scott-workshould the ubuntu studio alternate install still be experiencing problematic images?12:29
scott-workyesterday's image failed installation directly after the first menu12:33
ScottKcjwatson: I would appreciate it if you would respin kubuntu daily live i386.  I made some changes to help with CD size yesterday, but they didn't make it in and if it's not inconvenient, it'd be nice to know today how much more we have to do.13:40
skaetScottK,  cjwatsons out today,  I've kicked off the kubuntu daily-live again for you.14:50
ScottKskaet: Thanks.14:50
skaetScottK,  first attempted failed,  retrying now.   If this fails, will ask for help figuring out what went wrong.15:51
ScottKskaet: Don't bother.15:51
ScottKI know what went wrong.15:51
ScottKI just uploaded a fix.15:51
ScottKTry it in an hour.15:51
ScottK(I think)15:51
skaetok,  will do.15:51
ScottKskaet: If you would kick them off in ~40 minutes, that'd be great.16:06
skaetScottK,  will do.16:09
charlie-tcaI have an email saying today's images (2011-07-22) are oversize, but the images don't seem to be on http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/16:19
skaetcharlie-tca, I don't see them there either.  hmm...    will look into it after my next meeting (if someone else doesn't solve the mystery before me,  ;) )16:27
charlie-tcaSeems like all images are missing today, not any particular ones16:28
* skaet wondering if its going to be a space issue.... :P16:29
charlie-tcano build logs for today, either16:48
charlie-tcaThey may not have been built16:49
hggdhskaet: sorry, I had already pressed the hang-up button you you said my name17:30
hggdhso all I got was "Carlos, is"17:31
skaethggdh,  no worries.   what time would suit you to talk this afternoon?17:31
hggdhskaet: anytime17:31
hggdhyour call, even now17:31
skaetI'll call you back now then.17:31
ScottKskaet: Did you kick off the kubuntu live rebuilds we discussed?  If so I'm seeing neither failure mails nor new images.17:58
skaetScottK,  something strange is going on....18:03
skaetit looked like the builders suceeded - but i'm not seeing the images either.18:04
ScottKOK.  Time to ask for help, I guess.18:06
ScottKGiven that charlie-tca saw the same.18:06
skaetyup,  put in the ping to IS.18:06
charlie-tcano logs, no images for Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntustudio18:06
ScottKI have reason to believe the automatic image builds didn't go.18:07
ScottKWhen skaet did manual builds for kubuntu live it failed.18:07
ScottKI think it would have failed last night too.18:07
skaetScottK,  charlie-tca; the obvious space issue has been ruled out.   trying some sample builds now with IS to see if that sheds any light...18:38
charlie-tcaThanks for trying18:41
ScottKsmart: I got a powerpc livefs failure mail (expected )18:48
ScottKSo ... something is happening.18:48
ScottKStill no Jul 22 images though.18:50
charlie-tcaxubuntu images appeared18:50
charlie-tcano ubuntu or ubuntustudio, though18:50
infinityskaet: I'm going to assume that everything is commented out of cdimage's crontab for the purpose of this testing, right?18:52
infinityskaet: Not because someone forgot to turn it all back on? :)18:52
ScottKProgress then...18:52
skaetcharlie-tca - there's Xubuntu images up now for you.19:05
skaetor at least I can see they've built.19:06
charlie-tcayup, they are there19:06
charlie-tcaThank you very much19:06
skaetScottK,  final stages for a set of Kubuntu ones.19:06
jdstrandskaet: do you have a moment to talk about dbus/apparmor as it applies to oneiric and 'p'?19:07
skaetheya all,  if you want any images today,  please let me know here,  we had a glitch with the cronjob last night (still not sure how it all got commented out... :P )    Hopefully we'll be back to full set of dailies tomorrow.19:11
skaetjdstrand, now that our build mystery is solved (thanks infinity), sure.19:13
charlie-tcaskaet: studio needs a set if we can get them. They missed yesterday, too19:13
jdstrandskaet: ok, this shouldn't take long. just a heads up, and then a question or two19:13
jdstrandskaet: so, you may be aware of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/security-o-apparmor-dbus19:13
ScottKjdstrand: Just make it perfectly secure and work flawlessly.  What is there to discuss?19:13
jdstrandthis is something that the security and kernel teams are working together on19:13
jdstrandScottK: hehe19:14
jdstrandskaet: so light background19:14
jdstrandskaet: we have apparmor to confine applications. it lets you saw 'you can read that file, execute that one, use networking, etc'19:14
jdstrandskaet: the problem is, with dbus it is too coarse19:15
skaetcharlie-tca, ubuntu studio triggered now.19:15
charlie-tcaThank you19:15
jdstrandskaet: ie, you can either talk to dbus or not19:15
jdstrandskaet: so if you can talk to dbus, you can talk to everything on the dbus. this is a problem as more and more applications are providing services19:16
jdstrandskaet: so, we are tasked with making dbus acces more finegrained19:16
* skaet nods19:16
jdstrandskaet: "this confined application can talk to this application via dbus, but not that application"19:16
jdstrandok, so this bp is all about that19:17
jdstrandthere is kernel work and userspace work19:17
skaetok, have it openened,  looks like its mostly in progress.19:17
jdstrandthe userspace consists of updating libapparmor and dbus itself19:17
jdstrandthe changes are big, and much is yet to be written19:17
jdstrandbut we *really* want it for 'p', so the plan is this:19:18
jdstrandget a libapparmor and a dbus up that has the patches19:18
jdstrandthe dbus apparmor code paths will be disabled by default19:18
jdstrandbut can be turned on via a conffile19:19
jdstrandnothing other than dbus will use the new ipc/dbus API in libapparmor19:19
jdstrandwhat this will allow is for us to have the code in oneiric for people to play with, with very low risk to regular users19:20
jdstrandit also, you permitting, would allow us to push functionality into these unused-by-default-users functionality/bug fixes/changes in past feature freeze19:21
jdstrandthe idea being that when 'p' opens, we turn it on for real and fix bugs/iterate through 'p' so it is solid for release in april19:21
jdstrandskaet: what do you think?19:22
jdstrandskaet: tbh, we aren't going to be adding features past feature freeze (unless we miss it, which is conceivable, but I'd use the freeze exception process appropriately)19:23
skaetjstrand, seems a reasonable staged approach.    When would you plan on landing libapparmor and dbus changes?19:23
jdstrandskaet: but there will likely be a lot of code changes19:23
skaetThe best interval to land this is right after A3 before feature freezed.19:24
jdstrandskaet: we are actively working on it. so, I have to say looking at the dates that we will likely need a freeze exception19:25
skaetIs there a good way to back out if it opens up some unforseen interaction issues?  (I think disabled by default should handle it.... but?)19:25
jdstrandskaet: yeah totally-- it is just a quilt patch19:25
jdstrand(for dbus)19:25
jdstrandlibapparmor wouldn't be a big deal, cause it's api nothing uses19:26
jdstrandI can most likely have that be a set of patches on top of apparmor as well19:27
skaetjdstrand,  ok, lets check point around A3 timeframe,  and see what the ETA is19:27
skaetI'll hopefully have a better picture about the rest of churn around Feature freeze at that point.19:27
jdstrandskaet: so looking at that, I can't do between a3 and ff-- holiday. it is possible, that quite unlikely that I could have a dbus and libapparmor in by next friday19:28
jdstrandskaet: basically, I'm thinking it is almost certainly a freeze exception19:28
skaetheh,  that explains it then.19:29
jdstrandskaet: but, one thing you can count on is I do thorough testing :) we have a lot of tests for dbus and apparmor, and I will be adding more. I will certainly be adding some for the default configuration of 'off'19:29
jdstrands/that quite/though quite/19:29
skaetYup.  :)   As long as it doesn't get too close to beta,  we should be ok.19:29
jdstrandskaet: ok. thanks! I will certainly keep you posted19:30
skaetIf we don't have it in, and stable 2 weeks before beta lets regroup.19:30
ScottKI see we have Kubuntu images now.  Thanks.19:31
jdstrandskaet: incidentally, this is more than just something the security team would like to have-- it is something several projects need/want, including ARB19:31
skaetyup,  am sympathetic and can see it is going to be a good thing.   Just balancing it with some other things that I'm cynical about landing late. ;)19:32
skaetand it will be best for P,  if we can indeed get it in and kick the tires a bit now.19:32
jdstrandskaet: sure. well, like I said, this will be totally opt-in and should be very low risk for oneiric19:33
jdstrandskaet: but yeah, you are rightfully cautious and we'll talk more about it when there is more to discuss :)19:33
skaetjdstrand, sounds good.   and thanks for explaining now rather than waiting until Feature Freeze :)19:33
jdstrandskaet: sure thing! :)19:33
charlie-tcaThank you, skaet. We have UbuntuStudio images now19:40
skaetFor completeness,  have just triggered off a set of ubuntu dailies (desktop and server) as well.19:44

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