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Islingtonhttp://wstaw.org/m/2011/07/22/plasma-desktopqI3037.jpg iainfarrell thorwil opinions?13:36
iainfarrellIslington: nice idea for a wallpaper13:37
iainfarrellI have to say I rather like it :)13:37
coz_nice simple,, minimal :)13:38
Islingtonyeah I agreed with vish yesterday that it looked a bit washed out, so this was my fix13:38
coz_Islington,  I would also try different gradients in the background,,13:39
coz_color variations13:39
Islingtoncoz_: its actually a two gradients on top of each other( only way to minimize banding)13:40
Islingtoncoz_: will try it13:40
coz_Islington,  yes banding can be an issue and also yes multiple gradients can help to eliminate that for sure :)13:40
thorwilIslington: those map-like lines don't do much for me. consider to use less and make them look like the course of the plain, closer anfd farther away from the viewer, to add depth13:43
thorwilor make them more like a landscape13:44
thorwilgotta run13:44
vishhmm, i thought those were clouds.. :D14:04
Islingtonthey are thorwil must have been in a rush14:04
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