spivDoes the branchscanner run on qastaging?00:05
wgrantNot regularly, AFAIK.00:06
spivThat's going to make QA'ing bug 813349 inconvenient :/00:08
_mup_Bug #813349: hard to get from mp to per-revision diffs <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by spiv> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/813349 >00:08
StevenKspiv: You can request it to be run manually00:09
wgrantAnyone feel like reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/retarget-bugtask-model/+merge/68761?00:17
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StevenKwgrant: r=me00:31
* StevenK prods wallyworld about OCR00:32
wallyworldStevenK: sorry, i was caught up finishing a branch00:33
wgrantlifeless: How is HA-librarian going?00:34
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lifelesswgrant: rt something or other00:39
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LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!01:03
LPCIBotProject devel build #909: FIXED in 5 hr 43 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/909/01:03
wgrantlifeless: Hah, subtle.01:22
pooliedestroy beta testers?01:23
poolielife imitates glados01:23
lifelesswgrant: ?01:26
wgrantlifeless: The progress bar.01:26
lifelesswgrant: heh yes01:26
wallyworldjtv: you around? want to mentor https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug812335/+merge/68762 ?01:49
jtvwallyworld: no, I'm not here.  It's almost 4 AM here.01:50
wallyworldjtv: oh, sorry! you still in europe then i assume01:50
wallyworldwhen are you back?01:51
nigelbwallyworld: It seems the intersection of my freetime + your available hours don't collide, so I wonder if I can take it to email? :)03:05
wallyworldnigelb: otp, talk soon03:09
wallyworldnigelb: you can email me. or ping me on irc. i'm normally lurking in my evening and will respond to any queires03:12
nigelbwallyworld: I finally landed something I had pending yesterday, so I can work on linkfying + titling bugs with XHR.03:25
wallyworldnigelb: excellent, well done.03:25
nigelbwhere is it that I should start looking? :)03:26
wallyworldok, there's 2 places - the javascript which makes the xhr call and the python code which runs serverdide03:26
wallyworldjusta moment, i'll grab the file names03:27
wallyworldthe javascript file is lp/lp/app/javascript/lp-links.js - this harvests potential links when the page loads and makes a single xhr call to have those processed03:28
wallyworldlp/app/browser/linkchecker.py is the python code which receives the xhr call, does the work, and returns the results as a json data structure. the js code above then processes the result and pokes the dom to update the page03:29
nigelbso, I need to update the python code to return title and process that extra information in the js.03:30
wallyworldthe bit which wires it up is the +checklinks browser:page section in lp/app/browser/configure.zcml03:30
wallyworldyes, that is correct03:31
wallyworldyou can add extra fields to the json dict returned by the xhr call03:31
wallyworldand then update things like the title attribute of the anchor or whatever in the js03:31
wallyworldmake sense?03:32
nigelbDoes this already check if the bug exists?03:32
wallyworldlooking at the code, it only handles branch links so far, but it does check that the branch exists03:33
wallyworldso you would need to extend it to support harvesting and processing bug links03:33
wallyworldyou could make the xhr call send a dict with a branches and a bugs list03:34
nigelbThe current linkyfing seems to be server-side. Is that the right wway?03:34
wallyworldyes, the serverside is the place to check the validity or permission to access info about the bug/branch03:35
wallyworldwhat is it you want to do exactly?03:36
nigelbI'd like to look for "bug 1234" type links, check if they exist, get the title, add the title attribute if it exists and remove the linkification if the bug doesn't exist.03:38
_mup_Bug #1234: Gina is an unmaintainable mess of command line options, environment variables and shell scripts <lp-foundations> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by debonzi> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1234 >03:38
wallyworldare these would appear in text fields like comments, merge proposal descriptions and the like?03:39
nigelbYeah, the same03:40
wallyworldthere's a file lp/app/browser/stringformatter.py with a method linkify_bug_numbers() which parses the text and does the initial linkification03:42
wallyworldthis is done when the view is rendered03:42
nigelbso, does this make sense.03:42
nigelbadd a css class for all the bugs, fetch all of the links with that class, send xhr request, modify dom.03:42
wallyworldyes. the comment on the code which does the initial linkification says:03:44
wallyworld        # Don't look up the bug or display anything about the bug, just03:44
wallyworld        # linkify to the general bug url.03:44
wallyworldso the work you are proposing would be post-processing in effect to add the extras03:44
nigelbyeah, it wwas removed for performance.03:44
wallyworldlike for the branches, make invalid (or invisible due to privacy) links grey etc03:44
wallyworldso using a css class to mark the bug links is good because that's how the current code for branch link processing works03:45
wallyworldall the plumbing is there, you just need to extend the js and python ti support another different type of link processing03:46
nigelboh cool! I'll try tonight to start step by step. I'll update you by email since your times don't match very well.03:47
wallyworldok. but feel free to try and ping me on irc if you want. i may have a glass of red in hand but should be coherent enough to type :-)03:48
nigelbok :)03:48
wallyworldi have soccer first too, so it will be late evening before i am in front of the laptop again03:48
nigelbthe problem is your late is still early enough for me that I'd be at work.03:49
wallyworldwhat time is it now where you are?03:50
nigelb9:20 AM03:50
wallyworldso you ate 4.5 hours behind me03:50
wallyworldso except for fridays when i have soccer, i am normally pingable at a time which would be close to EOD for you03:51
nigelbah, I'll note that :)03:53
wallyworldor even at start of your day, it's only afternoon for me :-)03:54
wallyworldso we do have a fair bit of overlap03:54
nigelbheh, start of the day is often problematic. I tend to sleep late and wake up fairly late :)03:54
wallyworldnp. i used to do that before kids :-(03:55
nigelbheh, off to work. Laters!03:57
StevenKwgrant, lifeless: Do either of you want to mentor wallyworld's review of https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/dsp-vocab-issues/+merge/68763 ?05:07
wgrantStevenK: Done.05:24
StevenKwgrant: Thanks!05:25
wgrantwallyworld: Around?05:35
wgrantWe have yet another form picker regression.05:37
wgrantThey don't populate the textbox.05:37
wgrantWorks OK on lpnet.05:37
wgrantBut there are no picker changes since then.05:37
wgrantSo WTF?05:37
wallyworldwgrant: yo05:43
wgrantwallyworld: See #launchpad-ops.05:44
wgrantqastaging ninja-updated.05:44
wgrantSo there was in fact a relevant rev: r1348505:44
wgrantReverting now.05:44
StevenKThat makes you fairly distracted if it takes 50 minutes to update and you didn't notice :-P05:44
wgrantIt was mostly updated when I started looking at it, and crucially when I loaded the deployment report :)05:45
wgrantI think jcsackett may have failed at conflict resolution with wallyworld's work.05:46
wgrantThe extra arg to create() is missing.05:46
wgrantSo it never gets hooked up to anything.05:46
wgrantAnyway, reverting.05:46
jtvHi wallyworld :)07:06
wallyworldjtv: hello07:07
jtvwgrant: I don't think I touched the archivecruftchecker as such.07:09
wgrant$ bzr diff -c13478 lib/lp/soyuz/scripts/tests/test_archivecruftchecker.py | diffstat test_archivecruftchecker.py |   19 ++++++++-----------07:10
wgrantThat's tests.07:10
* jtv stands back and admires wgrant's genius :)07:11
wgrantBut that could be it.07:11
jtvI did change something in the test.07:11
wgrantIt is those tests that are spewing crap to stderr.07:11
jtvYes.  It's because publish-distro is now a LaunchpadCronScript.07:11
wgrantIt previously redirected stdout/stderr to null pipes.07:11
jtvWhere that test instantiates the object, it should inject a DevNullLogger.07:11
wgrantBut now runs PublishDistro directly.07:12
jtvI can do that.07:12
stubI wanna QA my db update script, which will make qastaging die for a few seconds.07:13
wgrantFeel free.07:13
wgrantWe are bad and a while away from buildbot completion.07:13
* wallyworld goes out to buy food07:14
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lifelessstub: \o/07:26
lifelessstub: we need a catchup call too07:27
lifelessI couldn't last night - family thing, and am eating now; can we make a time later today?07:27
stublifeless: sure07:32
stubI might grab some fud too07:33
lifelessshall we say in one hours time then ?07:42
adeuringgood morning07:49
bigjoolsmorning everyone08:06
pooliehi bigjools, mrevell08:06
poolielifeless: still here?08:06
lifelesskindof :>08:06
pooliethe U3011 is amazing08:06
poolieyou should totally get one08:06
lifelesspoolie: photo ?08:13
poolielifeless: https://plus.google.com/112646476239496153808/posts/ApTZ7GyWAdo08:15
poolielooks like a big glowing thing08:15
poolieheh, that laptop looks like a netbook08:15
lifelessstub: now ok ?08:35
bigjoolsjtv: Contents is not updated yet it seems08:40
bigjoolshttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/ for example08:40
bigjoolsjtv: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/75734346/2TgWVd4UTg0dWE5ieBiCMVPmNBE.txt08:41
bigjoolsjtv: need to set up script monitoring for this :)08:41
jtvWe don't have that?08:41
bigjoolsjtv: you need to tell losas to do so08:42
bigjoolsand this is a new LPS08:42
lifelessLPS? [not LaunchpadProductionStatus I assume]08:42
jtvLocal Processor Status?08:42
jtvHi lifeless :)08:42
lifelesshola jtv08:42
StevenKI guess08:43
jtvAh yes :)08:43
stublifeless: I'm going to try skype on my desktop again08:47
lifelesscall me  :)08:48
bigjoolsFeatureFixture cancels all other feature flags.  I've been burned.08:48
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jtvbigjools: generate-contents-files cron fix has deployed, so we'll see.09:22
bigjoolsjtv: oh, cowboy?09:22
jtvcron change — no code change.09:22
bigjoolsah cron, sorry09:22
jtvbigjools: another thing: we should be able to scratch steps 12 & 14 off https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewReleaseCycleProcess now, shouldn't we?09:29
jtvcjwatson: I realize we discussed this already, but I'd like to check up: if we do ^^^ then step 13 could go as well because you watch these files like a hawk anyway, right?09:31
stubAnyone running Aurora ?09:35
henningeadeuring: hey!11:24
henningeadeuring: Moin ;)11:24
henningeadeuring: Wenn du so nett wärst ...11:24
henningeadeuring: https://code.launchpad.net/~henninge/launchpad/bug-813627-preview-diff-overlay/+merge/6882011:24
adeuringhenninge: sure, I'll look11:42
henningeadeuring: thank you!11:47
jmlI'm writing a launchpadlib script, running it against staging for now.11:52
jmlam using login_with,11:52
jmlget this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/649908/11:52
jmlwhat am I supposed to do with that?11:52
jmlwhy am I unauthorized? how do I become authorized? do my users need to know about access tokens?11:54
* jml ducking out to get some food. please don't let that stop you answering in the mean time.11:55
bigjoolsjml: I wonder if it's anything to do with the cache bug I filed the other day11:56
adeuringhenninge: r=me12:02
henningeadeuring: thanks again ;-)12:03
jmlbigjools: which one is that?12:09
bigjoolsjml: mine was to do with cached wadl not updating but I wonder if the auth tokens sometimes get the same problem12:10
StevenKI seem to recall something like that.12:10
StevenKIt usually happens when we blow up the session database.12:10
jmlbigjools: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/812799 ?12:11
_mup_Bug #812799: Local cache not updated when it should be <launchpadlib :Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/812799 >12:11
bigjoolswell I've always usually been directed to re-auth12:11
bigjoolsjml: yes12:11
jmlbigjools: I moved .launchpadlib out of the way and still get the same problem12:17
jmlwhich is consistent with my discoveries from strace.12:18
bigjoolsjml: it should offer to re-auth :/12:18
jmlbigjools: I guess it's using some kind of system keyring12:20
bigjoolsyeah it throws the token in the password storage that your desktop uses12:21
jmlI can't find it in Passwords & Encryption Keys12:22
james_wit's called something odd IIRC12:27
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jmljames_w: the code says it's called 'launchpadlib'12:33
jmlat least, that's what is passed to keyring.get_password12:33
james_whmm, ok12:34
jmlbut that doesn't exist in Passwords & Encryption Keys12:34
jmlso I'm trying to figure out where the hell it's looking12:34
* jml busts out set_trace, since google is failing.12:34
bigjoolswoo ajaxy mid-review diffs working12:34
bigjoolsthe link should be green though12:35
james_wit's called "network password" here12:35
james_wjml, ^12:35
LPCIBotProject devel build #911: FAILURE in 5 hr 44 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/911/12:36
jml'launchpadlib' is the domain. or something.12:36
jmlwhich doesn't show up in P&EK12:37
_mup_Bug #814595: Unrecoverable error when authorization fails <launchpadlib :New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/814595 >12:45
jmlsorry if it's a little grumpy. it's a pretty serious bug & I lost a fair bit of time to it.12:47
jmljames_w: how did you figure out that it was called "network password"?12:47
james_wjml, just by looking at everything that didn't have a clear non-launchpad purpose12:48
jmljames_w: heh, ok. thanks.12:48
benjiunfortunately the string "network password" isn't under our control; the Gnome keyring calls that class of entries "network password"12:49
=== matsubara-afk is now known as matsubara
bacwow, adeuring, no backlog12:52
jmlbenji: that is a shame.12:52
adeuringbac: well, I did only two reviews this morning.12:53
bactwo more than me today!12:53
adeuringseems that people are in holidays12:53
jmlbenji: luckily, the bug can be fixed without that, since the ideal is never to be compelled to look for keys in the keyring12:54
benjijml: indeed; in fact, I /thought/ that invalid auth tokens were silently thrown away12:54
james_whttp://shnatsel.blogspot.com/2011/07/weve-just-revolutionized-alpha-testing.html <- a Launchpad success story12:59
jmltoday is obviously a 'file lots of bugs' day13:11
jmlalmost makes me want to file bugs on Launchpad about improving my person-oriented bugs views.13:12
spivjml: in happy news my inline diffs on merge proposals patch landed on production (for ~launchpad)13:14
* spiv -> bed13:14
henningedpm: ping13:16
dpmhenninge, pong13:28
deryckhenninge, ping for standup13:32
henningederyck: argh, already13:33
jmlcan I delete a PPA over the API?13:34
jmlbigjools: why not?13:36
henningederyck: mumble dead, try again13:36
bigjoolsjml: because nobody write the code to do it13:36
deryckhenninge, ah ok13:36
jmlbigjools: fair enough.13:36
bigjoolsjml: are you grumpy today? :)13:36
jmlbigjools: not really. just while debugging the login error.13:37
StevenKShould be fairly easy to add, just the decorator.13:47
wgrantWe should perhaps not do it until PPA deletion does something useful.13:47
wgrantWhich is also very easy.13:47
bigjoolswgrant: you criticise with no suggestion of what would be useful.  Many people already find it useful.13:48
wgrantbigjools: It doesn't free up the name or disappear.13:48
wgrantIt is useful for the purpose for which it was implemented.13:48
bigjoolsthere's a bug about those IIRC13:49
wgrantBut an API for that purpose is not particularly useful.13:49
wgrantI don't think.13:49
bigjoolsmake it disappear was rather hard13:49
wgrantRename it is one line of code plus tests :)13:49
wgrantAnd it fixes most issues that I know of.13:49
StevenKClean up job that removes the row from Archive after a day?13:49
bigjoolsone line?13:49
StevenKBut that then means you need to delete the publications too13:50
bigjoolsStevenK: that would be the naive approach :)13:50
wgrantStevenK: With all the BPRs and SPRs that have been copied into other archives?13:50
StevenKTis messy13:50
jmlwhy not delete in real-time?13:55
wgrantWe cannot remove the DB stuff.13:56
wgrantAnd there is stuff on disk to be removed.13:56
jmlok, so that just means we use long poll, right?13:57
bigjoolswe'll work on deploying long poll when Red goes to maintenance14:00
jmloh, interesting.14:02
bigjoolswgrant, StevenK: BTW, I am very concerned about never being able to derive from distros with a) active builds b) items in the queue14:03
jmlwell, it's not like deleting PPAs is going to be attempted before then.14:03
bigjoolsI think relaxing b) is easy14:03
bigjoolsI am not sure of ramifications for a)14:03
wgrantIt is pretty messy.14:03
wgrantThis goes back into the copying partial subsets of binaries thing.14:03
wgrantAnother dupe of which was filed yesterday.14:04
StevenKThat we should allow copying binaries only?14:05
wgrantThat if something built in karmic, you can only copy it from karmic, not anything later.14:05
jtvDo we have a way for tests to query the log level that LaunchpadScript sets?  Apparently it gets set on a handler, not the logger, but I'm not seeing the handler.14:07
bachi sinzui14:14
stubjtv: You would have to poke the internals. Why would it matter what level the script sets?14:17
jtvstub: for some reason LaunchpadScript setup changes log levels.14:18
stubYou probably have to invoke a script and look for DEBUG, INFO etc.14:18
jtvThat'd be very costly.  :(14:19
stubIt adds log levels, and configures the various handlers to what level they emit by default.14:19
stublogging.DEBUG isn't changes to a new number or anything like that.14:20
jtvWe have several cases where scripts instantiate and run other script objects, which seems to change the log level no matter what you do (and never change it back)14:20
jtvWell no, that'd be very weird.14:20
stubYer, have no idea what happens if you try to do that.14:20
jtvPoint is, logger.getEffectiveLevel returns NOTSET.14:21
stubLaunchpadScript seems pretty difficult to invoke except as a standalone script.14:21
bigjoolsawesome, ec2 sent me an email saying "Test Runner FAILED"14:22
stublogging.getLogger('').getEffectiveLevel() you mean?14:23
stub(the root logger?)14:23
jtvWould that work?14:23
jtvI just tried getEffectiveLevel on the logger that LaunchpadScript created.14:23
stubNOTSET just means inherit from somewhere I think14:24
jtvAlthough it does seem to do something global, because when script A instantiates script B, that's enough to change A's logging as well.14:24
stubso the logger the script just uses its parents or something like that.14:24
jtvSo suddenly from the moment B is instantiated, A continues without the log level you specified on the command line.14:25
stubThere are a number of loggers, and we only want to bother maintaining one, so we just configure that stuff on the root logger IIRC.14:25
jtvThat would explain.14:25
stubYer. Cause we can't force scripts to use the logger instantiated just for them, or we could, but legacy code would need to be waded through.14:26
stub(and we would have to pass it around everywhere and use it whenever some code elsewhere wanted to log a message)14:27
stubSo yeah, it is global state and LaunchpadScript or somewhere in that mess sets it up so we see the messages per -v, -q etc. with the nice formatting and timestamps.14:27
stubMaybe some flag is needed to create a LaunchpadScript without doing that setup?14:28
jtvI was thinking maybe we should skip it if test_flags is given.14:28
stubThat sounds sane14:28
jtvExcept it makes for damned ugly tests.14:28
jtvBecause how do you test this without passing test_args?14:28
stubI think you have to pass test_flags in, or it will use argv anyway, and make the test runner explode.14:29
stubso new flag.14:29
jtvOr maybe one test could just sabotage options parsing.14:29
jtvNo, no, I don't think it'd help much.  :(14:30
stubif you like monkey patches over explicit arguments and the probability of you forgetting to unsabotage it leak your breakage to later tests...14:30
jtvAh yes, the joy of global variables.14:30
bigjoolswgrant: were you talking about bug 813749 ?14:31
_mup_Bug #813749: copying package that have been copied from another series doesn't work if you do not use the "original" package <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/813749 >14:31
stubFeel free to refactor the entire LaunchpadScript API. It it horrible and difficult to extend.14:31
jtvAnyway, I think it's probably reasonable to skip the logger setup if test_args is given.  The script simply own't have -v and -q.14:31
daniloswhoa, I just learned about https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+documentation ;)14:31
bigjoolswgrant: and what is the dupe?14:32
bigjoolscan't find it14:32
wgrantbigjools: Oh, apparently I saw it and forgot to triage it.14:32
wgrantProbably because I couldn't find the dupe.14:32
stubjtv: It might break some tests, but I think it unlikely enough to give it a go.14:32
wgrantIt was like 6am, so meh.14:32
jtvstub: right ho, I'll try that.14:32
wgrantBut you know the general idea of the bug, right?14:32
bigjoolswgrant: vaguely14:33
bigjools2nd copy copies already copied binaries or something14:33
wgrantkarmic has lpia, while >= lucid don't.14:33
wgrantSo if you copy something from karmic to lucid, lucid only gets two of the three binaries.14:33
wgrantSo you can't copy from, say, lucid to maverick.14:33
wgrantBecause the copy doesn't have a superset of the archive's binaries.14:33
bigjoolswgrant: I think we can alter the +initseries job so that it checks the packages you're copying to see if any of them are building14:34
bigjoolsrather than a blanket "something is building, argh"14:35
wgrantEven that is probably too strict.14:35
bigjoolseven if copying with binaries?14:35
wgrantBut making it more lenient than that is more than probably extremely painful and difficult.14:35
bigjoolswgrant: actually I'm still struggling to understand this issue14:36
bigjoolsit's been a long week and my brain was shredded the last 2 days by derived distros problems14:36
bigjoolswgrant: I guess the problem is, why do we check the superset14:38
bigjoolsor is that the bug?14:38
gary_posterbac, https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug812335/+merge/68762 when you have a mo14:38
wgrantbigjools: See line 399 onwards in packagecopier.py14:38
* bigjools looks14:39
wgrantbigjools: I'm not sure the rationale remains valid, but we need something like that.14:39
bacgary_poster: will do it now14:39
bigjoolswgrant: I don;t undserstand the rationale14:39
bigjoolsmy typing has gone to hell14:39
wgrantbigjools: The rationale doesn't explain the superset check.14:40
bigjoolsand what is the problem it's trying to check14:40
bigjoolsright :)14:40
wgrantIt's simply providing reasoning that all BPRs have unique files.14:40
bigjoolsunique across what set?14:41
wgrantAll their files have different contents, that is.14:41
wgrantThe superset check is, I suspect, to prevent different sets of builds being copied in together.14:42
* bigjools tries to find the original bug14:42
wgranteg. if I have an i386 binary for that source already in this archive, and I try to copy a different i386 one in.14:42
wgrantThen the source will have two different i386 binaries.14:42
wgrantIn one archive.14:42
wgrantOr something.14:43
bigjoolsbug #38761314:43
_mup_Bug #387613: CheckALL - CopyALL approach does not work well for multiple copies <api> <lp-soyuz> <ppa> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by cprov> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/387613 >14:43
wgrantWhere'd you get that? Annotate?14:44
bigjools"conflicting versions to be copied in the same batch"14:44
bigjoolsannotate, then bzr log14:44
bigjoolsit's classic Portuglish in the bug description14:47
bacgary_poster: what is happening at line 134 of the main diff?14:51
bacgary_poster: er, nm14:51
gary_posterbac, cool14:51
bacgary_poster: any reason not to used named values and do it in a single interpolation?14:53
gary_posterbac, sqlvalues is what I was thinking14:53
bacgary_poster: done15:05
gary_posterthank you bac15:05
jtvcjwatson: archive index generation should (knock on wood) work normally again on the next run.  It's a big change though, so needs watching.15:24
jcsackettbac: could i add https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/launchpad/form-picker-macros-also-irritate-me/+merge/68862 to your queue?15:30
bacjcsackett: sure15:30
mtaylorwhy is my launchpadlib script asking this question:15:44
mtaylorPlease set a password for your new keyring15:44
bacbenji: ^^15:44
mtayloris there a magic flag I can pass which tells somehting I'm trying to run a script which is not going to be run interactively for most of it's life?15:44
bacjcsackett: is the only difference between this MP and the previously approved one the unrolling of the bad merge conflicts?15:45
jcsackettbac: yup, it just undoes the rollback and fixes the one bit of bad conflict resolution.15:45
benjimtaylor: there is a mechanism for non-interactive authentication; I'll have to remember what it is.  The basics are that you authenticate once interactively and then refer to that authentication token after that15:46
bacjcsackett: ok15:46
mtaylorbenji: ok. I'll look in to it...15:46
bacjcsackett: did the test suite catch the bad merge issues?15:47
benjimtaylor: take a look at the credentials_file argument to login_with15:51
sinzuibac: no. That could have been caught by windmill if it ever worked15:53
sinzuibac: yui-app tests could be written to verify that the ajax widget was activated for the field.15:54
sinzuibac: The popup widget is from 2005. It never had ajax tests15:54
mtaylorbac: hey there! you don't have the powers to remove unused users, do you?15:56
sinzuimtaylor, we can rename unused users. Admins can merge users for other users15:56
mtaylorsinzui: so, https://launchpad.net/~keystone seems to be a ghost person15:57
mtaylorand it's in the way of me making a team to manage https://launchpad.net/keystone (well, someone made https://launchpad.net/~keystone-tem - but that doesn't match the rest of our naming scheme, and I'm anal)15:57
sinzuiNo, he is real, but has not done anything substantial15:58
mtaylorwell poo15:58
sinzuiHe did not choose his user name, which is what I think you care about15:58
mtayloryes. I don't mind that he's a real person - I'm sure he's lovely :)15:59
sinzuiI can change hi Lp-id since Lp decided it. He has never done anything in lp to related his Lp-Id to his name16:00
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cr3hi folks, I'd appreciate advice about handling anonymous information in a launchpad'esque way even though I realize that anonymous is mostly frowned upon in launchpad: I'm handling submissions in the launchpad hwdb and some don't have an owner, so if I'm linking the results in a testrun table for example, should the person_id be allowed to be null for anonymous submissions or should I have an anonymous placeholder person entry and its corresponding celebrity16:02
jcsackettbac: sorry, didn't catch your earlier comment, but sinzui is right.16:03
sinzuimtaylor, ~keystone was created by shipit. He is on the list of people to remove from Lp.16:04
mtaylorshipit is the thing that created a bunch of user accounts back in the day, yeah?16:07
sinzuibunch is an understatement. we have 2.5 million shipit accounts. only a small percent used Lp.16:13
sinzuimtaylor, ~keystone is free16:14
mtaylorsinzui: thank you!16:14
jmlis there an API to get a launchpadlib archive object given a string like 'ppa:person/ppa_name'?16:32
maxbI think lp.people['person'].getPPAByName(name='ppa_name') is the best you'll get16:36
maxbThe other syntax is private to "dput" AFAIK16:36
bigjoolswhat he said16:37
jmlok. so I'll parse it myself16:41
jmlwell, it's not private to dput per se, because apt-add-repository uses it16:41
jmlthanks maxb & bigjools16:41
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jmlg'night all17:31
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LPCIBotProject devel build #912: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 59 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/912/18:35
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cr3are products and product serieses accessed controlled, ie is there any product for which I couldn't access /name/+series in the web interface?19:38
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