macoyofel: http://mackenzie.morgan.name/tmp/kwin_crash_handler.png00:00
macojbicha:  my graphics card is irrelevant. its a vm. and there is no kdm involved in booting the live cd00:00
BUGabundomaco: what GPU?00:01
macointel, as always00:01
macobut thats not whats inside the vm00:01
jbichamaco: perhaps you'll need to install natty & then upgrade unless you want to report iso bugs00:02
macojbicha: im working on ubiquity00:02
jbichawell you can do some ubiquity work on an already installed system00:04
yofeldoes kwin work at all after that? Or is that a fatal crash?00:04
yofelIIRC I did get a kwin crash once too when opengl didn't work right here, which would be the case too in KVM.00:05
jbichait sometimes take the vm devs a while to support the latest kernel & graphics stacks00:05
jo-erlenduhm. I'm curious to have a look at what 11.10 looks like. Should I use the latest alpha, or the daily?00:06
yofelif you want to look at it use the daily. (if it boots)00:06
jo-erlendif I add persistence to the usb stick, then I can install software including drivers, yes?00:09
jo-erlendguess it'll only be a quick peek now, but if it works well, I guess I'll test it more thoroughly on my boxes. I've usually waited a little longer before testing, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect :)00:12
jo-erlendwill firefox get overlay scrollbars during this cycle, you think?00:16
jo-erlendone thing I don't understand, if why they always call the isos for ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, etc by the exact same name. That's kinda annoying when you want to download any test several images.00:21
yofelI think they're just created in the same way by the same way.00:22
jbichajo-erlend: you could use testdrive or dl-ubuntu-test-iso to automatically put the isos in separate folders00:23
jo-erlendoh. I didn't know that.00:23
yofelhaving the same names makes things easier to script too00:23
jo-erlendhow is that?00:24
yofelsimply switching subfolder is usally easier than parsing iso names, but don't ask me00:25
macoyofel: fatal00:25
macoyofel: if i exit the crash thingy it just stays a black screen and X cursor. there's nothing else00:26
jo-erlendoneiric-*-desktop-arc.iso? :)00:26
macono menus...no krunner00:26
yofelno idea, talk to mgraesslin. Perhaps its fixed in rc200:27
jo-erlendI sure hope we'll be able to replace those sounds by 12.04....00:49
* yofel passionately hates system sounds, no matter if it's gnome or kde00:51
macoyofel: hmm ya know, kwin must still be running because the crash handler has decorations00:55
macoor must have restarted at least00:55
macobut there's still no plasma00:55
yofelwhen I got the kwin crash the desktop didn't start either, had to restart X. After the crash kwin disabled the GL checks and the desktop came up fine00:56
macohow do you restart X? theres no kdm00:57
jbichamaco: can you get to a virtual terminal00:58
yofelwell, kdm should be running, just with auto-login, so restarting kdm should work00:58
macosudo service restart kdm      told me that kdm wasnt running00:58
macoand its not ubiquity-dm either, which is the only result on    ps -ef | grep dm00:59
BUGabundostartx ?01:02
macox is already running though, i think?01:03
BUGabundops it ?01:03
rwwAlt-SysRq-K would kill X, wouldn't it?01:03
macohmm maybe not01:03
BUGabundonot in a VM01:03
rwwoh, true.01:03
macolibkexec was running drkonqi01:03
macowhich i think is like using xinit01:03
macostartx didnt like that...probably because kexec's already got :001:04
macoi cant figure out how to kill the currently running X session01:05
macowhich is interesting since there are no X processes01:05
macooh wait got it01:05
macothere was one, but sudo...01:06
maconow i have a black background again but this time with a folderview widget. slight improvement at least01:06
maco...and then the whole thing crashed and went all i/o error on me. lovely.01:12
BUGabundoI had that 3 weeks ago01:18
BUGabundothen switched to lubuntu01:18
BUGabundowill reboot tonight for the 1st time in many days01:19
BUGabundoand retry Gnome again01:19
jo-erlendI have to say it's looking good. Unity2d is really impressive.01:33
jo-erlendis it intentional that you can no longer get a context menu on the desktop?01:33
jo-erlendohh. It was just a nautilus crash :)01:34
jo-erlendoh. Good night. :)01:37
jo-erlendI'm off myself. Very late.01:38
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jakubohi again... something is being weird with sound for me in  ubuntu... on my intel sound based laptop the login jingle from empathy and pidgin have become a mere click with yesterdays updates...05:59
daniel__hello i have been trying everything i can to get my wireless working and keep seem to get to no matter what i do i use a Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN [14e4:4311] (rev 01)08:10
daniel__would anyone have any suggestions?08:10
daniel__it worked before i updated to 11.0408:10
om26erafter using arrow keys cursor does not move for a second or two whats the problem?10:29
om26erseems like happens with every key press :/10:30
antiheroHmm, just grabbed the latest kernel10:44
antiheronvidia drivers don't work, so I tried the ones downloaded and it claims I don't have the source10:45
antiheroWhich is untrue10:45
antiheroas linux-source was also upgraded10:45
antiheroCould nouveau be a an alternative?10:48
antiheroany idea why Nouveau not working10:59
gunni_Hi. Is the number behind the kernel version in ubuntu consistent with the RC kernel? I.e. Is linux-image-3.0.0-6 = kernel 3.0 RC6 ?11:12
dr_willishmm.  never noticed11:14
dr_willis! info linux-image11:14
gunni_I ask because a fix i depend on seems to be in RC7 and the actual kernel in oneiric is 3.0.0-6 ... ok, i may try and see, but knowing would be nicer :)11:15
dr_willisthe apt package info may state the actual source version11:17
gesergunni_: I'm not sure if this doesn't code the kernel-module ABI (but better ask in #ubuntu-kernel if you want to know for sure)11:18
albert23gunni_: there is no direct match. 3.0.0-5.6 was already based on rc711:18
albert23changelog will tell11:18
gunni_albert23: Thanks, i will try it now, and hope the fix is in.11:18
gunni_albert23: How to find the changelog?11:19
albert23aptitude changelog linux-image-3.0.0-6-generic11:19
albert23or which kernel version you use11:20
geseror /usr/share/doc/$pkg/changelog.Debian.gz (if you have the package already installed)11:20
seifhey guys13:36
seifsince today i cant login into my desktop anymore13:36
nyuszika7hseif: can you log in to a tty (Ctrl-Alt-F1, Ctrl-Alt-F2 etc.)?13:40
seifnyuszika7h, yeah i can13:40
nyuszika7hTry this:13:41
nyuszika7h$ sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart13:41
nyuszika7hReplace '?' with your desktop manager's first letter (e.g. 'g' for Gnome, 'k' for KDE, and so on.)13:42
seifi did that with gdm and lightdm13:42
seifbut both then don allow me to insert a password13:42
seifthey restart13:42
seifhowever the kdm works13:42
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h00kI'm waiting for my boot-time to go back down in Oneric ;) It was 7.8 something seconds in Natty, and it's back up to 22 in Oneric.16:24
yofeluse bootchart and find out what's causing it16:26
h00kI have bootchart, that's why I know the differences, but I haven't gone through it yet to figure it out.16:27
KM0201h00k: ouch16:27
antiheroDoes nvidia-current work with the latest kernel yet17:22
trismantihero: I haven't tested it with 3.0.0-6 yet but it works with 3.0.0-5 (I imagine it will probably work with the latest as well though)17:27
antiherotrism: Worked ine with -517:32
antiherobut has a problem with -6 it seems :(17:32
antihero"Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the17:32
antiherokernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed.17:32
antiheroEven though linux-source is installed17:32
trismantihero: ahh, alright, I'm gonna go test as soon as I finish upgrading17:32
trismantihero: you don't need the linux-source package for nvidia-current, you need the linux-headers package17:33
antiherotrism:  ah, okay. I'll make sure i've got that17:33
antiheroI can't wait 'till nouvaeu supports my 46017:35
antiherohigh res console is yummy17:35
antiherotrism: linux-headers also installed17:39
antiherohttp://paste.pocoo.org/show/444398/ <<<17:41
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trismantihero: gonna reboot and see what happens with my system17:48
antiherodon't expect a display17:52
antiherobut you might be cool17:52
trismantihero: strangely, it didn't build here initially either, I forced a rebuild with: sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-$(uname -r); (after booting into 3.0.0-6) then I could: sudo modprobe nvidia-current; and start lightdm17:55
yofelhm, true, 3.0.0-6 is installed here, but dkms status shows that none of the dkms modules were built with it17:55
* yofel is still running 3.0.0-517:55
yofeltrism: 'sudo dkms autoinstall -k 3.0.0-6-generic' would've been shorter ^^17:57
micahganyone else get a conffile prompt on the 3.0.0-6 upgrade?17:57
yofeldidn't get one here17:58
trismhere either17:58
charlie-tcanone here17:58
micahgk, will chalk it up to system weirdness17:58
charlie-tcamicahg: locally modified, maybe?17:58
micahgnot that I know of17:58
trismyofel: I will have to remember the for later17:58
robin0800any one else noticed this when wireless not connected from sys log every minuet NetworkManager[503]: nm_supplicant_config_get_pkcs11_engine_path: assertion `NM_IS_SUPPLICANT_CONFIG (self)' failed18:06
jakubohi, i got a problem recovering from chroot, it says bin/bash has a false format....18:40
jakubowhen chrooting18:40
yofelthat happens if you run a 32bit kernel and try to chroot to a 64bit system18:42
jakuboyou mean... ah fuck... so i need a different live cd version18:43
jakubothx a lot ;)18:43
BUGabundogood afternoon folks! dead dead DEAD tired  but karting was great18:46
antiherotrism: So nvidia-current works for you now?19:18
trismantihero: yes19:19
antiheroI'll give that a shot19:19
antiheroAnd switch to lightdm for the hell of it19:19
BUGabundoI need to recall what's the safe procedure to go back to nouveua19:23
BUGabundobjsnider: ^^^^^19:23
BUGabundowhere's sarvat when I need him?19:23
yofelremove the package and xorg.conf?19:23
Ian_Cornejust removing xorg.conf is enough methinks19:23
Ian_CorneIt's what I always do at least19:24
BUGabundoyofel: I'm afraid even to try19:24
BUGabundoalready spent 8 days without X this cycle19:25
BUGabundomust be a record19:25
Ian_Cornejust remove you xorg19:25
yofelIan_Corne: that works without problems? Because the nvidia package blacklists the module19:25
Ian_Cornemaybe vesa takes over then :)19:25
BUGabundogoing on 3 weeks without gnome LOL19:25
Ian_CorneI don't know, but removing the conf allows me to log in graphically19:25
BUGabundolubuntu user :\ and its not pretty19:25
Ian_Cornei'll check next time yofel :)19:26
Ian_Corneof to the bars now!19:26
Ian_Cornejockey fails to activate nvidia-current atm for me19:26
BUGabundodinner, bbl19:29
antiheroHmm, can't get lightdm working at all19:32
antiheroIt just is a blanscreen19:32
antiherodamn lag19:32
trismantihero: did you install a greeter with lightdm? it only recommends one, so you might not have one (probably lightdm-greeter-example-gtk unless you want to edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to choose another)19:35
antiherotrism ah ok19:35
antiherowhat's the advantage of it over gdm19:35
antiheroWHAT THE HELL UNITY?!19:40
antiheroWhy is it overriding Ctrl+Tab ?!?!19:40
antiheroWho's insane idea was this19:41
jo-erlendwow... They're blowing up my home town. Oslo looks like a war zone and I walk past that exact area almost every day. I'm talking a few meters away and at that time. I'm really happy I've been programming at home today....20:05
charlie-tcajo-erlend: glad to hear you are safe today,then.20:20
charlie-tcaThat is a frightening experience all the same20:20
jo-erlendthank you, yes, so am I.20:20
BUGabundoglad you are all right jo-erlend20:25
BUGabundohope no friends, family or acquaintance have been hurt20:25
BUGabundoanyone tracking http://opendedup.org/ ?20:26
charlie-tcaThat website is a mess20:27
charlie-tcaapparently, 14pt fonts are too big for them20:27
charlie-tcamost of the sentences are  cut off20:27
BUGabundoyeah, stuff goes over tables20:28
BUGabundocan't even read it in android browser20:29
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BUGabundoI seem to have lost sound controls :\20:45
BUGabundoand no libnotify in lubuntu20:45
charlie-tcain lubuntu?20:48
charlie-tcayou give gnome up now?20:48
BUGabundocharlie-tca: its not working for me20:56
BUGabundounity or gnome3 is missing the applet bars or what ever20:56
BUGabundognome classic says its not installed and logs me out20:56
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BUGabundocharlie-tca: any ideas what packages I would need to get Classic to work?21:12
BUGabundoI already made sure I had Ubuntu-desktop :\21:12
BUGabundoI'll try gnome-applets :D21:13
charlie-tcaThey removed classic from oneiric21:14
charlie-tcanow got unity2d and unity3d21:14
yofelgnome 3 fallback should work though?21:15
charlie-tca2d is the fallback21:15
charlie-tcait works for me here21:15
BUGabundocharlie-tca: I can't use either21:15
BUGabundowhere are MY options?21:15
yofelnot unity2d, I meant the gnome 3 panel21:15
BUGabundoI don't like unity, really21:15
BUGabundoI need my app applet21:16
BUGabundoyofel: :D21:16
yofelcharlie-tca: let's start a match who gets BUGabundo as user :P21:16
BUGabundobeen there, done that for a cicle21:16
BUGabundoxubuntu to light and cof ugly cof21:16
charlie-tcaKubuntu is really nice, if you can figure out to make it do anything21:16
BUGabundoLubuntu is nice, but the UI is very outdated compared to Gnome21:17
yofellubuntu is too simple for me, my fallback if KDE's broken is xubuntu currently21:17
BUGabundocharlie-tca: last time I picked it up we were in the mist of 9.04 :(21:17
BUGabundoyofel: simple but its working21:17
BUGabundoand I need a working WM21:17
BUGabundoif at least I could start a Guest Session *from* inside lubuntu I would see if I could login to Gnome21:18
BUGabundobut all priors attempts forced me to reisub it :\21:18
BUGabundoits *that* bad21:18
BUGabundohow does one log out of Unity ???21:19
BUGabundocan you believe I couldn't find the button?21:19
BUGabundoat least CAD worked21:19
charlie-tcadon't you just click your name?21:19
BUGabundodidn't see it21:19
* yofel needs a new oneiric VM to look at unity these days21:20
BUGabundoI need a new distro :)21:21
BUGabundoif I could get ChromiumOS 14 to boot21:21
BUGabundoand install pidgin there, I would leave Ubuntu behind faster then a light bolt21:22
charlie-tcahm, I guess kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu are all waiting for you?21:22
BUGabundoI need some vacations from all this testing and mess21:22
BUGabundoI won't go to k or x21:22
BUGabundotrying L now21:22
BUGabundobut its not of my taste21:22
BUGabundoI just want classic21:22
BUGabundoat least until gnome3 supports gnome-do properly and have a better notification bar21:22
charlie-tcayup, sounds like it is time for a break, it has been a long run already21:23
BUGabundo"Graceful exit if physical disk capacity is reached. ETA : Will be implemented shortly" LOL21:24
BUGabundobeen a full time K/Ubuntu user since 200621:24
charlie-tcayeah, you been testing for a long time, now21:25
BUGabundosure, I could just run _stable_21:25
yofelthat doesn't sound like you :P21:25
BUGabundobut my other laptop with 10.10 and 11.04 seem as imperfect as this21:25
BUGabundoand don't have the cutting edge goodness21:25
BUGabundoyou know what I miss most now?21:26
charlie-tcaMaybe this hardware is not so good?21:26
BUGabundoI bet NONE of you will guess21:26
BUGabundonot even close21:26
BUGabundohint: gnome feature related21:26
charlie-tcaI give up21:27
BUGabundoalt-tab grab and drop21:29
yofelwhat did that do again?21:29
BUGabundoyou drag something and press alt+tab to change windows21:29
BUGabundoFINALLY it was implemented in Gnome this cycle21:30
BUGabundolike.... ANY WM does that in.... 20 years21:30
BUGabundoeven windows 3.x had that21:30
bjsniderBUGabundo, your unbroken streak of misspelling nouveau is intact21:30
BUGabundostupid OSs/WMs mouse orientes21:30
BUGabundobjsnider: I NEVER get it21:30
BUGabundoI *really* try it21:30
bjsnider65835 times in a row and counting!21:31
BUGabundoI excuse them! no one ever gets my nick right without auto complete21:31
bjsniderfrench ain't your cup of java21:31
BUGabundoits soooo funny to google for variations of my nick21:31
BUGabundodamn ti21:31
BUGabundogot it21:31
* BUGabundo tries to memorize21:32
bjsniderthe correct procedure to go back to nouveau from the blob is to deactivate the nvidia driver in jockey21:33
BUGabundobut... it doesn't show any of them activated21:34
bjsniderare you using the blob at the moment?21:35
BUGabundoI _think_ so21:35
BUGabundoit was the last I installed when nouveua borked21:35
yofellsmod has nouveau or nvidia?21:35
* BUGabundo and missses again21:35
bjsniderok, to do it manually: uninstall nvidia-current, remove xorg.conf, reboot21:36
BUGabundodrm                   236089  4 nouveau,ttm,drm_kms_helper21:36
bjsnideris nvidia drunning?21:36
bjsnideris nvidia-current instaled?21:36
BUGabundonvidia-current:  Installed: 275.09.07-0ubuntu421:36
BUGabundo~$ nvidia-detector21:37
bjsnideryour system seems a bit borked to me21:37
BUGabundo"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."21:37
bjsniderwhat does xorg.conf say?21:37
BUGabundolooking at it as we speak21:37
BUGabundo$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit21:37
BUGabundono nvidia ther21:38
BUGabundomeh... total system borked21:38
bjsniderjust uninstall nvidia-current, remove that xorg.conf fragment and reboot21:38
bjsniderbut you really seem to be using nouveau now21:38
bjsniderso maybe if you're having graphics issues it is to blame and not the blob21:38
BUGabundosince I never went back to it , after installing nvidia21:38
yofelmaybe jockey screwed up creating xorg.conf21:39
bjsniderif nvidia-current is installed you really should be uing nvidia's glx, which means it would be paired with nouveau's ddx driver21:41
bjsniderthat's a mess21:41
BUGabundotell me about it bjsnider21:51
bjsniderBUGabundo, you really shouldn't be submitting any bug reports until you sort this out because everything could be caused by this misconfiguration22:02
BUGabundoI haven't done any this month22:03
aromanhi, what's the Mac version about? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/alpha-2/22:08
charlie-tcaspecific to mac 64bit with the intel chip22:11
aromanhow is that different than for PC?22:11
charlie-tcasomething with the EFI in mac22:12
aromanah probably 64bit EFI22:12
charlie-tcait is optimized to take advantage of it22:12
aromanthat's what I suspected22:12
h00kI just found something23:59
h00kyou know how alt-tab is...well, alt-tab23:59

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