philipballewwhat category would 10.04's update belong in for the google doc?00:54
philipballewi thought it might deserve to go in00:55
pleia2the top, general community news00:56
holsteinpleia2: can you renew memberships?05:34
NRWlionhau the lucas07:43
NRWlionhowdy . how is life in sa @ nlsthzn08:18
nlsthznNRWlion, Hey, I don't know... good I guess... But I haven't been in SA for about two years now...08:19
NRWlionnlsthzn: pls state your current location :D08:20
nlsthzn:) UAE08:20
NRWlionno clue08:21
nlsthznUnited Arab Emirates08:21
NRWlionsalam aleijkum08:22
pleia2holstein: membership in?09:00
MooDooblumin eck lyz, get to bed :)09:01
pleia2MooDoo: leaving for the airport in 2 hours :)09:01
MooDoopleia2, ouch.....trip?09:02
pleia2MooDoo: yeah, fosscon on saturday09:03
DraZoropleia2: Have a safe trip09:04
pleia2thanks DraZoro09:04
pleia2in theory there is actually wifi on the plane, we'll see how well this works out in practice :)09:04
MooDoopleia2, have fun :) i'll look forward to the posts09:04
NRWlionpleia2: safe trip! who will be in charge of the issue?09:05
pleia2NRWlion: not sure! holstein and nhandler are quite familiar with the whole process though so hopefully it'll get out the door09:07
pleia2(they've been doing this longer than I)09:07
NRWlionhavent seen holstein for days now09:09
pleia2he was around a couple hours ago09:10
NRWlionfolks, /me has weekend at a homeoffice12:35
holsteinpleia2: sorry i posted and went to bed...12:58
holsteinthe news team12:58
NRWlionhey holstein12:59
holsteinNRWlion: o/12:59
NRWlionif you need help in summaries or shifting content to wiki lemme know (in case you or nhandler are doing an issue this week)12:59
holsteinNRWlion: thanks :)13:02
holstein^^ thats the google doc13:03
holsteinit *should* always be the same link13:03
holsteinit'll either be empty from being moved ready to have links added, or be full of links ready for summaries13:04
NRWlionholstein, will have a look tonight after my sports club meeting13:05
NRWlionbtw i am utc +2 if you need to talk to mee13:05
holsteinsure... i just have it in my google docs now and check when ever i have time13:05
holsteinNRWlion: i was on vacation13:07
NRWlionholstein k ^^ hope you had a good one ^^13:07
* NRWlion was on applications and assessment center tour :D13:08
holsteinits breakfast time for me ... BBL13:08
* NRWlion is gonna put a pizza into his oven13:09
NRWlionholstein: yeah especially if u have a job afterwards :D13:10
pleia2holstein: no re: membership in news team, I'm not even in the uwn team14:04
pleia2I think I'm just a fridge editor14:05
nhandlerpleia2: We really should fix that (you have done a TON of great UWN work). Also, when you get back from the trip, I think we should try to organize a quick IRC meeting to discuss the leadership structure.14:55
holsteinpleia2: no worries14:56
holsteini'll ask akgraner sometime14:56
holsteinim not going to loose sleep over it :)14:56
holsteinsafe travels14:56
pleia2nhandler: agreed15:05
pleia2I haven't even looked at the launchpad organization recently, I think akgraner gave up ownership to jono and his team15:05
pleia2I'll have to take a look when I go home15:05
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, the community team is set as owner and administrator of all news teams (which caused some confusion when one of the community team folks thought he was a fridge editor). Essentially, once we come up with a leadership structure and have some leaders, they are meant to transfer ownership to the new leadership team.15:17
pleia2ah, I see15:20
* nlsthzn waves19:54
* NRWlion \o back eating delicious asian nudles 19:56

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