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polanyone here? :)00:13
orngjce223Are you here to ask a question or do you just want to shoot the breeze? :v00:13
polI think it's kind of sad to come here only to ask questions00:13
polbut yes, I have a question00:14
orngjce223Cool. Fire away.00:14
polafter 7 months of running really smoth00:14
polmy greybird theme messed up00:14
polon a reboot00:14
polAnd I have everything like the default installation, I mean, I just installed a xubuntu on a VM just to check00:15
poland it's exactly the same setup00:15
polbut the window decorators are different, and I noticed the font changed by itself00:15
orngjce223Find the config files on the VM and copy them over all your config files by yourself, you might've gotten some subtle corruption? Or change it back manually00:15
polthe thing is, everything I can see is the same on the configs00:16
polbut then, visually, it isn't00:16
polyes, really weird00:17
orngjce223You could ask #xfce about the structure of the config files and which exact ones you're going to need to fool with00:17
polI mean, I don't consider myself a newbie but c'mon, I haven't found a reason for this change00:17
polnor updates, nor anything00:17
charlie-tcaand you have restarted, and it did not change.00:18
charlie-tcaHad to be an update to the video card, xorg, or something00:19
polI can provide some screenshots00:19
polI fixed all I could but the window decorators, for the same theme -greybird- are different00:19
polif you want to check00:23
poloh god00:25
polthis is just a facepalm for me00:25
polwindow decorator > style00:25
polthe thing is, why did it change by itself00:25
polwell, thanks for your time, and have a nice day/night00:32
polcheers mate00:32
DoyleHi Folks. When new windows open, the top of them appear under the top panel. To move them I have to right-click on the panel entry and select 'move'. Is there a way to prevent windows from opening in this space?00:42
gusnanDoyle, not what you are asking for, but: you can probably move the windows by holding down alt, and dragging them too.00:43
orngjce223Then don't have a top panel. :v00:44
gusnanDoyle, I correct myself, my tip doesn't seem to work on xubuntu for some reason...00:45
orngjce223Oh no, it works just fine, gusnan00:45
DoyleThanks gusnan00:45
gusnanah, then its my virtualbox that catches my alt pressing before it gets to the WM...00:46
DoyleThe problem is that the area where you'd normally click on to drag a window, the window title area, is hidden by the top panel... Not having a top panel is not an option for me.00:46
Doylegusnan: install Guest Additions00:47
gusnanwill do! :) Thanks Doyle00:47
charlie-tcaDoyle: try this:  Alt+F2, xfwm4 &01:34
charlie-tcasee if that fixes it01:34
DoyleRDP is over Terminal Services... Why is it that some applications can't be installed over TS?01:42
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carcinogen75hello! I have a problem. When i double click on the header of window, it's not maximizing. I have checked this options and it's ON. What can i d0, or its a bug?07:32
Sysiclick over exactly one pixel07:33
Sysiit's easier if you do it very fast07:33
SysiI think there're planning to fix that07:34
carcinogen75ouh!! i must click very very fast)) thx it works07:34
PhalstaffI am learning to write program (for my own amusement) can someone explain the basics of terminal emulators?09:35
TheSheepthey emulate hardware terminals. the end.09:37
lv_just wanted to say thanks for a good OS image guys you rock10:46
dazzbuonasera!! :D12:39
cYmenI'm having trouble with some pdfs, they look fine in acroread but in evince and okular most characters are replaced by little boxes.15:22
cYmenAny idea what font package I should install or something?15:22
GridCubecYmen: do you have wine installed on your system?15:32
martingustHello people, I have some serious trouble getting the sound to work on my machine. I have two sound cards installed and want to use the second card (1,7) as default. Have tried multiple guides etc.but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know anything about this?? Could really use some help...15:51
cYmenGridCube: no15:52
charlie-tcamartingust: is there a reason to keep both cards installed? Just remove the one you aren't using15:54
martingustWould this solve the problem though?15:55
GridCubecYmen: oh, i was reading that evince has problems sometimes if wine install different fonts on the system, you should check what font (or font family) the pdf is calling for and see if you have one installed15:56
charlie-tcawon't know without trying, I guess15:56
cYmenGridCube: hm...any ideas how to do that?15:57
GridCubemartingust: you have an integrated sound card that you don't want to use? if yes then you should be able to disable it from the BIOS15:57
cYmenI have no clue how to extract such information from a pdf. :)15:57
GridCubecYmen: open the pdf and go to see its propierties from inside acroread15:58
GridCubeit should tell you15:58
GridCube(i haven't actually used acroread on linux since like a long time ago so i don't remember the menus but it should tell you)15:58
cYmenit crashes when I try to go to the fonts tab ;)15:59
GridCubecYmen: you should probably ask on irc://irc.gnome.org/evince16:01
martingustI have checked BIOS and there was no option to disable it there... Anyway I'm pretty sure that disabling one of the sound cards won't solve the problem. I have been looking trough some guides and I think that I just need to tell alsa or pulse audio or to use the right device on the right card in some configuration file or trough a  probe mask or similar... Unfortunately none of the guides work for me...16:01
cYmenGridCube: maybe, yeah16:01
GridCubecYmen: sorry for not being of better help, hope it solves16:02
martingustI can get sound too play using: aplay -d hw:1,7 sound.wav16:02
GridCubemartingust: when i used a two audio setup back in the day the only way i found to use the pci card was disabling it from the BIOS, either way it just failed everytime16:03
martingustI just can't get this device to be the standard sound output for the system. So sound works, I just have to get the system to use it...  Any who any how, I guess I'll just keep googeling..16:07
GridCubemartingust: have already read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToSetupSoundCards  ¿?16:09
martingustJust had a look,  and my computer is brand new so I don't think that the sound cards are to old to be detected etc. As i said, both cards are detected and are also working fine, I just need to figure out how to tell the system which device on what card to use.16:12
martingustIn Ubuntu there is an option in the sound preferences to choose both wich card and which device to use, there is no such option in xubuntu sound options.16:13
martingustI can just choose Alsa (Nvidia)16:13
GridCubemartingust: maybe trying this? http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/default-sound-card-in-ubuntu-564006/#post294271616:15
GridCubemartingust: or this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6017950&postcount=216:16
martingustActually this post describes my problem precisely: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166873716:17
martingustEverything in the guide works perfectly until I create the probe mask, the probe mask I create does not work for me...16:18
martingustActually found another solution now, will try this; http://www.piggott.me.uk/blog/2011/03/26/how-to-make-pulseaudio-work-with-nvidia-hdmi-audio-outputs-under-fedora-and-ubuntu/16:21
GridCubehave you already read the 11 pages of the previous link?16:23
martingustWoooooooohooooooooo! It works! :)16:28
martingustThanks for your help anyway, always appreciated!16:30
GridCubewould you mind to write how did you do it?16:32
GridCubeeven on a pastebin will be enough and helpful for other people eventually16:33
martingustJust followed this guide, it tells you how to let pulseaudio know what device to use as standard: http://www.piggott.me.uk/blog/2011/03/26/how-to-make-pulseaudio-work-with-nvidia-hdmi-audio-outputs-under-fedora-and-ubuntu/16:36
GridCubeok :) thank you that makes easier to keep a record of q&a's16:37
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SATAv2can someone help me install microsoft visual c++ runtime library with wine/winetricks I need it really bad for an important program :/19:33
Sysi.NET programs are run with mono19:33
Sysi!info mono19:33
ubottuPackage mono does not exist in natty19:34
SATAv2so what do i doo.19:34
likemindeadTry >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerUsersProgramming19:34
Sysiinstall mono-runtime or something like that19:34
SATAv2but its c++ not c19:35
Unit193!info mono-runtime19:36
ubottumono-runtime (source: mono): Mono runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.7-5ubuntu3 (natty), package size 1223 kB, installed size 3540 kB (Only available for i386 lpia kfreebsd-i386 powerpc ppc64 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 ia64 arm armeb armel sparc s390 all)19:36
SATAv2well I installed it and it still doesn't work :P19:37
Unit193You may also need libmono-winforms2.0-cil19:37
SATAv2a package?19:38
Unit193Yes. You are trying to run a GUI program?19:38
SATAv2that is the ONLY problem I have with it19:38
SATAv2i dont need to install anything via winetricks?19:39
Unit193I only know of one program to get it to fully work do you need to do that19:39
SATAv2still error :/19:40
SATAv2visual c++ runtim libmono-winforms2.0-cirrore library runtime e19:40
SATAv2stupid keyboard19:40
SATAv2microsoft visual c++ runtime library runtime error19:40
Unit193There should be a mono -v program.exe  switch to get more info, I could be wrong19:43
SATAv2_the assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded it should have been installed in the directory19:45
Unit193Baaa. This VC++/Mono stuff is never easy... run    sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg -l |grep mono |pastebinit      to install pastebinit and paste what mono libs you have installed to pastebin19:50
MaxDamageHey. I'm experiencing bad sound quality with my Asus Xonar DG. It works flawlessly under Windows 7, but I can't get proper output in Xubuntu.21:12
|Slacker|_hello there21:44
|Slacker|_is there a way to make xubuntu a bit faster? I installed it on my netbook and it's slow and heavy :( even ubuntu with unity runs smoother21:45
charlie-tcadid you install Xubuntu from the Xubuntu cd, or on top of Ubuntu?21:45
|Slacker|_from the cd21:46
charlie-tcawhich version?21:46
|Slacker|_I'm running it in a vm now and after the update it's running better but in my netbook it runs slower than another distro with kde, it shouldn't be like that , right?21:46
|Slacker|_i'm running 11.0421:47
crisdamn...got disconnected21:53
charlie-tcaare the distros are running in vm?21:53
charlie-tcaor, xubuntu is in a vm in Ubuntu?21:53
crisI have xubuntu in my vm under win21:53
crisbut yesterday in installed it on my netbook and it sucked big time21:54
criswhen I finally thought I'v efound a decent xfce 4.8 distro :(21:54
crisin my opinion this version is the best ever when it comes to looks and organization, but unfortunatelly isn't working well with my netbook21:56
Sysiif you open terminal and run 'top' is there any process eating lots of cpu?21:56
crislemme see21:57
crisapparently not21:57
crishmmm it's running well in the VM and wirth only 680 mb of memory...strange....my netbook has 2gb of ram22:00
crisI'll give it another try later on tonight22:00
Sysiwhat netbook?22:03
crisI have a philco one....it's sold only in brazil, it's 2 years old already, atom n27022:04
criswell...gotta go to work...I'll deal with that later, thanks everyone22:08
shiintohi, certain tray icons on my task panel arent visible. E.g. Opera and !power-manager. what can i do?22:10
shiinto(but i can do right-click on the panel and the specific dropdownmenu appears correctly)22:11

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