ByanKM0201: ever get that girls sound fixed?01:40
KM0201Byan: actually, no.. she had done so much crap trying to fix it, couldn't remember 90% of what was "undone" w/ various help in the channel, i talked her through clean installing02:16
KM0201(sommeone else had installed it for her, and she was lost)02:16
KM0201Byan: once she clean installed, it worked just fine (including on the live cd)02:17
Byanhm, ok02:20
ByanI just figured it out02:20
Byanfixed it using asoundconf02:20
KM0201hmm, well, to late for her (she had somme other issues as well that were resolved w/ a clean install )02:21
apanda_ahoi :) I have a centrino laptop and my bluetooth light wont go off, even tho lubuntu thinks it isnt running07:52
apanda_so im not sure if its just the led or if bt is still on07:54
gonzoMDhello, smbdy here?08:51
gonzoMDis it possible to install lubuntu to a thinkpad t21 via pendrive?08:52
gonzoMDit got it to boot via plop bootmanager coz the t21 doesn't support native usb boot08:53
gonzoMDbut at the setup I got the message that the CD couldn't mounted08:53
gonzoMDmade the boot device with unetbootin08:54
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amadeohey guys, I have a question about java and lubuntu14:37
stlsaintamadeo: ask and if someone knows it they will tell you14:38
amadeoI have the same machine running both windows XP and Lubuntu. when I run a java program i wrote in both it is significantly slower in Lubuntu14:38
amadeoany idea why this is, and how i can fix it?14:38
stlsaintamadeo: you wrote it?14:39
amadeoI'm running it on Lubuntu using a jar file14:40
stlsaintamadeo: well i would think that comes down to code optimization on your part (no offense)14:40
amadeostlsaint, thats the thing, it runs very efficiently, on my development PC its quite quick and not a resource hog14:40
amadeoit's just taking forever to load the JVM14:41
stlsaintamadeo: what distro is your dev pc?14:41
amadeoUbuntu 10.1014:41
amadeoit takes about 10 seconds to load a JFrame so it isn't a coding issue14:41
stlsaintamadeo: yes its pretty hard to debug some custom code like that14:47
stlsaintamadeo: i would just watch my processes at runtime of that script to see whats going on14:47
amadeostlsaint, yea I think I'm going to see how long a quick hello world program takes to run, that should tell me if its the JVM or not14:48
MrNthDegreeHey guys, anyone know if Lubuntu works with homedir encryption out of the box?21:35
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Guest32507has anyone gotten the d-link bluetooth dongle to work on lubuntu? any help would be much appreciated22:20
KM0201never tried.22:22
KM0201Guest32507: does that help any... have you reviewed/saw that?22:22
Guest32507yeah i've tried installing bluez already22:23
Guest32507for some reason gnome-bluetooth doesn't pick up any adapters22:23
Guest32507and the bluetooth-applet does not show up as an icon on the tray22:24
KM0201yeah, i don't have much experience there to offer much help22:28
Guest32507are you able to launch bluetooth-applet?22:31
KM0201Guest32507: i don't even have bluetooth stuff installed22:32
KM0201have no need for it22:32
Guest32507ohhh i see22:32
Guest32507thanks anyway =)22:32

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