erikdeckerits gnome btw00:00
erikdeckerfor ubuntu that is00:00
Unit193Guest28958: Gnome with Unity shell00:00
Guest28958Ok thanks.00:00
lcbGuest28958: it depends the flavor. Ubuntu Desktop uses Unity, Kubuntu KDE00:00
Guest28958So why do you guys use Kubuntu , ive never really looked into it.00:01
lcb!info hold00:01
ubottuPackage hold does not exist in natty00:01
erikdeckerwhat should i use instead00:01
erikdeckeri got rid of it and that didnt work00:01
lcboops, apt-get hold00:01
SnooffyGuest28958: I'm using it as KDE is for me more user friendly and much nicer imho00:01
Guest28958Ill have a look00:02
erikdeckerits true KDE works beautifully00:02
Unit193erikdecker: I don't see that option in the man page00:02
erikdeckerok just wondering00:02
Guest28958The problem i often have with Ubuntu is, you spend hours trying to figure out a lot of things like installing packages from zips, using the terminal all the time ect...00:02
Guest28958i can get my head round it eventually, its just time consuming though00:03
erikdeckerim trying to enable ipod syncing and thats part of it...00:03
erikdeckerthats what it said on the help page00:03
Guest28958does gtkpod not do the job ?00:03
lcbinsteresting that option 'hold'. never used it00:03
erikdeckeri dont even know the point00:04
lcbfrom the 'man': --ignore-hold00:04
lcbIgnore package Holds; This causes apt-get to ignore a hold placed on a package. This may be useful in conjunction with dist-upgrade to override a large number of undesired holds. Configuration Item: APT::Ignore-Hold.00:04
erikdeckeri should use that then?00:05
Snooffyguys, why when I have mount of my win partition (NTSF) in fstab it doesnt mount it after reboot, I cannot see it in the folder I'm mounting it to until I do sudo mount -a00:06
lcberikdecker: check this -> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1697255.html00:06
erikdeckerthats were i got the help from it doesnt work thought00:07
lcberikdecker: http://goo.gl/5I6sJ00:09
lcbcheck the most up to date post00:09
yofelerikdecker: instead of apt-get hold I found this to work better http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-prevent-a-package-from-being-updated-in-ubuntu.html00:10
lcbSnooffy: following by the book?00:11
erikdeckerthank you00:11
lcbSnooffy: good place. better understand from the source because it depends an each installation on how to configure it - > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab00:11
lcberikdecker: see??? Mr and Ms Google are still the beast00:12
lcbi mean, best00:12
erikdeckerwell i never thought of that. i did try google.00:12
Snooffylcb: thanks for a good tip... will need to read a bit :D00:13
lcbSnooffy: would be better. it's easy to understand from there00:13
Snooffyit is.. This is what i love on linux, the documentation is so complex, you can find your answers to almost any problem...00:15
lcbSnooffy: that one is basically what we all need to know for auto mounting00:17
yofelthat page is at least easier to understand than the fstab manpage...00:18
lcbSnooffy: btw, don't play too much with GIRLS. that was only an aborted case scenario00:19
Snooffylcb: lol00:24
TimeLord_can someone help me install java on kubuntu lol00:26
lcbTimeLord_: start by removing what you have and install the default jre00:27
TimeLord_whats the package names for defualt jre?00:28
lcbfirefox and so on will tell you if you miss anything, in meantime00:28
lcbmost problems comes from over installing java runtimes00:30
lcbTimeLord_: a tip: run Get and Remove Software and insert in the text box -> java00:33
TimeLord_thanks lcb00:39
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Guest61011quick question, where do i extract icons in kde?00:39
lcbTimeLord_: welcome00:39
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lcbGuest61011: /usr/share/icons but you could plave it anywhere00:43
lcbplace it...00:43
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CLF1I am having a problem configuring a usb hard drive for my network02:15
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Guest20826can some dell me how to delete a directory in konsole. rmdir is not working n su.  the stupid command can't handle .hidden files.02:45
valorieyou should use sudo02:47
valoriesudo rm -rf dir02:48
valoriebut right-click > move to trash should work as well02:48
valorieunless you don't have the right permissions02:48
valorieis this in your ~ ?02:49
Guest20826thanks valorie.  the problem was teh rmdir not being sophisticated enough. rm worked.03:07
CLF1I can't see the file sharing tab under sharing, anyone got the fix?03:20
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ubuntu____hello guys05:14
ubuntu____testing out kubuntu05:14
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faLUCE hi. Is there an editor which allows to insert words only if the follow a user-defined grammar?06:40
KaleidoscopeAnyone here know anything about Computer clusters?06:57
Borg^QueenHi people what's the best way to convert .sub to .srt using the command line?07:17
bazhanggnome-subtitles for ubuntu, perhaps fatrat-opensubtitles for kde407:28
excognachi all07:45
excognacwhat is the easiest way to use multiply distros with the SAME home directory? the situation is i have kubuntu now but wanna have both ubuntu and fedore with gnome3 environment too07:47
valorieoh, friend of mine made a blog post about that07:48
valorielet me dig it up07:48
valoriehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1430397 <--- this is good because it's a whole discussion07:50
valoriebasically, you should shared DATA, not home dirs07:50
valorieeach ~/home will have their own settings, etc., and then you symlink to photos, music, docs, etc.07:51
excognacok, thats what i exactly want thanks a loot07:52
excognacso reinstall:)07:52
valoriehave fun!07:52
excognacfor a few hours I deinetely will07:53
excognacthe whole issu is cos kubuntu can't reboot, dies too many times even the machine is goo07:54
valorieI've had no problems07:54
valorieI've been running kubuntu for years07:54
excognacwell, I used ubuntu before and on my old rusty laptop 9.10 is more stable then 11.04 kubi on this. Even I only can tur it off pressing the power button, otherwise dims and freezes07:56
excognacneverthless amarok and a few other features are dman good07:57
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excognacso to keep kubuntu and the data, i will just need to move the docs, etc. to a separate data partition and then install all the other distros on new separate partitions and use the same wap for all?08:02
valoriethat will work -- but you will want to put symlinks into each /home for /Documents, /Music, etc.08:04
valorieor whatever you want08:04
excognacok, how do i do that?08:05
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:08
valorieit's one of the two basic ways of making a link08:08
excognacsure, i use terminal08:09
valorieI don't know of a GUI way to make symlinks08:10
HerrZinfarktis this a multi language support chat?08:10
valorieif there is one08:10
excognacfrancais, portugues, magyar here08:11
valorie!fr | excognac08:16
ubottuexcognac: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:16
excognacno, it's not for me, I understand english i just offered help08:17
valorieoops, sorry08:17
valorieand he left08:18
excognacso how do i use symlink to reach the data partition?08:19
valoriehttp://ss64.com/bash/symlink.html for some more information08:22
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excognacaye, that helps I appreciate your efforts valorie, ty08:33
valorieI hope it works well for you08:34
valorieI'm happy with kubuntu; don't even have windows anymore08:35
valorieso no need for your solutions08:35
chenhi !09:05
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Guest92308hello, quick question, where do i install icons in kde?09:55
almigihello engrjc11:07
engrjchi almigi11:07
hazamonzoWho can recommend the best FTP client for kubuntu? Save me installing a couple to test them out11:13
szal!best | hazamonzo11:14
ubottuhazamonzo: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:14
hazamonzoszal: Sure. Im just looking for a recommendation :)11:15
szalhazamonzo: srsly, ask 3 users and you get 4 opinions ;)11:16
szalespecially when it comes to FTP servers11:16
almigiwhat about kftp?11:17
hazamonzoszal: :)11:18
James147hazamonzo: why not just dolphin?11:20
hazamonzoJames147: Good thinking. I use fish://11:20
hazamonzoNever thought about ftp:// :D11:20
hazamonzoJames147: Good call. Cheers!11:20
James147hazamonzo: also, why not use sftp instead of fish (assuming your server supports sftp... which most do)11:22
hazamonzoJames147: Most of the time for my servers i like to use scp11:23
* szal used to use Krusader for FTP, but nowadays it's mostly FileZilla due to it being able to limit transfer bandwidth11:31
hazamonzoszal: filezilla! Thats the one i used to use for windows11:32
hazamonzocan i get it for kubuntu?11:32
szalsure, it's in the package sources11:32
hazamonzoszal: Didn't realise that. Cheers11:33
grobda24Hello. I'm new to Kubuntu. What are "activities" ?12:10
James147grobda24: activities are a way of grouping tasks togeather... they behave similarly to vitrual desktop except you can have different wallpapers/widgets on different activities  and you are able to start/stop activities (along with the programs running on them)12:24
faLUCEhi, do you know if is there a text editor in which I can insert words in real time through a script ?12:42
James147faLUCE: I think kate can ^^ if not it has plugin support so shouldnt be to hard to make it12:43
James147faLUCE: if all else fails you can use vim in its server/client model :D12:44
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faLUCEJames147: let's try but I would have preferred a simpler editor ;-)12:59
James147faLUCE: you want a simple editor to do a complicated function?... think that defeats the point of it being simple...13:00
vikapihow do i logout a user from kdm from the command line?my need is to have a cronjob which will logout a user from kdm..any hint on this?13:03
OerHeksvikapi,  pkill -KILL -u {username}     >> http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-logout-user-howto/13:04
James147OerHeks: ^^ though that isnt graceful :)13:05
vikapiOerHeks: but tat logout a user from kde?13:06
OerHeksJames147, what do you suggest ?13:06
vikapiJames147: yes..but im ok with it..13:06
mokushunity-like dock for kde?13:07
James147OerHeks: dbus should beable to13:07
vikapiJames147: dbus throws a prompt window in the GUI?13:08
James147vikapi: didnt for me :)13:13
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coder2Hello. When I enable some applications to minimize to tray icon I cannot restore those application back. Window flashes and disapperars. Please help13:29
coder2Bright example is transmission UI13:30
grobda24James147, thanks ... so it's a little like a layer that I can put over the desktop that represents the task I'm doing at that time ?13:35
grobda24oh wait, it determines what apps are running ? Is there a documentation page for this ?13:38
AlexZionhi guys , I was looking a tork package on the repos , but I can't find it , it is normal or maybe I have some problem with the official repos !?!13:49
OxymoronHi, I wondering. How do I get HDMI output working. It seems like my TV get some kind of signal, but its just black on the screen.14:11
grobda24Wow, got this running really nice now. I was last in KDE pre 2003. Faster now I've turned off desktop effects, and looks better without them (because faster maybe?)14:23
grobda24Only prob I have now is that I added a CPU widget to the panel. It gave a message about being unable to set transparency. but now I can't remove it. There is just a blank space next to the clock that I can't get rid of.14:24
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AlexZionhi guys I need an help to set up a proxy on my Kubuntu 11.04 , someone can help me !?!15:33
James147AlexZion: a proxy for what?15:36
AlexZionto be anonymous in certain situation....15:37
ashwinhow can i install windows media Audio 8 plugin for amarok?15:42
howlymowlyhi poeple..  my computer has been assigned a static ip form our network administrator, I am using kubuntu 11.04  is there a way to make it automatically use this ip and so I do not always have to klick on the connection after every reboot in knetworkmanager?15:43
BajKI hope 4.7 will be in backports ppa for natty by july 29 :D I want to have it when going to the release party :D15:43
DarthFroghowlymowly: Yes, there is.  You can set your static details in /etc/network/interfaces.15:48
yofelBajK: we'll see, final just got tagged so we'll get to work now. It'll be much less work than rc1 at least15:48
DarthFroghowlymowly: You can get the details of that file using "man interfaces".15:49
howlymowlyDarthFrog: DarthFrog thx I'll look into that15:49
howlymowlyDarthFrog: do I haveto remove the network manager then?15:49
howlymowlyor somehow stop it?15:49
DarthFroghowlymowly: I shouldn't think so.15:50
BajKyofel: nice to hear since there have been no pre-final 4.7 releases for kubuntu :)16:00
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Ab3la question. how is it possible to install a new theme in kubuntu natty?16:10
Ab3li'm quite new to kubuntu.16:11
Ab3l#j kubuntu-it16:12
what_ifOn reboot... Kubuntu / Xorg forgets my multiple monitor setup. How can I save my configuration over reboots?16:47
jtheuerwhat_if: for that reason I made xrandr scripts and assigend them to hotkeys. Good for laptops.16:55
what_ifjtheuer: Will try generating an Xorg.conf and see if that works. :) Will try xrandr scripts if that does not work17:02
what_ifjtheuer: thanks for the help :017:02
CLF1why is chmod applied after the samba config file is writen instead of applying the chmod within the samba config when the share is  identified17:26
Ab3l_is it possible to have the k-menu plasma bigger?17:32
Peace-Ab3l_: ?17:34
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Peace-you mean on the destkop or in the panel ?17:34
Ab3l_Peace-: well, when you click on the K, a kickoff menu opens. I would like to have it higher, so that to list more items17:35
Ab3l_i know i can scroll down, but i would like to see more items without need to scroll17:36
Peace-i see17:36
Peace-i guess there is not a change to get it17:37
Peace-i guess17:37
Peace-there is a classical menu...17:37
Peace-right click on the K menu switch to classicmenu17:37
Ab3l_no way. the new one is much beautiful and powerfull.17:38
Peace-i see... i guess you have to give up17:38
Peace-:) i have ever seen what you want on the menu17:39
Robert200Hi, I need help for kubuntu 11.0417:47
Peace-Robert200: what's your problem man ?17:48
Robert200movil broadband tab is unavilitated17:49
Peace-usb pcmica pci ?17:50
Robert200not sure about what tha means, but yeah its a usb modem huawey e160 picture: http://www.rfwel.com/images/modem_usb_huawei_e160.jpg17:52
Robert200its not a pcmica pci17:56
Peace-Robert200: reading17:56
Peace-Robert200: it's usb17:56
Peace-it should be from the picutre17:56
Peace-so lsusb17:56
Peace-on konsole17:57
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:57
Robert200lsusb wont list usb devices17:57
Peace-i need to undestand which device you have17:57
Peace-so or lspci17:58
Robert200its there a way to do that while in windows_??17:58
Peace-Robert200: sorry but know in italy it's time to eat something17:58
BarkingFishRobert200: Maybe I can help. What problem are you having?18:02
Robert200thanks barkingfish18:02
Robert200well i recently installed kubuntu by wubi inside win7, 11.04 release, and it has the movil bradband connection tab unavailable18:04
CLF1my kubuntu won't retain shared HD settings after reboot, any ideas?18:04
Robert200therefore i cant connect through my Huawei E160 modem18:05
BarkingFishRobert200: Your mobile broadband, it's connected through a USB stick?18:05
BarkingFishI notice you said you couldn't list your usb devices - you can't get lsusb to work?18:06
BarkingFishTry this, open a terminal program, Robert200, konsole is good for this - and type: lsusb18:08
Robert200thats also right, im quite new in linux, however i did a little research, but failed, one of the instruccions i read was to use the lsusb command, however it will not work, it should (as fas as i understand) list the usb divices but it will not18:08
BarkingFishif you hit enter, and nothing shows up, try: sudo lsusb   (and put in your password after you hit enter)18:08
Robert200please hold a minute, ill try booting it from virtualbox, right now im using windows so that i can connect to the internet18:09
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Robert200sorry i have fail to open it in virtualbox, do you know of any program compatible with the virtualhdd format that kubuntu uses?18:12
BarkingFishAnyone else available to assist Robert200 please? I don't know anything at all about virtualbox or dual booting kubuntu with something else.18:15
ikoniaRobert200: the formats only used by virtualbox18:15
ikoniaBarkingFish: if someone knows they will answer HIS question, you don't have to re-ask it for him18:15
orysso there is some live here tonight18:15
ikoniaorys: normally if you ask a question, people respond18:16
orysikonia: normally if you say "hello", people respond :-)18:16
ikoniaorys: no, as people would just be saying "hello" all the time as people come and go as it's a reasonably high throughput channel18:17
BarkingFishikonia: Sorry. I saw the other channel (#ubuntu) tell people off for having 4 or 5 assisting one person at the same time.  I asked for someone else to help because I started to, then realised I couldn't.18:17
BarkingFishI didn't re-ask his question.18:17
orysso there is my question: My system don't want to get up, I can't see grub or nothing, so I don't know why, I have no time, so wanted to do reinstall and I can't because intallator can't see my hdd where I have my system.18:18
ikoniaorys: ok - so that sounds like your hard disk has a problem at a hardware level18:18
orysikonia: been here before, and people were saying hello, but i guess this is not discussion for that one.18:18
ikoniaorys: is this 1 hard disks, or any sort of raid system ?18:18
orysikonia: no, as I now run live CD and I can work on that hard drive no propblem18:18
orysikonia: I have two physical Sata discs, don't ask me complicated questions, as I don't know what's raid I am afraid ;-)18:19
ikoniaorys: are you on the livecd now ?18:19
Robert200i had that problem to with ubuntu18:19
orysikonia: yes.18:19
oryskubuntu, last one.18:19
ikoniaorys: could you please pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" into a pastebin please18:19
Robert20010.04, the screen will blackout while inside the os18:19
orysikonia: It will take a while, it's sooo bloody slow...18:20
orysok, console is open... :P18:20
orysikonia: http://paste.kde.org/100237/, lots is in Polish, but I guess you can see the most important18:22
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ikoniaorys: ok - so which of those hard disks is your machine set to boot from ?18:23
orysikonia: sda usually, I can see it starts from sda1, where windows is installed18:24
orysusually there should be grub menu, but after last update I can't see it as my screen says "input out of range"18:24
ikoniaorys: ok - so the issue is a video config issue18:24
orysI googled for the problem, asked here, did not managed to find solution so ignored as the system was starting up no problem and I don't use windows any more...18:24
Robert200your screen resolution goes out of the specs of your display18:25
orysRobert200: but if I run live CD and then shut it down, I can see text mode closing messages no problem.18:25
orysthe screeen is pretty good.18:26
ikoniaorys: the livecd is not your install, so it's config is different that your installs18:26
Robert200yeah couse livecd uses a failsafe resolution18:26
ikoniaorys: he's not saying the screen is broke, the config goes out of range of the monitor18:26
orysikonia: yeah, I know, but my old screen was saying that input is too high and was giving me the resolution, now I have new one, and this one should support the resolution which is given by the system according to the old screen, but now it seems too high for that one as well.18:27
orysAs if the system just pick "one level too high for the current monitor"18:27
Robert200you need to find a way, to chane your resolution and refresing rate to one that your screen can handle,18:27
orysanyway, got any idea how to solve the problem? Then maybe I would be able to see what's wrong with my system that it does not starts18:28
ikoniaorys: it's a bug - it's picking the wrong config, it doesn't mean it won't work with your monitor, it means it's selecting an unsupported version18:28
orysRobert200: yeah, I know, but I have no idea what's wrong.18:28
ikoniaorys: you'll find it is starting, you just can't see it because the monitor is not syncing18:28
ikoniaorys: there are two issues, one the plymouth configuration resolution, and the xorg resolution18:28
orysikonia: yeah,  it used to be like that. It was starting "behind the scenes" then when X server was up I had my system running no problem18:28
ikoniaorys: are you on the livecd now ?18:29
ikoniaorys: can you mount your hard disk and look in the directory /etc for a file called xorg.conf - do this on your hard disk, NOT on the /etc directory of the livecd18:30
=== ubuntu____ is now known as orys_
orys_I dropped out at 18:30:23, did I missed anything?18:33
ikoniaorys: can you mount your hard disk and look in the directory /etc for a file called xorg.conf - do this on your hard disk, NOT on the /etc directory of the livecd18:34
orys_ikonia: ok18:34
orys_i am on my way :P18:34
Robert200hi there, im asking for help again, for my problem, movil broadbad tab is unavailable(configure-kde control module), while using kubuntu 11.04, fell free to see a screen shot: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/UzMYMg6Mp5K-O3DOnEX6-j2OJBqRfLRvci4Cc2gBcjg?feat=directlink18:37
orys_ikonia: there is none in /etc, but there is one in /etc/X11 and it looks like that http://paste.kde.org/100255/ so I guess not much in it really. AFAICR there was more18:38
ikoniaorys_: sorry, that was my typo, I did mean /etc/X1118:39
ikoniaorys_: what video card do you have ?18:39
orys_so I had good guess that it should be there, but I was thinking I was wrong.18:39
orys_ikonia: nvidia something :P18:39
orys_ikonia: my problem is that I don't really know much about my computer, as it was usually working no problem, or at least on acceptable level.18:40
orys_it's like with the car, as long as I don't need to open the bonnet I am happy.18:40
ikoniaorys_: ok so lets put you to a failsafe state18:40
ikoniaorys_: if you edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and add the line "driver "vesa" "18:40
orys_and if I have to open, I can only tell you "well, there is SOME engine here". So that's me with computers as well.18:40
ikoniaso it's driver <space> "vesa"18:40
orys_ikonia: just anywhere?18:40
ikoniaunder the "nologo" line18:41
orys_ikonia: what next? Just to start boot it from hdd now?18:42
ikoniaorys_: give it a go, that should fix your X11 issue18:43
orys_ok, so see you later18:43
orys_I mean after reboot18:43
Robert200hi, i have a problem, movil broadband tab is disabled in kubuntu 11.04 please help... pic: hi there, im asking for help again, for my problem, movil broadbad tab is unavailable(configure-kde control module), while using kubuntu 11.04, fell free to see a screen shot: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/UzMYMg6Mp5K-O3DOnEX6-j2OJBqRfLRvci4Cc2gBcjg?feat=directlink18:52
Linkmaster[14:58:10] <chilledscorpion> hi19:02
Linkmaster[14:58:23] <-- chilledscorpion (~quassel@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)19:02
jor necesito un buen explorador19:05
orysyeah, c'est moi again.19:06
orysNo result.19:06
orysAlso tried just to install new grub19:06
orysno result as well.19:07
orysI have to say I am fed up with that19:07
ikoniare-installing grub won't do anything19:07
orysDo you think I can just install new system over the old one19:07
ikoniaI can't see that doing anything19:07
oryswithout formatting the partition19:07
orysto save my /home settings?19:07
orysall important stuff I got on the other one.19:07
ikoniayou can put /home on a different partition if you want to save it19:07
orysok, that's the thought19:08
orysnow, I need explanation./19:08
oryswhat went wrong with that kubuntu19:08
orysI use it for years and it was always working, except from one case my internet connection broke during dist upgrade19:08
orysbut I patched it up somehow and it was fine19:08
orysnow every new one is worse19:08
orysIt was all working week ago19:08
orysthen I've been to Norway19:09
ikoniaupdates can do that19:09
orysthen I am back and it don't want to start19:09
orysikonia: there was no update19:09
orysnoone was turning the computer on for the week.19:09
orysSo unless it was during last update and somehow it started before and now it don't19:09
ikoniaorys: so what's happened to change this ?19:09
orysI have no idea.19:09
orysikonia: that's my question.19:09
orysDavid Copperfield was messing something around?19:10
orysI don't know :D19:10
orysBut I am fed up.19:10
orysin good old times even if update broke someithin19:10
ikoniaorys: so even with xorg.conf in place you don't get anything ?19:10
orysnext couple of days (or hours) there was another one and problem was fixed19:10
orysthat was brilliant system for someone like me who did not liked to do anything19:10
orysand now it's crap :(19:10
orysi am even starting to think about buying Windows, all that after 11 years on Linux :(19:11
ikoniaok - is there any chance you could stop with the self pity complaining19:11
ikoniago back to windows any more19:11
ikoniaI'm trying to help you and you are more interested in moaning19:11
orysikonia: I don't know if it changed anything as I can't see anything, it's out of range.19:11
ikoniagood luck19:11
orysouch, touchy...19:12
ikonianot really, just don't take kindly to self pity ranting when I'm giving my time to help you19:12
Linkmasterorys: he's not being touchy. everyone here is donating their time, and complaining doesn't help anything19:12
Linkmaster^Case in point19:13
orysikonia: I get carried too much, but my point was that I tried to solve the problem before with help of people from that channel and they failed, so I wonder if it's the point to fight ith that (and waste your time) or if I shoudl just reinstall system,19:13
ikoniawell, good luck19:13
orysas I can reinstall it myself, but then the problem will might be there again19:13
orysso I ask your advice if you think there is a point in reinstalling19:13
Linkmasterorys: if you can boot from a LiveCD or whatnot, then you can backup your /home. Once you've done that, you can boot up a GParted, and completely reformat the drives19:14
orysor if there is something more to be done.19:14
orysLinkmaster: hm, that what I thinking, I got all important stuff on the other hard drive19:14
orysbut question is: is there any chance, that after reinstall the problem will be gone, or it will just reinstall the syustem exactly the same way?19:14
LinkmasterYou can probably get away with just reformatting  /  and not /home as well19:15
LinkmasterIts an X11 issue, correct?19:15
orysLinkmaster: have no idea, the problem was only during the system coming up, what used to be in text mode was invisible due to "out of range"19:15
orysthe KDE was running no problem19:15
orysbut now it don't want to start KDE19:16
orysso I guess it might be19:16
orysbut I can't see what's wrong, as text mode is out of range for my screen.19:16
Linkmasterdoes the LiveCD boot right?19:16
Linkmaster*correctly that is19:16
orysLinkmaster: well, I don't check everything like sounds etc, but what I need works ok, I got network, my drives mounts themselves etc.19:17
LinkmasterAlright, and you made sure that your BIOS is pointing to a bootable drive, correct?19:17
orysLinkmaster: I haven't touched the bios at all, so I guess it should be all right19:18
orysI was messing around with the sound cards, maybe I did something by mistake19:18
orysLinkmaster: gotta check it. Better check twice and be sure.19:18
LinkmasterBoot the computer up, and enter the BIOS. Enter the section, and make sure its pointed to the right drive19:19
orysikonia: sorry for moaning again, and thanks for your time to help me in case you are leaving in meantime ;-)19:19
orysLinkmaster: yeah, I am going to do it.19:19
Linkmasterikonia: sorry if it looked like I intervened. His moaning was bothering me as well19:26
ikonianot at all19:26
ikoniaI switched off as I can't be bothered19:26
LinkmasterVery true..I don't know how much I can do though, since I don't have much experience with variable hardware/etc19:27
LinkmasterI haven't installed Kubuntu on enough systems to really collect the experience I need, my netbook isn't enough really19:27
orysLinkmaster: nope, everything seems to be all right in BIOS>19:36
orysok, I think I gonna to reinstall the system now, I copied /home and fstab (as it usually do not sees my hdds by default) any ideas what might be worth saving as well?19:47
LinkmasterIt depends on what you do with your system. If you just did a few tweaks to the UI, and installed things only from repos/.deb files, then you can redo all that upon installation[especially the tweaks, .kde is in /home] but if you do a bunch of installing from source, you'll want to copy a few things from  /  as well19:49
orysah, so I guess I can just go ahead.19:51
orysLinkmaster: thanks for your help and sorry for moaning, but I really have the feeling that with every new dist I have more and more issues. But maybe it's just my computer going out of date...19:52
LinkmasterHow old is your computer?19:52
orysover 3 years, but I added some ram to it19:53
orysand graphic card is second hand, as mine went burned.19:53
orysand I have sound card in it, some antient sound blaster from my previous one ;-)19:53
LinkmasterHmm, thats possibly why. Not that it can't be done, but installing new software on older hardware isn't the best way to go, mainly due to compatability issues19:54
orysbut apart of the sound blaster, which never caused any problems (my only problem with sound is that i have to disable the only one, as system finds both), the stuff is not so old19:56
orysthe card is second hand, but it's from the gamer, so it's in fact younger then the rest of my computer ;-)19:56
LinkmasterWell, in the world of hardware, the term 'old' is subjective19:56
orysyeah, especially for him. :-)19:57
LinkmasterOn KFN, I saw GreyGeek give a good example about how a computer worked for his friend, but not for him, yet a year later it worked for him and not his friend. And thats because some of the devices were "a", and the others "b". In only a years span of time, on the exact same computer19:57
oryswhat's KFN?19:58
orysah, off course ;-)20:02
SpamapSSo, I just logged into a KDE session by installing kubuntu-desktop on oneiric .. I'm wondering why I don't have an SSH agent..20:05
CLF1when I click aplications>settings>samba, nothing happens?  Why?20:07
orysok, it asked me if I want to unmount the partitions. It said I can still install system on them, I just can't change their sizes. I am happy with them, so said "no unmount" And now it says: "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141. Further information may be found in /var/log/syslog. Do you want to try running this step again before continuing? If you do not, your installation may fail entirely or may be broken."20:10
oryscan I just ignore it?20:10
Linkmasterorys: one thing about Linux you should never ignore is an error message. If you ignore that, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll bork your drive20:22
Linkmasterorys: I don'tk now exactly what the error means though, give me a second20:22
SteveThePirate_ jut downloaded kubuntu iso and it came out to around 148 MB.20:22
SteveThePirate_is this correct?20:22
LinkmasterSteveThePirate_: no, it should be around 698MB20:23
orysLinkmaster: I think it's an error saying that partition tool got crashed, as I not allowed it to unmount my partitions.20:23
SteveThePirate_Linkmaster: why can't I seem to get above 148 MB? from the kubuntu download website20:23
LinkmasterSteveThePirate_: I suggest you delete the small one, and redownload it. You might be having a faulty connection. If that still doesn't work, use a torrent, its usually faster that way anyways20:23
SteveThePirate_Linkmaster: the torrent says 10 hours    the dl says 22 minutes to an hour O.o lol20:24
LinkmasterSteveThePirate_: whats your DL speed?20:24
SteveThePirate_the torrent, I don't know, I would have to pull it up. the dl direct from the website is around 1 MB/sec20:25
LinkmasterFast speeds...try the download one last time. what are you using as your browser?20:25
Linkmasterorys: did you attempt this installation from the desktop? Such as "try without installing" ?20:28
oryshm? I don't get what you ask me for20:30
orysI am now running live cd20:30
orysand try to install in background20:30
orysbut just getting confused as it pretends to be installing but nothing going on.20:30
LinkmasterThats what I asked20:30
orysI was expecting it will ask me where I want it to be installed...20:31
LinkmasterTry to install it without clicking 'try without installing'. Instead, when it first loads up, click "install now"20:31
Linkmaster^When you reboot20:31
orysLinkmaster: hm so now it just do not install really, but it is only a simulation then?20:32
LinkmasterI wouldn't call it a simulation..here, look at this:20:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 527848 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[Lucid] ubi-partman failed with exit code 141 during manual partitioning" [Undecided,Fix released]20:32
Linkmasterorys: this as well: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg2811246.html20:33
LinkmasterAs you can see, starting the Live environment might be the cause, so try installing without the live environment20:33
digitigHow do I configure the kubuntu boot options? The documentation I can find says it should be in /boot/grub/menu.lst, but I have no such file. I want to change the default boot on a dual-boot system.20:35
* Linkmaster and I just literally found the answer20:44
digitigSorry, I rebooted to try to solve my boot problem, but no success. Did I miss any responses?20:51
digitigI tried installing kde-config-grub2 and using it, but even though that says the default boot is the system I want, when I boot that still isn't the default.20:53
yofel!grub2 | digitig20:54
ubottudigitig: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:54
yofelmenu.lst is from grub120:54
LinkmasterAh, digitig came back. Its located in  /etc/default/grub  and from there you can change the boot order20:57
orysso if I install it from under live CD, there is that bug20:58
orysbut if I try to install it from "install kubuntu" in a first menu, I cannot do it, as it can't see sda20:59
orysand I want it on sda,  not sdb.20:59
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digitigAnother newbie question. How do I place an icon on the desktop that will run a program when clicked? I'm running Plasma if that makes any difference. Further, where do I find documentation on using the kubuntu desktop? Whenever I follow the documentation trail it takes me to gnome documentation, not KDE.21:21
Linkmasterdigitig: you can place any file on the desktop for it to auto-execute[if you are using the one-click usage, which is the Kubuntu default I believe]21:21
Linkmasterorys: You can try using the alternate installer, that tends to pick up things better then ubiquity21:22
digitigLinkmaster: Thanks. In this case I need to run the program via mono, so I need to execute a command. Auto-execute won't know about that, will it?21:23
Linkmasterdigitig: I'm slightly confused now as to what you mean..you can drag an application's icon to the desktop, and once clicked on, it'll start the program21:24
orysLinkmaster: what alternate installer?21:26
orysIs it somewhere in options or what?21:26
LinkmasterYou have to download it from kubuntu, its called the alternateCD21:27
digitiglinkmaster: In this case the program is a MS Windows program -- KeePass. If I drop KeePass.exe onto the desktop then when I click on it Kubuntu doesn't know how to open it. That's presumably because Kubuntu is executing "KeePass.exe" and I need it to execute "mono KeePass.exe"21:27
orysLinkmaster: ah.21:28
Linkmasterdigitig: I know a somewhat backwords way you can do this, it is pretty simple in the end though21:28
Linkmasterdigitig: what you can do is create a new entry in the kmenu[tell me if you don't know how to do that] and one the section of 'command' do 'mono /path/to/.exe' and then once the entry is created[it should work, IIRC] then you drag that entry onto the desktop, and it should, in theory, work21:29
digitigLinkmaster: Thanks -- how do I create a new entry in the kmenu?21:31
Linkmasterdigitig: right-click on the kmenu -> new item -> give the name, description[optional], comment[optional], and command[the place where it launches, this is where you type 'mono /path/to/.exe'] and then you click save on the top21:33
faLUCE hi, is there a simple calendar gui for linux that prints on the console the date when it's picked?21:34
digitigLinkmaster: Great, that works, thanks. How do I change the icon?21:41
digitigLinkmaster: More to the point, where do I start in the documentation to find all this stuff out for myself?21:47
Linkmasterdigitig: to change the icon, go to the menu editor again, and there will be a grey square on the right, click that to select a thumbnail. I found most of this out by various searching on the internet, or from what others have told me21:55
digitigLinkmaster: Thanks again. Well, I suppose that's pretty much how I learned The Operating System That Shall Not Be Named, so it looks as if that's how I'm going to learn this one too.21:57
Linkmasterdigitig: Don't worry, Linux is really different to begin with, then everything starts to make sense with each other, and the longer you spend learning it, the more everything makes sense21:58
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Linkmasterdigitig: once you really start using it, you'll realize that its superior in almost every aspect, and the OS itself makes sense22:01
digitigLinkmaster; Well, I've tried before, quite a few times, and have never managed to get productive with it. But I keep trying...22:03
LinkmasterMy first times using it were like that. I installed Kubuntu alongside Windows, and used it every so often, mainly whenever I forgot to tell grub to boot into Windows. One day, I got several viri[?] on my windows computer, and I really couldn't be darned to fix it, so I booted into Kubuntu, and since then, I haven't looked back. I always have a windows beside my kubuntu, but only for my ZuneHD. In fact, the latest installation22:05
Linkmaster of windows hasn't even been finished, because I never bothered to finish it. If you simply immerse yourself in it, and forget about windows the best you can, it gets REALLY easy22:05
OxymoronLinkmaster: Only problem in my opinion is that Kubuntu or any Linux distro for that matter that I have tried works by default. In most cases, for Bank ID, Java, Flash, Mediastreamers, iPod/iPhone etc to work, require quirking in config settings, or in ome cases its hopeless.22:07
OxymoronFor instance, Sonos Desktop COntroller is not for Linux and Windows binary is not working with Wine. Nothing to do.22:08
IEatKawFishCan anyone here help with zfs, or know a place where I can get zfs + *ubuntu help?22:08
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OxymoronMultiple Screens, Tv-out, HDMI and grpahics general doesnt work on ubuntu. Sure you have COmpiz and fancy effects, but nothing really stable for general use.22:09
IEatKawFishTrying to mount a zfs volume if your wondering.22:09
LinkmasterOxymoron: I've never had a problem with Java, or Flash[I use IcedTea for Java, and either Flash or Gnash for Flash, I haven't yet had to tweak a config file] and the thing about the multiple screens, I see almost as much windows and mac issues for this as I do for linux, and KWin has been shown to handle things better then Compiz :P22:10
digitigLinkmaster: Like my latest frustration. I keep my password database in the cloud, on Dropbox, so I can access it anywhere. I've got Dropbox working fine, and can browse it with Dolphin, but when I try to open the KeePass file from within Keepass I can see the Dropbox directory but can't open it. Grr...22:10
LinkmasterI dont' really know what KeePass is, so I can't provide help in that sense..22:11
OxymoronLinkmaster: For me I always have problem with Java websites require Bank ID, Flash is not stable and is not native, or was not. Except for all this, sure Linux Kernel and *buntu frontend is nice.22:11
Oxymorondigitig: Thats more a Dropbox matter I would suppose.22:12
LinkmasterI laugh about the Linux Kernel, because the kernel alone can do 10x as many things as an installed windows/mac with hundreds of dollars of cool extra features as well22:12
OxymoronI want a stable, reliable system that is compatible with all external devices, cameras, smart phones, video ddevices like webcam, have support for Flash, Java, Mp3 and so on, no matter if its closed source or not. Then I do not want to quirk things. One example, every time I upgrade Kubuntu from one version to another things get incompatible with each oter. Always end up with clean install of it.22:14
digitigLinkmaster: Yes, it must be a Dropbox issue. It seems it doesn't appear as a normal directory as it's supposed to. But that's the problem: an operating system isn't productive at all, it's the applications that are productive.22:14
OxymoronThen we have conflicts in adept, relation problems and dev programmers which is to fast adding souces pointing wrong. Someimtes I end up with fucked up apt system which I could not fix in any way at all, noteven with adept team help.22:15
tsimpsonOxymoron: language...22:15
LinkmasterOxymoron: blame Microsith and the corporate business world for that, Linux has done amazing concerning where its standing22:16
yofelIEatKawFish: if nobody here knows the answer you could ask in #ubuntu too. Or #ubuntu-beginners would be a good place too22:16
OxymoronIf programmers on Linux distros one day could understand people not want to config all day long as they do, then the percentage of Linux quote will take over Microsoft, Google and Apple ;)22:16
Oxymorontsimpson: Sorry :P22:16
OxymoronI though like Linux GNU Kernel, thank you Linus :D22:17
LinkmasterOxymoron: I once saw a quote by dibl on KFN relating to this...."The devels spend so much in the guts of the operating system, that they don't even realize what the users see/need. To them, fixing a config file is a walk through the park" or soemthing similar22:17
yofelthat sounds not too far of from reality actually...22:18
LinkmasterNot to mention, if you think about it, its the config files, the terminal, all the littler quirks that make Linux Linux. Do we really want it to look or feel like a mac or windows?22:18
Linkmasteryofel: is a devel, he'd know :P22:18
OxymoronLinkmaster: Hehe :P What Kubuntu needs is a nice GUI, more polished than Apples logo ... and interface in Mac OS and iOS. Then support for external devices people use daily, and some nice backup utility, which I havent be ale to found yet.22:19
tsimpsonso, we have this lovely quiet little channel called #kubuntu-offtopic22:19
LinkmasterWell, if Kubuntu's GUI were to be like Mac OS X and iOS, it'd be downgrading22:19
tsimpsonmaybe you can visit it?22:19
Linkmasteroh, derp. Sorry tsimpson D:22:20
faLUCEis it possible to disable for a gui program all the keys of keyboard and allow only the arrow keys?22:22
LinkmasterfaLUCE: go to the keybindings, and turn them all off22:22
faLUCELinkmaster: where?22:23
digitigLinkmaster: Ok, I can open the database file by right-clicking the file, selecting "Open with" and entering the mono command to open KeePass. On the Other OS I would have selected "Always do this for files of this type", but I don't see that under KDE. Is there a way to associate .kbdx files with a command?22:24
Linkmasterfind a .kbdx file, right-click, properties, select the program22:25
faLUCELinkmaster: where is that file located?22:28
faLUCEI use gnome22:28
digitigLinkmaster: Select the program where? Properties only gives me "General", "Permissions" and "Information" tabs, none of which seems to have anywhere to enter a command.22:29
faLUCELinkmaster: anyway, I understood your tip. thanks22:29
faLUCEit's a good solution22:29
faLUCEI'm searching for gnome key-bindings22:29
LinkmasterI don't know gnome very well, I tend to shy away from it22:29
faLUCEthanks again, bye22:30
yofeldigitig: right click -> open with -> other... - there you have your 'use always' setting22:30
yofeldigitig: or on the general page there's a small wrench beside the file type22:30
digitigyofel: It doesn't work. I click the wrench, add the application, change the icon, click apply (and it tells me that it's updating the system settings) and click ok -- and it has forgotten all of the settings. Click the wrench again and they've all gone back to the default empty states.22:39
yofelnever happend here, does the other way work22:39
digitigyofel: Is the other way via System Settings | File Associations? Yes, I've just discovered that, and it works.22:44
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yofelthat's rather odd...22:46
LinkmasterI recall seeing that somewhere22:46
OxymoronI want to know how to make HDMI putput work? For the meoment my TV is black ..22:58
amichairhow do I see the list of supported devices for a given driver? or list of supported usb devices and respective driver/module?23:40
digitigOk, next problem. How do I share files between Kubuntu and MS Windows files on my home network. The documentation I've found (http://kubuntu101.blogspot.com/2009/07/kubuntu-810-and-samba-part-1.html) suggests that as soon as I've installed Samba it will all be obvious, but I'm pretty much clueless about networking. I've installed Samba but can't see the linux computer from the Windows machines or any workgroups in my local network from my Linux machine.23:43
digitigI've opened GADMIN-SAMBA which looks promising but I have no idea what I'm looking at. What next?23:43
yofeldigitig: if you're on natty there should be a share button after you install kdenetwork-filesharing23:45
yofelI don't know more personally23:45
digitigyofel: Where is the share button?23:51
sithlord48does anyone know how to add RTM as a "provider" under system settings->aboutme->social desktop23:54
yofeldigitig: there's a share tab in the folder preferences here23:55
yofel(after I installed samba)23:55
yofelI'm a bit clueless since I never used that23:55

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