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* apw waves to smb07:54
* smb waves back to apw07:54
apwogasawara, about ?08:17
apwogasawara, ok then ... i've fixed up the lack of attribution of the rebase to 3.0 and pushed on an abi bump so it'll build10:04
keesapw: okay, so, the pending/released flipflop we have is due to running certain scripts on our end in the wrong order. basically we need to do gitscan, then usn-mismatch, then the usn-publication-sync. can you do a quick gitscan and I'll merge and sync correctly today?12:35
keesif we do the usn-pub-sync first it thinks the usn db shows a given cve as being published and closes it.12:36
ogasawaraapw: cool, thanks for doing the rebase13:05
apwogasawara, i didn't re13:05
apwogasawara, i didn't rebase ... you did13:05
apwkees, i think now that the 0711 has a version for it and its released i won't argue with the usn13:06
ogasawaraapw: hrm, I hadn't done the actual rebase to 3.0 final13:06
ogasawaraapw: I was gonna do it first thing this morning, eg now13:06
ogasawaraapw: maybe tgardner did it?13:06
keesapw: true, but after making the usn-publisher not change versions, we ended up in a kind of goofy situation. perhaps I can further improve it to ignore versions greater than the USN's package version13:07
apwthe committer was you i thought ... and on rebase normally the committer becomes the rebase-er i thought13:07
apwso ... likely was tim anyhow but its looking ok13:07
apwogasawara, i'd like to quickly test with overlayfs and push that in before it gets uploaded if that ok with you13:08
ogasawaraapw: works for me13:08
ogasawaraapw: I've got some more modular config review changes to push too13:08
apwogasawara, go ahead and push them whenever13:08
ogasawaraapw: pushed13:10
apwogasawara, i have built kernels with overlayfs in, if that boots in the livecd i'll push it and then test aufs13:10
apwi have kernels with and without13:11
* apw shouts at his download link ... get on with it i need that CD image now13:11
apwkees, ahh i see ... if the version doesn't match my version i will fix ti and move it pending13:12
apwkees, but if its matching the version it would be, even if its only in -proposed then i won't touch it13:12
apwas i actually can't tell and assume you do any pending -> something transitions13:12
* kees nods13:14
tgardnerogasawara, does it seem like a good day to you for an upload ?13:29
ogasawaratgardner: yep, just waiting for apw to finish up with testing some overlayfs patches he wants to shove on top13:29
ogasawaratgardner: I assume it was you who did the 3.0 rebase?  if so, thanks!13:30
tgardnerogasawara, cool. I pushed the rebase last night so I could try it out on emerald13:30
tgardnerogasawara, bjf: headed into the office now. can't get in before 0700. biab.13:34
keesfri kernel upload? brave! :)13:39
apwkees, na not as much as you'd think as it takes days to build, and does't take effect till meta goes in13:40
apwkees, so its actually a perfect day to upload13:40
keesoh, yeah, i guess with an abi bump, that is perfect13:41
apwkees, so we have a couple of cves outstanding against hardy, one of which at least is going to be a heap of mess required to backport anything close to something thats workable13:41
apwwhats our policy on that kind of thing, if we decide the risk is very great13:42
keeswhich cve is it? if it's not a serious issue, we can choose to ignore it or work around it. it's a case-by-case thing.13:47
apwkees, the one i am particularly unsure about is the epoll recursion one, which likely is a heap to fix, i've not yet tried but it feels like it may well be... so was interested in the process13:48
keesi try to be risk adverse, which normally means fixing bugs, but if things are really ugly, not fixing is the safe plan13:48
apwi'll let you know when i've tried and failed :)13:49
ogasawaratgardner: you rebuilding oneiric chroots on tyler?14:41
tgardnerogasawara, yep14:41
* ogasawara goes to hammer on tangerine then14:42
tgardnerogasawara, they were in an intermediate state, so I thought I'd just rip 'em out and start over14:42
ogasawaratgardner: works for me14:42
tgardnerogasawara, didn't think you were on tyler14:42
ogasawaratgardner: nope, only just noticed when I went to kick off a build14:43
ogasawarawow, we're not in the list of top 5 packages for bugs reported against last week15:12
ogasawarawe must be losing our touch :)15:12
sconklinogasawara: I can 'fix' that15:13
ogasawaraheh :)15:13
sconklinthat's actually great to know. I've been worrying about the regressions we did have, but perhaps we're having fewer and tracking those better - so it seems worse than it is15:15
* ogasawara back in 2015:30
ppisatitgardner: can you take a look at the omap4 build?16:24
ppisatitgardner: i was told to disable the abi check since this was a handcrafted pkg16:25
ppisatitgardner: but it seems it was checking there16:25
tgardnerppisati, yeah, I'm in the middle of figuring it out, but got distracted. I'll get it re-uploaded sometime today.16:30
ppisatitgardner: k16:30
ckingogasawara, so is my S3 systemtap script broken for oneiric?16:31
ogasawaracking: bug 754711 mentions it is, but i've not actually confirmed16:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 754711 in linux "[Dell Studio XPS 1340] Doesn't enter suspend mode" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75471116:31
ckingogasawara, ok - I will look at that in the next 24 hours16:32
ogasawaracking: no hurry, it can wait till next week16:32
ppisatitgardner: i think it misses three files16:33
ppisatitgardner: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/650086/16:33
ubot2Ubuntu bug 809878 in linux "Wireless network & graphics card stop working after upgrade to 2.6.38-10" [Undecided,New]16:36
apwDaviey, did we confirm it was the java update which was the problem in this case ?16:40
bdmurraybjf: it looks like my kernel-driver- tagging of oops reports was incomplete as I only got those with EIP and not RIP16:45
Davieyapw: We haven't identified what introduced it yet.16:45
apwDaviey, ok cause i just heard people blaming it as if it was definatly it16:46
Davieyapw: blaming "it"?16:46
DavieyThe two obvious candidates are either openjdk or kernel.16:46
apwDaviey, blaming openjdk change for starting to tickle the existing kernel bug16:46
apwDaviey, you were going to back that out to confirm i believe16:47
Davieyapw: Who did you hear?16:47
apwDaviey, kate just said "we would have caught the issue with openjdk ...."16:47
apwand i wanted to confirm it was confirmed that it was the openjdk update which was the 'cause'16:47
Davieyapw: Ah. you are sneeking on the call?16:47
apw(obviously the kernel bug is real and is the root cause)16:48
apwnot sneaking i was invited16:48
Davieyapw: Oh sure, didn't mean it like that.16:48
Davieyapw: I'm not entirely sure it's worth the time investment to discover it.. although sucky.16:48
mfilipesforshee, aff, I don't understand that intel bug 16:57
mfilipeit has 1+ year old and it is a very basic feature 16:58
mfilipeand the Chris Wilson doesn't say nothing :(16:58
tgardnerppisati, refetch HEAD for ti-omap4. I think it'll build now, but I'm still gonna upload to the c-k-t PPA first just to make sure.16:59
sforsheemfilipe, which bug are you talking about?16:59
ogasawarajjohansen: the talk you gave at ubuntu dev week about bisecting, did that get translated into a wiki by chance?17:02
ogasawarajjohansen: no worries if not, just wanted to point someone at it for how to bisect.  I can always point them to the classroom logs.17:02
jjohansenogasawara: hrmm, no its on the todo17:02
mfilipesforshee, https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3875017:03
ubot2Freedesktop bug 38750 in DRM/Intel "[Arrandale] Intel Core i3 External Monitor Wavy Output" [Normal,New]17:03
jjohansenogasawara: logs are here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1107/KernelDebugging17:03
ogasawarajjohansen: thanks17:04
sforsheemfilipe, ah, that one :)17:04
sforsheeyeah, it's annoying, I think they understand what needs to be done but just haven't done it, not sure why17:04
mfilipesforshee, yep, he didn't say nothing yet and has MUCH people want the solution 17:05
apwogasawara, ok i've pushed up the overlayfs changes, they seems to build, and boot ok, and i am able to use CDs with overlayfs and aufs2 as their union soln.17:46
ogasawaraapw: awesome, I'll get it prepped for upload then17:47
apwogasawara, cool, thanks17:47
ogasawaraapw: did you want your SOB added to the overlayfs patches?  I've gotta mark some patches from the delta review as SAUCE anyways, so I could fix them up while I'm at it17:59
apwogasawara, ahh yes i meant to do that18:14
ogasawaraapw: ack, I'll add it and push18:14
apwgood spot thanks18:14
* bjf -> lunch18:31
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adam_ghey all.. anyone from the kernel team have any suggestions on how to handle Bug #799630 and its relatives? 18:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 799630 in drbd8 "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: drbd8 kernel module failed to build" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79963018:40
sforsheeadam_g, why is there a dkms package for drbd at all? The driver has been in mainline for quite some time.18:51
adam_gsforshee: it merged 2.6.33, so it was out-of-tree in lucid18:52
adam_ganyone whos back ported a kernel will break its updates18:52
sforsheeadam_g, if you're using a backport kernel is the driver not included?18:53
adam_gi believe there is a similar issue right now with the lirc IR drivers18:53
adam_gsforshee: it is, but on updates the dkms module attempts to rebuild itself against the current kernel that includes drbd, so it fails18:54
sforsheeadam_g, I see. Some of the errors look like redefinitions of stuff already defined in the kernel, and I don't understand why drdb is defining them at all.18:57
sforsheeSome of the others look like changes to kernel functions18:57
sforsheeso to fix it someone would have to go to the trouble to make drbd understand the differences between the versions at compile time18:58
adam_gthats the question. is that something we are interseted in doing to support back ported kernels? or is there packaging magick we can employ to avoid the issue all together?19:01
pgranercnd, ping19:04
cndpgraner, hey19:04
pgranercnd, remember at UDS you fixed a box for me with the Alps touchpad?19:04
pgranercnd, what did you do?19:05
pgranercnd, I think I found the machine but was going to confirm to see if you fix is there19:05
cndpgraner, IIRC I added an /etc/modprobe.d/ file to tell it to use a specific PS2 proto to talk to the device19:06
cndbut I'm having trouble recalling the specific issue and why that solved it19:06
cndif you need info you'll have to refresh my memory more :)19:07
pgranercnd, it was the right click was actually a middle, and a a tap was right mouse click19:07
pgranercnd, or something like that19:07
pgranercnd, and you had to use the proto=bare19:07
pgranercnd, whats the easiest way to tell if its an alps?19:08
cndtrying to remember19:10
cndit's serial/ps2 so it doesn't have a hid vendor/device id19:10
cndbut there is some form of id19:10
pgranercnd, udevadm?19:10
cndI need to look in the kernel code19:10
sforsheeadam_g, I don't know the answer to those questions19:11
sforsheecnd, I was looking at it the other day. It seems each particular driver just does some magic to try to figure out if it supports a given device19:12
sforsheeI didn't see any universal way to identify a vendor/model19:12
cndpgraner, the way the ps2 mouse module works is there's a core piece of code that calls out to all the loaded modules19:12
cndand each module tries to identify the device19:12
cndthere's no standard way of identification19:12
cndeach manufacturer has their own special ps2 query command to get the version19:13
cndand say it's a new device that linux doesn't know about, then it will just show up as a bare ps2 mouse I think19:13
cndso the only way to know for sure is to figure it out from the product specs19:14
cndand/or other people's bug reports :)19:14
cndfor alps, chances are that if the trackpad isn't working right, then it's an alps :)19:14
sforsheecnd, pgraner: If you can get the OEM Windows install on a system it can tell you what kind of device it is too19:15
pgranersforshee, cnd, all demsg tells me is that is: i8042: PNP: PS/2 Controller [PNP0303:KBC0,PNO0f13:MSA0] at 0x60,0x64 irq 1,1219:17
cndpgraner, if you take out the modprobe.d file so it doesn't lock to the bare proto, it might be recognized as alps19:18
cndcomment out the modprobe.d file and then rmmod and modprobe psmouse19:18
pgranersforshee, cnd, found it: input: AlpsPS/2 ALPS GLidePoint as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input1019:18
pgranersforshee, its on my netbook :(19:19
* jjohansen lunch19:24
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