elliotfis there a reason why solr-jetty doesn't depend on openjdk-6-jdk when it won't run without it?00:16
elliotfI don't see any suggests, either..00:16
SpamapSelliotf: what does it depend on?00:22
SpamapSelliotf: oh and solr-common depends on openjdk-6-jre-headless | java5-runtime-headless | java6-runtime-headless ...00:22
SpamapSelliotf: I suspect it doesn't need the full jdk.. but maybe it does?00:23
* SpamapS just realized he's terribly late and cannot stay to discuss00:23
elliotfSpamapS: it seems to..00:24
elliotfSpamapS: it spits out a 500 error complaining it can't find javac00:24
elliotfuntil you install openjdk-6-jdk...  then it shuts up and does it job00:25
elliotfSpamapS: something to do with .jsp files or somesuch00:25
* elliotf is not a java guy... yet00:25
JRWRUbuntu 10.04 (Linode) - Postfix/Dovecot Issue - Unable to receive emails - When ever i send a email to my mail server, the logs show that the email was received and no errors where found, when i go to check the account, no emails are in the inbox at all - main.cf http://pastebin.com/ARjhCSFC / master.cf http://pastebin.com/KHLRZt4A / dovecot.conf http://pastebin.com/hfKgB6VW / mail.log01:31
JRWRexcerpt: http://pastebin.com/ALqcw0Xb01:31
twbJRWR: what MDA?01:32
JRWRWell.. that is a good question01:33
JRWRI dont know...01:33
twbLooks like you're using postfix's built-in MDA01:33
twbDoes /home/vmail/%d/%n exist?01:33
twbDoes it have appropriate owner/group/permissions01:34
twbDoes the user have a .forward or .procmailrc?  Do the logs say anything relevant?01:34
* twb reads mail.log paste01:34
JRWRI did find out where the mail was going... into Maildir into my home dir01:35
twbLooks like you're using amavis as the MDA01:35
twbI don't see where you tell postfix to do that, but the logs imply it01:36
JRWRit should be in the master.cf01:36
JRWRthats where i set the content filter at01:36
twbOh right01:36
JRWRtwb: here is the full output of postconf http://pastebin.com/SEGfSQGi01:40
patdk-laptry adding a -n on that01:43
patdk-lappostconf -n01:43
=== vDubG is now known as vDubG__Gone
twbdiff -U0 <(postconf -d) <(postconf) | sed /^@/d01:47
twb...that will show only the options you (or Ubuntu) have changed from the defaults, what they are, and what they were.01:47
patdk-lapwhy don't you try fixing those warnings first?01:47
patdk-laptwb, isn't that what -n is for :)01:47
twbpatdk-lap: that doesn't show you what they were01:48
JRWRtwb: already fixed the working01:48
patdk-laptwb, heh?01:48
patdk-lapyou removed your domains from mydestination?01:49
twbpatdk-lap: never mind, man01:49
twbpatdk-lap: I prefer doin' in my way, but I don't care enough to argue about it01:49
JRWRok I got the server working01:54
JRWRfor the logs, i had survivorzero.com in the mydestination as well as in virtualhost database as well.. this seemed to cause a conflit01:55
JRWRand now has been resloved01:55
JRWRThanks for the help guys01:55
JRWRatlest i didnt do a I fixed it, and then left02:07
JRWRI know this channel has to be logged :)02:07
JRWRwho knows what some poor soul might be goolging for02:07
Doonzhey can you use a reverse break out cable either way?02:27
twbDoonz: what is a reverse break out cable02:27
Doonzusually a sff-8087 connect to 4 discrete sata/sas connection02:28
Doonzim wondering if you can go from the controller 4 discrete sata to 1 sff-8087 port on a back plane02:28
patdk-lapthey can only go one way02:30
patdk-lapit's like the only cable you can't use backwards02:31
twbOh, SAS.  Fuck that shit, man.  I'm glad I skipped the whole SCSI termination era02:31
patdk-lapheh, sas is simple, the numbers just lie though02:32
Doonzpatdk-lap: sorry your wrong just received my email from lsi02:32
Doonzthey work apparently02:32
patdk-laphmm, I know there is one cable that doesn't02:33
patdk-lapcan't seem to locate the nice document on it right now :(02:33
Doonzdunno but they sent me the link02:33
Doonzthis one is what i need since i got a raid card with 4 discrete sata/sas ports on it but its going in a case that has a 4port backplane02:34
Doonzso that cable will allow me to go card to back plane no problem02:34
Doonzthe case is a norco 422002:34
patdk-lapya, that will work02:34
patdk-lapbut you can't just flip it around and use it backwards02:34
patdk-lapyou can't go from a motherboard with a sff8087 to 4 sata drives02:35
DanaGhmm, 42MB/second going over Broadcom gigabit, from ZFS.02:35
Doonzaccording to lsi you can02:35
patdk-lapthat is why they make sff8087 -> 4sata, and sff8087 -> 4sata reverse02:35
DanaGWhat's likely the limit: zfsonlinux, or the Broadcom card?02:35
DanaGBroadcom 5723, specifically.02:35
Doonzdammit caps02:36
DanaGThat's from that server to my laptop, with an Intel 82567L.02:36
Doonzwhat switch in the middle02:36
DanaGWhatever's built into a WRT350N.02:36
DanaGI've tested from SSD to SSD, and gotten 80MB/second.02:37
DanaGAnd that was with 100% CPU usage on the Pentium M with Broadcom ethernet in Windows.02:37
Doonzthats asus or dlink02:37
Doonzwhats a direct link between server and laptop get?02:38
DanaGThat's Linksys.02:38
DanaGHmm, haven't tried a direct link.02:38
DanaGOh yeah, and iperf showed... I forgot what, but it was pretty high.02:38
Doonztry direct and just see if there is a difference02:39
DanaGEasier thing to do, for now: try the Intel card.02:39
Doonzyeah i would put money on the switch not being able to handle full load02:40
DanaGInteresting: the Intel is getting 52.02:40
DanaGNow I'll try direct.02:40
patdk-lapoh, the sff8087 is fine, it's the sff8088 that you can't reverse02:42
patdk-laphow strange02:43
DanaGHmm, direct with Broadcom is 47MB/second.02:47
DanaGI'll try direct with Intel.02:48
DanaGAnd notably, the source partition is zfsonlinux.02:48
DanaGSince btrfs isn't yet usable, in terms of having a fsck.02:48
DanaGAs soon as I can get btrfs, I'll switch.02:48
DanaGEr, as soon as it's more useful.02:48
Martynwait, what's wrong with the btrfs fsck?02:50
MartynOh, I see. the fact it doesn't _have_ one02:50
DanaGInteresting... I did get a kernel oops from e1000e.02:54
DanaGAnd I'm seeing that only via the remote access card.02:54
DanaGAll networking is dead.02:54
=== ckrailo_ is now known as ckrailo
DanaGweird... from "booting a command list", to the first kernel log messages, it takes a good 30 seconds of blank screen with blinking text cursor.03:01
=== Datz_ is now known as Datz
MartynWOOHOO!  Linux 3.0 officially pushed03:07
DanaG_Okay, so, link-local from Intel to Intel: BSODs my laptop.03:21
DanaG_And with laptop in Ubuntu, I'm getting 26 MB/second.03:22
DanaG_That's lower than what I got with Broadcom in Windows.03:22
DanaG_Actually, it's probably limited by ZFS, mostly.03:22
DanaG_Now to try link-local on Broadcom.03:23
DanaG_nah, I've actually had enough experimenting for now.03:23
DanaG_Is it expected for a Broadcom card to outperform an Intel card?03:23
DanaG_I'm going to try some iperf again.03:27
DanaG_Even while that Intel link-local transfer is going on, I'm getting 930 megabits on iperf to Intel.03:28
DanaG_ah, yeah, the file transfer does seem to be limited by ZFS.03:29
DanaG_Come on, btfsck... we need you!03:29
MartynOkay, why the _heck_ is AoE so .. bloody .. slow on ARM?03:29
MartynIs this all CPU bound?03:29
DanaG_Age of Empires?03:29
MartynATA over Ethernet03:29
MartyniSCSI hurts a bit too03:29
DanaG_Okay, iperf with broadcom on switch: 84 megabits.03:30
DanaG_Now to try Intel on switch and Broadcom direct.03:30
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idlemind324hello. i'm looking for help running ubuntu server 10.04 lts from a thumb drive (the actual os installed on the thumb drive and booting to it)04:55
ChmEarlidlemind324, what about using the live ISO (& convert isolinux to syslinux)?05:21
idlemind324live iso is only on the desktop version05:22
idlemind324(i think)05:22
ChmEarlidlemind324, yes - forgot about that05:25
idlemind324i'm trying a tool called unetbootin now05:26
Umrenidlemind324: good tool05:26
idlemind324we'll see if it does the trick =)05:27
twbunetbootin is stinky and crap05:27
twbJust use boot.img there05:27
=== DanaG_ is now known as DanaG
idlemind324twb forgive me i just copy the boot.img file to my thumb drive and leave it completely blank then?05:30
twbgunzip it, then cat boot.img >/dev/uba, where uba is your USB key05:31
twbNote *not* a partition on the key, e.g. uba105:31
idlemind324twb: sudo cat boot.img > /dev/sdb05:32
idlemind324twb: gives me "bash: /dev/sdb: Permission denied"05:33
jmarsdenidlemind324: the redirect is happening in your normal user shell...05:33
jmarsdenidlemind324: cat boot.img |sudo tee /dev/sdb >/dev/null      # will probably work05:34
jmarsdenOr just sudo -s and then type the cat command in a root shell.05:34
idlemind324The first ommand gives me a no medium found error05:35
idlemind324adding the -s in front of the original command still gives me a permission denied error05:35
DanaGsudo -i  is better.05:35
jmarsdenAre you sure the USB drive is /dev/sdb ?05:35
DanaGThough then you'll need the full path.05:35
jmarsdenDanaG: Explain how it makes a difference to this command?05:35
DanaGI usually use /dev/disk/by-id/ to be absolutely sure it's USB.05:36
DanaGYeah, -i doesn't matter here.05:36
twbjmarsden: UUOC05:36
twbDanaG: I usually check /proc/partitions05:36
idlemind324http://pastebin.com/rH4E3qz2 <- ls of my /dev/disk/by-id/ folder05:38
jmarsdentwb: Guilty as charged... sudo tee /dev/sdb <boot.img >/dev/null  should work too.  I just have the "something |sudo tee filename" approach in my fingers and didn't adapt for the "something" being cat.05:39
idlemind324well this is encouraging05:41
idlemind324sudo dd if=boot.img of=/dev/sdb went through05:41
idlemind324my system on the other side is loading up now off usb drive but it's just loading the netboot img05:42
idlemind324i'm going to pick this up in the am need some sleep thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction05:42
uvirtbot`New bug: #814436 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.8.2-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81443606:21
philipballewcan someone help me with this? http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/07:27
jamespagephilipballew: sure - what are you having trouble with?07:37
philipballewjamespage, haha, the whole thing07:43
philipballewand i need to figure out whats a good local ip to choose so i dont interfeare with my router07:44
jamespagephilipballew: well that would be a good start - sometime routers only give out DHCP IP addresses for specific ranges07:44
jamespageor at least can be configured todo that07:44
philipballewthe router i have now is kinda lame07:45
philipballew2wire by att07:45
=== smb` is now known as smb
philipballewit has a built in modem therefor i cany add my ddwrt routers07:47
philipballewbut thats irrelvent07:47
jamespagephilipballew: so most of the network configuration will be much the same as you get using DHCP07:51
jamespageso the following commands might help you out with some settings07:51
philipballewok. ill try them. i just need to figure what to put for all the nu,mbers to fill in07:52
jamespageip route07:52
jamespage'default via XXXX' is what you need to set your default gateway to07:52
jamespagethat does in the gateway XXXX entry in /etc/network/interfaces07:53
jamespageip addr07:53
jamespagephilipballew: so are you using a wired or wireless connection?07:54
jamespageOK - so look at the information related to eth007:54
jamespageyou should see a 'inet XXXX' entry - which will give you the current DHCP IP address and the broadcast address for your network07:54
jamespageso 'gateway' is good then07:56
philipballewalright ill construct this file on my laptop now07:56
jamespagethat should give you most things - netmask
jamespageinfact pretty much as in the article - aside from the gateway IP addresss07:57
philipballewdo you think their ip addres is safe?07:59
jamespageoh - and take a look in /etc/resolv.conf - it should contain the information provided by your router and that needs to stay the same07:59
jamespageso with regards to which ip address - its hard to say as everyone's network has different stuff plugged into it07:59
jamespagerunning this command will tell you roughly what is plugged into your network:  nmap -v -sP
philipballewwell my laptop now is
philipballewhere we go http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/649775/08:01
jamespagephilipballew: I think you have the same laptop as me :-)08:04
philipballewhow do you like it?08:04
jamespagephilipballew: works well TBH08:05
jamespagehad it just over a year now08:05
philipballewdo you have the backlight issue?08:05
philipballewi used the backlight ppa08:05
jamespagehrm - not that I am aware of08:05
jamespageI had some sound issues when I first upgraded to natty - but that is resolved now08:05
philipballewoverall this is pretty stable08:06
philipballewubuntu and this get along08:06
philipballewany idean on the ip from your end?08:07
jamespagelooking at your nmap scan picking something high (like .200) would prob be safe08:08
jamespageor it may be that your router gives out addresses from .65 onwards - so something less that that might work as well08:09
philipballewi can try 200 for now08:09
philipballewset and ready to save the file08:10
* philipballew crosses his fingers and presses ctrl + x08:11
jamespagephilipballew: hey - you can always put it back again08:12
philipballewnow to the     sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf part08:13
philipballewi have no idea what to do here08:13
jamespagewhat does it look like ATM?08:16
jamespageleave it as is - should be fine08:19
philipballewalright. ill restart networking  now08:20
philipballewsee if ssh stays connected08:20
philipballewit would probably drop me and id have to re connect08:21
philipballewit works!08:22
goddardok i made a big mistake and screwed up all my permissions09:13
goddardis there a way i can revert?09:13
goddardlike go back in time haha09:13
twbgoddard: this is called "an object lesson in the value of backups"09:13
goddardtwb so im screwed09:14
Tommy_nmwhello all ubuntu geeks. I have a question09:21
goddardi have some backups09:25
goddardjust an aptitude backup i think though09:26
Tommy_nmwI would like to know enter proxy entries for server09:49
Tommy_nmwI would like to know how to enter proxy entries for server09:52
Tommy_nmwcan you hear me? Hello, is it late there ?10:05
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
goddardis there graphical software that helps manage a server10:24
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
uvirtbot`New bug: #814536 in openssh (main) "package openssh-client 1:5.3p1-3ubuntu7 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81453610:26
Tommy_nmwhow to shut down from a normal user ?10:46
EricJTommy_nmw: `shutdown now`10:50
Tommy_nmwEricJ: that is only working for root10:50
EricJTommy_nmw: Have a look at policykit.10:51
EricJPretty sure you can set more finely-grained permissions there.10:51
Tommy_nmwEricJ: how to ?10:51
EricJI think I'm using policykit to give shutdown/reboot-permissions to my non-root default user on my HTPC.10:52
Tommy_nmwEricJ: bro, I am just using on plain CLI command mode server . so how can I get policy kit?10:53
twbEricJ: polkit on a server?  EW>11:05
twbsetpcap, sudo or chiark-really11:05
EricJtwb: so what would you do? :)11:05
twbI don't want a bloody XML IPC framework in my privilege escalation code, thankyouverymuch :-/11:06
twbThe main reason I use even sudo at work is because I can replace sudoers with LDAP objects.11:07
twbBut that's because I have dozens of boxes11:07
EricJI'm not following. You'd simply make your users sudoers instead of use polkit?11:08
twbWell, for example, my users want to be able to use the burner in the CD burning machine11:09
twbNow they can "sudo -g adm cdrecord foo.iso" but not do anything else with escalated privileges.11:10
twbNow, that's pretty damn complex11:10
twbEspecially for security infrastructure, which should be as simple as feasible11:11
twbAnd polkit is WAY more complex than that, simply so that users can do "sudo -g adm" from within a GUI11:11
EricJyeah, polkit is sort of a mess...11:11
twbThat is, so that the GUI just request privileges from the privilege-escalation daemon without having to create pop ups and things11:11
twbNow, if you look at chiark-really, that's basically what people mostly use sudo for: "give fred and sally full root access"11:12
twbAnd (hopefully) really is substantially simpler because it doesn't try to be anything else, which makes it easier to audit and less likely to contain problems in the first place (less code).11:12
twbOTOH, because sudo is so widespread, HOPEFULLY people (in general) audit it more...11:13
twbTaking a totally different tangent, I'd prefer to see some kind of RBAC infrastructure a la krb11:14
twbAllegedly grSec can do that, but I haven't cared enough to roll patched kernels11:15
SuperLagSpamapS: yo11:33
uvirtbot`New bug: #814569 in augeas (main) "Segmentation fault in augtool and augeas.rb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81456911:46
Ursinhagood morning13:09
pythonirc1012I used apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) to install kernel headers, vbox Guest Additions still complains that the correct kernel headers are not installed. What am I doing wrong?13:15
joschipythonirc1012: do the linux-headers match your installed and running kernel version?13:15
pythonirc1012joschi: how do i check?13:16
twbWhy doesn't vbox have a dkms by now13:16
twbuseless oracle schmucks13:16
pythonirc1012twb: they do i thought?13:16
twbpythonirc1012: then use that instead13:16
joschitwb: it should, but only for the OSE -> virtualbox-ose-dkms13:17
joschitwb: and virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms respectively13:18
twbWell, anyone running proprietary software deserves to be given the runaround13:18
pythonirc1012was missing dkms, that fixed it!13:18
pythonirc1012was missing dkms, once i installed it, things worked...if dkms is the problem, why print out as "headers dont match error"?13:18
twbpythonirc1012: dkms is magic that takes care of the whole problem for you13:20
lynxmansmoser: ping13:36
lynxmansmoser: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/649965/13:38
lynxmansmoser: include-once implementation :]13:38
smoserlynxman, hm..13:40
lynxmansmoser: shoot13:40
smoseryou can't write it to /tmp13:40
smoseras that wont be there on reboot13:40
lynxmansmoser: which path would you recommend then?13:40
smoserneed to cache to /var/lib/cloud/instance/13:40
lynxmansmoser: cool13:40
smoserbut you dont have that path in UserDataHandler easily i dont htink13:40
smoseryou'll have to pass it in or something.13:40
smoseroh, and please update documentation also for 'include-once'13:41
lynxmansmoser: I will, just wanted to double check if you were happy with this implementation before continuing13:41
smoserand also add a mime-type13:42
smoseryeah, it seems reasonable13:42
lynxmansmoser: You think an include-once mime-type would be beneficial? How?13:42
lynxmansmoser: I kinda discarded it in my mind, that's why I'm asking13:42
smoserah... yeah, the one for #include would work fine for it.13:43
smoseris that what you were saying?13:43
lynxmansmoser: Yeah but the #include mime-type will not include-once ever13:44
lynxmansmoser: I think that for completeness it should be there indeed...13:44
lynxmansmoser: Thought of this feature as a one off inside a script13:44
_johnnyhi. for compatability issues i "need" to run fuse zfs on a disk(array) on a ubuntu server (it's temp, so don't go preaching about the issues with that setup, heh). in relations to GELI on freebsd, what would an "equivalent" be in ubuntu? crypto? LVM is not a good option is it?13:46
lynxmansmoser: will do, the implementation is actually just two lines13:46
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hallynall right, it just turned pitch black outside, so if i stop answering, power msut have gone out :)14:21
ppetrakihallyn, tornado?14:22
twbHere, it was the Telstra tech14:22
hallynppetraki: might be14:22
raubvogelhallyn: if you live close to a girl and a little dog, move. quickly.14:26
twbraubvogel: he said it was black, not black and white14:26
hallyncan i save myself by kicking the dog out?  :)14:26
grendal_primeanyone here use it..and if so got any good front end management suggestions?14:36
grendal_primeI got someone here at work that is interested in it but..well are totally frightened by the cli aspect of adding monitored clients to it.14:37
Rizgrendal_prime I think the nagios website lists a couple of good ones14:37
grendal_primeHe wants to use it to monitor the vmware servers.14:37
RizAt any rate, look here for a list of GUI's. for larger deployments I stongly suggest looking at Centurion. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nagios-configuration-tools-web-frontends-or-gui.html14:39
Rizerm, centreon*14:39
grendal_primethanks man14:43
grendal_primehey in apt how would i go about enableing automatic security updates?14:45
grendal_primeI know it askes on system build..but I got a tone of vm's on this thing i need to update..im thinking it would be better for these to just update themselfs.  they are just for testing anyway.14:46
grendal_primeim looking around in  /etc/apt  but i dont see anything about automatic update14:47
Dori922hey :D14:50
pythonirc101what is the easiest way to install tomcat7 on ubuntu-server?15:07
smoserhallyn, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/814222, you could very easily reproduce on amazon. m1.large will give you 2x440G drives for $0.3215:08
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 814222 in qemu-kvm "kvm cannot use vhd files over 127GB" [Low,New]15:08
hallynsmoser: really?  cool, i'll try that!15:10
smoserhallyn, launch an instance store instance, oterwise you have to explicitly state that you want the additional storage15:11
zulsmb/hallyn: i just uploaded xen 4.1.115:13
hallynsmoser: thx.  I've got two of those sitting aroudn persistently for kernel testing, following your instructions :)15:13
smbzul, Cool. I likely will jump on it next week15:14
hallynzul: that's for domU support?15:14
zulhallyn, dom0/dom*15:15
zulits basically the hypervisor and userland tools15:15
smbAnd should be for HVM working15:15
smbzul, Did you happen to see/fix the things from other notes too? Like /usr/share/qemu-linaro for keymaps and /var/lib/xen for hvm15:17
zulsmb: yeah im slowly getting there15:18
smbzul, Cool. No hurries, things just happened to get spread a fair bit...15:18
zuli noticed ;)15:19
Dori922what are the changes between xen 4.0.1 and 4.1.1?15:19
zulDori922, go have a look at the changelog15:20
Dori922nobody got a quick summary off the top of their heads? ;P15:20
MartynDori922 : There are enough changes that 'off the top of their heads' isn't really efficient15:25
Dori922ah awesome :D worth upgrading so :D15:25
quentusrexAlright I think I've tracked down my server issue to either the file system or the raid array.16:38
quentusrexBasically anything that reads from the filesystem can often wind up blocking for 30+ seconds16:39
quentusrexeven a simple 'tab+tab' for command line auto complete.16:39
patdk-wkwhat kind of raid array?16:43
patdk-wkcause that sounds like an sata disk going bad16:43
patdk-wka raid shouldn't do that16:43
DelemasOn 10.04LTS I've always used -virtual kernels with KVM. Now in a VM, grub is ignoring linux-image-2.6.38-10-virtual claiming it is Xen only. Is grub on glue?16:48
patdk-wkna, grub is right, that is a xen kernel16:49
patdk-wksounds like you need a newer grub16:50
=== ckrailo_ is now known as ckrailo
Delemashmm odd the VM host has grub-pc=1.98-1ubuntu12 and grub-common=1.98-1ubuntu12 but the VMs have grub=0.97-29ubuntu60 and grub-common=1.98-1ubuntu12.16:55
DelemasLooks like this is fixed in Grub 0.97-29ubuntu61. I just have to find where that is hidden... It's urgency should be upped since it's absence is blocking kernel updates...16:58
patdk-wkguess you hadn't updated in a long time16:59
patdk-wkI think 10.4.2 got grub 1.9816:59
DelemasNo I keep those boxes current. LTS supports the 0.97 series. 1.98 migration isn't always straight forward.17:00
patdk-wkon my lucids, 10.04.3, both grub-common and grub-pc are 1.98-1ubuntu1217:01
patdk-wkhmm, same version as my oldest lucid box17:02
DelemasI'll back port 0.97-29ubuntu61 from Natty, but I'm surprised it isn't already there...17:04
RoAkSoAxsmoser: alright, ensemble/orchestra fully bootstraps and deploys a machine!17:05
RoAkSoAxsmoser: testing with your devenv17:05
smoserthat is awesome.17:06
smoseri thought i might talk about that in my cloud week session next week for kim0|vacation17:06
RoAkSoAxsmoser: hehehe that's my talk :)17:06
RoAkSoAxsmoser: i though about talking about that too17:06
smoserwell carp17:06
smoserhow are you going to talk about it?17:07
smoseri wanted to demo, but didn't know how you could really do that in irc classroom17:07
RoAkSoAxsmoser: let's do something, let's put our two sessions together17:07
RoAkSoAxsmoser: and do a 1 two hour session17:07
RoAkSoAxsmoser: to demonstrate that17:07
RoAkSoAxsmoser: cause the dev env will take a while17:07
smoserRoAkSoAx, ok.. sounds good to me.17:10
smoseri can talk about devenv and you can talk about orchestra-ensemble if you'd like17:11
RoAkSoAxsmoser: ok cool17:11
zulRoAkSoAx, instructions?17:12
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SpamapSRoAkSoAx: woot woot17:14
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: reading backscroll. :)17:14
RoAkSoAxzul: haven't written them yet17:14
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: you going to give it a shot on the actual bare metal network we were given access to?17:15
zulRoAkSoAx,: arrrrgh17:15
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: I didn't know we had one... but yeah that'd be amazing17:15
smoserSpamapS, bare metal is for people who dont have virtualization ;-)17:15
zulor cheap :)17:15
RoAkSoAxzul SpamapS smoser I'll have the instructions ready for monday, though, there's a few things that are not quite working as expected, but the process of bootstrapping and deploying works.17:16
SpamapSBare Metal is Bender's favorite magazine.17:16
zulRoAkSoAx: nice i wont be able to sleep until then17:17
Delemasah well a two hour delay on grub... Wish there was a way to upload built packages to launchpad.net...17:18
xibalbahello folks, is anyone here famliar with nic-bonding?17:28
xibalbai need saome assistance setting up 2 sets of bonded nics17:28
xibalbamy first bond0 comes up as round-robin, the 2nd bond1 doesn't show at all17:28
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patdk-wkxibalba, try using - instead of _17:40
xibalbapatdk-wk, will do trying now17:40
xibalbaok, thats been changed. rebooting17:42
xibalbathank goodness for IPMI!17:42
xibalbaifconfig bond0 shows the bond up, ifconfig bond1 returns "device not found"17:44
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patdk-wkis it the right type now?17:44
xibalbano i dont think i probably conf'd modprobe.d/cbonding.conf17:45
xibalbagoing to edit that and reboot, i didn't put the options bonding mode= stuff in there17:45
adam_gRoAkSoAx: hey can you include me with others as recipients for those instructions? i have most of openstack deployable into EC2 via ensemble and wanna get ready to do it for real17:45
patdk-wkoh that is probably what is messing it up17:45
patdk-wkI don't do any modprobe stuff17:46
xibalbaok restarting, i added 2 new to /etc/modprobe.d/bonding.conf17:46
xibalbaalias bond0 bonding \n options bonding mode=1 miimon=10017:46
xibalba+ 1 more line exactly the same for bond117:47
xibalbabrb just a moment17:47
kim0|vacationRoAkSoAx: oh cool so orchestra is demo'able now ?! Can do I change your session title to Orchestra demo ? yipee17:47
kim0|vacations/do// :)17:48
RoAkSoAxadam_g: yes I was planning to send it to all ubuntu-server though, for some bug in ensemble it actually can't run the formula... but I guess that will be fixed once it is merged with trunk18:00
RoAkSoAxkim0|vacation: For me to be able to do that I need smoser cobbler-dev so we though on doing a 2 hour session between the two18:00
adam_g RoAkSoAx sweet! have you been testing locally or on any of the test rigs?18:01
kim0|vacationRoAkSoAx: so you'd like to move your session and smoser's ? so they're a continuous 2 hours right ?18:01
RoAkSoAxadam_g: locally in smoser's cobbler-devenv18:02
RoAkSoAxkim0|vacation: exactly18:02
RoAkSoAxadam_g: but the way the machines are started is by using virsh as power management18:02
kim0|vacationRoAkSoAx: cool .. I guess we can switch smoser with tetet18:02
RoAkSoAxadam_g: so I guess I'll have to use the testrig and make use that cobbler can communicate with the machines via IPMI or stuff like that18:03
kim0|vacationRoAkSoAx: I'm doing it18:03
RoAkSoAxkim0|vacation: cool whatever time works for all the best18:03
kim0|vacationRoAkSoAx: so what can be a title for this mega session18:04
adam_gRoAkSoAx: ah, i see18:04
RoAkSoAxadam_g: but other considerations are needed, such as making sure that there's a dns server that resolves hostnames needed for the machines to comunicate between each other18:04
RoAkSoAxkim0|vacation: Orchestra and Ensemble18:04
kim0|vacationI'll add "part1" and "part2"18:05
kim0|vacationsmoser: Hey Scott ..your session is now a mega session with RoAkSoAx on Monday .. ^18:05
smoseryes. thats fine.18:06
RoAkSoAxthanks btw18:06
Davieysmoser / RoAkSoAx \o/18:11
DavieyRoAkSoAx: i thought the hostname resolutions aspect had been removed?18:11
RoAkSoAx.Daviey in ensemble?18:12
RoAkSoAxin the refactoring code ensemble addresses to the zookeeper by the hostname18:12
RoAkSoAxand saves the zookeeper in storage by instance id which in our case is the cobbler system name18:13
DavieyRoAkSoAx: Yeah, i thought that was being worked on to avoid that requirement?18:13
RoAkSoAxDaviey might be the case as fwreade commited a branch not long ago to adress issues with systam name changing18:14
Davieyahh cool18:14
RoAkSoAxbut in the brqnch im workig on top of it is still the case18:15
RoAkSoAxDaviey eitherwah i think it would be minor in comparison to what we want to achieve18:15
DavieyYeah, agreed.18:17
smoser"have a sane network" is really not a big requirement18:26
RoAkSoAxsmoser: agreed, but I meant that for the testrig18:28
smoserah. yeah.18:29
RoAkSoAxanyways, i'm off to lunch18:30
xibalbahello all, is it possible to have 2 bond devices?18:36
xibalbabond0 and bond1?18:36
Rizxibalba yes18:49
Rizassuming you have enough physical interfaces18:49
Rizat least on debian it is, I never done it on ubuntu though..but don't see why not18:49
smoserSpamapS, http://paste.ubuntu.com/650181/19:21
smoserthat is a patch against your all_interfaces_up that removes the need for mktemp19:21
uvirtbot`New bug: #814577 in clamav "The following packages have unmet dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81457719:26
AleuckHi, I have a host ubuntu server with ubuntu serveras guest OS... I need to start the guest OS on qemu-kvm in network bridging mode. can anyone help me?19:41
AleuckHi, I have a host ubuntu server with ubuntu serveras guest OS... I need to start the guest OS on qemu-kvm in network bridging mode. can anyone help me?19:59
SpamapSAleuck: do you need help getting started or are you stuck somewhere?20:03
SpamapSsmoser: what you don't like my ghetto tempdir hash table? ;)20:04
SpamapSsmoser: I'm actually thinking that I'll put all of that in its own script that gets run on up or down.. since I also want to send a static-network-down event20:04
hallynAleuck: are you using libvirt?20:11
hallynAleuck: and what exactly do you need help with.  Do you have the bridge already created?20:12
AleuckSpamapS, i need help getting started20:23
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andycamHi how are you?22:01
goddardim running a lamp dedicated server i want to give max performance to ssh and the rest of the lamp stack i know in the configurations there are many memory limitations what can i increase to improve performance?22:37
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