shangjimbaker: yes we did :)02:02
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_mup_ensemble/security-acl r291 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com14:32
_mup_an acl abstraction allowing grants/removals by principal name on nodes14:32
jimbakerSpamapS, yes quiet. heads down all around i guess17:20
SpamapSthats a very good thing. :)17:24
Aramhappen to know where niemeyer or robbiew are? :-).18:13
jimbakerAram, robbiew is on vacation; niemeyer is at a conf18:16
adam_gjimbaker: is there a PPA somewhere that contains your hookProtocol fix?18:23
jimbakeradam_g, no, i could push the branch however. still needs some more testing btw18:24
jimbakeradam_g, then you can just use environments.yaml to use that branch, using the ensemble-branch option18:24
adam_gjimbaker: that sounds doable. where is the branch?18:25
jimbakeradam_g, just pushed it to lp:~jimbaker/ensemble/robust-hook-exit18:26
jimbakeradam_g, hope that works for you!18:26
adam_gjimbaker: great, thanks ill give it a shot later18:27
jimbakeradam_g, cool18:27
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adam_gwell, openstack via ensemble is coming together quite nicely: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650191/19:49
adam_gyou have anyway of turning that into a graph, SpamapS ?19:49
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SpamapSadam_g: yes!20:07
SpamapSadam_g: ensemble status --format=svg --output=file.svg will produce something..20:07
SpamapSadam_g: if you use the branch I made yesterday you can try out a few different layouts (fdp seems the most consistently useful)20:08
SpamapSadam_g: lp:~clint-fewbar/ensemble/dot-raw-output20:11
SpamapSif you use tha tone you can do ensemble status --format=dot | fdp -Tsvg > file.svg 20:11
SpamapSadam_g: and btw, w00t.20:11
RoAkSoAxany ensemble core dev around?21:26
SpamapShmm.. new analogy for what Ensemble is..22:09
SpamapSEnsemble is to config management as Home Depot is to your toolbox at home.22:09
adam_gSpamapS: when you get into town?22:13
SpamapSadam_g: Thursday morning22:24
SpamapSadam_g: I unfortunately have 3 other family obligations M,T, and Wed.. :-/22:24
SpamapSadam_g: and Fri night.. so leaving around 6pm Friday. :-P22:24
fwereadehi all22:41
fwereadeI need a quick second opinion about test coverage22:42
fwereadeyou may or may not be aware that there's a problem in trunk, with certain tests that fail or timeout depending on the absence or flakiness of the network22:43
fwereadeit emerges that there was a commented-out line in the mocking setup, and that reinstating it (with a minor tweak) fixes the issue22:43
fwereadehowever, doing this leaves the coverage only *slightly* improved22:45
fwereadeplease confirm that the appropriate response is to write the necessary battery of additional tests22:45
fwereadeand that just reinstating the tweaked line is a pitiful and weaksauce dodge of the real issue, that I should be ashamed of myself for considering22:46
SpamapSfwereade: tests that work w/o the network are critical.. eventually we want the Ubuntu buildd's to run the test suite .. and they have no network connectivity.22:58
fwereadeSpamapS: agreed22:59
fwereadeSpamapS: the question is, do I reinstate weak tests that work without a network or do I write a bunch more that also work without the network, and give us better coverage?22:59
SpamapSfwereade: so I'd say that if you have the time to do the additional testing.. it is a noble and high cloud that awaits you in programmer heaven. But if you are pressed for time.. making the tests run w/o the network would get the tests run more often, which may be more important.22:59
fwereadeSpamapS: cheers, I won't spend too much time on it23:00
SpamapSDo we graph test coverage anywhere?23:00
fwereadeSpamapS: but I'll have a go at least ;)23:00
fwereadeSpamapS: not that I'm aware of, but that would be interesting23:00
SpamapSMy last employer had a graph over time of test coverage. Bonuses were attached to significant increases.23:01
SpamapSWhich did very little for the graph going up.. because programming isn't motivated by the carrot and stick.23:01
SpamapSStill, the graph was quite interesting when drilling down into a specific subsystem.. you knew how risky the change was..23:02
fwereadeSpamapS: that's a shame23:22
fwereadeSpamapS: even if the carrot itself wouldn't work, perhaps they hoped that being seen to care about such things might be a sort of, er, motivational meta-carrot23:23
fwereadeSpamapS: ...as it were23:23
SpamapSfwereade: well certainly, new stuff got more tests because you didn't want the percentage to go *down*23:34
bcsallerthere is a `make coverage` target which will generate a table 23:42
SpamapSSo in theory, we could run back through all the commits and run it for each one, and graph that, and then do that on an ongoing basis?23:48
SpamapSbcsaller: did I see service config settings land this week?23:54
bcsallerSpamapS: yeah, there is still an approved branch I have to merge for `deploy` but the `set` version of things work. I expect the other will go in today and it will be ready 23:54

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