dscasselHey, BluesKaj16:55
BluesKajhi dscassel16:56
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BluesKajhi cvillaco_17:18
BluesKaj heh , bell internet was down here for 8 hrs . now my IP says NA , located on the 60th parallel on Hudson Bay :) .. http://www.infosniper.net/index.php?ip_address=&map_source=1&overview_map=1&lang=1&map_type=1&zoom_level=717:20
cvillaco_I saw the community week events post by a Ubuntu group on fB and thought i would check out whats going on.17:20
dscasselcvillaco_: Welcome back. :D17:21
BluesKajcvillaco_, Ubuntu group on fB ?17:21
cvillaco_yes, i think this page is cool17:22
cvillaco_it's pretty active and users can post17:23
cvillaco_i never have, but i read stuff im interested in if it comes up in my feeds17:23
dscasselThere's an Ubuntu Canada group on Facebook, but it's been kind of dead since 2007... ^^;17:25
dscasselBut if someone wanted to take it up again... :)17:25
willwhgoogle+ is like facebook for geeks, apparently.17:36
willwhif anyone needs an invite - hit me up - happy to fire you one17:36
willwhI'm following Linus Torvalds on there17:36
dscasselwillwh: No equivalent for groups or pages yet, tho.17:36
willwhlinux kernal 3.0 got pushed last night :]17:36
cvillacohey dscassel, im outside enjoying the weather and my wireless connection was lost17:36
willwhdscassel: it'll come17:36
dscasselwillwh: Definitely.17:37
willwhhaha - zuckerberg is evil and must be resisted17:37
dscasselI'm on it, but I haven't figured out what I'm gonna do with it yet.17:37
willwhor rather, what he created ;]17:37
dscasselI'm pretty firmly ensconsed in Twitter land.  There's stuff about G+ I really like, though.17:37
dscasselBut it's effort to post everyting in two (or more) places.17:38
cvillacogwibber :p17:39
dscasselcvillaco: Doesn't support G+ yet. :)17:39
cvillacohaha,  i kid, and i know what you mean17:40
willwhguy with white gloves in the right corner of the first shoot = LOOOOOSER17:40
willwhmake me think of Jurassic Park.... "SHOOOT HER, SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HER"17:40
willwhdscassel: np, http://www.startgoogleplus.com/17:41
willwhawesome plugin, if you're a chrome user :]17:41
willwhit'll thread your twitter and fb is you want.17:41
cvillacolol, crazy.  How about tiger gouges OSX users with new $29.99 update charge :p?17:45
cvillacoit is a pretty rich update to be fair..17:45
willwhwhatever, not interested in apple products17:45
willwhjobsy is a huge success - but I won't touch his kit with a barge pole :]17:46
cvillacoyeah, linux is way cool.17:46
cvillacoi have no reason to use apple products myself.  It is such a constraining system is not my type.17:49
cvillacowillwh where abouts are you?17:51
willwhbeautiful Victoria, BC :)17:52
willwhI'm fae Edinburgh, Scotland though17:52
willwhnot a native ;)17:52
willwhjohanbr: ! :D17:52
johanbrhey there!17:52
cvillacoohh i hear Edinburgh is a famous place in Scotland isnt it?17:52
* dscassel is distracted by work.17:52
willwhcvillaco: it's the capital :)17:52
dscasselcvillaco: Used to be worse. OSX upgrades used to be more frequent and $129.17:52
* dscassel got off that turnip truck.17:53
* genii-around makes some coffee17:53
cvillacoi understand, but this is just an update, not an upgrade i think.17:54
dscasselcvillaco: I only did the upgrade once. Jaguar, I think? 10.4, anyway.  It wasn't much at it was $129.17:55
dscasselThen Apple decided it didn't really care about computers anymore and I decided to go 100% ubuntu. :)17:55
cvillacoyeah, i mean i think the windows os upgrades are the same price.  but i'm off that as much as I can be.  I'm almost 100% ubuntu17:56
cvillacoi agree apple doesnt care about computing much anymore.  They are foucsed on advertising alot i think, and outsourcing17:57
cvillacowhich is not an unheard of strategy or anything.17:58
dscasselThey seem to be doing well enough...17:59
cvillacoim glad android came into the mobile picture though, claiming most of the smartphone market and putting steve jobs in a publicly foul mood18:00
genii-aroundI wonder if anyone is still working on MeeGo18:02
cvillacotrying to patent touch gestures on mobile devices after android handset releases raised eyebrows i think.18:02
dscasselgenii-around: Nokia isn't. I think Intel might be, tho.  They're still working on clutter, at least.18:03
dscasselcvillaco: I think that stuff is mostly business as usual.18:03
cvillacoyeah, dog eat dog18:11
cvillacohey dscassel what is required to be a loCo canada team member?18:12
cvillacolike, are there responsibilities beyond just being a fan, supporting the idea of a local team, following policey and meeting other fans?18:14
cvillacoi think ubuntu is great, and wouldnt mind just metaphorically carrying an ubuntu sign.  i live pretty far from the major centers18:16
willwhcvillaco: I just cover my laptop in ubuntu / drupal stickers :P18:19
willwhand sit and hack in cafe's ;D18:19
cvillacohaha cool18:20
cvillacoi hear drupal is great18:20
cvillacoare you apart of the local team then willwh?18:20
dscasselcvillaco: Officially, you need to sign the code of conduct.  Joining the Ubuntu Canada group on launchpad is a plus as well.18:20
dscasselcvillaco: In practice, just hanging out here or on the mailing list is probably sufficient. :)18:21
willwhcvillaco: I am, yes18:22
dscasselAnd, of course, running events elevates you to a position of power and authority. (for what it's worth) :D18:22
willwhand I go to the Victoria Drupal users meetup monthly too18:22
willwhalthough there really isn't an active ubuntu chapter in Victoria18:22
dscasselwillwh: I keep talking to people in Victoria.18:23
dscasselYou guys need to get together. :)18:23
dscassel(I'm pretty sure it's not just you, either)18:23
cvillaco:willwh I hear Drupal is great.  Later this summer im going to be reading through the wordpress documentation.  I hear drupal is the big open source cms.18:27
cvillacook dscassel.  I will follow the wiki instructions to apply.18:29
willwhhttp://www.jolokia.org/ <- wunnerful18:32
cvillacowhats this jolokia?18:34
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willwh well, it's JMX with JSON over http.......18:37
willwhjava "Stuff" :)18:37
* genii-around stuffs some java18:37
willwhgenii-around: :D18:37
willwhhow goes mate?18:37
genii-aroundwillwh: Not bad, first day back from vacation18:38
* genii-around slides BluesKaj a coffee18:38
BluesKajhey genii-around , thanks :)18:38
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Anytime of course!18:39
cvillacodscassel thanks for the support and information on the Canada loCo team.  Can send you a PM?  I think I need some clarification.20:33
cvillacoor is anyone available atm to give me a hand?20:34
MagicFabcvillaco, what can we help you with ?20:37
cvillacoHi MagicFab I had some questions on signing the Code of Conduct20:51
willwhcvillaco: I'm here too now... :]20:52
willwhI can also assist20:52
cvillacook, are you ok for me to shoot a pm willwh :-)20:52
MagicFabsorry, gotta run20:53
willwhI got him MagicFab :)20:53
MagicFabsorry!!! unexpected madness w/kids :)20:54
dscasselcvillaco: Send away!21:13
willwhdscassel: I take it that the ubuntu ca loco drupal install is totally seperate?21:19
willwhi.e. I'll need to create a user account?21:19

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