Picipleia2: Just saw my hilight.  I don't recall talking to k1l recently at all, although my logs say that he was in #ubuntu-irc a few days ago when we were talking to two other people about membership.  I suspect it may have been a misunderstanding.00:37
PiciIt was on 7/18 if you want to look yourself.00:37
pleia2Pici: yeah I figured, it was always explicitly clear when talking about IRC Membership that it was *not* just about core channels00:37
pleia2(if it was it would hardly seem worth it!)00:38
Picipleia2: topyli was there too, he was discussing that -irc was nowhere and that we might be more understanding about what was involved in irc contributions.  I think something got lost in translation.00:38
pleia2yeah, according to his wiki he's done a little translations work but his focus is pretty solidly running the #ubuntu-de channel00:39
pleia2ah yeah, I remember that discussion from the 18th00:40
dpmgood morning all05:53
dholbachgood morning07:37
dpmAlanBell, popey, good morning! If you know anyone from the UK team who'd be interested in creating and testing an en_GB localized image, do you think you could ask them to add themselves to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/LocalizedImagesRollout ? thanks!09:01
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nigelbhello dholbach, Morning dpm09:15
nigelbdholbach: When is the new packaging guide going live? :)09:15
dpmhey nigelb, good morning09:15
dholbachnigelb, Amoz wanted to do an update of his retheming branch09:15
popeydpm: interesting09:15
dpmand good morning to everyone else I hadn't goodmorning'ed yet, hey dholbach, hey czajkowski :)09:15
czajkowskidpm: ello :)09:16
dholbachhey dpm, popey, nigelb, czajkowski09:16
nigelbAlanBell: Etherpad lite seems awesome.09:41
nigelbAlanBell: It would be nice to see how far node.js will scale :)09:41
jonohi all15:34
cjohnstonmornin jono15:58
jonohowdy cjohnston15:58
dholbachhey jono16:02
jonohowdy dholbach16:03
vishhmm, jcastro is in Kentucky, now!16:05
nigelbI wonder if he'll step into KFC...16:07
vishseems like he is flying at top speed, not sure he'd be up for Finger-licking goodness ;p16:09
vishif we refresh, we can see him move along the road.. the ways we can spy, err track people nowadays :D16:10
greg-gvish: wait, whre are you watching this?16:11
vishgreg-g: it's in the topic :)16:11
nigelbvish: heh, lets start a predator drone to do a quick pass just to scare him :P16:12
greg-gvish: oh :(16:13
greg-gvish:  ;)16:13
nigelbgreg-g: did you already move? :)16:13
greg-gnigelb: not yet. I'll be starting my trip across the country around Aug 10th. Not planning on getting to SF until August 26th16:13
nigelbgreg-g: so, lyz was saying the other day how california loco steals all the good people. Here's more proof :P16:14
greg-g:) what can I say? Jobs, weather, mountains. All good things (as long as you forget about that jono character)16:14
nigelbI saw you already on the creative commons website as staff16:15
jonogreg-g, :-)16:15
greg-gnigelb: yeah. The official/contractual status is from now until Sept 5th I'm a consultant working about 10ish hours a week. I start full time on Sept. 6th. But, the world doesn't care about those weird details, so we're just talking like I'm full time now.16:16
nigelbgreg-g: hehe, nice. <3 creative commons :)16:16
greg-gme too :)16:17
nhandlerI still find google latitude a bit scary. I would not like my exact (or close to exact) location to be available to the world16:18
nigelbI'm fairly sure there's a delay.16:19
cjohnstonnigelb: not really16:20
nhandlernigelb: It still provides way more info to the world than I would like. For example, if I have it running all of the time, it is quite easy for random people to see, "Oh, he always goes to this coffee shop at 8am and then to this store at 9am"16:20
nigelbnhandler: Right, didn't think of that.16:20
nigelbcjohnston: :/16:20
nigelbI guess I'd never turn it on all the time.16:20
czajkowskijcastro: ping I've sabdfl in pm asking for voice in classroom...16:36
vishczajkowski: jcastro is travelling..16:38
jussiczajkowski: just a reminder: [22-Jul-11 19:37:54] [ChanServ] 8     *!*@*/ubuntu.member.*  +votiA [modified 17 weeks, 4 days, 20:15:40 ago] [22-Jul-11 19:37:54] <Status Buffer:ChanServ> 2     *!*@ubuntu/member/*    +votiA [modified ? ago]16:38
jussithose 2 mean any cloaked member can voice or devoice in there16:38
jussijust: /msg chanserv voice #ubuntu-classroom nickname16:39
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:40
dholbachnext Monday ;-)16:41
nhandlersabdfl is currently in the classroom and will be doing some Q&A16:45
nhandlerHe is there for about 15 minutes (he will be back on another day to finish) so join now :)16:45
duanedesignhello mr nhandler17:00
duanedesigngood to see (read) you17:00
nhandlerHey duanedesign17:01
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AlanBello/ cjohnston19:18
cjohnston[summit-hackers] Etherpad timeslider link: TODO19:19
cjohnstonAlanBell: ^ what needs to happen to do that19:19
AlanBellvery little I think19:19
AlanBellso the second link has a link in the footer to the third link, it also needs a link in the footer to the first link19:23
cjohnstonim wondering if the open in new window link should point to the one with the slidebar19:23
cjohnstonor if there should be two links19:23
cjohnstonmhall119: nigelb ^19:25
nigelbcjohnston: I'd prefer a new url. will no bikeshed on position, name. Your call.19:26
cjohnstonyou suck19:26
paultagcjohnston: what's new, friendo?19:27
czajkowskimhall119: ping22:23
mhall119czajkowski: pong22:29
popeywhy are there loads of broken pictures there?22:45
mhall119popey: launchpad librarian :(22:47
popeywhat does that mean?22:47
mhall119when we ask Launchpad for a user's mugshot, it gives a URL to launchpad librarian, a separate host from launchpad itself22:48
mhall119sometimes that URL returns an image, and everything it wonderful22:48
cjohnstonbug 73452022:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 734520 in loco-directory "profile images not displaying correctly if no image on LP" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73452022:48
mhall119sometimes (frequently now it seem) that URL returns text, that contains another URL, that may or may not contain an image22:48
mhall119to be honest, I'm considerig disabling those until that gets resolved22:49
popeyObject: <canonical.launchpad.rest.bytestorage.LibraryBackedByteStorage object at 0x12354c50>, name: 'logo'22:49
popeyhow delightfu;22:49
popeythat's pretty crap22:50
paultagpopey: aye22:50
paultagpopey: Hope you're well :)22:50
popeyI am fine22:50
popeybroken images aside22:50
paultaggood good :)22:50
mhall119hmmm, this makes me want to register the broken image image as a gravatar, just to mess with people22:51
* popey was just talking to wgrant in #launchpad22:55
popeythe example I gave https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~martijn/logo22:55
popeygives a 40422:56
popeyi.e. martijn doesn't have an image22:56
popeyany chance you ( mhall119 / cjohnston ) can talk to the LP guys?22:58
cjohnston18.49.08 < cjohnston> mhall119: should we talk to the lp people about that bug or is there something we can do22:59
cjohnston18.49.42 < mhall119> we have talked to them, I think daker_ lead that22:59
cjohnston18.49.46 < cjohnston> ok22:59
cjohnston18.50.01 < mhall119> I think the conclusion was "yeah, that's a bug, we're going to fix it sometime soon"22:59
popeythink or know?23:00
cjohnstondaker is in bed23:00
* popey makes notes to pounce on daker_ when he wakes23:01
cjohnstonim ok with removing it23:01
cjohnstonit looks worse than good23:02

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