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didrocksgood morning05:19
thumperdidrocks: hi05:57
thumperdidrocks: how you doin?05:57
didrockshey thumper! I'm fine, thanks :) yourself?05:57
thumperfeeling happy with myself05:57
didrocks(trying to fight some qmake)05:57
thumperfound several small and one significant (maybe) memory leaks05:58
thumperall fixes up for review05:58
didrocksexcellent, that will be awesome for next release then :-)05:59
didrocksthumper: time for week-end and beer for you then? :)06:05
thumperdidrocks: sure is06:05
thumperpizza and movie night :)06:05
thumperthe kids are out choosing the movie06:05
thumperand collecting pizzas06:05
didrocksheh, seems a safe trade :-)06:16
RAOFDBO: Your ctrl-tab is shiny and smooth.07:57
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TrevinhoGuys it's me or in latest unity scrolling over an indicator (i.e. indicaor-sound) doesn't work anymore?10:50
njpatelTrevinho, yeah, it's broke, I don't think your patch landed in time. But we're making another release next week so we can fix it then10:55
Trevinhonjpatel: I was looking to that, but it doesn't seem to be related to my patch10:56
njpateloh, weird10:57
Trevinhothe problem is that the panel service doesn't get the event too10:57
Trevinhohowever I'm still checking10:58
Trevinhonjpatel: yes, confirming... It seems that the PanelIndicatorObjectEntryView::OnMouseWheel doesn't get called at all11:06
TrevinhoI don't know if this is related to Nux11:07
njpatelTrevinho, huh, weird11:07
Trevinhobut it seems to be11:07
njpatelTrevinho, oh, yes, it probably is!11:07
njpatelTrevinho, gord was talking to jay about scrolling yesterday, maybe he knows11:07
TrevinhoI'lll give a look to it11:07
gordno idea :) but jay might11:08
Trevinhonjpatel: about the recent changes in panel-service to use XIDeviceEvent *event = cookie->data;11:11
TrevinhoIn my installation this has some problems; i.e. event == NULL11:12
TrevinhoNow, maybe I'm not a "standard" tester as my core distro is still natty :P11:12
njpatelTrevinho, yeah, gtk3 uses xinput2 so we needed to move to that11:13
njpatelTrevinho, come over to Oneiric, it's fun!11:13
TrevinhoI'm using gtk3 too...11:13
TrevinhoI like to make "hybrid distros"... Like "natterick" or "oneiratty"11:14
Trevinhohowever I should definely move :P11:14
TrevinhoAh, njpatel (sorry for bothering you :P), could we add the make uninstall functionality to our CMake?11:16
Trevinho(I mean, I know it's possible, but can it be done?)11:16
TrevinhoIt could be useful for "extra" installations (in /opt/.... )....11:16
njpatelTrevinho, hey, no worries man !11:29
njpatelTrevinho, yes, I think it should be possible11:29
njpatelTrevinho, natterick :)11:29
TrevinhoYeah... Natterick lived so much time in my main PC.... :D11:36
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rsajdokI am trying to compile Unity-2d on O. I get an error: http://pastie.org/2253862 Any suggestion?12:49
TrevinhoChange to indicator-0.412:50
TrevinhoIn CmakeList12:51
Trevinhoeverywhere is mentioned indicator put indicator-0.412:51
didrockstrunk should have that as Kaleo took my patch, isn't it?12:52
Kaleodidrocks: it does yeah but only the oneiric branch12:53
Kaleorsajdok: lp:unity-2d/4.012:54
didrocksindeed, rsajdok doesn't take the correct branch :)12:54
didrocksthanks Kaleo!12:54
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rsajdokdidrocks: I am using this version from this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity2D12:56
didrocksKaleo: don't you think it makes sense to change the focus release serie now? I think that rsajdok won't be the only one getting that issue trying to hack on the latest release?13:00
didrocks(so that lp:unity-2d checkout the 4.0 branch)13:00
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Kaleodidrocks: it's not really clear how many people are using Natty vs Oneiric13:24
didrocksKaleo: so at least, ensuring the wiki page is up to date is needed then13:25
Kaleodidrocks: adding an explanation of the 2 version yeah13:25
Trevinhonjpatel: I've foind the problem in Nux13:27
njpatelTrevinho, nice13:27
Trevinhonjpatel:  However It seems that it's something that is wanted13:28
TrevinhoI mean, there's a function which filters out the mouse wheel when getting the mouse position13:28
Trevinhowhy that?!13:28
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Trevinhonjpatel: A workaround could be to force an event to be considered like a click...13:30
TrevinhoIn that case the scroll event is fired13:31
njpatelTrevinho, let's wait for jaytaoko and then shout at him13:32
njpatelTrevinho, :)13:32
jaytaokonjpatel: hello13:38
jaytaokoTrevinho: hello13:38
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Trevinhohi jaytaoko13:41
TrevinhoI was looking to scroll event in nux13:41
Trevinhobut maybe I found what we missed...13:42
jaytaokoTrevinho: hi!13:42
jaytaokoTrevinho: something wrong with the scrolling?13:42
TrevinhoWell, the signal wasn't emitted to the indicator but I guess that all its related to the fact that SetAcceptMouseWheelEvent wasn't set13:44
TrevinhoI'm just checking...13:44
jaytaokoTrevinho: the way the mouse wheel works is that the event is sent to an area that is under the mouse pointer and that area has to accept mouse wheel events13:45
TrevinhoOk, fine now it works...13:45
Trevinhoyes I saw that...13:45
jaytaokoTrevinho: cool!13:45
TrevinhoI've just studied how it works and now also unity is happy... njpatel: fixed ;)13:45
jaytaokoTrevinho: great! anything else I can help you with?13:46
Trevinhojaytaoko: no, thank you! I just had this issue, but studying a little how nux is working now I've found what we were missing13:47
njpatelTrevinho, jaytaoko awesome!13:49
jaytaokoTrevinho: fyi, we have changed nux event system from what it was in  the last cycle... the new version is the one you have now. We will be cleanup the remaining of the old architecture.13:49
Trevinhojaytaoko: about the scrolling event... do you also inverted the up/down values?13:53
Trevinhobecause now it seems different13:53
jaytaokoTrevinho: we fixed an issue with the wheel scrolling direction yesterday before the release13:54
jaytaokoTrevinho: so yes, I inverted some values to get the dash scrolling to work properly13:54
Trevinhobut for indicators it should be inverted again13:55
jaytaokoTrevinho: are you scrolling on the indicators?13:55
Trevinhobut we can do it in unity13:55
Trevinhonow if you scroll down it's considered an up scrolling...13:55
Trevinhoand reverse13:55
jaytaokoTrevinho: yes, I think it will have to be inverted in Unity13:56
jaytaokoTrevinho: I went do at the X11 level and made the correct changes so that the dash works fine. The way the scrolling works now is different from what was implemented in the previous cycle...13:57
jaytaokoTrevinho: so there is a need to correct that in the indicators as well13:57
TrevinhoYes I've done that13:58
Trevinhobefore your delta was > 0 when you got a scroll down13:58
Trevinhoand < 0 when it was up13:58
Trevinhonot it's inverted13:59
Trevinho(and is like in GDK)13:59
Trevinhoreverting that all works13:59
Trevinhothank you13:59
jaytaokoTrevinho: no problem!13:59
jaytaokoTrevinho: if you ever want to see where it all begins, look in the Nux source code: NuxGraphics/GraphicsDisplayX11.cpp and look for NUX_EVENT_MOUSEWHEEL14:01
TrevinhoYes, I saw that14:03
Trevinhonjpatel: http://go.3v1n0.net/o5qgVs ;)14:11
njpatelTrevinho, approved :)14:15
Trevinhothanks njpatel14:16
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vish!away > agent00tai16:02
ubot5agent00tai, please see my private message16:02
agent00taiit's my irc bouncer I can't do anything about it if my oneiric session always crash16:04
agent00taibut I'll leave the channel so I don't spam you guys16:04
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andyrockgood evening18:52
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