snailis anyone else's network connectivity acting like a one-armed paper-hanger?02:26
chiltsglobal connectivity? seems ok to me02:30
ojwbsnail: it doesn't seem any worse than normal anyway02:30
snailit may be local issues with our connectivity to places other than datacom...02:31
chrismsnzI'm fine, but then again I'm right next to datacom's colo02:32
snailour network guys say we're hitting 280MB/s sustained traffic at the moment03:29
snailthey're talking to our ISP03:29
ojwbhmm, I can get more than that over my DSL03:30
ajmitchMB/s ?03:30
ojwbah, no, wrong units03:30
ajmitchif only DSL could go that fast03:30
ojwbI get vertigo sometimes when I think about sizes and speeds of computers03:31
ajmitchthat'd be a lot of legit traffic to sustain for any length of time03:31
ojwbit would be a lot of traffic is it was illegitimate too03:32
ajmitchright, but illegitimate traffic like a DDoS wouldn't really end, unlike a large set of scientific data which you'd need to store somewhere03:32
snailafter a request from the students association, we now block facebook from 10am to 2pm in the students labs03:33
snailthat's more aobut computer avaliability than bandwidth tohugh03:33
ajmitchso that students that want to use the computers for study can get a seat? :)03:33
snailajmitch: that's the theory03:33
snailmy personal theory is that the real issue is the storage guys syncing their new racks down at the Pipotea campus (by the railway station)03:34
ajmitchI saw that snap are having an uncapped weekend again03:40
chrismsnzhave a good weekend guys, it's beer-o-clock04:22
mwhudsonindeed it is05:07
timClickslol, upgrading to oneric was a mistake06:11
timClicksthe appearances menu is missing06:12
thumpertimClicks: you mean the one that says your username?06:56
thumpertimClicks: that has been folded into the messaging menu06:57
thumperit was too confusing06:57
timClicksno, I want to change the theme08:40
timClicksit's the menu with the two ppl in shirts/ties08:41
timClicksfor some reason, it disappeared upon upgrade08:41

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