CLF1Can someone please help me with a problem seeing my USB hard drive on network.  permissions keep reverting back to "forbidden"02:18
holsteinCLF1: hey02:39
holsteinwhats the issue?02:39
CLF1I can't seem to get the drive to show up on network02:41
CLF1I change properties of drive in file manager, but it changes back02:41
holsteinwhat does 'on network' mean?02:42
CLF1i can see on windows box, but cannot open the it02:42
holsteinhmmm... im not following02:42
holsteinyou have a USB hard drive?02:42
CLF12 TB USB HD, trying to share from Kubuntu server02:42
holsteinCLF1: and you are sharing that with samba?02:43
CLF1trying to02:43
holsteini would just do ssh, and make windows use that personally02:43
CLF1what is ssh02:43
holsteini had a *much* easier time when i stopped making linux speak windows, and when the other way02:43
CLF1I get it working, but when I reboot the kubuntu, to goes away02:44
holsteinthat being said, try sharing something local thats not on the USB drive, and see if you can use that via samba02:44
CLF1been at this for a few days02:45
CLF1I can see the box  in the workgroup, but that's it02:46
holsteinCLF1: so, try a share thats not on the USB drive, see if that works02:46
holsteinCLF1: what do you do to make it work after you reboot?02:46
CLF1I can see the cdrom drive :-)02:46
CLF1re-write the smb.conf and chmod it02:47
holsteinCLF1: what do you rewrite?02:47
CLF1I replace the entire file02:47
holsteinwith what?02:47
CLF1my back up02:47
holsteinCLF1: next time, skip that step, and try the chmod only02:47
holsteinCLF1: thats something you could script02:48
CLF1how do I remount, I disconnected the drive02:49
holsteinusually, they just show up and auto mount02:51
holsteinsudo mount whatever02:51
CLF1okay that's what I needed02:51
CLF1okay, so when I open the drive's properties, I see owner, group, others and they all default to forbidden, I can change it, but it doesn't save the change02:54
holsteinCLF1: this is going to be tricky02:55
holsteinis it fat32? ntfs?02:55
CLF1you're telling me  ntfs02:55
CLF1I get it working, then power out or restart and I have to retool the entire thing to get it working02:55
holsteinCLF1: your asking for something rather odd02:56
holsteinyou are asking for a windows filesystem on external media to show up after boot, and be integrated into the samba sharing situation02:56
holsteinideally, whatever drive/volume you are sharing via samba would be local02:57
CLF1should't I be able to see it on my home network02:57
holsteinCLF1: *if* you will always have that drive plugged in, add it in /etc/fstab and the chmod will persist02:58
holsteinCLF1: you are able to see it02:58
holsteinafter you chmod02:58
holsteinthis is what i would expect02:58
CLF1but I can't map to it02:58
holsteinCLF1: you can do whatever if you put it in fstab02:58
holsteinbut, if the drive is not present, it wont boot02:59
CLF1what for example should I add to the fstab02:59
holsteinCLF1: the USB drive02:59
holsteinCLF1: you should read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive03:00
CLF1that's cool I'm there03:01
holsteinand know how to recover that file with a live CD03:01
CLF1something like /dev/sda1 /mnt/COYOTE_DRIVE  ext 3  defaults 0 003:01
holsteinsure... if you reformat ext303:02
CLF1let me ask you this...is Ubuntu and Kubuntu basically the same in terms of commands and functions?03:04
CLF1i'm just basically teaching myself this Linux stuff....03:04
holsteinCLF1: its all the same repositories03:05
holsteinthey are not the same at all, but they are capable of being exactly the same03:05
CLF1IOkay..i'm off to see if I can get this thing working again.  thaks for yor the time.....I'm going to read up in the documentation ....i03:06
holsteinCLF1: sure... you can get it :)03:06
holsteingood luck03:06
CLF1is there a chance I need to install some sort of functionality for SAMba to work properly03:06
holsteinCLF1: maybe.. thats why i suggest using a local directory... make sure samba is working as expected otherwise03:07
holsteinthen, troubleshoot the USB seperately03:07
holsteinfrom what you have said, it seems like samba is in a functional state03:07
CLF1thanks for helping me03:08
CLF1you still there03:18
CLF1holstein you still here03:19
CLF1I can't see the file sharing tab under sharing, anyone got the fix?03:19
computer_hi! with in the last month i keep being ask to enter a password before i am connected to the local network at home eventhough the laptop is set to automatically login on start-up03:33
computer_anyone know why that is? using 11.0403:34
computer_hi! I'm using 11.04. In the last month i keep being ask to enter a password before i am connected to the local network at home even though the laptop is set to automatically login on start-up anyone know why his started and how to fix?03:47
holsteinCLF1: im not sure what you are looking for there03:56
holsteincheck out smbclient https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide03:59
philipballewhow can i change my local ip from dhcp to static?05:58
holsteinits not unlike this http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/05:59
holsteini think you can do it easily with the GUI though...05:59
philipballewits on a cli server i have06:00
philipballewi would rather do it in the terminal myself06:00
holsteinOK, so its a lot like that then :)06:00
philipballewvi is my friend. haha06:00
holsteinsudo nano /etc/network/interfaces06:00
holsteinyeah, or vi... whatever06:00
holsteinyou'll see it06:00
* holstein out... GN06:01
philipballewnight holstein06:02
nit-witsee you holstein06:02
philipballewcan someone help me with this http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/07:32
DraZorophilipballew: Hello ...which step give you problem ?07:35
philipballewwell thw whole thing07:35
philipballewi just installed the server and just ssh'ed into it. now i wanna set up static ip so i can set that up with port forwording and then i can ssh into it from far away07:36
DraZorophilipballew: You can use any text editor07:36
philipballewi like vi07:36
philipballewnano is good to07:36
philipballewthis is the server edition im usin07:36
DraZoroDid you manage to ssh in the server ?07:37
philipballewyes i did07:37
DraZoroChanged and save the new ip settings07:38
DraZoroI mean have you edited the /etc/network/interfaces file07:39
philipballewno, i have done nothing07:39
DraZorosudo vi /etc/network/interfaces should open the file to edit from the server07:39
DraZoroI think you should have just two lines ...which the default is DHCP and you what static right ?07:41
philipballewyeah. thats what i have07:42
DraZoroChange the "iface inet dhcp " to "ifcace inet static"07:44
DraZoroThen just add the rest of the other lines just like in the tutorial above07:44
philipballewokay. thanks!07:44
DraZoroWhen done just saving just run ....sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:46
philipballewseemes easy enough07:46
philipballewhopefully i dont mess up the system07:46
DraZoroYou can make use of ...."ifconfig eth0" to verify that you have the new IP Address07:47
DraZorophilipballew: Back up is always a good move07:47
philipballewshould do that probably07:47
DraZorophilipballew: We could have started with "sudo cp -av /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.bak" :)07:48
DraZoroAre you also adding the name server as well ?07:49
philipballewnext time?07:49
philipballewwhat is name server exactly?07:49
DraZoroDNS ..Domain Name Server07:49
DraZoroSomething I still owe a visit never configured one so far07:50
* DraZoro is amazed by the thunderbird quick version movement ....version 6 beta 1 out 07:53
philipballewso if im just hooked up to a basic router i dont need to mess with that probably07:53
* philipballew mozilla is movin fast07:53
fedypopey: how do you install the light weight alt. to screencasting?08:08
DraZorophilipballew: I was away ...Your router is in charge of giving IP addresses ? Also check if you can access internet from the server as well provided you need it.08:52
philipballewi did. everything works now!08:52
philipballewnow to decide what to put onto the server09:00
E3D3How can I make archives when right-clicking in/on a directory with Dolpin ?14:42
tsimpson*gerr* I was going to respond, but people have no patience these days14:49
coalwatertsimpson, +1 :D15:02
e3Does someone knows about a Dolphin problem with its context-menu ?16:58
CLF1why is chmod applied after the samba config file is writen instead of applying the chmod within the samba config when the share is  identified17:24
holsteinCLF1: if you have it added to /etc/fstab, and chmod the mountpoint, you should be good to go17:31
holsteini gotta run though :.17:31
CLF1my dolphin won't save share permisson changes anyone that can give me a hand18:33
CLF1/dev/sdb1 on /media/COYOTE_DRIVE type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096,default_permissions)18:34
CLF1when I click aplications>settings>samba, nothing happens?  Why?20:09
froqwill I come across any trouble if I upgrade form 10.10 to 11.04?20:20
BGLpretty sure 11.04 formats your hd if it finds 10.10 on it20:27
yulerI'm having problems with screen lock. Upon exiting display power management, I can see and interact with the system for a moment before the screen lock password dialogue appears.  Upon logging into safe mode to presumably rule out proprietary Nvidia drivers using VESA mode, the screen lock dialogue doesn't appear at all.20:31
philipballewwhen im installing ubuntu, it asks if i want to use something called lvm, ive always wondered if i need that20:56
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m4n1shphilipballew: you mostly wont need it21:10
m4n1shif you are interested, then you can learn more about it or simply ignore that and install ubuntu without any troubles21:11
philipballewi should just install without it probably21:11

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