pook1eHere it is, thanks RAOF. http://paste.ubuntu.com/649562/00:02
RAOFpook1e: Ah.  Apparently because the .pc has been renamed to indicator-0.4.pc, so the configure.ac check is now incorrect.00:06
infinityBecause changing the name of your package every minor revision is a surefire way to make pkg-config useful.00:07
pook1eRAOF: The .pc of libindicator? So is there something I need to change in configure.ac of indicator-network?00:09
infinityProbably want to make indicator-network look in both locations (preferring the new one), for ease of backporting.00:09
pook1eWhere would I change the name of the .pc file for libindicator then?00:16
pooliepook1e: i guess configure.ac has a pkgconfig line saying what packages it needs or wants00:17
pooliei don't think you refer to the name of the file directly00:17
pook1eI was looking at "PKG_CHECK_MODULES([INDICATOR], [indicator >= $INDICATOR_REQUIRED_VERSION])"00:19
pook1eThen there's also an indicator section where INDICATORDIR and INDICATORINCONSDIR are set.00:20
RAOFpook1e: “PKG_CHECK_MODULES([INDICATOR], [indicator >= $INDICATOR_REQUIRED_VERSION])” is (at least one of) the bit you want to edit.  A simple fix would be indicator→indicator-0.4; a better fix would be to add a 3rd parameter to the check so that PKG_CHECK_MODULES doesn't abort when it dosen't find the module and you can keep the existing checker as a fallback.00:29
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pook1eROAF: Ah I see, got it. Thanks everyone for your help, much appreciated!00:34
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pook1eRAOF: I changed indicator -> indicator-0.4 in the configure.ac file and it still didn't work, stopped at the same place as last time. Any other ideas?01:21
pook1eDo I need to change indicatordir as well? I tried but that didn't seem to fix anything.01:24
infinityHrm.  What happened to apt-listchanges and update-manager playing nicely? :/01:30
infinity(Or, rather, playing nicely even when output is set to pager...)01:30
smoserhallyn, http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/03:36
pittiGood morning03:59
poolieo/ pitti04:17
pittihey poolie, how are you?04:17
pooliegreat thanks04:17
pooliejust qa'd https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/813349 so per-revision diffs will start appearing in merge proposal pages04:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 813349 in Launchpad itself "hard to get from mp to per-revision diffs" [High,Fix committed]04:20
poolie(not deployed yet)04:20
poolieand then hopefully later other places04:20
pittiwow, it was hard? I just used to click on the revision numbers in the "unmerged revisions" on the MP pages04:28
pittioh, inline04:29
pooliewell, perhaps not impossibly hard :)04:34
pooliebut, i think it's cooler this way04:34
pooliewill be more so if we can start showing them in more places, and also file content04:34
didrocksgood morning05:19
QuintasanGood morning.06:39
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RAOFAre there any DDs here who'd like to review (and potentially sponsor) colord from alioth?06:52
persiaRAOF, If you don't get a response in a while, #debian-ubuntu@OFTC tends to contain a few such willing sponsors.06:54
RAOFpersia: Ta.06:58
pitti♩ ♫ where have all the (PPA) buildds gone, long time passing ♫07:03
pitti♬ when will they ever build ♭ ♩07:03
RAOFpitti: chrisccoulson hasn't woken up and firefoxed them to death? :)07:04
pittiRAOF: amd64 are being fta'ed actually07:04
pittiand the few remaining i386 are building a variety of things with 558 more jobs in the queue07:04
chrisccoulsonhey RAOF!07:25
chrisccoulsoni can run the firefox daily builds now if you like ;)07:25
pittichrisccoulson: no, you can't, as they won't actually start today :)07:26
chrisccoulsonoh, fantastic. they've all disappeared again :(07:27
chrisccoulsoni need to think of a more reliable way of providing our daily builds. this seems to be a bi-weekly occurrence now07:27
pittiwould biweekly builds of firefox and chromium perhaps suffice?07:28
pittiespecially for releases like maverick which few, if any developer use any more?07:28
micahgthose builds are for users as well, not just devs07:29
pittiyes, but the kind of people running lucid today are certainly not the kind who want to live on the bleeding edge?07:30
pittijust asking whether two updates a week might suffice for these07:30
chrisccoulsoni think fta got some numbers somehow, which indicated that the number of people using chromium daily builds on lucid was actually still quite high07:31
chrisccoulsonnot sure how he figured that out07:31
chrisccoulsonbut it was a 5 figure number anyway07:31
micahghe used the launchpad PPA stats07:31
chrisccoulsonand we have people from mozilla using our daily builds too (and they tend to stick with older ubuntu releases)07:31
persiaDo these people want "daily", or just "rather updated"?07:31
pittijust considering that building firefox and chromium every day for four releases pretty much takes about two buildds fulltime07:32
micahgpitti: and as long as I'm distracted, I'd be ok with doing a maverick jump to Firefox 6 the week of aug 2107:32
micahgat least through -proposed/-updates07:32
persia(as a side note, "biweekly" usually means once a fortnight)07:33
pittiah, I meant "semiweekly" then07:33
persiaIndeed you did :)07:33
pittipersia: thanks07:33
pittiheck -- "every three days"07:33
persiaI suspect most lucid users would prefer semiweekly, as "every three days" tends to wander over the week, making it unpredictable in practice if one isn't paying careful attention.07:34
persiachrisccoulson, While tens of thousands of daily PPA users seems reasonable: how many of them actually update every day?07:34
chrisccoulsonin any case, i'd rather not provide builds at all than provide them twice per week. things change so frequently on trunk that having people running a build that's 2 days out-of-date isn't really all that useful (to us or mozilla). they need to run the latest code before reporting any bugs for example07:35
chrisccoulson(and it's the first thing they'll be asked to do)07:35
chrisccoulsonpersia, see my last comment :)07:35
Davieypersia: You know biweekly definition is widely disputed?07:35
chrisccoulsonpeople shouldn't be running daily builds if they aren't updating daily IMO07:35
chrisccoulsonthey should use something like beta instead07:36
persiaDaviey, I'm a grammarian.  Experimental linguistics is doing it wrong.07:36
persiachrisccoulson, Makes sense.  How many of the tens of thousands of users appear to be submitting useful bugs that affect daily/lucid?07:36
micahgpitti: did you catch my comment about Firefox 6 for maverick? (in response to the langpack query yesterday)07:36
pittimicahg: yes, I did; thanks07:37
chrisccoulsonpersia, good question ;)07:37
persiachrisccoulson, To ask it differently: how many of those submitted bugs are ones you care about enough to do something with them?07:37
dholbachgood morning07:37
persiaIt may be exceedingly hard to track the users, but it ought be relatively easy to track the effect of those users on your workflow.07:38
chrisccoulsonpersia, i generally care about any bug submitted against the daily and aurora builds, as that's the correct time for people to report bugs (before the packages end up in the distro)07:38
persiaIf they are a major contributor of useful-work-to-be-done, then they should be kept.  If they aren't, you might wonder if you want the extra bug traffic.07:38
persiachrisccoulson, Running on which platform?  All?07:39
chrisccoulsonpersia - i'm not sure. our apport hook is broken for the daily builds, so i don't have that information07:39
persiaOh, nevermind then.  I suspect that with current information, it's undecidable.07:40
micahgchrisccoulson: we never figured out what to do with that since a config file that points to the same project needs to be shipped in multiple source packages07:41
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chrisccoulsonhmmm, i guess i'll figure that out at some point, when i get some time07:47
brendandi have a newly installed system which is being tested automatically and i want to use nm to connect to a pre-specified AP - does anyone know which file the config needs to go in?07:49
micahgchrisccoulson: there's an open bug in the ppa-bugs project assigned to me, feel free to grab it07:49
micahgcan I get someone to accept the tasks for me on bug 814464 please?07:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 814464 in webkit (Ubuntu) "webkit 1.2.7 security update tracking bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81446407:53
RAOFmicahg: Done.07:56
micahgRAOF: thanks!07:56
RiddellHobbsee: happy birthday08:17
dholbachHobbsee, happy birthday! :)08:34
dholbachRiddell, why do the branches in your MPs for u-p-g depend on each other? like the one on chroots?08:36
geserHobbsee: happy birthday08:36
dholbachRiddell, I'd love to review and merge a few of them, but I'd prefer if somebody like barry, jelmer or james_w could check out the UDD-specific bits08:37
Riddelldholbach: the first few needed to depend on each other, then it just became a habit08:37
dholbachyou know what - I'll see what I can review, add my comment and you can merge them in one go if one of the others reviewed the UDD bits08:38
pooliedholbach: wow nice post about "what i like least"09:05
pooliehooray for actually making use of gathered data09:05
dholbachpoolie, diwic asked the question :)09:06
jelmerpitti: hi09:33
pittihey jelmer09:33
jelmerpitti: should I be setting verification-done for bugs in bzr SRUs? The wiki page says it will be done by the SRU team.09:33
pittijelmer: if you test it, sure09:33
jelmerpitti: Ok - thanks!09:33
ohsixchrist the 9 series compiz is not good; touching anything in ccsm is usually a crash and it's very hard to get it to go back to the settings you had just before you clicked on said thing09:44
Amozdholbach, merge merge10:28
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dholbachehy Amoz10:43
Amozdholbach, you want me to delete the javascript stuff?10:46
dholbachAmoz, yeah, I think that'd be good10:47
dholbachI'can we disable search somehow completely?10:47
Amozsure can, but why? :P10:48
Amozdholbach, I mean, isn't it good to have a search function? :P10:51
dholbachif it doesn't work? :)10:51
Amozdholbach, it worked with the basic theme, so it's just a small thing somewhere10:52
Amozdholbach, we just need to ask the sphinx devs for how to update the searchindex.js or something10:52
Amozdevelopers make stuff work ;D10:52
dholbachhttp://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/packaging-guide/html/search.html?q=something&check_keywords=yes&area=default looks a bit funny :)10:53
Amozsure does,  but it works10:55
Amozand hopefully that's a bug being fixed upstreams sooner or later, so why remove the search function if it (kind of) works... you're not Steve Jobs now ;)10:57
Amozbut that's just me10:57
Amozvery easy to put a visibility:none; property on the search box10:58
Amozand remove it when/if we get it to work10:58
dholbachI just thought that it'd be the easiest work-around for now because 1) it doesn't work, 2) it duplicates jquery.js and other pieces which are part of other packages already10:58
dholbachif we want to get it into the archive at some stage it'd be good not to duplicate those10:59
Amozdholbach, you're thinking about distributing the html-version as a package?11:01
dholbachAmoz, it's already in a PPA11:02
Amozdholbach, yeah but do one have to generate it manually?11:03
dholbachyou just have to install the package11:03
Amozand then isn't the PDF better to use for offline usage? but still you have a point with the jquery stuff anyway11:04
Amozso you want to remove the jquery and the search box for now?11:07
Amozthen the layout should be fine again11:07
Amozdholbach, anything else before the merge?11:07
dholbachI'd be happy - I'll talk to tumbleweed and Laney before again11:07
dholbachwhen you're done, can you hit "resubmit proposal"?11:08
dholbachgreat, thanks Amoz!11:09
Amozdholbach, I made the ToC box static in width, so the layout won't bug out sometimes11:22
Amozdholbach, proposed!11:25
tumbleweeddholbach, Amoz: I'm about to hop on a plane to debconf, but I was pretty happy with it11:26
tumbleweedbiggest issue I see is the double copyright footer11:26
Amozwhich one should be there then?11:26
AmozUbuntu devs, or canonical?11:27
tumbleweedprobably just the sphinx-generated one11:27
tumbleweedUbuntu devs, yes11:27
Amozlooks ugly11:30
Amozdholbach, now check it!11:34
AmozI did some border-radius on the ToC11:35
Amozmaybe it's not allowed to change the styling just like that, dunno how strict it is. but looks nico imo11:36
* Amoz goes lunching11:37
dholbachAmoz, enjoy - I'll have a look and comment on it - do you know if any of the javascript stuff is necessary right now?11:37
dholbachnevermind, I'll comment on the merge proposal11:38
Amozdholbach, the whole js import loop should be uncommented11:50
Amozso no js at all11:50
dholbachAmoz, but they're still in the branch11:50
dholbachand every file we add needs to be documented in terms of copyright and license11:50
AmozI just remove the11:50
Amozah yeah, I might have added those manually ..11:51
AmozI'll remove the jquery then11:51
Amozbut the rest should be there if we want to start using the js again. I think there's a lot of other stuff using js actually11:52
Amozdholbach, looks like it yeah11:53
Amozsee the doctools.js11:53
Amozbut it's depending on jquery I guess11:53
dholbachok, I need to go - I'll be back later11:55
HobbseeRiddell, dholbach, geser: Thanks!  :)12:12
Amozdholbach, I guess we could make it a child theme to the basic theme, just keeping the modifier layout.html, and so on12:24
dholbachAmoz, that sounds interesting12:31
Amozdholbach, is there a way to diff all files in a given dir with another dir?12:47
dholbachAmoz, diff -ruN dir1 dir212:47
Amozno r12:48
Amozdon't want the underdirs12:48
apwpitti, did modem-manager get subsumed by somethign12:52
apwpitti, ignore me, found it12:52
Amozdholbach, there12:53
Amozdholbach, check it12:53
smoser@pilot in12:54
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pittiapw: no, it still exists13:09
apwpitti, yeah i was being a 'tard13:09
tseliotogra_: ping13:11
slangasekjelmer: so the bzr-svn packge branch FTBFS for me, but it doesn't look like a segfault; am I looking in the right place?13:12
jelmerslangasek: how does it FTBFS for you, and what are you building on?13:14
slangasekjelmer: oneiric clean chroot, hand-build with bzr bd, fails with http://paste.ubuntu.com/649954/13:19
barrydholbach, Riddell i'll do some branch reviews this morning13:23
jelmerslangasek: it builds fine outside of a chroot here on oneiric too, but I get the segfault on sid13:23
dholbachbarry, awesome!13:23
* dholbach hugs smoser13:23
dholbachAmoz, looking13:23
jelmerslangasek: that particular failure appears related to some upstream svn changes13:23
slangasekjelmer: oh, so the segfault is sid-only? ok13:23
slangasekjelmer: what about the build failure I *am* seeing in oneiric chroot?13:24
jelmerslangasek: that particular failure appears related to some upstream svn changes13:24
slangasekwell, hmm13:24
* jelmer ponders uploading to oneiric or figuring out what the issue is on sid13:25
slangasekwell, an upload to oneiric would be helpful to me in the meantime13:26
slangasekmy home build server has helpfully just gone offline so I need to cook another sid chroot locally before I can look at the other issue13:26
Amozi *hate* it when that happens.. home server offline -> not able to seed the new 10.04.3 release :(13:32
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hallynhm, qemu-kvm in lucid-updates is at 0.12.3+noroms-0ubuntu9.12, but when i tried to push 0.12.3+noroms-0ubuntu9.13 to lucid-proposed it said that exists.  I take it that would be because such a version failed testing at some point?13:48
Davieyhallyn: erm, you uploaded .1314:02
Davieyhallyn: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/qemu-kvm/0.12.3+noroms-0ubuntu9.1314:03
Daviey"moved to -updates" seems to have not happend.14:03
Amozdholbach, here again14:04
hallynDaviey: wtf?14:05
hallynDaviey: i was going on rmadison output and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+queue?queue_state=4&queue_text=qemu-kvm.14:05
hallynDaviey: so how does that go wrong in the first place, and how do we fix it?14:05
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Davieyhallyn: I'd check with pitti, it looks like it wasn't copied to -updates, but just deleted14:08
Davieypitti: see above ^^14:10
pittiin a bit14:10
pittiskaet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Oneiric/LocalizedCDImageTools14:33
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pittihallyn, Daviey: (sorry, got caught into a meeting) hm, very strange indeed; but the associated bug 790145 doesn't actually have any testing results14:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 790145 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Maverick) "kvm husb: ctrl buffer too small" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79014514:55
pittiso it shouldn't have gone into -updats14:56
pittiDaviey, hallyn: I think it got superseded by the security  update, and the "packages to clean up" portion just got confused, so it was removed with a misleading comment14:56
hallynpitti: but security update is 9.12, this is 9.1314:57
* pitti sets the lucid task back to triaged, as it's not in -proposed14:57
pittihm; I have absolutely no idea then14:58
pittiprobably easiest to just reupload as .14, and then we accept it into -proposed14:58
hallynpitti: lucid got testing results, maverick didn't.  That wouldn't hold it up right?14:58
Amozdholbach, merged your branch now, and pushed14:58
pittihallyn: no, the reporter said he tested 9.12, which was the security update; it didn't actually have the fix14:58
hallynoh, i see14:59
dholbachAmoz, awesome - can you resubmit the proposal? I'll try to get others to review it as well :)14:59
dholbachthen we can go and file bugs for all the stuff that needs changing14:59
dholbachbut this is awesome :)14:59
hallynpitti: ok, i'll resubmit as 9.14, but i will feel bad about the poor testers :)14:59
dholbachthanks again Amoz14:59
jdstrandpitti, hallyn: fyi, I have another security update I would like to get out. if you are re-uploading and restarting the 7 days, maybe hold off til I get my update published next week?14:59
hallynjdstrand: for qemu-kvm?15:00
jdstrandhallyn: oh, I thought this was libvirt. forgive me. nothing planned here for qemu-kvm15:00
hallynjdstrand: cool, thanks.15:00
hallynpitti: do you mind then if i combine the fixes for bugs 790145 and 524447 into one -proposed upload?15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524447 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Maverick) "virsh save is very slow" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52444715:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 790145 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Lucid) "kvm husb: ctrl buffer too small" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79014515:01
pittihyperair: no, not at alal15:01
pittibah, TGIF15:01
pittihallyn: no, not at all15:01
smoserslangasek, or pitti could you take a look at my comment at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/mountall/oneiric-201106072111/+merge/6376515:01
pittihyperair: ignore me, -ETAB15:01
smoserit looks like we can reasonably kill or merge that branch and kill it's entry in the sponsorship queue.15:02
hallynpitti: thx, on it15:02
Amozdholbach, proposed like a boss15:03
* dholbach hugs Amoz15:03
barryRiddell, dholbach i've reviewed your mps.  really great work, thanks.  a few are marked 'needs fixing' just to address a couple of minor issues, but the others are approved.  Riddell can you land them yourself?15:03
Amozwhat is a mps? :)15:03
dholbachbarry, Riddell: awesome!15:03
dholbachgreat work!15:03
dholbachAmoz, mp = merge proposal15:04
Amozlol, ofc15:04
barryAmoz: what's lol ofc?  (jk! :)15:04
Amozbarry, I'm sure you heard about google  ;D15:05
barryAmoz: i heard that's some kind of social network thing?  :)15:05
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jdstrandseb128: hey, so what is the status of evolution in oneiric? I've heard it was horribly broken not too long ago15:06
dholbachAmoz, there's small conflict in your index.rst (because of changes that happened in lp:ubuntu-packaging-guide in the meantime, but I'll go and fix it)15:06
Amozbarry, I thought that was called basefook?15:06
dholbachtumbleweed was generally happy with it as well, so that should be good enough to land it15:06
barryAmoz: i preferr bassfunk :)15:07
dholbachdaker did a review of the theme stuff some days ago and said that apart from a few nitpicks he was happy as well15:07
seb128jdstrand, hi, it's working fine but calendar is slow (which is not new in oneiric if you are already on that serie) and has issue rendering some gpg signed emails (but doing a "view source" let you read those as a workaround)15:07
Amozbarry, bookface15:07
seb128jdstrand, i.e the gpg issue is a rendering one, the email is actually fine and you can ctrl-u on those and read the source15:07
jdstrandseb128: thanks15:07
Amozbarry, I can't help but think of Poland when I see your name15:08
barryAmoz: me too!  long twisted family history, there :)15:08
jdstrandseb128: I see. I've got some concerns about evo maintenance if/when we move to tbird since we always seem to have evo bugs during devel. what is your take on this?15:08
jdstrand(iirc, it won't drop from main because we have too many users)15:09
dholbachAmoz, bug fixed! good work!15:09
seb128jdstrand, I'm not sure to understand the question sorry, usually bugs and fixes are coming from upstream, we will keep follow the upstream updates as it's part of GNOME so I don't think the default choice makes any difference on how well it's maintained15:10
Amozdholbach, très bien15:11
Amozdoes this mean it's merging into the trunk now?15:11
jdstrandseb128: that actually answered my question. my concern is that if we spent resources on maintaining evo beyond what you just said, those would be diverted to tbird and evo would not be in as good of shape15:11
jdstrands/concern is/concern was/15:12
dholbachAmoz, bon travail, mon ami!15:12
Amozsehr gut!15:12
Amozdholbach, so.. what's next? :)15:13
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dholbachok, line up every one, Amoz wants a new project to work on!15:14
* Amoz sneaks away..15:14
seb128jdstrand, ok ;-)15:14
seb128jdstrand, well, we do spend some time doing the evolution updates, forwarding bugs upstream and fixing some issues when needed but I think we will keep doing that as part of the GNOME work, I don't see the GNOME maintainers we have work on tb15:15
seb128out of chrisccoulson15:15
seb128so I don't think tb by default divert efforts from evo, the low amount of work we put in it will probably remain about the same15:16
jdstrandseb128: thanks. that is reassuring :)15:16
chrisccoulsoni wouldn't say no to any help with thunderbird maintenance though :P15:16
seb128yw ;-)15:16
seb128chrisccoulson, and I wouldn't say no to a million dollars15:17
tgardnerslangasek, cjwatson: is xen hypervisor installation on your radar for 11.10 ?15:17
chrisccoulsonfirefox and thunderbird are a beast, and i feel like i'm the only person maintaining them ;)15:17
seb128we are lucky to have you ;-)15:17
chrisccoulsonheh :)15:18
pittiogasawara: wrt to the kernel release, can you please ensure that a kernel is NEWed before you uploaded the -meta?15:22
pittiit rendered the CDs and kernel uninstallable yesterday15:22
ogasawarapitti: will do15:22
slangaseksmoser: followed up on the merge request15:22
pittiI binNEWed it then, but it's easy to avoid; just poke any archive admin15:22
pittiogasawara: thanks!15:22
slangasektgardner: xen> not on my radar, at least15:22
smoserslangasek, thanks. now, just curious, what sets perms on /run/lock ?15:24
smbtgardner, You sort of just install server and then the xen hypervisor and utils15:24
slangaseksmoser: the kernel - tmpfs is 1777 by default when mounted15:24
smoserah. wonder why keybuk added that mkdir -m then.15:24
smoserand you dont think 'nodev' is useful on /run ?15:25
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Amozthis channel is english, no? why you speak chinese then?15:26
slangasekAmoz: this channel is for Ubuntu development; if you're bothered by technical discussions, this is probably not the channel you want to be on :)15:27
Amozslangasek, so I guess this is serious friday? :(15:28
slangaseksmoser: according to the original diff, he added the mkdir because he *wasn't* mounting /run/lock as a separate filesystem; but that's something we need to do to ensure !root users can't DoS /run15:28
ScottKmvo: Now that mpt has done his design work for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-o-backports-ui I thought I'd check in with you and see what the chances of you having time to work on it soon are?15:28
slangasek(because tmpfs has no reserved blocks or quota handling)15:28
slangasekAmoz: casual, but serious15:28
* mpt hides from mvo15:28
smoserslangasek, right.15:29
ScottKmpt: Thanks for taking care of it.15:29
smoserslangasek, so i cannot push to lp:ubuntu/mountall, or I would.  Do you want to do that, and then end that merge proposal with 'merged' ?15:29
smoseri'm willing to submit a merge proposal, but that ends up just making more work, not less.15:32
ioportubuntu shut15:32
tgardnersmb, do you remember how Hardy worked for Xen? Someone will have to add the dom0 choice back into the menu and twiddle the grub line appropriately.15:36
smbtgardner, At least the way I set it up was: do a server install and then install ubuntu-xen-server15:37
tgardnersmb, so we don't have to do it at install time?15:37
smbtgardner, The grub line is already done in oneiric too15:37
tgardnerI guess that makes 11.10 a bit easier15:38
smbtgardner, nope15:38
smbtgardner, After installing the hypervisor and tools in oneiric, you also get a xen dom0 grub section automatically15:38
tgardnersmb, good. that makes life much simpler15:38
smbYep, only small difference there is that in hardy it went to the top of selections while on oneiric its not. And on hardy we had an extra xen kernel while in oneiric its even simpler and just the server kernel15:39
slangaseksmoser: yep, done!15:41
smbI just need to talk to zul next week about a possible tweak for the grub package. As I found it useful to have the option of having seperate commandlines for normal kernel boots and dom0 kernels15:41
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mvoScottK: lets see, its not that hard, but there are some gaps i nthe spec, I will talk to mpt about that16:09
ScottKmvo: Thanks.16:10
Amozcjwatson, I heard you're good at ubiquity, maybe you could give me a hint how to solve the Orca bug, it reads out "Try $RELEASE".16:19
pittigood bye everyone, see you in two weeks!16:21
nigelbhappy vacation pitti :)16:22
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bdmurraysmoser: Could you sponsor my debdiff in bug 813282?16:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 813282 in base-files (Ubuntu) "base-files: /etc/update-motd.d/* should be conffiles" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81328216:37
smoserbdmurray, no.16:38
smoserbut not because i dont want to. i dont have acl [yet].16:38
bdmurraysmoser: ah, didn't know16:38
dtchenbdmurray: I'll look at it16:42
bdmurraydtchen: thanks!16:42
jmlI've got two keys in my keyring with my email address. How does debuild decide which one to use by default?16:45
infinityjml: The first one it finds with "gpg --list-secret-keys email@address.com"16:46
jelmerjml: I think it just uses the first one, unless you set DEBSIGN_KEYID as environment variable or in ~/.devscripts16:46
infinityjml: You can specify "-k$ID" on the command line to pick one.16:46
infinityjml: Or set the variable, yes.16:46
infinity(I have to do this anyway, as my key doesn't actually have half the IDs I use in changelogs)16:47
jonofolks, Mark Shuttleworth is doing a quick Q+A in #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode - ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat - go and ask him your questions!16:48
jmljelmer, infinity: thanks16:49
jmljelmer: I'm ashamed to say that ~/.devscripts doesn't exist on my system.16:49
infinityjml: It doesn't on mine either.16:49
infinityjml: I just export DEB* variables in my profile.16:49
jelmerjml: I only have one line there either. It says DEBSIGN_KEYID=1EEF527616:49
jmljelmer: hah16:49
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Amozoh god17:06
bdmurrayWhere does the SRU team hang out?17:06
Amozdid I miss the Q+A with Mark =(17:06
jelmerbdmurray: I don't think they have their own channel, I usually just ping them in here.17:07
ScottKbdmurray: pitti is on vacation, so pinging SpamapS is probably your best bet.17:08
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SpamapSbdmurray: sup?17:13
bdmurraySpamapS: I wasn't sure whether nor not to have a bug per patch / fix for an SRU.  However, since the test cases are different I decided to have a bug for each one.17:15
SpamapSbdmurray: that is the best way really. I'd rather we are slow getting an update out, but know when a regression was introduced, than have them all jumbled together.17:17
bdmurraySpamapS: okay thanks17:18
smoser@pilot out17:20
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jmlg'night all17:31
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SpamapSseems like Xorg has been at 25 - 30 % CPU all day, even when idle..18:50
SpamapSfan has not turned off at all.. :-/18:50
tkamppeterIt seems that the last update has switched thunderbird from 5 to 6 and now I cannot see my mail folders any more.19:01
tkamppeterIs this known?19:02
Ampelbeintkamppeter: I can't reproduce, tried imap with a courier-imapd and a dovecot-imapd, as well as local mail folders.19:18
seb128slangasek, there?19:23
tkamppeterAmpelbein, chrisccoulson has already helped me on #ubuntu-desktop. Thanks.19:23
slangasekseb128: heya19:36
seb128slangasek, mbiebl was wondering why you dropped the libgail-utils.la in gtk's multiarch patch but not ubuntu's upload19:43
slangasekseb128: because I did the Ubuntu upload first and further refined before submitting to Debian19:46
seb128mbiebl, ^19:46
seb128slangasek, that's ok, we were just discussing why there is the diff and why you didn't drop the gdk and gtk ones as well19:47
seb128since they were dependency_libs cleaned for a while they should be ok to drop in the upload19:47
jdstrandDaviey, hallyn: hey. was curious what happened with the libvirt verification?19:49
slangasekseb128: oh, well I have no idea why I didn't drop them all19:54
slangasek*that* would just be sloppiness on my part19:54
seb128slangasek, that's fine, we were just wondering if there was a reason we should know about ;-)19:54
mbieblseb128, slangasek: as said, if the list of rdeps doesn't look to scary, I'll remove them all19:55
slangasekmbiebl: so in general, if the .la file is changing directories anyway, the dependency_libs revdeps are already broken by the change19:56
Davieyjdstrand: i sucked at testing it, i didn't get as far as finding the fault.  Seems i was using lxc wrong.19:56
mbieblwell, we could fix that up via a symlink19:56
mbieblI remember us discussing that :-)19:56
Davieyjdstrand: I will strive to have another look over the weekend.19:57
Daviey(hallyn gave me updated instructions)19:57
slangasekmbiebl: ah, well, I've had that conversation a few times, don't remember who all with :)19:58
jdstrandDaviey: thanks19:58
slangasekmbiebl: the revdep lists for glib2.0 and gtk+2.0 are long enough that it's probably best to provide some compatibility20:00
mbieblslangasek: I'm currently checking the list for library packages20:00
slangasekmbiebl: are you not just checking against http://release.debian.org/~aba/la/current.txt ?20:01
mbieblI do, but not all of them build library packages20:02
mbiebland only -dev packages are interesting, right20:02
slangasekmbiebl: yeah20:03
mbieblslangasek: I'll just request a couple of binNMUs if the list is not to long and the packages are in a buildable state20:05
mbiebltoo long, even20:05
mbieblwow, sugar-toolkit is even worse the libdb20:09
mbiebl-84, -86, -88, -90, -92 ...20:09
ScottKlfaraone: ^^^20:10
lfaraonembiebl: :D I apologize.20:11
lfaraoneI stopped paying attention to Sugar last August and it probably is in a sorry state right now.20:11
ScottKPlease at least clean things up.20:12
SpamapSHrm.. OpenOffice is dying at a rapid pace for me. :(20:24
* SpamapS is considering buying a new laptop that he can put Natty on, just so he can get actual work done.20:25
SpamapSoh cool.. when I strace it, it doesn't crash20:28
DavieySpamapS: if you are struggling on disk io, like i am - i found the same experience with thunderbird.20:40
mbieblslangasek, seb128: this seems to be the complete list of affected packages20:41
mbieblall but two are currently ftbfs20:41
SpamapSDaviey: I'm struggling with almost every single piece of the system at this point. I also can't boot w/o booting to recovery console first.20:42
seb128mbiebl, doesn't seem worth keeping the .la20:42
mbieblthose packages look pretty unmaintained20:42
DavieySpamapS: is this your mbp?20:42
slangasekmbiebl: hah, nice20:42
SpamapSDaviey: yes, its the only computer I own.20:42
mbieblseb128: yeah, I won't fiddle around with symlinks20:43
DavieySpamapS: yeah, i think there is a regression.. i'm getting dire disk io on mine.. although i think have different hardware versions.20:43
SpamapSunless you can't my "backup" desktop machine.. which is basically just an old G5 mac. :-/20:43
SpamapSDaviey: mine is a 5,120:43
mbieblseb128: that amount of breakage is acceptable imho20:44
DavieySpamapS: 7,1 .. i would be suprised if it is related then.. but something isn't right.20:44
seb128mbiebl, yeah, I think so20:44
SpamapSDaviey: my only actual hardware problem is that nvidia twinview does not work in Unity.20:44
DavieySpamapS: fancy swapping then? :)20:44
SpamapSSure, I'll just drop it in the mail.20:45
SpamapSAnyway, I'm kind of freaking out now because LibreOffice is completely unusable and I have a presentation in < 1 week.20:46
* SpamapS wonders if ratpoison will work.....20:46
ScottKSpamapS: Don't buy a new laptop, just get a spare hard drive and swap it out.20:50
SpamapSScottK: I have been eyeing SSD's .....20:51
ScottKOnce you go SSD, you'll never go back.20:51
SpamapSSo, bug number 9 for me to discover/report this week is that Libreoffice only crashes in KDE20:51
LaneyS5 is alright for presenting20:51
SpamapSI've gone to XFCE .. which seems to work w/ my multi monitor and not crash libreoffice.. :-P20:51
Laneyif you don't want to use beamer, which is clearly the best ;-)20:52
* SpamapS would use console presenter if dot's ascii graph generation were better. ;)20:52
ScottKUpload the preso to some cloud thingy.20:52
SpamapSActually that might be a nice theme since my presentation is about a cli tool.. :)20:53
SpamapSI'm still confused why only the 'Ubuntu' session automatically starts ssh-agent20:54
Laneyis it not provided by seahorse, a part of gnome?20:55
SpamapSOr is it that its the only one that actually tells it what ssh-askpass to use?20:55
SpamapSthe agents are running, but not in the environment20:55
* SpamapS plans a trip to Fry's to buy a new SSD tomorrow20:56
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SpamapSahh interesting.. neither xfce nor kde sets SSH_ASKPASS21:01
DavieySpamapS: i'm not convinced having a faster disk will resolve this.  It's like putting more wood on the fire, without shutting the door :)21:01
SpamapSDaviey: Oh I'm not doing SSD to go faster. I'm doing it to go back to Natty.21:01
Davieyfair nuff21:02
SpamapSIt saddens me to say it, but its costing me quite a bit more than 1 hour a week.21:02
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hallynSpamapS: i'd get an ssd, but all the horror stories leave me feeling like i'll just get one of the duds anyway, and i don't have time to research which ones are actually ok :)21:10
SpamapSI'll just get the 2nd most expensive one. :-P21:14
SpamapSHrm, seems like there should be an svg to ascii converter21:18
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AmozSSD <322:09
Amozlibreoffice will start in a flash22:10
aromanhi, what's the Mac version about? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/alpha-2/22:10
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