dholbachgood morning07:38
czajkowskiAloha 09:03
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frnasani_attotechello 23:04
frnasani_attotechi alen 23:05
AlanBellfrnasani_attotec was wondering about loco teams in Jordan23:05
frnasani_attotecthe loco team in my country is not approved how i can get involved can any body help me ?23:08
AlanBellhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-jordan there is something there23:08
AlanBellget in touch with Jad Madi I guess23:08
frnasani_attoteca have send e-mail to hem but no answer !!23:10
AlanBellnone of it looks very active, but you can change all that23:10
AlanBelltry mailing the list, see if there are other people on it23:10
frnasani_attotecno other way to do this 23:11
frnasani_attotecbecause i think all of them not active 23:12
frnasani_attoteccould i make another loco team without ask hem ?23:15

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