux.07:36
pratz_textwister: i trired 2-3 fonts but the same problem07:36
wols_but with games that old, wine works too07:36
obeyanceLike the new League of Legends loader, doesnt no work on linux.07:36
oberthehe games :)07:36
obeyanceIt worked with wine up untill they made it have to use .net framwork.07:37
DarkfdHi guys07:37
obeyanceSo, either i dual boot or w/e, i need windows on this box too.07:37
almoxarifeobeyance: two choices, install win7 on the machine, careful not to crash grub, or run it virtual07:38
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p07:38
DarkfdHow do you select multiple files in nautilus?07:38
obeyanceIf i partition out a spot for the win OS to sit in, it would have less of a chance to mess with grub correct?07:38
almoxarifeobeyance: I did learn one lesson about installing a legal win7 virtual, it won't install later on the machine07:39
textwisterpratz_:  Not a scribus expert, but it sounds like the pdf renderer is trying to render characters for which it can't find an appropriate guide.  If you are set to use UTF-8 encoding but are using non-UTF8 fonts, I think that might cause it -- but using specialty fonts might as well (many of them don't include all characters.)07:39
almoxarifeobeyance: true07:39
pratz_textwister: i even can not type the characters and when i copy paste them , they are visible in boxes07:39
m0nYankDownUnder, thanks dude! fixed!!07:39
YankDownUnderm0n, Coolbeans mate. You buy the beer. ;)07:39
=== SATA is now known as SATAv2
obeyanceGpart is the gnome partitioner right?07:40
m0nit's taken me nearly 3 weeks to get this sorted through the ubuntu forums, the linuxwireless irc chatroom, this chatroom, and a couple of over forums aswell07:40
m0ni would DEFINITELY buy you a beer if u were in my state :P07:40
m0nyou are in QLD yer?07:40
textwisterobeyance: gparted07:40
YankDownUnderm0n, Hehehehhehee...yeah...well, when I blow through there next year, you can buy me the VB & Jaeger matey ;)07:40
YankDownUnderm0n, ...and I'm in NSW mate07:41
m0nlol will do! thanks! :D07:41
m0nenjoy guys07:41
obertmmm could i format a partition (the whole hd,indeed) without gparted?07:43
obeyancewol_ how do i reinstall grub2 bootloader? Is this a delicate procedure? Could i get a point to a decent artical to help?07:44
textwisterpratz_: Sorry to bail w/o your problem resolved, but I think that's all the relevant knowledge I have on your problem -- my problem was just fixed, and at near 3 am here, my pillow is calling...   Sorry I couldn't help more.07:44
bullgard4'~$ aptitude why wodim; i brasero-cdrkit depends on wodim.' What program depends Banshee on for burning a CD?07:44
wols_obert: you can. linux will use it fine. windows not07:45
textwisterobert:  try parted or fdisk if you don't have gparted.07:45
pratz_textwister: hey no worries dude, i found it07:45
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
noisewaterphdbullgard4, banshee uses brasero i think? I'll check for you real quick07:46
llutz_bullgard4: "apt-cache depends banshee"  seems it just recommends brasero07:46
pratz_textwister: the default font selected for the proble is "A" (an example), but "A" is not installed on my system, thats the reason07:46
pratz_textwister:  *program07:46
obertwols_: how? i doubt i have internet connection in that machine. i got an usb pen drive with mini.iso but i cannot boot from there. also if i try to mount or mini.iso or gparted.iso it just try to open it via archive manager.07:46
obertwell i'm a linux beginner,definately07:46
obeyanceyou need to extract the iso.07:47
wols_obert: what is your actual problem?07:47
DarkfdHow do you select multiple files in nautilus?07:47
Darkfdlist view07:47
obertbut i hope that i could format the whole hd via two commands07:47
pratz_textwister: the fonts which are not installed on the system and if you try to type you can not insert characters , but you can insert numbers07:47
noisewaterphdbullgard4, ya banshee uses brasero07:47
obertwols_: i want to format a hd :)07:47
noisewaterphdobert: fdisk, gparted?07:47
noisewaterphdobert, you just looking for a tool07:48
pratz_textwister: thanks for your involvement07:48
wols_obert: and you have what OS to access said hdd right now?07:48
noisewaterphdobert, just read the fdisk man page, its simple enough07:48
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p07:48
obertnoisewaterphd: no idea. how to mount an iso then? gparted.iso in this case then.if it is the quicker way to format a hd07:48
obeyancehm i was wanting to test the install of this pendrive windows installation and uh, my bios doesnt give me an option to boot from USB Flash07:49
obeyanceUSB Hard Drive = USB Flash drive.07:49
obertwols_: not sure if i'm ina loop. i got a hd with ubuntu 6,i want to format it07:49
wols_obert: again: what OS do you have right now that accesses this HDD?07:50
obertand sorry if i'm getting your time without a serious report07:50
obertwols_: ubuntu 607:50
wols_obert: and why do you need to format it?07:50
obertwols_: it is obsolete07:50
wols_that is no reason. e.g. if you need to install another OS there you don't need to format anything. so why do you want to do it?07:51
noisewaterphdobert: for mounting iso just use the mount command, or this link shows you the gui way I guess, but Ive never tried it that way: http://hacktivision.com/index.php/2008/02/24/how-to-mount-iso-images-in-ubuntu-the-ea?blog=207:51
bullgard4llutz_: '~$ "apt-cache depends banshee; ...; Recommends: brasero.' What does »Recdommend« mean? If I do not install the package brasero, Banshee will still function, but it will not burn CDs(DVDs?07:51
wols_obert: gparted is not needed for what you want to do. mkfs is07:51
noisewaterphdbullgard4, right07:51
obertwols_: why i dont need to format the hd if i want to install mini.iso?07:51
wols_bullgard4: it means "it's probably nice if you installed this too"07:51
llutz_bullgard4: right, "depends" are packages it really depends on to work, "recommends" are feature which might be installed but not essentially needed (like burning cds)07:52
wols_obert: no. the installer, like any other oeprating system installer, can format before it installs. partition too07:52
bullgard4noisewaterphd: Thank you for your help.07:52
obertwols_: but i cannot boot from usb pen drive07:52
bullgard4llutz_: Thank you for your help.07:52
bullgard4wols_: Thank you.07:52
wols_obert: how can you boot then?07:53
obertwols_: no idea :P07:53
wols_!tell obert about debootstrap07:53
ubottuobert, please see my private message07:53
obertwols_: i just read that i cannot boot from usb,also if i try to do it, it'll boot the ubuntu 6 instead,ever07:54
wols_obert: you can use debootstrap by running it via your ubuntu6 installation. but this is not trivial07:54
obertwols_: i think i need to study something better. i'm very confused at this moment. thanks though07:55
obeyanceWeee the install of windows i have is in Italian only =\07:55
obertobeyance: ?07:56
nit-witobert, if it is that your conmputer is to old to boot the thumb plop will .http://www.plop.at/07:56
gurracan I prevent udev rules from executing at boot-time?07:57
obertnit-wit: this one? http://www.plop.at/en/ploplinuxdl.html07:57
nit-witobert, yeah I have used the ISO on a cd.07:58
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p07:58
oberthope so07:58
obertcd..i do no have cds.only a 256mb usb pen drive07:59
obertpoor people in the area07:59
nit-witobert, well a cd or the bootstrap are your options probably.08:00
obertnit-wit: ok. have to play with all this stuff more then08:01
obertthanks to all08:03
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows intramfs and halts . please hel p08:04
quick-i am installing ubuntu 11.04 and after installing when it reboots it shows initramfs and halts . please hel p08:04
renaldocreativequick- make sure your hardware is install correctly.08:05
nit-witquick-, are you using a usb thumb to install08:05
renaldocreativequick- Did you make any changes to your hardware or bios.08:06
RadhikaYes! I got the IRC to work[: I'm just going to afk now.08:06
ct529hi! What is the best way to show RSS rolling on the screen , so that when you see one of them it is taken off the list? Something that allows to continuosly read the news.08:07
renaldocreativect529 I don't know a program that have that feature.08:07
obeyanceI dont understand the installation structure on this drive.08:08
obeyanceUsing Gparted it says theres 3 partitions and 1 unallocated.08:08
obeyanceBut i formated this drive and did not set up any partitions.08:08
renaldocreativeobeyance did you install Ubuntu08:08
obeyanceSo Ubuntu set 2x 6.5Gb partitions for itself? Extended and Swap.08:09
epifaniohi all08:09
obeyancerenaldocreative, What i am doing though is trying to make some unallocated space for installing windows on.08:10
obeyanceAnd Gparted says there are alredy partitions so i cant do that... or something like that.08:10
epifanioany advice on how to run unity3d on a macbook pro 2.2 ? i'm running ubuntu11.1008:10
Gerehow can change my login screen like another login window?08:11
epifanioi tried to install 11.04 but it fails to boot .. the only way to install ubuntu was to use the 11.10 mac iso08:11
obeyanceYou couldnt install 10.04 or 10.10?08:11
obeyanceI installed from an old 9.10 LIVECD i had =p08:12
obeyanceAnd upgraded to 11.0408:12
renaldocreativeobeyance sorry I cannot help you but you can resize delete the other partition and create a new one for Windows.08:12
epifanionow it runs nice, the problem is about desktpo effet / video-dtiver ... i guess08:12
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
renaldocreativeobeyance I have not use Gparted but I think you can right click the partition and click delete.08:13
epifanioi'm now tring to dollow some topic .. but i guess is my shit-ati card .. the real problem08:14
obeyanceoh im so lost on this.08:14
obeyanceFree Space Preceding, New size, Free space following.08:14
obeyancewhat are these?!08:14
epifaniotrying a restart of X and see what hapeens08:14
renaldocreativeobeyance make sure you don't delete ext4, and Linux Swap08:16
* szal thinks that the space options in GParted are self-explanatory08:16
=== sht_ is now known as sht
obeyancerenaldocreative, Yeah i wasnt going to touch anything that was already allocated, but i have to?08:19
obeyanceHow can i use some of the 226 gigs that ext4 is not use?08:19
renaldocreativeGive me a few08:20
RadhikaIs it possible to access files on Vista from Ubuntu?08:21
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions08:21
wols_Radhika: see above08:22
wols_obeyance: you can resize your ext4 partition and make it smaller08:22
obeyancewols_ thats what im trying to od.08:23
obeyanceBut i see no options for doing so in GParted.08:23
nit-witobeyance, your on the live cd correct?08:24
renaldocreativeobeyance right click the partition and it should say resize and move08:24
obeyanceno full install updated to 11.04 with all current updates.08:24
nit-witobeyance, you can't resize or change a partition your using.08:25
wols_obeyance: you want to boot from a live cd. resizing a live filesystem is not good at all08:25
obeyanceI wish i could just use my 300Gb USB external =(08:26
obeyanceBut windows wont boot from there.08:26
obeyanceWindows is gay =\08:26
derpadongits windows /end08:27
obeyanceHow much ram would VM eat up?08:27
Manetawindows is frustrating08:27
renaldocreativeobeyance you can try Virtual Box08:27
obeyanceCan i game on it?08:27
derpadongwindows is a dangerous os08:27
obeyanceThats the only reason im wanting to use it.08:27
Manetatoo many clicks for everything08:27
obeyanceI just want to run my games, and some i cant do in wine.08:27
renaldocreativeObeyance http://virtualbox.org I'm running WIndows on Virtual Box and it work perfect.08:28
icerootobeyance: if you want to run games and want to install in a vm, i think dualboot is better08:28
szalrenaldocreative: "perfect" is perhaps a bit too much said; try playing multimedia ;)08:28
renaldocreativeMedia work great for me08:29
obeyanceBut how do i get room on my single partitioned hard drive?08:29
Mandrewhi i made a swap, / and a/home och one HDD when i installed ubuntu, now im looking for a backup tool and i am also wondering waht i should backup to get the most out of the backup08:29
obeyanceto install windows?08:29
Manetagedit obeyance08:29
* szal can't even play MP3 in a virtual Win7 w/o a slight bit of stuttering08:30
Manetagparted obeyance08:30
wols_obeyance: you boot from the ubuntu live cd and run gparted there08:30
Manetayou can split the disc on the gparted08:30
obeyancemy Live CD is 9.1008:30
obeyance11.04 doesnt even have Gparted installed, i had to download and install.08:30
wols_!tell Mandrew about backup08:30
ubottuMandrew, please see my private message08:30
Manetasudo apt-get install gparted08:30
obeyanceI mean, im guessing thats what having to download and install it means.08:31
renaldocreativeszal I have WIndows 7 but I'm running Windows XP in Virtual Box.08:31
Mandrewtnx wols_08:31
RadhikaIs there any way to change the Ubuntu scrollbar to work with the up and down buttons too?08:31
icerootRadhika: they are but the windows must have the focus08:32
RadhikaThe focus?08:32
szalthe window must be active08:33
obeyancek ill be back08:33
Radhikawould it work in the irc? it isn't.08:33
mang0How do I minimize a game on ubuntu? On windows I just press the "windows" button on the keyboard (next to spacebar) and the game minimized. How do i do that on Ubuntu?08:34
renaldocreativeTry F1108:34
zykotick9mang0, or try alt+enter, but it really depends on the game if minimizing will work or not08:35
Lasersmang0: CTRL + ALT + D ?08:35
mang0oh okay, F11 didn't work08:35
mang0I'll try alt + enter and ctrl +alt + d08:35
mang0zykotick9: alt + enter put the game into window mode but I couldn't free the mouse :/ Lasers it didn't work...08:37
Lasersmang0: Try ALT+TAB -- Otherwise, I dunno.08:38
mang0okay, thanks08:38
Noor_egyhello i cant load my windows from linux grub i tried to make  grub-mkconfig and thats the result  http://paste.ubuntu.com/648914/08:38
mang0Yes! Lasers thankyou, alt + tab works perfectly :)08:39
Lasersmang0: Great. I gladly accept donations. :)08:39
Noor_egycould any one help me with that plz08:41
renaldocreativeNoor-egy can you access Ubuntu08:42
renaldocreativeIt might be your /boot/grub/menu.lst08:43
Noor_egy renaldocreative: this file not found08:44
wols_Noor_egy: first thing is to see what windows you have and what partition it uses08:44
Noor_egyim using xp and partion sda108:45
wols_renaldocreative: grub2 doesn't have menu.lst anymore and grub1 is long gone08:45
XubuntuDilemmaany help here?08:45
wols_Noor_egy: fat or ntfs?08:45
Noor_egythis is all partions i have08:46
nit-witNoor_egy, iwhere is the sdb drive08:46
Noor_egysdb ?08:46
Noor_egyi have sda08:46
nit-witNoor_egy,  menuentry "Windows 7 (on /dev/sdb1)08:47
Noor_egywhat do u mean08:47
wols_XubuntuDilemma: very few people speak scandinavian and it's kinda hard to interpret only a screenshot08:47
wols_Noor_egy: line 206 and following in your grub.cfg paste08:47
Noor_egywols_ i dont know08:48
Noor_egyand im not installed 708:48
Noor_egyonly xp08:48
wols_Noor_egy: these lines where added manually. no ubuntu program would have added them. run "file -s /dev/sda1"08:49
XubuntuDilemmabut there's no need to understand the scandinavic thing there08:50
XubuntuDilemmayou see the screenshot wols_ , the window edges are fucked and there should be three (3) desktops rather than 108:50
XubuntuDilemmathis happens to me after a week or so usage of a user, than I make a new user and the problem does not follow until after some usage08:51
Noor_egywols_ http://paste.ubuntu.com/648927/08:51
XubuntuDilemmaI'm thinking that chaning the themes and stuff might make it happen so now I'm testing so that I try to edit the outlook of my Xubuntu as little as possibl08:51
XubuntuDilemmaI have dualboot Xubuntu and Windows 708:52
XubuntuDilemmachangeing* .. :D08:52
XubuntuDilemmahmm hmm08:55
Noor_egyi'm really in mess :/08:55
XubuntuDilemmaI guess I should it something now08:55
Noor_egycant handel this08:55
andantinolubuntu is joining the family sometime this year right?08:55
icerootandantino: 11.10 is the goal08:55
Peethi everyone08:56
andantinoits a nice distro08:56
Noor_egywols_ http://paste.ubuntu.com/648927/08:56
Peetsome one  use IBM iSeriesAccess?08:56
andantino11.10 makes it like a birthday present for me08:56
icerootandantino: lxde is a good alternate to gnome2 which will be skipped in 11.1008:57
icerootandantino: and maybe its the only alternate too....08:57
jatthi, I want to install python 2.6 and python 2.7 in the same environment how can I do it and switch between both versions?08:58
andantinoso 11.10 wont have the classic desktop anymore?08:58
rayneI'm on lubuntu now, lovin' it, it's the best distro i have tried so far. Very comfortable with it, although i am still just a linux noob08:58
andantinoi have lubuntu on my old desktop08:58
greg__hey Peet!08:58
andantinoits over ten years old08:58
andantinoruns very well08:58
tomodachijatt: if they are both in the package manage then its easy. the command python2.6 will give you that version and python2.7 the other08:58
raynewant to install it on my laptop, which is about as old. everything else runs too slowly to use on it08:59
andantinomy old computer did have some ram added at some poiint though08:59
andantinobut its only 512 now08:59
raynenot done anything to upgrade my old laptop, but luckily it started with 512, so should be good for lubuntu09:00
andantinoruns pretty well on mine09:00
andantinoreally impressed with it09:01
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
XubuntuDilemmahmm, this Lubuntu might be worth trying09:02
tobagohey, where to get a trusting ssl certificate for free?09:02
XubuntuDilemmafaster than Xubuntu ? ;)09:02
andantinolxde is supposed to be a little lighter weight09:02
jatttomodachi: thanks will try that09:02
andantinobut i think lubuntu is lighter in more ways than just the de09:02
wols_tobago: startssl09:03
tomodachijatt: youre welcome . in your system you will also have python. wich will be a symlink to either 2.6 or 2.709:03
shadeslayerhey, i was wondering if anyone has successfully install ubuntu on a Macbook Pro?09:03
tomodachishadeslayer: yes many have including me.09:03
Noor_egysorry crahsed09:03
shadeslayertomodachi: i can't get the iso too boot off the USB :(09:03
andantinowhy would you want 2.6 and 2.7?09:03
mang0How much space does ubuntuone give me?09:03
tomodachishadeslayer: what macbook do you have 13 or 15?09:03
jattdevelopment work09:03
Lasersmang0: 2GB, I think.09:03
jattsome feature is working on 2.6 but not on 2.709:04
shadeslayertomodachi: got it last night :)09:04
tomodachishadeslayer: what gfx card in it?09:04
mang0Lasers: ah okay, thankyou09:04
andantinoi didnt think they were all that different09:04
tomodachishadeslayer: it doesent boot at all? or it hangs during boot?09:04
shadeslayertomodachi: it gives me a "OS not found" when booting the USB09:04
ManetaI quite like the puppy linux XubuntuDilemma09:04
andantinonot a slight change in syntax?09:04
XubuntuDilemmaOh Maneta , I'v heard that one is quite cool also09:05
andantinooh yeah puppy is fast09:05
andantinobut not a very great repository09:05
ManetaI have instaled one on a Linutop its a 500 Mhz proc itx computer09:05
tomodachishadeslayer: strange never had that problem09:05
Manetathe instalation with all the plugins 380 mb +-09:05
shadeslayertomodachi: could you give me the instructions you followed?09:06
zykes-anyone here tried Ubuntu 11.04 on a Lenovo T510 laptop and Nvidia GT218 ? / NVS 3100M09:06
zykes-having some issues with Xorg not wanting to start, the nvidia module is loaded in the kernel09:06
XubuntuDilemmabtw, if I have done partioning of the disks, does this mean that after I uninstall the part where Xubuntu is, it will stay empty as long as you either partion it again or install something to it09:06
zykes-But when i start the X server it says "No device detected".09:06
abadyhi everyone09:07
abadyi had problem09:07
andantinoyou are going to scrap xubuntu now?09:07
XubuntuDilemmaabady, good, than you dont have it anymore09:07
abadycan any body help me09:07
tomodachishadeslayer: i have to admin i read a couple of them but didnt follow any of them really. Theres quite some documentation though. Did you try both efi and "normal boot"? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro is the link09:07
XubuntuDilemmaadantino, maybe09:07
andantinois it causing you any problems09:07
tomodachishadeslayer: im using my macbook in efi mode.09:08
zykes-Nvidia driver 275.x09:08
XubuntuDilemmathe uninstallion? well, not yet because I'm not starting to do so09:08
andantinoid go for lubuntu over puppy....puppy is purty darn fast but everything is outdated09:08
XubuntuDilemmahehe oh ok09:08
shadeslayertomodachi: sorry, what?09:08
XubuntuDilemmaI'd like to see youtube vids and flash content so I guess Puppy would handle that?09:09
andantinooh ya puppy can do that09:09
abadywith bluetooth driver09:09
andantinobut like the browsers for instace are09:09
andantinolike 3 years behind or somehting09:09
ManetaXubuntuDilemma, yeah for sure09:09
XubuntuDilemmaheh oh ok09:09
Manetait has a flash plugin09:09
andantinoare you dual booting xubuntu?09:10
Manetaor you should try the browser linux witch is based on puppy linux XubuntuDilemma09:10
Manetait comes with flash09:10
tomodachishadeslayer: the macbook doeent really have a pc bios or anything. It uses something called EFI. it gives some nice features (like access to both my gfx card etc) but you also lose some features. Read about it on the ubuntu wikis. But if you want to try to boot the laptop from the usb in efi mode i think you need to install refit in macosx first09:10
XubuntuDilemmathanks Maneta, maybe I will09:10
andantinoya puppy has flash09:10
andantinoid still give lubuntu a shot first though09:10
babilenXubuntuDilemma: A common misconception seems to be that you have to install a specific release in order to get the associated window manager. (Kubuntu for KDE, Xubuntu for XFCE, ...). You can, however, easily install any of those on every Ubuntu or Debian installation. There is no need for a reinstall.09:11
XubuntuDilemmathanks Maneta09:11
shadeslayertomodachi: i've done all of that09:11
shadeslayeri've installed refit and everything09:11
XubuntuDilemmaand babilen, yeh, I'v heard about it and looked some instructions09:11
shadeslayerstill couldn't get it to work09:11
andantinoive had problems though with installing other environments on ubuntu09:12
tomodachishadeslayer: do you get two boot options for linux from the usb stick?09:12
andantinoparticularly lxde09:12
shadeslayertomodachi: yes, but after that i can't get GRUB to load09:12
andantinoa lot of things would not work right, and then you end up with bloated menus09:13
XubuntuDilemmabut I'm not sure how my problem would leave..that's why I'm considering either re-install or diffirent distro09:13
tomodachishadeslayer: sorry this is something wich is new to me. Ive installed it on a couple of macbooks (a bit older than yours though) but never had this specific issue09:13
andantinoyour problem is things are running to slowly?09:13
andantinoyour problem is you dont like the letter x?09:14
XubuntuDilemmabut that after some usage, my settings go f-ed up like this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/695/kuvakaappaus21072011093.png/09:14
shadeslayertomodachi: i'm using the amd64+mac iso and used usbcreator to create the image09:14
shadeslayerdunno if that helps09:14
XubuntuDilemmadon't mind the finnish there, but you see that the edges of the window dissapear and my desktops are not 3 as I'v putted it09:14
mang0I've got dropbox installed, but the icon in the menu bar isn't coloured: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=15272 Is it supposed to be like that?09:14
tomodachishadeslayer: does the usb / iso work on any other computer?09:14
shadeslayerworks fine on another Dell PC09:15
bhaveshLooks like people didn't like Ubuntu 11.04 as much as 10.10 , http://i.imgur.com/0i24t.png09:15
XubuntuDilemmaI'm supriced that this has not come to anyones elses problem :D09:15
mang0bhavesh: people don't like the unity interface09:15
XubuntuDilemmaand the windows (not OS) dont resize09:16
mang0but they don't realise you can use classic (as I do)09:16
shadeslayeri'll be back later in a hour or so09:16
andantinoi havent had that problem with xubuntu09:16
bhaveshmang0: but even classic interface gives you tool bar on the panel?09:17
XubuntuDilemmaandantino, oh ok.09:17
mang0bhavesh: true, but that's nothing big...09:17
andantinodo you just use the computer to watch vids and do a little chatting etc?09:17
andantinowell puppy might do alright09:18
XubuntuDilemmasome writing and exe files also09:18
=== jay is now known as Guest21662
andantinobut like i said, lubuntu works pretty well on my old clunker09:19
XubuntuDilemmathere are so many puppys btw :o09:19
andantinoand it has a lot more packages09:20
Rousewhy i cant access start up disk  creator09:20
jay_no idea but i just got fucked windows got erased for this piece of shit xubutu >.<09:21
bazhangjay_, no cursing09:21
Noor_egywheni do update-grub it gives me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/648942/09:21
Noor_egyand i cant log to my windows09:21
tomodachiopps sory wrong window09:21
bazhangtomodachi, dont paste here please09:21
manningHow painful is it to get the latest release running on a MacBook Pro?09:21
wols_Noor_egy: have you tried to mount /dev/sda1?09:22
tomodachimanning: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro09:22
wols_Noor_egy: or checked if it's mounted already?09:22
jay_does xubutu have a iso burner..?09:22
XubuntuDilemmajay_, you didn't like Xubunut?09:22
Noor_egywols_ mount: can't find /dev/sda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab09:23
zykes-noone having any problems with that chip!?09:23
jay_no it got rid of my windows 7 and im new to duel boot09:23
Myrttijay_: I can't remember if Brasero is preinstalled, but it's nice app09:23
andantinoi didnt like xu, but i cant remember why09:23
tomodachijay_: i would say most distributions has cdrecord , wich can record a iso with the command "cdrecord myiso.iso"09:23
wols_Noor_egy: then mount it manually09:23
XubuntuDilemmaXfburn is on Xubuntu09:23
Noor_egysorry im new09:23
llutz_jay_: growisofs -Z /dev/sr0=/media/your.iso" or "wodim your.iso"09:23
andantinohow old is your computer jay09:24
wols_zykes-: pastebin your Xorg.0.log09:24
jay_i have no idea what that means llutz agond i got it 2 years a09:24
SimpleAnecdoteHi guys. Trying to sort out iptables but the server outputs "-bash: iptables: command not found - any thoughts?09:24
andantinoyou lost windows?09:24
jay_yeah idk what to 209:24
Noor_egywols_ how could i mount it manually hmm im kinda new09:24
andantinoyou probably have a recovery partition on there09:24
andantinobut do you have a repair disc09:24
llutz_SimpleAnecdote: sudo apt-get install iptables09:25
jay_it got rid of everrrry thing and no09:25
wols_Noor_egy: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt09:25
andantinowhat type of computah09:25
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:25
SimpleAnecdotellutz: Hilarious! Cheers! I really thought iptables came by default on all Ubuntu > 8.0409:26
Noor_egywols_ : i did mounted it but still same message09:26
andantinoi erased windows by accident like a 100 times09:26
andantinoand im a noob09:26
llutz_SimpleAnecdote: i would have thought too...09:26
jay_im downloading windows now its just the activation key im worried about how do i get one of those..?09:26
WallyYou buy it09:27
bazhangjay_, thats offtopic here09:27
dresden_I am sure walmart will sell you one09:27
bazhang!piracy > jay_09:27
ubottujay_, please see my private message09:27
andantinoyou using a laptop jay09:27
jay_im new to this09:27
bazhangjay_, stop asking here09:27
wols_jay_: another window in your irc client09:27
andantinojust pm me jay09:27
bazhang##windows for windows support jay_09:28
wols_Noor_egy: and after you mounted it, what does "mount" say? the question is, if your XP partition is really a FAT partition09:28
=== piero is now known as Guest91406
jay_okay what part of im new to this does everyone not get though09:28
dresden_Well, you go to the store, then you pick up the box, then you go to the cash registers, then you give the box to them, they will ask you for the money. then.. you give them the money and they will give you the box... see nothing to it.09:28
bazhangjay_, what part of this is ubuntu support not windows, do you not understand09:28
bazhangjay_, /join ##windows09:29
wols_jay_: what part of the repeated tries to show you the error of your ways are you ignoring? if you ignore a few more you will be kickbanned. a few more about asking for windows serials and you will be klined (removed from the whole irc network). capisce?09:29
PhalstaffOpinions wanted:  What are the best terminal emulators?09:29
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:29
Noor_egywols_ its fat32 http://paste.ubuntu.com/648948/09:29
wols_Noor_egy: I said "mount" for a reason and NOT fdisk09:30
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:30
Noor_egywols_: i did mounted it and it didnt give me any message09:30
mang0jay_: /join ##windows09:30
wols_Noor_egy: if you run "mount" it will give you some output09:31
Rousetell some software to create live usb09:31
Noor_egywols_ :mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /mnt09:31
bazhangRouse, unetbootin09:31
wols_Rouse: ubuntu already is a live ISO. just dd it over to your usb stick09:31
wols_Noor_egy: run the EXACT command: "mount". no more no less09:31
llutz_Noor_egy: pure "mount <enter>" without any options09:31
llutz_wols_: ubuntu.iso aren't hybrid, dd won't work09:32
Rouselike startup disk creator..suggest some other software09:32
wols_llutz_: sorry. mea culpa09:32
zykotick9wols_, are you sure about the Ubuntu cd being hybrid?  I thought I read recently that with 11.10 Ubuntu would make that transition.09:32
bazhangRouse, I just did, unetbootin09:32
Noor_egywols_ : http://paste.ubuntu.com/648950/ sorry for misunderstood09:32
llutz_i guess its the last distro not using hybrid-iso now... :(09:33
andantinohey jay09:33
wols_Noor_egy: grub errors when it tries to treat your XP partition as FAT32 for some reason or other. my guess was it's actually NTFS but apparently I was wrong :(09:34
Noor_egyumm :/ so09:34
Noor_egyso no way to fix this ???09:35
Top-topHey guys. Doest anybody know which algorithm is set by default for the encryption of the home portion in ubuntu?09:35
gabdantasis there a way to set up proxy with authentication to the whole system (ubuntu 11.04)! The util proxy lan wont set to the whole system (at least console)09:36
Noor_egyso lows_ u didnt got the propleme09:36
wols_gabdantas: iptables transparent proxy09:37
wols_gabdantas: if you need to proxy every protocol it gets tricky tho09:37
guest_So I have a program that uses OSS, Ubuntu 10.10 and greater don't come with OSS.  There won't be any updates to this program and I don't want to recompile the kernel...  What are users with OSS programs meant to do now?09:38
gabdantas<wols_> at least http protocol09:38
wols_guest_: use alsa?09:38
guest_wols_, it's OSS09:39
tomodachiguest_: padsp - pulseaudio oss wrapper can help you09:39
wols_guest_: use oss409:39
guest_tomodachi, doesn't the wrapper only help if you have oss on in the first place?09:39
gabdantaswois_ : i need to change constantly from proxy (at work) to direct connection (home)09:40
tomodachiguest_: i have pads on ubuntu natty. dont have any packages installed with oss in their name. or any oss module loaded that i can find09:40
guest_tomodachi, I've already tried padsp and still get no sound though09:41
tomodachiguest_: well legacy stuff. Either someone will rewrite your app with pulseaudio suport. Or you will have to find a replacement09:42
guest_tomodachi, there is no replacement and no they won't rewrite i09:43
tomodachithen dont upgrade09:43
guest_what upgrade?09:43
tomodachito a newer release that dont support oss09:44
guest_anyone with a more useful suggestion09:44
faLUCEhi. Is there a good program with GUI that allows me to perform actions on certain conditions?   something like a GUI where I enter " when date is "12-12-2013" execute script1, execute script2" Briefly, something like an editor for scripts, but user friendly09:44
tomodachiguest_: maybe virtualization?09:44
guest_useful and sane - this is a game after all09:45
tomodachifaLUCE: crontab can do this. But its not gui. Once you understand the syntax its not hard though09:45
faLUCEtomodachi: I would like something simpler than crontab09:46
Top-topDoes anybody know which algorithm is set by default for the encryption of the home portion in ubuntu?09:46
tomodachifaLUCE: then i dont know im afraid09:47
tomodachifaLUCE: http://www.corntab.com/09:47
dresden_You must embrace the cron tab.. its your friend!09:47
TheExplorerHello everyone. I have a question. In ubuntu, my USB drives and devices will not accurately measure transfer rate, and appear slow. It will have a bar at `1% then vanish, perhaps completed but is still abnormal. Is this common?09:50
Rickyboy1008Any news on natty working on an intel gma 4500m?09:51
noobie25i tried installing nvidia drivers, not my window hangs on the "ubuntu" load screen.10:00
noobie25i tried installing nvidia drivers, *now my window hangs on the "ubuntu" load screen.  Can anyone help?10:01
wols_noobie25: from nvidia.com?10:01
noobie25wols_: yes.  it didn't work, so after i uninstalled rivers...it hangs.10:02
wols_rescue boot then10:02
noobie25wols_: how do i go about doing a rescue boot?   with the livecd?10:03
gabdantasdoes anyone know a good softphone for ubuntu like x-lite for windows?10:07
silareHow do I re-enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill X in Natty?10:07
faLUCEtomodachi: the problem is that: I would like to create scripts that are activated when a signal is got.    For example: when I run firefox linux has to run script1, when I run gedit linux has to run script210:10
nkhsilare: Try just like older versions and tell me if natty is so or not :D : Keyboard > Layout > Options10:10
nkhsilare: Key Sequence to Kill Xserver10:11
nkhsilare: Is it There?10:11
silarenkh: Ah, it is. Worked perfectly. =D Thank you.10:11
nkhsilare: your welcome, good luck10:11
mang0Does the built in calculator in Ubuntu not have % option?!10:11
silareOut of curiosity, is there a way to make it so when I type in Japanese it'll turn my romaji into kana (similar to Mac)?10:11
mang0I can't see it..10:11
nkhmang0:  yes10:12
mang0Yes it does on yes, you're agreeing with me that it doesn't?10:12
k_szeThe man page of pppd says that linkname is a "privileged option". Does it mean that it won't work when pppd is setuid and called by a non-root user?10:12
nkhmang0: you mean percent or mod ?10:12
mang0like, nkh on a normal calculator irl, you get the % symbol on a key...i need to use that (or the equiv)10:13
nkhmang0: I can see that here :-?? Mode > Basic > it is between + and . buttons :-??10:14
mang0nkh: I'll look, but I couldn't see it before10:14
silareDespite playing with regedit, I couldn't get WINE to antialias its fonts. Is there a better way to do this?10:15
mang0haha, nkh I was in advanced mode10:15
nkhmang0: So if you failed, try Mode > Scientific or So ...10:15
nkhmang0: Haaahaa :D Good Luck ;)10:15
nkhYour Welcome10:15
mang0I need it cuz I'm learning Python, and I want to check this equasion XD10:15
mang0and I can't find my actual calculator10:15
nkhmang0: ?!10:16
mang0nkh: ???10:16
exsdoes anyony know what cp -a dows?10:16
nkhmang0: I think python is a powerfull claculator too :d no need to that ! :-/ :-?? ;)10:16
mang0nkh: yeah, I'm learning how to use python as a calculator, so I'm testing various things10:17
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|AFK
mang0|AFKbe back soon10:17
dr_willisexs:  check man cp ?  same as -dR --preserve=all10:17
exsi know10:17
exsbut what means that10:17
exs-d     same as --no-dereference --preserve=links10:18
exscopy directories recursively is clear10:18
dr_willisif perserces system links...  ie:  from ln -s foo bar10:18
Top-topDoes anybody know which algorithm is set by default for the encryption of the home portion in ubuntu?10:19
pravinkenatorHello, I have a small clarification in using xorg.conf10:19
pravinkenatorcan some one please help me10:20
SwedeMike!ask | pravinkenator10:20
ubottupravinkenator: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:20
pravinkenatorI have a supermicro server and it is connected to a fermi (s2050) grapic card .. When i try to startx it gives an error, fatal no screens found10:21
pravinkenatorthe server has a seperate vga card for output. Hoe to configure the xorg to use this for display10:22
thegoodcushionevening all10:23
pravinkenatorMy lspci | grep VGA gives me : 15:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200eW WPCM450 (rev 0a) How to put this in the xorg to use this for display ?10:23
thegoodcushionI realize that I can remove any file at the command line with rm filename.  Is there a version of rm that completely wipes all trace of the file?10:24
GillesMMhello I have created my own ubuntu distrib and suppressed some package but I would to add som extra package made by myself .. I don't understand how to generate extra packages the doc is unclear for me ..10:24
JimXLthegoodcushion not really10:24
ikoniaGillesMM: we don't support custom spins here10:24
GillesMMikonia:  is there a channel for that ?10:25
Slartthegoodcushion: there are some utilities.. wipe is one such.. not really 100% sure it works of separate files though10:25
ikoniaGillesMM: not that I'm aware of10:25
JimXLThere are utilities that claim to do it, but it's always possible the data is cached on disk somewhere that you might not know about.10:25
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OmsniffiscentRiddle me this. My mouse started jittering (moving when I wasn't moving it) so I swapped mice. Same thing. I switched to my Wacom pad. Same thing. It's got to be software related, right?10:26
JimXLshred - overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally delete it10:26
JimXLNot necessarily,  try another usb port.10:27
YounderThe last space shuttle has landed.10:27
OmsniffiscentI have, front and back.10:27
OmsniffiscentSeveral times.10:27
OmsniffiscentAs we speak my mouse is sliding across the screen.10:27
JimXLPower cycle?10:27
Slartthegoodcushion: here's the man page for wipe.. it has some discussion about some of the issues regarding securely deleting anything http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/wipe.1.html10:28
OmsniffiscentPower what now?10:28
JimXLturn it off/on10:28
JimXLThe computer.10:28
OmsniffiscentAh, yes. Completely off. Let it sit. Turned it back on.10:28
JimXLBoot a live cd.10:29
Younderduh, that's the best you got?10:29
thegoodcushionSlart: well I don't need a CIA wipe.  Just a room-mate-defeating wipe10:29
OmsniffiscentMy Wacom pad has a 1:1 ratio. If my mouse doesn't move it shouldn't move the cursor.10:29
JimXLwipe or shred will do it.10:29
YounderOmsniffiscent, no shit10:29
Slartthegoodcushion: then wipe, or shread that JimXL mentioned, would work out just fine10:29
tomek__hi i need movie editing software . what do u recommend?10:29
JimXLOmsniffiscent boot a live cd to eleminate a hw problem.10:30
JimXLA Mac.10:30
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thegoodcushionSlart: note in the man page the conspiracy rubbish down the bottom10:31
OmsniffiscentI'll see if I can scrounge up a cd, thanks.10:31
thegoodcushionWhen you boot from a live CD, is it possible to create files within the filesystem at all?10:32
Slartthegoodcushion: yes.. I've read it... some people use a lot of tin foil10:32
thegoodcushionJimXL: where does it go?10:32
thegoodcushionJimXL: If I boot from a live CD and type echo hello > text.txt10:32
thegoodcushionwhere is it stored?10:32
JimXLDepending on the cd, you should be able to mount a filesystem.10:32
JimXLIn ram most likely10:32
noobie25screen hangs on 'ubuntu startup screen' after i tried installing nvidia drivers.   can someone help me recover using livecd?10:32
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tomek__anyone uses movie editing software on ubuntu?10:33
JimXLthegoodcushion If you want to edit/create a file on your file system, you'll need to mount it.  Some live cds will do that automatically10:34
YounderOmsniffiscent, sounds serious like a hardware fault10:34
JimXLAnd some defer the mount until you click on a desktop link to the file system.10:34
OmsniffiscentI've had this issue with wireless mice but that's to be expected. It's very odd for sure.10:36
reprapperMCLubuntu room is empty. Any one here?10:37
albertoHello everyone10:37
thegoodcushionJimXL: so by 'mount' what does that mean?10:37
thegoodcushionJimXL: If I just want to create a file, where does it end up?10:37
JimXLnoobie25 you could boot a live cd and do a chroot to your root file system and try a dpkg --remove <package>10:37
reprapperMCI'm trying to share internet through ethernet connection. One comp is connected wirelessly, and I want to share that with another comp10:37
JimXLthegoodcushion It will end up in ram10:38
thegoodcushionof course it won't persist after I turn off the computer10:38
JimXLWhen a live cd boots, it makes a ram filesystem10:38
reprapperMCI have "shared to other computers" turned on, on the wireless computer in the ethernet connection, but the two still will not connect.10:38
JimXLUses ram as disk.10:38
JimXLIt will go away when you reboot.10:39
albertoI'm having some serious problems with my TFT monitor. The thing is it has three main visualization modes (Movies, Text and Economic). Well, as long as I keep the Movies mode activated everything works fine, but as soon as I change it or lower the brightness, a strange noise appears along with annoying horizontal lines... Any ideas?10:39
JimXLthegoodcushion mount is the command you use to take a disk partition and make it available for use (read or write)10:39
albertoI've already checked the connections and everything's ok.10:39
thegoodcushionJimXL: well yes10:39
Slartalberto: faulty hardware.. ie broken monitor10:39
thegoodcushionbut surely / is mounted always10:40
thegoodcushionhow can you not have a /10:40
JimXLthegoodcushion It's always mounted, right.10:40
JimXLBut on a live cd, a ram file system is mounted on /10:40
albertoSlart Yes, that's what I think. I came into this channel because no one answers me in #hardware10:40
Slartalberto: many monitors have some kind of electronic hum when you lower the brightness so that's not very worrying.. but adding horizontal lines on the screen is not common and would make me worry10:40
the_hulkis there any know problem installing ubuntu 11.4 on windows 64 bit in virtual box?10:41
JimXLSo if your root file system is on /dev/sda1 you could mount /dev/sda1 /mnt;cd /mnt;cat >x.txt    for instance.10:41
backtrackloverhello i got problem here in the wieless card10:41
backtrackloverim using ubuntu 10.410:41
albertoSlart The lines even scroll up :(10:41
backtrackloverwhen i connect to the internet using my atheros wireless card its very slow10:42
backtrackloververy slow when i surf the net10:42
Slartalberto: sounds like something inside your monitor isn't happy.. I would put it in movie mode and be happy while it works10:42
Slartalberto: or send it back if you've got some guarantee left10:42
albertoSlart I don't :(10:42
albertoSlart It hurts my eyes having to look at the monitor with such a high brightness.10:43
JimXLalberto wear dark glasses?10:43
Slartalberto: yup.. most monitors these days are very bright at the default setting.. not really sure if you can do anything about it from a software point of view.. use some weird gnome theme or set the theme colors to something a bit more greyish10:44
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albertoSlart Thank you10:45
Top-topDoes anybody know which algorithm is set by default for the encryption of the home portion in ubuntu?10:46
ivsmy guess would be AES10:47
SlartTop-top: this seems like it might be helpful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153210510:48
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AFDn00b question: how do I check when a folder was last modified from terminal?10:52
AFDby that I meant the contents of a foler10:53
noobie25is there a best way to install my nvidia drivers?10:53
noobie25i've been killing my bootup all this time and finally got it working.10:54
noobie25i finally got it to boot, but don't know how to go about installing the nvidia drivers.10:54
Top-topSlart: thx10:55
AFDnoobie25 - it might depend on your hardware10:55
AFDnoobie25 some people recommend using official drivers, others non-official ones10:55
noobie25AFD: i'd like to follow any advice you give me... what should i do?10:55
thrillERboyHi, If I install Ubuntu with root (/) and /home in different partitions, Am I better off, when Ubuntu crashes?10:56
AFDnoobie25 well I have Nvidia Ion2 and the official nvidia drivers break my boot if I install them10:56
thrillERboySince I can re-install OS on / without touching /home, where all user files live10:56
AFDnoobie25 so I use generic drivers (I think!)10:56
arfbtwnthrillERboy: your data is safe if the system breaks. correct.10:57
JimXLthrillERboy Nothing wrong with that/10:57
ThinkT510thrillERboy: both partitions will need to be checked if there is a crash10:57
JimXLI've been doing it for years.10:57
thrillERboyThinkT510: then How do I only reinstall the OS without touching user data?10:58
JimXLBut you're more likely to want to upgrade an os rather than reinstall.10:58
AFDnoobie25 if you can research your gpu model by googling "gpu_model_name ubuntu" and see what experiences others have with the various drivers you will likely have the best performing system without breaking any boot stuff10:59
thrillERboysometimes ubuntu breaks and all I can see is the grub menu, those times I'm left with no options that to reinstall11:00
ThinkT510thrillERboy: by installing it normally, but when you specify the /home partition don't format it and make sure you use the same username11:00
JimXLthrillERboy boot the install cd and configure the parttioner to use your existing home and NOT reformat it.11:00
wols_thrillERboy: no11:00
Sahootraanyone here can help me with ubuntu11.04 stuck at boot11:00
thrillERboyGreat Thanks a ton JimXL and ThinkT51011:00
wols_noobie25: unless you have very good reasons (and if you have to ask you pretty much never do), you use the drivers ubuntu uses. either the free ones or the restricted ones11:01
SahootraHi guys.. can you help me out with my ubuntu boot stuck problem11:01
thrillERboySahootra: What happens exactly11:01
AFDcan anyone tell me how to check the date+time when a folder or it's contents was last modified?11:01
ThinkT510thrillERboy: no worries, but like wols_ points out, its not your only option to reinstall11:01
JimXLAFD ls -l11:01
Sahootrawas running ok for last 2 weeks..11:01
wols_AFD: check mtime11:01
Sahootranot when i boot it stucks at the boot screen..11:01
Sahootrawhen i see the log by running into recovery mode11:02
thrillERboyI'm not that good with Grup CLI11:02
Sahootrait stucks at Running /scripts/init-bottom .. done..11:02
Sahootrathen it shows list of Bad Target number..11:02
Sahootraand Bad LUN (0:1)11:02
noobie25wols_:  thanks.   i'm happy to use the opensource ones.....11:02
lartzaIs there a smaller server iso? 655 is too big for my disc :)11:02
JimXLSahootra boot a live cd and run fsck on the partition.11:02
lartzaLike an netinstall server iso?11:02
ThinkT510thrillERboy: the grub documentation is very straightforward for ubuntu11:02
wols_noobie25: do you want 3D?11:02
thrillERboyEven ls doesn't works in Grub, I know its lame to use ls on a bootloader, but I'm just saying, I'm lost If I See grub CLI :D11:02
noobie25wols_: these are the instructions i found on the web....3 commands.   is this okay??   sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nvidia-current11:03
Sahootraok what is the problem can you explain in one line ?11:03
noobie25wols_:   yes, i'd like 3D to use openGL.11:03
thrillERboyThinkT510: May be I'll learn my way around it, someday. I know reinstalling OS is just lame.11:03
wols_noobie25: it's not OK. I said drivers ubuntu comes with. not any ppas11:03
wols_noobie25: then free drivers can't really be used. you will need proprietary drivers.11:03
noobie25wols_:  how can i abort current installation?11:04
wols_!tell noobie25 about nvidia11:04
ubottunoobie25, please see my private message11:04
noobie25wols_:   thanks for sending in that link11:04
noobie25is there a way i can abort my current installation then????11:04
wols_sangha: what happens if you boot recovery mode directly from the grub menu?11:04
wols_noobie25: ctrl+c11:05
ThinkT510!mini | lartza11:05
ubottulartza: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:05
wols_but it depends what you already did so far noobie2511:05
noobie25is there a safe revert i may be able to do?11:05
lartzaThinkT510: Oh yea the minimal cd, thanks11:06
noobie25wols_: i think it was only downloading, and no installation took place yet11:06
lartzaThinkT510: Alternate was even bigger than server iso so no help there :/11:06
ThinkT510lartza: no worries :)11:06
noobie25wols_:  so if i'm reading correctly the link you sent,  i can go to "administrator->additional drivers" and 'ACTIVATE' the NVIDIA driver to use the proprietary one?11:09
neologyare there any good tools for testing mobile websites on ubuntu?11:12
goodtimetesting mobile websites on ubuntu?google it11:13
dr_willisandroid emulators perhaps11:13
Sahootraany body here can help me out with ubuntu 11.04 boot problem ?11:13
dr_willisstate the issue to the channel and see who can help11:14
Sahootrainstalled ubuntu 11.04 two weeks ago worked perfectly untill today. now when i boot it stucks at boot screen.. with the ubutu logo and progress bar...11:15
Sahootrawhen i run in recovery mode it hangs showing Failed Traget. .list from 0 to seven..11:15
gabdantashi again... did anyone tried to change the mouse cursor? for example to red glass!11:18
gabdantasmine does not change11:18
Sahootraany one ? ubuntu boot problem stuck.. last console output Running /scripts/init-bottom ... done11:20
weeman2Hi installed Ubuntu server and samba. How do I make Partitions (4 hard disks) auto mount at boot and allow full r/w access to any1 on my HTPC network11:20
SahootraStopping Gnome Display manager..11:20
arfbtwnSahootra: do you get a grub menu when you boot? If it stopped working recently, could be an update caused the problem so maybe try a previous kernel.11:21
Dori922hey dudes11:21
dr_willisweeman2:  add a fstab entry for them to auto mount at boot. with proper options, then add shares to the samba config11:21
=== beet is now known as Guest37988
dr_williswhat fileysstem are they weeman211:22
Dori922have a problem with apt-get upgrade where it gets to "eucalyptus start/runnin, process 1111" and then just stays like that and doesnt give me back command prompt11:23
Dori922and if i restart most commands dont work so i have to reinstall(UEC)11:24
dr_willisyou may have to twiddle with the mount options to get them accessable by all usres11:24
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions11:24
Dori922has anyone encountered that before? its really throwing me...11:26
dasithencounterd what b4?11:26
dasith& do any of u guys knw how to get Visual basic in ubuntu ?11:27
Dori922apt-get upgrade makes system freeze and then forcing a restart makes commands unusable :(11:27
dr_willisfailed ugrades van be a big problem11:27
Dori922its happened 3 times :/11:28
dr_willisbut this was a normal upgrade. not from one release to a newer ine?11:28
dasithtry upgrading thru  GUI11:28
dasithsystem > update manager11:28
YankDownUnderVisualBasic under Ubuntu?11:29
dasithany idea how11:29
Dori922it was "sudo apt-get upgrade" but "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" does same thing im only learning UEC/Ubuntu for work recently and upgrading is one of the installation steps thats throwing me, dont want to install a GUI on the nodes/Front end :(11:29
YankDownUnderdasith, Um...have you checked out "Crossover Office" from Codeweavers?11:29
ThinkT510or just use wine11:30
YankDownUnderdasith, Otherwise, use Virtualbox to create a VM for MS Windows and run "Windows in a Window"11:30
shadeslayerso, could someone help me get ubuntu up and running on my Macbook Pro?11:31
dasithso no realeses of Vb for ubuntu then ?11:31
dasith& i wanna knw how we can change the login screen theame & the window11:32
dasithto wat we want11:32
dasithi'm using ubuntu 10.0411:32
arfbtwndasith: http://tinyurl.com/3wybv3811:33
trinity9000dasith: If you use VB.NET code, you can use Mono11:34
trinity9000dasith: I've done it myself, works well11:34
Dori922dr_willis: do you have any idea what could be wrong? :(11:34
dasithna  its nt .net11:34
dasithits the old version'11:34
dasithvb 611:34
saammhello can i enable multi touch on touchpad by installing utouch?11:35
ThinkT510!info utouch11:35
ubottuutouch (source: utouch): A meta-package to install gesture libraries and tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1 (natty), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB11:35
aquaratdoes anyone have any experience re-creating a raid6 array (due to superblocks being destroyed by grub) ?11:35
saammThinkT510, uhm utouch will do?11:36
dasithwats multi touch supposed 2 do11:36
ThinkT510saamm: i was curious, never used it myself11:36
dasithhey guys changing the login screen is no longer supported ?11:38
trinity9000dasith: No, there's no easy way anymore11:39
dasithin current versions11:39
ThinkT510!themes | dasith11:39
ubottudasith: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:39
dasithi once tried changin that11:40
dasith& it ended up with ubuntu not lodin11:40
dasith& then i found out that thers no easy way to repair ubuntu either11:41
dasithusing CD i mean11:41
Mandrewis there a know bug that makes the 11.04 to shutdown without warning?11:41
ThinkT510Mandrew: that sounds very vague11:41
MandrewThinkT510, i dont know what els to say about it ;)11:42
ThinkT510Mandrew: you could search launchpad11:42
wols_dasith: just cause you were unable, doen't mean it's impossible.11:42
dasithMandrew u could report it !11:42
ThinkT510!bugs | Mandrew11:42
ubottuMandrew: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:42
dasithwols hmm yea i knw but i'm afraid i'll loose all my files again11:43
MandrewThinkT510, is there a way to get the file on what happened just before it crashed?11:43
ThinkT510dasith: the secret is to know what you are doing11:44
Dori922i need to discover that secret :( :P11:44
Dori922just died again :(11:44
dasithlooks like i'll take around 100 years 2 discover that secret ;)11:44
ThinkT510Mandrew: could check syslog i guess11:45
dasith& any of u guys hav Nvidia optimus laptops11:45
MandrewThinkT510, that is a bit vague ;)11:45
allballsGood morning! I just installed a shuny new Nvidia card , and I'm not sure what command to run to get X reconfigured.11:45
ThinkT510dasith: it isn't as hard as it seems11:45
MandrewThinkT510, how do i do that11:45
allballsgonig from an intel 810 to Nvidia. whee.11:45
MandrewThinkT510, im a newbi on this ;)11:46
dasithOptimus technology isnt supported in ubuntu ?11:46
ThinkT510Mandrew: without know what caused it i can't really give you specific instructions11:46
uglyoldbobwhere is a good place to ask questions about GPL?11:46
ThinkT510Mandrew: /var/log/syslog11:46
dasithit just keeps draining my battery coz both nvidia & onbord intel chip runs @ the same time :O11:47
arfbtwnuglyoldbob: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html11:47
phoenixlzxThinkT510: do you have NVS3100 video card?11:47
ThinkT510phoenixlzx: yes indeedy11:47
phoenixlzxThinkT510: how do you get it work,do you enabled optimus?11:48
uglyoldbobhmm it is confusing to me. I am unsure how it affects a non-gpl project if I use gpl-ed hash code11:48
dasithphoenixlzx : u cant enable it in ubuntu11:48
ThinkT510phoenixlzx: i didn't have to do anything but install the proprietry driver11:48
ironhalikwhere can I find some technical help?11:48
dasithi already tried :(11:49
phoenixlzxThinkT510: do you run nvidia-xconfig?11:49
dasith& any of u knw frm where i can download the source codes for ubuntu11:49
phoenixlzxdasith: i know a way to enable optimus...it is bumblebee11:50
ThinkT510phoenixlzx: xubuntu handled the install of the nvidia driver so i didn't have to do anything11:50
dasithyea i tried that too11:50
arfbtwnuglyoldbob: There's lots of documentation on that, the FAQ at the site I gave you is one place. Google it.11:50
ThinkT510phoenixlzx: i guess it used nvidia-xconfig11:51
Dori922if you do a "sudo apt-get upgrade eucalyptus" and euca is already at newest version could that cause the upgrade to crash?11:51
phoenixlzxbut i have some odd problems...i have ThinkPad T420 with NVIDIA NVS4200M video card and fingerprint reader11:51
ThinkT510ironhalik: help with what?11:53
phoenixlzxhow can i enable my HD APS and fingerprint,i mean,hdapsd do not supprot my make and fprint seems cannot use in kdm.11:53
trinity9000Dori922: No, it'll just tell you it's already up to date11:54
ThinkT510phoenixlzx: never use my fingerprint reader so i can't really help you there11:54
phoenixlzxThinkT510: pity.but thank you anyway.11:55
ThinkT510phoenixlzx: i remember with my t60 the best distro for getting my fingerprint reader working was fedora, a few years ago though11:56
Dori922trinity9000:  anytime i use the upgrade command it freezes(left it for 1hour once still frozen) is it possible to run UEC  without upgrading? or is there something i need to fix11:58
stercorWhere is the $PATH variable set?  I see several places; which is the one that sets it for the user process?11:58
phoenixlzxThinkT510: yeah, i have my T43 work well either.11:58
quick-i cannot install ubunru 11.04 on amd athlon xw2  . it gives an error initramfs11:58
YankDownUnderDori922, Have you made sure you can do normal updates prior to doing your upgrade?11:59
Dori922YankDownUnder:  i do "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade"11:59
mang0How do I go back in terminal in a dir? If I cd'd somewhere, how do i go back a folder?12:00
YankDownUnderDori922, ...and at that point it hangs - right?12:00
pseubodotMandrew: 'cd..' to go back up a level12:00
pseubodotMandrew: correction - 'cd ..'12:01
mang0mandrew or mang012:01
MandrewThinkT510, it died again, i checked myself but i really dont know what to look for. is that something you could help me with?12:01
mang0ah, helped me anyway, thankyou12:01
pseubodotmang0: 'cd ..' to go back up a level12:01
mang0yeah haha12:01
Dori922YankDownUnder:  it starts upgrading going through packets, then after a while it gets to a line "Eucalyptus start/running process 12345" and then hangs12:01
YankDownUnderDori922, How long have you let it sit there...long enough...?12:02
YankDownUnderDori922, On that same token, without knowing what Eucalyptus is, have you tried to stop that service/program prior to upgrading?12:02
ThinkT510Mandrew: you could post it to pastebin and i'll take a look, might not find anything though (i'm not very skilled)12:02
Dori922YankDownUnder:  on monday or tuesday, first time it happened, it sat for an hour, the machine is an i7 with 8gb ram12:02
Mandrewtnx ThinkT510 here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/649042/12:03
Dori922YankDownUnder:  Eucalyptus is the cloud software as far as i know, im learning to build a cloud network with UEC, im able to alt-f2 to a new terminal but when i "ps" there to kill the euca process it doesnt show in the new window12:04
YankDownUnderDori922, Ah...nevermind...just found it. You've got a cloud service running...12:04
Dori922YankDownUnder:  yeah :(12:04
YankDownUnderDori922, Well, prior to doing anything at all, if it were me, I'd stop or kill the service - THEN do my update/upgrade.12:04
MandrewThinkT510, im thinking maybe if i downgrade the distro i might get rid of the problems or upgrade the kernel could solve it, whats your take on that12:05
ThinkT510Mandrew: just looking at the syslog now12:05
MandrewThinkT510, or maybe i just leave you alone to help me ;)12:05
Dori922YankDownUnder: ill give that a try now12:06
trinity9000Is there an easy way to disable the global menu and new scroll bar in Unity? I dislike both features12:07
=== Anthony_ is now known as Anthony25
Anthony25hy trinity90012:08
YankDownUndertrinity9000, You can uninstall the scrollbars easily enough...however, the global menu is pretty much part of Unity - but that can be gotten rid of as well...12:08
Anthony25yes there is a easy way to uninstall new scrollbars12:08
ThinkT510Mandrew: check out line 999, for some reason it restarts, and again in line 191312:08
Anthony25but for the global menu I don't know ...12:08
trinity9000YankDownUnder: Do you know which package I would uninstall? The global menu I really dislike12:09
lukenukemDo I need to create a new partition for the bootloader when installing ubuntu alongside windows?12:09
YankDownUndertrinity9000, Don't use Unity - use the Classic Desktop or use a different window manager/desktop. Otherwise, mate, yer stuck with it. Yet another reason why Unity is failing.12:09
Anthony25trinity9000 : sudo echo “export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0″ > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlayscrollbars12:10
MandrewThinkT510, how will we figure that out?12:10
ThinkT510Mandrew: do you have rsync set to backup your system?12:10
PiciAnthony25: or just remove the overlay-scrollbar package12:10
Anthony25and if it's sufficient you can do that : sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-012:11
trinity9000YankDownUnder: I like most features of Unity though, just find the decision to copy the Mac's global menu bizarre12:11
MandrewThinkT510, i got deja vu to back it up, but when i try it crashes on me, so i have not been able to do that :S12:11
YankDownUndertrinity9000, To each their own.12:11
trinity9000Anthony25: Cheers12:11
MandrewThinkT510, but it did crash on me even before i installed deja vu12:12
ThinkT510Mandrew: ah, deja vu must be using rsync to back up, it seems that is causing a crash12:12
ThinkT510Mandrew: interesting12:12
MandrewThinkT510,  ive spent many hours setting it up and i finally found a sett up i like, so it would be a shame if all that work got ruined ;)12:13
ThinkT510Mandrew: hmm, it seems to abruptly restart. does it shutdown or restart?12:14
MandrewThinkT510, it just shuts down on me without any warning12:15
ThinkT510Mandrew: my best guess would be it is overheating12:15
MandrewThinkT510, this is how i have set it up http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1649987/demo%20of%20my%20desktop.ogv i really like it :P12:16
MandrewThinkT510, how do i sort that? can i turn up the fans in anyway?12:16
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gulzarwhat is the alternative of 'gnome-disk-utility' in KDE?12:17
ThinkT510Mandrew: i could be wrong mind you. does the machine feel rather hot? laptop or desktop?12:17
MandrewThinkT510, its a netbook that i have on external power all the time so i have no problems with less battery time ;)12:17
=== erikja is now known as OZ4KK
ocxhi, i have 1 sendmail service running for 2 domains and would like to install dovecot to only act as an imap server for 1 of the domains, how can i do that?12:18
ThinkT510Mandrew: thats how i run my t510 off the mains all the time12:18
YankDownUnderocx, Ask in #dovecot12:18
ThinkT510Mandrew: are you doing anything processor intensive? i guess backing up might be intensive12:19
ThinkT510Mandrew: when it suddenly shuts down i mean12:19
Anthony25Mandrew : Do you have a tuto to change the global menu please ?12:19
MandrewThinkT510, yea it does, and i was running it on another OS and then it was showing me that the working temp was about 70- 80 deg Celsius12:19
ThinkT510Mandrew: wow that is hot12:20
MandrewAnthony25, tuto?12:20
MandrewThinkT510, yea that was what i thought but the maker of pinguyOS said that that was normal :(12:21
Anthony25sorry I am french and I thought that tuto was said in english too ^^12:21
nwidgerdoes anyone know where i can find a .deb of thunderbird 5 beta?  preferably in a PPA.12:21
MandrewAnthony25, as soon as im done with my help ill get back to you ok?12:21
Anthony25ok thanks12:21
=== owner is now known as barberan
ThinkT510Mandrew: sorry, i'm not sure what to suggest. do you run any other operating systems on it?12:22
MandrewThinkT510,  but im thinking there must be a way to turn up the fan speed12:22
Anthony25nwidger : ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-stable12:22
Anthony25stable version12:22
gulzarwhat is the alternative of 'gnome-disk-utility' in KDE?12:22
Mandrewno ThinkT510 its the only one running on my netbook right now12:23
ThinkT510Mandrew: i'd assume the fan speed would be on full anyway when it abruptly shuts off12:23
Mandrewhmm but ThinkT510 there odd to be a way to have it on full all the time, or i might be totally wrong here12:24
ThinkT510Mandrew: have you used any other os's on it previously? if so did they ever overheat and shutdown?12:24
nwidgerAnthony25: thanks! :D12:24
dydhow to change user by command line?12:24
MandrewThinkT510, youe ive tried xubuntu 11.04 and ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10 with no problems12:25
Anthony25Mandrew for the menu you change it with the cardapio menu ? (I've found a how to and it seems to be the same like your menu)12:25
Dmoledyd:man  su12:25
dydDmole: thanks12:25
MandrewAnthony25, it the cardapio menu12:25
ThinkT510Mandrew: and did you have similar things running on them? like the backup program?12:26
dydwhat's the command to share a folder?12:26
Anthony25thanks Madrew ;)12:26
MandrewThinkT510, its the first time ive actually bothered with trying to save something ;)12:27
TheHackOpsdyd, With samba?12:27
dydTheHackOps: yes12:27
ThinkT510Mandrew: ahh, can you tell me the specs of the netbook?12:27
Mandrewsure ThinkT510 , can you give me the cmd to the CLI for that?12:28
TheHackOpsdyd, Do you have samba config installed?12:28
ThinkT510Mandrew: lspci12:28
GermHi, I have a problem with my system. :\12:29
dydTheHackOps: don't know, but if i try to share via gui it gives error 255, i tried to chown the folder but it didn't work12:29
Rei`ZzZzMandrew: Are you saying 80C is NORMAL or high load?12:29
TheHackOpsGerm, ??12:29
Rei`ZzZzGerm: What is the problem?12:29
=== Rei`ZzZz is now known as Reikoku
GermWhen I boot up, ubuntu only loads a terminal that is full screen and cannot be exited. I have to startx and run a gnome-panel & via command line. I don't know what is causing this problem but :\12:29
oalEvolution or Thunderbird or something else? I'm thinking about moving from gmail's web interface to a dedicated mail client. Suggestions?12:29
ReikokuSaying you have a problem with your system is a bit like going to a doctor and saying you have a problem with your body :P12:29
MandrewThinkT510, http://paste.ubuntu.com/649057/12:29
ReikokuGerm: Does it work fine when you startx?12:30
ReikokuIf so you probably broke gdm12:30
GermWell I was told to reinstall it :\12:30
Germso I deleted it then reinstalled it.12:30
ReikokuWell, one way around it is reinstall gdm or another DE12:30
TheHackOpsdyd, looking now for u hold a sec12:30
GermI don't know any other gdm :\12:31
DmoleGerm: how did you del and reinstall it?12:31
dydTheHackOps: thank you12:31
GermYes, I'm sure that I did that.12:31
ReikokuI think you may have to tell it to start on boot again12:31
ThinkT510Mandrew: thanks, can i also see your uname -a12:31
dydTheHackOps: btw i have this error if i login with a domain account, if i join with local admin account it works12:31
GermI don't know howto do that though :(12:31
ReikokuGerm, to see if it's installed, can you exit x and try gdm instead of startx12:31
DmoleGerm: you might need to add GDM to /etc/init.d/ with ..... what was that tool12:32
ReikokuDmole: nano?12:32
GermReikoku: I know it is installed. I re installed it.12:32
GermI just need it to boot on startup.12:32
TheHackOpsdyd, whats ur network setup??12:32
ReikokuGerm: Does it work though?12:32
ReikokuThere are 2 potential issues:12:32
DmoleGerm: chkconfig12:32
BarzoghGerm try slim or xdm , those are nice12:33
dydTheHackOps: i have this ubuntu standalone installation, i made it join the domain12:33
ReikokuI use slim12:33
dydTheHackOps: now i want to share a hd on this machine12:33
MandrewThinkT510, http://paste.ubuntu.com/649063/12:33
DmoleGerm: or update-rc.d12:33
dydTheHackOps: and want that share to be accessible to all domain users12:33
TheHackOpsdyd, Prmary??12:33
ReikokuI'm not registered to the Ubuntu forum so I can't see the threads12:34
GermDmole: it says gdm is off.12:34
TheHackOpsdyd, and no windows involved right??12:34
DmoleGerm: that would do it12:34
ReikokuI would imagine there's a tool to edit rc.conf automatically12:34
dydTheHackOps: i set up a softwareraid on 2 hds, now i have an unique disk named /media/RAID12:34
TheHackOpsdyd, http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/5627/sambaserverconfiguratio.jpg12:34
GermNow I have another question, how do I turn gdm on ?12:34
ThinkT510Mandrew: ok, since this is your first install that your using backups i'm guessing it is your machine overheating12:34
TheHackOpsdyd, do u have that util??12:35
dydTheHackOps: strange thing is that if i login with local account, i can share work, if i login with domain account i can't share, probably a permission problem12:35
DmoleGerm: sec I'm checking what it should be12:35
ThinkT510Mandrew: there may be other processes running that add to the effect of overheating12:35
Germok :)12:35
TheHackOpsdyd, can u chmod 777??12:35
dydTheHackOps: now i'm on local admin account, i can12:36
Mandrewok ThinkT510 so im guessing that one way is to address the fans to get the heat down12:36
dydTheHackOps: maybe i just have to add domain account to local admin group12:36
zaksoldierHi all12:36
ThinkT510Mandrew: if you want to keep your current setup i'd suggest disabling the backup system (unless you need it)12:36
hellyeahi am using ubuntu 11.10 i took that error while try to install some package http://dpaste.com/573209/ what can i do12:36
Picihellyeah : Oneiric/11.10 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.12:36
GermHow can you use an OS version that isn't yet released :\12:37
ThinkT510Mandrew: then if it keeps overheating you may need to consider using a lighter version12:37
TheHackOpsdyd, Maybe, but if u chmod 777 inside a local network it should be fine12:37
ReikokuDevelopment release12:37
PiciGerm: There are alphas.12:37
TheHackOpsdon't reccomend it outside a local network though12:37
Mandrewthe thin is that ive had these problems before i installed the back up software12:37
GermThat would be so buggy though :\12:37
TheHackOpsHas anyone got flash working flawless?12:38
dydTheHackOps: let me try12:38
ThinkT510Mandrew: the key is to avoid overtaxing the cpu, and it's not only the backup system that does that12:38
TheHackOpsthats why i came here12:38
TheHackOpsbut i get caught up helping12:38
MandrewThinkT510, can i down grade to 10.04 or 10.10 and still keep my setup?12:38
dydTheHackOps: :D12:38
ThinkT510Mandrew: i'm not sure, cos it looks like you are using unity12:38
Dori922more info on my UEC problem here :P incase anyones interested: http://open.eucalyptus.com/node/add/forum/3912:39
bsmith0931how do i get movie files to have a frame as the icon12:39
TheHackOpsdyd, I come here for support alot and end up spending 5 hours helping others out12:39
MandrewThinkT510, im in classic desktop12:39
TheHackOpsbsmith0931, Google12:39
GermI guess somebody said I chmodded / recursively to 777 can I Fix that?12:39
ReikokuUnity is so cash12:39
ThinkT510Mandrew: oh, then i guess that would be fine12:39
StanleyCOUGH ME COUGH.12:39
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hellyeahwhat is the huge difference between ubuntu 11.04 and 11.1012:39
Germone is stable, and the other isn't.12:40
TheHackOpshellyeah, The Bugs12:40
StanleyThey are both stable.12:40
MandrewThinkT510,  how do i do a downgrade to 10.10?12:40
hellyeahi didnt mean that12:40
HITINhi friends!!12:40
dydTheHackOps: haha, thank you12:40
jnsl_http://ubuntu-debs.googlecode.com/files/macfonts.tar.gz dose not exist any more, how do you get the mac fonts these days?12:40
TheHackOpsMandrew, You do not!12:40
dydwhat's the name of admin users group in ubuntu?12:40
TheHackOpsdyd, did it fix it?12:40
hellyeah11.10 is so buggy okey so there are stween 11.04 and 11.10ome huggggggggggggge difference be12:40
ThinkT510Mandrew: sadly you don't, you'll need to reinstall12:40
Picidyd: admin12:40
HITINi am trying to install ubuntu on IBM desktop pc ... it gets stuck at loading screen12:40
hellyeahyou understand what i mean12:41
Reikokuhellyeah: The difference is probably that you'll experience issues which are useful to ubuntu 11.10 developers12:41
Reikokuas they want to get rid of them12:41
hellyeahi didnt see a lot of difference between 11.10 and 11.0412:41
ReikokuSo having an 11.10 channel helps them get rid of them12:41
MandrewThinkT510, but is there a way to save the setup ive made? so i dont need to spend 2 days doing it again :(12:41
ReikokuBefore releasing it12:41
HITINjust downloaded 11.4 ubuntu iso , burned it on a cd and tried ... the first screen says ubuntu with dots12:41
ThinkT510Mandrew: i wouldn't know, i never use gnome12:42
ThinkT510Mandrew: i'm more of an xfce guy12:42
GermWould all the directories in / be green if I chmodded it with -R to 777 ?12:42
HITINcant pass the first installation screen ... any help?!!!!!!!!12:42
StanleyGerm, no.12:42
PiciGerm: Everything would stop working if you did that.12:42
StanleyThat's simply a featuer of "ls".12:42
StanleyPici: he DID do it. He gets stuck in a prompt when he boots. He has to start everything manually.12:42
GermMy computer still works, so I didn't do it.12:42
ReikokuHITIN: Hit tab during boot, add 'text' to the end of the boot line12:42
Mandrewok thanks for all the help ThinkT51012:43
GermNo I didn't.12:43
Germgdm is off dude12:43
TheHackOpsdyd, Problem solved??12:43
PiciStanley: Then its a reinstall.12:43
StanleyWhy would it be off?12:43
HITINi wil try it now ...12:43
ReikokuHITIN: That will let you see the issues12:43
StanleyPici: Thank you. :)12:43
ThinkT510Mandrew: no worries, you may want somebody to double check cause i could be wrong12:43
dydPici: can i add a domain user to admin group?12:43
dydTheHackOps: no :D12:43
Mandrewok thanks ThinkT51012:43
TheHackOpsdyd, yes u can12:43
Picidyd: I'm not sure how ldap integration works, so I'm not the best person to ask about that.12:44
dydTheHackOps: i tried usesradd -G admin user@domain12:44
dydbus dais invalid user name 'user@domain'12:44
dydbut said invalid user name 'user@domain'12:44
TheHackOpslet me look at the command brb12:44
HITINReikoku: now I see the installation screen with language option .. on tab press12:45
HITINREIKOKU: thanks!!12:45
ReikokuHoped that would help12:45
ReikokuYou may need help getting GUI working once installed though12:45
ReikokuThat usually means your graphics card needs some tweaking to make it work12:46
HITINlets see how it goes ..12:46
GermHow can I find out if the dir / is chmodded to 777 with -R ?12:47
TheHackOpsdyd, I can't think of the solution right now sorry mate12:48
codeperlhi all12:48
dydTheHackOps: np, thank you anyway12:48
codeperli need a solution from you.12:48
TheHackOpsif i do ill post asap12:48
codeperlis there anyone from Bangladesh?12:48
TheHackOpsdyd, Im running PinGuyOS12:48
TheHackOpsdyd, So its quite moded as far as tools, but i was an straight ubuntu user for 5 yrs12:49
TheHackOpsi just started using pinguy12:49
codeperli need a solve. please help me.12:49
TheHackOpscodeperl, Problem?12:49
jjaaaaaHi, on Hardy 8.04 here... Looking for something that'll work in hardy, prefereablly be either available in the repository or else fairly straight forward to get up and running smoothly, to replace f-spot.  Viewnor would have been PERFECT, but I just don't know if it works on Hardy or not.  It came out fairly recently, since hardy did.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.12:49
bazhangcodeperl, whats the ubuntu issue12:49
codeperlI am using wired connection12:49
ThinkT510!8.04 | jjaaaaa12:50
ubottujjaaaaa: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.12:50
codeperlnow sometimes ago, electricity gone.12:50
dydhow to know what group the user i'm using belongs to?12:50
bazhang!enter | codeperl12:50
ubottucodeperl: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:50
GreyMatterHello all12:51
ThinkT510dyd: groups12:51
TheHackOpsdyd, Users and groups12:51
codeperlthen, when the electricity comes again, i start my pc and found that the network sign on the bar, is disconnected.12:51
jjaaaaaThinkT510: Thank you, but I'm deploying on machines that won't run anything newer.12:51
codeperlplease help12:51
TheHackOpscodeperl, Try a new cable?12:52
ThinkT510jjaaaaa: since it is no longer supported you likely won't get any help, what specs are the machines your running on?12:53
TheHackOpsThinkT510, Whats the offtopic irc?12:53
astraljavaTheHackOps: #ubuntu-offtopic ?12:53
ThinkT510TheHackOps: #ubuntu-offtopic12:53
TheHackOpsLol must have spelt it wrong12:54
TheHackOpsThinkT510, Know much about flash?12:54
jjaaaaaok, whatever.  thanks for nothing.12:54
ThinkT510TheHackOps: not much, why?12:54
GermIs there a way that I can find out of the directory / is chmodded to 777 -R ?12:54
Germif *12:55
bazhangTheHackOps, pinguy is not supported here. check their support forums/channel12:55
dydto add a domain user to local admin group i edited the /etc/group file adding at the line admin:x:123:user,DOMAIN+user12:55
TheHackOpsThinkT510, When i go full screen my display driver has a heart attack and i get flashing lines across the screen12:55
codeperlthe cable is ok. coz, i am using 2 operating system. another is windows xp. so, when i boot windows xp, it shows network conncetion ok, i can do successfull connection with internet. Then when i reboot my pc again and start ubuntu, then it also shows the network connection ok. but after electricity has gone, ubuntu always show, the network connection disconnected. i am using ubuntu 11.04.12:55
dydwill that work??12:55
dydno, by now :)12:55
TheHackOpsbazhang, Not a pinguy question12:55
bazhangTheHackOps, you are using pinguy, asking for help with flash.12:56
Reikokucodeperl: Try doing dhcpcd after it goes off12:56
ThinkT510TheHackOps: oh, i've never used flash fullscreen sorry can't help12:56
dydOH YEA It worked :D12:56
ReikokuIt might just not be reconnecting properly12:56
ReikokuI thought ubuntu uses dhcpcd12:56
Germ:\ no solution to my question?12:56
bazhangReikoku, dhclient12:56
TheHackOpsbazhang, No need to be mean, i give help to random problems all the time here12:56
codeperlhow to do dhcpcd?12:56
GermI have asked it 3 different times already12:56
PiciGerm: ls -l /12:56
codeperli dont know actually12:56
Germwhy will that do, :\12:56
Reikokucodeperl in console12:56
Germwhat *12:56
Reikokuas root12:57
bazhangTheHackOps, its not a matter of being mean. Pinguy is simply not supported here.12:57
dydhow can i chown a folder to 2 users?12:57
Reikokusudo dhcpcd12:57
PiciGerm: It will tell you what the permissions are on the files in /12:57
Reikokusudo dhclient apparently12:57
bazhangReikoku, its sudo dhclient eth0   for example12:57
Reikokubazhang: Ahh12:57
ReikokuWhy dhclient over dhcpcd? :<12:57
TheHackOpsbazhang, I know, i have been helping around here for a long time. but on ubuntu i had the same problems... so i thought i would ask in case someone has seen the problem12:58
codeperlok. thanx for your help. so, everytime electricity will go and i have to do so?12:58
Reikokucodeperl: I don't know if it can run as a daemon12:58
ReikokuI have only used dhcpcd which always reconnects me if I disconnect12:58
codeperlthank you for your help.12:59
ReikokuHope it helps12:59
pseubodotdyd: you cannot.12:59
pseubodotdyd: this is where you would use group ownership12:59
codeperli am gonna test it now by an illegal shutdown. thanx for your help.12:59
dydpseubodot: tnx13:00
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HITINcannot pass the ubuntu first screen13:02
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
HITINcannot pass the ubuntu first installation screen13:03
TheHackOpsHITIN, Don't spam13:03
TheHackOpsHITIN, and do you get any error messages13:04
dydhow to enable vnc on ubuntu?13:04
HITINno its just shows ubuntu with 5 dots and keeps loading13:04
TheHackOpsdyd, Easy13:04
TheHackOpsdyd, Install a package called vnc4server13:05
HITINwhat is that?13:05
dydTheHackOps: thanks!13:05
TheHackOpsdyd, NP13:05
HITINi have already got windows 2003 server ... i want to install over it13:05
jvgelineed help with Radeon HD 6310 on an E350 Fusion APU. I am running natty under kernel 3.0.0-5 but somehow i get lags13:05
TheHackOpsHITIN, !spam13:05
bazhangjvgeli, how did you get that kernel13:06
pbosEDITOR=vim editor doesn't start vim, and I can't run update-alternatives as I'm not root on the machine (and we want to use different editors), how can I circumvent this behavior? (Ubuntu 11.04)13:06
bazhangTheHackOps, stop that13:06
TheHackOpsbazhang, ??13:06
HITINWhat spam man?!!!13:06
bazhangTheHackOps, calling spam.13:06
TheHackOpsHITIN, Then calm down and explain as best as you can, don't use enter 70000 times13:06
jvgelibazhang: added Oneiric main repo . Its there now13:07
bazhangjvgeli, thats a very bad idea, and completely unsupported13:07
ThinkT510jvgeli: #ubuntu+113:07
Reikokujvgeli: Good luck :D13:07
jvgelii know guys. I know. had to reinstall 5 times this week13:08
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:08
HITINi downloaded ubuntu 11.4 from ubuntu website. burned it on cd. now i am trying to install it on IBM pc. Every time i choose boot from cd and reach ubuntu installation scree. There it shows ubuntu with 5 dots under it. it stays like that . its now 1 hours ...13:08
HITINi pressed tab and tried live cd , it still stay like that and keeps loading all the time13:08
asciasorry suys,where are channel #ubuntu-it-test13:09
jvgeliHITIN: use the alternate installer13:09
HITINJVGELI, where is that?13:09
asciajoin #ubuntu-it-test13:09
comm_what's the best way for me to upgrade my vlc version to 1.1.1113:10
ThinkT510!latest | comm_13:10
ubottucomm_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:10
jvgeliI managed to make everything work but not fglrx. Somehow the module wont fit!13:10
asciaok risolt :)13:10
comm_ThinkT510, 1.1.11 I understand that13:10
jvgeliHITIN: download it and burn it into a CD. It doesnt have a live CD just a debian installer. Im guessing you are having issues with your GPU as I did last time. Whats your specs?13:11
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HITINI forgot to mention i have already got windows 2003 server installed on the disk i am trying to install ubuntu. AFAIK it should be a problem?!13:15
Reikokujvgeli: Believe you need kernel headers to build fglrx13:15
jvgeliReikoku: i also updated my headers to the same version. I also update the init modules.13:16
codeperl\msg nickserv identify mypassword13:16
codeperlhi reikoku13:16
codeperlagain here.13:16
Reikokujvgeli: Does it have an error log?13:16
jvgeliHITIN: try this one. he has same GPU as yours http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152407313:16
ReikokuHi codeperl13:16
codeperli am using dsl connection13:16
codeperland the sudo dhcpcd command does not work13:16
ReikokuI've never used fglrx on Ubuntu but I've had the pleasure on other distros :P13:17
bazhangcodeperl, its sudo dhclient eth013:17
=== hacked_ is now known as vinces
Reikokucodeperl: try sudo dhclient eth013:17
ReikokuSorry, I was giving you the old package13:17
codeperlis this command i have written is correct?13:17
codeperlsudo dhcpcd??13:17
Reikokucodeperl: No13:18
Reikokusudo dhclient eth013:18
bazhangcodeperl, sudo dhclient eth013:18
bazhangcodeperl, cop y and paste that13:18
Reikokudhcpcd is outdated here apparently13:18
codeperlthnx again13:18
codeperli am trying again13:19
Reikokucodeperl: Thats assuming your network adapter is eth013:19
ReikokuIf not you need to substitute eth0 for your adapter13:19
codeperlif i 'm successful, i will inform u.13:19
codeperlme too.13:19
wols_and that assumes your dsl connection uses dhcp13:19
ReikokuOne would assume so if he's getting successful connection on bootup13:19
codeperlit's really a trouble on ubuntu 11.0413:20
Reikokuis that when they replaced dhcpcd? :P13:20
Germquery dmole13:20
jvgeliReikoku: yes, it does. But I am not able to send it right now. Anyway, I still have 2.6.39-10 installed so id probably revert back to it. I am just trying this out as support for AMD Fusion APU in current kernels is buggy and it frustrates me13:21
mark_sczis there anyway i can set my resolution to be bigger than what the screen can take and be able to scroll to different parts of the screen?13:21
Reikokujvgeli: So it works on old kernel but not new?13:21
mark_sczi need to test out some web development stuff while extending the size of my browser13:21
jvgeliReikoku: yes.13:21
Reikokujvgeli: Could be that ubuntu repo has obsolete fglrx13:21
=== Lynx is now known as Guest33196
Guest33196just installed ubuntu minimal + x11 & openbox, my images are distorted and with bad quality13:22
Guest33196any idea?13:22
jvgeliReikoku: thought of that and downloaded drivers from ATI website and ran it as manual install. The system could not detect my GPU after that13:22
Slartmark_scz: hmm.. there's no setting in compiz for that?13:22
BluesKajhey folks13:22
Reikokujvgeli: Hmm, weird :S13:23
ReikokuATI are usually ahead of stable kernel13:23
danskuhow do i remove vncserver and xtightvnc? apt-get remove isn't working13:23
Guest33196just installed ubuntu minimal + x11 & openbox, my images are distorted and with bad quality [maverick] any idea?13:23
Reikokudansku: Why isn't apt-get remove installing?13:23
YankDownUnderWithout wanting to talk to "Guest", Mr. Lynx, I'd say that you'd be best to make sure you have your proper graphics driver and monitor resolution setup.13:23
danskuReikoku apt-get remove vncserver13:24
jvgeliReikoku: yeah, but as ive learned Radeon support on linux is still buggy even with fglrx. So i guess I have to live with it or buy another laptop with a different CPU/GPU13:24
danskui want to unninstall13:24
Slartmark_scz: this looks promising.. no idea if it's outdated or not though  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Panning_viewport13:24
Guest33196YankDownUnder: how13:24
Reikokudansku: I mean what is the error?13:24
YankDownUnderChange your name back to your real nick and I'll talk, mate.13:24
Reikokujvgeli: I've had good luck with Radeons :[ Mobile Radeons on the other hand not so much13:24
=== Guest33196 is now known as Lynx___
YankDownUnderLynx___, What vid card ya gots?13:25
Lynx___intel gma hd13:25
philwireAnyone has a good dlna server to suggest for a samsung dlna-capable tv?13:25
aquaratdoes anyone have any experience re-creating a raid6 array (due to superblocks being destroyed by grub) ?13:25
Reikokuphilwire: ps3mediaserver?13:26
mark_sczSlart: tried it :( xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1280x1024 (desired size 1920x1080)13:26
HITINis this good config for ubuntu 11.4   ---  Pnetium 4, 1200 Mhz, 3gb ram, Nvidia Vanta 64mb, 30+40 GBHDD13:26
Lynx___YankDownUnder: its an intel gma hd for i3 330m13:26
ReikokuI've not heard of nvidia vanta13:26
Slartmark_scz: hmm.. then I'm out of ideas.. sorry13:26
mark_sczHITIN: i take it it's a laptop? bit slow processor otherwise fine13:26
YankDownUnderLynx___, Right oh...what I'd do is to hit ALT-F1, login as root in the console, and do: dpkg --reconfigure xorg-server => make sure you choose the Intel server. After that, do "/etc/init.d/gdm restart" => after that, then you'll have to reconfigure your display prefs mate.13:26
philwireReikoku: istnt that for a ps3 ?13:26
bazhangHITIN, for classic sure, perhaps unity-2d as well13:26
Reikokuphilwire: ps3 is DLNA13:26
wols_Reikoku: very old chip. before Riva TNT13:26
Lynx___k sec13:26
tomodachiphilwire: it supports multiple renderers.13:27
Reikokuphilwire: Works with my Panasonic DLNA server13:27
philwireoh ok13:27
bazhangHITIN, you can always install other DE though such as lxde+openbox (ie lubuntu)13:27
Reikokuphilwire: http://www.ps3mediaserver.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=1513:28
ReikokuSee if someone has posted your TV here13:28
HITINhow about unix?13:28
Lynx___YankDownUnder: Package `xorg-server' is not installed and no info is available.13:28
bazhangHITIN, not really on topic here13:28
Reikokuphilwire: If it's samsung allshare there's a .conf file on that forum13:28
HITINi thought they are same!13:28
bazhangHITIN, check the bsd channels with alis13:29
YankDownUnderLynx___, Hang on a tick - my misspelling: Look at this page: http://linuxandfriends.com/2009/02/13/change-screen-resolution-in-ubuntu-linux/13:29
bazhang!alis | HITIN13:29
Lynx___YankDownUnder: also with apt-get the result is: E: Unable to locate package xorg-server13:29
ubottuHITIN: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*13:29
philwirecool, because my tv model isnt there13:29
Reikokuphilwire: http://www.ps3mediaserver.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=888913:29
YankDownUnderLynx___, ...and its: dpkg -reconfigure xserver-org13:29
adubzhow do i update ubuntu through command line 18 updates are security updates.13:30
wols_YankDownUnder: no it's not13:30
adubz60 packages can be updated.13:30
BluesKajdpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg13:30
wols_adubz: apt-get upgrade13:31
Lynx___YankDownUnder: this parameter is invalid, so is --reconfigure, so i did dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg13:31
Lynx___and nothing came up13:31
philwireThanks, bookmarked it, will try after reinstall of ubuntu (messed my root permissions systemwide)13:31
pratz_hey guys i am trying to install pdftk on webfaction, but we are on a shared hosting and we do not have root pass, can any one help me with this ??13:31
wols_Lynx___: cause that's old and outdated, very outdated13:31
pratz_how can i install pdftk without root13:31
Lynx___how can i get my screen fixed then? images r screwed with bad resolution13:32
wols_pratz_: download the package and unpack it with dpkg -x13:32
philwireNow, how can I reinstall ubuntu on a single drive without it trying anything on the other drives ?13:32
pratz_i tried to install from the binaries but it asks for libgcj dependency13:32
wols_philwire: manually partition and don't let it touch the other disks13:32
pratz_wols_: its a sent os box13:32
philwirealright thanks13:32
GermOkay, when I boot up ubuntu it loads a giant terminal, how can I stop this from happeneing?13:32
wols_pratz_: and you ask about this in #ubuntu why?13:32
Germgdm is off, how do I turn it on?13:33
YankDownUnderLynx___, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:33
jvgeliGerm: what giant terminal?13:33
wols_Germ: depends how you turned it off.13:33
vltHello. On an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS machine one process "gnome-panel" is running on 100% cpu load for more than six hours now. What can I do?13:33
GermIt loads a full terminal13:33
Reikokupratz_: You probably want the centos channe;13:33
Germa full screen terminal13:33
pratz_wols_: oops i am sorry, i forgot that i can ask in centos channel also13:33
BluesKajsorry guys it's , sudo dpkg-configure xserver-xorg13:33
JimXLGerm did you do to determine it is off?13:33
wols_BluesKaj: no it's not13:33
Abhijitvlt, restart it?13:33
pratz_wols_: because i use ubuntu i am used to this channel13:33
Germgdm           off13:34
ironhalikdid anyone expirienc sth like this: http://halik.ironsoftware.net/layout.png13:34
vltAbhijit: restart gnome-panel? How?13:34
YankDownUnderLynx___, One of the tough bits is that you've got a minimal installation - and you'll have to either install the applications (GTK/Gnome) to adjust your display settings, or do it manually13:34
wols_BluesKaj: that hasn't been doing anything for ages now13:34
signal_does anyone know a method to find out on console, if there are 2 monitors plugged into my pc?13:34
Abhijitvlt, right click on it13:34
Lynx___YankDownUnder: what kind of applicationbs13:34
wols_signal_: xrandr maybe?13:34
BluesKajwols , that's wrong too? ..ok my apologies ...I haven't used that command in a long time13:34
wols_signal_: also, read-edid probably13:34
JimXLchkconfig it on.13:34
YankDownUnderLynx___, Easiest is "gnome-display-properties" (sudo apt-get install gnome-display-properties)13:35
signal_wols_: hmm.. cant open xrandr on console13:35
vltAbhijit: What is "gnome-panel"? I mean where to click (once I've found the client machine)?13:35
JimXLchkconfig -l GDM ??13:35
wols_signal_: read-edid. that will work without X13:35
GermJimXL, it's off.13:35
Abhijitvlt, in system monitor?13:35
wols_vlt: gnome panel is your desktop. your task list. that stuff13:35
Myrttisignal_: xrandr -q13:35
JimXLchkconfig -a gdm13:35
Lynx___YankDownUnder: nope, it doesnt exisrt13:35
vltwols_: Ok.13:35
signal_wols_: thank u!13:36
Lynx___atleast not on default repo13:36
BluesKajsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg ? wol13:36
bazhangBluesKaj, not for a long time, no13:36
wols_BluesKaj: stop it already. there is nothing to configure with xserver-xorg anymore and there is no xorg.conf either. long gone. done13:36
vltwols_: So would will happen if I killed that process?13:36
JimXLInteresting, it's off on my system too.13:36
YankDownUnderLynx___, Well, since you're using the proper graphics driver, you may want to look through the Ubuntu wiki on Openbox and all it's utilities. I'm lost on that mate.13:36
* `greenlight wetwew!~13:36
GermJimXL, it showed a bunch of different stuff13:36
Germwhat did that do?13:36
* BluesKaj wonders what the proper usage is for ppl who have a xorh.conf file13:36
JimXLAdded it to the rc.? directories13:37
Germso now when I bootup it should load?13:37
wols_BluesKaj: X -configure should still work13:37
JimXLMaybe.  Maybe not.  I don't think gdm is started via the rc.? but maybe it will help.13:38
vltwols_: (I meant: What would happen if I killed that process?)13:38
BluesKajwols_, don't be too dismissive, there are those with special graphics needs that still need it13:38
JimXLHave you looked at the log to see if it's starting but failing?13:38
wols_BluesKaj: but there is no debconf for it anymore13:38
YankDownUnderLynx___, "sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center"13:38
BluesKajyeah wols , so ?13:39
Lynx___YankDownUnder: is this the right app? i dont want to fill my clean openbox with alot of gnome shit. i want an app to configure the res etc.13:39
wols_BluesKaj: so what you wrote several times is bogus and useless. and instead of wasting more time: good day13:39
ReykAlencarhi, need a help to install a mousetrap, help please,13:39
YankDownUnderLynx___, Um...have you LOOKED through the Ubuntu forums online at all?13:39
wols_Lynx___: xrandr13:39
squigis there a way to tell aptitude to show version numbers of packages that it will install ? (and a follow up question, should i be using aptitude or apt-get)?13:40
bazhangReykAlencar, wrong channel for that13:40
YankDownUnderLynx___, Yeah...try xandr ...I'm going to sleep13:40
Lynx___YankDownUnder: obviously not, thats why i am at irc for live help13:40
Abhijitsquig, apt-cache policy package13:40
JimXLsquig aptitude does a slightly better job of resolving dependencies.13:42
bazhangsquig, you'd need to install aptitude if on 11.04, up to you really13:42
squigim still on 10.04 do you need it on 11.04 im sure my test machine did not have aptitude13:42
bazhangsquig, no need for it13:42
BluesKajwols , good day to you too13:42
h4wkhi 2 all13:43
wols_JimXL: I wouldn't say better, just different :)13:43
JimXLIn my experience aptitude has worked when apt-get didn't, that's all.13:43
JimXLBut for all intents and purposes either are quite acceptable.13:44
BluesKaj!aptitude | JimXL13:44
ubottuJimXL: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide13:44
wols_JimXL: and vice versa. hence not necessarily better but different13:44
keanecould anyone  introduce a tool of scan port13:45
Abhijitkeane, nmap? not sure though13:46
h4wkthere is GUI alternative for rookies Zenmap13:46
keanethank you13:46
pseubodotzenmap is good13:46
keanedoes zenmap has better GUI13:47
pseubodotkeane: I find zenmap's a bit better.13:48
h4wk@keane nmap is not GUI13:48
h4wknmap i terminal based13:48
h4wkbut Zenmap is easier because it's GUI13:48
pseubodotkeane: nmapfe is an older front-end to nmap, zenmap is a more recent front end to nmap13:48
Gangrel!movie player13:49
pseubodotkeane: suggest you try zenmap until you get a hang for the command line args (it'll show you the options)13:49
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs13:49
keaneI just want to want to scan my computer port, as I want close the ports by iptables13:49
pseubodotkeane: you might want to try firestarter instead13:50
pseubodotkeane: it's a firewall configuration app, but gives some info about scans, etc hitting your box13:50
pseubodotkeane: taking a 'default deny' stance (close everthing EXCEPT what you explicitly allow) is a good starting point13:51
pseubodotkeane: s/close/block/13:51
JimXLkeane better yet turn off the services using the ports.13:51
pseubodotkeane: JimXL is right, it's hard to compromise something that isn't running. :)13:52
Picipseubodot, keane: firestarter is no longer developed. gufw is the preferred gui firewall software nowadays.13:52
dydanyone knows where are stored vnc logs?13:53
pseubodotPici: thanks for the pointer, I will look at it soon, much appreciated!13:53
dydvnc4server logs, ubuntu13:53
jbwivguys, how does one customize the command line a launch icon in unity launcher uses?13:53
bsmith0931what is supposed to be in apt.conf csuse i dont even have that file13:53
snyder_I have a usb cdrom which I can only use to play cd’s. Any idea how to enable dvd’d and software discs? It says its a Teac cd-224e, but I think its a cheap knock-off, I am a total newbie on Xubuntu 10.04 lucid13:53
keaneiptables plus snort inplement the IDS and Firewall13:53
JimXLvnc logs are often in ~/.vnc directory13:54
edbiansnyder_: I've never heard of such a thing.  What happens when you connect to your ubuntu computer and put in some other (non-music) cd ?13:54
ThinkT510snyder_: it seems it is a cdrw drive, doesn't handle dvds13:55
snyder_nothing. the drive doesnt register. I placed mini cd that i got with the drive, and that pulls up, but nothing is executable. like I said, it will play audio cds... I am not on windows, straight xubuntu...13:56
edbiansnyder_: I am thinking it can play any CD.  Not just music ones.13:56
edbiansnyder_: oh really...13:56
edbiansnyder_: I think you're stuck then.  They probably put checks in the software that runs on the hardware of the drive.13:57
snyder_i tried dvd and a windows 7 disc, It doesnt appear on 'places'13:57
edbiansnyder_: I don't expect it to play any kind of DVD.  I am curious about non-music CDs13:57
edbianCDs and DVDs require different hardware13:57
snyder_such as?13:57
edbiansnyder_: An ubuntu liveCD would be interesting13:57
edbiansnyder_: Or a CD with some data burned on it (doesn't matter what)13:58
snyder_i installed via flash drive13:58
snyder_if u want, I'll get one...13:58
edbiansnyder_: sure13:58
bsmith0931ok i just added the sid debian repo to my sources, and when i ran apt-get update, i get a metric crapton of stuff, thats apparently out of date, should i upgrade all those packages ( im running lucid)?13:59
icerootbsmith0931: dont do that!!!!13:59
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|AFK
ThinkT510bsmith0931: you shouldn't run debian repos with ubuntu13:59
=== IceW is now known as Guest1403
icerootbsmith0931: never ever use the sid-repo13:59
bsmith0931thanks for telling me so fast14:00
=== sebastien__ is now known as Kyoku57
icerootbsmith0931: and specially when you are using ubuntu14:00
bsmith0931i only needed a new filezilla anyway14:00
iceroot!backports | bsmith093114:00
ubottubsmith0931: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging14:00
bsmith0931so that what the backports channel is for?14:00
marsfligthHi, is it possible to execute 'mount cifs' as standard user?14:01
icerootbsmith0931: read the link from ubottu14:02
dydas i try to connect to another via vnc it says immediately Connection to host was closed14:03
dydwhats wrong?14:03
dydi configured preferences -> remote desktop14:04
[vali]sounds like a firewall14:04
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=== Tibi is now known as Tibi77
snyder_ok: burned dvd = no / storebought dvd = no/ burned photo cd = no / burned music cd = yes / software cd = no / storebought music cd =yes14:07
waI was wondering, when you right click on an archive file, you can select <extract> how do I locate the program/script that perform the extraction?14:07
bradleyhi.  i have downloaded a patch (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3200715&group_id=145040&atid=760625) but have no idea how to install it --can someone walk me through it?14:08
Piciwa: file-roller14:08
=== wa is now known as Alphanumerik
szalbradley: Submitted: Dallen Wilson ( warped-dragon ) - 2011-03-05 20:19:28 UTC14:09
exelnetheya. how can I tell grub+kernel to show all messages. all kernel and boot messages? Even with removing quiet and splash, I still gez14:09
szalbradley: that was likely already included in some security update14:09
exelnetget a blue screen where normally kernel messages should be posted14:09
AlphanumerikPici: thanks14:10
JimXLbradley is this a source patch?14:10
szalbug #72949914:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729499 in gstm (Ubuntu) "patch to restore transparency in system tray icon" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72949914:10
bradleyszal: i don't think it has been included because the notification area still has a white background14:11
scoateshello. let's assume that I'm a bad person and I still have a box running Ubuntu 9.04. Can someone point me at some docs that explain how to get myself out of the upgrade hole now that 9.04 is offline?14:11
zykotick9_!eol > scoates14:12
ubottuscoates, please see my private message14:12
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:12
bradleyJimXL: i am not sure but i think it probably isn't --i could pastebin the patch if you want14:12
JimXLNo, I think others covered it.14:12
snyder_edbian - ok: burned dvd = no / storebought dvd = no/ burned photo cd = no / burned music cd = yes / software cd = no / storebought music cd =yes14:13
edbiansnyder_: Wow, that sucks14:13
snyder_yup... time to go shopping for new drive?14:14
JimXLSounds like it.14:14
edbiansnyder_: yes14:14
snyder_k, thanks for ur help!14:14
szalsnyder_: cleaned the laser lens yet?14:14
* edbian wonders why any company would think anybody wants such a gimped drive14:14
philwiredoes it float ?14:15
JimXLI have a samsung SEs084 external dvd writer.  It works greate.14:15
snyder_1st thing i did out of box14:15
szalsnyder_: you mean that thing is new?14:15
snyder_Thx JimXL14:15
bradleyszal: the launchpad link does not explain how to install the patch]14:15
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Natty, and help keeping the servers' load low!14:16
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:16
snyder_yup, the best from Zhejiang province14:17
snyder_; )14:17
snyder_i guess i got what i paid for...14:18
M1_What is the recommended way of setting a static lan IP address in Ubuntu? Should I use /etc/network/interfaces or the Network manager?14:20
adrian15I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I am trying to use nginx for making a https proxy. http://paste.ubuntu.com/649160/ When I visit: https://mail.domain.com:7071/ I get the contents instead of the expected contents. Thank you very much.14:20
OliPicardHi guys, ive installed Samba, asked them for help (no response) so i thought i would log in here and pick some brains :)14:20
=== Lynx___ is now known as l0bstah
OliPicardOk, so basiclly ive setup a shared folder but id like to set it up so its authentactated ie with a password and username, does anyone know where i can get a guide for this?14:21
Dori922anyone know the command for sourcing Eucarc in UEC?14:22
baijupatterahi all14:23
kejar31anyone around14:23
ikoniamany people14:23
kejar31wrong channel14:23
M1_OliPicard: Try this: http://www.debianadmin.com/file-server-configuration-in-debian-using-samba.html14:24
terryM1_: Just edit /etc/network/interfaces14:24
JimXLOliPicard or this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52744614:25
OliPicard@JimXL You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:14:25
JimXLRegister and log in.14:25
terryM1_: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/14:26
JimXLIf you're going to be doing much with Ubuntu you'll want to have a login.14:26
M1_terry: alright, thanks.14:26
Dori922nevermind the source cli command is source :D14:26
JimXLOliPicard there are a lot of good answers in that forum on almost any topic you would want info on. WRT Ubuntu14:27
mang0|AFKA couple of questions: Is there a list of programs that run under wine? If not, will FL studio 9 run under wine, and will flash 8 professional run under wine...14:29
tomodachimang0|AFK: check out winehq14:29
BluesKaj!winehq |  mang0|AFK14:29
ubottumang0|AFK: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:29
mang0|AFKAh, thankyou14:30
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david_bi want to install http://pyaudiere.org/ via 'sudo dpkg -i pyaudiere-0.2-py2.5-i386.deb'. i already installed python2.5 on the netbook, and if i write 'python' in my terminal window it even starts python 2.5.6 but still wenn i try to install pyaudiere it tells me: pyaudiere depends on python2.5 (>=2.5.2); however: Package python2.5 is not installed14:30
david_bany idea why this is happening? i installed python2.5 via the official python-page and then ran a ./configure-make-make install14:31
tiox{Low] There's really no other place to ask this, none I know of anyway, so I'll ask here. Is there any way for DockbarX to have scalable window previews?14:32
JimXLdavid_b when you install from source dpkg has no record  of the software being installed.14:32
ThinkT510!info python14:32
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.1-0ubuntu5 (natty), package size 158 kB, installed size 760 kB14:32
david_bJimXL that means? i should have installed it via apt-get?14:32
JimXLdavid_b yes14:32
Picidavid_b: The last supported stable release that python2.5 was available in was Hardy14:32
tioxThat is, if size does nto permit to have previews in x amount of pixels, the size of each one can adjust to fit with the maxomum amount of screen available?14:33
seaquakeOK so I'm on Ubuntu 10.10... OSS isn't in Ubuntu (at all) any more.  So I'm using ALSA/PulseAudio (the default).  Is it possible for OSS4 and my existing setup to co-exist?  I have some apps (no source, no updates) that are OSS only.14:33
=== faz_ is now known as faz_meeting
HeatMzzrcan anyone tell me how to change TTY (1-6) resolution.. everything else works great but 1920x1080 screen and text in console only uses small part of realestate14:33
david_bPici: so i should downgrade my ubuntu as well?14:33
JimXLdavid_b you could always use checkinstall to create a 2.5 deb package14:34
OliPicardHi guys, one more question, how do i setup a firewall in ubuntu which will only accept connections from internal IP addresses?14:34
Picidavid_b: What release of Ubuntu are you using right now?14:34
OliPicardand only provide access to 1) the update service and 2) internal IP config14:35
JimXLdavid_b you could always run it in a container.14:35
Picidavid_b: It looks like libaudiere-1.9.4 isn't availble in 11.04 either, either look for a PPA or try installing it from source.14:35
terryHeatMzzr: I did that once, memory fails me.  Let me look, maybe it's in my notes.14:35
HeatMzzrterry: thanks14:36
david_bok thanks14:36
grendal_primehey i put in a new hd ...1 terrabyte drive.  created partiotion on it...formated wth ext4.  some reason i start copying some of my vm's to it...after 110 megbyts or so...file transfers sort of just hang there...14:36
philwiredavid_b if its only for an app youll use occasionnally i would install an earlier version of ubuntu on a virtual machine.14:36
grendal_primekinda werid14:36
david_bthe netbook will only be used for this one project14:36
david_bso i'm thinking about installing hardy not only on a virtual machine but alltogether just on the machine14:37
Dori922what does the "[drm: pch_irq_handler] *ERROR* PCH poison interrupt" mean?14:37
edbiandavid_b: Why not 11.04 ?14:38
=== arfbtwn_ is now known as arfbtwn
OliPicardany ideas where i can find firewall instructions?14:38
OliPicardi want to keep the update servers open but just allow internal ips to gain access to the group drive.14:38
grendal_primeor 10.0414:38
maszloI was looking to see if I could get some pointers / advice on why a USB - 16 Port Serial Hub is not showing up properly within /dev/ttyS#.   I see the entries under lsusb14:38
Riginjoin #ubuntu14:38
grendal_primeyour here bud Rigin14:39
soidexehello! I have trouble with my wired network. Rarely it disconnects and I can't connect without reboot. Today it happened again. WiFi works well so I don't want to reboot. But maybe there's a way to "reboot" only network?14:39
arfbtwnsoidexe: If your ethernet driver is loaded as a module, you could try modprobe -r <modname>14:39
david_bedbian: the libraries are too old..14:39
icerootsoidexe: sudo service networking restart14:40
JimXLtry /etc/init.d/networking restart14:40
edbiandavid_b: The libraries in 11.04 are too old?  Hardy is much older14:40
icerootsoidexe: but that will kill all connections14:40
iceroot!upstart | JimXL14:40
ubottuJimXL: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/14:40
Chris_GrHello i have a question for Dual boot14:40
iceroot!dualboot | Chris_Gr14:40
ubottuChris_Gr: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:40
JimXLscrew upstart. POS.14:40
th0rsoidexe: you might try ifdown eth0 and ifup eth014:40
soidexeiceroot:  "restart: Unknown instance:"14:40
icerootsoidexe: have a look with tab whats the correct name of the instance14:41
Chris_GrOK thank you i will try it(That was pretty fast ;D)14:41
david_bedbian: nope the other way around: i need a library which is depending on python2.5 and since python2.5 was last supported in hardy that's probably the way of the least resistance14:41
maszlodoes anyone have any experience with using serial hubs on ubuntu?14:41
soidexeth0r: "ifdown: interface eth0 not configured" - ifup: "Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0."14:42
soidexeiceroot: how?14:42
th0rsoidexe: ah....you're using network-mangler or wicd then14:43
soidexeth0r: yes14:43
quick-i was installing ubuntu 11.04 on a processor with AMD ahtlon x2 and after installation i got the initramfs and systeam wasnt responding . Please help14:43
dliquick-, any error messages?14:44
mang0|AFKYESSSSS!!! I don't have to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows after all, I can just use Ubuntu. I've found out all my really import win apps run under WINE and the others have linux versions. Woopee!14:44
terryHeatMzzr: http://harrison3001.blogspot.com/2009/09/grub-2-graphical-boot-tips-to-set.html14:44
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Chris_GrYeah about the dual-boot may i have some explanation i am new with Linux14:45
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Chris_GrSomeone Please?14:46
JimXLChris_Gr:  what do you want to know?14:46
quick-dli: no error message . i was a clean install but after install when u boot it just shows (initramfs ) and nothing else14:46
Chris_GrI want someone to explain it a bit more14:47
JimXLquick-: How long did you wait.14:47
dliquick-, when booting, try to remove the kernel parameters "quiet splash"14:47
Chris_GrAbout step two14:47
JimXLChris_Gr: It's a big topic.14:47
Chris_Grbackup mbr14:47
quick-for around 2  hour s14:47
JimXLquick-: lol guess  that's long enough.14:48
quick-JimXL: for around 2  hour s14:48
quick-dli :14:48
Chris_GrWell do you have a guide wich i could have a look at14:48
Chris_Gri want it to be very detailed14:48
quick-dli : it's  installing in amd athlon but it wasn't doing it yesterday for x2 so  i downloaded an 11.04 fresh image and made some pendrives bootable and then started  .14:49
JimXLChris_Gr It looks pretty straightforward14:49
quick-dli : it's  installing in amd athlon but it wasn't doing it yesterday for x2 so  i downloaded an 11.04 fresh image and made some pendrives bootable and then started  .wats the problem about  ?14:49
JimXLChris_Gr: Just change the if= to what ever device you are using.14:50
grendal_primegrrrr new drive is acting very strange14:50
JimXLChris_Gr: Use the rest of the parameters as it.  Do this as root.14:50
quick-dli:  how do i remove the kernel parameters "quiet splash "14:51
Chris_GrI will try to...14:51
JimXLquick-: do you see a grub prompt when you boot?14:51
dliquick-, hit 'e' in grub bootup menu14:52
Chris_GrSetup grub to boot windows  what does it mean with that14:52
quick-no i just get that initramfs and i have to do i hard shutdown . it's working fine in amd athlon but not in amd athlon x214:52
JimXLquick-: do as dli says and use the arrow keys and delete and backspace keys.14:52
JimXLOK to get to grub menu hold the shift key down while booting.14:53
quick-dli :  before installing  the system i'll have to do it ?14:53
Chris_GrSo each time i want to get with window i have to push shift on boot14:53
JimXLChris_Gr: that was for quick.14:53
JimXLChris_Gr: not you.14:54
Chris_GrO sorry :)14:54
dliquick-, BTW, athlon is 32bit from amd, while athlon x2 is amd6414:54
JimXLChris_Gr:  are you dual booting now?14:54
soultekkiehelp... i want to replace network-manager by wicd but i need an aditional connection manager for my broadband... any suggestions?14:54
JimXLChris_Gr: OK what version of Ubuntu?14:55
quick-dli:  i even tried the 64 bit alternate amd but it didnt even start and when i tselected the install ubuntu it just gave a beep error sound14:55
JimXLChris_Gr: do you have windows installed now?14:55
camdent<-- complete n00b. computer freezing whenever i watch video (hulu). need help.14:55
JimXLChris_Gr: give me a minute.14:55
HITINoops!! sorry@14:56
djltagaquestion...anyone know a fix for liferea not opening in 11.04?14:56
dlicamdent, it shouldn't happen :( is the keyboard still responsive? like caps-lock, or kernel magic14:56
DamnSoGooDguys, whom among you have had a problem regarding a wearing down SSD ?14:57
camdentdli: nothing responds. sometimes the screen throws up a bizarre pattern, sometimes i get an audio repeat (like a record skipping), sometimes the caps and scroll lock lights flash for no apparent reason.14:58
obeyanceIs it possible to install windows from a virtual drive? My current OS is Ubuntu 11.04 and i just finished waiting 5 hours for Gparted to make a partition to install on... and my computer wont boot from flash drive it appears.14:58
camdentdli: don't know if there's a ctrl-alt-del equivalent in ubuntu, but i've had to do a hard shutdown with the power button every time.14:58
JimXLChris_Gr: I can't help since I'm running grub not grub2.  You have to add some lines into the grub configuration to tell it where to find the windows partition.14:59
dlicamdent, try kernel magics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key14:59
JimXLI don't have a machine using grub2.14:59
Chris_Gri am done .. XD14:59
icerootcamdent: magic sys req is a command to instant shutdown the pc14:59
jvgelicamdent: whats your specs? i get same issues with Natty14:59
icerootcamdent: s/command/way/14:59
HITINwhat is difference between ubuntu & lubuntu?14:59
Chris_GrI will google it then a bit more15:00
camdenticeroot: um, explain s/command/way to me?15:00
icerootHITIN: the desktop15:00
Chris_GrThanx for your time and for your support you are the best ;)15:00
JimXLChris_Gr: OK good luck.15:00
icerootcamdent: replace command with way in my message15:00
djltagahitin: it uses a different desktop manager, usually resulting in a different look and functionality15:01
radesmradehow can I access linux (software) raid0 from live cd... how can I access the data, I am not sure how to mount it15:01
DamnSoGooDguys, whom among you have had a problem regarding a wearing down SSD ? i've been installing ubuntu for 4x but gnome-settings-manager always fails to write to my SSD and installer always crash15:01
HITINdjltaga: does that mean , they almost but different looks .. is there any operational difference ?15:02
dliradesmrade, if kernel doesn't do it for you, run: sudo mdadm --auto-detect15:02
HITINdjltaga: almost same*15:02
wols_DamnSoGooD: due to wear leveling it's not a bad sector. that is certain15:02
camdentdli: how do i enable magic_sysrq_key?15:03
dliradesmrade, after that: have a look at /proc/mdstat15:03
dlicamdent, it's enabled by default15:03
Pici!sysrq | ckrailo15:04
DamnSoGooDwols_ , for that, what can i do to improve its performance? i've already done hdparming, nuking etc..15:04
ubottuckrailo: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key15:04
Picicamdent: sorry, that was for you ^15:04
Picickrailo: mistab, sorry.15:04
radesmradedli: I did autodetect but there is nothing in /proc/mdstat15:05
djltagahitin: as per my experience when using a different display manager, the default apps are different15:05
obeyanceIs it possible to install windows from a virtual drive? My current OS is Ubuntu 11.04 and i just finished waiting 5 hours for Gparted to make a partition to install on... and my computer wont boot from flash drive it appears.15:05
camdentOK, that solves my shutdown issue.15:05
dliradesmrade, do you know about your raid0 devices? at least, do: sudo fdisk -l15:06
camdenthow do I solve my computer freezing in the first place issue?15:06
dlicamdent, do memtest is a good idea15:06
wols_obeyance: no it's not. I think (not totally sure) you can install windows from harddisk, but this is a windows question and off topic here. go and ask ##windows15:06
obeyanceIm digging onlnie while asking here for my question. The problem with finding the answer online is that... Theres 500 million "Install ubuntu on windos" but not the other way around.15:06
djltagahitin: you can in fact install multiple display managers at the same time and choose which to use during the login screen, so try them out each15:06
HITINdjltaga: does lbuntu has same installation process as ubuntu?15:07
radesmradedli: I did fdisk -l, md0 is not listed - there are partitions that make up raid array though15:07
HITINdjltaga: i am total new on linux, i was trying to install ubuntu , it got stuck so some1 suggested to install lbuntu15:07
obeyancewols_ Well i know you can install from virtual drive, in windows environment, but i dont know if the same is possible in Linux.15:08
camdentdli: how do I do memtest?  I really know almost nothing about how to use ubuntu.  i understand the concept of the command line interface, but I don't know the vocabulary to get things done.15:08
wols_HITIN: yes. burn cd, put cd into drive and boot from it. it installs15:08
HITINdjltaga: i will try it out once i understand what actually is a display manager.15:08
obeyanceWols_ So this IS a linux/Ubuntu question.15:08
dliradesmrade, sure, can you identify the partitions?15:08
quick-dli: how can i change the quiet splash  in kernel image in the live cd or the usb ?15:09
wols_obeyance: no it's not. how to install windows is NOT a ubuntu question and you CANNOT install it when running a LInux OS. go away with your question15:09
HITINwols_: i tried that with ubuntu but it stays on boot screen, nothing happens15:09
obeyancewols_ Take off the word windows and the question still remins.15:09
wols_HITIN: try the alternate installer15:09
HITINwols_:i dont know what is that!! :(15:09
wols_obeyance: if I take off that word then you don't have a problem anymore. so it's solved. now go away15:10
dlicamdent, if not in grub2 already,15:10
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obeyanceHey, dont be a dick... Nobody else has been a dick.15:10
radesmradedli: yes I can15:10
wols_!tell HITIN about alternate15:10
ubottuHITIN, please see my private message15:10
szalHITIN: when installation gets stuck, it's most of the time the install medium's fault..  so check that (a) the MD5sum/SHA1sum matches after download; (b) that the burning/transfer to USB medium went well (boot the self-test option on the install medium)15:10
radesmradedli: can I mount raid according to that15:10
DamnSoGooDwols_ , what can i do to install ubuntu to my SSD?15:10
szalHITIN: and yes, alternate is always a good idea :)15:11
dliradesmrade, then, simply assemble the raid, like: sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc315:11
radesmradedli: ok, thank you15:11
HITINthanks people!! I will try it now ..15:11
wols_DamnSoGooD: what is the problem when you install ubuntu exactly?15:11
HackerIIDamnSoGooD  unetbootin15:12
quick-dli: how can i change the quiet splash  in kernel image in the live cd or the usb ? Please help . i am using the usb installler , how do i change the quiet splash option .wehn i press f6 ii dnt get that option15:12
camdentdli: I didn't understand that last message.  I'm reading wikipedia and trying to comprehend.15:12
dydhow can i have a command line access to a remote ubuntu machine?15:12
HITINi just tried installing lbuntu and now its says boot with a blinking cursor .. what should i do next?15:12
dliquick-, if for livecd(USB): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions15:13
DamnSoGooDwols_ , it was so slow, then at the 66% , it only crashes,, what a frustration. already had it 4x for a whole day and night15:13
obeyanceMy question was simple and since i am running Linux and trying to figure out Ubuntu, i dont know what works and what doesnt... with ubuntu. I have been using windows since 3.1 until here recently, so i know what works with windows. Knowing if i can install in linux environment is completely different and i 100% guarantee you that if i ask windows people if i can install somehow with a virtual drive on Ubuntu they are going to look at me with th15:13
obeyancee "dumb face" and point me to ask linux guys.15:13
djltagadyd: look up ssh15:13
dlicamdent, memtest86+ is installed by default in ubuntu15:13
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)15:13
quick-dli:  thank you15:13
dyddli: tnx15:13
Mandrewhi, can i in anyway take a live-cd and modify it with all the things i want in it and put me as root in it before i install it into a machine? or do i need to install it on a machine before i can do anything to it?15:13
dlicamdent, if not, sudo apt-get install memtest86+15:13
wols_DamnSoGooD: use alternate installer and install a bare bones ubuntu. then afterwards you can still install gnome to get a regular one15:14
AbhijitMandrew, you can edit the iso15:14
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sipiorobeyance: you're asking if you can install windows into a virtual machine on linux? (Yes.)15:14
quick-Mandrew:  by default u ar root when u install it15:14
obeyanceyeah thats all.15:14
dliMandrew, maybe, you can have a look at debian-live15:14
obeyanceOh (Yes.) as in i can?15:14
sipiorobeyance: sure. virtualbox and vmware will both do that for you.15:15
wols_obeyance: I tell you a third time since you apparently don't read: you cannot do what you ask. you can however install windows from harddisk. but NOT from a loopback device when you run Ubuntu. NEVER gonna happen. NEVER15:15
camdentdli: can i run memtest86+ from terminal? If so, how?15:15
SeaquakeSince I'm not on 10.10 I have no /dev/dsp device and OSS-only applications don't work as OSS was purposely removed from kernel.  I'm told OSS-Proxy is a way to recreate the dev device and pass the audio to PulseAudio but there is no package for installation of it as far as I can see, how do you install it?15:15
obeyanceSipior, Well kinda. Not VM but Virtual drive. A full install onto a partition, from INSIDE ubuntu.15:15
Mandrewquick-, but can i make my own account in it and that will stick throughout the install15:15
b0otIs there anyway to undo an update?15:15
wols_camdent: no you can't. you can run it from your grub menu15:15
djltagaanyone here know a fix for liferea not opening in 11.04?15:15
b0otor is there a way to take out some repos and then update/remove the added stuff from the repos?15:15
wols_b0ot: not really. you can try to manually downgrade but there is no support whatsoever15:16
dlicamdent, no, it starts by itself, choose it in grub15:16
DamnSoGooDwols_ , ah see, luckily i had deleted my old alternate installer XD15:16
macoSeaquake: do you have alsa-oss? i think thats the wrapper to make alsa emulate oss15:16
b0otwols_, I had an mpegencoder that had a built in rtsp server. I installed a vlc repo and and something it installed screwed up my rtsp server from my mpegencoder. I want to go back the way it was15:16
quick-Mandrew: nope  i dnt know about that . but u can do it on a pendrive15:16
sipiorobeyance: i don't see the windows installer managing that.15:16
obeyancewols_ so my choice is to boot from a bootable device but i cant not run from ISO while the linux kernal is up?15:16
wols_Seaquake: snd-pcm-oss loaded?15:16
Seaquakewols_, is that osspd?15:17
Seaquakemaco, that's not the application I'm after - I need osspd15:17
quick-hoe can we downgrade from 11.04 to 10.10 without formatting > Please hel p15:17
camdentdli: i'm sorry. how do i get to grub? i don't think i have partitions and I know I don't have multiple operating systems installed, so I don't see anything before Ubuntu loads.15:17
obeyanceI know its 100% possible and easy to do from inside windows. Thats why im asking about linux. If no then its w/e and ill figure out another way. But it would require me figuring out how to use a CD burner to burn a bootable disk from Ubuntu, which i have no clue how to do yet. Im sure its easy, but this burner is going out too...15:18
grendal_primewhat is the better formatting.  guid or Master boot record (this is for a drive that is stationary in the machine15:18
macoquick-: if you're just worried about losing user data, you can reinstall without formatting15:18
JimXLcamdent hold the shift key down when booting15:18
wols_Seaquake: no. it's the way alsa allows OSS programs to work for the last ten years.and I doubt alsa was forked just for ubuntu15:18
macoquick-: but downgrading without reinstalling isnt supported at all15:18
dlicamdent, http://www.memtest.org/#downiso15:18
wols_Seaquake: snd-pcm-oss is a kernel module15:18
Seaquakewols_, I don't care about your kernel module - i care about osspd15:19
obeyancewols_ Is it possible to make a full install to HDD with virtual machine somehow?15:19
SeaquakeOSS-Proxy... anyone used it?15:19
dli! downgrade | quick-15:19
ubottuquick-: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.15:19
wols_quick-: what part of 11.04 is that you makes to want to downgrade?15:19
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wols_obeyance: please stop asking me anything. you don't read what I tell you so please don't waste my time15:19
sipiorwols_: easy there, tiger.15:19
quick-maco: reinstaaling means i'll reinstall the 11.04 but i'll have to format the system15:20
macoquick-: you can reinstall 10.10 over your 11.04 without formatting15:20
JimXLquick- or save whatever you need to.15:20
macoquick-: if you choose advanced partitioning, tell it to use the same partition for / as it did before, and uncheck the "format" checkbox, then it won't format, and your /home will be saved15:21
obeyanceIm just trying to make sure whomever is helping me is knows exactly what im trying to do. To many times have people ask questions and the other party didnt know exactly what they wanted and gave them an answer based on what they got from the question and not what the question was.15:21
obeyanceYou dont have to help me, in fact... I dont want you to if your being an asshat.15:21
dydwhats ECDSA key fingerprint  ?15:21
dliquick-, there's not real reason to downgrade15:21
quick-wols_:  i dnt like the unity and some applets in gnome are delted like the network applet . so15:21
HITINi am installing LUBUNTU, and i get a black screen with boot and blinking cursor, whats next?15:21
cyperbgguys: I added to rc.local a line like this ~/Autominer/startmining.sh and after that I left the original exit 0 - What is the problem?15:21
macodli: how do you know that?15:21
wols_HITIN: alternate installer :)15:21
macodli: for all you know 10.10 has better support for their hardware15:22
quick-dli  maybe and my system is slow also after installing 11.0415:22
wols_HITIN: and a ubuntu which shows your kernel message. then you will be able to do fun kernel parameters like noacpi noapic, etc15:22
quick-JimXL: ya15:22
wols_maco: unlikely unless their hardware is stone age material15:22
dliquick-, you can switch GUI part, and clean up15:22
HITINWOLS_ it says No default or UI configuration directive found!15:22
macowols_: or unless the new kernel has a bug...15:23
HITINWOLS_ i am installing LUBUNTU not UBUNTU15:23
bhaveshmy internet should automatically connect when I boot up in ubuntu however it fails and I have to do it manually15:23
quick-dli:  how do i do it ?15:23
bhaveshIt tries to connect but always fails until i do it manually15:23
wols_HITIN: use an alternate installer which installs ubuntu without X. then install lxde or whatever you want afterwards15:23
quick-dli:  how do i do it ?   i have to remove the quiet splash optin in grub for that amd athlon x2 . am i correct  ?15:23
dliquick-, for lite GUI, try: sudo apt-get install slim lxde15:24
wols_bhavesh: need more info, like how you connect to the internet15:24
dliquick-, you can edit the default grub options in /etc/default/grub15:24
bhaveshwols_ its a DSL connection15:24
HITINWOLS_ thanks , i will try i now15:24
bhaveshwols_ the icon on top panel15:24
obeyancesipior, The reason i dont want to use VM is because i dont want to waste that extra bit of ram. I only have 2g of DDR400 (sllooowww) and the reason for installing windows is to play my games.15:25
dydwhy i can't connect to windows 2003 server via remote desktop trough ubuntu but i can trough winxp?15:25
quick-dli:     i have to remove the quiet splash optin in grub for that amd athlon x2 . am i correct  ? i'll try slim lxde15:25
dydfail: xp is in domain15:25
sipiorobeyance: that's fine, but why not just perform an ordinary windows install? i'm afraid i've missed the problem here.15:26
Alphanumerikobeyance, just dual boot windows..15:26
obeyanceCD drive is screwing up, sometimes it burns ok, most of the time its crap. And its not booting from USB.15:26
obeyanceHow do i dual boot windows without installing or using VM?15:26
bhaveshquick- why do u need to disable quiet splash option for AMD Athlon X2?15:27
sipiorobeyance: CD drives are cheap. run out and grab one that works?15:27
cyperbgguys: I added to rc.local a line like this ~/Autominer/startmining.sh and after that I left the original exit 0 - What is the problem?15:27
obeyance20$ is the difference between eating and playing video games?15:27
obeyanceIm poor.15:27
Alphanumerikobeyance, google how to dual boot windows with ubuntu15:27
obeyanceI cant even afford Xbox live.15:27
obeyanceAlphanumerik,  Doesnt this involve installing windows?15:28
quick-but after the installation is complete . when i reboot i get that initramfs . i dnt get to login or something . it just hangs up15:28
JimXLquick-: be sure to run sudo update-grub after editing /etc/default/grub15:28
quick-dli: but after the installation is complete . when i reboot i get that initramfs . i dnt get to login or something . it just hangs up15:28
Shay232Hello, Need some help :) anyone knows some sql?  I've a sql table and I would make query which give me only results that contain "keyword1" and not containing "keyword2" ? it is possible to perform this in one query ?15:28
HackerIIuse a can of air...open tray... spray 2 your hearts content...enjoy.15:28
Alphanumerikobeyance, and burn at the lowest speed - yes it does and any other options requires the window install cd or usb15:28
JimXLquick-: did you take out the quiet and splash?15:28
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AlphanumerikShay232, select * from table where datafield="keyword1"15:30
quick-bhavesh: After installing when i reboot , i get that initramfs and the system doesnt responds15:30
JimXLbhavesh: He needs to see how far he's getting in the boot process when it stops.15:30
JimXLquick-: so did you???15:30
obeyanceAlphanumerik, K cause its the (burn to CD) thats the issue.15:31
terrygWill canonical be providing any dvds for Software Freedom Day?15:31
dydquestion: i have disabled keyring, if i memorize a password to a remote folder, will ubuntu save the passwd uncrypted?15:31
marcuswhey, I need some help with a guy who has an ecrypted home dir and forgot his password15:31
rwwterryg: No idea, perhaps you should ask Canonical ;)15:31
xanguaterryg: on their store are always15:31
quick-JimXL:  wat did i do ?15:31
xanguacd, dvd, usb15:31
marcuswI was smart enough to save the key which the gui spat out and told us would be needed for recovery right after we installed it15:32
quick-bhavesh: After installing when i reboot , i get that initramfs and the system doesnt responds  . u there15:32
obeyanceAlphanumerik,  So if there is no trick to installing virtually, then ill have use like 5 disk to try and burn 1 good copy.15:32
=== faz_meeting is now known as faz_
marcuswand I still have it15:32
marcuswI just can't figure out what to do with it15:32
JimXLquick-: I don't know what you did.  Did you remove the spash and quiet????15:32
terrygI'll give that a try thanks.  I just happened be here thought I'd ask. later15:32
Alphanumerikobeyance, or make a bootable usb (http://downloadsquad.switched.com/2009/08/27/make-a-bootable-usb-installer-for-windows-xp-vista-7-with-wint/)15:32
marcuswevery ecryptfs tool I've tried wanted the login passphrase15:32
marcuswanyone know what I should do with this?15:33
HackerIIobeyance  burn it at 4-8x only if you can.15:33
snadg3an update in oneiric just horribly broke X and im getting black boxes and cant see most of the display.. its quiet in #ubuntu+1 :/15:33
JimXLquick- before anyone can help you we have to know what the problem is and we can't see that booting they way to are now.15:33
quick-JimXL:  nope i didnt , that system is in college , ill try it tomorrow15:33
dydif i select "remember forever" when connecting to a remote folder will ubuntu save the password in an uncrypted file??15:33
xanguasnadg3: and is not supported here ;)15:33
dyduncrypted since i disabled keyring15:34
snadg3yeah i know but i thought someone might be kind enough to know whats going on.. or if a recent update has broken fglrx driver and this is a known issue or no15:34
obeyanceAlphanumerik, Sorry mate but you havent been reading my questions fully. My machine does not want to boot from USB and the CD drive is flighty. Thats why i was asking about VD (like Alcohol 120%).15:34
quick-JimXL:  i didnt got you ?15:34
WilliamDIIIExcuse me, but would anyone know how I would move the panel at the top of the screen down to the bottom?15:34
sipiorsnadg3: if you're using a beta three months before release, the safe assumption is that you need to file a bug report.15:34
obeyanceHackerII, Yeah, thats the only hope i have for doing this install i guess. IF i can find a disk that will work.15:34
JimXLquick-: Didn't get what?15:35
sipioralpha, actually.15:35
rwwsnadg3: Please don't crosspost between channels. The correct location for oneiric discussion is #ubuntu+1, not here.15:35
snadg3sipior: ok.. i will try the radeon driver instead of fglrx as an additional data point15:35
leonard_does anybody here own a "Canon EOS" camera?15:36
quick-JimXL:  "before anyone can help you we have to know what the problem is and we can't see that booting they way to are now."   this15:36
Alphanumerikobeyance, I have been reading your question fully and I assumed that your machine doesn't boot usb is because you don't know what you're doing15:36
szalleonard_: how does that relate to *buntu?15:36
agustinvaya que mal me va el ubuntu 11.1015:36
szal!es | agustin15:37
ubottuagustin: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:37
JimXLquick- I was just saying that without seeing the messages that are being suppressed by the quiet and splash options, no one will be able to help you.15:37
WilliamDIIIThe person I'm trying to configure this for tends to have trouble adapting to new layouts. It would help a great deal if I could move this panel to the bottom, where he is used to it being15:37
leonard_szal; I've been in contact with canon as to a EOS Utility for gnu/linux ubuntu, and the first step i am doing is collecting signatures15:37
szalleonard_: -> #ubuntu-offtopic, as it's not a support question15:37
leonard_szal: ah thank you, sorry15:37
conscienceHi everyone! Wine keeps freezing, i am under ubuntu 11.04 64bit! Anyone got an idea? thx15:38
leonard_conscience: have you tried different programs?15:39
WilliamDIIIHello? Are my messages showing up in the channel?15:39
obeyanceTheres 3 different options in bios for USB (USB HDD, USB Floppy and USB FDD) I have tried all 3 as the first in the boot order and they do not work. Booting from CD or Primary HDD is the only 2 working options that my bios list. (I tried USB Floppy just to make sure...)15:39
folivoraGday. Yesterday I crypted one disk with dm-crypt+luks combo, today with the very same computer I am trying to crypt second disk with same parameters. But I get this error: Failed to setup dm-crypt key mapping for device /dev/sdd1. Check that kernel supports aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 cipher (check syslog for more info).15:39
jianfeihey anyone know how to setup default email templates in exchange and push them out through a policy?15:39
conscienceleonard: yes i have tried spotify and safari!15:40
obeyanceUnless you know a trick to getting it to boot from USB Flash on a K8 Triton.15:40
JimXLjianfei how does that relate to ubuntu support?15:40
duckydanobeyance: Have you tried UNetbootin?15:40
obeyanceNo i dont knwo what that is, sec.15:40
JimXLLast I heard exchange didn't run on Ubuntu15:40
leonard_conscience: did you run it in terminal to see if it prints out any messages?15:41
duckydanobeyance: Try that. I could not boot from USB on my new system without it.15:41
obeyanceduckydan,  Can in set up a windows install with that program?15:41
obeyanceIt says linux installs...15:41
jianfeiJimXL: indirectly perhaps15:41
HackerIIobeyance  plus, do you know how to make your bios boot from usb ?15:42
dliobeyance, unetbootin runs in windows15:42
HITINwhat is stdin: error 0?15:42
jianfeiJimXL: end user could be running a vm ontop of ubuntu which is running outlook15:42
obeyanceHackerII, DEL  (to enter bios) > Tab down to Advanced Bios Configuration > Change boot order?15:42
obeyanceOther than that... no?15:43
JimXLThat's still not a ubuntu support issue.15:43
Picijianfei: ##windows and ##windows-server exist for those sorts of questions.15:43
HackerIIlol. well  you have to change the boot up sequence for it to boot to usb15:43
obeyanceRight, i have CD, Flash(tried all 3 options) then HDD15:44
comm_does anyone know a ppa for vlc for 1.1.1115:44
conscienceleonard_: Just tried it, no errors! I was able to install properly spotify, the problem is while i am executing it my session keeps loging off or it freezes!15:44
obeyanceEr not flash USB*15:44
obeyanceAs my boot order.15:44
jianfeiThanks Pici, thats all i really wanted to know =)15:44
HackerIIobeyance  first try burning it between 4-8x, slower the better.15:45
obeyanceCould it be that the CD boot is deturing the flash boot sequence?15:45
duckydanobeyance: You mean installing Windows from USB? I don't think so. Maybe ask in a Windows channel.15:45
HackerIIno its not15:45
WilliamDIIIHello, would someone help me adjusting to Ubuntu 11, please?15:45
DeathKnighthow do i share files with ubuntu guest and ubuntu host in virtualbox?15:45
obeyanceduckydan, I know i can because i have a bootable install on a flash drive that works on my laptop... just not this PC.15:45
JimXLDeathKnight: assuming you have the network configured properly you can use nfs15:46
HackerIIif its just a pc, chances are its not set to boot first from usb15:46
duckydanobeyance: In my experience, the booting from USB is not yet anywhere near as stable as using a gold old CD. Some BIOS versions are very picky about it.15:47
DeathKnightJimXL, i.. didnt understand. is it different that sharing between linux host and windows guest? isnt it simple like that?15:47
duckydan*good old15:47
JimXLDeathKnight: you might be able to use samba, but nfs is probably a better option.15:47
HackerIIunetbootin works well, I've done it plenty of times. especially on eee pc's15:48
jianfeipici, jokes aside,, considering we have to put up with unity gui, are there any plans by Mark. S. to roll out a Metro gui?15:48
JimXLDeathKnight: run nfs server on the machine with the files to share and nfs client on the remote machine15:48
leonard_yeah I've decided Unity is a shocker15:48
JimXLIMHO configuring nfs is easier than configuring Samba.  But that's 'cause I have done it more often.15:49
DeathKnightok, will check.15:49
leonard_i wish there was a windows 3.1 style interface, openbox, but the menus dont work properly15:49
JimXLDeathKnight: There's lots of documentation on nfs.15:49
maslen21Hi, I want to create a new account  for running a program. How can I make a new account that will only be able to do that, but multiple users will be able to control that program?15:49
HackerIIobeyance  how much ram do you have in that triton 815:49
JimXLDeathKnight: Another option would be to use DropBox15:49
JimXLThat's overkill however.15:50
buhmanI'm trying to configure failover link aggregation, and it would appear to be working for the moment, but I'm not exactly sure whether it is actually configured properly: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/443617/ I want eth1 to be the primary adapter, which it was when I first brought bond0 up, but then it seems to immediately switch over to eth015:50
buhmanalso I'm not sure whether I should care or not, but my interfaces are still assigned ip addresses of their own: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/443616/ is there something special I should be doing to eth0 and eth1 themselves?15:50
JimXLUse your favorite search engine to find out about Dropbox15:50
leonard_and when you minimize on openbox they just dissapeare, itd be nice if they iconify on the desktop15:51
JimXLHowever Dropbox is definitely the easiest.15:51
=== HHRian is now known as DeuRian
conscienceleonard_: no hint about this bug?15:51
JimXLmaslen21: do you mean "user" vs "account"??15:52
xangua!lubuntu | leonard_15:52
ubottuleonard_: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:52
xanguauses blackbox i believe15:52
maslen21JimXL: Yes.15:52
splnet_workHow do I add new entries to grub? /boot/grub/menu.1st isn't there15:53
maslen21JimXL: An example of what I'd want to do is if I was running the apache binaries, I'd want them to run as a specific user, but give a group of users access to manage it15:53
leonard_i'm switching to debian15:53
io!grub | splnet_work15:53
ubottusplnet_work: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:53
JimXLmaslen21: OK well if you add a user and specify the shell as the path to the program, then logging in using that user would run the program.15:53
JimXLmaslen21: What exactly do you mean by manage?15:53
=== naomi is now known as Guest7893
=== Guest7893 is now known as naomi__
maslen21JimXL: The idea is that the program would be a service running in the background. Occasionally, users might need to start and stop it.15:56
JimXLOK then I'd use sudo15:56
maslen21(for configuration changes, or updating it to a newer version)15:56
maslen21At first I simply gave everyone in the group full sudo access. But I was told that's wrong. So I'd like to do this a *better* way15:57
JimXLLet the program run as whatever user you want and add info in sudo to let individual users or groups to run specific programs.15:57
maslen21(I'm a complete noob though, so 'using sudo' is not enough info for me)15:57
JimXLYou can tell sudo to permit a user access to just on program.15:57
wh1zz0Hi guys15:57
maslen21also, I have no idea how to create an account that could only be used to run this program - and not be used for a logon or anything else. Could you recommend any sources for that?15:58
splnet_workio: thanks for the tip on grub2. I'm using grub-install for an install on an external device. How do I add new commands directly to grub.cfg?  ( I can't use update-grub since it could impact the HOST box)15:59
JimXLmaslen21: jim     ALL=    /bin/kill is an example of a line that would let user jim execute /bin/kill as root.16:00
Numni have problem with the sound.. i got sound before i updated16:01
JimXLmaslen21:  look in /etc/passwd.  Check nobody or apache or www-data users   One or more will have a shell set to /dev/null.  That will prevent logins.16:01
maslen21JimXL: That's all that's required to prevent logons?16:01
JimXLAnd you can tell sudo to run as another user, not just root, but that's the most common usage.16:02
JimXLsudo -u jerry /bin/something will run something as user jerry16:03
samsul is Ubuntu can be bootable from extend partition?16:03
JimXLsamsul; yes16:04
maslen21And If I don't set a password for this 'appservice' account,  any logged on user should be able to call su (or sudo -u?) to run the server as that account?16:04
dan_ssoooo normally I'm not the sort to panic, but: my home folder (set up with ecryptfs) didn't come up cleanly this morning. Everything is gooooone!16:04
=== brechdurchfall is now known as brechdurchfall|a
maslen21dan_s: Did you install bumblebee ?16:05
dan_smaslen21: Not that I'm aware of. Would it have come automatically?16:05
maslen21nah :)16:05
cmyrlandHi all. Can somebody please take a look at my bug report and see if they know of a solution? Weird compiz/unity bug after (re)boot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/81149916:05
JimXLmaslen21: Any user that is permitted to do so as defined in the sudo config file, yes.16:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 811499 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Malfunction on boot?" [Undecided,New]16:05
maslen21dan_s: See the commit log: https://github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee/commit/a047be85247755cdbe0acce616:06
cjaeplayingaround with vbox and emulation, tried setting some audio to OSS, doesnt seem to work, does ubuntu 11.04 still have OSS support installed?16:06
vivpHi , I would be really glad if some could help me out16:06
vivpCan anyone explain to me the usage of the testDisk ??? I am trying system recovery . And i don't have much idea how to do it from Linux16:06
dan_smaslen21: Hah. :)16:06
JimXLmaslen21: it's probably best to add all your users in a single grup and the give group access to the appservice16:07
vivpI am using this link . And i am not sure what i am supposed to do next16:07
Alphanumerikmaslen21: what you should do is create a group AppletAccess and add users to the group, then on the Applet program, set the group permissions. For the lone user with sole purpose of accessing the applet, set all permission accordingly16:07
dan_sNo, my problem is specific to ecryptfs: It "mounts" my /home/dan/.Private, but not correctly -- if I 'ls' my home folder while mounted, it's full of ecryptfs guarded files.16:07
maslen21JimXL: That's pretty much what I want to do. All those users are already in a group.16:08
JimXLAlphanumerik: That'll work if the service can run as user joe or user sam or whatever, if it has to run as specific user then the sudo approach is better.16:08
maslen21Alphanumerik: The biggest (for me) issue is that this is a program under active development - so the files will be changed/replaced quite often.16:09
Alphanumerikat the end of your makefile add the chmod command to the changed files16:09
Alphanumerikthe problem with sudo is it allows root access16:09
JimXLIt can be limited16:10
Alphanumeriksure but if you run sudo for a specific user, why not just use group permission with chmod16:10
JimXLAs I said, if joe starts the app, then it runs as user joe.  If tom starts it then it runs as user tom.  That might not be desirable.16:11
LOVELYDCC SEND Crash Initialized16:11
rado_kirovhi guys, i am having some issues with my microphone16:11
rado_kirovworks in windows, so not hardware16:11
obeyanceHackerII, i only have 8Gb is this K8 Triton (Nvidia NForce4 north bridge) MB. It supports up to 8 i believe but DDR400 is expensive.16:11
rado_kirovalsamixer everything is on16:11
allan_I have  a question that can really only be answered by opinions of other people.  I'm currently on an older HP Pavilion dv400, 1.4 Processor, 500 MB of ram.  What would be the best version of  linux to run to keep resource use down to a minimal?16:11
rado_kirovstill nothing to be heard in arecord16:12
HackerIIthats plenty16:12
JimXLrado-kirov mute button?16:12
obeyanceer er er  HackerII, I have 2GB* Not 816:12
rado_kirovwell it works in windows16:12
rado_kirovin dual-boot16:12
Numnsomeone here have either got problem with the sound?16:12
JimXLrado_kirov:  mute button on?16:12
rado_kirovJimXL: alsa mixer has no mute button under F416:13
obeyanceHackerII,  Are you trying to suggest VM? Does VM not use very much ram as to allow me to play games that are ram intensive?16:13
rado_kirovJimXL: am i missing something16:13
HackerIIno i'm not16:13
rado_kirovit doesn't show under input in pusleaudio all greyed out16:13
obeyanceHackerII, Then im not following you mate.16:13
HackerIIjust making sure you had enough to run ubuntu16:14
obeyanceIm running ubuntu =p16:14
rado_kirovcould it be interrupts or i am overthinking it, cus hda_audio and nvidia are both on irq 1616:14
JimXLrado_kirov: Do you have the speaker icon?16:14
nkhHello I have compiled opencv with ffmpeg support under my /opt/opencv, and I Do this in my bashrc : export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/opencv/lib/ And this : export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/opencv/lib/pkgconfig/ , when I compile a code using opencv_ffmpeg function "cvCreateFileCapture_FFMPEG" , with this command : g++ -ggdb `pkg-config --cflags opencv` -o image image.cpp `pkg-config --libs opencv` , it says that "cvCreateFileCapture_FFMPEG" is not declared in this Scope . I 16:14
NRWlionhi there16:14
rado_kirovJimXL: yeah sound plays fine16:14
obeyance11.04 fully updated. I installed from an old 9.10 LIVECD.16:14
rado_kirovJimXL: just mic missing16:14
=== kierge- is now known as kierge
obeyanceAbout 2 weeks ago.16:14
rado_kirovJimXL: nothing under input tab16:14
wh1zz0Anyone knows what might be probably wrong with my WebHttrack? I just dowloading it using apt-get and i'm trying to use it.. It opens up fine on ubuntu (chrome browser) but as soon as I click next from the first page of the wizard it takes me to an error page (Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to linux-box:8080).. Anyone?16:14
JimXLOK click on the speaker and select sound preferences16:15
wh1zz0I just downloaded* it16:15
rado_kirovJimXL: yeah16:15
JimXLGo to the input tab and make sure the volume is up and the mute button is not checked16:15
rado_kirovJimXL: the is no device there16:15
rado_kirovJimXL: *there*16:15
JimXLNo input device?16:15
=== Abc is now known as Guest99209
JimXLThat's your problem.16:16
rado_kirovhow can i fix it16:16
JimXLI've never run into that one.  Inspect dmesg16:16
Guest99209sry to ask this question on ubuntu...but can anyone tell me which is better Intel or AMD processor ?16:16
JimXLSee if there are any errors.16:16
maslen21Guest99209: Try #hardware16:16
JimXLGuest99209 You'll probably start a religious war.16:17
=== Eprillios is now known as EprilAway
rado_kirovJimXL: no errors, but nvidia and hda_audio get same irq16:17
rado_kirov[   32.352265] hda_intel: Disable MSI for Nvidia chipset16:18
rado_kirovhmmm, is this normal16:18
rado_kirovfunny thing is that it was all working a few days ago16:18
Guest99209<JimXL> :)16:19
JimXLrado_kirov: I don't think that's a problem.  Linux has shared interrupts for a long time.16:19
gulzargetting very unusual bug in Unity2D. I opened /media/Data and started copying files into /media/Multimedia. Now the Home icon shows two arrows- one for copy dialog and one for /media/multimedia. But when I minimize Multimedia and try to open it by clicking on icon then copy dialog opens as it is but Multimedia opens as firefox tittle with White area (i am working on firfox). how to solve it?16:20
rado_kirovcan't i make alsa re-detect everything16:20
rado_kirovi vaguely remember an option like that16:20
DamnSoGooDGuest99209, better make a room, post your poll, then make a graph which is the winner :D16:20
rado_kirovbut not how to do that16:20
julian__is it anyone else's experience that the network-manager applet doesn't respond to attempts to change APs?16:21
wh1zz0Has anyone been successful using WebHttrack on ubutu please?16:21
julian__i'm having to service restart network-manager repeatedly16:21
JimXLrado_kirov: go back to the sound preferences16:21
JimXLTry a few of the other profiles.16:22
JimXLSee if one of them might bring you an input tab.16:22
julian__better still i just kill network-manager and use wpa_supplicant, iwconfig by hand. network-manager really is a bit broken in 11.0416:22
JimXLjulian__ I removed network-manglers and am much happer16:22
obeyance=( I hate how when i type something like "How to Burn ISO Ubuntu" or "How to burn an ISO in ubuntu" all get the same results. "How to burn Ubuntu ISO to disk in windows"16:22
julian__JimXL: i can see why.16:23
JimXLI had to on my laptop, it just wouldn't run otherwise.16:23
io!iso | obeyance16:23
ubottuobeyance: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.16:23
rado_kirovJimXL: duuuuuuh, that was it16:24
rado_kirovJimXL: thanks a lot !!!16:24
JimXLI'll send the bill tomorrow..  ;)16:24
Piciobeyance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto#Windows16:24
gulzargetting very unusual bug in Unity2D. I opened /media/Data and started copying files into /media/Multimedia. Now the Home icon shows two arrows- one for copy dialog and one for /media/multimedia. But when I minimize Multimedia and try to open it by clicking on icon then copy dialog opens as it is but Multimedia opens as firefox tittle with White area (i am working on firefox). how to solve it?16:25
cmyrlandBumpin'. Can somebody please take a look at my bug report and see if they know of a solution? Weird compiz/unity bug after (re)boot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/81149916:25
JimXLI get the feeling obeyance wants to burn it in Ubuntu not windows.  But he's only finding the windows instructions.16:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 811499 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Malfunction on boot?" [Undecided,New]16:25
JimXLUnity IS a bug.16:25
miskofuck it16:25
JimXLPlease, not here.16:25
=== LmtdAt is now known as LmAt
aguitelwhen i try to start grub2 appears message "out range ..." and no way to choose what os to boot ,any know this?16:27
obeyanceYeah, I have the ISO already. I just dont know what to use to burn it to disk in the Ubuntu Environment.16:27
obeyanceThat will provide me with a bootalbe disk*16:27
JimXLI use k3b to burn16:27
=== Shade_Tornado is now known as ShadeTornado
obeyanceCan that be found in the software center?16:28
JimXLapt-get install k3b16:28
obeyancethank you much.16:28
dliaguitel, set GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480 in /etc/default/grub, and test again16:30
gulzaraguitel: install startup manage and adjust the resolution16:30
gulzaraguitel: *manager16:30
fission6anyone have a killer laptop they got for a good deal they can recommend me16:30
aguiteldli, gulzar ok16:30
aeon-ltdfission6: not here man16:31
fission6what if i said it will run ubuntu, haha16:31
Picifission6: try ##hardware16:31
aeon-ltdfission6: now your talking16:31
VEndixhttp://paste.org/pastebin/view/36377 where is it? i'm new to ubuntu so asking just how to know what is this line? 33 how to juml to the error and correct it?16:31
VEndixin what line is the error placed?16:33
aguiteldli, i have not this line in /etc/default/grub16:33
wols_VEndix: in line 33 as the error message says16:33
aeon-ltdfission6: if you know what you'd like post here http://www.reddit.com/r/suggestalaptop16:33
aguiteldli, need to uncoment?16:33
JimXLVEndix: vim .irissi/config16:34
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic16:37
JimXLor gedit .irssi/config or kate .irssi/config or nano .irssi/config16:37
[snake]hello ubuntu channel16:38
maslen21Would it make sense to not have a home dir for a user account designed exclusively to run this app?16:38
PiciVEndix, JimXL: you shoudln't be modifying your irssi configs manually :/16:38
terryVEndix: pastebinit .irssi/config  #And send resluting URL, (if  you want us to have a look).16:38
pworkHello, I installed mysql-server (5.1, natty, amd64) and get this one upon 'sudo mysql -u root' : ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)16:38
JimXLI don't even run irssi16:38
TracksHey everyone.16:39
TracksI am trying to load FreeBSD in Virtual box.  I am having trouble making freeBSD bootable on my flash drive; I even tried the create startup disk.  Is there a way to do this?16:39
terryJimXL: Why not?16:39
JimXLUntil now I never heard of it.16:39
[snake]my usb to sd card adapter that is made by samsung is non-functional. although the indicator light comes on solid.16:39
cmyrlandBumpin'. Can somebody please take a look at my bug report and see if they know of a solution? Weird compiz/unity bug after (re)boot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/81149916:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 811499 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Malfunction on boot?" [Undecided,New]16:39
JimXLI still don't know what it is.16:39
PiciTracks: I don't see how this is on-topic for this channel.  ##freebsd or #vbox would be more appropriate.16:40
aguiteldli, gulzar it solved16:40
[snake]i am on ubuntu 10.04 64bit16:40
JimXLBut I know how to read error messages and find the offensive line.  ;)16:40
TracksOkay thank you pici16:40
terryJimXL: It's just an irc client.  Not important.16:40
JimXLOK thanks.16:40
[snake]my usb to sd card adapter that is made by samsung is non-functional. although the indicator light comes on solid. I am on ubuntu 10.04 x86_64. the disk utility knows that it's an adapter but the computer doesn't read the card itself. it's like a cd drive with no cd.16:42
[snake]any suggestions16:42
terry[snake]: May not be partitioned or formatted16:42
terry[snake]: YOu say it is a16:43
[snake]it is i think. but I will double check.16:43
danskuwhat is the easiest way to install an ftp server on ubuntu?16:43
pwork/var/log/mysql/err/log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/649277/16:43
terry[snake]: YOu say it is a "sd card adapter"  If it is just a card reader with no card in it, well  yes, it will not read anything because there's nothing to read.16:43
terry[snake]: sudo fdisk -l  #See if it shows up there.16:44
[snake]terry, true. but there is a card in it. im saying it doesn't show up16:44
[snake]here is output from format attempt: Error creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: cannot open /dev/sdd: No such device or address16:44
terry[snake]: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #And send resulting URL, (if you want  us to have a look at it).16:45
terry[snake]: Make sure the card is inserted properly.  Make sure it is pushed all the way in. etc. etc.16:46
pworkFor this mysql issue, I don't know where to get logs in fact, mysql -u root fails, but the /var/log/mysql/err.log posted before only mentions logs that occured when I installed packages16:46
[snake]terry, http://pastebin.com/v1Cmam5x16:46
pworkThe root account was once enabled on my PC, but now disabled (that's I have a prompt if I try 'su', but I can't find the password).16:47
pworkonly suoing16:47
terry[snake]: What size is the card that is in it?16:47
[snake]terry, it's 4gb... the device id thingy is sdd16:47
terry[snake]:  It is not showing in the output of fdisk -l16:48
[snake]it's all plugged in... maybe I will try in the back.16:48
terry[snake]: must be something wrong with it.  How are you seeing it listed as /dev/sdd  ?16:48
[snake]terry disk utility16:48
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terry[snake]:  Really?  Was it plugged in when you ran " You might also try this:  Unplug it16:49
dassoukiis tehre a simplistic way to check my gmail from terminal ?16:49
terry[snake]:  Really?  Was it plugged in when you ran "sudo fdisk -l"16:49
Picidassouki: Ther are ways of setting up mutt to connect to gmail.16:49
[snake]great i tried in the back... and it didn't even show up in the diskutil. and now the front wont work either >.>16:50
dassoukiPici: would mutt be better than alpine/pine ?16:50
[snake]nvm. it needed a second to load/16:51
terry[snake]: You might also try to unplug it, open a terminal and type "tail -f /var/log/messages"  and watch the output of the terminal window as you plug it in again.16:51
terry[snake]: Oh ok I see.16:51
terry[snake]: What does fdisk -l say about it now?16:51
[snake]yeah its showing up via the tail.16:51
Picidassouki: I find it better, but thats just me.  These are the instructions that I followed, if mutt isn't to your liking you can likely adapt them to fit alpine: http://crunchbanglinux.org/wiki/howto/howto_setup_mutt_with_gmail_imap16:51
terry[snake]: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #And send resulting URL16:52
[snake]terry, http://pastebin.com/17S4N5gH16:52
terry[snake]: Still don't see it.16:53
[snake]it magically changed to sdc, but thats not there either.16:53
[snake]i guess it's broken. doesn't work on my dad's box either.16:54
cmyrlandBumpin' on the Savoy. Can somebody please take a look at my bug report and see if they know of a solution? Weird compiz/unity bug after (re)boot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/81149916:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 811499 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Malfunction on boot?" [Undecided,New]16:55
terry[snake]: Don't have much to go on here, don't see it listed in the output of fdisk -l  so can only assume that it has not been partitioned or formatted.  You probably just need to put a partition on it and format it.  The other option is that it is just broken.16:55
[snake]what if its a problem with the sd... hmm. sd or adapter?16:56
[snake]hang on16:56
BluesKajdassouki,,  try lynx it's a browser , alpinre is anemail client , don't think it will connect to gmail16:56
mehhahahow can I set boot priority in ubuntu boot loader?16:57
terry[snake]: If it shows as /dev/sdd  That would mean that it does not have any partitions on it.  In which case, the card may just need to be partitioned and formatted.16:57
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KlyickI'm having graphics problems with my dell 4600C. The menus flicker.16:58
quackv2hello, if someone has a second. not sure how to google this, but when i plug in an external monitor, my laptops default behavior is to turn off the laptop screen and just use the external, however it doesn't display properly/at all on the extneral16:58
KlyickI tried additional drivers, but none showed up in the place where you choose them16:58
quackv2anyway to disable the current automatic behavior?16:58
terry[snake]: If you partition and format it and you still can not mount it, then you can be pretty sure the card is bad.  (Actually, you will more-than-likely get errors trying to format or partition the card if it is defective.)16:59
terryquackv2: xrandr    #With no arguments, it will show what screensize resolutions are available.  You may need to pick one that is compatable to the monitor.17:00
quackv2i can't cause i can't ssh into this machine and when i plug in the external i can't see anything17:01
dassoukiBluesKaj: thanks17:01
terryI can't see anything either  ^_^17:01
[snake]terry, the only sd card i can test is my wii... and i need some homebrew for that so brb17:02
quackv2yea, damn =/, its like some automatic behavior decided by the monitor preferences, but im not sure how to change it to stop shutting off the laptop monitor when i connect the external to it17:02
quackv2is there a file or something that the monitor preferences is messing with that i can muck with?17:04
gulzarIs there any similar software like "gwenview" for gnome(Unity)?17:04
Picigulzar: whats wrong with gwenview itself?17:05
quackv2oh wait found it! ~/.config/monitors.xml17:05
d_atharva_hi....I have just installed ubuntu 10.10 on pc with ASUS P8H61-M LX  motherboard.I am unable to start  desktop cube ,wobbly windows etc. I have also tried Additional Drivers but it says No Proprietary drivers are in use on this system.Can anyone please help me ??17:05
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quackv2anyways terry, was using grandr before, but the monitor preferences doesn't seem to work well with external monitors for some reason17:06
gulzarPici: I am on Gnome and not interested in installing KDE apps... they are too big to install. And once the lib to make the looks of KDE apps like Gnome broke and I was unable to do any removal,install,update etc..17:06
gulzarPici: as such gwenview is best...