poolie+register-merge is timing out?00:08
poolieoh probably bug 79383000:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 793830 in Launchpad itself "Branch:+register-merge time out due to substring matching many tables" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79383000:09
poolieyes it was00:12
lifelessor you just pushed a branch with big history and lp contended00:12
pooliewho is allowed to set the status of a mp?00:12
pooliein https://code.launchpad.net/~paulbrianstewart/ubuntu/oneiric/bzr/814311-typo-52825-manBzr/+merge/68752 I can push to the target but i can't set the status to rejected00:12
lifelessofficial reviewers to any state, submitter to less privileged states00:12
poolieapparently i can delete it but i can't reject it00:12
lifelessI think I filed a bug about tha tcombination00:12
poolieso in this case only core devs or something?00:13
lifelessI'm not sure00:18
idnarif I mention another bug number in a bug description, is there some way to have that turn into a hyperlink to the relevant bug?00:45
idnarI could have sworn I did this before, but perhaps my memory is faulty00:45
mwhudsonidnar: "bug NNNNN" is linkified00:46
mwhudsonthere are some other syntaxes too, but that's the one i remember00:46
idnaraha, I just had "#NNNN"00:46
idnaradding "bug" in front did the trick00:46
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jack_lthow can I see which PPAs are installed, via the command line?10:58
jack_ltand after a check, how to remove a ppa?10:59
Mkaysigksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list I think10:59
jack_ltI don't think ppas are added to that file11:00
henningejack_lt: there is also the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory.11:00
henningejack_lt: there is usually a file for each ppa11:00
jack_lthenninge, I see11:01
jack_lt:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ ls11:01
jack_ltand now I want to remove that ppa ..11:01
henningejack_lt: remove the file11:01
henningethen "apt-get update"11:01
jack_lthenninge, that is the clean and good way?11:02
henningejack_lt: I was just wondering about that ...11:02
wgrantIt is.11:02
henningejack_lt: it is. There is apt-add-repository but that changes sources.list11:04
jack_ltok thx11:05
bigjoolsthere's a ppa-purge script knocking around11:22
bigjoolsdowngrades packages as well11:22
Davieyx edgers11:45
DavieyAh, it's been packaged it seems11:46
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deryckadeuring, I'll take IRC now.15:14
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adeuringderyck: ok, thanks15:15
bjsniderif i delete ppa packages how long is it before the source tarball is also deleted?15:36
dtchenis there scheduled maintenance currently for upload.ubuntu.com? I'm receiving "Unable to connect to SSH host upload.ubuntu.com; EOF during negotiation" while using sftp.15:45
deryckdtchen, let me check.15:47
dtchenderyck: thanks15:47
Ngdtchen: the logs indicate that you're using a different ssh key to the ones listed in your launchpad user15:55
deryckbigjools, can you answer bjsnider's question.  I'm afraid I don't know.15:56
bigjoolsbjsnider: usually within minutes15:56
dtchenNg: thanks. But that seems odd, since I haven't changed keys and was able to use the same key to upload two days ago.15:58
* dtchen spots something in ~/.ssh/config and attempts to verify16:00
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dtchenNg: yep, you're correct, thanks16:01
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dtchenI had a *.launchpad.net but not a corresponding *.ubuntu.com16:02
jmlok. this is probably a FAQ, but how long do I have to wait after doing a dput until I see something in the Launchpad web ui, and where would I see it?16:54
jelmerjml: you'll get an email with a link, and your PPA page will show recent uploads16:58
jmljelmer: you mean it will show recent successful uploads, right?16:59
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jmljelmer: because I eventually got a 'rejected' email, and never saw anything in the web ui about the upload.16:59
jelmerjml: yeah, if the package is rejected it will indeed only show up in your inbox17:00
jelmer(I think, my packages are never rejected :P)17:01
jmljelmer: thanks.17:01
jmlhah, and you have to bump versions even for rejected uploads.17:01
jmlI think I knew that, actually17:01
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doctormoWhat command line tools are available to quickly release a tarball to a project?18:11
benjidoctormo: here's a contributed script to upload release tars to LP: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lazr-developers/launchpadlib/trunk/view/head:/contrib/upload_release_tarball.py18:24
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svenskmandI just uploaded a package to my PPA: https://launchpad.net/~svenskmand/+archive/opendungeons the upload with dput went fine and I got a mail back that the upload was accepted. It also shows up on the webpage but I cannot add it to my local system by using sudo apt-add-repository ppa:svenskmand/opendungeons then I just get the error: "Error: can't find signing_key_fingerprint at https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~svenskmand/+archi20:53
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* popey pokes the world with bug 734520 which makes the loco directory look really very bad indeed.22:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 734520 in LoCo Team Directory "profile images not displaying correctly if no image on LP" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73452022:51
wgrantpopey: If LP has no image, then why is the LD trying to show one?22:51
wgrantI see no bad image on the linked page.22:52
popeybe nice if lp had a default headshot image if a user doesnt have one22:52
popeyhow does LD know whether a user has one or not?22:52
wgrantYes, but that's a wishlist, not a bug.22:52
wgrantThe image URL will be null.22:52
wgrantIt's easy to work around from LD's side.22:52
popeybut LP returns text22:52
popeyfor a broken image22:52
popeyObject: <canonical.launchpad.rest.bytestorage.LibraryBackedByteStorage object at 0x12354c50>, name: 'logo'22:53
wgrantWhere are you getting the URL of a broken image?22:53
popeypersonally, I'm not.22:53
wgrantPerhaps there is an image but it's served with the wrong content-type or something?22:53
popeyI'm more a user of LD, and seeing lots of broken links22:53
popeybroken images, sorry22:53
wgrantI would first be checking what they're doing, because LP doesn't serve garbage as images.22:54
wgrantIt might conceivably be sending the wrong content-type, but browsers cope with that.22:54
popeyhttps://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~martijn/logo is the image url for example22:54
popeywhich returns a piece of text22:55
popeynot an image22:55
wgrantNot a 200, either.22:55
wgrantThat's an API 404.22:55
popeyah, interesting22:55
AlanBellthey don't appear in firefox at all, but display as broken in webkit browsers22:58
popeybe much nicer if we displayed a generic headshot of sabdfl22:59
popeyas per http://gizmodo.com/5652184/is-bill-gates-mugshot-photo-the-generic-user-icon-in-outlook-201022:59
wgrantPerhaps, but it's not clear how that should work.23:02
wgrantWhat if a consumer wants to show one in their own style instead?23:03
wgrantHow do they know if a user has set a custom one or not?23:03
bjsniderok, if i delete the packages in a ppa, how long before the orig tarball is also deleted and i can upload a new one with the same name?23:24
wgrantYou can never do that.23:24
bjsniderthat ain't gonna fly23:25
wgrantTo do that would be a lie.23:25
wgrantIt's not the orig tarball if it changes!23:25
bjsniderit's not anything. i deleted it23:26
bjsnidercan't someone just go in there and destroy it? it's meaningless now23:26
wgrantNo. You have to upload different versions of files with different versions.23:26
wgrantYou can't upload different versions as the same version.23:27
wgrantThat confuses people, apt, and Launchpad.23:27
bjsniderthe builds all failed23:27
wgrantThe source didn't.23:28
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