falktxoh, scott-work, ScottL11:47
falktxI tried the iso-script some days ago11:48
falktxit seems that oneiric has lots of packages issues right now11:48
scott-worki'm having trouble installing ubuntu studio currently11:48
falktxnot only US, but ubuntu generic packages are broken too11:48
scott-worki'm trying it on a new (ish) computer though11:48
falktxthe upstart, intramfs, gnome3 and all those changes produce a lot of errors11:48
scott-workso i'm going to backup and try it out on natty to both validate isntalling ubuntu studio on this machine and to test the iso script11:49
falktxI was able to create an ISO, but gdm does not start11:49
falktxscott-work: you should be ok for a natty<->lucid ISO11:49
falktxI'll give this script more attention next week, so maybe you want to wait a bit11:50
scott-workright :)  i have a natty dvd already so i'll test it out this evening (hopefully)11:50
falktx(I found some oneiric specific fixes that I want to add)11:50
scott-workoh, you sure i should wait?11:50
falktxscott-work: you can try just to see how far you can get, but 30% chances it will fail11:50
scott-workeven for natty or lucid?11:50
falktxscott-work: yes11:51
falktxstill, 70% sucess rate11:51
scott-worki still need to install natty to validate installation on this machine, so i don't hink it's much to go further and test the script11:51
falktxwell, please do test, and let me know what you think11:52
scott-workit's a gateway that i was given and had to replace the power supply and i'm unfamiliar with gateway machines :/11:52
falktxthe script checks for dependencies at startup, so there's no problem with missing packages11:52
scott-workand although i was able to install fedora 15: design suite, it balked at installing the latest ubuntu studio daily image11:52
falktxI just forgot to write that, before quiting the 'custom' process, 'custom_end' should be run outside11:53
scott-workof course it probably is the daily image, given how many problems have been occuring with it11:53
falktxscott-work: please take a note ^11:53
scott-workfalktx: will it be extremely evident when i need to type this?11:53
falktxscott-work: yes, after you install all the packages in the chroot, just before quiting11:55
falktxscott-work: make sure you pay attention to all the messages that get printed11:55
scott-workfalktx: how much typing will i be required to do?11:55
falktxnot much11:55
scott-worki am quite ignorant of the steps required11:55
falktxI can give you the basic commands11:55
falktxok, write this down11:56
falktxkxstudio-create-iso natty i38611:56
falktx(or other version or arch)11:56
falktx(this will install the basic chroot)11:57
scott-worki will copy/paste text, plus screenshot and send it all to myself in an email, quickest way for me11:57
falktxok, 2 command:11:57
falktxkxstudio-create-iso custom11:57
falktx(this will put you in the chroot, save the messages that get printed, and install whatever you need)11:58
falktx(you may need to enable universe and multiverse repos here)11:58
falktx(after you installed everything, run the printed messages about ubiquity [live installer], if you want such thing. if not, ignore this line)11:58
falktx(after *all* packages are installed, even ubiquity, run:)11:59
falktxkxstudio-create-iso custom_end # outside, without leaving the chroot11:59
falktx(this will tell you how to properly clean&exit the chroot, so the live-cd works)12:00
falktxnow, step 3:12:00
falktxkxstudio-create-iso squash12:00
falktxkxstudio-create-iso mksquash12:00
falktx(this will create the main squash.fs file, which contains the entire filesystem)12:00
falktxstep 4:12:00
falktxkxstudio-create-iso mkboot12:00
falktx(this will create the boot stuff for the ISO, fails on oneiric here due to kernel 3.0)12:01
falktxstep 5:12:01
falktxkxstudio-create-iso mkart i386 UbuntuStudio12:01
falktx(it will ask you to copy a file here, which is in the same dir as the script file)12:02
falktx(re-run it after copying the file)12:02
falktx(after running this, some new messages get printed telling you to edit some files. do it as needed)12:03
falktxstep 6:12:03
falktxkxstudio-create-iso md5sum12:03
falktxstep 7:12:03
falktxkxstudio-create-iso iso UbuntuStudio_LiveTest1Name12:03
falktxscott-work: done, after all this you got a nice ISO, ready to test12:04
scott-workcool :)12:06
falktxI used this process to create my KXStudio ISOs for lucid12:07
falktxhopefully it works in natty as well12:08
scott-workemail sent to myself documenting this :)12:08
scott-workpaultag: within six months i want to write an application with python and glade, would you mind being a resource to help with particulars?13:30
paultagscott-work: sure, no problem. I'm caught up with work, but my inbox is always open :)13:31
scott-worki'm still feeling my way through python, reading a book and looking at code, i don't expect to require much help with that (at least i hope ;) )13:32
scott-workmainly i'm worried about using python-glade (or whatever the package is called) andprobably python-apt because i've had trouble finding information about them13:33
paultagscott-work: mmm13:40
paultagscott-work: it can be finikey but it's mostly sane13:40
scott-workpaultag: part of the reason for the long time line is also to really develop explicit goals for this application, i really want clearly defined goals and UI for it before i start programming, i believe this will make the entire process more efficient and less frustrating13:44
paultagscott-work: :)13:44
astraljavaI don't know if you have that saying in English, but here in finnish it goes like "Well planned is half done", but an agile workshop here twisted it into a form of "Well planned hasn't even begun to be implemented" (sorry, hard to translate.) Thought it was funny, and quite fitting. :)15:31

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