bachi danilos11:23
danilosbac, hi, sorry about those late comments — they are definitely not a big deal :)11:24
bacdanilos, i don't know what you mean.11:24
danilosbac, oh, I thought it was the MP comments I made before I noticed it's already landed for 799901 :)11:24
bacah, i see them now11:25
bacdanilos i actually want to ask you about bug 78868511:26
_mup_Bug #788685: Enable translating selected Ubuntu universe packages in Launchpad <escalated> <oem-services> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by bac> <OEM Priority Project:Invalid> <Ubuntu Translations:Triaged> <pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu):Fix Released by pitti> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/788685 >11:26
bacdo you agree with pitti's comment regarding different checks based on distroseries?11:26
bacdanilos, and this method appears to be woefully undertested.  :(11:26
danilosbac, oh, the method is ancient, part of original rosetta/soyuz code :/11:27
danilosbac, also, pitti, representing ubuntu side, should have an authoritative say on what they might want to have translated with LP11:27
danilosbac, so, in that sense, I agree with whatever requirements he makes, and if this is what they want, let's do it11:28
danilosgmb, hi, would you be interested to help out with the translations stuff I am working on? (wanted to ask in the morning, but then completely forgot about it)12:01
gmbdanilos: Sure. I need to get the two branches that I'm working on (the lazr.restful one and the LP one that depends on it) landed, but after that I'm happy to help out.12:06
danilosgmb, excellent, thanks!12:06
danilosgmb, when you have some time, perhaps we can have a chat about what can you help with, so you get to choose :)12:15
gmbdanilos: Okay. How about we chat after the call? Then I'm ready to pick up the translations stuff as soon as I'm done with these branches.12:16
danilosgmb, cool, sounds good12:16
bacdanilos, do you know of other places where we perform a check like pitti wants, i.e. "oneiric and later"?  i'm trying to figure out the proper way to do that.12:23
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb skype in 1-ish12:29
gmbHa. This isn't pdb is it? No.12:30
baci thought you were looking for "Sherwood Forest"12:30
baci really am in a large resonant chamber12:34
danilosgmb, want a skype call as well?12:37
gmbdanilos: Yep, go for it.12:37
benjidanilos: I need to reboot and then I'll ask you my questions12:37
danilosbenji, ack12:38
danilosgmb, you've gone offline for me :)12:38
gmbOh, that's because Skype has decided I don't need to be online any more.12:39
* gary_poster is blocked by the absence of flacoste :-/13:38
benjidanilo_: I expect you're about to go away (if not already have).  I've been dealing with some unexpected computer problems, but I've pushed a (non-working) branch: lp:~benji/launchpad/bug-73476514:05
benjiIf you're still around for a minute, maybe you can give me some hints.  It looks like I should be able to derrive one Collection from another but I get an exception when I try.14:06
bacdanilos, if you haven't EOD could you tell me if this looks reasonable for bug 788685?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/649987/14:07
_mup_Bug #788685: Enable translating selected Ubuntu universe packages in Launchpad <escalated> <oem-services> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by bac> <OEM Priority Project:Invalid> <Ubuntu Translations:Triaged> <pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu):Fix Released by pitti> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/788685 >14:07
danilosbac, looks reasonable14:11
danilosbenji, oh, I am still around, sorry (for at least another hour)14:11
bacdanilos thanks14:12
danilosbac, I am unsure if that's the right way to check for "older" distroseries (there's also the parent_distroseries I think, but that'd be much harder)14:12
bacdanilos yeah, that's what i'm trying to figure out14:12
danilosbac, perhaps sinzui can help with that?14:13
bacand i'm unsure whether it is required that i add an 'onieiric' to our sampledata14:13
danilosbenji, what kind of exception do you get?14:13
bacdanilos, probably14:13
danilosbac, probably not required, and for tests, you can always create it live14:13
benjidanilos: my VM would have to be working for me to tell you that14:14
benjiIf I get things straightened out soon I'll let you know.14:14
danilosbenji, heh, right, fwiw, getTemplatesAndLanguageCounts basically does something similar already14:15
danilosbenji, (in that it joins another table and then selects the data from it)14:15
danilosbenji, also note that ITranslationTemplatesCollection exposes only a few methods, and getTranslationTemplates() returns a storm ResultSet instead of the collection14:22
benjiyep, I figured those out14:23
danilosbenji, fwiw, I'd go the same route as for getTemplatesAndLanguageCounts and put a method you need directly in HasTranslationTemplates14:23
benjik, I'll try that14:25
* danilos -> off15:29
danilosenjoy the weekend all15:29
gary_posterbye danilos15:41
* gary_poster going to piano recital for older son's piano camp. might be a bit longer lunch tham usual, but hopefully not too bad15:46
benjigary_poster: want to pretend to be a Storm master?19:14
gary_posterbenji, no :-) but I'll do my best to help19:14
benjiso, when I try to join in the packaging table to a Collection, I get an exception: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650175/19:14
benjiI think the error means that I can't join one column with another, but that seems insane.19:15
gary_posterah, yeah, I've encountered something like this, and I know the kind of thing that usually helps.  Try "distroseries_id" instead of "distroseries".  If that's not the exact spelling, look on the Packaging class to see how the distroseries id is spelled19:16
gary_posterbenji ^^^19:17
benjigary_poster: actually, it's the second half of the And that has the problem, but the advice sounds promising anyway19:18
benjiI think that's the right track.  Using sourcepackagenameID at least doesn't generate an exception.19:19
benjihallelujah, I think I've finally seen the (re. optimization task) light20:00
gary_posterbenji, like I told you, I thought Robert had implemented ++profile++ for qastaging.  However, I'm trying it and it is not working.  Did you have any success?20:31
benjigary_poster: I ended up not needing it.20:32
gary_posterah, ok benji.  Well, my new answer is, "I thought so, but maybe not" :-)20:32

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